XC-2 Ethernet Kit Product Brief

The XC-2 Ethernet Kit provides a rapid and cost effective route for developing ethernet connected designs in XMOS silicon. Based around the four-core XS1-G4 programmable device from XMOS, the XC-2 Kit provides the hardware needed to connect to a 10/100 Ethernet system using an RJ45 socket. The credit card sized XC-2 board is easily interfaced to your development system using 0.1” pitch expansion, or you can add your own components using the on-board 0.1” pitch through-hole prototyping area.

The XC-2 Ethernet Kit comes with reference designs and examples including a software MII/MAC function and embedded web-server that are available as source code. You can download and debug your applications on the XC-2 Card using the XTAG connector. Alternatively you can program your application into the on-board SPI flash from the XS1-G4 device or the external header, providing standalone operation.

XC-2 Card features: o XS1-G4 four-XCore™ 400MHz device: 1600 MIPS, 256KB RAM, 32KB OTP o RJ45 ethernet socket o Two pushbuttons o 10 user LEDs o 84 pins user I/O expansion total from four XCores™ o External link and XSYS debug interface o Credit card size (85 x 54 mm) XTAG Connector USB Cable 5V external PSU Comprehensive software development tool suite o XC, C and C++ compilers, linker and mapper o Simulator and visual debugger o Supports Windows XP SP2, Red Hat Linux 4.6 and OS X 10.4 Example software available as source code o 10/100 Ethernet MAC/MII driver code o TCP/IP and UDP stack o Embedded web server o Interactive driver demo over ethernet

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. the XMOS logo and XCore are trademarks of XMOS Ltd All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.1] X0D[14.1].xmos. XC includes extensions to C for concurrency. and can be driven from the XMOS Development Environment (XDE) or the command line. XMOS. communications. and timed input-output operations.1] X0D[12:13] KEY[0. The tools are based on a standard embedded software flow that supports XC. As well as providing compilers and a debugger. Mac and Linux platforms from www. The tools can be downloaded free of charge for Windows.11] X1D[12:23] X1D[24:25] XCORE1 X2D0 X2D2 X2D4 3V3 X2D6 X2D8 X2D10 5V X2D1 X2D3 X2D5 GND X2D7 X2D9 GND X2D12 X2D14 X2D16 3V3 X2D18 X2D20 5V X2D13 X2D15 X2D17 GND X2D19 X2D21 X2D23 GND XS1-G4 Features • Four 32-bit XCore™ event-driven processors o 1600MIPS performance o 256KBytes single-cycle SRAM o 32 concurrent threads X2D11 X2D22 SYSTEM SERVICES X0D[4:7] 5V 3V X0D26 X0D27 X0D28 X0D29 X0D30 X0D31 X0D32 X0D33 X0D36 X0D37 X0D38 X0D39 GND 3V XLINK UART RX XS1-G4 TDI TDO TMS TCK TRST DEBUG RESET RST PGOOD RESET XSYS CONNECTOR X0D[22:23] UART TX o 400M events per second • Up to 256 input/output pins o 10ns timing resolution o Serialisation and logic functions • Compact 16/32bit ISA o 32 x 32 64bit MAC • Communication channels o 128 channel ends PSU 5V SKT CLOCK 9 x 14 0.[10.43 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT XMOS provides development tools to take your design from concept to volume production. the tools include utilities for deploying compiled binaries onto your development board.XC-2 Ethernet Kit Product Brief XC-2 ETHERNET CARD BLOCK DIAGRAM XCORE0 KEY LEDS[0.com.01] X0D[24:25] X1D[0:11] SPI FLASH X0D[0.1” GRID PROTOTYPE AREA 1V 25MHz XTO 3V3 o Scalable and deterministic on and off-chip communication X2D[0:11] X2D[12:23] X3D[0:11] X3D[12:23] XCORE2 X2D0 X2D2 X2D4 3V3 X2D6 X2D8 X2D10 5V X2D1 X2D3 X2D5 GND X2D7 X2D9 X2D11 GND X2D12 X2D14 X2D16 3V3 X2D18 X2D20 X2D22 5V X2D13 X2D15 X2D17 GND X2D19 X2D21 X2D41 GND XCORE3 X2D[24:25] X3D[24:25] X2D0 X2D2 X2D4 3V3 X2D6 X2D8 X2D10 5V X2D1 X2D3 X2D5 GND X2D7 X2D9 X2D11 GND X2D12 X2D14 X2D16 3V3 X2D18 X2D20 X2D22 5V X2D13 X2D15 X2D17 GND X2D19 X2D21 X2D23 GND RJ45 ETH PHY X2D[26:39].16] LEDS[00. The tools are intuitive and easy to use.42. C and C++.

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