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Part II University of Alabama Clinic

Receiver Coach- Curt Cignetti

What the Tide looks for in a receiver!

Run Ability
Adjust to Ball, Deep Ball
Burst and Break
Block Ability
How he drops his weight in turns

Questions for Coaches

Can he be all-region, whatever, player?
Will he make a great hit?
Will he work to improve?
How does he react to criticism?
Is he a leader?
Good citizen?
Does he have a desire to excel?
Can he take pain?
How well does he learn?
Does he excel in other sports?

Questions for Players

Will you change position?
How will you work to improve?
What are your goals?

How does Alabama practice?

5 min walk through-Special Teams
5 min walk through-O
5 min walk through-D
5 min Start with team starts, from each hash from 25 yd line going in, also one from
middle once for each unit, O at one end..D at other working pursuit
5 min Team Stretch
7 min Indy 1 for receivers working stance, starts, blocking, releasing and blocking
7 min Indy 2 25 in sprint into end zone by each position….Align in a formation and run a
particular play and throw the ball to every player by position, example run a fade with
every Z then once all Zs have caught the ball then every Y on an out and so forth until all
5 eligible receivers have caught that play then come back and do a different one, rotating
QBs for every throw (these are only quick throws)
7 min Indy 3 versus DBs one on one
8 min Group doing two drills
The 1s and 3s work ½ line Pass
The 2s ands 4s work 1/3 Offense
At 4 mins the two groups flip
Reps is key reason for doing multiple groups
12 min Team Teach
7 min ½ Line Sub/Backs on Backers/2 on 2s
7 min Punt
10 Team O vs D (1/3s) other end O vs D (2/4s)
8 min 7on 7
8 min Blitz Period
12 min Team
5 min Special Teams

Receiver releases
Two types (1 step or 2 stick)
Work everyday trying to protect margin between 2 yards outside numbers, stay on line on
fade then to ball
After release-stack back on top of DB
Do not just run around guy
Be sure to get the DB’s hands off

Explanation of 1/3 Offense Drill

Period is 50 % run and 50 % Pass
Either toss sweep or attacking deep third
Day 1 Cov 3
Day 2 Cov 2 two snaps-Cov 3 two snaps

Explanation of 1/2 Line Pass Drill

TE side first
SE side next
Work both wide and boundary

Explanation of ½ Line Sub Drill

No Backs or Backers
Split receiver with slot working against Corner and Safety
Working cover 2 for two then cover 3 for two