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ROUND 6 @ DONGARA OVAL 22nd November 2008
Chapman Valley 4 for 262 (D Sorgiovanni 105 no, B McCashney 103, D Riman 14, S Emerson 12,
R Ibbotson 7, S Higgins 2)
Dongara 7 for 201 ( S Higgins 3/35, M Houston 2/15, C King 1/24, D Riman 1/50)

Finally, Captain T-Rex won a toss and was keen to have a bowl on a ‘grassy’ synthetic track
that looked as though it would aid our first-rate bowling attack while the Nor-Wester was
blowing. Unfortunately, we only has 9 players to start the game due to family and work
commitments, so Tex decided to have a bat.

Wholesale team changes this week saw Frieds, JC and Senior Sorge dropped for team
balance. Coming in for the Valley were Ron “House of ” Payne, John “Mr Subramanian”
McKay and Brock “Pup” McCashney, who reduced our average age by a shedload.
Sean “Ninja” Emerson opened with young Brock and the pair put on a well constructed 31
run partnership before “Ninje” tickled one to the ‘keeper and was gone for a carefully
constructed 12 runs from 25 balls.

Enter the more committed of the Sorgiovanni brothers, Dave, and this is when the party
started. Brock (103) and Junior (105no) traded blows and set the Dongara boys chasing
leather for the best part of 2 hours during their 188 run partnership rarely giving a chance.
The ball striking was sublime at times and penetrating at others, our esteemed umpire ‘Silver’
Conley commented that Brock’s debut innings for the Valley was one of the best centuries he
has seen in Geraldton cricket. All the while Higgo was padded up in the stands, waiting,
waiting, waiting…. His time came when young Brock uncharacteristically missed a ball that
saw his middle peg cartwheel down the ground nearly taking out the keeper in the process.

Higgo tried to settle in to a new partnership with Dave Sorge, forgetting the runout mix-up
that has played on his mind all week. Kamikaze Dave didn’t let his brother down and ran out
Higgo (2) before he could get going. Dave ‘Rimmer’ Riman’s (14 off 14) swashbuckling
batting saw us pass 250 and helped “Junior” to his maiden CVCC century (94 balls) which he
brought up with a great loft over the boundary. Speaking of 6’s Ryan “Ibbo” Ibbotson
opened his account in the last over with a towering 6 into the Moreton Bay Figs leaving
Dongara 263 to win.

Kingy and Davo opened the bowling and Ronny ”the Panther” Payne almost sent big Bomber
Fitzpatrick back after 2 balls, grassing a tough chance at point. The slips cordon was as leaky
as a vegetable strainer with Rat, Higgo, Rat, Junior, Rat and others missing chances much to
the chagrin of Kingy, who seemed to be getting more and more agitated. Finally, Kingy got a
breakthrough and there was much rejoicing.

Rimo bowled without luck in his first spell, but the tightness of the Valley unit reduced the
run scoring and put a Dongara win out of the question. Tex brought himself on and showed
us all how to get wickets with his first ball.

Higgo returned to bowling after a shoulder recon and got 3 for 35 off 10 overs. His careful
placement of fielders for his own bowling was exceptional as wherever he put Junior Sorge

Captain Tex shared the bowling around later in the innings giving Macca(10 ball over). Congratulations to the award winners. as always. Another great victory by the boys. Next week we are at home to Wanderers and we are considering a family BBQ after the game.the ball went to him. pity he can’t catch. THE AUSTRALIAN PREMIER SEAFOOD AWARD – Brock McCashney CHISH AND FIPS AWARD .Dave Sorgiovanni PLEASE. it’s nice to win in Dongara and the locals put on snaggas after the game for us and were very hospitable. House and Ibbo a bowl to finish off. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS! Young Motors Holden Kalazich Smith and Associates .