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L lelatetetateteloteteteteteteroteteteerateTererererererererevereray ABBREVIATIONS / Co UT boDE §oyvoommswwy BVounDOWNN AR REG ae is 3 Hoagan ge Bee @ aie wish ano wo o> QB CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES 1.7.6, TERMINOLOGY Buck Ball Carrier Best Located Safety Breaking Point Bump and Run Coverage Technique Buzz System Corner Coaching Point Double Pick Up Fullback Game Plan Halfback Jack Line of Scrinmage Mac Mesh Point Nick Point Of Attack Pre-Snap-Look Put Some Shit In The Game Weakside TE Rover Read and Break Principle Stub Slot Receiver Sight Adjustment Strongback Stage Is Set Sam Swing Pick Up Sprint Spot Tailback Wide Receiver Weakside Outside Receiver Strongside Inside Receiver Strongside Outside Receiver Cr II. QB RUN PRINCIPLES YU 2.1 STANCE 1. We prefer a staggered left foot back right foot forward stance with the weight evenly distributed on the balls of both feet! The stagger should be at least toe to instep! The feet should be comfortably spread but not too wide - approximately slightly wider than the shoulders! Knees should be slightly bent - but not strained with the weight over both feet for good balance! Press the right hand firmly against the centers crotch, knuckle deep. This hand pressure gives the center a target and also makes the QB's hand follow the centers tail as he charges! Bend the right elbow slightly. This also helps the QE follow the center! Place the thumb of the left hand parallel with the thumb of the right hand one knuckle joint forward so you get an inter-locking effect! Extend the fingers of the left hand downward at a 90 degree angle. 2.2 EXCHANGE 1. Keep hand pressure on the center's crotch until the ball is in your hands! Your hands must follow the center forward! The ball must smack (you must hear it) into the crease of the upper hand at a 45° angle! Get the ball well up into both hands - both hands should be just back of the middle of the ball! Immediately pull the ball to your “third hand" (Your stomach area). 2.3 HANDING OFF 1. Put the weight on the ball of your pivot foot so you can spin (pivot) on that foot without false stepping! 2. Turn your head and shoulder (Twist) and look at the hand off spot on the ball carrier. If you turn your head and look at the hand off spot the twist will come naturally! 3, Take the ball back to the BC with a long step! 4. Watch the hand off spot ~ MESH POINT - until the ball is SEATED! 5. "SETTLE" as you "MESH" with the BC and "SEAT" the ball! 6. As the ball is seated, let your hand off hand ride with the hand-off. Don't hurry, be sure of the hand off first! 7. After the hand off, always fake to keep the ball as the series dictates! 2.4 FAKING 1, Ball Fake: Fake seating the ball at the mesh point with both hands! 2. Hand Fake: Hold the ball in the third hand area with one hand and place the empty hand in the mesh point as if to seat the ball when the BC fakes by! 2.5 POINTS TO STRESS: 1. KEEP YOUR HANDS FIRMLY PRESSED AGAINST THE CENTER'S CROTCH AND DON'T DROP THE LEFT HAND! PIVOT BY TURNING YOUR HEAD AND LOOKING AT THE MESH POINT! BRING THE BALL INTO THE THIRD HAND AS YOU PIVOT! SEAT THE BALL WITH YOUR EYES FIRST!