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Our Church Staff

Pastor………………………………………… Rev. Dr. T. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell

Music Director and Organist…………………… …………………….Judy Colvin
Youth Director……………………………………………………...Matthew Heitz 6111 Central Avenue
Children’s Ministry Director…………………………………………. Tana Bierce
Director, Pre School………………………………………….…..Christine Messer
Tampa, Florida 33604
Praise Team Director……………………………………………… Matthew Heitz 813 236-5931
Office Administrator………………………………………….………..Betty Jones
Financial Secretary………………………………….………..…..Christine Messer
Sunday Building & Office Coordinator………………………………Lamar Camp
Hymn Organist……………………………………………….………..Jason Steere
Nursery Attendant…………………………………………… …….Lynne Bobbitt Rev. Dr. T. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell
Church Office……….. 236-5931
Church Fax…………. 236-5932
Preschool Center….… 232-8231

Deadline for submitting information for the Messenger is the 15th of each month.

Seminole Heights United Methodist Church

6111 Central Avenue Non-Profit Org.
Tampa, FL 33604-6798 U.S. POSTAGE
TAMPA, FL The monthly news of
Permit No. 1447
United Methodist Church

December Birthdays and Anniversaries From your pastor …
Birthdays: Advent is coming! As our days grow shorter and our nights longer, we who are people of faith
turn to symbols such as candles, evergreens and wreaths to proclaim our belief in the
Dec. 2 Tonya Boss Dec. 13 Ken Brown unquenchable light. In hopeful anticipation, we prepare for the coming of the Reign of God.
Dec. 4 Faith Gruber Dec. 18 Ellen Boon Throughout the churches of our land, this time of preparation feels so spiritual, so solemn, so
Kimberly Smith Dec. 21 Matthew Heitz awe-inspiring.
Dec. 6 Carole Blankenship Dec. 23 Christine Messer And then we leave the safety of our sanctuaries and venture forth into the culture that
Katie Kopotic Edward Riddick surrounds us: Clang, clang—the sounds of commercialized marketing brings that cacophony of
Dec. 7 Kent Ward Dec. 24 Dorothy McClanahan sounds to our listening ears…
So, what to do? Well this year, as one who has frequently struggled with the dichotomy of the
Dec. 8 Leterica Kickliter Dec. 27 Ryan Blanchard
season—“so, does the twelve days of Christmas begin on December 13 or when?”—attempting
Dec. 10 Lisa Culberson Dec. 28 Doug Penn to blend the religious with the secular and having so many folks in our culture and world that
Emery Jewell Dec. 29 Grant Ward have no real connection with the environment of a savior born in a barn, I thought I would
Evelyn Jewell Dec. 30 Ryan Blankenship venture out to where folks are today.
Dec. 11 Alan Dobbs Our Sunday worship services will feature songs and stories you might hear in all kinds of
Stephen Jones secular places: floating in the air or at the mall or at the office party or at the kitchen table. Each
week, we will explore culture’s celebrations in the midst of our preparations for Christmas, as
Ray Yager
we likewise examine anew our faith of the coming of God to a world teetering on the precipice of
self-imposed disaster.
Anniversaries: While our First Sunday of Advent finds us exploring our relationship to our neighbors 90 miles
December 13 Scott & Kristen Jones off the Florida Keys, it might also push us to exclaim, ”Christmas in the Air!” as we juxtapose
December 28 Charlie & Pat Fisher “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” with “Come, thou long expected Jesus” as we launch
off into our season of preparation for the coming Christ, with a traditional time of “Hanging of the
Greens” under Donna Spear’s able leadership Sunday afternoon, November 30, at 5 pm
Our Second Sunday of Advent lets us venture out to “Christmas at the Mall” as we sing
“Toyland” and “Away in the Manger.” The Grinch might even help us understand the gifts of
MEMORIALS gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
We might be singing “Rockin around the Christmas Tree” with our “Christmas at the Office”
(Through November 16, 2008 on the Third Sunday of Advent, as we begin to wonder about just when it is that Emmanuel will
Given in memory of Arthur Carr Do you remember the wonder of being home with family and friends in “It’s a Wonderful
Gene and Beverly Copeland Life”? Well we could find ourselves singing on the Fourth Sunday of Advent “I’ll be home for
Christmas” hearing us wondering about no more room at the inn at that little town of Bethlehem
Cletus Ehrlacher as we gather around for “Christmas at the kitchen table.”
Fern McDowell Finally, on Christmas Eve, the evening before the real “First Day of Christmas” we will find
ourselves surrounded by angels and shepherds and candlelight with our “Christmas at the
George and Joyce McConnell Manger” Christmas Eve worship service at 6:00 p.m.
Advent is Coming! With eyes wide open, ears attuned and hearts unguarded, we gather
Given in memory of Don Wolfe: around the wreath in the comfort of sanctuary AND we risk going forth into this strange and
different culture that God has placed us in, with all the world longing to receive the Word…
George and Joyce McConnell
Anticipating Advent
Pastor Glenn
Meals on Wheels of Tampa has notified us that again this year they would like to
include small pound cakes or Little Debbie snack cakes (or other brands) to give to
their recipients at Christmas.
The pound cakes are baked in small one pound size aluminum loaf pans, gift wrapped
and brought to the church so that we can deliver them to Meals on Wheels on Friday,
December 5. Pre-packaged snack cakes can be brought in anytime and left in the red
basket in Allen Hall. If you would like a copy of a good pound cake recipe that makes
Please mark your calendars
6-8 small cakes, just call the church office. For Sunday, December 21st at 4:00 p.m.
The pound cake tradition was started by ladies from our church many years ago, and We will be celebrating with the choir
most of those ladies have gone on to their heavenly home. Let’s honor their memory by “And Glory Shown Around”--our Christmas Cantata.
keeping the pound cake tradition going! Remember, we need the pound cakes or
snack cakes at the church in time for delivery on Friday morning, December 5.
The handbells will also be ringing that afternoon.

Please come and support our choir and

December Flowers handbell choir and be uplifted
Dec. 21 - Given by the Camp family in loving memory of Christopher. by this beautiful music.
There will be new songs to enjoy
as well as a time to sing along
with your favorite traditional carols.
Please note the following scheduling change---
On Sunday, December 28 we will have one service at 11:00 a.m.

From Tana in the Children’s Corner

Dear Church Family (this means everyone):
We invite you to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on
You are invited for a family Christmas caroling event. On
December 14th we will take vans from the church and visit
Wednesday, December 24th at 6:00 p.m. Why not invite your
a few of our shut-ins and then return to church for pizza, a family, friends, and neighbors to join you for this very
Christmas story or movie for the kids and Jesus’ birthday special service.
cake. If you think you can’t sing, come anyway! It will uplift those we
visit, and I believe it will uplift you, too. The time will be announced in Sunday bulletins
or you may call the church office.
Looking forward to Christmas! Tana
Food and Toys needed for Metropolitan Ministries Here’s a big THANK YOU to all who made the Wilmington Celebration Choir
We thank you for your support of Metropolitan Ministries’ holiday food drive feel welcome in our church. It took a great deal of volunteer manpower to make
for Thanksgiving. Now we need to continue that support through Christmas. this event a success. There are too many to mention individually, but THANKS
In addition to the same types of non-perishable food items that you to all who helped organize, publicize, bake, cook, clean up, provide housing and
brought in for Thanksgiving, they also are in great need of toys and provide transportation. This event could not have happened without you. The
gift cards for Christmas. Do not wrap the toys, and leave them in the Choir was blessed by their visit and have asked if they can come back next
baskets located at the entry doors. The food barrel and food baskets
year for a repeat performance!
will remain in place around the church. Please take gift cards to the church office or
place in the collection plate. --Diane Chadwick
Your donations can help make the Christmas season brighter for disadvantaged
neighbors in our community. Our December Support People Are:
Here’s a suggestion---now that hurricane season is drawing to a close, you might Liturgists:
want to look over the canned goods and other non perishables you had stored up in Dec. 7 - Damon Swart; Dec. 14 - Aaron Cole; Dec. 21 - Charlie Fisher;
case of a hurricane and bring those items in for Metropolitan Ministries. Dec. 28 - Jill Kinney
Ushers: Milt Bedingfield (capt), Jim Hughlett, Ronnie Mason, David
A note from Tom Moore and your Stewardship Committee:
As the end of 2008 draws near, I would like to inform everyone of an opportunity to If you would like to place a poinsettia plant in the sanctuary for our
continue our support for Seminole Heights UMC and our Christ-centered missions. On December 14th, 21st and Christmas Eve services in honor or
Sundays, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 one of your “pew buddies” will be speaking briefly before memory of a loved one or friend, please sign the information sheet
the congregation about the joy they find in giving back to God through our church. This below and place in the collection plate or mail in to the church office.
is the start of our 2008 Stewardship Campaign. The price per plant is $6.00 (which must accompany your order), and you may
Please take some time to inventory your church blessings as you go about your day take your plant home after the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service or earlier if
and you see one of our preschoolers and their family, or you bring that bag of old you won’t be attending that service.
clothes in for the Clothes Closet, or you are on your way to the Wednesday night
supper or a Bible study class. I encourage you to think about the joys we share as a Please return this portion with your payment
congregation as we serve the Lord together each day and the wonderful things our Christmas Poinsettia
congregation continues to do in the community.
Given by
Stewardship letters with a pledge card were recently handed out or mailed out. Please __________________________________________________________
pray about your commitment for 2009 and make a pledge that’s right for you. You may In honor of
return your pledge card anytime, but pledge Sunday will be December 14. The ________________________________________________________
Stewardship Committee plans to present the results of our stewardship pledges on In memory of
December 21. ______________________________________________________

Number of plants _____ Amount enclosed ___________

I will take my plant home _______ Please deliver to a shut in _______
December 2008
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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9:00a-Prayer group Life Line Screening, A/H, by 9:00a-School concert for 10:00-Game day in A/H
reservation faculty & children

3:00p-Youth room open 6:30-School concert, sanctuary 5:30p-Praise Team set up &
6:30-Trustee meeting 6:00-Family life dinner 6:15-Spirit Ringers rehearsal rehearsal
6:55-Men’s Bible Study Fellow- 6:15-Preschool meeting 6:45p-Pioneer Club 7:30-Cantata & Chancel Choir 8:15p-NA meeting
ship Int’l 7:30p-NA meeting 6:45-Youth rehearsal

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
9:30a-Casual worship 9:00a-Prayer group
9:30a- Sunday School 3:00p-Youth room open
10:30a-Coffee fellowship 5:30p-Praise Team set up &
11:00a-Traditional worship 6:00p-Family life dinner 6:15p-Spirit Ringers rehearsal rehearsal
7:00p-Finance Committee 6:45p-Youth 7:30p-Cantata rehearsal in 8:15p-NA meeting
4:00p-OSHNA holiday dinner 6:55p-Men’s BSF, Int’l 7:30p-NA meeting 6:45p-Pioneer Club sanctuary
7:00p-NA meeting

14 15 16 17 18 19
9:30a-Casual worship 9:00a-Prayer group 11:00a-Mental Health Care
9:30a-Sunday school . div. mtg, A/H
10:30a-Coffee fellowship 3:00p-Youth room open 10:00a-Cantata dress
11:00a-Traditional worship 6:00p-Family life dinner 6:15p-Spirit Ringers rehearsal 5:30p-Praise Team set up & rehearsal
-Family caroling & 6:55p-Men’s BSF, Int’l 6:30-Boy Scouts dinner, A/H 6:45p-Youth 7:00p-Orchid Society mtg, A/H rehearsal
Birthday Party for 7:30p-NA meeting in chapel 6:45p-Pioneer Club 7:30p-Cantata rehearsal in
Jesus sanctuary 8:15p-NA meeting
7:00p-NA meeting
21 9:30a-Casual worship 22 23 24 25 26 27
9:30a-Sunday school 9:00a-Prayer group Merry Christmas!
10:30a-Coffee fellowship Church Office Closed
11:00a-Traditional worship
4:00p-Cantata 6:00p-
5:00p-Music Dept party, A/H Christmas Eve Candlelight
7:00p-NA meeting 7:30p-NA meeting Worship

28 29 30 31
9:30a-Sunday school C h u r c h Of f i c e C l o s e d
11:00a-Combined worship 9:00a-Prayer group

7:00p-NA meeting 7:30p-NA meeting