PROGRAMME CO-ORDINATOR: EUROPE Brand South Africa is looking for a Programme Co-ordinator: to support the Country Manager in UK, to manage and influence relationships with key stakeholders prioritised in the strategic plan to promote Brand South Africa’s branding and communications objectives in partnership with these stakeholders, to external audiences. The mandate of Brand South Africa is to build South Africa’s Nation Brand reputation in order to improve SA’s global competitiveness. Below please see the Job Profile for the position of Programme Co-ordinator: UK. Applications must be forwarded to Recruitment@brandsouthafrica.com. This position is open to South Africans who reside in UK. Brand South Africa is committed to ensuring and maintaining workplace diversity and the attainment of employment equity, having due regard to qualifications and appropriate experience. Brand South Africa welcomes applications from people with disabilities. The closing date for the applications is 20 March 2012.






JOB DETAIL JOB PURPOSE This role is a support role to the Country Manager: UK and therefore the Programme Co-ordinator must be able to represent the Country Manager on all official stakeholder meetings and press briefings and must be able to influence relationships with key stakeholders prioritised in the strategic plan to promote the Brand South Africa’s branding and communications objectives. In addition, the Programme Co-ordinator is a support role to the Country Manager: UK when delivering projects as planned through the marketing and communications strategy and in accordance with project management protocols, processes and systems. This support role also includes supporting the Country Manager in identifying, monitoring and analysing news and events in the country and articulating and motivating necessary intervention on behalf of the IMC. They are the Country Manager’s eyes and ears on the ground as well as aid in providing a sounding board for press statements, briefings or stakeholder meetings.

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Programme Co-ordinator: UK Country Manager Delivery Arm UK Paterson Grade D1 (mid to top level of the band) – Work Level 4 (Professionals / Middle to Senior Management) – This role can go up to D2 as the incumbent progresses in the role London Three year fixed term contract
£35 558- £45 428


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KEY COMPETENCIES REQUIRED Minimum Education / Qualifications
Bachelors Degree in Political Science / Economics / Marketing / Journalism Preferred: Postgraduate degree in Political Science / Economics / Marketing / Journalism

Knowledge and skills
(in the form of training) FUNCTIONAL KNOWLEDGE:

Minimum Experience
(be specific to the post) 5+ years combined experience in marketing, communications, public relations, stakeholder relations Track record of successfully negotiating collaborations and joint ventures in a highly political / pressured environment Contacts in media and business Experience in a digital media environment Experience in writing media releases and preparing pitches

Comprehensive understanding of the political and legislative environment (domestic and international) Thorough knowledge of the workings of the business, macro-economic and the media environment (domestic and international) Working knowledge of systems and processes and how they contribute to organisational performance Advanced knowledge of how to determine value from a customer perspective TECHNICAL SKILLS: Strategic ability to position and sell the IMC mandate and initiatives in response to emerging political, business and environmental trends Impressive communication skills Excellent writing skills Excellent presentation skills, i.e. the ability to use the right presentation techniques and emphasise the right content to influence and persuade Very good digital media skills Marketing skills, i.e. the ability to identify and capture a target market or audience’s needs and sell a message branded with the identified need Advanced MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) MANAGERIAL SKILL: Competent in stakeholder management and lateral leadership, i.e. ability to get things done through co-ordinating different role players in working together without formally being in charge of them. Excellent proposal and account / portfolio planning ability





Self-management, i.e. well developed skills to structure own work, work independently and take initiative to get what is needed resourcefully and within proper governance rules and structures ATTRIBUTES:

Results oriented (out put driven) Thorough and excellent followthrough ability Willingness to work extended hours and travel substantively (within and across borders) Perform under pressure Above average level of perceptiveness and discernment, i.e. know how to read situations correctly and respond accordingly to instil confidence and direction Networking ability, i.e. building and maintaining relationships for business and collaborative opportunities Service oriented, i.e. desire to serve and customer oriented Persuasive, i.e. ability to convince others from different functions and levels of an idea or concept to obtain support





Key Performance Areas: 1. Support the development and roll-out of country marketing, communications and stakeholder management plans Functions Support the Country Manager in developing plans and activities in markets to advance the objectives as set by the marketing and communications strategy and the overall stakeholder strategy.

Liaise with Brand South Africa’s counterparts and relevant departments and head-office to ensure that activities and plans are aligned with the value proposition of the organisation, that the relevant materials, tools, media support, market intelligence and, for appropriate joint activations, budget support are available, and on time.


Contribute to the development of new stakeholder markets and initiatives Produce and maintain a countryspecific web page / blog

Beyond stakeholder operations, play a key role in suggesting, developing and implementing strategies to achieve the outcomes mandated by the board. E.g. build networks in support of the brand (e.g. Global South Africans), engage other partners (e.g. organised business groupings, importers of South African products, business schools), identify and exploit appropriate platforms and channels to key audiences, and constantly be on the look-out for new opportunities.


Work with the Communications Manager: PR and Media to produce and maintain relevant and up to date documentation on the web site and tailor it, working with the Digital Content Manager, specifically as a resource for stakeholders and partners in the relevant markets (the page/blog would not duplicate IMC's Brand South Africa’s existing online presence but would be linked to the IMC website and corporate identity. It will contain a unified calendar of relevant events and opportunities in the country - conferences, trade shows, opportunities to meet key figures, business organisation meetings, wine tastings, concerts, art exhibits, etc. It will also serve as a platform for sharing news, insights and talking points.


Meeting, communicating and

Communicate with the Global South Africans database and continue to build this, liaise with the relevant SA networks or presences in the country as well as stakeholder offices (e.g. the consulate and SA Tourism), and key media segments as per the country’s roll-out plan for the dissemination of targeted releases and pitches.





networking with key stakeholders

Prepare materials and build relationships with editors, journalists and key bloggers.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the stakeholder web page / blog, implemented initiatives (including risks), stakeholder feedback and reflect this in the quarterly reports and in accordance with the business plan scorecard of the organisation. 5. Monitoring and reporting Produce research / input reports on how the environment is changing in terms of policies, economic realities, public events, etc. to identify and exploit opportunities for future collaborations or initiatives in advancing the strategic aims of Brand South Africa Ensure adherence to the project corporate identity, copy right, correct representation, referencing, necessary Brand South Africa support to effect the objectives of the stakeholder roll-out plans. This function also entails brand monitoring to ensure brand alignment. Monitor resource spend and financial expenditure in accordance with the approved project plans.








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