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Willowbrook School 1. Prepare an organization chart of Willowbrook Schools paid staff.

If you have Microsoft Office XP, you can click the Insert Diagram or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar, then click the Organization Chart button. If you have an older version of Microsoft Office, you can click Insert Object - MS Organization Chart. A sample organization chart is shown in the following figure.

Kathy Gilliard Principal

Susan Brown Vice-Principal

6 classroom teachers

2 After-care teachers

Teachers aides


2. List at least 3 business processes that Willowbrook School performs, and identify the person responsible for the task. Business Process Prepare teacher and teacher aide payroll Prepare after-care payroll Prepare tuition and after-care invoices Handle tuition and after-care receivables Handle drop-in after-care requests Manage student records Maintain School Calendar Prepare parent handouts Prepare weekly time sheets for after-care assistants Prepare weekly summaries of after-care attendance Person Responsible Kathy Gilliard Susan Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown After-care teachers After-care teachers

3. How might Willowbrook use a transaction processing system, a user productivity system and a business support system? Give an example for each system, and describe how it would benefit the school. The school could use a transaction processing system to track the tuition and aftercare charges and payments. This system could reduce the amount of paperwork and streamline the billing system, and provide the school with easily produced reports on a monthly basis. A user productivity system could be used to increase office efficiency and reduce some of the time demands on the vice-principal. A business support system could provide teachers and after-care teachers with up-todate information about emergency contacts and pick-up lists, and could provide after-care teachers with up-to-date information about drop-in needs for after-care. 4. List the pros and cons of the schools reliance on volunteers to complete tasks from simple office tasks to financial oversight responsibilities as they relate to the use of an information system at Willowbrook School. Answers to this question will vary. Students should recognize that Willowbrook School must rely on volunteers to complete many tasks, but that the nature of volunteerism must be taken into account. Some issues that students could raise here would be the transient nature of volunteers and the issue of confidentiality with respect to student and financial records.