Personal Profile
1. Name: 2. Sex : a) Male

b) Female

3. Educational qualification: a) School level b) ITI d) Graduate e) Post Graduate 4. Age: a) Below 25 years d) 46- 50 years 5. Designation: 6. Experience in the previous job: 7. Experience in the present job : a) Below 5 years b) 5 -10 years d) 16- 20 years e) Above 20 years

c) Diploma

b) 25 -35 years e) Above 50 years

c) 36-45 years

c) 11-15 years

8. Income: a) Below Rs.5000 b) Rs.5001 ±Rs.10000 d) Rs.15001 ±Rs.20000 e) Above Rs.20000 9. Marital status: a) Married

c) Rs.10001 ±Rs.15000

b) Unmarried

c) Divorced

10. Number of Dependents: a) Less than 4 b) 4-6 11. Family Type: a) Nuclear family

c) More than 6

b) Joint family

c) Single

helpful and constructive feedback? 37. How satisfied were you with your relationship with your manager? How satisfied were you with the way your manager did the following? 36. Neither Disagree nor Agree 1 4.Does your work environment gives you the opportunity to work on skills that prepare you to achieve your future goals? 34. 1. and grow every day when you come in to the workplace? 33. Strongly Agree 30. Is training provided to you for your current job? 41. Communicated goals and direction of department? 40. Agree 2 3 4 5 5. How did you feel about the working environment in your department? 31.Please rate your overall experience using the rating scale below. Is training provided to you to develop for future opportunities? 1 2 3 4 5 Thank you for you time. Strongly Disagree 2. Provided recognition for successful initiatives? 38. Kept you and your colleagues informed? 39. learn.Are there open avenues of communication across all levels of the organization? 35.Are you encouraged to improve. Provided positive. Disagree 3.Are there personal monthly meetings that will hold you accountable to your responsibilities at work and in your professional development? 32. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours .

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