ARQUITECTUM, as a company that organizes architecture competitions, is pleased to welcome all architecture students, graduates and young architects

around the world to the “HOUSE’S LOFT” International Architecture Competition, to be held from June to September 2011. This document includes the information required for registration as well as the procedures necessary for participation in the competition, which will end with an exhibition of all the projects presented on the ARQUITECTUM website ( We invite you to address any queries or questions regarding the competition via e-mail to or
General Consultant Arquitectum

ARQUITECTUM has decided to select one of the most interesting manifestations of popular culture and to speculate regarding one of the most well-drawn characters of the 21st century. That is why we are pleased to invite all students and graduates of architecture around the world to participate in the “HOUSE’S LOFT” Ideas Competition, in order to propose, according to their individual point of view, the best way to intervene in a contemporary way in older structures. The ARQUITECTUM initiative upon which this competition is based lies in a renewal of the concept of housing, allowing young architects to tell us –based on their own experience– their opinion regarding characters from popular culture and how to produce architecture through them.



House M.D. is a US television series which debuted on the Fox channel in 2004. The main character is Dr. Gregory House, an unconventional and non-conformist medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro University Hospital in New Jersey. The story was conceived by Paul Attanasio, based on a medical column written by Dr. Lisa Sanders in the New York Times, while the conception of the title character was left to David Shore, who created him after visiting a university hospital. House often finds himself in conflict with his boss, the hospital administrator Dr. Lisa Cuddy, and with his diagnostic team, as a result of his many hypotheses regarding patients’ illnesses based on his remarkable and controversial insight. House’s best friend is Dr. James Wilson, who is the head of the oncology department. During the show’s first three seasons, House’s diagnostic team was composed of Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Allison Cameron and Dr. Eric Foreman. At the end of the third season this team was disbanded and, together with Foreman, House gradually selected three new members: Dr. Remy Hadley, Dr. Chris Taub and Dr. Lawrence Kutner.

The project must be a new “pavilion”. with an average of 82 million viewers in 66 countries. is to create a Home-Office for House so that when the next series ends he will be able to move to Manhattan and enjoy a private practice set within an architectural design in keeping with his intelligence. It has received several awards and nominations. the sixth season began with a two-hour episode on September 21 2009. located within the Fuller Building at the corner of Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. and ended at the beginning of June 2010. The challenge. • To attract the interest of specialist critics throughout the world regarding the new architectural proposals and ideas of those who will form the new generation of architects. THE CHALLENGE The objectives of the “HOUSE’S LOFT” competition are as follows: • To offer a global Architectural Ideas Competition that will lead to the selection of the 12 most original. The seventh season ended recently. creative and contemporary proposals for a new type of home-office for House. including a Peabody Award. transforming the show into one of the most-watched television programs in the United States and around the world. two Golden Globes Awards and three Primetime Emmy Awards. therefore. good taste and sense of humor. In the United States.Television series has enjoyed critical and public acclaim since its launch. • To express the spirit of a global urban culture through an analysis of the most representative aspects of the contemporary city selected. OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPETITION . It was the most-watched television series in the world in 2008.

Given that this is an emblematic and historic neighborhood. as the architect Tadao Ando achieved with the project in the same city which we show below. THE PROJECT . while at the same time respecting the scale of the context. a way must be found to meet the innovative purpose at the root of the competition. or causing it to stand out against the surrounding architectural volumes.House’s home-consultancy is located in downtown Manhattan.

LOCATION ON GOOGLE EARTH Fuller Building.500 square meters and it should project from the building a maximum of 10 meters from each one of the sides or at the top. in the center of Manhattan.THE SITE: THE FULLER BUILDING The site of the proposed intervention is the top three floors of the Fuller Building. A duplex should be located there measuring at least 1.kmz . located on the corner of Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

in order to locate a garden).SPECIAL CONDITIONS • Location: The space where the project will be developed is the Fuller Building. . on the top three floors (including the terrace or flat roof.

NOTE: With regard to the parameters of the design: • • . stone or brick to plastic. THE USER: HOUSE The user should be defined by each competitor. it must not have been published previously in any print or digital medium (including the internet). it is worth mentioning some of the character’s personality traits: • • • • • • • • Ingenious Infantile Egocentric Megalomaniac Ill-humored Eccentric Antisocial Misogynistic PROGRAM HOME • Social area: A space (or spaces) where social relations may be enjoyed comprising at least: entrance hall. main bedroom. The circulation and semi-public spaces may help to delimit one side from another. contemplation or reading and an indoor or outdoor pool measuring 50 X 10 meters minimum (optional). Vegetation: Any type of vegetation may be incorporated as long as it attempts to focus enjoyment of the interior space. guests’ bathroom. towards the inside. However. The project must be new. it is important that the house look into itself. In other words. titanium. a laundry and a kitchen. two bathrooms. NOTE: No project that has been previously designed or constructed anywhere on the planet will be accepted. zinc. dining room. the façade must be modified in order to clearly highlight the intervention. living room. • Consulting room: An office with a gurney. Image: The Home-Office should possess its own unique. cadmium or recycled materials). be they traditional.• • • • • Context: The context should be more intellectual than physical.with each one facing –respectivelyeach street and Madison Square. However. exclusive and unprecedented: in other words. Recreation area: A space for relaxation –visual or physical– associated with the piano. contemporary or experimental (from wood. Materials: The project may use any materials. guest bedroom. self-contained image and present a consistency between the interior and exterior space. TOTAL: ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SQUARE METERS Movement from one side to another must be facilitated while at the same time maintaining the privacy of each zone. • DOCTOR’S OFFICE • Hygiene areas: Spaces for personal hygiene before the actual doctor’s office. • Operating area: An operating room for minor or major surgery. given that we are dealing with an intervention in a building that is considered a “national monument”. revealing the interior space more than the exterior. Orientation: The project will have three open sides –or façades.

HOUSE http://www.php?v=fox_shows_house&nvbar=Shows:House) .00 (FIVE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS).facebook. 2nd PRIZE: • US$ 300. given that great freedom exists in terms of the arrangement of rooms.00 (THREE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS) in the form of any items chosen from the Fox House M.including multidisciplinary teams (students of other disciplines).cuatro. House. PRIZES The prizes will be as follows: 1st PRIZE: • US$ 1000. graduates and young architects around the world. AVAILABLE FILES AND DOWNLOADS For a better understanding of the exact location of the site where the project will take place. CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION THOSE ELEGIBLE FOR PARTICIPATION All architecture students.seenon. online store (http://foxshop. STRUCTURE OF THE COMPETITION This is a single stage competition and it seeks to identify the most appropriate proposal.php?v=fox_shows_house&nvbar=Shows:House) to a value of US$ 500. Dr. in the “downloads” section. as long as the competitors are able to represent the ideal space for the user. http://www.D. contestants can access the free downloads found on the competition HOUSE ON TWITTER http://twitter. their schematic interrelation and their!/HouseonFOX HOUSE MEDICAL REVIEWS http://www.html HOUSE SOUNDTRACKS HOUSE ON FACEBOOK• The use of a “Conceptual Space” may be considered by the individual participant in order to summarize or clearly define the online store ( HOUSE M. consistent with the general and specific objectives of the FULLER BUILDING WEBSITES OF INTEREST SPECIAL CONDITIONS The proposal may explore new uses for the spaces.D.seenon.00 (ONE THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS) plus any items chosen from the Fox House M.

respectively). as well as the total area of the project. Size of the ZIP or RAR file A maximum of two megabytes (02 MB): The name of the ZIP or RAR file must be the Official Registration Number. should be as well as the feedback acquired from the knowledge of such participants. second and third places.D. However. and its interest in renewing and updating its evaluations. as well as the characteristics of the design.php?v=fox_shows_house&nvbar=Shows:House) 9 HONORABLE MENTIONS The architects selected as winners of the competition will be informed by e-mail or telephone in their country of origin so that their prizes can be awarded as quickly and efficiently as possible. Name of the file The name of the file must coincide with the Official Registration Number provided upon completion of the competition enrolment procedure. as a result of its interest in capitalizing on the architectural criteria of the winners of previous competitions. respectively) will be selected automatically as members of the jury of any subsequent international competition (the fees for such participation are included in the amounts received for first.3rd PRIZE: • US$ 100. online store (http://foxshop. Any other verbal (or numerical) description should be presented in the English language only and be incorporated into the graphic presentation of the project. This image must be contained in a ZIP or RAR file. NOTE: • ARQUITECTUM. REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION . a table showing the area of each floor. Ideas regarding the organization. the inclusion within the images of the following information is recommended: • Defense of the project (conceptual development) • Ground plans • Cross sections • Perspectives This image must clearly document the proposal as well as the approach of the project. has decided that those architects selected as the winners of the “HOUSE’S HOME” Competition (first. materials and treatment of the location.00 (ONE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS) in the form of any items chosen from the Fox House M. In some part of the images.seenon. Dimensions of the JPG digital image Horizontal rectangle (3500 pixels wide x 26000 pixels high) Resolution of the image Participants are free to choose the resolution they prefer for the presentation. The digital image must comply with the following characteristics: Format of the digital image A JPG file. should be included where these are considered relevant. second and third prizes. The presentation technique will be left entirely to the discretion of the individual competitor. Submissions must consist of one (01) digital image (JPG file) which can be easily seen on a computer screen. The Official Registration Number must appear at the top right-hand corner of the image.

• The participants are recommended to send their projects from one of the e-mail addresses featured in their registration form.6 x 68. • If the proposal submitted fails to comply with all the specifications provided in these rules. NOTES: • The competitors may present a project for every competition entry they have acquired if they so wish.Participants should send via e-mail: THE IMAGE in a ZIP or RAR file. its evaluation will not be before midnight on September 5th 2011 (23:59 GMT -05:00). because otherwise our system may identify the message as spam. The sending of projects from third party addresses.79 centimeters at 96dpi. TIMETABLE START OF THE COMPETITION ANSWERING OF QUERIES SPECIAL REGISTRATION EARLY REGISTRATION June 1st 2011 Replies will be updated during the competition From June 1st to June 20th 2011 From June 21st to July 18th 2011 . the name of which must coincide with the Official Registration Number (for example: 012345. The subject of this e-mail must be the name of the competition and the registration number (for example: SUBJECT: HOUSE COMPETITION 012345).zip) to the official competition e-mail address house@arquitectum. • 3500 x 2600 pixels are equivalent to approximately 92. anonymous addresses or accounts specifically created for this purpose is not recommended. • We strongly recommend that these instructions be followed. as this may lead to problems or make impossible the identification and contacting of the participant. given that each proposal will bear a different OFFICIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER.

and therefore all architects are requested to refrain from submitting queries beyond the timetable established above. • Queries regarding issues associated with the competition will only be answered from those architects duly registered in the competition. Participants will be able to check the receipt of their proposals sent by e-mail in the “Proposals” section.LATE REGISTRATION CLOSING DATE FOR REGISTRATION SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS EVALUATION OF THE JURY ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNING ARCHITECT From July 19th to August 22nd 2011 August 22nd 2011 until September 5th 2011 From September 6th to October 3rd 2011 October 4th 2011 All proposals must be sent by e-mail to house@arquitectum. as well as the information provided by the contestants presented via the images ARQUITECTUM will not be able to answer any verbal. The General Consultant from ARQUITECTUM will answer any query from the jurors in order to safeguard pursuit of the objectives of the competition. telephone. • Technical queries regarding aspects of the rules of the competition which have not been understood. The criteria for the evaluation of the projects are: • Originality of the proposal and quality of the architectural design • Coherence of the project and quality of the architectural design. These queries will be answered in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the competition website. or issues related to the project. • Exploration of new sensations and spatial experiences.m. GMT -05:00). e-mail or postal communication whatsoever which may arrive at our offices. This decision will be based on their evaluation and their own experience. should be sent to house@arquitectum. which will be activated during the final week of the competition. We recommend that participants check this section before sending any query. The e-mail containing such queries must be titled (the subject of the e-mail) with the number received upon completion of the registration process otherwise it will not be answered. Any attempt to establish contact will lead to the disqualification of the competitor or competitors. EVALUATION PROCESS EVALUATION CRITERIA WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE? . when no more queries will be before midnight on September 5th 2011 (11:59 p. no personal e-mail confirmations will be sent. given that during the weeks following submission we will be meeting on a daily basis with the jurors in order to process all the information received. The competitors will be responsible for the arrival of their proposals within the established deadlines and no proposal will be received one day after the aforementioned date. QUERIES JURY The jury will review the proposals and determine the winners. DEADLINES CONFIRMATION In accordance with the internal rules of ARQUITECTUM. • Subsequently. Each juror will review all the proposals received. • Clarity and quality of the presentation. given that it will be updated every day until August 15. Any attempt to establish such communication will result in the disqualification of the contestant or contestants.

they must register again and make the corresponding payment. should a participant wish to submit more than one proposal. • Multidisciplinary teams of professionals associated with design (designers. together with their employees. • When registering. IT IS NOT NECESSARY to send the aforementioned e-mail. who have completed satisfactorily all aspects of their course (including graduates). In the event of any change an e-mail must be sent to registro@arquitectum. symbols or any other sign that might identify its author.) as long as they have an architect as the Team Leader. the team will receive a PASSWORD which must only be used if a change is made in the original members of the team. • Apart from the registration • In all cases.arquitectum. Only one proposal may be submitted per registration. engineers. • During the development of the project and until the deadline for submissions of the proposals the teams may change members. EXHIBITION AND PUBLICATION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND RIGHTS . either individually or as part of a team. Any failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification. the proposal will be disqualified immediately. processed and evaluated. In other words. etc. artists. no image submitted may feature marks. Also excluded from participation are those professional architects on the payroll. If any participant is found to have a direct professional relationship with the jurors and/or ARQUITECTUM. employed by or serving as a contracted architect with any of the members of the ARQUITECTUM jury. as well as the providing the final list of members with the same information requested when filling out the registration form. • Is incomplete or damaged in any of its parts. logos. DISQUALIFICATION All architects directly associated in their professional work with THE CLIENT are excluded from the competition. The General Consultant of ARQUITECTUM may disqualify any proposal which: • Arrives after the closing date. or • Contains any sign or mark which might in some way identify its author.Those eligible to participate in this competition are: • Architects from all over the world. NOTE: Those participants who fail to comply with these rules will be declared ineligible. Participants need not be registered architects. ARQUITECTUM is committed to scrupulously protecting the integrity of this competition during its entire duration in the following manner: • The REGISTRATION NUMBER is the only element with which each proposal received will be organized. If no change is made in the members of the team from the time of registration until submission of the proposal. ANONYMITY A virtual exhibition that will include all the projects presented. will be inaugurated on the ARQUITECTUM website www. the teams must be composed of a maximum of six (6) during the month of October 2011. the jurors will be informed of the names of the participants. • Once the evaluation process has been completed. administrative and executive staff. In order to make a change in the members of the team the request should be made in an e-mail addressed to registro@arquitectum.

COMMUNICATION AND TECHNICAL QUERIES • Through their registration in the competition. each architect will retain the intellectual property rights over their work. Those who wish may pay their registration fee by credit card (VISA. participants formalize immediately their unconditional acceptance of these rules. . should be disabled. given that in many cases such programs do not allow completion of the registration process. as well as the administration and proper conduct of the same. • The and this is tacitly accepted by all participants from the moment they register to participate in the competition. Once this information has been submitted participants must choose between the following two options: 1.All the images presented in the competition will form part of the digital archive of ARQUITECTUM. Any communication related to the competition should be sent by e-mail (house@arquitectum. ONLINE REGISTRATION NOTE: In order to pay ONLINE any programs designed to block pop-ups (such as those found with. and the company may not publish or copy or print that work without the express permission of the participating architect or team. • ARQUITECTUM reserves the right to make any improvements in the rules (dates. REFUND METHODS OF PAYMENT The registration process for this competition begins with the filling out of the registration form with the information regarding the participant or participants. “Mozilla Firefox” or “Google Toolbar”) or similar tools. for example. THE CLIENT shall be solely responsible (in criminal and civil law) for the payment of prizes. the registration number or any issue related to rates. deadlines or requirements) should any exceptional situation present itself and whenever such changes are deemed to be in the best interests of the participating architects and to improve the development of this competition. COMPLAINTS Should any architect or team bring to an end their participation in the competition once the registration fee has been paid. For any other effect not associated with the “HOUSE’S HOME” Competition. becoming in this way part of the archives for the exhibitions and publications produced regarding the event. • ARQUITECTUM functions solely as the competition organizer and both the company and the jurors shall be exonerated from any possible action (civil or criminal) should any architect or team of architects disagree with the final decision. It is therefore understood that participation and registration in the competition indicates acceptance of all the conditions expressed. “Internet Explorer”. payments or money transfers may be made during the registration process and should only be made via e-mail to: registro@arquitectum. • Any queries regarding registration. MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS) using the security platform on our website. is the only body authorized to and responsible for the final selection of the winner of this competition and their decision will not be subject to appeal. Any attempt to contact the jury regarding any issue related to the competition will result in the immediate disqualification of the competitor. and will not be returned. as well as for the payment of all professional the cost of registration may not be refunded (much less applied to any future ARQUITECTUM competition). • ARQUITECTUM is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules of the “HOUSE’S HOME” Competition. by a majority vote. as well as the final decisions of the jury.

Special Registration: Early Registration: Late Registration: US$ 50. in the name of ARQUITECTUM S.When registering.00 (one hundred US dollars) US$ 150.00. Any query should be addressed to the following e-mail: registro@arquitectum.00 (one hundred and fifty US dollars) WESTERN UNION: In all cases a copy must be sent via e-mail to registro@arquitectum. plus general sales tax (IGV or IVA).00 (fifty US dollars) US$ 100.00 (one hundred and fifty US dollars) These entire fees are plus taxes IGV or IVA (18%) and the commission for using of credit card (5%). 2. . but they are subject to IGV. Therefore.interbank. • The cost of registration does not include the issuing bank’s commissions or the cost of the bank transfer. The cost of registration does not include the charges levied by WESTERN UNION and therefore the net total of the amount transferred must be the corresponding tariff not including costs of any kind: Special Registration: Early Registration: Late Registration: US$ 50. (business address: Calle Carlos Villarán 140 . Subsequently. Should the participant wish to make their payment via WESTERN UNION.00 (two hundred and two US dollars) or US$ 177.00 (if the transaction is made within Peru) US$ 143. in order to receive immediately a provisional registration number to the e-mail they have provided.00 (one hundred US dollars) US$ 150.00 (if the transaction is made within Peru) US$ 202. As soon as we have confirmed the deposit.00 (one hundred and forty-three US dollars) or US$ 118. Peru. the participant must fill out the registration form in the website. The process will end when the success of the transaction has been confirmed.00 to cover Peruvian taxes imposed on any bank transaction made from abroad.Santa Catalina. website: at "Banco Interbank del Perú”. the participant’s official registration number will be sent.00 (eighty-four US dollars) or US$ OFFLINE REGISTRATION Prior to registration. and immediately afterwards the participant will receive an e-mail with their registration number and another with a record of the transaction made. the final amount paid via any bank transfer should be as follows: Special Registration: Early Registration: Late Registration: US$ 84. Lima.00 (if the transaction is made within Peru) BANK TRANSFER: NOTE: Those deposits made within Peru are not affected by the payment of US$ of the corresponding transfer order and/or deposit (the provisional registration must be included in the same document to enable us to locate the name of the participant in our files). they should address the payment to Alfredo Queirolo at the following address: Lima. two options exist for payment: • The cost of registration for the right to participate in the competition must be paid to the US$ current account (or IBAN) 057-3000091102 – Swift code (or “BIC”): BINPPEPL. the participant will pass through a series of instructions that will indicate what they should do and when to provide the relevant (fifty US dollars) US$ 100. but only the payment for participation plus the amount of US$25.C.

given that it was not possible to identify the owners or the corresponding author’s® are registered trademarks. its cast or crew. The total or partial reproduction of these rules is prohibited This site has no official affiliation with "House. please contact ARQUITECTUM." FOX or anything otherwise related to the show. no copyright infringement is intended or implied .FINAL NOTE: For the elaboration of these rules and the downloadable files.arquitectum. If you own the rights to any of the images used and have not been duly identified. Media and photos are copyright to respective owners. The logo and names ARQUITECTUM® and www. ARQUITECTUM utilized. images taken from the internet which it assumed belong in the public domain. together with its own material.

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