ENGLISH 003 ± 10:30 TTH


English helps me a lot in attaining the TIP Graduate Attributes. This course would really produce the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes (IILO). Many things are possible to gain with the study of English. It helps me to become more accurate in such things I may encounter as I live my life. It really affects my life because of its knowledge that brings me through. English sets as an opportunity to gain knowledge that is sealed within things that would be involved or go through my life. One of the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes included that could be produced by this course is the Professional Competence. English helps me to acquire more knowledge from things that I may know mostly in my field. It helps me demonstrate my understanding and gain the mastery of the fundamental knowledge and skills required for effective practice in my field. English helps me to think and solve unknown things that would be involved in my field of specialization. This course really does a lot and make more competent to all the things I would come across mostly things caught up in my main line of work. This discipline makes everyone more wary to things may be engaged with. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills are one of the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes integrated by English. It¶s possible to attain these skills because it¶s one of the things we could learn through out the studies enclosed within the course. It helps me to exercise critical and creative thinking in providing solutions to disciplinerelated problems nice and easy. It makes easier for me to overcome the quandaries I may take on to. English really does a lot of help through everybody¶s lives. A communication skill is one of the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes integrated by English. This is one of the significance in life in which we could use it almost all time. Having this skill will probably make things easier when dealing with conversation. I could easily manage a conversation about anything that would be involved or talked to. English can easily train and help me gain this skill through its knowledge I may acquire by studying the course profoundly. English helps me to gain the Lifelong Learning skill, one of the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes integrated by it. This course helps me utilize the lifelong

learning skills in pursuit of my personal development and excellence in my professional practice. It helps me improve myself and my mastery to my profession. It also helps me to develop and hold my personal values and beliefs as ethical professional consistent with Filipino family values, industry-desired values and global citizen values. English makes me more productive in every way. It aids me through contributing to nation-building and national development through application of new technology. Every move will be clarified and sure before it is acted by me. It¶s the erudition that English gives me to improve my whole me and surely help me attain the interpersonal skills, one of the Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes. It aids me and trains me how to work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams. English is not just a course that would everybody can take up. It¶s a wisdom and knowledge that we must have to learn to because of its effects in our lives. English is just one of the most important courses I must learn to surmount the obstacles that are set to face on through.


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