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30 different mountains throughout the

country. SOS Outreach has seen much
succes in their programs over the years.
Increase is likely hood to continue
winter sports along with increase in
enthusiasm, likely hood to buy apparel and
equipment, positive outlook on the future,
and increase in inducing others to snow
sports are just some of the results that can
be seen from the hard working staff and
volunteers at SOS Outreach.
SOS Outreach is working towards
bringing their program out east with the
help of Schussmeisters Ski Club and we
hope to see the same success they have
had out west here.

By Amit Aharon Their vision/mission is “to be
the #1 sports-based youth
What is this SOS Outreach that developmental organization in the
you have all been hearing so much country” and they’re well on their
about lately? way. Every day they are working
SOS Outreach is a nonprofit towards character-building and
organization out west in Edwards, enhanced decision-making to
CO. Their main goal is to help support a healthy and successful
under privileged kids and give lifestyle.
them a positive and influential In order to have their program
experience. work efficiently their 5 core values
SOS Outreach takes these kids for character development include
from their homes and brings them courage, discipline, integrity,
out to the mountains exposing wisdom and compassion.
them to leadership as well as the As of now SOS has over 11,000
outdoors and physical activity. participants and is operating at

By Brian Butterfield Although the Jackson Hole trip has already filled to capacity. at just 6. Take a guess at which one. .Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the longest continuous verticl rise of any ski area in the U.Herbert Hoover broke his ankle in Jackson Hole while riding a toboggan standing up .Half of the runs at Jackson Hole are expert .00 feet. Utah. it doesn’t hurt to find out some thrilling facts about this mountain.311 feet. These facts a tantalizing to the brain and will have you shouting in horror that all of the spots are filled up for this trip. Most other ski resorts in Colorado. . They will be unforgettable. both of our other trips are still open for business.” “Any Which Way You Can. Hurry into the Schussmeisters office to reserve your spot on either the Whiteface trip or the Winter Park trip.” “Spencer’s Mountain. . (Within these six facts there is one that happens to be false.It is called Jackson Hole because trappers and hunters entering the area felt like they were going into a hole. and New Mexico have base elevations between 6.Over 15 feature films have been made on location in Jackson Hole including: “Shane.” and “Rocky IV” .S. But don’t fret.) .Jackson Hole has one of the lowest base elevations of any ski resort area in the Rocky Mountains.900 and 95.

There are 282 acres including 35 aces of out of bounds skiing on “The Slides” .) . Take a guess at which one is.There are 25 chairlifts . (Within these six facts there is one that happens to be false. By Jason Lubniewski Here are some fun facts about White Face.060 acres of skiable area If these facts dont get you itching to go to winter park how about the fact its owned by Canadians? Winter Park is a great place to ski and snowboard. With so much to at winter park for every skill level there is no chance of not having fun.There have been 6 bear attacks on the trails .There area 143 different trails .It has been around since the 1939/1940 season . .) .There are 11 lifts at Whiteface .Shaun White lives in a cave on the south side of the mountain because he is a washed up drunk . (Within these six facts there is one that happens to be false. NY that will get you in the Schuss office to buy a spot on the trip.You can drop your kids off at the Nursery between 8:15am and 4:00pm By Matt Weinberg With the winter park trip happening in March here are some fun facts that will make you want to go tomorrow.Whiteface has 80 skiable trails .The longest run is over 22 miles long . Take a guess at which one is.There are 3.

Danny Kass. Here and There a film by local snowboard shop Phatman. from good old Western New York to the big mountains out West. That’s It.By Jack Rinaldo This fall two snowboarding movies. It features local riders snowboarding in many locations. The Alps. riding at Travis’ home mountain of Jackson Hole to others exotic places like New Zealand. and Brian Iguchi. Travis and the other riders were caught on HD cameras. with a great soundtrack to make the movie even better. . British Columbia. were shown at the Palace Theatre in Lockport. and Tokyo. Alaska. They travel all over the world. Here and There is very good for a locally produced film. That’s All. That’s All features Travis Rice and a crew of highly talented riders like Jeremy Jones. a film by Red Bull and Quiksil- ver. and That’s It.

com expect is one of a few magazines with weekly slam). planet. about 1. ar- a matching website that is pub. Their video selec. everyday in high quality rang. theatre (weekly professional sub. to Sunday in the park why Transworld Snowboarding Transworld Media publishes (a weekly submission from Bear has the most popular snowboard Transworld Surf. not to mention the huge profes- sworld Business. or photo gallery that proves lished by Transworld Media. ticle.000 versus Snow. missions).000. competitions. Websites for when you’re bored By Matt Kubit Transworld Snowboarding’s mitted every week. sional photography that is sub- . RIDE BMX. Every time you log on to Tran- boarder magazine at 800. their own videos and photos to be sworld Snowboarding magazine tion is still growing. It ing from the Monday Mallet (the sworldsnowboarding. There is magazine and website on the Skateboarding. such a vast range of videos now.380. Transworld Motocross and Tran. They now posted on TransworldSnowboard- has an annual subscription of feature at least one new video ing. Transworld Mountain in California). In January of website grew exponentially in 2008 user profiles were created Transworld snowboarding has popularity just before the turn so that subscribers and internet been the most popular snowboard of the century when they began goers alike can create their own magazine in the world since it featuring videos of professional profile allowing them to submit was established in video. Tran. to the Thursday to see a new feature.

.a n i g h t f u l l o f c l a s s o n t h e roa d t o p hatma n By Jason Lubniewski with all of the commotion to sit back for a few seconds and appreciate the For all of the times I have been stars in the ceiling and the plethora inside a limo (which is A LOT) the of neon lights (not to forget the ride over to Phatman Boardshop classy champagne glasses). stole the limo of course. then it Needless to say. I actually did have enough time .was pretty stoked. unless we sweet if you’re into that kinda thing. got a sick deal and some pretty cool The ride was relatively short gear. When we pulled up to the shop I A bunch of skiers and snowboard. if you went you would equal an AMAZING time). was by far the most interesting. that short time. Phatman had tons ers in a limo none of them could of deals for everything snowboard- actually afford will always equal an ing and skateboading. Even if you didn’t buy any- since Phatman is less than five miles thing the shop and the people in it away but somehow it was a blast for were pretty rad. There was free Red Make sure next year you get your Bull all around and a steezy video butt in that limo and join Schuss on playing in the background. It was pretty awesome time (that is.. an epic ride to some sick deals.

bers. Check out (kinda sorta) snowing and we snowflakeskishop. y e l l o w b u s s e s a re n ’ t o n l y f o r sc h o o l ch i l d re n By Corena Christensen check it out. which was great because it was Libtech. A decent sized group floors is the intense amount of of people came along to score inventory (probably the largest on the deals that were offered at and most even selection for the the store. the store owner. Snowboard Shop turned out The best perk of the two or hit up were all pretty amped out that!! 245 Transit Rd. companies like Burton. had starts and get decked out in pizza and soda waiting for some sweet gear from everyone when we arrived. If you’ve never been to Snowflake/245 you have to . The store has two floors. K2. Ride. the upstairs is the ski The Schuss bus ride to shop floor and the downstairs is Snowflake Ski Shop/245 the snowboard shop floor. Line. So stop by before the season Bonnie. Rossignol. two sports that I’ve seen). later at night and it was almost and Roxy. just for schuss mem.

includ- ing the 2008 X Games Gold in Big Air. Every time he wins competition. and is responsible for the inven- tions of variances of flips and double flips.By Nader Jamal When you think of park and pipe. Jon Olsson is one of the most creative pro skiers known. Popular here in the US. he prom- ises to buy a new car with his prize money. Although they may be Mr. appropriately named the Jon Olsson Invitational. including the switch double rodeo 1080 (better known as a Hexo Flip) and what he is best known for. With over 10 X Games medals. and countless firsts in a number of other big comps. . Tanner Hall and Simon Dumont are two of the biggest names known. complete with a snow camouflage paint job and a ski rack. especially in the US. Olsson is at the top of his game and it’s safe to say that skiing will never be the same thanks to Jon. including in the World Superpipe Competition and The US Freeskiing Open. the most popular being his Lamborghini Gallardo. and is one of the biggest celebrities in his countries. and is throwing down in ways unheard of before him. In his home mountain in Sweden. a trick that has been known to win a handful of competitions for him. Popular in the UK and the other Mr. a pro invitational is held every year. the Kangaroo Flip. which is a Double Flat Spin 900. there’s a Swede that has been one of the biggest innovators in the sport.

The 686 Mannual Cranium pants are number one on my list. they have zip able slots that provide vents for squeezing in the last runs of the sea- son in April. They are fleece lined with a lot of pockets for all my stuff. These pants look cool. My old Columbia pants worked well for years but now I am looking for new pants that will do as well as they did. My old pants are fall- ing apart. 686 has done a good job with these pants and I hope to be skiing in them as soon as possible.My Wishlist:Meet Brian. . They are waterproof and breathable. are functional and convenient. He Needs New Pants By Brian Butterfield This year is that year. Along with being warm for frigid January days. the year every few years when it is necessary to get new pants.

The Nose Jackson By John Curaba Step 1: Have your MJ’s and nose prsses on lock! Step 2: Approach your local butter box with moderate to high speed and ollie onto the box Step 3: Get into a nose press Step 4: Roll your weight forward onto your toes Step 5: Steez it out with some gang signs Step 6: Collect as many high fives as you can because you just completed the impossible! .