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ORAC-H Value of Super-fruits

per 100g

Blueberry Acai Berry Maqui Berry

6,500 16,700 27,600

Pomegranate 10,500

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AUSTRALIA'S OWN was born out of a vision to create & make available the absolute best possible Natural Health products to maintain & enhance Quality of Life to those who have genuine concern for their health & well-being.

Certified Organic Synergistic Probiotic & 100% MAQUI Activate Freeze-dried Powder

ORAC Values of Various Fruits

Red Grape Rasberry Strawberry Boysenberry Blueberry Pomegranate Acai Frozen Pulp Mangosteen Maqui Frozen Fruit Goji Berry Acai Concentrated Powder Maqui Juice Maqui Concentrated Powder 0 ORAC Hyro (mole/g) 200 400 600 800 1000 MAQUI Berry Activate Concentrated Powder 150G Net Enjoy a level teaspoon in your favourite juice, smoothie, cereal, yoghurt or neat in a glass of filtered water or sprinkle into your favourite food. Maybe doubled in times of stress or according to individual energy requirements.

"Gives you more GO & the MAQUI Activate GLOW

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Superfood Sensation!
Australia's Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is a true Superfood & contains 100% Certified Organic MAQUI Berries that have been naturally freeze-dried to maximise & retain all of its remarkable nutritional potential. Laboratory tests confirm MAQUI scores the highest ORAC level for all Superfoods. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals & in high concentrations optimize BMR. Australia's Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is ideal for natural weight control in conjunction with a balanced diet & moderate exercise. Enjoy the World's most powerful Antioxidant Superfood daily for maximum vitality & physiological balance. Higher energy levels, increased stamina & a glowing complexion may be achieved by maintaining an ongoing natural health strategy. Australia's Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is an excellent detoxifying & cleansing Superfood that can be easily incorporated to form an important part of a healthy lifestyle for adults & children alike.

Extraordinary high concentration of anthocyanins, containing high content of phenolic compounds and anthocyanins that

MAQUI Berry vs. Acai Berry

Activate exhibit extraordinary high antioxidant activity. Total ORAC Comparison More than 3 times higher than mangosteen. Peroxyl Hydroxil Peroxynitrite Superoxide 8 10 times higher than pomegranate. Singlet oxigen Total ORAC anion ORAC HORAC 50 times stronger than a glass of red wine. NORAC SORAC SOAC Total Boosts Vitality & Endurance. mole TE/g mole TE/g mole TE/gmole TE/g mole TE/g mole TE/g Organic freeze Detoxifies & Cleanses. dried Acai Berry 362.0 52.0 37.0 264.0 n/d 715.0 Powder PLUS Synergistic Probiotic. Organic freeze - MultiplyPLUS fermented Papaya (Pawpaw) & Pomegranate 2,116.0 354.0 6,120.0 Maqui Berry 784.0 2,758.0 108.0 Powder - Maximum Probiotic delivery system n/d= no detectable amount Source: Brunswick Labs + - Balances intestinal flora & regulates bodily functions - Promotes excellent digestion
MAQUI Berry Activate + 180 Capsules MAQUI Berry Activate + 60 Capsules

World's Most Powerful Antioxidant

Species: Aristotelia chilensis. MAQUI (pronounced mock-ee) - tests have proven it to be the best berry in the world. MAQUI is a deeply purpled berry from the pristine Patagonia Chile, one of the planets cleanest environments. Yields Higher ORAC than any other berry discovered in the world. Contains an extra molecule of oxygen. Antioxidant levels 4X's higher than Acai (reported by BRUNSWICK Labs). Twice the strength while using half the product. Substantial Weight Loss within weeks - Human Studies has shown MAQUI Berry to be one of the best and MOST SUCCESSFUL in weight loss supplements. NO Side Effects Found, 100% Natural & Certified Organic Wild crafted and non-cultivated.

Enjoy maximum vitality & physiological balance via this unique 100% natural synergistic blend of Organic MAQUI Berries (World's most powerful Antioxidant Superfood) with MultiplyPLUS Probiotic formula derived from fermented Papaya (Pawpaw) & Pomegranate. Laboratory test confirm MAQUI scores the highest ORAC level for all foods. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals & in high concentrations optimise BMR, for natural weight control. The activated enzymes & Probiotics in MultiplyPLUS promote excellent digestion & regulation of bodily functions. This Probiotic-rich food source of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Casei, Bulgaricus, Fermenti, Lactis + Plantarum, Bifidus & Cerevisiae has undergone University Phytochemistry & Pharmacological testing. Conveniently packed in Organic Veg Caps to preserve maximum integrity, 2 MAQUI Activate+ capsules are recommended daily. May be doubled in times of stress or according to individual energy requirements.