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PATRICK GAULIER Campus: 136 Abbot Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824 Home: 3933 Parkview Drive, Royal Oak,

k, MI 48073
Phone: (248)930-0006 Email: Website:

Seeking Position in Education

Secondary English or French
Education Michigan State University
As an educator focused on 2005-Expected graduation in 2009
diverse learners, I hope to teach English Major and French Minor with a
in an urban school district in the cognate in Community Learning, Dean's List
near future. I have great 6 semesters
concern for issues of literacy, L'Institut de Touraine
multiculturalism, and classroom May 2007-August 2007
democracy. I look to develop Intensive French Language Study Program
Tours, France
relationship with teachers who
Studied the French language and culture
share similar goals. I have while simultaneously using it in real-world
experience in classroom situations over three months.
technology, diverse learners,
urban populations,
disadvantaged classrooms, and
community learning in

Relevant Experience

MSU Residence Life – Resident Mentor Aug 2007-Present

Was selected over hundreds of other applicants to have this position in the residence halls.
-Put on regular programs -Worked with other staff on cooperative
-Developed a floor community -Resolved issues between residents
-Collaborated with mentors on programs -Cooperated with staff on issues with residents

Gardner Middle School – Pre-Internship Placement Oct 2008-Present

In this inner-city school, worked under a mentor teacher to develop skills and traits
-Identified and addressed behavioral issues -Collaborated on, planned, and created
-Practiced classroom management -Discussed issues with mentor teacher

MSU Integrative Studies in Biology Department – Teacher's Aide Jan 2007-

May 2008
Worked under several professors after being promoted to the position by a former professor
-Developed curriculum for 150 students -Learned technological apparatus in the
-Graded tests and papers for 150 students -Worked with professors on curriculum

Pattengill Middle School - Pre-Internship Placement Sept-Dec 2007

As a tutor in the school, performed many varied duties under the tutelage of a mentor teacher
-Overcame troubles and difficulties student -Cooperated with teachers on education
-Built relationships with students and teachers -Prepared lessons for students
Edgewood Village Community Center - Tutor Sept 2005-April
2006 As work for TE 250 and ISS 210, went north of East Lansing to aid at-risk students
-Developed lessons for 20 students -Worked with parents on learning goals
for students
-Addressed issues of literacy and comprehension -Identified students' needs with
Department of Integrated Pest Management – Research Assistant May 2008-Present

Held the position of research assistant for the department, acting in capacities including:
-Kept labs well-stocked -Performed extensive lab work with
-Adapted to any and all research procedures -Organized field studies and over 500
LGBTA Panel Program – Panel Member Sept 2005-
Was selected to participate in a program that presents the LGBTA experience to classrooms
around the MSU campus
-Presented information about the LGBT experience -Spoke in front of hundreds of students
-Cooperated with panel members -Underwent extensive training

Bailey Scholar Program – Curriculum Connections Team Convener Aug 2008-

Under director Glenn Sterner, began the process to redesign the Bailey curriculum
-Created new and creative curriculum ideas -Directed a team of professors and students
-Utilized technology to engage whole community -Defined what it means to be a scholar

Other Experiences
Oakland County Drainage Commission MSU Housing and Food Service
Summer 2006 August 2005-January 2007

General Summer Worker General Kitchen Worker

Activities and Honors

-Bailey Scholars
-Bailey Service Organization
-Bailey Course Convener
-Kappa Delta Phi – Honors Society for Education
-National Coming Out Day Planning Committee (2006-2008)
-The National Council of Teachers of English – Student Association
-MSU Technology Conference (2008)
-MCTE Conference (2008)
-Lilly Conference (2008)
-Mason-Abbot/Snyder-Phillips Student Garden Group
-MBLGTACC (2006, 2007, 2008)
-Presenter at upcoming AACU Conference (2009)