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Journal of Contemporary Art INTERVIEWS Arakawa Ross Bleckner Daniel Buren Sarah Charlesworth Jack Goldstein Jeff Koons Stephen Lack Wolfgang Laib Will Mentor David Reed First Issue Spring 1988 Publishers and Editors Philip Pocock John Zinsser Contributing Editors Klaus Oumann Jonathan Seliger Typesetting and Design Philip Pocock The Journal of Contemporary Art is published semi-annually. For information and subscriptions ($10.00 a year—2 issues ) please contact: Journal of Contemporary Art 330 East 19th Street, Box CC New York, N.Y. 10003 Text ©1988, Journal of Contemporary Art. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America by Book- Mart Press, North Bergen, NJ. PREFACE The Journal of Contemporary Art is a new periodical, published semi-annually, advocat- ing contemporary art. The editorial position of the journal is a historical and documentary one. Our intention is to create an accurate source of information about artists, using their own words. The first issue is a collection of conversa- tions with artists as varied as Daniel Buren and Stephen Lack. They represent different coun- tries and disparate points of view. All worked hard to assure a clear reading of their art. A child of desktop publishing, the Journal of Contemporary Art is designed and typeset using available computer technology. We believe this to be a first of its kind in the “hypermedia” revolution. In this issue the emphasis is on the spoken word. In future issues, the textual discourse will take the form of artists’ writings, line drawings and other gauges of meaning in painting, photography and sculpture. Our aim is to provide a companion that demystifies new art. This journal would not exist without a need from the art community. Philip Pocock John Zinsser JCA 5