Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension or passage is the most important part in any competitive exam and we generally find it complicating and time consuming section. So we are always afraid of this section but in fact if we follow some techniques and a set of practice we can set the ball rolling. Reading comprehensions are given in the exam to check your understanding of English language. Unless you are able to read a comprehension and understand it in one time you can¶t get through this section. So to command over it, start solving a comprehension every day. You can start with easy stories and paragraphs and then enhance your level day by day. Read thoroughly Thorough reading is more useful then intensive reading if you want to command over the comprehension section. When you do the intensive reading you consume more time and try to understand well but what I advice you is, do the thorough reading and save your time and while reading thoroughly you can underline according to the question or if you find something important. Don¶t worry if you don¶t understand it completely You may face a problem while solving the complete paragraph i.e. not being able to deduce the complete paragraph. Many of us leave the comprehension for this reason but I request you not to be worried about it anymore, actually you can solve many questions only by understanding 50 % of the comprehension. Your work is just to read the comprehension and try to solve as much as you can. Gradually you will have more accuracy and time consumption will also be less. Get the theme eloquently Whenever you read a comprehension try to get into the theme in a bird¶s eye view. It will be easy for you to be able to answer the questions and while doing so you can read fast without concentrating on each word or sentence of the paragraph. Choose the correct option and eliminate the incorrect answers If you want to spend less time in solving the given questions, don¶t read the question and find the answer one by one instead keep the synopsis in your mind and eliminate the incorrect options. Remember the points I mentioned earlier: 1. Read thoroughly 2. Don¶t worry if you don¶t understand it completely 3. Get the theme eloquently Now read the questions and the options given, some of the options can be eliminated easily and then choose the correct answer wisely based on your basic reading and understanding. When the question is to find out the correct or incorrect statement, you got to do the same as you can¶t answer such questions without having the complete passage in your mind. Choose the correct answer of the synonym or antonym according to its use in the passage: Finding synonyms and antonyms may seem a difficult task to you but as I mentioned earlier basic understanding of the passage is the key to success, you can find the correct answer by reading the sentence in passage once or twice instead of remembrance of exact meaning of a word. Example: The customers were evaporated from the market. Now find the synonym of the word Evaporate a) diminish b) absorb c) vanish d) escape e) change into vapor According the exact meaning of the word option e) can be correct but according to its meaning in the sentence option c) is correct. So it¶s not always important to memorise the words only, instead you should learn the use of words and improve your basic understanding.

As his reputation grew. The company also built bungalows for rich clients such as Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala and Sir Nowroji Saklatvala. young Shapoorji realised that this business could be profitable ² earning Rs 2. he procured bigger contracts like construction of a small military hospital as well as an ammunition factory in Bhopal and Kanpur. the heir apparent of the Tata empire. Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry. Every day. He-liopolis and Acropolis. After executing the Chowpatty foot-hpath construction project. It was one of the firms involved in constructing the Malabar Hill reservoir. it undertook simple jobs for the military and the PWD. The family's beginnings were humble. File picture of Cyrus (extreme right) with sisters Laila and Aloo. called Littlewood Pallonj i and Company." said Kanga. Shapoorji Pallonji Construction Private Ltd (SPCL). The now-retired IAS officer dug into the Mistry family history some years ago and wrote an exhaustive chapter on Cyrus' grandfather as part of a compilation. By now Shapoorji had gained sufficient experience in the industry and ventured into taking contracts to build private houses. In the beginning. and a large hospital project in Sagar (now Madhya Pradesh)." said Jamsheed Kanga." said Kanga. edited by Nawaz B Mody. Even today it retains its old grandeur and the high quality of its construction enhanced SPCL's reputation as a reliable contractor. Littlewood. Pallonji(Cyrus's greatgrandfather) had started a small construction firm in partnership with an Englishman. . Some of his earlier projects were residential buildings in Colaba like Persepolis. His grandfather. young Shapoor and his father Pallonji would walk to work from home to save the two-anna train fare. a nawab of the former princely state of Hyderabad. "The whole complex was requisitioned by the Indian navy during World War II. Shapoor-ji went on to form his own company. constructing barracks.000 on the footpath contract within six months. "With his smartness and intelligence he picked up the nuances of the trade very quickly and was of great assistance to his elderly father. the Royal Air Force camp at Worli and the Military Engineering mess at Colaba. "He made a profit of Rs 2. But Pallonji struggled to make ends meet and welcomed his son Shapoorji into the business. 'Parsis of the 20th Century'. Passage : 1 Cyrus Mistry. (born 1889) lived in a small lower middle-class Parsi house with 11 siblings at Khetwadi.Now let¶s start the practice while keeping the above points in mind.000 in six months was what many graduates could not achieve and he could do so without being a matriculate. One of its biggest projects then was the construction of Dhanraj Mahal near the Gateway of India. brother Shapoor and parents Pallonji and Patsy Mistry When Pallonji died in 1921. small public buildings and municipal works. has an entrepreneurial legacy going back to the turn of the last century. He executed his first independent job of constructing the Gir-gaum Chowpatty pavement around 100 years ago. who was municipal commissioner of Mumbai in the mid-1980s." said Kanga. Grant Road in south Bombay. "He also constructed a prisoner of war camp for Italian prisoners and training camps for American soldiers in general warfare as well as an antisubmarine building at Versova. The building was commissioned by Raja Dhunrajgirji Narsingirji.

reported: "From the engineering point of view. an impression of vast space of which none is wasted. and the Tata and Jamshed Bhabha theatres at Nariman Point were all built by the company. Sir Fredrick Sykes. Nuances 1) small differences 4. The work was commended by the then governor of Bombay. 4) Construction of Bombay Central Terminus.1930. 1. 3) Construction of antisubmarine building at Versova. 3) Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry had made a profit of Rs 2000 after building factories. Which of the following statement is true in context of the passage. 1.Not many know that the Bombay Central train terminus was also built by SPCL at a cost of around Rs 1. 4) Construction of Prisoner of war camp. Directions : Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage. Reputation 4) Shapoorji Mistry 5) None 2) sisters 3) brothers and sisters 4) parents 5) relatives 2) done 3) explained 4) found 5) worked 2) designs 3) patterns 4) problems 5) all kinds 2) fellow 3) accolade 4) need 5) importance . 4) Name the jobs undertook by the NPCL in the beginning." Other landmark buildings followed. Siblings 1) brothers 2. Bank of India and HSBC buildings at Fort and the new State Bank of India headquarters at Nariman Point.6 crore. Executed 1) carried out 3. The Reserve Bank of India. 2) Constructing public buildings. and The Times of India of December 18. 2. 2) Construction of Dhanraj Mahal. 2) State Bank of India headquarter was built by SPCL. 1) Jobs for the military and PWD. 3) Bombay central Terminus. 5) None of these. 5) None of these. Assistance 1) aid 5. Who has written ³ Parsis of the 20th Century´? 1) Cyrus Mistry 2) Nawaz B Mody 3) Jamsheed Kanga 3) Which of the following is not concerned with SPCL. The Shanmukhananda hall at King's Circle. 1) SPCL was founded by Cyrus Mistry and his father. 5) All of these are concerned. NCPA auditoriums. it is of supreme interest by reason of the fact that this collection of huge structures has been erected within 21 months of laying the foundation stone here there is beauty combined with utility. 1) Construction of RBI building at Fort. 4) The military hospital was the first construction of SPCL.

Ammunition 1) bullets and bombs 7. Requisitioned 1) arrogate 8. Commended 1) claimed 10. 9. Former 1) previous 11.1) value 2) status 3) growth 4) fame 5) defame 6. Grandeur 1) splendor 2) guns 3) tanks 4) missiles 5) collection 2) love 3) adore 4) admire 5) introduce 2) great 3) famous 4) popular 5) bright Directions : Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in hold as used in the passage. Commissioned 1) equipped 2) done 3) applauded 4) criticised 5) directed 2) past 3) latter 4) quondam 5) rare 2) authorised 3) licensed 4) unauthorised 5) liked Colleague .

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