University of Alabama Clinic Part III Al Groh Head Coach University of Virginia The Flexibility of the 3-4 Reasons for

3-4 Opponent’s lack of being familiar with D May see it once a year or twice at most so teams have no background to draw from at college or high school level Quote: All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results that they get To design a system – must first look back from the results to the beginning to find the components needed for winning Defense is based on two factors 1. Negative plays to keep points down 2. The higher efficiency the QB throw for the more successful the record of the team so D must be geared to combat Defense must do these things to have a direction to build a system It is up to the coach to decide the culture of the team then coach it, if not then it will self select A coach must look for players and coaches that love football and people that are motivated to succeed. These people can be led to success and this type of self selection is positive. Plan to Win Great off season program In Jan start from scratch building our culture and team Divide into two phases Winter and Summer Keep Points Down Great D Field Position Special teams First 3 of 8 Spring training sessions are 75% special teams Players expect and want to be on special teams Dominate the kicking game in a way most people do not understand Critical factors Penalties Any O drive only scores 20% of the time when committing at least one penalty

Any D drive that commits at least one penalty allows at least a FG or score 60% of the time Turnover to takeaway margin Pass Efficiency Of the 17 top O’s in the nation all won 8 or more games Runs + completions 90% of the time the team that has more rushes plus completions wins Crucial situations Red Zone-Score or keep out/limit to FGS Beat the clock-End of half, end of game Must practice to gain a competitive edge

Not dictated to like many Ds Do not have to substitute as much Must make an emphasis on beating blocks more than just movement must be part of the culture Goal of the two deep shell and under coverage must be to stop vertical entry, secondary is designed to reroute Zone blitz works because even against kids that know their protection the shear volume of movement creates confusion

Dean Pees Defensive Coordinator New England

The Patriots Defense Defensive Laws Leverage Attack Wall Square Patriots ran 37 coverages and 17 fronts in 2007 Coach’s Fundamentals Drill work- Does your drill work emphasize the player fundamentals that you want because practice must mimic game. Evaluation-Does it works? Can your players do it? Does it fit your scheme? 3-4 Defense must fit together to build a wall to force indecision in the running backs mind. Separation in the defense creates a seam. Must stay square if a guy turns sideways it creates seams. From end zone, should be able to stand behind and see the back numbers of defenders, if you cannot then that player got turned. Practice what kids are going to see. Not as much penetration in base. LBs must attack and come across square. Press the offensive player and stay square. Do not use a sled or bags because its not who you play against. Goal is 3 yards a carry because two gapping penetration causes positive gains. Never wrong arm anything. Face to face, never give self up. Make a play by staying square (two gap him). Do not cut offensive player because it causes seams. Everybody pushes east and west, not north and south. Safety reads the shoulders of backs-stay square. Everything is read and react.

#1 coverage is quarters #2 cover 3

Bill Belichick Head Coach New England Patriots Patriot Football Organization Sign going into the football offices at Gillette Stadium – Do Your Job Create a division of labor Put together an organization to become the best Tell staff what to do and say in situations Be out in front of the direction of the team Meets with captains every week because it’s a more manageable group to deal with Allow players to make some decisions, create a connection to program Group discipline and rewards-Works both ways Setting up a D Must be able to defend what you are going to see Define how you will defend a basic set of problems Regardless of your personnel the 3-4 is more flexible Originally made it easier to sign and draft players but is changing as more teams adapt 3-4 Maintain as much coverage flexibility as possible in order to take away best player Establish the front 7 to handle running game Running game force is OLB Set Edge Force inside DL two gap responsible If not two gap must add secondary into run game D If LB is being committed to one gap then secondary comes down

Brad Bradshaw Head Football Coach Bastrop High School, Louisiana Improving your pace of play GATA is the motto We do not make excuses about what other schools have Practice is about attitude My Time and Your Time (Coach and Player) If I believe in you then you don’t have to make me believe everyday. Limited hitting after first few days Physical but no long pants but still full speed contact Put kids that do not hit on O If players want the ball then they learn to block If you do not teach it, rep it, and get it – do not be surprised with the results. Game speed at practice or they do not play. Coaching It is an injustice if you don’t Help a player for nothing in return Position players are mirror images of their coach Everything is important If they do not make mistakes then they do not need your ass Right and you are praising Wrong and you are accepting Playing the Game Players must step from self and into team Competition equals struggle – look for fighters Play sound, play bold, play dangerously Take advantage of your advantages Drill are all designed in 6 second bursts 15 min early period for stretching, team work then divide into O and D-only top 15 to 18 for each then rest do only fundamental work separately Do not warm-up with pads on, only snappers have full gear Change of pace with your O Be as fresh as possible

We want to draw first blood by taking ball Work on opponents mind Win on first down Chase ball at a speed your opponent is not able to adjust to Do not chase same color jersey-it is\wrong able Show things D has not seen Earn right to play on D by playing special teams Make opponent defend option O gets skill players D gets size Go for throat in every aspect Do not fall on ball ever – take a shot, try to score

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