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Generic Lesson Plan Form

Subject: __Math_____ Activity:__Lesson 1-1___Setting:_Emily Ks Classroom______________# of Students:_27_____

Statement of Objective: *Observable/Measurable (A,B,C,D) *GLCE/IEP Materials: *Prepared and organized *Available for all

GLCE: N.ME.04.01 Objective: Given worksheets P and R, the class will finish the worksheets and have a success rate of 80% or higher. Teacher: Teacher curriculum book, projector, empty projector sheet, number cubes, dry erase marker. Student: Whiteboards, markers, erasers, workbooks, scrap paper, pencils Good Afternoon students, please get out your whiteboards, markers, and erasers and join me at the front of the classroom.


Opening: *Gain attention/motivate *Activate prior knowledge ~link/relate; assess; prepare for new learning (e.g. vocabulary) *State goals/set purpose ~explain task: why, what, how, and when for strategies *Clear directions

Ladies and gentlemen you have just finished your first unit in math! Whoo hoo! Who can remind me what weve learned so far in the 4th grade? * Expect answers about multi-digit addition and subtraction * Addition and Subtraction with money Now when we add a long number like this (3,256+ 4, 210) how are we supposed to say this out loud? This is what we are going to learn to do today. We are going to learn place value in the thousands and how we can show our answers in many different forms.

Cam: During this part of the lesson Cam will be doing worksheets already given to him that are at his level. Cullen: Cullen will be close to the board to see, and close to me so I can make sure he stays on task. Brandon: Brandon will be close to me to stay on task, he will also be sitting by girls to prevent him from talking.

Presentation: Teacher: *Variety of learning (T/S, S/S, S/T) *Organizational framework ~construct, clarify, and link concepts in a meaningful context *Present visually, verbally, kinesthetically, real world (e.g. LESH) *Model and think aloud to make visible ~language practices/processes ~learning strategies and adaptations (how, when and why) ~organization, relationships, and clues *Transfer of control ~students explain, justify, clarify, etc. *Clear directions *Check for understanding ~appropriate feedback: praise, prompt probe/question (in ZPD) ~assess/error drill ~monitor and adjust instruction Students: *Participation ~overt and active ~instructional dialogue, think aloud, explain, justify, evaluate, etc. Guided Practice: *Activity related to presentation/objectives *Active student participation ~provide rationale for assignment ~multi-sensory and real world ~instructional dialogue *Transfer of control ~students explain, justify, clarify, think aloud *Check for understanding

Write 2,346 on the board Ask students how can I show this number in a different way? Hopefully students will say word form (most predicted answer) Write the form on the board that the students say. Do this until they run out of forms If they miss a form do a think aloud to fill in the missing forms Go over the vocabulary of place-value blocks, number lines, expanded form, standard form, word form and digits. (pg. 4 in book, marked)

Do examples on the board. Pg. 6 in books. #9, 10. Do a think aloud with number 11 on page 6. o Good job students! Now if I were given this number how should I think about finding what digit a specific number is in? o Lets see, I know the place values are ones, 10s, hundreds, and thousands. o If I line up my numbers with these words then hmm I see that the 7 lines up with thousand, 4 lines up with hundred, 2 lines up with 10 and 5 lines up with ones. Now I can see what number is assigned with a certain place value.

During this time I need to make sure I keep an eye on Kylie, Abby, Brandon, and Cullen to make sure they are staying on task and getting the correct answers, and help

~ensure high success rate ~appropriate feedback: praise, prompt, probe/question (in ZPD) Individual Practice: ~assess/error drill ~monitor and adjust instruction *Management/monitoring ~scan, circulate, assess, support, praise

Have students work on numbers 12 and 13 on their white boards. Have students start on page R n the book. Have them do partner work before recess and go over the answers. Assign page P for homework if students are doing ok.

Closing: *Adequate time *Students summarize content and accomplishments *Assess/identify new goals *Link to future learning

o o

Ok students now that we are doing ok with place value what do you think we should learn about tomorrow? Gather answers. What if I gave you this number 200,000,000+ 80,000,000 + 1,000,000 + 400,000 + 20,000, how would you write that in standard form? Think about the answer and you will find out tomorrow!

them understand if more instruction is needed. For the partner groups I will have the students use who is sitting across from them Adjustments may be needed depending on student attendance. Make sure students who dont finish the worksheet put it in their traveling folder.

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