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Organizational structure 1- REPORTERS: Reporters are main source of news, information and stories.

. They drive the channel or any news organization. Called as foot soldiers of the organization The image of news organization defined by the quality of its news reports Reporters report to their COB, input desk or their group leader 2- DESK The job of the desk is just not to separate the good stories from not so good ones to also the bad ones Job doesnt end there the good stories then need to be presented properly which could involve writing/ rewriting the reporters copy. In addition, people on the desk also have the task of coming up with a different news angle for a routine story in print, the desk have another task that is to think of catchy headline. In print, sub editors/ copy editors are the mainstay of the desk. In addition there are layout designers who help placement of news in the newspaper. In television, the desk is composed of input and output teams Input People on the input: News coordinators or assignment team o Coordinates with reporters and assigns stories to them Researchers o Provides backgrounder of news/ stories Guest coordinators o Bring guests/ experts on the channel. Major help for producing bulletins. Function of input desk: Prepare news list Plan execution of stories Track updates of developing stories Keep an eye on breaking news Coordinate lives and phonos of reporters/ experts in news bulletins Facilitate receiving/ sending video footage Please note: In addition, there are several other desks created to track only a particular beat/ area/subject, etc. These desks are simply extension of the input desk. In general news channels, there are often separate desks for sports

and entertainment. The special desks are formed keeping in mind the large number of stories generated from these beats and also due to special content that occupies on the channel. The team comprising the special desk works independently and performs functions of the input (for its own beat) and coordinates with the output desk. Output People on the output: Bulletin producero Produce news bulletins o News bulletins generally comprises of 3-4 major stories, 1-2 news features, some national/international wraps, etc o Bulletin producer in consultation with his/ her seniors decides the selection and flow of the news in the news bulletin Copy editoro Also called as script writers in some channels. o Copy writers structure the information/ inputs received for the story. In the process also decides the storyline using the inverted pyramid principle. PTCs (piece to camera) done by reporters are often done as per the instructions of the copyeditors Post production teamo Comprises of video editors, voice-over persons, graphic/animation team

3- EDITOR The reporters and the desk dont work in isolation and have to work with the sanction and approval of the big boss called as the editor Editor has his core team could comprise of deputy editors, sr. editors, associate editors and others. Editors rank signifies not just the seniority of a person in the organization but also indicates allocation of a major responsibility to him/her in terms of handling a geographical region/ area or any particular beat/ subject The core team also called as decision makers or think tank not only decides but periodically reviews the work done by individuals and other departments The editors team not only decides the day to day headlines but also the overall news policy of the organization. For eg. The news policy of some organization could emphasis on focusing on mainly hard news; while there could be some who would insists on a blend of hard news, human interest

and feature stories. The reporters and the desk have to therefore understand the editorial policy of their respective organization. The technical side of news STUDIO The place of the newsreaders/ anchors PCR Means Production control room PCR contains set of equipments thru which the bulletin gets rolled out Equipments comprises mainly of o Autocue - Its the devise that controls the teleprompter used by anchors to read bulletins. However with advancement in technology and latest computer soft wares have enabled the news reader/anchor to themselves manage the teleprompter. o Switching devise- Manned by an online editor, also called as a switcher. Plays out videos lined up for broadcast as per requirement. The online editor or switcher as such is responsible for final picture that goes on air. o Graphic machine- Fires graphics like supers/ templates during the live bulletins o Audio control panel- Controls the audio Please note: The PCR is mostly headed by bulletin producer/ rundown producer MCR Means Master control room Beams or transmit the AV (audio-video) signals on to satellite or any other broadcast apparatus from where the final pictures are downloaded and brought to the TV sets In addition, video footage sent thru OB vans (outdoor broadcasting vans), Fibre optic lines, FTP (file transfer protocol), etc for post production purposes are often received and recorded in the MCR. The video editors later access these video files on their edit machines. INGEST ROOM Ingest could either be part of MCR or post production space or separate unit altogether Video footage (feeds) are recorded in the ingest The video footage is given specific ID (identification numbers) and goes in to the central server also called as data server which is accessed by the video editors.