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Scenario: Fetch Row Details on Enter Action with Lead Selection.

Step1: Create a Webdynpro Component, go to Context and Create a Node as shown.

Note: Cardinality should be o:n and Selection should also be o:n as we are intending to select multiple rows .

Step2: Design layout calling the node MAKT as a table through wizard.

Select Input Field as we need Input Enabled Table

Step 3: Make sure you have changed the Table UI Element properties as shown.

Step 4: Assign On Enter for the Column MATNR

Step 5:

Double Click on ONENTER and Provide the Following Code.

method ONACTIONONENTER . DATA lo_nd_makt TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node. DATA lo_el_makt TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element. DATA lt_makt TYPE wd_this->elements_makt. DATA lv_matnr TYPE wd_this->element_makt-matnr. DATA lv_spras TYPE wd_this->element_makt-spras. DATA lv_maktg TYPE wd_this->element_makt-maktg. DATA lv_maktx TYPE wd_this->element_makt-maktx. lo_nd_makt = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_makt ). IF lo_nd_makt IS INITIAL. ENDIF. lo_el_makt = lo_nd_makt->get_element( ). IF lo_el_makt IS INITIAL. ENDIF. lo_el_makt->get_attribute( EXPORTING name = `MATNR` IMPORTING value = lv_matnr ). lo_el_makt = lo_nd_makt->get_element( ). select SINGLE spras maktg maktx INTO (lv_spras,lv_maktg,lv_maktx) from

makt where matnr if sy-subrc = 0. lo_el_makt->set_attribute( name = `SPRAS` value = lv_spras ). lo_el_makt = lo_nd_makt->get_element( lo_el_makt->set_attribute( name = `MAKTG` value = lv_MAKTG ). lo_el_makt = lo_nd_makt->get_element( lo_el_makt->set_attribute( name = `MAKTX` value = lv_maktx ). else. * get message manager DATA lo_api_controller TYPE REF DATA lo_message_manager TYPE REF

= lv_matnr.



TO if_wd_controller. TO if_wd_message_manager.

lo_api_controller ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ). CALL METHOD lo_api_controller->get_message_manager RECEIVING message_manager = lo_message_manager. CALL METHOD lo_message_manager->report_error_message EXPORTING message_text = 'No Record Exists for the Given Material'. endif. endmethod.

Step 6: As we are suppose to make the table Input Enabled, provide the code for initializing the table in method WDDOINIT.

method WDDOINIT . Types : Begin of ty_makt, MATNR type makt-matnr, spras type makt-spras, ERNAM type makt-maktg, LAEDA type makt-maktx, end of ty_makt. Data : lt_material type standard table of ty_makt, wa_makt type ty_makt. Do 10 times. Append wa_makt to lt_material. enddo. DATA lo_nd_material TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node. lo_nd_material = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_makt ). lo_nd_material>bind_table( new_items = lt_material set_initial_elements = abap_true ). endmethod.

Step 7: Bind your view to window.



Step 8: Create an Application and Test.


Step 9: Provide the Material number using F4.

Hit Enter on the material number or click on the row selecting it as shown pointed.

As a result you will get the corresponding details of the Material Number entered. 13

Note: You can give the next row also, but make sure that row is selected (Highlighted in Yellow Color).