Advertising & Communication Management Assignment on Media Plan for ICICI Securities

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LIFE INSURANCE We can help you secure your future risk with range of Insurance Product. Bonds and Government Schemes. ICICI Securities' engagements include Equity Capital Markets. INVESTMENT PLANNING We can work with you to assess your financial goals and recommend steps to take to help in making them a reality. ICICI Securities facilitates access to capital for the growth engine of the Indian economy which is the corporate sector including large. The company's advice is based on the specific circumstances and strategic considerations relevant to the client. which is organized by sector helps clients assess their business models and advises them on specific financing alternatives. for that it is required to conduct several research to know about the detail of the market related to exiting player and potential of the targeted market.Introduction of ICICI Securities. Margin Plus. FIXED DEPOSITE AND BONDS Low risk instruments such as Corporate Fixed Deposits. Now company has decided to launch some of its existing product to tier 3 (small) cities. medium and small enterprises. . PRODUCT LIST EQUITY Trade with cash or through innovative services like Margin. both from the public and private markets. MUTUAL FUNDS Start an SIP or invest in a Top Rated mutual fund scheme. A team of professionals. ICICI Securities is a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker. Private Equity Intermediation and Public Issuance of Debt.

the product categories or advertising.Background research Background research refers to accessing the collection of previously published and unpublished information about a site. local landowners and historians. 1:. obtaining copies of current topographic maps and aerial photos. Motor and Travel. Background research may include some combination of conducting a review of the archaeological literature. region. We are using this technique to gather information to know the behavior and pattern of thoughts of the prospects.Focus group Another qualitative method is focus group. or particular topic of interest and it is the first step of all good archaeological investigations. During these research activities we will also use other qualitative methods . The objective is to get them talking in a conventional format so researchers can observe the dialogue and interaction among the participant. and members of indigenous tribes who may have knowledge about your area. as well as that of all writers of any kind of research paper. It includes following areas      The brand experience Competitive analysis An advertising audit Content analysis Semiotic analysis 2:.GENERAL INSURANCE General Insurance products cover Health. which is a group of 8-10 users or even up to 15 potential users of the product who are gathered around the table to have a discussion about some topic such as the brand. and interviewing archaeologists who have conducted work in the area. Home. Market research We have select following two method of research to analyze the market situation that will help in advertisement planning. obtaining copies of historic maps and plats of the region.

a) b) c) Lack of investment knowledge Lack of time Security purpose Do you have any specific investment preference? Yes Somewhat No . What is your reason for seeking financial advice and not taking decisions completely yourself? a) b) c) 2.    Fill in the blanks Story elicitation Artifact creation Photo sorts Client Investment Questionnaire Name: First name _____________ Middle name ____________ Last name ___________ Address: Street address __________ City name ________ State name _________ Postal code _________ Date of birth: _______________ Occupation: ___________ Annual income: _________ Tax bracket: _______________ Residential phone number: ___________ Mobile number: _____________ Email id: ______________ 1.

3. though there will be profit later? Yes No What is the amount of money that you can invest every month from your salary? Less than one thousand One thousand Three thousand More than three thousand Do you plan to reinvest the amount earned from your investment portfolio? Yes Maybe No What would be your reaction if your investment fluctuates in a short term period? Become tensed and sell off your investments Become tensed and consider selling off your investments . Do you have investments in shares of any company and if you do. How fast do you want to achieve your financial goals? In one year In three years In five years In ten years What is the financial goal that you wish to achieve? ________________ 5. do you receive dividends? ____________________ 6. a) b) c) d) 8. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) 7. a) b) Do you mind losing money from investment. a) b) c) 9.

magazine hording and pamphlets) due to its various advantages.c) Will be tensed but won’t sell off your investments Media planning Our target market is small cities so we are selecting print media for the advertisement (News paper. it is print media that seems to stay with us. One of the main advantages of print media is its capacity to excite and stimulate when people are in a relaxed frame of mind. Component of media plan Media plan Target and media research Media objective Media mix selection Scheduling and budgeting Media buying Monitoring Evaluation . Even though Internet Advertising has the edge in cost per lead terms.

Certain forms of print media have a very loyal fans following in terms of readers. Following Are The Advantages Of Print Media Over The Other. This would guarantee you added readership. . Good option for educated target market 4. 1. Can be used In different language Newspapers 3. 6. Less costly than TV media 2. More and detailed Information about the product can be given 5. Magazines are read for a period of a month.After evaluating the various components of media planning we have selected print media for the promoting and advertisement of our product due to its various advantages. which brings more attention to an advertisement. Magazines and newspapers are always in the eye amongst public.

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