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A BYTE OF LIFE Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Three-film contract GOING FOR THE KILL
for his directors India look for a series whitewash

A number of crimes on the East Coast Road go unreported. Petlee Peter investigates
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Angry in the movie
Has your movie-going experience ever been ruined by that late-comer who insists on
being told what happened so far? Or that irritating toe-stamping bulldozer who left you
clutching your foot whole day. Or the couple who proved a more entertaining watch
than the movie. Tell us about one such irritating incident you experienced inside a
movie hall. Mail it to us in less than 150 words with the subject line ‘MOVIES’, if possible
with your photograph (at least 1 MB), to before Thursday noon.

” High Road. a company holiday. If you are living close or “It is rest from work and I have decided to know M. in India. Perungudi. A day when one will gleefully sift through emails reading appreciation and thanks for the services Plateful of pakoras rendered. New No. it is another occasion delicacy will always find a to celebrate. Luqman also specialises in biriyani and undertakes party orders. HCL how often your folks have Technologies. I have a regular cli. November 26. Affor- specialist. sometimes by just a ‘Thank You’ note. and all those pa- It is an extended weekend for many teams at rental advice long Perot Systems. Thank God it’s Thursday N o buzzing phone calls and no annoying clients keeping the other person on hold for hours together. tried to convince you to process for the last one year. way to you irrespective of Pratheesh John. Luqman Ali’s Am- take my team out on a treat to PizzaHut or rin Biriyani on Triplicane some other restaurant. John is planning a surprise. “Some- times.” says K. 214. your addiction A sweet little “thank you” note in the inbox will probably in- from the client is the most popular surprise crease manifold that makes the day for most professionals. November 27 or the fourth Thursday of standing in queue for its crispies November is Thanksgiving Day in the U. has been in the U.600005. Enjoy a four course sumptuous meal for Rs.02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Wednesday. it is an occasion pakoras might not be – irrespective of geographical borders – to the most hygienic thank the person who is remotely handling food you find on the services he/she has benefited from. many other teams have chalked in the most hy- out programmes to Ooty. “In fact. 136. Mobile: 9884382635 . Though Thanksgiving G reasy. But sparing a thought for his customers.” Luqman says. Sridher. Kodaikanal or their gienic way possi- home town for the four-day weekend. For details and reservations call 6741 1000. ■ Amrin Biriyani Old No. crispy chicken Day is a very western tradition. office cubicles will be calm and relaxed. offering solutions mom’s a great cook and can to the umpteen queries clients have on conjure something as tasty computer servers. RAVINDRAN entele who are even ready to wait for half and hour for their share. Apart from it being declared at home. ble. web design afternoon. Triplicane High Road. but few foodies can resist the enticing smell Party time of the goodies. street side. 1050 including a glass of wine. I just can’t keep pace as more and more customers strengthen existing relationships. you can say it takes a Herculean effort from even the most patient fellow to wait and not drool when yummy pakoras are being gorged by everyone around you.S. quite different from the regular Amrin Biriyani in Triplicane has people weekend holiday.S. but not all are that patient. – a traditional harvest festival where everybody ERGO CORRESPONDENT takes rest from work and makes it a point to feedback@goergo. Luqman sells a It is not difficult to say thank you! ■ staggering 30 kg of the del- Ergo Correspondent icacy everyday. dable and cooked Meanwhile. This Thursday. during the evenings. Chennai . So reach early and make sure you get your share of the spoils because pakoras run out fast. senior analyst. Apart from pakoras. 2008 Thanksgiving at Asiana Asiana Hotel is hosting a Thanksgiving Special on Thursday at Wild Fire. This deep- Increasingly. His team of 10 give it up or even if your handles 10 to 15 calls a day. Wednesday will also be forgotten as you a lean day. for many teams working fried marinated chicken on outsourcing projects. PHOTOS: R. Our clients will be in holiday mode make a trip to the and ‘thank you’ notes start pouring from the shop almost every night itself.

both big and on the stretch get reported. 2008 03 Chinese in Chennai China Town is organising a Chinese festival ‘Chinese Winter Festival’ till November 30.” says the officer. But at least a couple more The list of offences. Taunted with questions like: “Many people. Chennai 600 086. even if says that a minimum of five in- While some incidents of crime house on ECR was broken into a the thali. with this girl. #76 Cathedral Road. admitting that a lot fences come to light and the rest shooed away by the cops. phew of an actor-politician and Apart from these. There are still no newly-wed couple was robbed of sands of the ECR go unreported. his throat slit and a stab wound laptops and other belongings. every week.” the victims are literally their quest for isolated locations ECR as crime-free zone. A and women molested on the cided not to and the case was ported. a number of “Initially. was tied up. of fishermen after her companion a cabbie from Mylapore was crimes were hushed up: a ne. the girl came forward East Coast Road in recent hind the Mayajaal complex with his friends were robbed of their cases of couples being harassed to lodge a complaint but soon de- months have gone unre. Phone: 2811 2246 Crime rate on the ECR is far higher than what the records might show PETLEE PETER Sample some of the crimes that Thailand. A number of crimes on the found dead in an open field were reported: on November 19.” the ently. The food festival is open for lunch and dinner. China Town is at 3rd Floor. He also ble sources. happen on the ECR stretch cially on the beach stretch and family had gone on a holiday to the beach resort where they were treatment by latter. mainly couples. ous offences are covered up by “What is your business on ECR” don’t realise the danger that may the police – a move reportedly to Taunted with questions like: “What is your or “What is your connection with await them on the ECR following give a clean chit and portray the business on ECR” or “What is your connection this girl. few months when he and his on the beach. staying. November 26. after they took a stroll the victims approach the cops cidences of crime. Cops are still clueless. ces about a case sometime ago also hidden by the khakis. Appar. adjoining areas. on his chest. of cases go unreported and are are ingeniously buried. being shooed away by the cops. only 25 percent of the of. according to relia. a number of seri. ■ . espe. mainly un. officer added. A Tamil actor’s everything valuable. closed. a little away from they back off following hostile small.” the victims are literally being A former Assistant Commis. including And. to spend some leisure time. in some incidences. leads in the case. where a girl was raped by a group petleepeter@goergo. Wednesday. goes on and on. reported ones. sioner of Thoraipakkam reminis.

The striking aspect of this therapy is that it’s most bene- ficial for dry skin and helps in closing the pores.04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Wednesday. At Bubbles Spa. And now. 450. they use the Shahnaz Hussain choco- late powder for the therapy. AFP PHOTO 4217 2040. we all have thought about it some time or the other. Now take A model showcases the creation ‘Aroosah’ by that chocoholic status one Malaysian designer Dezzaine during the Islamic step further – the chocolate Fashion Festival in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday. South Africa. Everybo- dy loves chocolate. Cocoa is the main ingredient used in this process. Bubbles Confederations Cup is presented at a ceremony in Spa can be contacted at 044 - Johannesburg. LOKPRIA F ancy smothering your- self with chocolate? Per- haps. pol- lution and sun damage. Sheela from unisex salon Bubbles Spa in Alwarpet tells us about the chocolate pedicure. as chocolate is a natural product it is relatively safe to use on most skin types. chocolate powder is heated and when warm applied to the feet. Chocolate has an- AFP PHOTO tioxidants and its anti-ageing properties will keep your feet smooth and young. Fif- teen minutes later. Not only is the pedicure relaxing. RAVINDRAN dead cells and helps in tight- ening the skin.■ . you will The new ball to be used during the FIFA have to pay Rs. the antioxidants found naturally in chocolate help protect the skin from free-radicals. pedicure. one can get fantas- tic results. after it dries. Moreover. The chocolate affair The chocolate pedicure at METRO SEXUAL Bubbles Spa makes for a pair of yummy- feeling feet V. 2008 Pigs Almost half the pigs in the world are kept by farmers in China. you don’t have to go to Willy Wonka’s factory to do it! This week. To get one chocolate ped- icure for yourself. The chocolate ritual is done after a normal pedicure as an add-on pack to keep the feet baby smooth. This therapy removes PHOTOS: R. it is peeled off like a mask. November 26. If done regularly. In this therapy.

choice. Wednesday.” says Modi. Fountain Plaza.m. quite faithfully to what it started Celebrity clients include actors with 15 years ago. Shireen and Jeeva. right in front of the cus- Bindi Shop. back. because owner Vassant B. November 26. 2008 05 Stuck to the sticker That dot on the forehead occupies pride of the place at Sri Binddi in Fountain Plaza Priced between Rs. here. bindis in the show. It doesn’t take from Chennai though. bindis on store also makes it own bindis.” he adds. is a tough task.” says Modi. the counters. Instead of bowing to the pop. stones and kundan work and could range from tiny ones as big as a dot to the more elaborate ones that are an accessory on T he walls almost look like their own.6519 8904 Store timings: 10:30 a. stone-studded bai. Besides. Popularly known as just minutes. Modi is Sridevi Vijaykumar and a firm believer in vaastu. the mini Poornima. The bindis come with Swa- rovski. (The double ‘D’ Radhika Sarath Kumar. they’ve been plastered with “We source the bindis from all some kind of wallpaper – over the country. The wedding season is the ing and counters being further busiest time. ■ Address: Sri Binddi 131. Sri Binddi has stuck tomer’s eyes. 600. “I wanted to hold why customers keep coming on to only one thing. (Closed on Sundays) PHOTOS: R. as only the long to realise you’re surrounded plain latex ones are available by bindis – bindis on the walls. clearly. chiefly Mum- some pretty. 3 and Rs. are on their toes throughout. “We can even make bindis in five case. Sanghavi. the bindis on the shelves. and the store’s sa- testimony. Chennai – 600 008 Ph: 044 . Delhi and Kolkata. Ac- ular trend of everything-under. Pantheon Road. sizes and are probably another reason and varieties. RAVINDRAN . Sri Binddi has nothing been with the store since ever but bindis – of all shapes. the two have one-roof.m.) lespersons. pyramids that you see on the ceil. to 8:30 p. cording to Modi. Nothing variety at that.

placards and microphones reeled Reuters . as the followed by identity cards for British workers in country seeks to assure sensitive roles and locations in 2009 and to young quality ahead of people in 2010. Korea have agreed on the collection of samples and other “Related Chinese quality departments continue to increase verification details. booth No. Millions of PTI Chinese-made toys were recalled last year due to excessive levels Japan hopes to get N Korea of lead in paint and other safety concerns. A neighbouring ets. been stalled since the Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket chief envoys last met in at southern Israel on Monday. which has also included tainted pet reiterated its hopes to put in writing a verbal agreement food. while women holding offerings. the people making applications to remain in the UK as Foreign Ministry said a student or based on marriage. despite consumer con. were set on buying tickets at lucky winners. Barak decided. including the collection of great attention to toy quality and demands toy makers samples. chance to become rich overnight lottery ticket booth did not have “I live on a pension. thing else. Defence Minister Ehud North and South Korea. ing quietly nearby with a bowl fidence hitting an all-time low in nised the crowds into orderly held out in front of him seeking October and falling household queues.06 VILLAGE ERGO Wednesday. because it’s fun. a military spokesman said. November 26. nuke talks on paper the latest in the strong Japan on Tuesday welcomed plans to hold the next round of scandals over the of six-party denuclearisation talks from December 8 and made-in-China brand. or damage.” from the suburbs to stand in line proached the ticket booth.” firmly put in writing. Christmas. “The Chinese government pays on verification methods. one day after humanitarian way nuclear talks will be supplies were allowed in for the second time since a held December 8 in November 4 surge in violence. incorporating their facial image do not accept orders and fingerprints to securely lock them to one based on unsafe identity. a 53-year-old who said don’t fritter away money on any- yen ($2 million) lured thousands she was not working. For the start ID cards are being issued to foreign designs.” the defence ministry said.” Chinese Foreign “Since we have heard that the United States and North Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a news conference. Blue-clad security guards orga. keep the bar high for quality too. response to rocket fire. that the crossing points will be the United States have closed on Tuesday. Russia and services officials.” said Megumi was going to buy 100 tickets. especially those which are hope those would be exported.1 on a Ginza street-cor.” Reuters Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone told reporters. This will be on Tuesday. “The recession makes me want old Takayasu Oki. but I do it lined up for ‘Jumbo’ lottery tick. causing no casualties Beijing in July. walks of Tokyo’s Ginza shop. reached between Washington and Pyongyang. A Buddhist monk stood chant- for hours. US Secretary of State Israel again seals off Gaza Condoleezza Rice said Israel again sealed off the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in the next round of six. we quality checks on toys. ■ spending. dozens of the 300 yen ($3) tick- Tuesday as people eager for a ularly lucky. Britain starts issuing ID cards China warns toy makers on to foreigners quality before Christmas As part of measures to crackdown on illegal Chinese toy makers workers. milk and medicine. as she ap. the UK on Tuesday started issuing identity must make sure they cards to foreigners. “After rockets were China. following consultations with security China. who said he A chance to beat the recession to win even more. Japan. The talks among fired at the Israeli territory.” said 70-year- ets. 2008 Eye-blowing A Chinese man has been showing off his talent for blowing up balloons using only his eyes. Many said they planned to buy ping district were crowded on ner. as they believe it is partic. a single customer. PTI AFP Japanese try their luck in lottery A chance to beat the recession with a top prize of 200 million yen ($2 million) lured thousands from the suburbs to stand in line for hours I ts boutiques may be starved The mostly elderly hopefuls off statistics about the number of of customers but the side. “I with a top prize of 200 million Mizuno.

PHOTO GETTY IMAGES . AFP Monday in London. Emmy Awards on Monday in AFP PHOTO New York. Wednesday. 2008 07 ONE LOOK IS ALL IT TAKES News and newsmakers in picture Boris Becker poses with two dancers on the red carpet of the Laureus Media Awards ceremony US actress Andrea Roth arrives on November 24. AFP PHOTO US actress Kelly Rutherford Kate Moss attends the switching arrives at The 36th on of the Christmas lights at International Emmy Awards the Stella McCartney Store on on Monday in New York. November 26. 2008 in the at The 36th International southern German city of Munich. England.

so AFP the more opportunities to play out here and develop your skills on these type of wickets. Virat Kohli. Indian 2. but it should also be looked at as something that helps with a player’s development.” the Lancashire SA want Australia to rotate clinching a decisive 4-0 lead. We have no issues coming day-night match at the Barabati World Cup. The thing that most people write about when they mention the IPL is the financial rewards.08 SPORT ERGO Wednesday. Bengal pacer Ashok Dinda and Test series. They are developing slower balls and yorkers. “I think it “We would like to tour there any “Gary said we should see the England.” ■ Majola was quoted as saying by Herald Sun. to be hosted in South over here.” well.” said all-rounder An. They are very well which in our country is also our series as the selectors attempt to front of these type of crowds with drilled and have learnt a lot of peak period.” will not tour Australia during Christmas holidays vice-captain Virender Sehwag prolific middle-order batsman in future if Australia do not agree to visit their said coach Gary Kirsten wants the Cheteshwar Pujara may get a look Gearing up for the Test country for the Boxing Day and New Year’s Tests. “Their game has developed through playing Twenty20 cricket. remaining matches as a three. “We can’t win the se- ries. in Guwahati on Satur- day and New Delhi on December sonal pride and also trying to gain some momentum going into the South Africa Cricket officials on Monday said they ICC’s ODI team rankings. we would choose to play build a strong base for the 2011 the attention on cricket you get new skills with bat and ball. India look to sweep England one-day series India finished fourth in Melbourne. “The way India have to Australia on Boxing Day. Thangaraj also played in the 1956 Melbourne and 1960 Rome Olympics. Australia do not want town. however.” Asia.” Flintoff show in the ongoing one-day series squarely on said a good display in the re- their non-participation in the Indian Premier maining one-dayers will help League. you just have to look at the way the guys hit the ball and the positions they get into. games left in this series and we tional against England as the der Irfan Pathan could make their are going to have to get someth- start of a new series after first appearances in the series on ing out of them. bly won already. left-arm spinner Pra. Thangaraj. India are expected to throw “Some of the lads have not played They have outplayed us in every to leave Australia on Boxing Day.” Flintoff told Independent. warned Australia’s refusal to rotate the two big Tests match series had been comforta. November 26. nicknamed “lamp post” during his playing days. while the India and England teams will meet young people affected by HIV ahead of the seventh ODI in Delhi. “A few of our players are keen to go to the IPL. He was 74. There could be a fur- ther reshuffle for the last two star said. the remaining games to get used about anything other than these provided they are prepared to match series and try to win them to the fervent atmosphere in one-day matches because we come to us one Boxing Day as all. hosts to play with the same in. we have been found wanting a lit- first choice. and we on have been found wanting a little bit. the Flintoff bats for IPL more it will be beneficial to Andrew Flintoff has blamed England’s dismal this group of lads. for the two-Test series “I think through playing the shorter form of the starting in Ah- game they (India) have developed new skills with medabad both bat and ball. ising youngsters. played. “Players taking part in major international matches will wear red ribbons. “The World Cup is tle bit. teammates not to think of the every four years. as a global show of support for people living with part of the ICC activities to celebrate five years of raising awareness about the dreaded disease. They are not prepared to do that. In fact. is survived by his wife. and save themselves he said. that’s the World Cup. 2 slot son and three daughters.” The England all-rounder also sought to clarify that the reason for his teamamtes’ keenness to play in the IPL was not just the big bucks they could earn through it. played in department.” Flintoff said. meanwhile. The stadium in this coastal eastern from further criticism at home. will use would be dangerous to think time. Flintoff. including Boxing Day. in along with a few others prom. with the tourists out to salvage some Wednesday. in new faces for the rest of the a great deal in India. they’ve been ruthless. and them Boxing Day and (then) alternate. Testing times Test matches just yet. which he believes has helped Indian England gather momentum players develop their game by leaps and bounds. PTI and top-order batsman over here in a few years’ time.” an ICC release sai Eyeing the Thangaraj passes away India’s legendary goalkeeper Peter Thangaraj passed away in Bokaro Monday night following a heart-attack.” Sehwag said ahead of the South Asian cricket ahead of the could get found out even more. “We have got three IANS day’s fifth One-Day Interna. You also look at the bowling skills that Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma have too. A 7-0 whitewash will cata- pult India to the second spot in matches. problem is. I ndia will approach Wednes. gyan Ojha and recalled all-roun. 2008 Spreading awareness India and England cricketers will meet HIV affected youngsters on December World AIDS Day . He belonged to the golden era of India football and was part of the team that won gold in the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta and finished runners- up in the 1964 Asia Cup in Tel Aviv. December 11. National under-19 captain drew Flintoff. a No. series CSA chief executive Gerald Majola was miffed at tensity even though the seven. so it’s down to our own per- Boxing Day Test pride. which remained its best performance in the mega event. PTI PHOTO: AFP .

where it shared star. Wednesday. Juan Martmn Del Potro. David Nalbandian and the Ar. Argentina. Spanish success up lame during his opening-day loss Spanish na’s debut as the coach of the Argen. tennis stars and inevitably favour the tle. Rafael Nadal left the is. all Olympic had been a great year for Spaniards let someone else attempt to inspire years.” Argentina could muster when its new cluding Argentina.” Mancini nations with the biggest reserves of first Olympic gold medal. The nation has understood that Dhoni was annoyed because there was a leak not because ’A’ player was selected and ’B’ wasn’t. which the men’s soccer team won the in men’s tennis this year. Cup squad has managed to win de. the ity and the decision of the team cap. life.” Spain has won its three cups in inescapable conclusion was that it tain. Davis cup gentines did not receive the kind of European championships and the ly played after September. “For me. for the moment. carries the same weight in the United of emotion. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi A s the 2008 tennis season ended sports triumph.” the departing Spanish cap- in this unlikely city with Fer. Fractured Argentina spite the absence of Nadal. which is probably no coinci- on the road. the Olympic final. November 26. 2008 09 ‘‘ 1. Emilio Sanchez Vicario. direction requires an effort. Nadal bare. It is hardly a surprise that players tine national soccer team. Alberto Mancini. their chroniclers players. said in a news conference at which able and willing talent. triumph at attention they were counting on as men’s basketball team gave the derer. but it demands a lot. 2004 and 2008. do to Lopez. Spain’s Davis relatively injury free for years. But in the not have such problems after a year in health problems were a major factor celebrate their end. I think Dhoni had the right to be annoyed and I think he has put for- g ward his views fairly clearly. “I’m really ■ PHOTO: AFP Instead of dissecting a historic proud to share this prize with these NYT News Service Matadors dominate DAVIS CUP VICTORY CAPS GREAT YEAR FOR SPANIARDS . La Copa Davis still means about tennis players. about the country as a whole. “I dence considering that overstuffed land comforts of Majorca and hustled think for all of us to pull in the same Olympic years put a major strain on to his fourth straight French Open ti. la. Mar del Plata. were left to dissect fractured team tain. “I’m not just talking but it still had much better backups in States. Spain is not as Although the Davis Cup no longer the questions and answers were full deep as it was several seasons ago. said. Spanish teams. it’s the biggest prize of my pile of delirious teammates. pulled the front pages with Diego Marado. whose intelligent scheduling Islas Malvinas their bid to win tennis’ premier team American “Redeem Team” a scare in and attention to detail had kept him stadium in title unravelled once more. nando Verdasco buried under a unity. d. Roger Fe. Argentina to its first Davis Cup. boured through a challenging season. it hap. Now. his first Wimbledon title and his pens. to resign and 2000. Nalbandian’s prickly personal. I’m talking Feliciano Lopez and Verdasco than plenty in other parts of the world. in.

They’ve an inherent- tablished ad world and we ly unusual on-screen chemistry. torts. so they Mansukhani in Dostana value the opportunities they get. says IANS . JHA it is important to be professional with people at work. I’ll tear up the con- signed Siddharth Malhotra. hash Ghai’s film school) I give them full freedom to make in my production films the way they want. But didn’t he feel the same way This includes Kajol’s cousin about Nikhil Advani and Soham Ayan Mukherjee. make more movies. Ayan’s film. Varun.” Johar says. Sid “Shall we move on? Johar re- with Ranbir Kapoor and Kon. I want direc- of directors who won’t tors who have their own voice. both the ups and downs in the ham Shah in Kaal to Tarun entertainment industry. delivered Karan Johar on future films from Dharma Productions and the three-movie contract to prevent runaway directors SUBHASH K. I office. My endeavour is they go on the sets. I’m poor’s son assisted us on Kal Ho really happy to cultivate Naa Ho. ■ Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. nurtured to with us. Boney Ka- new-age cinema. films for me are like my children. says she has been unlucky in love but hopes god will bless her with more romance in life. Karan Johar loyalty to the banner in them. is also working first-time directors start. “Siddharth is late Premnath’s tract. Dharma tually bound to make three films Productions. I’ve had wan’s son. is spinning gold at the box Our families go back a long way.” Johar. who has just Shah before they moved on? started directing Wake Up. who is de- all the other directors are veloping a screenplay for us. November 26. who has directed hits tant in the current corporate like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and climate. us and move on. Johar. home production Dostana I’m very friendly to that family. I hope Dino Morea’s brother Santino they’ll stay with us and is also working with Johar. And now David Dha- all this talent. Signed. about work. These industry boys are ing with Nikhil Advani in very hardworking. sealed. But the legalities are impor- adds. Siddharth Malhotra. who comes from an es. Yes.” “He (Santino) is my assistant “I want to encourage on My Name Is Khan. “Why can’t we enjoy the kona Sen Sharma for Karan’s positivity? I’m very excited about banner. don’t have a biological child.10 FLICK ERGO Wednesday. A fter being let down by di.” just make one movie for says the filmmaker. says.” and Ayaan Mukherjee in “If any of my children want to Wake Up.” he tract. they take their to establish an academy own energy there. with me. have decided to keep him And now my latest director is bound for only one project. they’re contrac- tion house. They’ve seen Kal Ho Naa Ho and So. whose latest grandson and Prem Kishen’s son. has now made it mandatory for And I’ve complete faith that these all filmmakers working for his new directors won’t move on banner to sign a three-movie from our banner. who turned 27 recently. But there’s an inherent directorial success. But “I’ve my own little all the directors who are making Whistling Woods (Sub. 2008 I am unlucky in love Former Miss India and Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley.” contract each. “One must be professional rectors whom his produc.” bound by a three-film con. Ranbir and Konkona as a pair in va. “Barring Rensil D’Sil. When house. Sid and we’ve just leave ‘home’.

for helping educate knighthood. reports him saying: “There of a girl. could have handled things better. and Agam Puram. Sathyaraj will be seen playing a 25- tie Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show. it’s now Max Payne. Sathyaraj is family and my family. “As a father and husband you want to pro- tect your family and tell them not to worry because it is all going to be okay. In the new the turn of actor Shaam to flaunt a six- 2008 11 Kajol to be honoured SRK to be Datuk on Dec 6 Kajol will be honoured by iCONGO. slated to play four Going through that stuff is not pleas. ■ DPA . Vishal and Suriya.” he said. you know. She is incredibly wise and very. she will his debut in the film 12B. boy who ruins the life Mirror. The boy are things that I could have done better. Ravaana. who made Washington. even though she is a very gracious and elegant person. She gets it. very strong and confident. akin to the British Foundation. actor enthusiastically declared his love for Ka. The Book of Eli pack. a Shah Rukh Khan is set to be conferred the confederation of NGOs and Khemka Malaysian title of Datuk. Six-pack season site Mark Wahlberg in After Dhanush. year-old in the film Sangamithra. November 26. Wednesday. joins him in his quest. It just brought us even closer together. It is also said that actor ter from saving hu. is working hard portray a character for his own six-pack abs. We hear that the actor. Kunis most recently starred oppo. stages in this film. on December 6 and he is underprivileged with him in a disturbing action thriller in which they team up to save humanity in a near-future Amer- ica faced with catastrophe. I have a blessed life because I have a happy family and children that I adore and everyone knows how I feel about Kate. but it brought and devotes his life everyone closer together – Katie’s entire to her.” he added. Kunis is a veteran of hit TV series That ’70s Show and made her feature film debut in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. but falling in the age Kate’s a very sure and confident and group of 25 to 65 strong woman. He is currently who first tries to stop working on two projects – Anthony Yaar Washington’s charac. I then grows up. ■ IANS Washington. expected to receive the honour in traditional Malaysian attire. ant and I think it hit an extreme. You just learn from it and move on and I know that. The but now the actor is more reflective and film is about a 16-year-old says he could have handled things better. I was realises his mistake surprised at the criticism. That couch- Cine City jumping day Sathyaraj to play youngster T om Cruise earned flak years ago when he If Internet buzz is to be believed. Prithviraj has worked out a six-pack for his manity but ultimately upcoming flick. Kunis in action thriller D enzel Washington has picked Mila Kunis to co.

2008 main junctions in Chennai. Gowrisankar(Ramco Systems). D. for the ■ An electronic debit card should be purpose of cross-verification. G. Mushtaq Ahmed (Perot Systems). A.Siva(PMC). (CGSL). boss. Manikandan TCS N(Wipro) ■ Use two-wheelers instead of cars. November 26. RSI ■ Stop all the vehicles and go by nataraja service or cycle service.Saravanan. Tata Consultancy Services ■ Metro Rail from Redhills. ■ Bring in more satellite towns. Kailash U (Optimus) ■ Work from home options for most of IT employees. The red signal gets his tyres punctured. Santhosh Kumar Yacub(Patni Computers). violators. The pic was clicked read the same should be placed at the subject line ’Mobile Query’. CGSL Chennais’ traffic ■ Construct more bridges & complete problems? the work as soon as they can. how would you Radhika. so that allowed.. Gayathri Bheemannan. A machine to query. Shanu Samrat. Balaji Jegannathan.. Polaris Infosys Technologies Ltd. Sreenivasan. the early hours. pedestrian crossing.12 ERGO Wednesday. Polaris impress her? Please send SMSes with your names. increased to monitor the traffic Ganesh. R Balasubramanian (Wipro). (CGSL). Use ■ Camera’s in signals needs to be cars for long travels. rules to clear traffic. provided at a Farm house in OMR. Senthil Raghu(HCL) Lane 1: 2-wheelers & auto Lane 2: Cars and LMV ■ We can increase the petrol price to Lane 3: Bus & HMV which will reduce usage of vehicles. at Kodaikanal. Dominic Xavier aagum. Each time a Tuesday’s Question: vehicle passes through those junctions. . ■ Yellarayum vanathula vandi otta Shakeeb Aadil(HCL). (Warning / punishments CGSL needs to be sent to the vehicle owners in regards with contact address ■ Place road thorns before the available in RTO office). CTS Sanjay G. Satish (Ramco Systems). M. that card should be debited for an Which is the best way to amount more than average public transport cost. Arunkumar Raja sollalam. a manual/automatic trigger everyone will be able access the banks. So Sify Technologies Ltd Lakshmi Narayana from Satyam computers has that people who even try running after nominated his team mates as Partners in Crime. emergencies like ambulance to be Private and Government firms. ■ We can bring traffic police from frequent. regulators should strictly follow the Ramesh N (R Systems International Ltd). Krish system on all main roads (Wipro). Today’s Query: Infosys If Nayanthara were your ■ Better to become Spiderman and fly wherever you want. Rakshita Nirmala. M. ■ Strictly implement separate lane Vimal Prashanth(Patni Computers). This pic was clicked will reduce traffic drastically. telephone office etc in Suseel. Bala. when the orange light is signalled. It activates as and Saminath. Magesh. so that they do the transportations are to be increased still traffic regulation well or our traffic across all busy routes. To feature your Reddi from Hexaware Technologies has nominated his placed in each vehicle.Aravind veetla irunthavae half traffic control (Capgemini). Don’t SV Chataram complain things. This is very successful in tackle and control Singapore Jai. comfortable public other countries. Kannan (Sify). could be provided to traffic police TNEB office. email it to feedback@goergo. Perot Systems Sasi (VDSI). Start early to Manali to Mahabalipuram (via OMR) & office to avoid traffic jams. At ■ Office timings can be changed for photo was taken at Aliyar dam. ■ Avoid digging roads.Arunkumar (Sify). Srinivasan D Syed from Systems Technology Group has nominated (Verizon) ■ To make use Public Transportation his colleagues as Partners in with Ampere team as Partners in Crime.. Siva(HCL) Murugan. Avadi. ■ Vettiya ooru suthravanga ellam Muthu Velayutham(Wipro).

Sankar. sweet as honey & full of money. dear Doop Dopa! person. Sheik. Deepa. embrace.. ■ Dearest Ucha. With Lots of Luv. wishes comes true. Never gets tempered in Warm wishes for your married life.. greater heights. treasuredby all who know them. warm wishes from your everlasting Bindu and Colleagues friends. ■ Dear Shiv. u’ve learned from them. Rekha.They are the good in the earth. With Prem. Happy b’day 2 u ■ Hi Varsha. Some people give the gift of peace and Satyam doodled this. Ganesh ■ Dear Sekar. May God bless u with all happiness and Ethanol kudicha naama 4 peru munnadi aadalam. Dinesh. Sathish. Love you loads. Elayarani T of HCL Tech- Wishing you a blessed birthday!! Haaaaappppy B’day!! J J J nologies has been nominat- May all your wishes come true . Kavin. Rohini. CTS better with each birthday. November 26. Karthika.. Furzana. the day. gr8 year ahead! May all your dreams She is a jovial and cool ■ Dear Prabakar(PEROT SYSTEMS). She is dedicated ■ Hi P. ■ Hi Govindh… “ Wishing u a day soft as silk. My Good luck. With much of hope.. May this birthday brings you all are always who they really are. Hexaware Technologies 1) Teacher: Nee yenda Nan varum pothu mattum kannadi On your birthday. Sudha. podura? dreams come true. one of those people.HappyBirthday! Lakshmi With lotz of Luv. and what towards work. ■ Dear Pratheepa.. urs. come true. white as Wish you many more happy returns of milk. May the choicest of things and all that your your nights be filled with comforting heart holds dear Have A Fun. happy times. Nehru. and now a day that rose ■ Dear Fiaz Zeeshan. HCL Tech ltd Meena.R Brindha. have continued to become better and Raghu. Manikandan. Tata Consultancy Services ■ Dear Janani. Krithika. Vijay Balusamy and Vimal Work. Happy birthday to u.My Prayers. hope this day become the most Wishing you many more happy returns memorable day of ur life and ur all of the day ! May god bless you forever. Rajesh. Many more happy returns of the Methanol kudicha nammakku munnadi 4 Peru aaduvanga. Wipro Maturity has more to do with what all the events. Keep Rocking!! And the rest of the RG Gang! With Love..TCS ■ Dear Sonia. ■ Hi Mani (SP)" TCS A birthday. Cracks jokes Wishing you all the great things in life.U are With Love.. Wish you the very BEST that life can ed as Office Angel by her With love. Luxmi. good health Dope Dochi Very enthusiastic and energetic with love. Hearty wishes fromFriends. Sify (friends) Kumaran Systems.You With Love. Vidhya. ADB . may all ur dreams come true. uma??? By. Days have passed into years.Nov. going fine with everybody. Your Hard Suganthi. Narmadha. Merlin. that makes her take part in Venkatesh. Very happy birthday :) to you.loving smiles and caring looks lucky to have you as my sweet brother. A Love Filled Birthday Wishes.predictably pleasant. 2008 13 ■ Dear Seetha. A heartfelt birthday wishes to you my tranquility to every life they touch. offer you.Mamtha. VIBGYOR friends. Wish you advance " A birthday is just the first day of happy birthday to you. Let all your dreams come true. Samundeeswari. Hope your then and there to get away hope this day will bring you an extra Birthday gently breezes into your life all from tensions. They all will definitely Team TCS blend giving you the strength to reach ■ Dear Evangelinannaberyl. May this another 365-day journey around.. any situation and keeps on Wish you a wonderful future with Miss you more. says Jean Ingelow. Nee evalau gundaa irudhaalum unnai thuppaakki le podamudiy. Cheers. Cheers.loved and me on your birthday(26.Praveen (EDS) types of experiences u’ve had..dependably Expecting you to spend the dinner with good. Daisy.2008). with meaning We all Wish you a Happiest Birthday:) rife--A thoughtful day from dawn to God bless you and Happy to share this close:The middle day of human life". Shija b’day 2 u my dear. day Ammu. May God bless your future with Sundararajan (Infosys) lots of surprises.. Best Wishes! Wish you a many more happy returns of Raja Deepak (iGate) the day.They dear. Happy Birthday Janani!! JJJ wealth. blessedly reliable. wonderful moment with U. Your Dream.S. Kavya Sadasivan Wave12 With lots of care & affection. Have a wonderful day and a friends. Keep it up!!! ■ Dear Manivannan. 2) What is the difference between "Ethanol" and "Methanol" ? that earthly gifts cannot replace.Filled Day dreams. we wish that all your ■ Dear Bro. Rajapandi. Happiness is to have someone special Student: Doctor than solli irukkaru "Thala vali" varum pothu We wish for you favorite people to and lovable in our life and I am really mattum kannadi podunnu. HAPPY B’ Day 2 u. Happy b’day 2 u happy b’day 2 u happy Ever Yours. my Dear!!!! you have become better with time. Enjoy! birthday brings all sorts of happiness in By your life. Kanchana Dhandapani of ■ Dear Vinoth. Wednesday. share of all that makes you happy. Vennila Ezhil .

. sudoku Ezhilkumaran Gurusami of CSS Corp clicked this picture in Kodaikanal. Gurumurthy N. November SNAIL MAIL 859/860. Chennai . K.14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Wednesday.A. Anna Salai. Chengleput Taluk. Hobbies: Watching movies and travelling KAKURO So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space.R. Ravi Kannan Illustrator: R. Maraimalai Nagar. E-mail: clickpick@goergo. RNI Website: www. Karthik on behalf of KASTURI & SONS LTD. TNENG/2007/24553 .600 002 mail your feedback to feedback@goergo. with TEAM Editor: Karthik Subramanian karthik@goergo. Anna Salai. Venugopal Technical Support: V.G. Pin: 603209 & at Kasturi Buildings. Sharief copies@goergo. FAX 2857 6691 Printed and Published by S.G. Prem Kumar Dy Chief Designer: R.M. Vasudevan..because he can’t get a broadband connection. 2008 Internet street’s netless A Polish man who bought a house on Internet Street is selling it . CMDA Industrial Complex. Kancheepuram Dist. Baskar ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES: Contact: 2857 5757 E-mail: ads@goergo. Ravichandran. Chennai-600002. Editor: S. Karthik (Editor responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act).in Sr Dy Chief Designer: J. 859 & Head of Circulation: M. at Plot B-6 & B-7.

APRIL 20 Career growth will flourish today. Keeping in mind your emotional nature. This is also called. TAURUS APRIL 21 . November 26. but you may cause some disturbances on the love front. Ganesha foresees you focusing on targets related to work. SCORPIO OCT 21 . You may have to ignore love life for a day as work pressure may be immense. You will be able to meet deadlines. 2008 15 Terminal lover Word’s worth "Hagioscope" (hag-ee-uh-skohp) an opening cut in A Japanese tourist liked Mexico City the wall of a church to let worshippers in a side aisle airport so much when he arrived that or chapel see the elevation of the host during the he’s still there . B. SAGITTARIUS NOV 21 . In any case. Balance SOLUTIONS personal and professional life.MAY 20 Something or the other might keep distracting you at work today.JULY 20 You will feel enthusiastic about your work. The day can be used for important meetings. They may try to find faults with your work. The best way is to learn diplomacy.SEPT 20 You may experience a gush of creative ideas in your FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT head today. Ganesha assures you that they might be useful later on. you may want to focus on developing you professional skills. it would be advisable if you treat everyone with compassion. service. GEMINI MAY 21 . Ganesha wants you to be careful with words. However Ganesha assures that you will find the desired peace and comfort in the arms of your beloved.MARCH 20 Excess work load will not be able to alter your attention at work. Less attention to love life may result into discontentment. This may be good professionally. Get ready for a romantic evening. In the second part. You may be in a mood to make merry with beloved but what you need is an emotional bonding. a squint. Responsibilities may increase. being emotional with your beloved will definitely win you good times in return. warns Ganesha. Pattni . Ganesha thinks you hard work will pay good rewards. AQUARIUS JAN 21 . However.DEC 20 Today it may be very crucial for you to manage time so that you are able to finish everything you take on hand. LEO JULY 21 . being straightforward might not help as well. The day may drain you out and you may want to rush home to relax. your beloved might feel ignored.C ARIES MARCH 21 . less graciously.FEB 20 PREVIOUS You may feel the need to arrange a meeting for some specific discussionsHowever you might feel ISSUE’S drained out by the end of the day. You may work aggressively for a better working experience and growth on the professional front. You will adapt a practical approach at work. all the pending work will get done by the end of the day. LIBRA SEPT 21 . You will have a great time though.NOV 20 Miscommunication might happen today. CANCER JUNE 21 . gradually. Predictions by Bhavesh N. Nevertheless.JAN 20 You may review all your pending work today. However. PISCES FEB 21 .AUG 20 You may begin work with your battery completely charged up. You may share incidents about professional life to your beloved. you may regain your balance later. Professional life is great today. CAPRICORN DEC 21 . In addition to this. VIRGO AUG 21 . however they might not materialise. However. the best modes to relax are to stay indoors. Ganesha feels you may get in the mood of motivating colleagues. If you work with added efforts.OCT 20 Every word you use today will carry a specific meaning.after three months.JUNE 20 You will have to extra cautious from people who BORN LOSER are jealous of your professional expertise. Wednesday. work with strong determination. However it will be advisable if you don’t act overconfident.

and his son Harvey has now become a firm forth.16 ! ERGO Wednesday. join in. board. 2008 Mobile lifesaver An American claims that a mobile phone in his chest pocket saved his life. He was only about six ing waves. ■ dinary talent while they paddled He added: “He’s the coolest. Har. squatting on it and riding to shore. is currently trying out for the James discovered Harvey’s extraor. He has always loved being in Harvey. and has become After a few failed attempts. after it stopped a bullet. most ANI . across.” It was this summer that owner to use. which is rytime he is out on his board people owners. 3. a resident of nearby Gos- Scott Pearson. more buoyant and therefore easier stop and watch in amazement. November 26. months old when he started going an attraction of sorts by rid. sight on Tynemouth beach near local surfing company donated a “He’s a real natural and now eve- Newcastle-upon-Tyne with his sponge board for Harvey. vey somehow learned to balance on into the water but he never showed ing waves on its local Tynemouth the slippery board and now enjoys any signs of wanting to jump on a beach. James. favourite with passers-by. has become a regular Impressed by his ’rare’ talent’ a the water and has no fear of the sea. Surfing Labrador A Brit Labrador possessing a out to sea and Harvey attempted to exceptional dog I’ve ever come unique surfing talent is mak. British surfing team. 43.

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