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The ******** Football

Mission Statement
The ****** football team supports our mission by providing student-athletes with
educational and athletic opportunities. We are committed to leadership, excellence and
the highest ethical standard within the state of Delaware. We will sustain a strong
financial and community base of support by presenting outstanding football teams which
provide quality entertainment and a positive identity for the school.

Values & Commitments

1. Education & Enrichment of Student Athletes- The football program values
athletic and academic experiences that build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility,
effective communication skills and an appreciation for life-long learning.

2. Integrity in All Aspects of Behavior- The highest sense of integrity shall

encompass every aspect of our program. All participants within the ******
Football Program shall exemplify impeccable integrity- both student-athlete and

3. Excellence Through Organization- Seeking excellence is crucial to the

development of our players. It is imperative that high expectations characterize
our behavior on the field and in the classroom.

4. Respect for the Individual- At ******* we need to recognize the individual’s

self-worth. Respect is a value of our program, and understanding diversity is
crucial to our success. We will never discriminate or demean a player because of
his diversity.

5. Tradition of Leadership- At ******* we want to foster the belief of leadership,

pride, loyalty and commitment to the community. We want to enhance and build
upon our rich tradition so that current ******* football players can continue our
proud legacy.

6. Development of Spirit and Pride- The ******* football program is dedicated to

developing pride, spirit, and work ethic in our student-athletes.
The ******** Football
Coaching Philosophy

As head coach at ******** High School, my objective will be to develop

responsible, respectful, and successful young men. The student-athletes will develop:

1. Academically
2. Socially
3. Physically

I will try to make their high school experience as rewarding as possible. Through
goal-setting and performance evaluations in the three above-mentioned areas, the student-
athlete will be able to grow and mature. Below is an outline of how we will accomplish
these goals:

1. Academics
• Reinforce the requirements of graduation and being a productive
member of our society.
• Assist players in their academics whenever possible.

2. Social Life
• Help players develop skills like cooperation that can be utilized on and
off of the field.
• Lead by example- Be a positive role model.

3. Physical Development
• Utilize my knowledge and expertise in strength training and metabolic
• Teach athletes the essential sport skills associated with football.

My coaching philosophy is very simple. The development of our football players

into productive students and citizens is our number one priority. Winning records and
playoff runs can only be made by programs that maintain this strong foundation. Without
holding our standards high, we will open our program up to future ethical and behavioral

Any action I take while coaching at ******* High School will always be in the
best interest of our student-athletes. I believe that success on the playing fields cannot be
achieved without positive progress in the classroom. It is my responsibility to be a
positive role model for the players. I will help reinforce basic principles like honesty,
hard work, courage, and perseverance. These are basic beliefs that are essential to the
student’s development.
The ******** Football
Head Coach’s Philosophy

Ideology- Our team’s needs always come before those of the individual. Our goal is
to help the students who choose to receive our help. Our success is not
only measured on the football field but also with our students’ academic
and social development. Our ultimate goal is to help our players have a
positive high school experience, go onto college and other endeavors, and
eventually become a positive, productive member of society. Through the
development of these characteristics, winning will take care of itself.

Image- What do people see when they think of ******* Football?

1. Treat people with honesty and fairness.
2. Our program has direction and leadership.
3. Players, coaches, and fans demonstrate the highest
level of sportsmanship.

Ethics- Every aspect of our program must be beyond reproach!

Loyalty- We must be loyal to each other and our program.

1. We must always be together once a plan of action or
policy is decided.
2. All problems and conflicts must be aired.
3. Locker room gossip cannot and will not be tolerated.
4. Never second-guess a coach’s decision on or off of the
5. Commitment to all that you do.

Flexibility- Changes must be made to improve the program. Expressing your thoughts
and ideas through the proper channels.

Class- Sportsmanship and class must be reflected in all areas of ****** by

coaches and players (in town, travel to and from games, on the field,

Discipline- 1. Establish high standards and expectations.

2. Develop positive work habits.
3. Remember the little things.
4. Emphasize organization and preparation.
5. Consistency is vital
6. The Head Coach’s word is ALWAYS final.
The ******** Football

Five Essential Qualities for Successful Coaching

1. Strong Ethical Beliefs

a. Foundation of the program
b. Do not cut corners to achieve
c. Consistency
d. Fairness

2. Leadership
a. Have a vision
b. Lead by example
c. Be mature
d. Outline acceptable behavior and reinforce principles

3. Communication
a. Motivation
b. “Good Listener”
c. Appreciate players’ individuality
d. Relate to the players
e. Convey knowledge of football to the players

4. Courage
a. Cannot be afraid of challenges
b. Stand up for beliefs even in adverse situations
c. Players feed off of the courage and perseverance of a

5. Knowledge of Sport
a. Strong understanding of rules
b. Strong understanding of skills
The ******** Football
Views on Coaching

To succeed in any profession one must work at it; you must devote a lot of time!

Coaching is teaching and you must carefully prepare for practice as you would in
preparing a lesson plan for the classroom.

Coaching is not just a 4-month season; you must work hard at it during the off-
season to be effective.

The day that you know everything about the game of football is the day that you
should retire! Learn everyday.

Enhance your coaching by:

- Attending Professional Clinics
- Read Books
- Utilizing Technology

Watch and tape football on TV. This is a great way to learn about the nuances of
the game.

Work Summer Camps. They are great opportunities to learn from others and
exchange ideas.

Review game tapes thoroughly.

Go to games. See first-hand what others are doing.

Contact college coaches- you will be surprised at how cooperative they can be.
Ask for drills, tapes, cut-ups, workouts, practice plans, or just ask questions.

In dealing with the media, always be positive and humble, win or lose.

Always display good sportsmanship; never use profanity!

Don’t get complacent by running practices short, being inflexible, using the same
old drills all of the time, giving extra days off, or not working at improving your
game. It is your job to make it happen!
The ******** Football
Coaching Priorities

Attitude- Develop a Championship Attitude

• Desire to win
• Willingness to work and be dedicated
• Maximum effort, hustle, 110%
• High standard of character, team first

Develop and maintain discipline

• Squelch problems before they spread
• Hold players to high standards

Build confidence and a winning attitude

• Provide opportunities for all to be successful
• Reward achievement
• Never rationalize losing
• Officials are never scapegoats

Develop relationships with players

• Rapport and mutual respect is crucial

• Dress, appearance, and actions should reflect the ideals of the

Professional relationships
• Support and take interest in other programs
• Do not criticize other coaches
• Maintain athletic standards established by school
• Don’t place yourself above other faculty members
• Have a cooperative spirit with administration and staff
• Be responsible with keys and equipment
• Always put athletes’ safety first

Develop and maintain community relations

• Get to know the parents but maintain a professional relationship
• Maintain proper sideline decorum during games
• Be a consistent supporter of the booster club and its efforts
The ******** Football
Captain’s Code

You are a leader. Your teammates have selected you as such. There
are different degrees of leadership: excellent, good, average, or poor. What
kind of leader are you?

The ability to lead is a wonderful gift, and is not something to be

taken lightly. It is not turned on and off like a water faucet. It is there all of
the time. It is in every move that you make, every word that you say.
Leadership is not something you take out for special occasions like during a
game. Your leadership ability has a telling affect, not only during
competition, but during practice, in the locker room, in classes, and when
you are among the people of the community. You represent the team, the
school, the coach, your family and yourself.

Conduct yourself in a manner befitting a leader of men. Have kind

words for your teammates. Relax with them but do not horseplay in a way
that will affect your game or practice. Don’t discuss team affairs with
outsiders. If a player is violating a team rule or loafing, talk to that player in
private. Do not scold your teammates; this will only cause problems among
your men. If a player is not responding to you, advise the coaches and we
will take care of it.

A captain should be proud and confident. He should not be cocky and

boastful. He should be loyal to the team, school, and himself. Live by the
standards that your team has adopted. Believe in them and your teammates
will believe as well. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead; you are a
distinctive part of this program’s history and will be mentioned among the
great names of captains past.
The ******** Football

Offensive Playbook

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