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11:10—11:30 Imed Chikhaoui: Silence in the Gothic World of Benito Cereno:

Race Issues and the American Character

11:30—11:50 Discussion

UNIVERSITY OF SFAX Chairperson: Dr. Henda-Ammar Guirat
11:50—12:10 Olfa Baklouti: Press Censorship in the US from the Civil War to the
Academic Year: 2006-2007 War on Terrorism
12:10—12:30 Arafet Essoussi: Post-9/11 Media Censorship in the Middle East:
The International Conference on Silence (5-6-7 April 2007) Silencing the “New Free” Arab TV News Media
12:30—12:50 Hajer Ben Hadj Salem: Silent no More: American Muslim Women
Jointly Organised by:
Challenge the Stereotype
The English Department & 12:50—13:10 Mohamed Chabchoub: The Failure of the Unspoken American
The Research Unit in Discourse Analysis (GRAD) Empire in the Middle East
13:10—13:30 Discussion

Thursday 5 April SESSION 4

Chairperson: Dr. Faiçal Maalej
08:30—09:00 Opening Speech by Faculty Dean: Prof. Mohsen Dhieb
English Department Chair: Dr. Faiçal Maalej 15:00—15:20 Mohamed Jabeur: The Sociolinguistics of Silence
GRAD Coordinator: Prof. Mounir Triki 15:20—15:40 Abdellatif Jallouli: Listen to your Learner’s Silence
Conference Coordinator: Dr. Mounir Guirat 15:40—16:00 Chokri Smaoui: The Silence/Talk Interplay: Fluency in Foreign
Language Production
SESSION 1 16:00—16:20 Faiza Derbel: Learner Silence: Received Wisdom or Teacher
Chairperson: Prof. Ali Raddawi Wisdom?
16:20—16:40 Nadia Bouchhioua: Why Non-Native Speakers of English Prefer
09:00—09:30 Iraj Omdivar and Ann Richards: The Unheard Melody of an Silence to Speech?
Unsung Woman Warrior: Translating the Ancient Epic of Lady 16:40—17:00 Discussion
Goshasp across Cultures and Epochs
09:30—09:50 Mohamed Boubaker: The Female Body and the Barrier of Language Friday 6 April
and Silence in Alice Walker’s The Colour Purple
09:50—10:10 Mounir Guirat: The History of Subjection and Silencing in Salman SESSION 1
Rushdie’s Shame Chairperson: Dr. Mohamed Agrebi
10:10—10:30 Discussion
10:30—10:50 Coffee Break 08.30—08:50 ‫ آ   د ا د  د     ا وا ا  ا‬: ‫
08:50—09:10 ()‫ ا  ا‬%‫'&  ا‬$‫ أ"!ا  و و‬:‫ ا‬:‫أﺡ
ا ة‬
SESSION 2 09:10—09:30 *‫ ا و اد‬:‫
Chairperson: Prof. Mounir Triki 09:30—09:50 ‫!ل‬,‫ ا    ا‬:‫ ا ا ل‬
09:50—10:10  ‫د ا و‬-‫ و ا‬.‫ ل ا‬-‫ ا‬/ ‫ل‬0  ‫)ن‬2‫ ا‬3‫ ا و‬:‫! زآ!ي‬$
10:50—11:10 Nessima Tarchouna: The Silent Signal: Melville’s Benito Cereno
10:10—10:20 Discussion
10:20—10:30 Coffee Break SESSION 1
Chairperson: Dr. Neila Keskes
Chairperson: Dr. Akila Sellami Baklouti 08:30—08:50 Mohamed Siala: Regard, silence et séduction
08:50—09:10 Emanuelle del Conti: Le Silence imposé dans Le jour où Beaumont
10:30—10:50 Henda Ammar Guirat: Subversive Silence in Angela Carter’s The fit connaissance avec sa douleur de J.M.G Le Clézio
Magic Toyshop 09:10—09:30 Fatma Kammoun: Le silence ou l’expression d’une vacance d’être
10:50—11:10 Salwa Karoui Elounelli: Ironic Self-Negation and the Play of Anti- chez Alain Robbe-Grillet
Language in American (Pseudo)-Confessional Narrative 09:30—09:50 Discussion
11:10—11:30 Nadia Boudidah: The Poetics of Silence: Ethnicity and Voice in the 09:50—10:10 Coffee Break
Fiction of Contemporary American Women Writers
11:30—11:50 Discussion SESSION 2
Chairperson: Dr. Abdelmajid Ayadi
Chairperson: Dr. Jamel Jemni 10:10—10:30 Hatem Zitouni: Sir Thomas More’s Heuristics in Utopia: Silent all
the Way Through
11:50—12:10 Dorra Touzri: The Voice of Silence or the ‘Return of the Repressed’ 10:30—10:50 Neila Keskes: The Sound of Silence in Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C
in Shakespeare’s Hamlet Major
12:10—12:30 Raja Wardi: Shakespeare’s Silenced Sister(s): Breaking Silence 10:50—11:10 Leila Ameur: The Silent Power of Silence and Self-Discovery
Apart 11:10—11:30 Discussion
12:30—12:50 Moez Marrouchi: Silence in Pinter’s Silence and The Dumb Waiter
12:50—13:10 Heythem Fredj: Beyond Nihilism: Silence as a Means of Action in SESSION 3
Beckett’s Drama Chairperson: Prof. Mounir Khalifa
13:10—13:30 Discussion
13:30—15:00 Lunch 11:30—11:50 Mansour Khalifa: Problematic Silence and Sense in Modern
Narrative Fiction
SESSION 4 11:50—12:10 Boutheina Boughnim Laarif: Eloquent Caesuras
Chairperson: Dr. Mohamed Boubaker 12:10—12:30 Imen Chaabane Benneni: Silence in Emily Dickenson’s Poetry
12:30—12:50 Aida Zitouni: Silence as a Cultural Concept: An Interdisciplinary
15:00—15:20 Ihsen Hachaichi: Silence as Self-expression: Wordsworth’s Silent Cross-Linguistic Study
Rhetoric 12:50—13:10 Discussion
15:20—15:40 Aida Ben Ahmed: Letter Writing and the Voice of the Reader in 13:10—13:20 Mounir Guirat: Closing Statement
Johnson’s Rambler Essays 13:20—15:00 Lunch
15:40—16:00 Lobna Ben Salem: Hysteria and the Contest of Silence in the Poetry
of Sylvia Plath
16:00—16:20 Issam Matoussi: Shakespeare’s “Dumb Show” of Signification: A Thanks are due to Wanderlust for sponsoring the conference:
Reading of the Sonnets:
16:20—16:40 Adel Sliti: “Apaws fellow Sitisn’ts apaws”: The Idiom of Silence in
E. E. Cummings’ Poetry
16:40—17:00 Discussion

Saturday 7 April