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i COACHING THE QUARTERBACK Carroll High School, Texas = getting ready for th with me. All head playoffs. | told t staff it |gat the ch they were all com ny} would not have the opportunity to be of das ike tis, fit werenot for our assist This past season, our defensiv passed away nine days be day practices. It was a great challeng Wo get the credit because offense, but we have won two of the last th championships in Texas because of our defense. Th oldadage, which states, offense may p the seats, but defense wins cham is true My coaches d the ball, and! am proud to have th thm 1am going to discuss our quarterback-training program with you. We have a quarterback-trainir program in the seventh grade ar continues through high school. We have a high 00 studen ur he state of Texa with two fe ghth-grade arein the seventh grade. We have four quarterbacks at each school in our quarterback-training progran We have two teams at the seventh-grade level each campus. When they get to the eighth grade, we start to cull the numbers down. By the ninth-grade year, we have three quarterbacks in the training program When they become sophomores, we reduce the number to two quarterbacks. In our training Program in general, we like to start with a large number of quarterbacks. id me to speak here a clinic like this cached quarterback each yeor That or are dead for next year. Chase signed wi as the Texts SAPs Missouri and Ri yer of the Year ve are not going to have an all Division | quarterback e will have a ake over the follo ate, All-American very efficient ng yea year. However, we back tot | will try to hit on several things in the time alloted for my lecture. There are two areas in dealing with our quarterback-training program. The first thing is to show youhow we promote accuracy with th quarterback. They are a series of drills we plash-down drills. The other thing we do froma teaching standpoint with our quarterbacks is video training. Through this program, we find out if they truly know our offense. We will talk about our series of video tests for the quarterback. It is a simple way to check the knowledge of your quarterbacks throughout the system. We feel we must have a quarterback who can hit people with pass: pur school we high gone to « each Three years ago the highest classification in | football. The last three years we have no-huddle offense. During that time, we going into the no-huddle offense. We have been in the spread offense forever, but three Years ago, we adopted the no-huddle scheme also. People think the spread offense is a big-play, pass-happy offense. Last year during our 16-game season, we averaged 27 first downs a game. The spread offense is as efficient an offense as any | have ever seen. | learned this a long time ago from coach Ronny Thompson, who was my high school coach.Heis the reason! amin coaching right now. He always talked about “spreading the wealth.” TESTING Quarterbacks should not got the at type of praise, Undersea tne nc boostrsi town They all wan eS threo nq stronk. When that hasnen® will got more of tha blame vers y have to understand Wren hat all quarterbacks tone at fouthlake, Texas, the name Chaso h Aftor wo go through the training Bea ree ah same, Chss0. Nes: regard to\the intangibles! Oat Ww ase Daniel were the quarterbacks ‘ete really wants to assume the responsiilitios 4 hey averagod 67 percent tionovera Sthletes have me and told mo they did not tvebsveal farted bod tired tes ta : int any part of that kind of responsibilty That t 4 iol andi newithme. Wecan move themtoanather seers pepe Bel on facet t we do not want someone playing quarterbeck who dos want the responsibility, The ve lead be an encourager, not a learning the position, and he must be coschabla Lee ee eee a0 18 £0 sll The ent the preparation involved with : t Th abou their tea Carroll quarterback. We go over these things with i ack, ach quarterback. He must know the strength and a y thelr quarterback weakness of each of his teammates ’ h th »read What coaches want from their quarterback is tak ecial ability tobe an tobean extension of the coaching staff. They want ; Teal backisa him to be the coach on the field. | want our Rec tun tarana vere ho quarterbacks to have an opinion of his teammates. me : y »am.lfhe If lask my quarterback who is the best receiver to solace hist tes, he is throw to ina third-and-seven situation, | want him ; hat © have an opinion. | may not agree with him, but | nt_an answer. | want him to have an opinion thlete must | peal the concerning who the best blocker is and who our eres duscanmc | CUO ICIS «clutch recolvects early in a young quarterback’s career tc