SCARLET AVENUE Alexander Mulley, Ryan Weir

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FADE IN: TITLE SEQUENCE RODRIGUES is walking cautiously down Scarlet Avenue with a wrapped dead body slung over his shoulder. FARROW (V.O) Hmm. How he thought he was in control. That goon had no idea that I was following his every step. RODRIGUES approaches the bridge at the end of the street, FARROW secretly creeps up and follows behind. ESMÉ is waiting up ahead by the bridge under a streetlamp. FARROW (V.O) We started to near a bridge; where a shady silhouette unveiled itself as a lady of distinct beauty, impatiently waiting in the spotlight of a near streetlamp. As we approached, I hid.


EXT. SCARLET AVENUE BRIDGE - NIGHT ESMÉ You’re late Rodrigues. RODRIGUES I got held up. Things took longer than expected. Places body on the floor. ESMÉ You shouldn’t have delayed. Roman is not pleased. RODRIGUES When is he ever? What’s botherin’ the mug then? ESMÉ You nearly lead Farrow right to the den. It cost him big to fix your mess. RODRIGUES What do I care? I did my job, he just failed to do his. I’m the right hand man y’see doll, what he says, I do. ESMÉ I know, but there’s no point trying to argue with me. You’ll get your chance to explain yourself, he’s expecting after this job that you’ll come back downtown and, talk things over. RODRIGUES He must be joking. ESMÉ He never jokes, you know that. He said he’s got another job, paying 40 big ones. RODRIGUES 40? ESMÉ It’s Farrow, he’s back, and he’s causing bother for some transactions. Dixon’s breaking out (MORE)


ESMÉ (cont’d) of the slammer this week, and we can’t have any, problems. Apparently Farrow’s out looking for you anyway. RODRIGUES (laughs) Farrow, that klutz, yea, gwarn then - count me in. Now get outta here, if what you’re sayin’s true, then you’re a sitting duck. Go help Dixon, he’s a priority. ESMÉ moves closer to RODRIGUES FARROW (V.O) She moved closer to him, and whispered in his ear. ESMÉ (whispers in ear) Be careful. ESMÉ kisses him on the cheek, then walks away down the street into the shadows. FARROW (V.O) She kissed him lightly on the check, his eyes glued to her as she walked away washing out into the muddy shadows of the Avenue. ESMÉ Cya around Johnny. RODRIGUES starts to lift body up to dump it over the bridge when FARROW pulls a gun to the back of his head. RODRIGUES drops the body, injures FARROW and whacks the gun out of his hand to then grab it himself. FARROW stumbles against the other side of the bridge, as RODRIGUES yields the gun straight at him. RODRIGUES Nice attempt buddy. But you don’t know who you’re messing with. FARROW I don’t attempt, and I don’t mess. Especially with scum like you_ RODRIGUES shoots FARROW’s knee


FARROW (intensely, in pain) I succeed. RODRIGUES walks up and shoots him. RODRIGUES You aint this time freak show. RODRIGUES starts laughing, picks up the original body and throws it over the bridge. The title ’Scarlet Avenue’ appears over the ripples in the water, with the sound of laughter fading in the distance. FADE TO BLACK. FARROW (V.O) (pause) His aim was worse than his laugh, and I heard everything...


EXT. SCARLET AVENUE HOUSES - NIGHT ESMÉ is waiting along the avenue, and is slightly worried. RODRIGUES slowly enters from the bottom of the street. RODRIGUES Esmé? ESMÉ (angrily) Oh you fool. RODRIGUES What you still doin ere? ESMÉ I was leaving. RODRIGUES Then why you still..I don’t underst_ ESMÉ _I heard gunshot Johnny, gunshot. This street, of all the streets, is not the one to be_ RODRIGUES _It was Farrow. ESMÉ Farrow? RODRIGUES Let’s say he won’t be a problem no more. ESMÉ (impressed) Oh, this is good news. Roman will be pleased.


EXT. OUTSIDE THE DEN - NIGHT The den is a building of great height and made of brick. ESMÉ and RODRIGUES approach, without the knowledge of FARROW behind them. RODRIGUES This it? ESMÉ Well after your screw-up on the last score, you didn’t leave us with much choice. Wait here, I’ll go tell Roman you’re here. FARROW is watching this conversation from around the corner of the building, unseen. He stays here watching RODRIGUES


INT. INSIDE THE DEN - NIGHT The office inside the den is furnished minimally, the person of whom ESMÉ is conversing with is conceiled. ESMÉ He’s here. ROMAN Well bring him up. This thing won’t deliver itself, now will it.


EXT. OUTSIDE THE DEN - NIGHT FARROW looks at his watch, and absconds. RODRIGUES is waiting patiently, resting casually against a nearby wall. ESMÉ He’s ready, remember, don’t do anything stupid. ESMÉ looks at her watch ESMÉ I have to go now. You’ve had one foot in the grave already, don’t make it two. They both exit in different directions.


EXT. PATHWAY - DAY FARROW is waiting along a track. ESMÉ enters walking down, FARROW spots her and walks towards her where they embrace. ESMÉ No-one suspects a thing. FARROW Good. They need to think that I’m dead. With me in the shadows, I can, do my thing, without any distrubences. I’ve already been interrupting a few of their business deals, but they kept getting smarter. ESMÉ I know, I’m sorry. FARROW Don’t worry it’s not your fault, I’ll get ’em eventually, and that reward money will be ours. Just keep up what you’re doing, just for a little longer. What was Roman going to talk to rookie Rodrigues about then? Is it about Dixon? At the bridge you mentioned his planned escape? ESMÉ Yes, it’s part of the plan. There’s a package. Rodrigues will be sent to deliver the package to a friend of the firm’s. That’s all I know.

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