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Who we are: Mathieu Laforest Antonio Pagano

What is Banking and Consulting? Where do you fit in to each? What are your responsibilities? Still interested? How do you get in? Recruitment Schedule Compensation

Assist Corporate Clients to raise money for:

Acquiring Companies Expansion Develop New Products

In brief:
Investment Banking tries to match people who have money to those that need money.

Two main groups:

Product Expertise / Execution Groups Industry Groups

Diversified Group (Retail and Industrial)


Forest Products

Communications, Media and Technology

Corporate Finance Industry Groups

Structured Products

Financial Institutions

Utilities and Infrastructure



Mergers and Acquisitions Debt Capital Markets Equity Capital Markets Sales and Trading

Analyst Analyst 2-3 years 2-3 years

Associate Associate 3-4 years 3-4 years

Vice Vice President President 2-4 years 2-4 years

Director Director 2-4 years 2-4 years

Managing Managing Director Director



Client Coverage

Undergrads are hired as Analysts Analyst Responsibilities:

Simple, specific financial analysis Industry and Company Research Developing Client Presentations Valuation /Comparable Analysis Financial Modeling Marketing material, road shows, company presentations (Overly Glamorous ???)

Significant Learning Opportunities

All elements of corporate finance Wide variety of industries and transaction types

Significant Impact early in your Career

Integral part of the transaction team

Dynamic and Exciting Environment

Entrepreneurial environment rewards excellence Challenging, fast paced

Culture of Teamwork and Partnership

Characterized by Direct interaction with clients and financial markets Sales vs. Trading
Sales: Interactions, Relationships, Recommendations Trading: Execution, Decision Making

Two main streams:

Client Trading Proprietary Trading

Professionals advising and supporting organizations on several levels:

Strategy Operations Finance Information Technology

Who are their clients?

Governments Not-for-profit Organizations Public and Private Companies

Undergrads are hired as Business Analysts Analyst Responsibilities:

Data gathering Solving specific parts of the problem Modeling (e.g. financial, operational) Team problem solving Interacting with senior clients Creating presentation documents Preparing final recommendations

Responsibilities Learning Career Opportunities Lifestyle

Banks and Consulting firms look for:

Academic Achievement (GPA > 3.5) Extra-curricular involvement Demonstrated leadership abilities Excellence in a sport or hobby Proven interest in financial markets (IB)

Begins in early January

Information Sessions Application Submissions 1st Round Interviews 2nd Round Interviews Offers

Proven Interest Valuation Techniques Current Business Events Know a Company and Industry How to do all of this:
Read Newspapers, Magazines, Research Reports, etc... Vault Guide to Finance Interviews Ask Questions and Mock Interview

Proven Interest in Business Logical and Critical Thinking Know Yourself ( Why are you different? ) How to do all of this:
Read Business News Critically Cases, Cases, Cases!!! Thinking Structure

Investment Banking Analyst:

Full-time US Firm: $80-90K Base + $60-90K Bonus Full-time Canadian Firm: $65K Base + $60-70K Bonus Summer Analyst: $1250/week

Management Consulting
Typical Salary $60-80K Summer Business Analyst: $1050/week