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Pemeriksaan ginekolog 1. Greeting and self introducing 2. Taking gynecological anamnesis 3. Asking for patient consent 4.

Explaining the objective of the examination (dont forget to say it may make you little bit discomfort, but it will not harm you). 5. Asking the patient to lie down in lithotomy position 6. Adjusting the patient position (perineum is right in the edge of table) 7. Checking instruments and materials 8. Positioning and turning on the spot light 9. Washing hands (put off ring, watch, etc) 10. Putting on gloves aseptically 11. Sitting just in front of genital area 12. Performing preparation of vulva and its adjacent area by antiseptic 13. Putting sterile linen under the buttock and fenestrated linen over the examination site 14. Perform catheterization (or ask the patient to void before examination) 15. Performing inspection of the vulva and its adjacent area 16. Choosing the appropriate speculum and set its screws 17. Putting some lubricant and inserting the speculum correctly, open the leafs, until the cervix is visible 18. Locking the speculum, cleaning vaginal wall and the cervix (using antiseptic) until they are clearly visible 19. Reporting the cervix condition 20. Inspecting vaginal wall by rotating the speculum 900 left and right 21. Unlocking the speculum and removing it 22. Putting ll the dirty instruments on a 0.5% chlorine solution containing basin. 23. Lubricating hands with some lubricant 24. Standing up, positioning the right hand in front of the vulva and left hand on suprapubic region. Performing bimanual examination with index and middle finger of the right hand correctly assisted by tip of left hand on the suprapubic region.

25. Separating the major labia with thumb and finger of the left hand, while the 4 and 5 finger of the right hand are flexed, the 3 finger extended, the index finger flexed and the thumb extended. 26. Pressing the posterior border of vagina with the extended 3 right finger, and pushing into vagina while the index finger is now extended, and now both 3 and index finger are pushed deeply and put at the posterior fornix. 27. Describing the condition of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, parametrium and adnexae 28. Removing hands, taking off gloves and washing hand and ask the patient to stand up from the gynecologic examination table. 29. Put all the used instruments into 0.5% chlorine solution. Clean your gloved hands in 0.5% chlorine solution and then put the gloves off and put them into 0.5% chlorine solution. Then washing hand. 30. Turning off the lamp 31. Explaining the examination result to the patient and writing a clear and well-structured medical record.