Giving up smoking is not easy, but it is worth it. But why is it so difficult to give up smoking?

It is the nicotine in cigarettes that makes it hard to quit smoking. Nicotine creates addiction, so the body needs a certain level of nicotine att all time. Withdrawal from nicotine causes physical sideeffects in most people, and may last up to six months. What are these side-effects? Withdrawal symptoms can be a headache, diarrhoea, fatigue, insomnia, depression,anxiety and nervousness,irritability and increased hunger. Uhh,sounds frightening. Why is it still worth trying? Your body will thank you for giving up smoking and so will the people around you. The health advantages of stopping smoking are numerous and range from increased energy to a decreased rixk of cancer and heart attack. What are the first steps? It's a good idea to chooose a specific day to stop smoking-at leat a couple of weeks in advance and tell all your friends and family od your intention. They will be your support. What things can help you to achieve your goal? Remind yourself how good you will eventually feel with a healthy body and mind. Some people find it motivating to think about the amount of money they will save by not smoking.

Lisa, are girls often dissatisfied with the way they look? Always. The other day after gym class everyone was complaining about themselves.April said her nose is too big.Jan kept talking about her things being huge.Donna thinks that her legs are too short and that her ankles are too big.Megan wants to be taller, Phoebe thinks that she's too all. Do you agree with them? No,they all look fine to me. Girls are cool in a lot of different ways. I admit, When i look at myself, I wish I could have long,beautiful,shinny hair. You know, that kind the shampoo commercials promise. How come you started thinking about girls being unhappy about their looks? Last weekend we watched old family videos. I couldn”t believe it. I was a nice five years old. I was definitely no young beauty but I thought that I was beautiful. The point is that I believed that I was wonderful and how I looked didn”t matter. I believed inmyself. So where did that feeling go? I have been thinking about that. Here's what I think. The way women think about themselves hasn”t really changed since my grandmother's days. When my grandmother was young, if a girl didn't get married people thought that she was too ugly to get a man. If boys ask you out you know you are pretty. No much of change. Tell th truth.Do you secretly wish you looked like certain actresses? I don't want to look like the pictures of models in magazines or like the so-called stars. What do you want to change about yourself? How about wanting to be more honest, or more patient, or even able to learn something faster?

de hatásuk a jelenben is érezhető. I wasn’t walking yesterday afternoon. melyek a múltban történtek. when the new boss came. She hadn’t been working here. Had you done your homework by that time? olyan eseményt mesél el. ami még a múltnál is régebben történt Past continuous She was reading yesterday afternoon. Present Perfect He has been to London.Simple Present I usually get up at 6:30. mikor a múlt egy be nem fejezett eseményét mesélik el. Are you watching TV now? I am sitting. Simple past I went for a walk yesterday. Were you playing basketball while your mother was doing the shopping? Ezt az igeidőt akkor használják. She doesn’t get up at 6:30. but the bus hasn’t come yet. A múltban kezdődött és a beszéd pillanatáig tartott a cselekvés Past perfect He realised he had lost his way He hadn’t made the coffee. Do you usually get up at 6:30? Szokásos ismétlődő cselekvés kifejezésére. Have you ever been to London? fejez ki olyan cselekvéseket. Did you go to school when you were ill? Ez egy befejezett cselekményt ír le. de nem a beszéd pillanatában történő cselekvés kifejezésére Present Perfect Continuous I have been waiting for an hour. Mostanában zajló. when his wife got up. a beszéd pillanatában történő cselekvés kifejezésére. when we met. Have you been singing since you were 17 years old? Ezt az igeidőt akkor használják. Had you been living here. when your neighbour died? Egy múlt idejű cselekvéshez viszonyítva egy másik múlt idejű cselekvés már elkezdődött és azután is folytatódott. He hasn’t been living here since 1987. mely egy adott pillanatban zajlott le a múltban Past perfect continuous I had been living here for 3 years. She didn’t read last week. . Present Continuous She is not sleeping. Általános igazságok kifejezésére. és a jelenig tart. mikor egy esemény a múltban kezdődött.

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