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1994 F.S.U. (Bobby Bowden) Shotgun Offense (Original) 2. By 4994 PLAYER RULES & REGULATIONS = (FALL) I. GENERAL ROLES We will be in FishBowl in ‘941! Don’t embarrass the program! (a) Maintain FSU imaage - clean, confident, proud football players. your name, Family, Be on time for all meetings, meals, buses, etc. (a) The OFFICIAL time is on Coach Bowden's wrist. (b) Call BEFORE not AFTER, if you have an emergency. Designated spot for bulletins will be the Dining Hall (notices will be up by 11:00 aM) 8 ymment coach BEFORE missing practice (even if the doctor, trainer or Coach Bowden excuses you.) UNEXCUSED ABSENCE from practice will mean disciplinary action or expulsion. ATTEND ALL CLASSES (DON’T DROP COURSES). CLASSES CAN ONLY BE DROPPED WITH PERMISSION FROM DR. GROOTERS. Regarding class schedules: We are requesting that NO CLASSES be scheduled at the following times: MONDAYS after 2:30 PM, including evening. 8 TUESDAYS OR THURSDAYS that end after 1:45 PM 1s WEDNESDAYS OR FRIDAYS that end after 1:10 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening classes must not start before 7:00 PM. Any exception to these expectations must be approved by the segnent coach and the academic advisor, No caps worn in the dining hall,“meetings, ar study-hetT. Do not use office telephon pernission. without a coach’s DRESS CODE - Banquets, trip: Coach Bowden says otherwise. etc., coat and tie, unless a2. 13. 14. 3a 1. 2. 36 a HAIR RULE - No hair flaring beneath back of helmet, mustache trimmed at corner of lip, NEAT AND WELL GROOMED. PRESS (a) Always be complimentary (especially regarding your opponents) . (b) Don’t talk about how good we are. (c) Talk i oe : CO) that of Rpg interior NCAA frat (a) No gambling or association with gamblers (b) Agents (Eligibility) Stay Away From You may be declared ineligible. (c) Athletes are not allowed to work during the tine period that they are on scholarship, except for holidays and sunner. (4) No athlete may advertise for or endorse a product, company or place of busin If any questions our compliance officer (Brian Mand). Ge) Ma" ngerte te donne No drugs No smoking No alcoholic beverages No performance enhancing chemicals (steroid) III. LOCKER ROOM - PRIDE You responsible for equipment - lock it up! (Report a thief to staff) Keep your assigned stool in your locker. Be sure the equipment fits . . check it out before practice starts Don’t put anything on the floor - trash, tap etc. (Seniors help). Don’t take our jerseys, socks, shorts, etc., (return if seen wearing it.) Don’t take drinks or cups into locker room. Lock your lockers. Do not bring guests into our locker room. Take your shoes off before entering locker room, after practice.