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18th Senate Meeting Minutes: November 7th, 2008

1. Called to Order – 9:04 am

2. Roll Call – Senator Aday absent

3. Additions – Bill 18.005 and Bill 18.010 added to Old Business. Confirmation of
Elections Board Members added to New Business.

Corrections – The numbers move accordingly, #9 – Bill 18.010, #10 - 18.011, and etc.

4. Agenda approved

5. Minutes approved
6a. President Sterr’s Report –
3 candidates to approve for the Elections Board
Attended several meetings for the Rec. Center survey, it will be a main source of
info, to be taken by 15-18% of the students, and prizes to be given out.
Went to a meeting about the Applied Technology building
Met with John Bishop (Chair of Faculty Org.) to speak with Academic Integrity and
about the student recreational center
Going to Pullman for the WSL Meeting to set up legislative agenda
Allison Gallaway is the new advisor for the Judicial Board
Wants to conduct a forum to discuss General Education Requirements w/students

6b. Vice President Wooster’s Report –

Have been focusing on the Rec. Center Survey
Attended the External Affairs meeting
Tabled at the Fall Preview day
Women’s Resource Committee will start a new project soon and plan an event in the
spring semester
Legislative Agenda to be set during the WSL Meeting
Working on expectations of the members of the Senate

6c. 1) Eric Davidson’s Report –

Next Bowling Night to be in January
Regal Cinema Tickets are on sale again
Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets sold out

2) Nicole Mousleh’s report –

Working with Activities Board on flyers for their events
Purchased a new board to be used when tabling
Heavily advertising the Student Rec. Center Survey

3) Michael Hatch’s report –

Working on the usability survey
Putting the survey up on the ASWSUV website

4) Sommer Knight’s report –

Legislative Agenda to be discussed at 11/8 WSL Meeting
Studying about the issues of technology and hate crimes
5) Blake Hunter’s report –
Leadership Training Event on 11/8, 39 people signed up, will have many great
speakers, and may become an annual event
Club Forums on 11/17 at 6-7pm and 11/20 at 1-2pm about properly filling out an
ASWSUV funding request

6) Jared Pengra’s report -

Working on the Rocky Horror event, Oregon Ballet Nutcracker tickets, and received
feedback from WSU Spokane about Brew Bus tour
Assisting Activities Board members with their events

7. Committee reports
External Affairs – We received the new printers and are working on banners
Computer Lab Hours may be advertised by VIT
Volunteer Fair on December 1st or 3rd
Faculty Food Drive

Programming – Locker project continues to be discussed

Meeting with Michelle on 11/12 about trophy case
Spoke with Neil G. about hair dryers in fitness center (Bill 18.010)

Finance - $3,663.35 per meeting

Met after last Senate meeting

Rules and Regulations – wrote up 3 By-Law Amendments

Budget Committee won’t meet until next semester

Old Business

8. Bill 18.005
Senator Atkinson moved to postpone indefinitely. Senator Sanders seconded.

9. Bill 18.010
Senator Chu moved to postpone definitely. Senator Kleinschmidt seconded.
New Business

10. Bill 18.011

Questions: Where is the meeting? San Francisco
What about the panel? Will be on PowerPoint, advertised on flyers, and will
benefit students
Why did you not try to raise funds? Too short of notice and students that are
attending will provide their own transportation, may carpool
Why only 5 students? They are the ones who were interested and contacted
What are they doing at the meeting? To attend panels and ask questions
Any specific date planned for the panel? To be announced but to be put on by
the Anthropological club as a special event

Senator Chu moved to call to question. Senator Brown seconded. Bill passed.

11. Bill 18.012

Questions: What were the responses from the clubs you contacted? Spanish Club will
translate the programs and advertise the event.
Why is there a price increase on the films? Needed to add shipping costs
Amend bill from “To” to “Two” thousand dollars. Amendment amended.

Senator Sanders moved to call to question. Senator Kleinschmidt seconded. Bill passed.

12. By-Law Amendment 18.005

Senator Morgan moved to call to question. Senator Chu seconded. Amendment

13. By-Law Amendment 18.006

Senator Chu moved to amend amendment to “Registered Student Organizations
Director”. Senator Atkinson seconded. Amendment amended.

Senator Brown moved to call to question. Senator Sanders seconded. Amendment


Senator Cruz moved to “Confirm Elections Board Members” to line item number 14. Senator
Atkinson seconded. Agenda amended.

14. Elections Board Confirmation

Senator Chu moved to call to question. Senator Atkinson seconded. Melissa Boles now a
member of the Elections Board.

Senator Chu moved to call to question. Senator Morgan seconded. Tiffany Moore now a
member of the Elections Board.

Senator Brown moved to call to question. Senator Chu seconded. Annanissa Jean
Patterson now a member of the Elections Board.

15. By-Law Amendment 18.007

Senator Atkinson moved to call to question. Senator Chu seconded. Amendment

16. Resolution 18.001

Senator Kleinschmidt moved to call to question. Senator Brown seconded. Resolution

17. Recognition to External Affairs Committee, President Sterr, RSO Director Blake
Hunter, and Senator Chu

18. Expectations of the Senate

Think about funding requests from the requester’s point of view. Talk about issues
within committees. RSO Director’s involvement is important. Think about whom
benefits from granting the funding request and interpretations.

Senator Chu moved to “Introduction of Activities Board” to line item number 19. Senator
Sanders seconded. Agenda amended.

19. Introduction of Activities Board

20. Recreation Center Survey
Refer to sheet when tabling – ask President Sterr any questions you might have
Links of myWSU, WSU email, and ASWSUV website
Takes only 10 – 20 minutes to fill out survey
The drawing of prizes will happen after December 1st
Comprehensive report from consultants to come out next semester
The survey is an information gathering survey to understand the options of what kind
of Recreation Center we would have or if our campus even needs one

Senator Chu excused at 10:52am

21. For the Good of the Order

Senators will table next week
Feel free to contact fellow ASWSUV members’ and use them as a resource

McIlvoy: Many things are happening with student organizations on campus.

VanCougar editors are resigning next semester. New path starting for KOUG Radio,
get in touch with Senator Atkinson or Michelle McIlvoy if interested.

Adjourned at 11:00 am

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