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Spellbound Fortune Tour Cup – Round 1

James “Biggy” Allen Vs. Dani Anderson

As a Spellbound traditional we kick things of with a round one re-pair as a few
names get mixed up. Biggy has travelled from ye olde Edinburgh to be hear today
playing my very own Tele-DAD build while Dani has travelled all the way from Fife
playing his own version of Gladiator Beasts. Both players shuffle up, put down their extra
decks and count out their side decks and begin the first round of the day.


Biggy starts the game off with two sets to the back row and passes over to Dani
who summons Gladiator Beast Murmillo and presses for a cheap attack which Biggy
accepts and drops to 7200. Dani tags out Murmillo for Gladiator Beast Bestiari blowing
away Biggy’s set Torrential Tribute. Dani ends his turn by setting two to the back row,
one getting spun away by Phoenix Wing Wind Blast in the end phase, Biggy dropping
Destiny Hero – Malicious as the cost.

Turn two for Biggy see’s the summoning of Breaker the Magical Warrior who gets
his token and loses it pretty much straight away targeting a chained Phoenix Wing Wind
Blast. With nothing on field and no more plays Biggy is forced to pass the turn. Gladiator
Beast Proving Ground for Dani lets him search out Gladiator Beast Laquari from his
deck which he summons to the field. Test Tiger soon follows, tributing it to tag in the on
field Bestiari for a Gladiator Beast Secutor. Both Laquari an Secutor make a direct
attack, Laquari tagging in for Gladiator Beast Equeste who returns a discarded copy of
Bestiari from his graveyard to hand and Secutor summons two copies of Laquari from
the deck. Secutor, Equeste and one copy of Laquari tag in to summon Gladiator Beast

removing Caius. Biggy plays Monster Reborn bringing back Stardust Dragon and Dani attempts to negate with Heraklinos and gets reminded of Darius’ lingering effect on the great Gladiator.Heraklinos and with that Dani ends his turn. The Shadow Monarch and continues on with Reinforcement of the Army for Stratos and adds Malicious to hand. Monster Reborn from Dani snatches Biggy’s Plaguespreader who synchro’s for a copy of Goyo Guardian. Shrink. Smashing Ground and Waboku. Dani opts to go first and both players shuffle and begin game 2. Emergency Teleport lets him summon Krebons to the field. A second Laquari from Dani hits the field who immediately rushes head first into Stardust Dragon playing Shrink to take down the mythical beast. Dani admits to possibly having misplayed. Dani sets to both zones and passes the turn to Biggy who makes an unusual groan. Game2 Dani opens with a hand of Gladiator Beast Hoplomus. Biggy removes Malicious once again getting his third and final and follows up by summoning Plaguespreader Zombie and synchro’s both for Colossal Fighter. Goyo attacks over Stardust reclaiming the traitorous Dragon while Colossal attacks for a whopping 3200. Synchro’ing Diamond Dude and Krebons lets him summon a his own Goyo Guardian. . Biggy draws for his turn and removes Malicious from his graveyard for a second copy and follows up by summoning Krebons from hand synchro’ing both for Stardust Dragon. Both players shift to the side decks and prepare for game 2. attacking Stardust Dragon and reviving him in defence mode. Legendary Jujitsu Master. Stratos attacks and runs into Hoplomus which tags into Murmillo killing off the airman. As Biggy thinks through his moves Dani comments on what plays Biggy could make “I know he’s got Breaker and I’ve not seen a Teleport yet”. one for Gladiator Beast Darius reviving Heraklinos and the other for Equeste who takes back Bestiari from the graveyard. The buffed Laquari makes a direct attack dropping Biggie to 2350 life points and at the end of the battle phase both copies off Gladiator Beast Laquari tag in. Biggy ends the turn leaving himself on 2350 and Dani 5900. Colossal attacks over Goyo and Biggy ends the turn. Biggy ends returning Stardust to the field. he states he should have allowed the Brain Control go and take the damage. Not long after Dani is scooping up his cards which takes us to game two. Biggy attempts to Brain Control Heraklinos which gets negated only for Stardust to tribute itself and blow up Heraklinos. Reinforcement of the Army searches out the long awaited Elemental Hero Stratos which Biggy summons with haste searching out Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude. Two set spell or traps end Biggy’s turn. Stardust attacks over the newly recruited Stratos and Dani passes with no further plays. Biggy summons Diamond Dude and flips Dark Armed Dragon pushing him to the bottom of the deck. Stardust runs over Darius forcing Heraklinos back into the extra deck and Colossal runs over Equeste. Monster Reborn. Allure of Darkness lets him draw two more cards.

Shrink in the damage step takes down Stardust while both Malicious and Krebons are stripped from the graveyard. Time gets called during this turn and both players are given a further 3 turns to decide the duel. . Unphased. Biggy flips up Solemn Judgment negating it Dani is forced to take 1700 damage. Biggy removes Malicious and brings a second out in defence mode summoning krebons and synchro’s for a Stardust once again. Allure is played and an in hand Malicious is removed followed up by Reinforcement of the Army getting Stratos who is summoned to the field only to be denied by Dani’s Solemn Judgment. Kycoo is summoned to the field and makes for an attack dealing out 1800 and Dani ends by setting one spell or trap. Stardust attacks Murmillo and Dani thinks for a moment before flipping up Waboku. Game3 Game three starts with a heavy sigh from Biggy as he sets two to the back row and passes over to Dani. Murmillo returns to the field again and Kycoo attacks into the face down and gets bounced to the deck by Legendary Jujitsu Master. Goyo attacks Laquari. Goyo takes down laquari reviving him in defence but when Biggy realises he’s made a mistake in life points he scoops up his cards. Murmillo once again goes in for the attack only to be Wing Blasted to the top of the deck. Brain Control lets Biggy take a hold of Kycoo and Legendary Jujitsu Master gets switched to attack mode and both make a direct attack. Dani plays Monster Reborn on Biggy’s Stardust Dragon and both Stardust and Kycoo attack over Legendary Jujitsu Master and dish out a load of damage. Biggy synchro’s for Goyo Guardian who runs into Waboku. Biggy tries to synchro them together in main phase two only to be informed by the hysterical crowd of onlookers that he can’t. One card to the back row ends Dani’s turn and Biggy plays Allure removing Plaguespreader for the cost and scoops up his cards with no evident answers. Biggy follows up with Brain Control on Kycoo and flops Emergency Teleport to the table searching out Krebons. Dani wins 2-1 with gladiator beasts moving onto round 2. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer hits the field in main phase two and the turn is passed to Biggy who only sets a monster in defence. Both players move to game three with a relatively short side decking period. Kycoo returns attacking into Stardust. Dani summons Laquari and special summons Test Tiger who gets negated by Solemn Judgment. One set to the back row ends his turn Biggy plays Allure and removes Dark Armed Dragon. running into another waboku but this Biggy flips up Solemn Judgment to push for more damage.

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