Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.
Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. A new form of commerce and patronage. This is not about investment or lending. Project creators keep 100% ownership and control over their work. Instead, they offer products and experiences that are unique to each project. All or nothing funding. On Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. Why? It protects everyone involved. Creators aren’t expected to develop their project without necessary funds, and it allows anyone to test concepts without risk. Each and every project is the independent creation of someone like you. Projects are big and small, serious and whimsical, traditional and experimental. They’re inspiring, entertaining and unbelievably diverse


How it Works
Kickstarter belief
They believe that: • A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. • A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement. Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fullyfunded or no money changes hands

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Areas in which Projects are accepted     Art Comics Dance Design     Fashion Film and food Games Music     Photography Publishing Technology Theater

This is huge! 3. For this Kickstarter has defined project guidelines. It motivates. something fun. If people want to see a project come to life.000 project.000 and a bunch of people expecting you to complete a $5. 2. Why do people support projects? REWARDS! Project creators inspire people to open their wallets by offering smart. Someone can be held accountable to the framework of a project — a project was either completed or it wasn’t — and there are definable expectations that everyone can agree to. Here in kickstarter school they do it in various steps . The word “project” is just as important as “creative” in defining what works on Kickstarter. A project is something finite with a clear beginning and end. STORIES! Kickstarter projects are efforts by real people to do something they love. This is imperative for every Kickstarter project. they're going to spread the word ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kickstarter school Kickstarter community Kickstarter school In this they teach the new project takes the different ways of starting a project and implement them on the real basis so they could succeed in their mission of creativity and fillfilment of their dream. These stories unfold through blog posts. charity projects. A great way for artists. If you don't receive the support you want. All-or-nothing funding? Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. Why? 1. and others to bring their projects. performers. It's less risk for everyone. There are a lot of great projects that fall outside of their scope. explorers. events. filmmakers. writers. illustrators. designers.Who can fund their project on Kickstarter? Kickstarter is focused on creative projects. pics. and videos as people bring their ideas to life. and dreams to life. If you need $5. it's tough having $2. or general business expenses. and tangible rewards (products. you're not compelled to follow through. fun.000. benefits. curators. or at least something of note. It allows people to test concepts (or conditionally sell stuff) without risk. but Kickstarter is not a place for soliciting donations to causes. Take a peek around the site and you will see what everyone is talking about. and experiences). musicians.

 Kickstarter Account Here you can make kickstarter account and can create profile and one can use it as an identity on Kickstarter for using various options available to them. Defining Your Project 2. or objectionable content. which work out to roughly 3-5%. Setting Your Goal 4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Money matters Revenue/Fees What fees does Kickstarter charge? If a project is successfully funded. . Creating Rewards 3. Making Your Video 5. Amazon will apply credit card processing fees. Project Updates 8. Don't post copyrighted content without permission. Kickstarter will apply a 5% fee to the funds raised. Don't post obscene. Twitter. Mspace . Building Your Project 6. there are no charges. They have some community guidelines. Youtube and other social media channesl. When a project is successful. If funding isn't successful. Reward Fulfillment Kickstarter Community Kickstarter community is very active on internet. Kickstarter School 1.      Spread the word but don't spam Don't promote a project on other projects' pages. hateful. Does Amazon charge any fees? Yes. Be courteous and respectful. It’s on Facebook. If you don't like a project. So that it could spread and make everyones dream come true with social environment. don't back it. Promoting Your Project 7. Amazon is the payment gateway that they have tied up with and every transaction and holding of fund is done through Kickstarter corporate fund and Amazon.

After that Amazon payment gateway will open in with you have to create your account and then the rest of the processing will be done easily as you do while shopping. what should I do? If project creator is unable to fulfill the promises made to backers.creator of the project is accountable to you and you and take any information about the careator as you want. the more they will earn your backers’ trust If one is unable to complete my project as listed. Rewards :.this is the first step to back of fund a project. cannot complete the project as advertised.Every creator is responsible for fulfilling the promises of their project. . Accountability :. Amazon :. Because projects are usually funded by the friends. Creators are also encouraged to post regular updates about the progress of their project post-funding.the cash counter to projector and Kickstarter. and communities around its creator. A failure to do so could result in damage to their reputation or even legal action on behalf of their backers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backing a Project  Pledging  Accountability  Rewards  Amazon Pledging: . You just have to click on “Back this Project” and it will take you to the details of the project and the creator details. or decide to abandon the project for any reason. there are powerful social forces that keep creators accountable. After visiting your project page backers should have a clear sense of: • What it is that they are trying to do • How they will do it • How the funds will be used • their qualifications to complete this project • The identities of the people on their team (if they have one) • How far along their project is The more information they share. fans. they are expected to cancel funding.Accountabiliy It is very important for project creator to provide each and every information for and he is accountable for it.

 Chicago. 2011  Designing Obamaby Scott Thomas The Design Director of the Obama campaign has collaborated with artists and designers to create a book of art & design from the historic campaign. o Tel Aviv. Israel SUCCESSFUL!    193%FUNDED $116. bringing world attention to the disappearing Dead Sea.270PLEDGED FUNDEDJUN 06. IL .Successful Story The success stories are shared on the website and they are categorized according to various heads.        Staff Picks Popular Recently Launched Ending Soon Small Projects Most Funded Curated Pages  Naked Sea – Spencer Tunick Dead Sea Installationby Ari Fruchter Spencer Tunick's installation will showcase the importance of water in Israel.

120PLEDGED FUNDEDFEB 21.613PLEDGED FUNDEDNOV 05. PASUCCESSFUL! 2. IL SUCCESSFUL!    15.SUCCESSFUL!    130%FUNDED $84.171%FUNDED $1. I figured out how to make the unmakeable.271PLEDGED FUNDEDOCT 24. I want to share it. 2012 . I am an artist.454%FUNDED $77. 2011 The Order of the Stick Reprint Driveby Rich Burlew Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections). 2009  Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to Youby Joshua Harker I'm Joshua Harker.254.     Philadelphia.  Chicago.

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