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Notes on the Dropback passing game in the West Coast Offense

-from a 49ers coaches meeting

A) 3 Step Drop
-Takes advantage of a bad defensive adjustment.
-Receivers = 5 steps.

1. Hitch and Quick Out:

-Adjust splits to break in or out.
-Don't lead receiver - throw at his hip.
-Throw outs to LEFT and ins to the RIGHT (from all drops).
-When throwing to the right, step towards the receiver on the 3rd step.
-3 quick steps when throwing out. (WR 8 yrd split).
-Best place to throw quick out is from SLOT formation. (to SE).
-3 big steps when throwing hitch. Throw to middle of the receiver. When receiver
catches the ball, he pivots to the sideline and runs to goalline. (WR 12 yrd split).

2. Slant:
-Slant pass is a big chunk play.
-12 yrd split - 5 to 7 steps and break.
-Slant is best weak.
-Throwing strongside you should use dropback and weak flow.
-Throw ball to middle of receiver and above his waist - if anything slow him up to
catch it.
-Receiver should always be aware of relationship between corner and safety.
-Hop inside and come under control in hole.
-Ball should be caught 1 ft. in front of receivers numbers.
-Vs corner inside - go full speed and break across his face.
-Always practice 1/2 as many throws to outlet as primary.

B) 5 Step Drop
-ball control, timed passes; good on 1st and 10, 2 and 6, 3 and 4.
-receivers run 10 - 12 yrd routes.

3. Square-out:
-WR 8 yd split.
-Square out = 5 quick steps - don't lead WR.
-9 out of 10 square outs are thrown to the LEFT.
-Vs Cloud - run SEAM route.
-Throw square out into short field and away from rotation.
-If LB crosses throwing lane - throw the 'M' outlet route. (Practice with coach
catching primary and anyone catching outlet - hands up indicate who to throw to.)

4. Square-in:
-Prefer to throw square in to the RIGHT.
-5 Steps and hitch step.
-WR sells GO pattern. Inside release, outside push, plant outside foot and start in.
-WR 12 yd split.
-QB 5 BIG STEPS - HITCH and throw on time. WR does NOT keep running. Catch ball
no more than 3 steps inside original position. (keep ball in middle)
-WR catches ball and runs straight upfield.
-"Square-in , wide Flare, wall off".

5. Half-back Flat:
-HB runs at 'W' - crosses face and breaks out.
-QB 5 quick steps - plant and throw.
-Vs Cloud - HB sits down.
-Don't make HB reach for ball - THROW SOFT.

6. Y Cross:
-TE - BIG get body between defender and QB.
-TE crossing - release cleanly = move.
-QB - 5 BIG steps and hitch.
-Throw to middle of Y.
-Y 10-12 yds deep and settle over center.
-Vs Man Under - drive past defender - shake one way and go the other.

7. Flanker Post:
- Prefer Big, smooth WR.
-WR 12 yd split.
-QB 5 BIG steps and Hitch.
-WR break into hole in the zone.
-Attract FS weak to create hole - throw ball inside corner and past SS
-TECHNIQUE is outside.

8. Quick Hook:
-5 step timed.
-Throw to middle of WR.
-GREAT vs middle LBer defender - if WR is not open go to outlet immediately.
-WR 12 yd split.

C) 7 Step Drop
-Bread and Butter BIG chunk offense.

9. Flanker Turn In:

-WR split 12-14 yds.
-Same as 'X' Hook.
-Goal is beat a particular defender with hooking pattern.
-Don't want WR moving when we throw the ball.
-Stop him with the ball.
-Practice WR catching and DE hitting him from behind with a bag - drill around bag
or cone.

10. Hooking Pattern:

-WR 12-14 yd split. Split will be game planned.
-Vs Cloud convert to Fade and turn after clearing Cornerback. Release inside vs
-Not a very good route vs Man Under. Instead run crossing routes. Turn-hook
become crosses.
-Must have certain amount of touch on the ball. Don't bounce it of WR's head.
-Hook pass is BEST pass in football!
-Run Square in strong.
-Run Hook weak.

11. Flare-back:
-Practice catching check off flares and splitting two defenders. Look for two and get
your body beyond tacklers.
-FB gets ball move on Flanker. Turn in then Flanker.
-Have the nerve to stay with the FB.
-Y gets to sideline as fast as possible and sits down.
-FB sets for an instant and rns 'M' route.

12. Go pattern:
-Only to fastest WR.
-Practice 4 to 1 to fastest WR over other WR's.
-WR 12 yrd split.
-DON'T THROW AGAINST THEIR BEST DB! (Scout their personnel)
-Throw GO in conjunction with plat action.
-Keep the length of the throw consistent.
-7 step hitch and throw.
-Practice throwing to a spot with WR standing there.
-Don't throw if DB is deeper than WR when you hitch step.
-Measure distance with WR full speed than practice stationary.
-WR: release inside than out - chase DB step on his toes and run by him - keep DB
in his backpeddle - look DB in the eyes NOT past him.
-At 8 yds, be 1 yd inside, next 8 yds be 1 yd outside.
-When thrown inside the 25 yd line change to 5 step drop.
-Throw GO RIGHT more often than left.
-Vs Cloud throw in hole (only vs stationary DB) 5 Step drop.

13. Deep Out:

-Only when DB is turing and running away.
-WR 12 yrd split.
-20 yds full speed - plant and come back.
-7 step and hitch step and throw to spot.
-Ball should be released as WR is planting foot.
-WR always keep elbows and arms in running position. just before you break, drop
head and dig (pump hands).