The editors and compilers have selected a wide variety of magic effects and articles that have appeared in M-U-M from 1951 through 1989. Of course, the selection of material reflects the preferences and biases of the compilers. To those whose magic tricks or articles were not included, we offer our advance apologies. The amount of the material included already exceeds our original goal. The material has been gathered together by topics and categories of magic. It probably would have been easier to scan the materials by date of appearance in the magazine, but the editor believes that the material will be more useful to the reader if it is organized by category. For example, if you are interested in tricks with matches, you can turn to that section. One thing that impressed us as we reviewed each issue of the magazine, was the high quality of the material. Many of the magic effects that appeared in M-U-M represents the creation of some of the cleverest and keenest minds in magic. Many of the effects first published in M-U-M have gone on to be classics, with many new versions and variations being published. Other effects were subsequently marketed and used by many performers. There are many gems hidden in the pages ofM-U-M. You will enjoy performing them and you will fool and entertain your audience with these clever offbeat ideas. This compilation represents some of the best magic published during the past 50 years. The list of contributors represented in M-U-M include our leading professionals, dedicated inventors, many famous names in magic and many not so famous. But do not overlook some of the magic if its creator is unknown to you. You may be overlooking some great concepts. Although some of these effects were published 40 to 50 years ago, they are still fresh and novel today. You will find magic for all tastes and skill levels. Some are self-working and others require significant dexterity. But even effects that may be self-working or simple to perform, nevertheless, require practice and dedication as to the presentation, patter and routining. Accept the effects not as a final solution but, instead, as a starting point to routine, modify-dare I say, improve-your presentation. You still need to practice, practice, practice. There is a wealth of material presented. Enjoy the feast of magic. As a new member of The Society of American Magicians, this CD is an introduction to the excellent material presented each month in M-U-M. The journal is published only for members. As a new member, you now have access to some ofthe past issues which open the window to almost a half century of magic thinking and creativity.



A varied assortment of magic published in the pages of M-U-M, including coins, cards, money magic, children's magic, dice effects, rope magic, hall magic, rubber bands, safety pins, silks, mentalism, stage, rings and ropes, matches, the history of magic, and much more. Compiled by Warren J. Kaps and George Schindler, Past Presidents of the Society of American Magicians, Life Members of the Society of American Magicians, Honorary Members of the Society of American Magicians Edited by Warren J. Kaps CD Cover design, artwork and graphics by Akemi Yoshida Table of Contents provided by Erin Thiele and Cathy Robles Indexing and Computer Formatting by Andrew Kaps of Select Media Scanning by Dennis Lumia

Published by The Society of American Magicians.


Table of Contents
Section 1.

Ma2ic With Playin2 Cards
Author Ormond McGill Anonymous Narne of Effect Story of a Deck of Cards The Story of a Soldier Boy and a Deck of Cards Oct 1979 May 1981


A. Cards Moves & Slei2hts
Harry Riser Harry Riser Kirk Stiles Harry Riser N arne of Effect Double Lift Push Off Double Lift My Handling of the Double Lift

Feb 1988 May 1988 Jun 1969


Feints, Temps and The Gamblers Top Cop Reverse Card Pinch Spread Forcing a Card on the Slide The Impossible Card Force

Nov 1986

Mike Rogers Harry Riser Dr. Marc Delahousse James Rainho Bill Strong Ronald J. Dayton

Apr 1988

Jun 1974

Erdnase Stock Shuffles Simplified The Run Through Cull & Reversal Cull Pivot Cull Side Steal Fedko's Finesse

Apr 1987 Nov 1987 Jun 1985 Oct 1982 Oct 1982 Dec Apr 1986 1987

Ronald J. Dayton Jon Racherbaumer John Fedko John Fedko Harry Riser Harry Riser Wesley James W. Kevin Priebe Olindo

"Flip Flop" Control Deep Glide Jog The Front-Bottom Deal

The Snap, Second Finger Second Olindo's Original One Hand Card Production -4-

Aug 1989

Aug 1972

Marc Delahousse Vynn Boyar Harry Riser Tommy Tucker Max Katz

A Card Discovery Eye-Level Peek Deck Tum Over Pass The Pass The M.K. Double Lift Replacement B. Card Effects

Mar1979 Feb 1952 May1986 Aug 1973

Aug 1957

Tommy Tucker Marc Delahousse Tommy Tucker Sid Lorraine Michael Ammar Bill Strong Roger Smith Allan Ackerman Marc Conrad Herb Zarrow Herb Zarrow Ronald A. Wohl

The Ambitious Card Explained The Ambitious Card The Repeat Card Trick The Rude Queen Double Color Change Double Change The Smith Flip Forethought Victoriously Triumphant Long and Short Spell, Etc. Vernon's 1-2-3 Ravelli's Two Card Phone Location Ace, Two Three on the Line The Back to Back Predictions A Force of Another Color Universal Card

Aug 1973 Aug 1980 Dec 1973 Feb 1974 Ju11985 Apr 1971 Feb 1974 Sept 1971 Ju11976 Jan 1984 Mar 1982

May 1982 Feb 1970 Aug 1984 Jun 1951 Nov 1986

Henry G. Franke Jack Malon Roger Barkann Harry Riser


Shigeo Takagi's Harry Riser Wayne Minge Irving Weiner William Miesel William P. Miesel William P. Miesel Ed Eckl Hugh A. Carroll Sam Schwartz Sam Schwartz Sam Schwartz Sam Schwartz Sam Schwartz Al Leech Jim Ryan Fr. Cyprian

Miracle Monte Magician's Will Power New Card Reverse Caught Card Four Aces Through the Table Three to Find Sweet Sixteen Afterwords Double Stop Pinnacle Princess Card Trick Suitable Aces Deuce- Reduce TurnAbout Face to Face A Card Trilogy Al Leech's "Red Hot Mama" The Pivot Move Flash Pivot Six Card Repeat Strega The Boys You Call, We Deliver Holding Out

Aug 1986 Nov 1987

Nov 1959 Nov 1971 Mar 1980 May 1986 May 1986 Sept 1969 Jun 1972 Jan 1984

Jun 1978 Nov 1973 Oct 1973 Aug 1971 Nov 1981 Feb 1981 Feb 1981 Feb 1981 Feb 1981 Feb 1981 Feb 1981 Mar1983

Fr. Cyprian

Whodoo in the Hand


Marc Desouza Robert Cervas Ed Marlo Harry Riser John F. Mendoza

Herman Oil and Water Follow the Leader Oil and Water Card Riser Addition to Dingle's "Oil & Vinegar" The Homing Card Again Donald Duck and Deal Re-Assembled Nightclub Cards Singular Brainwave Marlo's Bluff Sandwich New Approach Observation Test Schindler's Swindle Arch Triumphs Not New ..But A Sequence Which Works For Me Anyhow Outflushed Bob Fitch's "21 Farce" On Rosini's "Double Reverse" Interlaced Vanish The Sequacious Spades

Jul1971 Aug 1982

Sep 1985 Apr 1985 Sept 1983 Feb 1983 Mar 1988 Mar 1983 Nov 1977 Feb 1983 Apr 1984 Aug 1979 Jan 1987 Oct 1980 Apr 1979 Nov 1985 Dec 1983

Earl Ray Wilcox Simon Aronson Ken de Courcy Ben Harris Edward Marlo Edward Marlo George Schindler Jon Racherbaumer Billy McComb

Derek Dingle Tom Ogden Eugene Burger Jon Racherbaumer Dr. Jacob Daley Max Williams and Milton Tropp Christ W. Pope

The Sympathetic Card My Version of the "Sympathetic Cards"

Dec 1969

Dec 1978


John Paterson Irving Weiner Jon Racherbaumer Bruce E. Hetzler Bro. John Hamman Faucett W. Ross Sam Berland Johnny Paul Tan Hock Chuan Tom Ogden Tom Ogden Jon Racherbaumer Phil Goldstein Jerry Andrus Phil Goldstein Phil Goldstein Phil Goldstein Phil Goldstein Phil Goldstein

A Triple Miracle Caught Card Above & Below Four-of-A-Kind Discovery Billy The Kid A Poker Routine Astrological Forecast Card Through Handkerchief Matched Card Prediction The Subtle Switch Two Knights the Knight Moe-Canical Key Papyruse Card in Napkin One-Armed Bandit High Society Progression "Ninjinsky King" Seca Ruof

Jul 1972 Nov 1959 Mar 1984 Jun 1975 Jul1981 Mar 1981 Jul1971

Aug 1971 Apr 1982 Nov 1982 Aug 1981 Apr 1984 Sep 1958 Jun 1974 Nov 1979 Apr 1981 Dec 1974 Mar 1977


C. Color Chao2io2 Deck
Author Harry Riser Jon Racherbaumer Frank Walters Robert Eagle
Narne of Effect

Date Mar 1985 Feb 1979 Dec 1980 Dec 1980


Color Changing Deck Color Changing Deck Color Changing Deck Color Changing Backs


D. Four Aces Effects
Author Bill Wisch Martin Mahoney Bro. John Hamman, S.M. Jon Racherbaumer Earl Ray Wilcox Jon Racherbaumer Narne of Effect Levitacetion Routine Carlyle's Four Aces Penetrating Ace Surprise Cutting to the Aces Almost Marlo Reversed Ace Assembly Hofzinser's Four Ace Problem Date Apr 1979 Oct 1984 May 1971 Nov 1981 Page

Sep 1983 Mar 1981


Section 2.

Prepared Card Magic
Author Martian Lewis Harry Anderson Stan Lobenstem Arnold Belais Jon Racherbaumer
Narne of Effect

Date Jul 1983


Cardiographies The Rough Readers Flim-Flam Long Shot Card Trick Through the Hand Flourish Acrobatic Card Cray Pass Jacob's Card My Card, Sir The Fifth Ace Royal Ruse

Mar 1979

Jul 1983 Jul 1983 Jun 1987 Jan 1981 Jan 1981 Jan 1981

Jim Kleefeld Ronald J. Dayton Petrick

Ronald J. Dayton Sid Lorraine Sam Berland

"Improved Penetration Card" A Cut-Up Curiosity Malini Outdone! The Card Stabbing Trick A Good Tum Wild Card Variation Sympathetic Cards The "Ecch" Card Restoring A Tom Card (The hard way) Flash - Flush -11Apr 1972 May 1973 Nov 1978 Jul 1973 Jun 1986 Jun 1986

Morty Rudnick Mike Rogers Mike Rogers Richard Cohn George Schindler

Leslie P. Guest

Shigeo Takagi Howard Huntington James L. Holmes Trevor Lewis Fr. Cyprian Harry Riser Harry G. Franke Gary McGuire Dave DeWitz Shigeo Futagawa Jon Racherbaumer Ronald 1. Dayton Gary Ward Arthur Kraft & Frederick Kraft Bud Thomas Shigeo Takakgi Fantasio Edward Marlo Ronald J. Dayton Leslie P. Guest James Laughren Wally Feather

Blank Card Routine Cards Up The Sleeve Appearing Cards- Reborn The Case is Solved The Mini - Tekel Deck Nudist Deck A Smash Finish The Invisible Deck Revisited The FLAKO Deck See- Through Aces The Wily Monte Move Changing of the Guard Card Marking Method for Bicycle Rider Back Design Way Off A Lesson in Blackjack Blank Card Routine Card Through Finger Non-Confusing Observation Test Case Penetro Rosette to Roses The Diabolical Wallet Signed Card From Snuff Can -12-

Apr 1982 Mar 1981 Mar 1974 Jan 1986 Jul1984 Jan 1987 Nov 1970 Jul1981 Aug 1982 May 1982 Aug 1983 Feb 1988

Oct 1984 Sept 1984 Jan 1982 Apr 1982 Jun 1979

Feb 1983 May 1987 Jul1973 Sep 1987

Section 3.

Author Kirk Stiles Gary Darwin David Roth Anonymous Tan Bah Chee Olindo Galluccio N arne of Effect Thumb Palm Darwin Star A Coin Steal Coin Penetration Impromptu Rising Coin One Handed Okito Box Tum Over Copper and Silver Transposition Coins Through the Hand Dan Garrett Max Katz The Pinch Switch One-Hand Production of Five "4" Coins One-Hand Production of3" Coins Ross Bertram Michael Ammar Harry Riser Jon Racherbaumer Ronald J. Dayton John Fedko's Silver to Copper Copper-Silver Transposition Copper-Silver Routine "Fingertip Spellbound Cent-Sational Coin Copper, Silver, Brass Routine Another Excedrin Headache for Roger Jan 1979 Date Oct 1969 Page

Nov 1972 Nov 1972 Nov 1972 Aug 1980

Aug 1957

Aug 1957 Sep 1983 Jul 1985 Apr 1985 Oct 1985 Sep 1979

Jun 1980

Roger Klause

Jan 1986


Dai Vernon Herbert G. Zarrow Jack Paul Jacob Taub, M.D. Harry Riser Roger Klause Slydini Jon Racherbaumer Earle Smith Paul Gertner Count Artell Edward Marlo John Fedko's Ronald 1. Dayton Donny Koren Jon Racherbaumer Thomas F. Ayers Larry White Paul Sponaugle Jim Kleefeld's Jack Paul J.J. Bobo Ben Harris Dan Garrett

A Chinese Classic Coin Transposition Odd Couples Four Coin Penetration Expansion of Texture Squeeze Play Half and Half AHA! Thru the Table The Nine Cent Robbery Unicoin Coin Penetration Hitch Your Wish To A Star C3 (Cone, Coins & Cube) "Silver Spirit" Standup in the Glass Flicks & Kicks The Houdini Escaping Coin Coin Erase Tri-Coin-Nosis Prop Box Four-In-Hand Coins Reverse Metamorphosis Housing Loan The Undercover Coin -14-

Nov 1955 Aug 1959 Jul 1974 Jul1974 Dec 1985 Nov 1979 May 1958 Jun 1981 Oct 1979

Jan 1984

Sep 1985 Jun 1980 May 1988 Aug 1980 Sep 1980 Feb 1979 May 1987 Dec 1985 Feb 1988 Jun 1973 Jan 1980 Jan 1983 Sept 1979

D. Glenn Ross Ken Krenzel Marc Delahousse Paul Gertner John Mendoza Bill & Dot McLaury Paul Zevin Eddie Gibson

Break-a-Dollar Matrix Utlility Move Sympathetic Coins The Purse and 2 Coins The Lump of Coal Coins Across Coins Across No-Sleight-No Gimmick Traveling Coins "Stab It" ANew "Matter through Matter" Pocket Trick Miser's Daydream Miracle Aerial Treasury Techniques

Sept 1977

Nov 1985 June 1971 June 1982 Mar 1982

Jun 1975

Will Goldston

Tom Gagnon Charles E. Penton

Oct 1981 Mar 1974


Section 4.

Miscellaneous Close -Up
Author Narne of Effect Winner's of the Annual M-U-M Award Count Artell Count Artell Norm Rose Edward Marlo Harry G. Franke Hank Moorehouse James J. Delmar Dave Lederman Steel Ball & Tube Routine IMP Bottles Improved New Ball and Vase Colorful Vision Glorpy Rides Again Glorpy Surprise Routine Dead Ringer Variations of Harrison's Knife Thru Coat Tube Transit Voodoo Paper Mystery Rabbit in the Hat Cut-Out Chess Chicanery Come and Go Chips The Novelty Com Cob Pipe Production Baffling Band De-Creased Subtracting Sponges With A Pencil Jan 1952 Jul1981 Feb 1976 Mar 1982 Jul 1970 Sep 1979 May 1974 Mar 1983 Mar 1973 Date Page

Jan 1973 Mar 1985 Dec 1977 Nov 1974 Apr 1974 Feb 1974

Ken de Courcy Vynn Boyer Keith Lingley Clettis V. Musson Erhard Liebenow Sam Berland

Apr 1984

U.F. Grant Dr. Benjamin B. Braude Paul C. Cline Norman J. Howe


Senor Mardo Dennis Marks George Gilbert Senor Mardo Al Schneider Ned Way Michael Close Sid Lorraine Steve Beam Warren J. Kaps Al Baker

Knife-Flight Copper and Silver Balls! The Dancing Fork Flash Vanish 20th Century Yam Hole Cards Swizzle Schtick Walkman Wizardry Boob Cube Ring Flite Version 3.02 The Rising Card Tom and Restored Colored Strip Money-Go

Aug 1973 Feb 1987 Jul1974 Oct 1974 Dec 1980 Apr 1979

Apr 1984 Sep 1983 Jan 1984 Sep 1982

Sep 1982 Sep 1982 Dec 1981 Dec 1978

Mariano Palhinha Dr. Beaumont Frank Garcia

Weisenheimer OUTDONE! Famous 3 Shell Game Now You See It- Now You Don't Card Effect ANew Coin Vanish Five Green Bottles Stellarportation A Bowl Routine Miracle Disk Thimble Magic

Arthur Punnar Paul Morris Edwin Jack Paul John Mendoza Edwin Don Kreher

Dec 1971 Dec 1971 May 1971 Nov 1971 Mar 1974


Enrique Besora Bill Dunbaugh Steve Duscheck

La Passe De Des Besora Paper Clip Penetration Ring -A-Ding -Ding

Jan 1954 Jun 1969 Jul 1984

Imro Fox George Schindler

Shadowgraphs Understanding the Behavior of Inanimate Gimmicks A Suggested Procedure for Scheduled Close-up Performances

Sep 1953

Jun 1969

Ed Blodgett

Jan 1971


Section 5.

Dice Effects
Author Fitch Cheney Peter Walker, Jr. Roger L.Crabtree Paul Sorrentino
N arne of Effect



Mental Dice Effects Big Die- Little Die The Vanishing Douse "Impromptu Dice Stacking" Jan 1986 Sep 1971


Section 6.

Ball Magic
Author Bill Wisch Name of Effect
An Ann Servante Technique Vanish & Appearance



Mar 1982 Jan 1988 Mar 1984 Sept 1973 Feb 1959 Nov 1973 Nov 1973 Oct 1952 Dec 1952 Mar 1972 May 1952 Jul1981 Dec 1979

Harry Riser Neil Foster James Swoger Silent Mora James Swoger

Buatier de Kolta Revisited Rainbow Golf Ball Routine Billiard Ball Variations Billiard Ball Manipulation A Billiard Ball Transposition Ball Penetration Through Silk

Frank Garcia's Frank Garcia Silent Mora Silent Mora Paul C. Cline Edward Marlo

Ball Vanish Billiard Ball Melange Four Balls in the Net The Ball on the Fan Subtracting Sponges Sponge Cup and Ball Routine


Section 7.

Magic with Money
Author Pat Mollo Toshio Akanuma Fitch Cheney N arne of Effect Deflation Blank Paper to a $10 Bill The Lock Folded Bill Ring Tom and Restored Dollar Bill Cut and Restored Bill Gerald Kosky Gerald Kosky Anthony Lopilato The Great Substitution Computerized Poker Lopilato's Lollapalooza (Head Shrinker) Bill Tear How to Make a "Pile of Money" Cutting a Borrowed Bill In Half Utility Bill Fold Phoney Funny Money Cut and Restored Bill May I Have the Envelope Please Feb 1952 Dec 1983 Apr 1982 May 1982 Nov 1979 Date Oct 1975 May 1982 Oct 1956 Page

Mike Bomstein

Jun 1978 Jun 1978 Oct 1982 Oct 1982

Patrick Martin Karrell Fox

Jun 1978

Sam Berland

Dr. Joseph Fries Merle Fisher Toshio Akanuma Trevor Lewis


Section 8.

Author Bill Wisch George Schindler Hen Fetsch Donald R. Gross Irv Weiner Irv Weiner N arne of Effect Phantomatch Chink A Chink Matches Striking Trick Match Box Mystery A Lesson in Magic With Two Matches Zig & Zag A close-up classic Vanishing Lucifer One by Two by Four Date Mar 1981 Dec 1981 Jun 1951 Dec 1974 Mar 1981 Page

Mar 1981 May 1984 Sep 1984

Robert Harbin Jim Kleefeld's


Section 9.

Safety Pin Magic
Author Jose De La Torre Jim Rainho Jon Racherbaumer Edward Marlo N arne of Effect The Incredible Linking Pins Linking Pins Routine Hunter's Piff Paff Fipp Super Pin Routine Oct 1978 Date Jan 1984 May 1981 Page


Section 10.

Gypsy Thread Trick Thread Eternal
Author Mike 0' Dowd Al Schneider Lou Tannen Max Londono N arne of Effect The Gypsy Thread Perfected 20th Century Yam "Dam It" Gypsy Thread Trick Sept 1967 Date JuII981 Page


Section 11.

Rope Magic
Tom Fitzgerald Prof. Jack Miller Ronald J. Dayton Tony Lopilato John Fedko Phil Willmarth Ronald J. Dayton N arne of Effect Rope-Ini My Favorite Pretzel Knot "The Evanescent Knot" May 1975 Jan 1984 Jun 1983 Jun 1979

Dec 1970


Instant Dough Knot Ultra Color Knot The Acrobat Totally False Square Knot (Ungimmicked Version) Totally False Square Knot (Gimmicked Version) "Double-Up Rope Penetration

Oct 1987

Ronald J. Dayton

Oct 1987 Jan 1979

Ronald J. Dayton Joseph K. Schmidt

My Presentation for Ronald Dayton's Rope Maze The 0- N 0 Knot "Two-Gether Catch-Up Magical Sharpshooting Streamlined Cut & Restored Rope

Feb 1988 Dec 1973 Apr 1975 Jun 1974

Ronald J. Dayton Ronald J. Dayton Larry White Coe Norton Ed Mishell's Harry Riser Bill Spencer

May 1973 Nov 1986

Rope Restorations Instantaneous, Visible, NoGimmick, Three- To-One Rope Restoration -25-

Oct 1984

LCDR. Raymond W.Hafler Charles W.Brigham

Instant Rope Restoration A Piece of Rope with Two Ends and a Middle Rope Routine The Un-Cut Rope Visible, Instantaneous, No-Gimmick Nightmare Finish May 1979

Jul 1982

Harold Taylor's Dan Garrett Bill Spencer

Nov 1986


Section 12.

Ring and Rope
Author Dave Lederman Dave Lederman Narne of Effect Keep Your Eye On The Ring Routine of Ring and Rope (as lead into Ring Flite) Monti's Method for the Tape Principle Prestidigiring Part 1 Prestidigiring Part III Rope Through Ring The Necromancer's " Tri- Tie" The Fit To Be Tied Shoelace Double Rope Release From Ring Speedy Ring On A Rope A Rope Flourish Remarkable Ring Release You're Putting Me On Ritchell's Rope Rings and Bra Trick Ring and Wand Routine Ring-On Ring-Off Knot Date Dec 1981 Page

Jan 1973

Harrry Monteith

Jan 1974 Mar 1970 Jul 1970 Dec 1970 Sept 1974 Nov 1974 Dec 1987

Kirk Stiles Kirk Stiles Henry Bohlen Ronald J. Dayton Ronald J. Dayton Ronald J. Dayton Hugh Carroll

Jul 1969 Dec 1987 May 1975 Jun 1951 May 1974

Harold Brosious Jim Holmes Fitch Cheney James J. Delmar Edward E. Ritchell

Aug 1973 Sep 1958 Jun 1977 Jun 1977 Jun 1977

Duane Duvall Sam Schwartz

Karate It On The Elevator Release -27-

Lightning Link I Lightning Link II Knotted Ring Release Henry Bohlen Fabian Warren Stephens Rope Through Ring Move with Rings and Rope Ring Rope Swing Release

Jun 1977 Jun 1977 Jun 1977

Jun 1984


Section 13.

Rubber Band Magic
Author Harry Lorayne Roland Carter Bill Dunbaugh Michael Weber Narne of Effect Penetrating Bands Snap - It Snaperoo Dead Ringer Jul 1984 Date Apr 1976 Dec 1984 Page


Section 14.

Silk Magic
Author Hen Fetsch Hen Fetsch Alan Shaxon Henry Bohlen J.A. McKinven Peter Warlock Shimada Fantasio Warren Stephens Thoki-Yen David Ginn Dick Gustafson Pat Mollo James Yoshida Jack Bridwell Paul Osborne Father Bandy Jack Miller Vincent Lumenello & Delores Einarson
Narne of Effect

Date Dec 1951 Jun 1952


Silk Epic Visible Twentieth Century ANew Knot for Magicians? Impossible Floating Silk The Self-Tying Silk Silk Change Simple Silk-knot & Cane No-Hole Silk Through Glass Haunted Hank Funny Rabbit Silk on Wand A Novel Silk Vanish Sixth Finger The Linking Silks Hung Silk Silk Tube A Simple Silk Fountain Silk Through Rope

Sep 1970 Jul1984 Feb 1978

Apr 1981 Nov 1982

Jun 1970 Jun 1974 Aug 1975

Jul1987 Jan 1975 Dec 1951

The Visible Pull -30-

Jun 1974

Henry Bohlen Bill Severn Sudac Ottokar Fisher Lu Brent David F. Ginn Mrinal K. Sinha Oran B. Dent Walter Schwartz

Beer and Silk A-Flowing The Handkerchief Spot Threads to Silk The Cards of Phantasia The Flying Silks Fleurs-De-Silks Chinese Lantern The Display Silk Fold The Art of Tying and Dyeing Silks

Jun 1975 Sep 1973 Nov 1951 Nov 1979 Jan 1971 Mar 1971 Dec 1969 Dec 1980

Aug 1970


Section 15.

Children's Magic
Author David Goodsell Bill Ragsdale Max Howard David Ginn David Ginn Narne of Effect Card Balloon Mental Routine American Flag Confusion Birthday Dreams and Wishes The Light That Heals Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief Run, Rabbit Run The Girl with the Snake-Skin Jacket (Trevor's Telescope) David Ginn David Ginn Bewitching Witch Making It Topical Date Sep 1981 Jun 1982 Dec 1985 Apr 1988 Page

Sep 1981 Jun 1983 Jun 1983 Jun 1983 Ju11987


Section 16.

Author Dr. Stanley Jaks Narne of Effect South American Melon Trick Mental Echo Miniature Rapping Hand Purse Mystery The Crystal Locket The Locked Room Dr. Jaks Dr. Jaks Dr. Jaks Dr. Jaks Felix Greenfield John IIer Phil Goldstein Larry Becker Astro- Prediction Rasputin This Way Out His Cup of Tea Time Will Tell Dr. Jak's Outdone Sound Seer DIE-RECT The test Condition E.S.P. effect! Kliptomaniac Challenge Five Card Mindreading & Premonition Star Prediction Easy As A-B-C Predictions Newspaper Prediction Mentally Clipped -33Date Nov 1988 Nov 1988 Nov 1988 Nov 1988 Nov 1988 Nov 1988 Feb 1952 Mar 1974 Oct 1973 Nov 1973 Nov 1973 Aug 1973 Mar 1979 Page

Feb 1987 Feb 1987

Larry Becker Basil Horowitz

Feb 1987 Jul 1974 Jun 1953 Sep 1982 Jun 1971

George Schindler Dr. J. George Milstein Steve Johnson's Bill Dunbaugh

David Altman Huang Su Chai Paul Sorrentino Michael De Marco Henry Bohlen Hy Grober Michael Weber David Drake Paul J. Siegel Henry Bohlen Ron Frost IrvWeiner The Amazing Karoll (C.J. Priest) Richard W. Rightmire

The Ultimate Number Prediction Predicta Color Tarotouija Mental- Tekel Names and Numbers The Mental Computer Thinkerprint Mind the Ball AD-DENDA What Says the Joker Mental Trap Center- Tear Hold-Out The Center Tear Out-Done Mentally Naming Any Day of the Year The Perpetual Calendar Mental Dice Effects An Effect for Frances & Jay A Book Test

Apr 1988 Feb 1975 May 1974 Sep 1987 Aug 1951 Mar 1982 Dec 1985 Nov 1985 Jun 1981 Sep 1970 Apr 1982 Jun 1974

Sept 1976

Jan 1982 Jul 1974

Dr. Shirley L. Quimbly Fitch Cheney Alton Sharpe

Sep 1980 Sep 1980 Jul 1979

Ken Brooke's Harry G. Franke

Magic Place The Two-Faced Magazine Test Tri-Mental "No One's Home ..." A Telephone Test for the 1980's The Telepathic Diary Comprehensive Telephone Code -34-

Apr 1972

Stan Lobenstern David Charvet

Nov 1984 May 1975 Mar 1974

Robert E. Cassidy Gerald Kosky

Section 17.

Linking Rings
Author Bill Wisch Father Bandy Father Bandy Narne of Effect Two Ring Routines All About Linking Rings All About Rings (Part Three) All About Rings (Part Four) Date Jan 1984 Jan 1975 Page

Feb 1975

Father Bandy

Mar 1975


Section 18.

Author Hank Moorehouse Norman J. Howe Harry Bohlem Name of Effect Table Plan Now Be Still Visible Zombie Through Glass Whops! There Goes Another Wand Razor Blade Threading Bowl of Water Production Chinese Wands Climax Brahman Rice Bowl Routine "Glass of Death" Spin Finish Blooming Rope Lou's Routined Steal "Carnival" Magical Surprise "It looks like real magic" All Balled Up Rabbit Choice Heavy Metal The Diamond The Vanishing Wine Glass An Original Method of the Wine, Water and Milk Trick Under the Lapel Sep 1951 Jun 1975 Jul 1975 Oct 1973 Jul 1973 Date Mar 1981 Apr 1952 Page

Bill Severn

Aug 1973 May 1971 May 1970 Jan 1955

Harold Sterling Mack C. Picknick Warren 1. Kaps Jack Miller Ronald 1. Dayton Luciano de Pazos Jim Franks Lou Levin Sam Berland

Nov 1978 Aug 1987 Nov 1987 May 1987 Jan 1986 Sep 1951

Larry White Jim Kleefeld' s Jim Kleefeld's Marvin Roy Stuart Cramer W.C. Weber

Roy Benson


Gentleman Jim Heuser Charles Pecor Martelle lB. Bobo Ormond McGill J.B. Bobo Marvin Roy Jim Kleefeld James Yoshida Toshio Akanuma Bill Clary Ron Bauer

One Balloon Penguin The Great Dynamite Trick Now I'll Show You Just for Fun The Traveling Croquet Ball Optical Illusion Routine The Jewel Magician's Assistant Certificate Hawaiian Volcano Color Rhapsody Stage Sponge Ball Routine The Big Bag of Tricks and the Little Black Hat Cut and Restored Tie .... Routine ... and Patter Magical Wordplay With Palindromes Combustible Candle The Vanishing Candle Concatenation Modeme The Trick of My Hat-Mat, MAHATMA Improved Monkey Bar Multiple Uses for a Familiar Gimmick Getting More Out of Your Botania Emergency Rope and Scissors Comedy Coin and Tipsy Bottle -37-

Nov 1974 May 1979 Mar 1980 May 1980 Oct 1979 May 1979 Mar 1981 Nov 1985 Apr 1982 Apr 1982 Jul 1982

Oct 1981

Johnny Brown Fred W. Johansen

Jun 1981

Jun 1969 Nov 1951 Dec 1972

Dick Piser Mike Rogers Leslie Guest Flip Hallema

Feb 1974 May 1970 May 1970

George Kowalski H.E. Wiedenkeller

James H. Gosch

David Ginn BOBO

Routine Fantasio Jim Ryan Howard Huntington Lance Burton Darwin Paul Osborne Paul Osborne Paul Osborne Dick Gustafson Card Sword Cane Thumb Tie A Routine for the Jap Box Dove Production Flash Cigarette Vanish Silk Tube Dove in Balloon Crystal Dove Cote Production of a Dove From a Silk Fountain Manipulation of Large Objects Appearing Flags Four Cards; An Illusion Escape from the New Security Plastic Band "Sliding Die Box" Die Box Routine The Temple of Numbers: A Metamorphosis Mac's Mini Seance IV. Patter for Paper Tear Routine

Jun 1981 Apr 1981 Nov 1981 Nov 1973 Jun 1988 Jun 1988 Jul1987 Aug 1987 Sep 1987

Feb 1974 May 1981 Jan 1979

Robert Kaldy Robert Kaldy Robert Kaldy Robert Nedbalski

Sep 1974 Oct 1987 Dec 1978

Paul Osborne Bev Bergeron Brad Jacobs

Jul1978 Mar 1986

Mac Wilson Max Katz

Aug 1957


Section 19.

Sta2e Illusions
Author Gary Darwin Horace Goldin Paul Osborne Narne of Effect Bathing Beauty Production The Birth of a Great Illusion Sawing a Woman In Half A Roll of a Dice Nightclub Vanish Tear-Apart Vanish ABC Blocks Costume Case Circus Wagon Ching's Chest Van Cleve The Mandarin Henry Bohlen Henry Bohlen Henry Bohlen Henry Bohlen Witch One La Statue Vivante The Vanishing Magician The Arabian Rope Mystery The Vanish of a Girl The Squeeze-Away of the Nagging Housewife A New Look at the Substitution Trunk Balloon Suspension The African Slice Date Jun 1988 Nov 1951 Feb 1986 Feb 1986 Feb 1986 Feb 1986 Feb 1986 Feb 1986 Apr 1987 Feb 1986 Jan 1980 Aug 1953 Mar 1970 Sep 1969 Nov 1969 Page

Aug 1969

Billy Mc Comb

Dec 1986 Nov 1982 Jun 1983

Warren Stephens Paul Osborne


Section 20.

Miscellaneous Magic
Author Jack Holland Jack Holland Name of Effect Best Curtains Hand is quicker than the eye Detachable Knot Well Armed Kick-Squeeze Side Steal Impromptu Card in Balloon Cupless Cup and Ball Routine Embalmed Minds "Off the Cuff' The Blackstone Dancing Handkerchief Card Montage The Magician's Bookshelf of 100 Books Magic Book Plates "Greater Magic Revisited" " ..... That's Research!" (Magic: A creative Art) Pandora's Box If you Can't, Don't Invention is Easy -40Date Feb 1954 Apr 1954 Feb 1989 Feb 1989 Feb 1989 Feb 1989 Page

Alan Wassilak Alan Wassilak Ray Goulet Irv Weiner

Richard Stride

Feb 1989 Feb 1989 Feb 1989

James Rainho MeirYedid James Hagy

Feb 1971 Nov 1970

Leslie P. Guest Mike O'Dowd

May 1985 Sep 1984 Apr 1979

David R. Goodsell H. Adrian Smith John Pooley

Aug 1971 Aug 1989 Apr 1970 Dec 1969

Dan Garrett Henning Nelms Henning Nelms

Henning Nelms Henning Nelms Henning Nelms Henning Nelms

Controversy Patter Improvements What the W ell-Dressed Conjuror Will Wear Tights The Geometric Vanish Geometric Vanish and Geometric Addition The Tetra- Tetra-Flexigon Merry Christmas Magic Style The Magician's Christmas Song The Ramifications of Magick Oct 1971 Nov 1969

Mar 1970 Mar 1970 Oct 1985

Anonymous Harry G. Franke Harry G. Franke

Mar 1986 Nov 1985 Dec 1982 Dec 1982 May 1983

Harry G. Franke Blackstone
J an Therrell

Stephen Minch


Section 21.

Author William P. Dunbaugh with John Henry Grossman John Henry Grossman Warren Kaps Saram R. Ellison, M.D. Narne of Effect Legend of the Emblem of the Society of American Magicians Origins of the Emblem The Formative Years The Society of American Magicians 1902-1982 S.A.M- 85 Years and still going strong! Over the Years The S.A.M Story Evolution of National Magic Day Pictures of the greatest collection of magic memorabilia in the world Do you Have Membership Certificate? Gary Bontjes Harry Keller- S.A.M.'s First Dean "Thurston Enshrined at the Hall of Fame" Memories of Dante The Great Blackstone Dorny- Dean of American Magicians Recollections of Al Baker Al Baker (Dean of Society American Magicians) -42Dec 1979 Date Apr 1979 Page

Sep 1981

May 1982

H. Hatton


Dorny Milbourne Christopher Edward Saint

Sep 1979


Apr 1983

Michael D. Douglass

Dec 1979 Dec 1979 Dec 1979

Bill Larsen Mary Brigance Chuck Stanfield

Nov 1981 Sep 1982

Walter Gibson Tom Hawbecker

Oct 1969

Ed Mishell Frederic L. Rickard

Broken Wand The Alexander Herrman Cups

Feb 1974 Dec 1987

Willard S. Smith

The Light and Heavy Chest of Robert- Houdin The Many Moods of the Professor Jiu Jitsu and the Dance A Most Humble Appreciation The History of the Hall of Fame and Magic Museum In Pursuit of Erdnase A Magical Life Story Project Magic

May 1974

Mary Guthrie


Kirk Stiles

Bruce W. Fletcher

Mar 1975 Jan 1980 Nov 1980 Jun 1982

H. Adrian Smith David Copperfield David Copperfield

Fr. Cyprian

The Society of Young Magicians ---It's Time Magician of the Month Another Perspective on Harry Blackstone, Jr. Ladies of the S.A.M. Goodbye to Mr. S.A.M.

Feb 1988 Dec 1979 Dec 1979 Feb 1981 May 1981

John U. Zweers Roy A. Snyder

Jane Thurston Shepard Leslie P. Guest


Section 22.

Author Mystini Name of Effect The Career of Harry Houdini (Part I) (Part II) (Part III) John Gormley Anonymous Jerry McMillian Mrs. Harry Houdini "Bess" Houdini and Halloween Harry Houdini Dies After Operation Houdini's Last Secret Interim Report of The Houdini Birthday Research Committee Final Report and Recommendation of the Houdini Birthdate Research Committee Richard J. Weibel Anthony Wells Warren J. Kaps Houdini's Last Communications The Houdini Papers Houdini Hospital Fund Its Origination and Purposes Oct 1981 Feb 1975 Date Pa~e

Sep 1970 Sep 1970 Sep 1970 Oct 1987 Oct 1951 Oct 1980 Oct 1983

Frank: Koval Lawrence Arcuri

Nov 1980


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