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Brevard Equestrian Center

proudly presents:

Paula Kierkegaard Clinic

March 29-April 1, 2012
In the category of horse experience, you may note almost 50 years competitive background with horses. She is a USEF judge in dressage (since the 70s), has an extensive classical background and competitive national rankings (USDF medals) through Grand Prix, and was one of the first three USDF certified instructors (1990). In addition, Paula has great experience with hunters (hunter seat champion of California), jumpers, and three day. Her mother was secretary of Rappahanock Hunt, so she also hunted traditionally as well. This cross-platform is rare these days, but was presumed as basic horsemanship in earlier days. In addition, within the hunter world, she won at the VA circuit side-saddle, as well as showing FEI dressage side saddle. She did a lot with western and gaited horses. In her teaching she includes theory work necessary to support the physical education of the body. She has showed at all levels, won Ljungquist championships, and produced nationally ranked horses. Her students are showing through GP and are now producing their own GP horses. I try to train people and horses for riding and life. I have two wonderful and children who are both sports minded and bright. I seek to give to all our students (young and older) a sincere love for learning and assessment.

20 x 60m sand and rubber covered dressage arena Shaded seating for auditors

Clinic Details:
45-minute focused private lessons 10 lesson slots available/day Auditors welcome & encouraged Lesson options include: lesson with Paula; lunge lesson; and/or horse schooled in-hand by Paula


Riders $100/day prepaid Auditors: $20/day prepaid* ($25 walkins) $10/day for Juniors <18 prepaid* ($15 walk-ins) *Deadline for Preregistration March 15th

Stabling Available Friday and Saturday nights $10/Day for Day Stall $20/Night for overnight


Brevard Equestrian Center * 4850 Old Dixie Hwy * Grant, FL

Riding and In Hand Clinic with

Please make checks payable to and mail to:

Paula Kierkegaard March 29-April 1, 2012

Must be postmarked by March 15

Brevard Equestrian Center 4850 Old Dixie Hwy Grant, FL 32949 321-960-2305

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Day(s) Stabling Required: (please circle appropriate day or night option) Thursday/Friday/Saturday/ Sunday Day Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/ Saturday night # of days _______ x $10 = ___________________ # of nights _______ x $20 = __________________

Day(s) Auditing: (please circle appropriate day) Sorry no refunds for preregistered auditors Thursday March 29/Friday March 30/Saturday March 31/ Sunday April 1 Senior Auditors Junior Auditors: # of days _______ x $20 = __________________ # of days _______ x $10 = __________________

Auditor Walk-ins Welcome day of Clinic for $30 (Adult) $20 (Junior) Total Due: ______________________
Brevard Equestrian Center * 4850 Old Dixie Hwy * Grant, FL

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