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Applexion Evaporation and Crystallization Solutions








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To meet your cost objectives, we develop and implement crystallization and evaporation processes to o er you the best productivity (highly puri ed crystalline products) and return on investment. We develop processes with reduced energy consumption.

Applications using Applexion Evaporation and Crystallization Solutions

APPLICATIONS Pharmaceutical industry Evaporation Concentration of chromatographic fractions E uents recovery for chromatography E uent concentration (ra nates, vinasses, stillages) Crystallization of salts out of e uents, sodium chlorate, potassium sulfate and ammonium sulfate Tagatose crystallization Citric acid crystallization ... Crystallization Crystallization of APIs, Chiral coumpounds

Applexion Evaporation Solutions

Novaseps unique team of process engineers: n design, build and implement a complete unit combining di erent types of evaporators adapted to your concentration requirement n o er a very comprehensive line of evaporators from lab to industrial scale n establish a thermic diagram adapted to your energy considerations n provide a wide range of evaporators from skid mounted equipments to very large units (being able to evaporate over 100 T/h of water)

Novasep with Applexion solutions has all of the ingredients to develop your right crystallization and evaporation solutions. Whatever your needs, crystallizers, evaporators or a complete process line of crystallization and evaporation, our engineers will deliver your process to your taste, with guaranteed performance and at your required scale.

Waste product treatment

We develop green and environmentfriendly processes reducing chemicals and steam consumption. We implement processes which valorise by-products: n enhance the value of vinasses through crystallization to produce plant fertilizer n enhance the value of vinasses through evaporation to produce cattle food We provide e uent-free processes.


Concentration of sugar solutions (glucose, fructose...) Concentration of organic acids

Applexion Evaporation and Crystallization Solutions: The Performance you Need!

In chromatographic processes, fractions of desired compound(s) diluted in solvents (pure and mixtures) are produced. This creates needs for concentration, evaporation and crystallization operations. Novasep Process (via Applexion) meets your evaporation and crystallization requirements. We o er you a complete range of evaporation and crystallization processes: n plate evaporators n falling lms n forced circulation n Draft Tube Ba e We design various evaporation and crystallization technologies organized around cost-e ective thermic schemes: n multiple e ect n thermo vapor compression n mechanical vapor compression

Applexion Crystallization Solutions

Novaseps unique team of process engineers: n o er a very comprehensive line of crystallizers from lab to industrial scale n optimize a complete custom-made design for your crystallization plant including crystallizer, centrifuge, vacuum group, and condenser n provide feasibility studies and process development meeting your needs n integrate crystallization technology into a well-adapted thermic scheme in order to meet your expectations n design, build and implement a large range of continuous crystallization units using high-performing technologies (draft ba e technology or forced circulation technology) corresponding to your needs

Our Customer Service (A.S.A.P.) o ers the highest quality assistance and follow-up. Novasep Process o ers a broad scope of services such as: n Customer Technical Services
(industrial operation assistance, maintenance contract, training, pilot plants, process optimization) (spare parts, equipment)

n Products