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Songbird 1.0 Release Candidate spray like Archival Mist. Another option is to wrap it
Improves Stability, Album Art Handling in acid-free tissue paper and lay it out in a long, flat
[Featured Early Adopter Download] box, as recommend by HistoryBuff. You’ll want the
paper fully-wrapped in acid-free tissue if the box itself
Windows/Mac/Linux: Songbird, the open-source isn’t acid free. For acid-free paper and boxes, order
media player built on Mozilla code, has reached a feature- from ArchivalUSA and other purveyors of stationary,
complete release candidate stage, meaning you can take art and scrapbooking supplies. If you’re just interested
a look at how the 1.0 release will look and feel before in keeping a clipping, you can also preserve it in plas-
any remaining bugs are knocked down. New since the tic. Most copy-shops will laminate the front page for
0.7 beta is the use of the GStreamer backend on every you inexpensively, though it may destroy any potential
platform, to improve reliability and extendability, sup- value for collectors. The aptly-named BagsUnlimited
port for WMA, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis media files, drag- sells full-size archival mylar sleeves for a full sheet of
and-drop album artwork management, and the ability newspaper, though it won’t protect from light and can
to use existing smart playlists as the default rules for trap moisture. Things don’t get really expensive until
new smart playlists. There’s a bunch of other improve- you want to actually put a newspaper on your wall (pre-
ments and efficiencies, so feel free to grab a copy and ferrably one that doesn’t get direct sunlight). You can
see what’s new before the player’s official release. Song- can buy stock frames or have one custom-made inex-
bird is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X and pensively by ThePaperFramer. But imagine how you’ll
Linux systems. Songbird Nightly Builds [via Download feel when your grandchildren point to the headline on
Squad] the wall and marvel, ”Wow, you were there when they
passed that bond measure?” May your future news be
bright and crisply printed, Lifehacker

How Do I Preserve Newsprint for

Archive or Display? [Ask Lifehacker]
ATT Buys Up 3,000 More Wi-Fi
Dear Lifehacker, Let’s say, just a hypothetical, that Hotspots [Wi-Fi]
you have a newspaper that you want to save for pos-
terity. Anyone have any tips on doing so, cheaply? Just over a week ago ATT announced free Wi-Fi
Signed, Give ’Em Hell Harry Dear Harry, ”Just a hy- for iPhone and BlackBerry users, and now the wireless
pothetical?” Be honest mdash; it’s not every day that company has added 3,000 more Wi-Fi hotspots from
you get to vote to bond a high-speed rail project, and hotpspot operater, Wayport. If you’re an ATT cus-
the victory of California’s Proposition 1A is a historic tomer, your Wi-Fi outlook is getting better by the day.
event. How to preserve the once-in-a-lifetime head-
lines? There are a number of tips, many of which apply
to any form of paper document preservation. First off,
you don’t want to leave the paper folded in the mid-
Speed Testing OS X 10.5.5 and Ubuntu
dlemdash; you’ll want to lay it out flat, as creases and
8.10 [Operating Systems]
folds where paper meets paper will break down over
time. Secondly, you’ll want to keep it away from di-
Hardware web site Phoronix pits Mac OS X 10.5.5
rect light and moisture. In the former case, the paper
against Ubuntu 8.10 in performance benchmark throw-
will discolor and the inks fade. In the later, the pa-
down on a Mac Mini. Leopard was faster in some tests,
per can mildew or, if it contacts water directly, turn
but it looks like a close match all around. It may not be
into pulp. More basic tips can be found at eHow.
scientific, but if you’ve used both, which feels snappier
Newsprint and other papers have acid in them, and
to you? [via]
when those acids interact with the environment the pa-
per will break down. You can either try to de-acidify
the paper or protect it. You can soak the paper in a
bath of milk of magnesia, or use an acid-neutralizing

How to Unlock the Windows 7
Preview’s Aero Goodies [Windows 7

If you’ve gotten your paws on the Windows 7 Pre-

view release, you’ll be disappointed to see the regular
old boring taskbar you already know and love from
Vista in the default installation, not the new flashy
Aero features you’ve been hearing all about. Fear not,
friend: the advanced Aero goodies ARE included in
Build 6801, and you just need the key to unlock ’em.
Windows expert Rafael Rivera provides an EXE file
that does just that. Be warned, though: using the un-
locker involves some command line gymnastics, but it
worked in my test on first pass. Keep in mind the ad-
vanced Aero functionality in the test build isn’t quite
as complete or stable as what you may see in some of
the PDC demos, but it’s pretty far along. If installing
pre-beta operating systems just isn’t your thing, check
out our series of Windows 7 screencasts to get a taste
from the comfort of your legitimate release-build OS.
Thanks, Asian Angel! Flashy Windows 7 bits protected
by elaborate scheme, workaround [Within Windows via

Apple (probably) prepping a patch for

mysterious clicking issue on new

Filed under: Laptops, Peripherals We’re normally

fans of ”quirky,” but there’s nothing more frustrating
than a quirky clicking experience, as has been reported
by many of the ungrateful bastages who’ve snapped
up the new MacBook and MacBook Pros since launch.
The primary reported problem was with certain phys-
ical clicks not registering on that schmancy new glass
trackpad, no small annoyance. Earlier this week an
email from a disgruntled user to Mr. Customer Sup-
port himself, Steve Jobs, was responded to by a call
from Apple’s customer relations saying that they were
”researching” the issue, and a couple days later a simi-
lar request from another user was met with a terse email
from Steve: ”Software fix coming soon.” Of course,
these conversations could all be the delusional fantasies
of click-addled attention hounds, but we’re going to give
them the benefit of the doubt and assume that Apple
does in fact have a fix in the works for this problem.
So, while they toss that presumed update together, how
has the new trackpad been treating you?View PollAp-
ple (probably) prepping a patch for mysterious clicking
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