True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 1. There is no compelling reason to use the FAT file system in Windows Server 2008. 2. Adding namespace servers to an existing namespace replicates only the virtual directory structure as

well as target folders and files referred to by the virtual folders.
3. All versions of the Windows Server 2008 operating system can function as DFS namespace servers. 4. When implementing DFS on a Windows Server 2008 computer, you do not need to create a

replication group.
5. With network-attached print devices, the primary deployment decision that the administrator must

make is to decide which computer will function as the print server.
6. To use SCSI on a server, all of the devices and host adapters must support the same standard. 7. Adding a NAS device to your network is a simple way to provide users with additional storage and

reduce the processing burden on your servers.
8. You can mark an existing dynamic disk as active. 9. Converting the disk partition style is a nondestructive process.

____ 10. Once you change a basic disk to a dynamic disk, the only way you can change it back again is to

back up the entire disk and delete the dynamic disk volumes.
Short Answer 11. Printing in Microsoft Windows typically involves four components including a print device, printer,

and print server. What is the fourth component?
12. By default, what type of topology is used by replication groups in which every member in a group

replicates with every other member?
13. What topology enables you to limit replication traffic to specific pairs of members? 14. The printer is associated with a printer driver that takes the commands generated by the application

and converts them into what language?
15. The simplest print architecture consists of one print device connected to one computer. What is this

print device also known as?
16. What enables administrators to monitor and regulate the storage consumed by network users? 17. Windows Fax and Scan is packaged as part of a single feature named what (along with other

nonessential elements, such as desktop themes and Windows Media Player)?
18. Which service does Windows Server 2008 include that provides basic functionality for devices that

conform to the Unimodem driver standard?


A storage area network is simply a network dedicated solely to a certain process between servers and storage devices. When computers do not comply with a certain standard. magnetic tape autochangers. What separate network is dedicated solely to storage devices such as drive arrays. and optical jukeboxes? 24. such as individual drives in an array? 22. What is the name of this standard? 21. they run the drives in an “IDE emulation” mode that disables their NCQ and hot-plugging capabilities. What is used to identify subcomponents of a SCSI device. What is the name of the separate housing in which high-capacity servers will typically store hard drives? 23. While some arrays include a RAID controller. what is the amusing name of a simpler arrangement used by other arrays? 2 . Which Windows Server 2008 feature automatically retains copies of files on a server volume in multiple versions from specific points in time? 20. What is this process? 25.19.

7. 15.Answer Section TRUE/FALSE PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: PTS: 1 DIF: REF: Understanding Windows Disk Settings 9. 20. ANS: storage area network. ANS: Just a Bunch of Disks. 4. 6. JBOD 3 . 3. 8. 17. ANS: F PTS: 1 DIF: 10. ANS: print driver REF: 1. ANS: full mesh topology 13. AHCI DIF: Hard REF: Planning Server Storage REF: Planning Server Storage REF: Planning Server Storage REF: Planning Server Storage REF: Deploying a Storage Area Network REF: Deploying a Storage Area Network PTS: 1 21. ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: REF: Deploying File Servers hub/spoke topology REF: Deploying File Servers Printer Control Language. SAN 24. ANS: external drive array 23. ANS: high-speed connections 25. ANS: T PTS: 1 DIF: SHORT ANSWER 11. ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: ANS: T F T F T T T F Easy Hard Easy Medium Easy Easy Easy Easy Medium Easy REF: REF: REF: REF: REF: REF: REF: Deploying File Servers Deploying File Servers Deploying File Servers Deploying File Servers Deploying Print and Fax Servers Planning Server Storage Planning Server Storage REF: Working with Disks REF: Working with Disks Deploying Print and Fax Servers 12. 19. 5. 18. 16. 14. ANS: logical unit numbers. LUNs 22. 2. PCLREF: Deploying Print and Fax Servers locally attached print device REF: Deploying Print and Fax Servers File Server Resource Manager REF: Deploying File Servers Desktop Experience REF: Deploying Print and Fax Servers Microsoft Modem Device Provider REF: Deploying Print and Fax Servers Shadow Copies REF: Planning Server Storage Advanced Host Controller Interface.

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