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Winter golf haven a short drive

Georgia coast offers diverse options
By Mike Blum

ith winter weather

W approaching, golf becomes

a less comfortable diver-
sion for most Georgia
residents, especially those in the northern
reaches of the state.
With the U.S. economy in distress, golf
travel is likely to take a significant hit in
the immediate future. But for Georgians
looking to get away to slightly warmer
climes and get in a few rounds over the
winter months without venturing great
distances, the answer can be found a rela-
tively short drive away along the state’s
southeastern coast.
St. Simons and Jekyll Islands offer
plenty of golf in mostly moderate weather
conditions over the winter months, and
can accommodate the entire spectrum of

Hampton Club on St. Simons Island

visitors from a fiscal standpoint. The
coastal destinations include some of the
best golf for the money you’ll encounter
anywhere (Jekyll Island), one of the Jekyll Island Golf Resort has long been Since its renovation by Clyde Johnston Johnston's renovation included some
country’s most respected upscale resorts a favorite of Georgia golfers, with three in 2002, Pine Lakes has become the most extensive work on bunkers – both fairway
(Sea Island Golf Club) and two excellent quality 18-hole layouts and a unique 9- popular of Jekyll’s three courses, and has and green-side – and a re-design of the
courses that fall somewhere in between on holer that provides a memorable glimpse been completely over-seeded for the greens, with the result making the course
the economic ladder (Hampton Club and into golf ’s past. For those who value winter. The original 1968 layout was the most player-friendly of the three,
Sea Palms). affordability, you’ll have a hard time designed by Dick Wilson and Joe Lee, who although it has a bit more length. Mostly
finding a better bang for your buck, with created the Oleander (Wilson) and Indian generous fairways and gentle greens
new internet specials helping even more in Mound (Lee) layouts individually.
that regard. [ See Georgia coastal golf, page 6 ]

Georgia Golf Business


Golf Course
w w w . g g c o a . c o m
Matt Peterson claims Davis Love ends year Sonny Skinner among
Player of Year honor 14 with win at Disney 16 Q-school finalists 20 770-235-0735
Instruction Fore You
3021 Kalah Place, Marietta, GA 30067

Ball Not the Target

770-933-04GA (Office)
770-953-6638 (Fax)
usually pretty good. If you have to lift your
head and turn it left, odds are that you are
aimed well right.

The Inside Move

Golf Media, Inc.
target pretty well, but also aim their body
By Steve Godley John Barrett
at the same target. Herein lies a basic
PGA Golf Professional
problem in improper alignment. While this
Jekyll Island Golf Club On the backswing, the club should be kept EDITOR Mike Blum
seems to be correct to the golfer, we as
instructors are able to view the on the intended target line as long as pos-
In my 25 years of providing sible and allowed to rotate inside naturally. CONTRIBUTORS
body as being well right of the
golf instruction, many students This will help maintain the proper plane Steve Godley
intended target line.
seem to seek two elusive basics and allow you to return the club to the Jackie Cannizzo, Women’s Golf Editor
Most players understand the
from a golf lesson---distance address position. A backswing that is too Lake-Finlay Image Group
definition of parallel, but do not
and consistency. The students much inside creates a flat plane that Joseph Field
understand how it relates to the
explain that their game is “on golfers try to correct on the way down by Steve Dinberg
proper set up in golf. Set-up is
again - off again” and that they coming “over the top”. You should always Georgia Golf Course Owners Association
where we establish our target
seem to lack the distance they Cindy Acree, Executive Director
line (ball to target) and our body remember the target line. It doesn't stop at
should be achieving. Although the ball, it extends on behind.
should be aligned parallel to

The Ball is Not

each student is unique, they MARKETING & ADVERTISING
this established line, just as if we J.R. Ross, Sales Representative
are generally well grounded in fundamen-
were on a railroad track, with the ball on

Our Target
tals with one exception. There is a lack of Rick Holt, Corporate Sales
one side and our body on the other. This
target awareness and/or alignment. These
mental image will give us the greatest ART DIRECTOR
critical elements, when missing, present the
chance of swinging the club down the Everyone is fascinated with distance in this Lori Montgomery
player from swinging the club along the
target line and toward our intended target. game. After all, we see and hear about tour
intended target line. Consequently, in many
The “over the top” motion is caused by players hitting the ball over 300 yards, so
cases the ball becomes the target, pro-
an effort to pull the ball back to our target. why can't we? The difference is that these GEORGIA SECTION, PGA OF AMERICA
ducing a myriad of inappropriate angles
The mind knows when the target is behind players have spent a great deal of time PRESIDENT
and planes making it difficult to maintain
you. To illustrate this I have my students making sure that their fundamentals (grip, Jim Arendt, Chicopee Woods Golf Course
the desired consistent repetitive golf swing.
stand behind the ball and extend their aim and posture) are sound, so that they
Another detriment to achieving distance
arms in front of them, shoulder width can concentrate on getting the ball to the VICE-PRESIDENT
and consistency is the motion commonly
apart, parallel but not converging. If your target. Clubhead speed and solidness of Patrick Richardson, Wilmington Island Club
referred to as “Coming over the top”. More
body is aligned square to a straight line contact produces distance.
advanced players will recognize this motion
from your eyes to your target, then your Amateur golfers equate brute force with SECRETARY
and return to the fundamentals to correct
clubface is going to be aligned square to a distance, not swinging the club and get- Brian Stubbs, Country Club of Columbus
the problem, or seek help from a profes-
straight line from your ball to a spot well ting as much possible speed as can be
sional, while the average player will
right of the target. delivered to the ball. The average amateur HONORARY PRESIDENT
continue to struggle through. On a day
If the alignment at set-up has been too golfer is not physically prepared to achieve Danny Elkins, Georgia Golf Center
when his timing is very good, a player can
far to the right, making the adjustment to the extreme distances he would desire.
get away with this motion. But let timing be
parallel will initially feel strange; as though Our shoulders are very slow moving, so hit- BOARD OF DIRECTORS
off slightly and he is going to be in for a long
you are aiming well left. This change in the Bud Robison, West Point, Ga
day. This common problem is caused by ting from the top with our shoulders does
set-up may cause pulled shots because Marten Olsson, The Club at River Forest
faulty alignment; a backswing that is too not give us the desired effect. All this does
you are so used to starting your swing with Steve Godley, Jekyll Island Golf Club
much to the inside and no target is make us very tired.
your upper body and coming over the Bob Elmore, Bacon Park GC
awareness. We do not “hit” a golf ball. We “swing” a
Shawn McKinnon, Berkeley Hills CC

shot. Remember, the ball goes where you golf club on a proper target line and allow
tell it. Alignment is the key and the club Richard Hatcher, Ansley GC
the ball to get squarely in the way. Very
has to be traveling down the intended Jeff Dunovant, First Tee of East Lake
athletic people, older people who have
target line to bring about both distance Scott Mahr, Barnsley Gardens Resort
Many students do one thing consistently. lost some flexibility and muscle tone and
and consistency. If you can easily rotate Clark Spratlin, Blue Ridge Golf & River Club
They aim to the right of their intended beginners are all guilty of “hitting at” the
your head left and see your target, you are Dan Mullins, Classic Golf Management
target. That is they aim their clubface at the ball in an effort to gain distance.
Josh Williams, Savannah Golf Club
Rodger Hogan, Royal Lakes Golf & CC



Hull takes PNC qualifier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 PGA Tour qualifying updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21


Keppler barely avoids DQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Golf Talk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 OPERATIONS MANAGER Jeff Ashby

First time PNC qualifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Chip Shots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
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Georgia coastal golf
[ Continued from the cover ]

complexes more than offset the slight dif-

ference in yardage (it’s only 6,700 yards
from the back tees and 6,340 from the next
set), and water is not as great a factor as on
its sister courses. [ABOVE AND LEFT:] Sea Island Golf Club
Pine Lakes’ name is an accurate descrip-
tion from a visual standpoint, but neither
the trees nor small bodies of water are serious a regulation and executive course, measuring hosted the GSGA Senior 4-Ball greens, while softening some of the sur-
concerns. There are a few exceptions, most just 2,460 yards with four par 3s and some Championship shortly after having bare rounding areas.
notably the demanding pair of par 4s that par 4s and 5s of modest length. fairways preceding the over-seeding. Hazards are not as prevalent as on the two
conclude the two nines. You have to hit it The original 18, designed by George The Hampton Club, which is owned and marsh-side courses, but Retreat features sev-
significantly off target to find most of the Cobb, is a traditional, resort-style layout, managed by the King and Prince Resort, has eral outstanding holes with water playing a
trouble, with the re-positioned fairway with overhanging trees on many holes a con- enjoyed the reputation as one of the state’s major role, including one of the state’s great
bunkers more a concern for longer hitters. stant reminder of the nearby presence of the most enjoyable and aesthetically appealing short par 4s (No. 6), and a terrific but per-
The greens added a little more undula- ocean and the necessity for hitting it straight layouts. The course is located along the ilous par-4 18th.
tion, and with some re-working of the off the tee. marshes at the northwestern tip of St. Plantation was renovated in the late
surrounding bunkers, more of a premium At just under 6,500 yards (6,100 from the Simons Island, with four of the holes sepa- 1990s by Rees Jones, combining the orig-
has been placed on approach shots. The next set), Sea Palms is very accommodating rated from the main body of the course by a inal nine holes with Dick Wilson’s Retreat
changes also included the installation of to players who don’t hit tour-length drives, series of bridges. nine from 1960. The course borders
some kid-friendly tees that make Pine Lakes but the yardage is a bit deceiving. Sea Palms The holes on the marsh island include Seaside, but other than a relative handful of
a wonderful course for families. lost about 225 yards five years ago when the one of Georgia’s most memorable ones – the holes, has more of a parkland feel, although
Indian Mound is a typically well-crafted par-4 ninth was altered to a semi-island par-5 14th – but the remainder of the water is a serious presence on about half
Joe Lee design, with Lee’s penchant for green par 3, with the course now playing as layout is not overwhelmed by their appeal. the holes.
strategic bunkering and a decent amount of a par 71. Lee’s design includes a number of tradi- With some deep greenside bunkers and
water in play giving the layout a little bite If you can keep the ball between the ever- tional, tree-lined holes, along with several testy putting surfaces, Plantation is more a
despite its lack of serious length. present tree lines, Sea Palms has its share of where water is a significant concern. second shot course than neighboring
Oleander is also on the short side, but scoring opportunities, but some of the more Like most of its fellow coastal courses, the Seaside, and features an interesting routing,
some uncomfortably encroaching tree lines inviting holes are also among the most per- Hampton Club is short by modern stan- with two stress-free opening holes, a tough
and the exposed nature of some of the holes ilous. About half the holes have water in dards, but the relatively narrow corridors middle stretch and several scoring opportu-
to the ever-present ocean breezes make it a play, but overhanging moss and tree limbs and Lee’s well-bunkered greens complexes nities at the end of the round. Considerable
bit more of a challenge that its sister courses remain the more constant concern, although make it an enjoyable challenge that will be risks accompany the scoring chances late in
across the street. you are able to recover from errant shots, enhanced by its restoration. the round, with Plantation a more than
Wilson’s classic design places a premium provide they aren’t too far off target. Sea Island Golf Club is the state’s pre- worthy complement to the more heralded
on precision both off the tee and an Cobb’s thoughtful, well-crafted layout is mier upscale resort, featuring three layout adjoining it.
approach shots and makes it a thoroughly understated for a resort course, but its tradi- outstanding courses that are open to outside With its marsh-side setting, ocean views
entertaining challenge, with a terrific group tional design and assortment of palms, pines play, along with two members-only facilities and rugged sand dunes, Seaside is visually
of distinctive par 5s and one of state’s and palmettos make it a worthwhile attrac- that are geographically separate from the spectacular, but occasionally intimidating
strongest par 4s (No. 12). Oleander is tion for locals and vacationers alike. The resort layouts. for the same reason, As demanding as it is,
favored by better players and was the pri- course rating and slope suggest that Sea The three accessible courses are Seaside, the course is surprisingly playable, although
mary course when Jekyll Island hosted the Palms is not an especially difficult course, Plantation and Retreat, the latter the former it can be rather daunting when the wind is
Georgia Open in the 1990s. but making it through a subtly challenging St. Simons Island Club that was extensively whipping and the landing area or green
No trip to Jekyll is complete without a back nine is no easy task, especially the stout renovated by Sea Island resident Davis Love looms in the distance with all manner of
visit to the 9-hole Great Dunes layout, trio of finishing holes. III. Retreat is located across the street from trouble in relatively close proximity.
which has several holes unlike almost any- The Hampton Club will be undergoing Seaside and Plantation, and is a bit removed Tom Fazio combined the original Seaside
thing you’ve encountered. The term quirky some restoration work in 2009, and will be from the marshes that give its sister layouts nine with Joe Lee’s early ‘70s Marshside
does not adequately describe some of the closed from April 1-October 1. The course much of their character, but the quality of nine and with a few tweaks here and there,
holes featuring very unusual design concepts will be re-grassed tee to green, with the Love’s re-design has made it a big hit with produced one of the country’s great golf
and greens complexes. bunkers renovated and a few new ones the club’s membership. treasures. The greens complexes, which fea-
Great Dunes is a lot of fun, as well as added in an effort to make the course con- Love added a number of new back tees ture a number of close cut run-off areas, add
opening a window to golf’s past. As Jekyll ditions again match the quality of Joe Lee’s that lengthened the course significantly, but to the distinct feel of the layout, which more
Director of Golf Harry Kicklighter says, the wonderful layout, which will be celebrating also widened some extremely narrow corri- than matches its heralded reputation.
typical reaction of first time visitors is its 20th anniversary in ’09. dors to make the layout much more The coastal golf scene extends beyond
“whoa.” In preparation for the re-grassing, player-friendly for those playing from Jekyll and St. Simons, with some quality
Sea Palms, located in the middle of St. Hampton Club has been completely over- shorter tees. A number of bunkers from Joe courses in and around Brunswick and an
Simons Island, features 27 holes, with the seeded for the winter, which will ensure Lee’s original design were removed to open off-the-beaten-path gem (Sapelo
West nine located across the street from the quality playing conditions until the course approach angles and allow for run up shots, Hammock) between Savannah and the
original 18 and playing like a cross between closes for six months. The club recently with Love adding size and undulation to the Golden Isles.

Stone Mountain
Golf Club

A t lant a,
Your Game Awaits You.
The Frog Golf Club

2 0 0 8 FA L L
For Tee Times

Hull adds another Georgia PGA victory
Places first in qualifier for 2009 national event

By Mike Blum
Hull, an instructor at the University of was 1-over for the day and the tourna- Atlanta area. Most recently, he worked
Georgia golf course, posted scores of ment, but three-putted for bogey from with the Henry-Griffitts company, a job
71-70—141 over two cold and windy inside 10 feet at the short, par-4 13th, and that kept him on the road a great deal.

eff Hull was unable to repeat his days on one of the strongest new additions followed with bogeys at three of the next “I bought a new car in April, 2004, and
Georgia PGA Player of the Year title to the metro Atlanta golf scene. The vic- four holes. I’ve already got 120,000 miles on it,” Hull
from 2007, but he closed the Section’s tory earned Hull first place money of Atlanta Athletic Club Director of said. “Working only five miles away from
2008 tournament schedule by adding $4,500 and boosted him to third in the Instruction Chan Reeves was 1-over for home is kind of nice.”
to his growing list of victories. final points standings for 2008. Skinner the tournament after three birdies in a 4- This will be the third time Hull has
Hull captured the Section’s Professional was second at 142 after two rounds of hole stretch beginning at the par-5 eighth, qualified for the PNC. He tied for 41st
Championship, which doubles as a qualifier 1-under 71, moving up with birdies on but an 8 on the par-4 16th killed his this year at Reynolds Plantation, which
for the 2009 PGA Professional National the final two holes. hopes of qualifying. included one round on the former Port
Championship, edging Sonny Skinner by Greg Lee, the 2004 tournament cham- Chris Knobloch, an instructor at Armor. Hull advanced to the South
one stroke at Crystal Lake in Hampton. pion, was third at 143 after holding the Smoke Rise CC, was 2-over for the tour- Regional PGA Championship several
The Georgia PGA will have at least 10 lead following an opening round 69. Lee, nament after chipping in for eagle at the times when that was held between Section
representatives in next year’s PGA PNC, an assistant at Chicopee Woods, still had eighth, but was 4-over for his last five tournaments and nationals, but only made
with Hull among seven state club profes- the lead after 27 holes at 4-under par, but holes to join Reeves in missing the playoff it past that stage once.
sionals to qualify at Crystal Lake. Skinner three bogeys over a 5-hole stretch on the by two. Weinhart, an instructor at St. Marlo,
was one of three Section members already back nine dropped him from the top of Like Reeves, Currahee Club head pro- will be playing in the PGA PNC for the
in next year’s championship, and had a the leader board. fessional John Wade was also done in by 10th straight year, and has gone on to
little more incentive to play well in the Kevin Roman, an assistant at Cherokee one bad hole. After a 9 on the eighth, qualify for the PGA Championship four
tournament than Tim Weinhart and Country Club, was one of four Georgia Wade was 7-over for the day before times since 2002, including three of the
Clark Spratlin, who also had secured PGA members to qualify for the PNC for playing his final 10 holes in 1-under to last four years. Weinhart, a 4-time Georgia
spots on the 2009 PNC, which will be the first time. (See story, page 12.) He miss the playoff by three at 151. PGA Player of the Year from 2002-05, was
played next June in New Mexico. posted the low score of the tournament, a Hull opened with a 71, and was even fifth this year, turning in several top fin-
Skinner needed a victory to overtake Matt second round 68, to take fourth at 144. par for the tournament before going 4- ishes but failing to pick up a win in a
Peterson on the Divots Points List as the Tying for fifth at 146 were Rivermont under on a 5-hole stretch capped by an Section event.
Player of the Year, but Peterson held on to CC head professional Matthew Evans, eagle at the par-5 12th. A bogey on the Lee will be competing in the PNC for
become the fourth different Section member Ford Plantation head professional C.W. difficult 14th cost Hull one stroke, but he the fifth time in the last six years, missing
to earn that honor the last four years. Canfield and veteran PNC qualifier played solidly otherwise down the stretch by just one stroke of qualifying for the
Stephen Keppler, who was very nearly to maintain his lead, holing a few clutch PGA Championship in his first start in the
disqualified from the tournament for a par putts coming down the stretch. event in 2003. He finished sixth on the
second straight year. (See story, page 10.) “I was not ever concerned about win- Divots point list this year, including his
Because Skinner had already qualified ning until I made eagle on 12,” Hull said. third Assistants’ Championship title.
for the 2009 PNC thanks to his runner- “That got me to 4-under and at that Spratlin, the head professional at Blue
up finish earlier this year in the ’08 PNC point, I knew I had a shot to win. Before Ridge River & Golf Club, which is sched-
at Reynolds Plantation, the eighth place that, I was just trying to qualify. I did not uled to open next year, also has come
finisher in the tournament also qualified go in trying to win.” within one stroke of qualifying for the
for next year’s event, with four players The victory was Hull’s second of the PGA Championship, falling just short in
tying for eighth at 148, Spratlin year, adding to his title in the inaugural 2007. Spratlin came close again this year,
among them. Chicopee Woods Players Championship. tying for 33rd at Reynolds Plantation,
The playoff, which was conducted with It’s the third time in five years Hull has with one bad hole costing him a spot in
little remaining daylight, involved won two tournaments in a season, taking the field at Oakland Hills. This will be the
Country Club of the South instructor the Georgia PGA Championship and fourth straight appearance at nationals
Shawn Koch, the winner of the two pre- Lake Oconee Classic in 2004, and the for Spratlin, who earned his spot with
vious Georgia PGA tournaments; Griffin Classic and Georgia Open in his victory in the ’08 Georgia
Savannah GC instructor Josh Williams 2007. PGA Championship at Sea Island GC.
and Ansley Golf Club’s Settindown Creek That leaves just the Atlanta Open and He ended ’08 seventh in the Georgia
head professional Randy Brooks. Match Play Championship missing from PGA standings.
Koch won on the second hole after Hull’s resume, and he has come very close Skinner, a veteran tour pro who is a
making consecutive pars on the par-5 to an Atlanta Open victory, losing in a teaching professional at River Pointe in
18th. Brooks was eliminated when he playoff to Lee in 2003 and earning low Albany, placed second this year at
bogeyed the first playoff hole, with professional honors last year. Reynolds Plantation in the PNC to earn
Williams taking bogey on the second extra Hull recently joined the instructional his first ever spot in a major champi-
hole after being penalized one stroke when staff at the University course, and said his onship. Skinner was the Section’s Player of
his cart ran over his ball in the rough in early experience at his new teaching base the Year in 2006 and nearly won it this
fading daylight. “has been great. I’m very fortunate to year. He was also second in the Atlanta
Both Capital City Club assistant Donn be there.” Open, among five top-5 finishes on the
Perno and Ansley GC Director of Golf For the first time in years, Hull does not year, and also was second in the Georgia
Phil Taylor missed the playoff by one have to spend a sizeable chunk of time PGA’s two qualifiers for Nationwide Tour
stroke, with Perno one of several competi- every day on the road. A long time Athens events in the state. Skinner has qualified
tors to have an excellent chance at area resident, Hull has spent two stints as for the PNC all three years since transi-
qualifying but failing to capitalize on the the head professional at Port Armor (now tioning from a full time tour player to a
Jeff Hull opportunity. Reynolds Landing) on Lake Oconee, as club professional who competes on the
After a birdie at the par-5 12th, Perno well as time working as in instructor in the Nationwide Tour on a limited basis.


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Keppler avoids DQ, qualifies for PNC
Barely makes tee time after wreck stalls traffic
By Mike Blum
Stephen Keppler
but he did not know that.
Keppler proceeded to bang his long
tephen Keppler was exactly 11 sec- birdie try into the cup, enabling him to

S onds from being disqualified from

the Georgia PGA Professional
Championship for the second
straight year.
Last year, Keppler fell victim to a deci-
qualify for the PNC with a stroke to spare.
He wound up tied for fourth at 146,
with his second round 76 in difficult con-
ditions not looking so bad after his 8 on
the first hole.
sion by the PGA of America (since For most of his tenure as a club profes-
changed) that devices used to determine sional in the state, Keppler was a fixture in
yardages were not allowed in qualifiers for the PGA PNC, but this will be his first
the PGA Professional National appearance in the event in several years.
Championship. Keppler, the Georgia PGA’s Player of the
The devices were allowed in Georgia Year from 1993-96, has competed in the
PGA events, but not in the Section’s quali- championship 12 times, including 11
fier at Athens Country Club for the PGA straight from 1994-2004, but has not been
PNC. Keppler, the PGA Director of Golf back since ’04. He qualified for the 2006
at Marietta Country Club, forgot about PNC, but did not play due to a family trip
that, and when he was reminded of his vio- scheduled to his native England.
lation, he reported it to an official and In recent years, Keppler has been only an
ruefully accepted his disqualification. occasional tournament participant in
In the most recent PNC qualifier at Georgia PGA events, spending more of his
Crystal Lake, Keppler left his home in time watching his children play sports than
north Cobb County about two hours Unfortunately, the three blocked lanes first hole did not improve Keppler’s mental competing in tournaments.
before his tee time for the final round at the warning quickly changed to all lanes outlook, and he needed to hole a slippery After dominating the Georgia PGA for
southside Atlanta course. An accident on I- blocked. Keppler was able to get off the downhill putt on the hole to save bogey. He much of the 1990s, Keppler has only one
75 South blocked three left lanes, and with interstate, and got on his cell phone to the settled down at that point and ran off a win in the Section in the past decade (the
a little more than an hour to go before he club in search of directions. He even called string of pars. He said he “felt better” after final Eddie Wiggins Classic at Landings
was to tee off in the final group, Keppler his wife at home, who called up Map Quest his first birdie of the day on the seventh GC in Warner Robins in 2004), but has
felt there was no cause for concern. on her computer to assist in the effort. hole, and followed with a nice par save at notched a sizeable number of top finishes
Traffic off the interstate wasn’t much the eighth and another birdie at the ninth. during that span, including four straight

Divots 2008 Georgia

better than the stalled traffic on 75, and At that point, Keppler was 1-under for runner-up showings in the Section
Keppler called Tournament Director Pat the tournament, and was well under the Championship.

PGA points leaders

Day at the course and told him, “There’s score that was going to be needed to “I should play a little more while I’m still
no way I’m going to make it.” qualify, and was only a few shots off the competitive. I have nobody to blame but
Just after making the call, Keppler lead. myself,” Keppler says. “My kids are playing
1. Matt Peterson, U. of Ga. GC . . . . 7262
noticed that traffic had begun to move a bit “I got things turned around and got back sports and we’re relatively busy at the club,
2. Sonny Skinner, River Pointe. . . . 7075
on 75, got back on it and called Day again, into it on the first nine,” said Keppler, who and I have to do a better job of managing
3. Jeff Hull, U. of Georgia GC . . . . . 6846
letting him know he was on his way. admitted to feeling “snake bit” in the PNC my time. Maybe this will turn it around a
4. Shawn Koch, CC of the South . . 4986
Keppler’s tee time was 1:40 and he qualifier after what transpired in his last little bit.”
5. Tim Weinhart, St. Marlo . . . . . . . . 4978
arrived at the tee at approximately 1:43.30. two appearances. Keppler says the club’s membership at
6. Greg Lee, Chicopee Woods . . . . 4902
That was sufficient to keep him from being “At 1:30 (ten minutes before his tee Marietta CC “encourage me to play,” but
7. Clark Spratlin,
disqualified but not in time to avoid a two- time), I thought there was no way I was admits to having difficulty making himself
Blue Ridge GC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4894
stroke penalty for missing his tee time. going to make it. I was just about to turn do the work required to keep his game at
8. Craig Stevens, Fox Creek. . . . . . . 4419
“I got my shoes on, took a ball out of my the car around.” the level its been. He is also not as moti-
9. Brian Dixon, Fox Creek. . . . . . . . . 4146
bag and made a couple of practice swings,” As Keppler stood on the 12th tee, all vated to play as he’s been, although with his
10. Winston Trively, Crooked Oak . . 3403
Keppler said. “I put my tee in the ground those thoughts had vanished, and he 50th birthday just a little over two years
11. Chan Reeves, Atlanta AC. . . . . . . 3155
and hit the ball with 11 seconds to spare.” decided to play aggressively off the tee. He away, he has two other majors to look for-
12. Jordan Arnold, Achasta GC . . . . 2841
Things didn’t get any better for Keppler attempted to carry a fairway bunker but ward to outside the state.
13. John Duta, TPC Sugarloaf . . . . . . 2797
when he took six strokes on the par-5 did not quite make it, with his ball plug- The last time Keppler appeared on the
14. Todd Peterson, Marietta CC . . . . 2782
opening hole at Crystal Lake. Adding the ging in its face. national stage was the 2001 PGA
15. Gary Cressend, Augusta CC . . . . 2735
two-shot penalty for his tardy arrival, and Instead of a possible birdie which would Championship, which was played at
16. Tommy Brannen, Augusta CC . . 2627
Keppler had a nice, round 8 on his score- have put him in position to challenge the Atlanta Athletic Club. It was his fourth
17. Wyatt Detmer, Orchard Hills . . . 2569
card. That negated much of the positive lead, Keppler wound up with a bogey that appearance in the event, but playing in a
18. Randy Brooks,
vibe from his opening round 70 which had stalled any momentum he had built. Three major in his adopted home town was not
Ansley-Settindown . . . . . . . . . . . . 2246
him in second place before his brush with consecutive bogeys at 15, 16 and 17 fol- Keppler’s career highlight.
19. Stephen Keppler, Marietta CC. . 2232
disqualification. lowed, sending Keppler to the 18th tee That distinction still belongs to the 1995
20. Will Hutter, Sea Island GC . . . . . . 2190
Keppler said he got over last year’s DQ with the idea he had to make birdie on the BellSouth Classic, where he made the most
fairly quickly, but admitted, “It was my par 5 to qualify for the PNC. serious run at a PGA Tour victory of any
fault. I was frustrated. I’ve been playing in His third shot came up well short of the club professional in the past three decades,
tournaments for a lot of years and I had pin, leaving Keppler with a putt of some 40 finishing a close third behind winner Mark
never been disqualified before. And I had feet. Because several players ahead of him Calcavecchia.
never missed my tee time before.” had struggled down the stretch, Keppler
A pitch shot that came up short on the only needed to two-putt for par to advance,
Some new names around par for most of his second round,
with 2-over looking to be the cutoff for
advancing to nationals for most of the day.
Canfield birdied the sixth after back-to-

among PNC qualifiers back bogeys at the previous two holes, and
parred the next nine holes to remain 2-over
for the tournament with three to play.

Roman, Evans, Canfield,

A bogey at the 16th dropped him to
3-over for the tournament, and he came to
the par-5 18th feeling that he needed a

Koch to make first starts

birdie to qualify.
From 70 yards out, Canfield says he took
“about six extra practice swings” with his
lob wedge, and stuck it within a foot of the
cup for the birdie. As it turned out, a par
would have been sufficient, but that did
By Mike Blum not diminish Canfield’s satisfaction from
hitting a quality shot with something on
hile the Georgia PGA’s list the line.

W of qualifiers for the 2009

PGA Professional National
Championship contained
some of the Section’s more prominent
players, there were several new names along
“That was a great feeling,” said Canfield,
who added that it “brought back some
memories from junior and college golf.
It’s been a while since I’ve been in that
side the usual suspects. Echoing similar comments from Roman
Four Georgia PGA members will be and Evans, Canfield said it’s “a great honor
making their first ever appearances in the to represent the Section at the national
national club professional championship, championship.”
with a fifth player in line to join them if he The Ford Plantation is a private equity
makes the field next June in New Mexico as club just outside Savannah in Richmond
an alternate. Hill, with the Pete Dye design originally
The first time qualifiers are head profes- known as Ogeechee GC when it opened 20
sionals Matthew Evans of Rivermont years ago.
Country Club and C.W. Canfield of the C.W. Canfield Matthew Evans Unlike his three fellow PNC first-timers,
Ford Plantation, and instructors Kevin Koch’s name is a familiar one in Georgia
Roman of Cherokee CC and Shawn Koch PGA tournament competition. He came
of Country Club of the South, who earned breezy weather. his Class A status late last year to make him into the event off consecutive wins in the
his spot in a playoff. Savannah GC “I like playing in the wind. The more eligible to compete in the PNC. two previous Section events – the Match
instructor Josh Williams is the first alter- wind, the more I like it,” the Utica, N.Y., “I’m just getting back into tournament Play Championship and the Griffin
nate after being eliminated on the second native said. Roman has been at Cherokee golf,” says Evans, who has not competed Classic, and won the Yamaha Atlanta Open
extra hole, and is likely to earn a spot in for six years, moving South in part “to get that much since his college days. “I wanted in 2006.
next year’s PNC. out of the snow.” get my feet wet and I was lucky to finish After an opening round 76, Koch was

Roman placed fourth at 144 in the Roman qualified for the 1993 U.S. the last tournament of the year on a back in the pack and began his final round
recent Georgia PGA Professional Open says he has competed in “six or high note.” off the 10th tee. With three birdies on his
Championship at Crystal Lake in seven other Tour events, but I haven’t Evans was a member of Berry’s national first six holes, Koch moved inside the cut
Hampton, with Canfield and Evans tying played well down here.” Roman had championship team as a junior and also line for qualifying for nationals, but five
for fifth at 146. The top seven finishers not shoulder surgery last year, and now that he won an individual conference title. He fin- bogeys on his next eight holes dropped him
already qualified for the 2009 PNC is healthy, is looking for some more results ished third in an international junior to 2-over for the day and 6-over for the
advanced, with Koch getting the final spot like his final round in the PNC qualifier. tournament in North Carolina to attract tournament, seemingly out of contention
at 148. Sonny Skinner, who placed On a day when no one else broke 70, the attention of some American college for one of the seven available spots.
second, was already in next year’s field Roman fired a 68 that included four birdies coaches, and with the exception of his stint But Koch responded with birdies on his
along with Clark Spratlin, who tied for and no bogeys on his scorecard, He hit 14 on the cruise ship, has been in Georgia last two holes of the day to finish at 4-over,
eighth with Koch and two others, and Tim of 18 greens, getting up and down all four ever since. and when several players struggled on the
Weinhart. times he missed, holing some 10-footers for Canfield played his college golf at West finishing holes at Crystal Lake, Koch found
A final round 68, the low score in cold, par “to keep the round going.” Point, beginning his club professional himself in a three-way playoff for one spot.
windy conditions, propelled Roman to Evans was competing in the PNC quali- career after completing his military service Koch, who was in the first group off the
nationals for the first time. He said he fier for the first time, and turned in two as an officer in the Transportation Corps. A 10th tee, had to wait more than two hours
made it to regionals “three or four times” solid rounds of 73 to advance. He moved native of West Virginia, Canfield came to after he finished his round to start the
when he was a PGA member in New York, close to the lead on the back nine with a Georgia five years ago from the PGA’s playoff in much colder conditions with
but never made it past that stage, with the birdie at 13 to put him 2-under for the day South Texas Section, where he worked at very little daylight. He managed a pair of
PGA eliminating its regional qualifiers a and 1-under for the tournament, but fell Houston Country Club. pars on the 18th, good enough to earn him
few years ago. back a bit on Crystal Lake’s difficult closing “Golf is my passion,” Canfield says. a trip to New Mexico next June.
Roman shot 76 the first day of the tour- stretch of holes. “Once I got out of the military, I got into On the strength of an eagle at eighth and
nament with two tee shots out of bounds, Like Roman, Evans had to travel a long the golf business.” birdies at 12 and 13, Williams was 1-under
but said he was “comfortable with where I way from his home to Georgia, leaving his Canfield was a top player in the South for the day and 2-over for the tournament,
stood after the round. I could have been native Scotland to play college golf at Berry Texas Section, but has not been an active but bogeyed two of his last three holes,
right there to win it. I hit a lot of good in Rome. He decided to stay in the U.S., player in the Georgia Section since moving including one at the 18th. He bogeyed the
shots, and in those conditions, that’s all you and spent four years as an assistant at here. 18th again on the second playoff hole after
can try to do.” Rivermont before working for two years as “I have three little boys ages 7, 4 and 3,” his cart ran over his ball in the rough in the
While the conditions gave most of the the Director of Golf for a cruise ship. Canfield noted. “That’s why I’m not long-since-faded daylight.
field a problem on an already difficult Evans returned to Rivermont as its head playing much golf.”
course, Roman felt at home in the chilly, professional three years ago, and achieved After an opening 74, Canfield hung right
Peterson earns Player of the Year honors
UGA head pro makes switch from life on tour to club job
By Mike Blum
Open at Newnan Country Club. Although spots for him after that. A year-and-a-half
fter 15 years as a tour player, 11 he did not win again in ’08, a string of solid later, he was done as a tour player.

A of them on what is now the showings enabled him to hold on to his “That was a bit of a surprise,” Peterson
Nationwide Tour, Matt Peterson lead in the Divots points standings, earning said of his fleeting moment in the spotlight.
reached a decision in 2004 that him Georgia PGA Player of the Year honors. “It was the first thing I had played in that
he had “had enough.” “It definitely means a lot,” Peterson said year. In the Monday qualifier I played very
Peterson was coming off back-to-back of his award. He edged out Sonny Skinner well, and carried that over the third day. I
sub-par seasons, had undergone shoulder and Jeff Hull, the 2006 and 2007 Players of started making putts; everything I looked
surgery and was finding it increasingly diffi- the Year, by a narrow margin for the title, at was going in.”
cult to spend so much time away from his with the outcome still in doubt when the Eventually, Peterson’s putter cooled off
wife and young children. Section held its final event of ’08. and an errant shot or two ended any hopes
The Business/Management Science “Every point counts,” Peterson offered. “It of being a serious contender the final round.

Matt Peterson
degree he had earned from the University was close at the end.” “I got into a situation of ‘Whoa, what’s
of Georgia 15 years ago gave Peterson After his stretch of three wins and a going on here? I got to a point where I
some possible options outside the golf runner-up finish in four starts spanning the thought too much. If I had just rode the
business, but the computer field had end of the 2007 schedule and the start of placed 12th on the money list in 2001 (the wave, I would have finished better.”
changed drastically in that time. the ’08 season, Peterson admitted he was top 15 made it that year), setting a tour After the 2004 season, Peterson thought
“When you’re out playing and you’re at “not quite as sharp” for the latter stages of record for greens in regulation. he was done as a tour player, but thanks to
the age I was what, it’s in the back of your ’08. “I played well in the Section When he moved up to the PGA Tour, his new job, he got another shot in ’07.
mind,” Peterson said of a possible second Championship, but I really haven’t played Peterson was the second leading all-time Peterson was given a sponsor’s exemption
career. “I had done well on the Nationwide or practiced that much.” money winner on the Nationwide Tour, but into the Nationwide Tour event at Jennings
Tour, but if your game falls off, you have to Other than his tournament appearances, the success he had enjoyed there did not Mill just outside Athens, and after shooting
make a decision. Peterson’s off days are typically spent with continue once he reached the top. 68 the first day, made the cut.
“It’s something I had always thought his family, and it was the time he spent Peterson played respectably as a PGA His victory in the Section Championship
about; once I get out of golf, what am I away from home that drove his decision to Tour rookie, but respectable wasn’t last year earned him a berth in the ’08
going to do? I was looking to find some- end his tour career. enough. He earned more than $266,000 to Athens Regional Foundation Classic, and he
thing with a little more stability.” Peterson turned pro after graduating place 164th on the money list, not high made the cut again. As the Section’s Player
from Georgia, and enjoyed some enough to retain his playing privileges. He of the Year for 2008, Peterson gets a spot in

PGA Pro-file
immediate success on regional turned in several strong showings the one of the state’s two Nationwide Tour
GEORGIA mini-tours before qualifying for the second half of the season, most notably in events, and is expected to make a third
Ben Hogan (now Nationwide) Tour in San Antonio, where a second round 62 got straight start in the tournament next year.
1992. He returned to the mini-tours him in contention for victory through the Peterson says his transition from tour
in ’93, and scored a dramatic weekend and left him in a tie for 10th. player to club professional has been “pretty
playoff victory in the Georgia “Effort-wise, I have no regrets,” Peterson easy, and I have Dave to thank for that.”
Peterson, who had settled in Athens after Open that year over Georgia PGA Player of said of his only season on the PGA Tour. “If I Peterson was referring to Dave Cousart,
graduating from Georgia in 1989, did not the Year Stephen Keppler to help propel could have gotten another year past that the Director of Golf at the University course,
have to look far. Several months after his him back to the Nike Tour (same tour, new first year and gotten status, I think it could who heads up an excellent staff that also
last Nationwide Tour start in 2004, he title sponsor) in ’94. have been different, but I did not play well includes instructor Ed Katchur and recent
accepted the position as head professional For the next eight years, that tour was that year.” addition Jeff Hull, the Section’s ’07 Player of
at the University of Georgia Golf Course, Peterson’s home, and he was consistently Peterson had some serious family con- the Year.
and will celebrate his fourth anniversary among its top players during that span. But cerns off the course that year as well, and “I had been in Athens for 20 years and
there in early 2009. he never was quite able to play well after two unproductive seasons on the played and practiced at the University
Although his career as a tour player was enough to earn his PGA Tour card, missing Nationwide Tour, the desire to be at home course,” said Peterson, citing a “comfort
over, Peterson was not done as a competi- by the slimmest of margins in 1995 when on a more regular basis won out over his level” he felt in his new position. “I knew
tive golfer. He began playing in Georgia he was 11th on the money list, one spot out drive to compete. everybody, and it was pretty easy to jump
PGA tournaments, but it took a while for of the top 10 finish necessary to move up. “Looking back at the travel, I wonder in in that respect. The transition has been as
him to adjust to competing on an infre- Peterson scored his lone tour victory that ‘how did I ever do that?” That was a lot good as I could have hoped for.”
quent basis. year, rallying from a 6-stroke deficit after 54 harder than it’s given credit for.” Working at a University course is not that
Peterson scored his first victory in a holes to win what turned out to be the final Although Peterson’s last two seasons on much different from your standard daily fee
Georgia PGA event in the Section Central Georgia Open in Macon. He played the Nationwide Tour did not go well, he did facility, Peterson says, but there are some
Championship in the summer of 2007 at Sea a 7-hole stretch on the back nine at River manage one more highlight before calling unique aspects of working in Athens.
Island Golf Club, shooting a final round 66 on North (now Healy Point) in 7-under to pull it a career. Weekends in the Fall are geared around the
the Plantation Course to win by four strokes. away from challengers Franklin Langham, In an effort to prepare for the 2003 Bulldogs’ football schedule, which largely
In his next start, Peterson reached the Frank Lickliter, Jerry Kelly and Allen Doyle. Nationwide Tour, he entered Monday qual- determines how busy the course is
finals of the Match Play Championship But in the Tour Championship at ifying for the PGA Tour event at Doral and going to be.
before losing to Greg Lee. He came right Settindown Creek in Roswell, Peterson made it into the field. Scores of 68 and 70 Because of his schedule and the pres-
back after that to win the Section’s qualifier dropped from ninth on the money list to the first two rounds put him in solid posi- ence of other quality instructors on staff,
for the 2008 PGA Professional National 11th, even though he posted the lowest tion after 36 holes, and he got to 7-under Peterson does not teach a great deal.
Championship at Athens Country Club, final 36-hole total among the 50-player par on the day in the third round to briefly He describes teaching as “one of the
with that tournament the first one on the field to finish tied for 12th. take the lead before a pair of late double toughest parts of the job, but also one of
Georgia PGA’s schedule for the ’08 season. Peterson spent the next six seasons in bogeys ended his torrid run. the most rewarding. It’s a big responsibility
Peterson began 2008 the same way he golf’s version of baseball’s Class AAA before Peterson finished the tournament tied and challenge. It’s like putting a
ended ’07, winning the Yamaha Atlanta finally getting his shot at the majors. He for 27th, but there were not many bright puzzle together.”



Love ends season “But the little things – holing putts when
you have to and all that – that’s golf. I just
wondered how I was going to get it back.”
Love did not put the entire onus for his
sub-standard play on his injury.

in style with Disney win “Certainly I’ve had a couple bad breaks,
but even after getting hurt, I should have
played better all year. It shouldn’t have been

Victory snaps long stretch

this long to put four good rounds together.
It meant an awful lot to put four good

of sub-par play from veteran

rounds together.”
Love started the tournament on a positive
note with three birdies in his first five holes
of the opening round, and closed out the
day with three more birdies in succession
for a 66 that included what would be his
By Mike Blum only bogey in 72 holes.
Despite an off day with the putter, Love

hen the PGA Tour came back with a 69, with his second round
wrapped up its 2008 scorecard consisting of 15 pars and birdies
season, a number of on three of the four par 5s.
prominent veterans were Love was seven shots off the lead after 36
among those who failed to finish in the top holes and still well back midway through
125 on the money list to retain exempt the third round. But three birdies and an
status for 2009. eagle over a 5-hole stretch vaulted him into
Among them were the likes of David contention.
Toms, Mark Calcavecchia, Tom Lehman, A hot start and another torrid stretch on
Jesper Parnevik and Chris DiMarco. the back nine in the final round put Love
When the Fall Series of tournaments on top, and he stayed there despite some
began in September, Sea Island resident errant drives on the final two holes.
Davis Love III was also on that list. At the “The last two holes weren’t pretty,” he
time, Love was a distant 155th on the observed. “I hit three bad drives on the day
PGA Tour in earnings with $377,550. In and had to scramble on three of the harder
17 starts, Love had finished in the top 20 holes. But I putted extremely well the last
just once all year, a tie for 19th in the two days.”
British Open. After driving into trouble at the 17th,
Love was already coming off the worst Love assessed his situation.
season of his professional career in 2007, a “Obviously I knew I was leading. But I
year which ended with Love undergoing didn’t know what other guys were shooting.

ankle surgery after being injured during a I was in trouble, but I was confident that I
casual round of golf in Columbus. Davis Love III was going to get the ball up and down.
As a result of the injury, Love missed the “I wasn’t thinking about winning or
end of the 2007 season and the first month losing or screwing up. I was thinking about
of the ’08 campaign, and displayed the Stone Resort and was sixth two weeks later wanted to get out and compete and play to chasing that ball and getting it up and
effects of the injury and his absence from in Las Vegas. Those two finishes boosted win; not try to make the top 125 and not down.”
tournament action when he returned to Love to 125th on the money list, and just try to make the cut and show up. But Love made par after pitching back to the
the tour. another solid showing in Scottsdale, Ariz., to come and play to win.” fairway following his off-target tee shot, and
When the FedExCup playoffs got under resulted in a tie for 11th and a guaranteed Love’s career trajectory has been on a saved par again at the 18th from a greenside
way in August with the top 144 players on him a spot in the top 125 at the end of downward arc since 2003, when he won bunker.
the 2008 PGA Tour, Love was not among the season. four times and finished third on the money “It’s a big win for me. It’s been a long
the qualifiers, leaving him with an unsched- Playing his sixth tournament in six list. He turned in two respectable but win- three years because everybody, like me,
uled six-week vacation from his job of two weeks, Love concluded his 2008 season at less seasons in 2004 and ’05 before breaking expects me to play better.”
decades. the Disney World Resort in Orlando in a three-year winless drought in Greensboro With the victory, Love moved up 70
While most of the PGA Tour’s top players memorable fashion. in ’06 after what had been a mostly disap- spots on the money list, finishing the year at
put their clubs in the closet after the Tour Closing with back-to-back rounds of 64, pointing showing that year. 48 with almost $1.7 million. He advanced a
Championship, Love elected to give the Love claimed his first victory in more than After fourth place finishes in two of his comparable distance in the World Rankings
2008 season one last shot. Or more pre- two years, staving off the surprising chal- first starts of 2007, Love’s name was absent to 76th, putting himself in position to earn
cisely, six of them. lenge of Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey, who from PGA Tour leader boards for the rest of an invitation to the 2009 Masters after
Love decided to play the last six tourna- entered the final tournament of the season the year with the exception of a one-week missing this year’s event for the first time
ments of the PGA Tour schedule in an effort 228th on the money list with earnings of revival in the World Golf Championships since 1990.
to salvage his season. He didn’t have to. barely $65,000. event at Firestone, where he finished in a Love will need either a PGA Tour win
Because of his standing on the PGA Tour’s After birdies on five of the first seven distant tie for sixth. prior to the ’09 Masters or move into the
career money list (he began 2008 fourth holes on the back nine, Love needed a pair His freak ankle injury followed several top 50 in the World Rankings to qualify for
with more than $35 million), Love would of clutch up-and-down pars at 17 and 18 to weeks later, not the best timing for a 40- Augusta. But his win at Disney did get him
have been exempt for 2009 even if he secure his 20th career PGA Tour victory. something veteran undergoing a lengthy the last spot in the season-opening
packed it in for the season and wound up Gainey matched Love’s closing 64, high- stretch of unsatisfactory results. Mercedes Championship in Hawaii.
around 165th on the final money list. lighted by a 6-under 30 on the back nine, “It wasn’t exactly what I needed after not The victory also earns Love a career
After not seriously contending in a PGA but could not halt Love’s march to victory. playing well for a couple of years; having to exemption on the PGA Tour, a perk
Tour event since his last win in Greensboro “I’m just thrilled to come out on top and come back from surgery. But I didn’t doubt limited to players with at least 20 career
in the summer of 2006, Love tied for third to accomplish what I really wanted to do my desire and I didn’t doubt the fact that I victories.
in his Fall Series opener at the Turning this Fall,” Love said after his victory. “I could compete.

Blanks, Todd earn spots on ’09 PGA Tour
Join 3 state collegians
in Nationwide’s top 25
finishes in the final two tournaments on Q-school by one stroke.
the schedule. His T3 at the Tour Veteran tour pro Tommy Tolles notched
Championship jumped him from 32nd to a pair of top-5 finishes in ’08, but did not
23rd, the second time in three years he has play after August and ended up 83rd in
narrowly earned a promotion to the PGA earnings in just 14 events. Tolles, 42, has
Tour. Molder competed on the PGA Tour played extensively on both the PGA and

By Mike Blum
in his first two seasons as a professional, but Nationwide Tours, but has not been on the
Savannah in Bluffton, S.C., with his wife was off that tour for four years before PGA Tour since 2004.
Tami, a teaching pro at Sea Pines on Hilton returning in 2007. He did not play well Snellville’s Jonathan Fricke had an up-
f the 25 players who finished in

Head Island. enough to retain his spot there, and and-down rookie season on the Nationwide
the top 25 on the 2008 Todd, a 2007 Georgia graduate who has returned to the Nationwide Tour this year. Tour. Fricke, 26, who played on the Georgia
Nationwide Tour money list, settled in Atlanta, enjoyed an outstanding A tie for second in Valdosta was his only top State golf team, made just 7 of 28 cuts, but
four played their college golf in rookie season on the Nationwide Tour, win- 15 until his torrid finish, which included played well when he made it to the
Georgia, and will join a Georgia native and ning a tournament in Utah and placing three straight top 10s. weekend. He had a pair of top 10 finishes,
former Savannah club professional on the 19th in earnings with $244,225. Todd, who Two other Georgians finished among the both in the midst of a stretch where he
PGA Tour in ’09. began the year as a non-exempt player, con- top 40 in earnings to earn exempt status for missed 13 of 15 cuts, and was in the top 30
Kris Blanks, who was born in Warner tended for a victory in Athens in his first 2009 as well as a spot in the finals of PGA each of the last five times he went the entire
Robins and spent several years as an assis- Nationwide start and was ninth a few weeks Tour qualifying. 72 holes. Fricke was 11th on tour in driving
tant at The Landings in Savannah, will be a later in Valdosta, the first of his seven top Albany’s Josh Broadaway finished 36th distance, but was well outside the top 100
rookie on the PGA Tour next year, along 10s on the season. He compiled some in earnings with $172,880, by far his best in hitting both fairways and greens. He fin-
with recent college golfers Brendon Todd impressive stats, placing third in scram- showing in four years on the Nationwide ished 93rd in earnings with $66,140.
(Georgia); Matt Weibring (Georgia Tech) bling, fourth in scoring and among the top Tour. Broadaway, 30, endured a roller- Eatonton’s Blake Adams had no status
and Aron Price (Georgia Southern). Bryce 5 in both putting categories. coaster season in which he made nine on the Nationwide Tour this season, but
Molder (Georgia Tech) returns to the PGA straight cuts, including back-to-back ties for managed to make 11 starts, including four
Tour after a strong finish that propelled him fourth and six the last two weeks, then top-20 finishes in his first six appearances.
into the top 25. missed the cut eight times in a row. He He was 94th with $63,070 and will have
ended the season with a tie for third in limited status for next year even though he
Miami and a T16 in the Tour failed to advance beyond the first stage of
Championship. Broadaway, who plays Q-school.
cross-handed and putts left-handed, Although he finished outside the top 100,
finished fourth in putting average. LaFayette’s John Kimbell will have non-
Duluth resident Scott Dunlap won the exempt status in 2009 from his win in
season-opening tournament in Panama, but Valdosta last year. In 25 starts, Kimbell’s best
did not have another top 10 the rest of the finish was a tie for 18th, as he fell from 37th
year and slipped to 37th in earnings with as a 38-year-old rookie to 120th this year.
$170,080. Dunlap was 8th in driving accu- Former Norcross resident Reid Edstrom
racy and 23rd in greens in regulation, but played a limited rookie schedule in ’08, get-

his struggles with the putter negated his ting into 14 events. He made six cuts and had
solid tee to green play. After seven years on several solid showings, but with just $38,090
the PGA Tour, the 45-year-old Dunlap has (118th) has lost his status on the tour.
spent the last six on the Nationwide Tour, Like Kimbell, ex-Georgia Tech golfer
picking up his second Nationwide career Tripp Isenhour will also be playing off his
win. Dunlap has played all over the world past champion status in 2009. Isenhour has
Brendon Todd
during his pro career, collecting victories in four wins on the Nationwide Tour and has
Canada, South America and South Africa. spent five years on the PGA Tour, but suf-
Four other Georgia residents and an ex- fered through a dismal 2008 that included
Price, a native of Australia, recorded his Bulldog finished among the top 100 on the his infamous bird-killing shot. Isenhour
first win in three Nationwide Tour seasons, money list and will have non-exempt status made just 6 of 22 cuts and was 122nd in
taking a playoff early on the schedule in on the 2009 Nationwide Tour. earnings after finishing in the top 10 on the
northern California. He wound up 18th in Woodstock’s Chris Kirk, Todd’s teammate money list the last three season he played
earnings with $249,150 after placing 52nd at Georgia, was 77th in his rookie season, the Nationwide Tour full time.
and 42nd the previous two seasons. Price highlighted by a second place finish in Georgia PGA member Sonny Skinner, a
enjoyed an outstanding career at Georgia Knoxville, where he lost in a playoff. But that long-time Nationwide Tour player, made 10
Southern, winning seven tournaments, was Kirk’s only top 15 finish, as he struggled starts in 2008, with his best finish a tie for
Kris Blanks including four in his final season in 2005. down the stretch to fall out of the top 60. 18th in Athens. Skinner would have led the
Weibring enjoyed his best year on the Kirk made the cut in all three of his PGA tour in driving accuracy, but did not play
Nationwide Tour in his fifth season, placing Tour starts in ’08, including the U.S. Open, enough rounds to be eligible for that honor.
Blanks, 36, played his first full season on second in scoring average and third in the but was just 10 of 19 on the Nationwide Savannah’s Tim O’Neal, who has placed
the Nationwide Tour in ’08 after two years all-around category to end up 24th in earn- Tour, making just one cut after August. among the top 60 money winners on the
of competing as a non-exempt player. He ings with $228,150. Weibring, a 2002 Augusta’s Scott Parel got off to a strong Nationwide Tour three times since 2001,
won one of the tour’s top events in Chicago Georgia Tech graduate, posted six top 10s start in 2008, including a fourth place managed just 13 starts and made only four
and added a third place finish late in the in ’08, with his best showing a third place finish in Valdosta, but also had problems cuts, with a tie for 24th his best finish.
season in Chattanooga, ending up 13th on finish in the BMW Championship in late in the season, mainly due to his putting O’Neal, 35, was 100th in earnings in 2007,
the money list with just over $280,000. Greenville, S.C. He is the son of and some disappointing showings in final the cutoff for having non-exempt status,
Blanks won two Georgia PGA events Champions Tour player D.A. Weibring. rounds. Parel, 43, has played five seasons on but was well outside the top 100 this year
during his stay at The Landings and won Molder, who played on the Georgia Tech the Nationwide Tour, and slipped a bit to and will be without status on the tour for
three times on the Hooters Tour, including golf team with Weibring, closed out 81st after placing 68th last year. Parel the first time since 2004.
one in Savannah. He lives just outside the season with consecutive third place missed advancing to the second stage of

Skinner among Georgians to pass Q-school
Fricke, Robinson, Manning
also advance to final stage
Augusta’s Jay Mundy shot 282 to miss by


one stroke, falling out of the top 20 the final
day despite shooting 1-under 71 the final
round. Mundy tied for 22nd as did former
Georgia golfer Erik Compton, who was
among the top 20 after each of the first three
rounds with scores of 70-70-69. But
By Mike Blum

Compton closed with a 73 to fall just short
of reaching the finals after undergoing a

ore than two dozen golfers second heart transplant earlier this year.
with Georgia ties competed Missing by two strokes at 283 were veteran
in the second stage of PGA Nationwide Tour player Tim O’Neal of
Tour qualifying recently, Savannah and second-year tour player Luke
but only a handful managed to advance to Sonny Skinner List of Ringgold. O’Neal, who struggled in
the finals. limited Nationwide action this year, was tied
Georgia PGA member Sonny Skinner, a for 50th after 54 holes, but was 4-under after
long time tour player and teaching profes- been to Q-school since 1988, but had to seven holes the final day to get within range
sional at River Pointe in Albany, led the return to class this year after falling to 193rd of the top 20. However, he played his last 11
small group of qualifiers into the finals, on the PGA Tour money list. Andrade holes in even par for a 68 to fall just short.
Jonathan Fricke
which are scheduled for Dec. 3-8 at PGA notched 10 birdies the first two rounds and List was 39th after 54 holes, but was 4-
West in La Quinta, Calif. was tied for 20th at 139, but shot 70-73 the under after 12 holes the final round to get to
Joining Skinner were Snellville’s Jonathan last two days with just five birdies and the cutoff line of 7-under. A late bogey on a
Fricke, a rookie on the Nationwide Tour this to finals. missed by three strokes. Andrade, a 4-time par 5 knocked List out of chance to reach
year; 2008 Tar Heel and Hooters Tour win- A sizeable number of Georgians just winner on the PGA Tour, will be able to play the finals.
ners David Robinson of Sandersville and missed advancing to finals from the a relatively extensive schedule next year with Others who failed to advance were former
Major Manning of Clarkesville; and recent Callaway Gardens qualifier. John Kimbell the help of past champion’s status and Georgia golfer David Denham of Tifton,
U. of Tennessee golfer David Skinns, the of LaFayette, who won the 2007 sponsor invitations. who missed by three shots at 284; and
’08 Hooters Tour Player of the Year. Skinns, Nationwide Tour event in Valdosta, came up Former Norcross resident Reid Edstrom, Jay McLuen and Donald Carpenter, both
who came to Tennessee from England, is one shot short, as did former U. of Georgia who was 118th in earnings on the of Athens.
living in Marietta. golfer Richard Scott. Nationwide Tour this year, missed by four Skinner and Skinns both advanced at the
They will join veteran tour pro Scott Kimbell was tied for 11th after 54 holes shots at 283. Edstrom shot 68 in the first Hombre in Panama City. Skinner, the 2006
Dunlap of Duluth and Albany’s Josh with scores of 70-67-70, and was on the cut and third rounds and needed a 70 the final Georgia PGA Player of the Year, competed
Broadaway in the finals. Dunlap and line of 9-under with four holes to play. But day, but settled for a 74 with just one birdie, on a limited basis on the Nationwide Tour
Broadaway both finished in the top 40 on he bogeyed two of the holes coming in for a that coming on the 17th hole. this year after competing on either the PGA
the Nationwide Tour money list and will be 73, offsetting a birdie at the 18th. Roswell’s Justin Bolli was tied for 18th Tour or its secondary circuit from 1990-
fully exempt for the ’09 Nationwide Tour if Scott also shot a final round 73, missing after 54 holes, but got off to a rocky start the 2005. Skinner tied for sixth at the Hombre at
they fail to earn their PGA Tour cards. by one stroke after a bogey at the 18th. All final day and shot 76 to miss by five shots at 8-under 276, posting scores of 68 the first
The top 25 and ties in the finals of Q four players who tied for 17th at 9-under 284. Bolli, who was 155th on the money list and fourth rounds with a pair of 70s in
school will earn PGA Tour playing privileges birdied one of their final holes to make it on in his second stint on the PGA Tour, will between.
for ’09, with approximately 50 players the number. Scott and Kimbell were among return to the Nationwide Tour in ’09 for his Skinns, who won three times on the
earning exempt status on the Nationwide four players to tie for 21st. fourth season. He won tournaments in 2004 Hooters Tour this year, shot a final round
Tour. The remaining players who reach the Rookie Nationwide Tour player Chris and ’07 to finish in the top 10 in earnings 68 to move from 26th to 14th at 279.
finals will have non-exempt status on the ’09 Kirk of Woodstock and fellow ex-Bulldog and move up to the PGA Tour the following Tour veteran Paul Claxton of St. Simons
Nationwide Tour. Kevin Kisner of Aiken, S.C., both missed season. Island will return to the Nationwide Tour
Fricke was 10th at Callaway Gardens with by two at 281. Kirk shot 71 the final day Also missing by five at 283 was Newnan’s for his 11th season after a fourth attempt at
an 11-under 277 total. He was just outside after getting off to a strong start with birdies Steve Gilley, who started fast (3-under after the PGA Tour proved unsuccessful. Claxton
the top 20 cut line for advancing to finals on two of his first three holes. But Kirk, who four holes the first day) and finished strong was a distant 218th on the PGA Tour
after 36 holes, but fired a 65 in the third was 77th on the Nationwide money list and (a final round 66 including 5-under 31 on money list, making just 8 of 23 cuts. He
round highlighted by a pair of eagles – one will have non-exempt status in ‘09, managed his final nine), but was 4-over par in became the first player in Nationwide Tour
on the par-5 second and the other when he just one birdie the rest of the day. between. history to eclipse $1 million in career earn-
holed out from the fairway on the par-4 Kisner eagled the seventh hole, his 16th of Former PGA Tour winner Michael Clark ings, and will look to match his play of
18th. His even par round of 72 the final day the day, and needed a birdie on one of his of Dalton sandwiched a pair of 69s with a 2007, when he finished 10th on the money
included 16 pars, as he advanced with two last two holes to finish at 9-under, but 75 the first round and a 74 the last for a 287 list and captured his second career title.
shots to spare. Fricke reached the finals of Q bogeyed the par-3 eighth for a final round total. Cartersville’s Bryant Odom shot him- Claxton, a Vidalia native and former
school last year, missing the PGA Tour by 70. A 74 the second day was his only score self out of contention the first day with a 77, Georgia Bulldog, shot a final round 69 at
just three strokes. higher than 70. with a 67 the next round his only score of the Hombre for a 1-under 283 total to
Robinson, who led the Tar Heel Tour in Tim Weinhart, a 4-time Georgia PGA par or better. finish two strokes outside the top 20. Also
earnings, will be making his first appearance Player of the Year, broke par in all four Manning was the lone Georgian to failing to advance was Mark Harrell of
in the finals of qualifying. He won three rounds and finished at 6-under 282 to tie advance in Brooksville, Fla., with five others Hazlehurst, who was in contention after 36
tournaments this year and continued his for 33rd. Weinhart, an instructor at St. missing by three strokes or less. Manning, holes before shooting a 79 in the third
excellent play, breaking par in all four rounds Marlo, shot 71 each of the first rounds who concluded his career at Augusta State round. Harrell turned pro this year after
on the Mountain View course, including before a closing 69 that included a 4-under last year, won a tournament on the Hooters completing his college golf career at
scores of 69 each of the first three days. 32 on his final nine. Weinhart reached the Tour in his first full season as a tour pro. He Alabama.
Robinson shot a final round 71 with five of finals two years ago to earn limited tied for fourth in his qualifier with at 11- Former Georgia golfer David Miller
his 20 birdies for the week to tie for 11th at Nationwide Tour status for 2007. under 277, shooting in the 60s each of the missed by two shots in Texas, shooting 69
278. It took a 9-under 279 total to advance Atlanta resident Billy Andrade had not first three rounds before a 71 the final day. the final day for a 2-under 286 total.

Odom, Sims, Gilley
medalists in first
stage Q-school events
number of Georgians advanced final day for a 293 total to miss by two. He

A past the first stage of qualifying

for the 2009 PGA Tour, com-
peting at courses in Florida, the
Carolinas, Texas and California.
Three Georgians shared medalist honors
played his last seven holes in 3-over par.
Adams, who played well on the Nationwide
Tour this year, and Claxton, who shot 78
the fourth round, both missed by four.
Adams will have limited status on the
in their qualifiers, including 2008 Georgia Nationwide Tour in ’09 after placing 94th
Open champion Bryant Odom, a on the money list.
Cartersville native now living on St. Simons Don Carpenter of Athens and Major
Island. Manning of Clarkesville both had top-10
Odom, who worked as an assistant pro- finishes in St. Augustine, Fla. Carpenter was
fessional for a few years at Ocean Forest and seventh at 1-under 279 with Manning
won the Georgia PGA’s Assistants’ eighth at 280. Tifton native David
Championship in 2007, posted a 14-under Denham, a former Georgia golfer, tied for
266 total at Florence (S.C.) CC to finish in 22nd at 285 to advance on the number.
a 3-way tie for first. Odom shot either 66 or Denham shot 65 the first day, but struggled
67 in all four rounds. to a 76 the final round.
Also advancing from Florence were Also advancing were ex-Bulldog David
David Robinson of Sandersville, the top Miller and Aiken’s Dane Burkhart. Tim
player on the 2008 Tar Heel Tour, and Arnoult of Decatur missed by one stroke at
rookie pro Mark Harrell of Hazlehurst. 286, with rookie pro Jamie Bowen of
Robinson tied for sixth at 272, with Harrell Dawsonville missing by two,
qualifying on the number at 278, tying for At Key Biscayne, Fla., Jay McLuen of
22nd. The top 23 and ties advanced, with Athens tied for 23rd to make it on the
Harrell shooting 75-72 the final two rounds number at 296, along with former Georgia
after opening with scores of 63 and 68. golfer Erik Compton, who shot 68 the final
Former Georgia golfer Kevin Kisner tied round. Compton recently underwent his
for 10th at 274 to advance along with fellow second heart transplant, and was allowed
Aiken, S.C., resident and co-medalist the use of a golf cart by the PGA Tour.
Stephen Poole and Scott Brown of North At Palm City, Fla., two Georgia
Augusta, S.C., who tied for sixth with Nationwide Tour players advanced and one
Robinson. just missed. Snellville’s Jonathan Fricke
D.J. Fiese of Woodstock missed by just shot 5-under 279 to place 11th, with former
one stroke at 279 after being one shot under Norcross resident Reid Edstrom 12th at
the cut line with eight holes to play. Others 282 after a final round 66. Augusta’s
failing to advance were Brent Scott Parel was one shot under the cut line
Delahoussaye, Emmett Turner, Nick before bogeys at 15 and 16, and missed
Cowper, Jack Croyle, Derek Oakey and advancing by one stroke at 285. Parel was
Drew Bowen. 81st on the money list this year, and will
Michael Sims, like Odom a St. Simons have partial status on the Nationwide Tour
Island resident, tied for first in Kingwood, next year.
Tx., with an 11-under 277 total. Joe Stuart Moore, Chris Holroyd and TPC
Deraney and Brad Heaven failed to Sugarloaf assistant pro John Duta also
advance, with Deraney missing by three failed to advance.
shots. Ringgold’s Luke List, who did not make
Sims tied for ninth in a late second stage it past first stage in his first attempt last year,
qualifier in Texas to advance to finals. advanced this time from a qualifier in
The third Georgian to share medalist Santee, Cal. After shooting a 77 the first
honors was Newnan mini-tour player Steve day, List followed with scores of 71-69-71
Gilley, who shot 8-under 280 at Treyburn to tie for 11th at 288. Atlanta native Ned
CC in Durham, N.C. David Skinns of Michaels failed to advance.
Marietta tied for fourth at 282, with Recent Georgia Tech golfer Kevin Larsen
Augusta’s Jay Mundy and Savannah’s Tim shot 7-under 281 in Hollister, Cal., to tie
O’Neal barely making it, tying for the 25th for 25th, but only the top 24 and ties
and last position at 291. O’Neal birdied the advanced.
18th and needed help to qualify from sev- Former Georgia Bulldog Richard Scott
eral players, including Mundy, who bogeyed tied for 12th with a 9-under 279 total to
his final hole. advance in McKinney, Tex. Josh Geary of
Among those who did not advance were St. Simons Island missed by one at 282.
Roberto Castro, Blake Adams and Will Also failing to advance were Ian Hessels of
Claxton. Castro, an Alpharetta resident and Duluth, rookie pro Thomas Hagler of
recent Georgia Tech standout, shot 76 the Ringgold, and Jeff Bors of St. Simons.

Golf Talk
Jones Creek Golf Club

Savannah’s Browne No Champions event

named Pro of Year in Atlanta in 2009
Savannah Golf Club head PGA professional After already losing its annual PGA Tour
Toby Browne is the Georgia PGA’s event at TPC Sugarloaf, Atlanta will not have
Professional of the Year for 2008, with Josh a Champions Tour tournament at the
Williams, Browne’s assistant at the club, the Duluth course in 2009.
Section’s Assistant Professional of the Year. The Tour had hoped to add a Champions
Browne and the other awards winners Tour event for next year at Sugarloaf, but

Augusta’s Jones Creek

(below) will be honored at the annual PGA with a struggling economy, the over-50 tour
banquet Feb. 28 at Turner Field. did not add a new tournament for 2009, as

gets new ownership

April 16-19 and Valdosta April 23-26, with

no new title sponsors could be secured.
Teacher of the Year: the Champions Tour’s Legends of Golf in
The Champions Tour will drop three tour-
Cody Barden, White Columns. Savannah April 24-26.

Lake Arrowhead opens
naments from its 2008 schedule, with
Junior Golf Leader: William Lewis, Augusta’s Jones Creek Golf Club, one of
events in Hawaii, Boston and Long Island
the state’s top daily fee layouts, has a new

after major renovations

First Tee @ John A. White.

going out of business. The Champions Tour
Bill Strausbaugh Award: ownership group, the sixth since the club
has just 26 events on its ’09 schedule after
Ray Cutright, Idle Hour. opened in the mid-1980s. There is a

having as many as 39 in 2000.
Horton Smith Award: Phil Berry, After undergoing extensive renovations, difference this time, as the new owners,
The LPGA Tour is down from 34 tourna-
Career Services Consultant, Lake Arrowhead’s Highlands Course in who include two former Jones Creek
ments to 31, losing events in Hawaii, south
PGA of America, District 13. Waleska has re-opened. All but about five club professionals, will also manage

Florida, Tulsa and Charleston, S.C., and
Growth of the Game Award: holes are completely new, with Atlanta the course.
adding one in Thailand. The LPGA has only
Chris Knoblauch, Golf Experience Co. area-based course architect D.J. DeVictor Ray Mundy, an assistant when the club

three tournaments in the entire Southeast
Presidents Award: Bert Seagraves, creating the new holes and re-working the opened in 1985, is part of the ownership
in 2009, one in central Florida and two in
Rome. handful of remaining originals. group, as is Augusta native Gregg
The new layout is longer and more diffi- Hemann, who served two previous stints
The PGA Tour has yet to announce dates
Merchandisers of the Year: cult than the original design, with the back as head professional at the club and has
 Private: Joseph Devaney, Athens CC.
for the ’09 Tour Championship at East Lake,
tees listed at just over 7,200 yards and the resumed that position. Mundy went on to
 Resort: Brannen Veal,
with the tournament set to be played either
next set 6,764. The middle tees are just be Director of Operations for Jones Creek
Sept. 17-20 or 24-27. The preference is for
Sea Island Golf Club. under 6,300 yards, with the senior tees and Cedar Creek in Aiken, S.C., before
 Public: Daryl Batey,
Sept. 24-27 to give players a week off after
5,660 and the forward tees 4,700. starting a golf management firm that
three weeks of FedExCup playoffs events,
Charlie Yates Course. DeVictor’s re-design features plenty of assumed management of Jones Creek
 Salesman of the Year:
but there apparently are complications with
elevation changes and a number of carries earlier this year.
NBC’s broadcast schedule.
Russell Miller, Club Car. over creeks, as well as some large Jones Creek was designed by Rees
 Distinguished Service Award:
Other than the Tour Championship, all
greens with plenty of movement. For Jones with Tom Fazio making some
four Tour events in Georgia next year will be
Tom Cousins. information, call 770-479-5500 or visit changes to the layout in 2003. It is
played in April, beginning with the Masters believed to be the only course in the U.S.
(9-12). The Nationwide Tour plays in Athens
that lists both Jones and Fazio as

Unique golf gift captures memories

Robinson to Forest Hills: Long-time
Highland Country Club head professional
Bill Robinson is the new head profes-
sional/general manager at Augusta’s
Celebrate those special golf memories the same for both accomplished professionals to present to their tourna- Forest Hills Golf Club, replacing Augusta
with the most unique golf gift available. amateurs and everyday golfers. He uses a ment champions, or for the winners of native David Usry, who stepped down
CASEY JONES GOLF will commemorate crisp and colorful style that emulates the corporate outings. Each one promises to after a short stint at the club.
any golf accomplishment with a hand- exact look of his pro scoreboard. Visit be quite a conversation piece, which will In other Augusta area golf news:
drawn, personalized piece of artwork, his website at to undoubtedly give you the opportunity to Former Forest Hills head pro Scott Allen
handsomely framed and ready to display explore your options. These scoresheets reminisce and elaborate! Gift certificates has taken over as the head pro at Pointe
in the home or office. also make a fantastic award for golf club are also available. South in Hephzibah… While area
Whether it's a hole-in-one, a career courses in Harlem and Warrenton have
best score, an age-shooter, a tournament closed, the former Brushy Creek in Wrens
win, or just a memorable day on a famous has been purchased by a couple in
course, CASEY JONES GOLF can capture Augusta, with the back nine recently
the moment with customized scoreboard opening for play. The front nine,
art based on the scores and information which was damaged by a tornado, is
you provide. scheduled to re-open next April. Ted
For the past decade, artist and Shurling, former superintendent at
calligrapher Casey Jones, an Atlanta Forest Hills and Belle Meade, has headed
native and resident, has created score- up the effort to restore the course to
board graphics for over 100 professional playing condition.
golf tournaments, including a dozen Todd Gilgrist was recently named the
major championships. Casey has drawn head professional at Governor’s Towne Club,
several commemorative scoresheets for moving over from Alpharetta Athletic Club’s
today's top tour pros, and now he's doing East Course (formerly Crooked Creek).

Enjoy the

of life.

Olympia Prime is Atlanta’V QHZHVW ¿ne dining secret,

restaurant offers a variety of steaks, seafood and

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. and Friday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
 3HDFKWUHH 6W 1( ‡ Atlanta, GA  ‡  ‡

Chip Shots

Georgia PGA team

wins Assistants’ Cup
The Atlanta AC team shot 142 the first

day to trail Cartersville CC by seven strokes,
with the score the total of two two-man
The Georgia PGA won the annual best ball results. Jeff Koontz and Doug
Assistants’ Cup competition against Green teamed for a 68 the first day, with
Tennessee, dominating singles play to Hal Hobgood and West Strieb combining
score a 14-10 victory at the Capital City for a 74. The team posted a 225 total in sin-
Club Crabapple Course. gles the next day, the low score by three
After winning the opening 4-ball strokes, with the low three individual
matches 4-2, the Georgia PGA scored only scores counting. All four Atlanta AC golfers
one point in the foursomes matches and shot between 74 and 76, with Koontz low
trailed 7-5 going to singles. But the home with a 74.
team went 8-2-2 to win the match, DeWitt Weaver III led Laurel Springs to
improving its record to 8-5-1 in the compe- its tie for second with a 69 in a singles.
tition between the two sections. Pinetree took fourth at 371, with Mark

Senior-Junior champs Ray Gentry (L) and

Greg Lee of Chicopee Woods and Bill Strickland posting a 72 after teaming with

Brian Dixon (R) with Mark McNair of Etonic

Murchison of Towne Lake Hills teamed for Glenn Kavanaugh for a 68.
the Georgia PGA’s lone victory in alternate Athens CC, which was second after the
shot, and won their other two matches to first day at 137, tied for fifth at 372 with
finish with 3-0 marks. Dalton CC and the host Georgia Club team.
but settled for even par the final day on the with Brookfield CC head professional
Chip Zimmerman of Cherokee CC, Eric David Noll of Dalton CC shot a 69 in sin-
#4 course to fall from two shots back after Carlen Webb, who shared the opening
Reeves of Healy Point and Doug Wade of gles after teaming for a 68 in best ball, with
36 holes to 10 behind the winning team. round lead with Costa.
Jeremy Britt and Drew Czuchry of the

Clark, Marsh capture

the Heritage Club all went 2-1 for Georgia The Savannah team consisted of pro
with singles victories. Other singles win- Georgia Club pairing for a 68 and shooting
Josh Williams and club members

Senior 4-Ball event

ners for Georgia were Jared Morton of 73 and 74 in singles.
Scott Weeks, Kevin Halligan and Toby
Athens CC, Seth McCain of Jennings After posting a 135 score in best ball,
Browne, Jr.

Gentry, Dixon win

Mill and David Potts of Country Club of Cartersville’s four players all shot between
the South. Larry Clark of Kingsland and Don Marsh 78 and 81 individually, with the team tying

Senior-Junior title
Proceeds from the event, which was pre- of Alpharetta won the GSGA Senior 4-Ball for eighth at 373.

Bulldogs end Fall

sented by Ahead, went to Atlanta’s title for the second time, finishing three
strokes ahead of defending champions

with win in Orlando

Lighthouse Family Retreat.
Ray Gentry and Brian Dixon teamed up Spencer Sappington of Alpharetta
Pro-President: Teams from Berkeley
to win the Junior-Senior Championship at and Bill Ploeger of Columbus, who have
Hills and The Frog were winners in the E-Z-
Little Ocmulgee’s Wallace Adams course, both won the event four times, three as
GO Pro-President, played at the Brickyard The Georgia golf team wrapped up its Fall
shooting a final round 61 for a 126 total partners.
at Riverside in Macon. schedule with its second win in four tour-
and a 5-stroke victory. Clark and Marsh finished with a 19-
Shawn McKinnon and Hector Cora of naments, taking the Isleworth Invitational
Gentry, the long time head pro at under 197 total at the Hampton Club on St.
Berkeley Hills were the gross division win- for the fourth time in five years. Georgia
Wallace Adams, was part of the winning Simons Island, with Sappington and
ners with a 69, one stroke ahead of Jared finished with an 867 total, 17 strokes ahead
team for the third time, and benefited from Ploeger second at 201. Clark and Marsh
Reneau and J.D. Sessums of International of runner-up Alabama.
an exceptional stretch of play the second shot 62 the second day to take a three-
City and Brandy Jones and Rob Cason of Macon’s Russell Henley was medalist at
day by Dixon, an instructor at Fox Creek. stroke lead after 54 holes, with Sappington
The Frog. 2-under 214, the fourth time a Bulldog has
Following an eagle on the 11th hole, his and Ploeger pulling even after 11 holes the
Jones and Cason won the net division earned individual honors in the tourna-
sixth of the day after a shotgun start, Dixon final round.
with a 64, two strokes ahead of Gregg ment. Henley’s second round 67 led
ran off eight straight birdies, beginning on But Clark scored a hole-in-one on
Wolff and Dale Fordham of Willow Lake, Georgia to an 11-under 277 total in
the 14th and ending at the 3rd. Hampton Club’s short 12th and he added
and the team of Reneau and Sessums. the second round, keying the Bulldog’s
Tying for second at 131 were the teams four more birdies down the stretch as he
The tournament was presented by easy victory.
of Eddy Young-Russell Smith and Danny and Marsh pulled away, shooting 66 the
Pin-Point GPS and Titleist. Georgia’s Hudson Swafford was fifth at
Elkins-Bill Murchison. final round to a 67 by Sappington
PGA Assistants’ Championship: Three

Amateurs go 1-2-3
216, with former Isleworth medalists Brian
Georgia PGA representatives made the cut and Ploeger.
Harman of Savannah 14th at 220 and

in Senior tournament
in the recent PGA Assistants’ While the championship flight played at
Thomasville’s Harris English 18th at 222.
Championship in Port St. Lucie, Fla., with the Hampton Club, the rest of the field was
Swafford and Harman shot 68s in Georgia’s
Andy Blanton of Country Club of divided into four flights and played at
second round 277.
Columbus tying for 14th at even par 288. Rocky Costa of Alpharetta shot 69-68— Sanctuary Cove in nearby Waverly. Charlie
The Bulldogs won their previous tourna-
Seth McCain of Jennings Mill was second 137 to win a Georgia PGA Senior Division Busbee of McDonough and Tom Toombs
ment at Macon’s Brickyard at Riverside, and
after an opening round 68, and tied for tournament at Summit Chase, leading an of Perry were the first flight winners by five
finished the Fall ranked first in the country,
23rd at 290. Greg Lee of Chicopee Woods amateur sweep of the top three spots. Jack strokes with a 202 total.
with Swafford 11th in the individual rank-

Atlanta Athletic Club

finished with a 295 total, including a third Kearney of Peachtree City was second at ings and Henley 16th. Harman and English

wins GSGA team title

round 69. 140 and Donald Crump of Atlanta took were both among the top 50.
McGladrey Team Championship: third at 141. Georgia Tech was sixth at Isleworth with
Savannah GC placed fourth in the West Pines head professional Mike an 895 total. Cameron Tringale was the
McGladrey Team Championship, which Schlueter was low pro and fourth overall A team from Atlanta Athletic Club won Yellow Jackets’ top finisher for the fourth
was played at the Pinehurst Resort. at 144, followed by amateur Mel the GSGA Team Championship at the straight Fall tournament, tying for
After scores of 12-under each of the first Mendenhall of Marietta at 147. Amateurs Georgia Club, finishing with a 367 total to 10th. Tringale ended up the Fall ranked
two days on the #8 and #2 courses, the Don Marsh of Alpharetta and Karl Simon edge teams from Rivermont and Laurel 10th nationally, with Tech 10th in the
Savannah GC team was in second place, of Lawrenceville tied for third at 148 along Springs by three strokes. team standings.

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Golf FORE Juniors
Garretson’s 69 earns
Wilmington Island win
Michael Garretson of Acworth fired a
2-under 69 to give him a 141 total and the
overall boys title in a Georgia PGA Junior
Tour event at Wilmington Island Club in
Garretson also won his age group by a
whopping 14 strokes, with Caleb Morris of
Metter second at 155 and David Sullivan
of Woodstock third at 156.
Scott Wolfes of St. Simons Island was
second overall at 142, winning the 16-18
age group by seven strokes over Joel
Sawyer of Elberton. Tyler Steptoe of

Recent Georgia PGA Junior Tour

Richmond Hill and Drew Czuchry of

winner Jimmy Beck won a

Auburn were third at 155.

Drew Czuchry, Sloan Shanahan, Southeastern Junior Tour event at

Buster Bruton of Dallas was the boys

Georgia Club Boys Champ Georgia Club Girls Champ Albany’s Doublegate Country Club
12-13 winner with a 151 total, two strokes
ahead of Tyler Young of Kennesaw. Young
shot a 73 in the first round to lead Bruton
by seven strokes, with Bruton coming back
12-13 by a 13-stroke margin.
with a final round 71 to win the division.
In Montgomery, Sanders Park of
Emily Kurey of Alpharetta, competing
Alpharetta posted a 150 total to win the
in the 12-14 division, was the girls overall
boys 14-15 and overall title. Justin Cho of
winner at 162. Kimberly Graff of Lilburn
Norcross shot a second round 72 for a 151
was first in the 15-18 age group and
total to finish first in 16-19, one stroke
second overall at 163, followed by Lindsey
ahead of Max Von Dresser of Alpharetta.
Gipson of Woodstock at 166.
Girls winners were Yugene Lee of

Czuchry takes playoff

Athens in the 15-19 division (155) and

in Georgia Club event

Amira Alexander of Alpharetta in
12-14 (166).
In Fort Payne, Al., Blaine Woodruff of
Drew Czuchry was the boys 16-18 and Acworth won the boys 14-15 division by
overall winner at the Georgia Club in eight strokes with scores of 72-69—141,
Statham, defeating Grant Cagle of and also was first among all boys in the
Gainesville in a playoff. Both finished with event. Joe Philaphet of Riverdale was
147 totals, with Czuchry shooting a final second in boys 12-13 at 163, and
round 71 to make up two strokes on Cagle. Kimberly Graff was third in girls 15-19
Ryan Trocchio of Norcross and Dylan at 162.
Lyons of Evans tied for third at 148. Buster Bruton Kimberly Graff In Dothan, Al., Ian Phillips of Acworth
Will McFarlin of Alpharetta was the was second in boys 16-19 at 147, one

Bruton, Sawyer take Fox, Burger capture

boys 14-15 winner at 149, six strokes ahead stroke behind the winner. Michael Motz

first at Valdosta CC SJGT wins in Albany

of Brice Eaton of Jasper. Aaron George of of Milton was third at 148. Parker Derby
Dahlonega was third at 156. was second in boys 12-13 at 166.
Buster Bruton scored his second American Junior Golf Association: In
straight Georgia PGA Junior Tour win in the Joel Sawyer and Buster Bruton were Bryan Fox of Roswell and Emilie Burger the PING Invitational at Stillwater, Okla.,
boys 12-13 division, posting scores of among the Georgia PGA Junior Tour win- of Hoschton were the overall winners in a Stacey Kim of Columbus tied for fifth in
71-77—148. Ben Holm of Alpharetta was ners at Valdosta Country, with Bruton Southeastern Junior Golf Tour event at the girls division at 230 in the 54-hole
second at 155, with Tyler Young third scoring his third straight win in boys 12-13. Doublegate CC in Albany. Fox was the event. Franco Castro of Alpharetta tied
at 158. Bruton shot 75-76—151 to finish four boys 16-18 winner with scores of 71-72— for 16th at 234 in the boys division.
Sloan Shanahan of Suwanee was the strokes ahead of Albany’s Joshua Crews. 143, with Tyler Erickson of Bonaire third The final two rounds of an AJGA event
girls 12-14 and overall winner at 162, Sawyer was the boys 16-18 and overall in the age group at 148. in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl., were rained
taking the overall title in a playoff over winner, shooting a second round 69 for a Burger shot 75-74—149 to win the girls out, with several Georgians in position for
Lauren Court of Lawrenceville, the 15-18 147 total. Eric Quinn of Norcross was 15-19 division by two strokes over top finishes after strong first round show-
winner. Kimberly Graff was second in 15- second at 150, with Ben Collier of Marietta Kathryn Fowler of Americus. Carrie ings. Oliver Schniederjans of Powder
18 at 164 and Taylor Blair of Roswell third at and Nate Gahman of Leesburg third in the Metz of Carnesville was third at 152. Springs opened with a 70 to tie for
168. Dayana Marquez of Atlanta was 16-18 division at 155. Mary Ellen Sherman of St. Simons Island second, two strokes behind the winner.
second in 12-14 at 166. David Sullivan shot 75-76—151 to win was the girls 12-14 winner. Billy Kennerly of Alpharetta shot 71 to
boys 14-15 by seven strokes over Josh Jimmy Beck of Columbus was the boys tie for sixth, and Kevin Lee of Dacula tied
The Georgia PGA Junior Tour’s 2009 Klipstein of Norcross. 14-15 winner by one stroke over Sam for 14th with a 73. Amira Alexander tied
season opens for registration in mid- Girls winners were Dona Kioseff of Straka of Valdosta, posting scores of 72 for ninth in the girls division with a 77.
December. The first event is Feb. 14-15 and 75 for a 147 total. Parker Derby of
Valdosta with a 165 total in the 15-18 divi-
at Forest Heights in Statesboro. Columbus shot 77-75—152 to win boys
sion, and Dayana Martinez (171) in 12-14.

2009 British Open
7XUQEHUU\ ‡ -XO\  ± 
Winner Receives:
‡ Golf Trip for 2 to the 2009 British Open
‡ Airfare, Accomodations, and Transfer
‡ Tickets for 2 rounds each of the British Open
‡ 2 rounds each of Golf for 2 days
Drawing Date Prior to Masters
Presented by The Georgia Golf Course Owners
Association in partnership with VisitScotland %X\ WLFNHWV RQOLQH DW ZZZJJFRDFRP
the Official Tourism Bureau of Scotland A portion of proceeds may be tax-deductible.

Lee Anne Busman – President

Barter Consultants International, Inc.

770-394-6364 •

Golf FORE Women

Megan Holland a Bright Star in Golf Business

By Jackie Cannizzo different or dare to fail. She wanted to get in Development and helped market and
Women’s Editor the golf business because of her love for the opened several of their top properties.
PGA Professional game, so she went to work for the Killearn Megan needed to take a break from the
Country Club of Roswell Golf Company and helped open Eagle’s rigors of work with Landmark for successful
Landing Country Club. Megan also helped surgery on her neck, but that ended her
Megan Holland believes she has a dream with a few independent projects before playing career. She started her own busi-
job in many ways. She is her being hired by White Columns ness with knowledge learned from
own boss as the President of as the General Manager. Landmark, with whom she retains a rela-
Pinnacle International From there she was tionship. She started Pinnacle in 2001 as a
Management and someone hired by the Golden Bear Club consulting company which has turned into
who calls Jack Nicklaus, Mike to open up Laurel Springs with management of events, marketing and
Ditka, and Paul Krause her the watchful eye of Jack training programs for club General
friends. She travels to the Super Nicklaus. Nicklaus was so Managers and membership directors.
Bowl every year and as busy as impressed with Megan that he Lately Megan has been focusing on the
Megan Holland
she is, gets to spend quality urged her to come on board many events that she is involved in pre-
time with her kids. with the famed Landmark senting like the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Megan is a Georgia girl who has been Development Company which is noted for golf event that coincides with the 2009
involved in the game of golf since gradu- courses like PGA West, LaQuinta and Super Bowl. When Megan was the General enjoy,” Megan says.“I am not afraid to try dif-
ating from the University of Georgia in 1985. Kiawah. She became the National Manager at White Columns, she hired a ferent angles to get the people involved to
She has never been afraid to try something Marketing Director for Landmark young assistant named Blair Krause. Blair’s feel that they got their monies worth and
father is NFL Hall of Famer, Paul Krause. It walk away happy.”
was through her relationship with Blair that Megan has a passion for golf, sports and
she met Paul who asked her to help him making people happy with enjoyable
start the Hall of Fame event. experiences. She is all about the
When asked of Megan’s talents, the elder win/win philosophy. If you are interested in
Krause said,“Megan is that once in a lifetime contacting Megan, email her at:
business associate and friend that will never
for the
Hurst Captures
let you down. She in her own right deserves
holidays recognition for always making my golf tour-

Futures’ Event
naments and events extraordinary and
Get an early holiday unforgettable. For that, I and the many char-
season treat with our itable organizations I support are forever Chateau Elan hosted the year end invita-
Beautiful for grateful.” tional only event October 17-19, which
the Holidays Megan also received accolades from NFL boasted the Futures Tour’s best field and
great Mike Ditka when she assisted him in
Specials: richest purse. Vicky Hurst, the tour’s 18-
his Gridiron Great events at last’s year Super year-old phenom, posted her 5th victory of
Bowl in Arizona, “Meg was a lifesaver”
Purchase an the season here and ensured she would
area of Botox® said Ditka. receive the right to compete on the LPGA
at regular price and pay only The consensus on the events and golf tour in 2009, finishing as the leading
$150 on second area. events that Holland has hosted with NFL money winner.
(15 unit maximum) greats and around the Super Bowl is that The event saw picture perfect weather
For a youthful, relaxed, enjoying-the- they are different than the usual events.
holiday season look! and spectators were treated to some
She focuses on all parties involved exceptional golf. Former Futures Tour
having the most memorable experience
Give the Gift
player and Georgia PGA Professional Lisa
from start to finish. She figured out that the Chirichetti made the event part of her
Juvederm® NFL greats love to talk about the games GSGA/LPGA girls’ golf club schedule and
of Beautiful Skin to your
friends and loved ones this
$350 per syringe. they have played in and love to share their took several of her girls to watch.
(2 syringe minimum) stories.
holiday season! Get a $50 gift “It was awesome for my girls to be able
card free with every $250 For soft, full,
So her events are like hanging out in to see these women play up close and
KMJX GIVXM½GEXI TYVGLEWI kissing-under-the-mistletoe lips! someone’s backyard, with the food and bev- personal. The tour has changed a lot
erages spread out so people mingle instead since I played. There’s more depth to the
Celebrate a beautiful holiday season with Youthtopia MedSpa. of sitting at banquet tables. She finds the tour now. It was also cool for my girls
players will gather and give the sponsors
call 770.772.4806 today! more attention when they feel comfortable
to be able to recognize several players
from the “Big Break” show on the
in the environment they talk even more. Golf Channel.”
3665 Old Milton Parkway She gets the players to sign footballs and
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Chirichetti added that the girls will be
1-770-SPA 4 U 06 (1-770-772-7806)
gives them away to sponsors. They love it, watching when the players from the so of course they are eager to sign up for Futures start to play the LPGA. Amateur
another event. Anna Rogers from Hartwell had the
Medical procedures are administred under the supervision of Ajay V. Kumar, M.D., Youthtopia MedSpa Medical Director. “Every moment of the experience is what best finish of the Georgia girls with a tie
Models on this material are not actual MedSpa clients. Some procedures require multiple treatments
to acheive maximum results. Results are not permanent and may vary per client. I want the players, sponsors and guests to for 64th.

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Course Reviews

The Georgia Club (Semi-Private)

1050 Chancellors Drive, Statham
STAFF: Mike O’Malley is the PGA Golf Professional; Dennis Echols is the Superintendent.
PAR/YARDAGE: The Georgia Club is a 27-hole layout with the Red and Black nines playing
to a par of 36 and the Silver nine a par 35. Each nine has four sets of tees. Yardages are:
Red – 3,598 yards (Black tees); 3,297 (Silver); 3,075 (White); 2,585 (Red). Black – 3,685
(Black); 3,372 (Silver); 3,174 (White); 2,567 (Red). Silver – 3,428 (Black); 3,194 (Silver);
2,964 (White); 2,403 (Red).
COURSE RATING/SLOPE: The average for the three combinations (Red/Black, Red/Silver.
Black/Silver) are: 73.4/131 (Black); 71.6/128 (Silver); 69.4/124 (White); 69.4/114 (Red).
ABOUT THE COURSE: Since it opened in 2001, the outstanding Denis Griffiths-designed
layout has taken its place among the state’s top daily fee courses, with nine holes added in
2006. Griffiths incorporated the new holes into one of the two existing nines, with the orig-
inal back nine (Silver) remaining intact. The new holes, which are part of the Red and Black
nines, gave the course some added length, with the nine new holes a hefty 3,775 yards
from the tips and 3,450 from the next set of tees. The new holes work well with the origi-
nals, with the overall design among the best on Griffiths’growing list of Georgia courses (St.
Marlo, Brasstown Valley, Chateau Elan, Chestatee, RiverPines, Georgia National, Chicopee
Woods, Crystal Lake among them). Seven holes on the Silver nine are originals, with the
new fifth hole recently being renovated with the removal of some trees and addition of sev-
eral fairway bunkers. Most of the new holes are part of the Black nine, which also includes
the 8th and 9th from the original Red nine. For the most part, the course is very generous
off the tee, but with a sizeable number of dogleg holes, positioning is vital to keep some of
the longer holes from playing even longer than they are. Water is in play on a modest
number of holes, among them a pair of par 3s on the Black nine that play in opposite direc-
tions around a pond. For the most part, the bunkers are more of a factor than the water,
producing some decisions from the tee and on lay-up shots, as well as requiring precision
to reach some pin positions on the typically large, moderately undulating greens. As usual,
Griffiths’ layout includes a diverse mix of some holes, with several very strong par 4s, an
interesting group of par 3s and enough scoring opportunities to offset the more daunting
challenges. Conditions are consistently first rate, and the location just off Georgia 316
makes it easily accessible to metro Atlanta as well as Athens.

Windermere (Private)
5000 Davis Love Drive, Cumming
STAFF: Ray Garbiras is the PGA Golf Professional; Tommy Hewitt is the Superintendent.
PAR/YARDAGE: Windermere plays to a par 71 with four sets of tees:
Black (6,805 yards); Blue (6,283); White (5,532) and Red (4,635).
COURSE RATING/SLOPE: 73.3/139 (Black); 70.3/134 (Blue); 67.5/121 (White);
68.0/118 (Red).
ABOUT THE COURSE: One of the most popular Atlanta area daily fee courses from the day
it opened in 2000, the course went private several years ago as part of the expansion of the
Canongate family of courses. Among the earliest courses from Davis Love’s design group,
Windermere was carved out of some rugged terrain that resulted in several elevation
changes of significance and only a handful of holes not impacted by the rolling terrain. With
a handful of exceptions, length is not a vital necessity, and Love has provided an ample
amount of fairway width on just about every hole. Some well-placed fairway bunkers are in
play here and there, and longer hitters will want to leave the driver in the bag on several
holes with sharp doglegs and serious trouble. The high slope rating is mostly a product of
the number of hazards in play, as well as some large, undulating greens that will result in
plenty of chances for three-putts. Love deftly mixes demanding holes with a number of
scoring opportunities, tempting longer hitters to take a few risks in order to reap rewards.
The risks, however, are considerable, especially on the back nine, where the majority of the
holes can inflict damage to your scorecard if you miss a shot in the wrong place. Three of
the par 5s fall into the risk/reward category, although the risk on the downhill third comes
on the tee shot, one of the few on the opening nine that demands accuracy. Things change
on the back nine, where most of the trouble is found and the decisions regarding club
selection and positioning from the tee are crucial. The large, rolling greens, most of which
are well guarded by sand, water or both, don’t make things any easier when it comes to
chipping and putting. But if you can avoid the obvious trouble spots, Windermere will yield
decent scores, although they won’t come easily.
Pure Performance
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