Muhammad Ashfaq

To get a job in the challenging IT knowledge environment offering opportunity for career advancement related to Management Information field.

Academic Education   
 (2011-2012)MBA (Management) IMS university of Peshawar (2004-2008) BS(IT) Department Of Computer Science University Of Peshawar (Spring 2003) High secondary school certificate (spring 2001) Secondary School Certificate

Experience Sept 1 2010 Till To Date: System/Network Engineer Express Media Group

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Management and maintenance of ISA/PROXY (surf control)servers Providing Lan & Wan solution to Peshawar office and remote offices Maintenance of the network over 70 nodes the reliable transfer of data over ftp server maintenance and management of exchange server 2010 Management and maintenance of domain controller user rights, organization units and shared access. Management and Maintenece of domain controller TMN servers connectivity and security Kaspersky (Anti-virus) server administration and maintenance Vsat modem installation and configuration Management of Acronics backup server

May 1st 2010 To April 2011: Network Operation Engineer Directorate of IT Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 
    Created the network over 120 Nodes Provides for LAN/WAN Architecture, Planning, Implementation, Security, and Documentation of IT Project. Internet Data Centers, Remote Offices, and VPN services Technical Report writing, Technical Comments regarding execution of new IT projects as well as currently initiated IT Projects Implemented Mikrotik as the bandwidth controller Looking after San/NSA servers Web mail server for ITEC project.(Implemented zimbra as mail server ) Squid cache server implemented with source and different switches according to our need Successfully implemented wireless network Maintaining the Raid Level

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Maintenance & Management of Switches ( Cisco Catalyst 2950, 3550 & Allied Telesyn), Configuring VLANs.

January 2010 To 30th Aug: Assistant Manager Technical (Support ) Gol Nexlinx Peshawar
 Maintaining Linux based computer network setup in the office. Various services provided by this network are: web services using Apache, Email collaboration through Qmail, Web caching and content control through SQUID, Traffic / bandwidth control using "iptables" firewall, and MySQL database servers, FTP server, File sharing and printing using Samba. Design and implement networks as per customers' requirements.


Have successfully implemented DRBD and Heartbeat on squid server Configured samba as Domain controller. Configuration and installation of APACHE. Technical support to DSL Corporate Customers Technically monitor Various Dslams(Nortel)Network troubleshooting.    January 2008 to Dec 2009: Broad Band Network Engineer in GOL Brain internet services (Pvt) Ltd         Support to more than 800 corporate and 70 wireless clients (remotely) DSL Support Wireless Broad Band support Router Configuration Network related issues Services related issues Provide technical Support on Help line. DHCP. Formatting and Recovery & Backup MS Office 2007 Wireless Networking.Tplink etc Related Courses Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5)(local certification) Good working experience with almost all Linux servers Configuration and installation of Bind Caching-Name server Monitoring of different network resources Using MRTG server (installation and configuration) Excellent working experience on Squid server . providing assistance and support for network printers. hardware troubleshooting configuring new networks.and Dink wireless router) Worked on wireless devices such as linksys. as File sharing centre for windows as well as Linux. structural cabling.Dlink . Virtual Hosting (name based. computers and other equipments. Look after the company Linux based Network Promote Linux and related Open-Source Technologies to clients and assist them in adopting the Linux / Open-source office automation model for their respective offices and IT departments. domain child environment. IP based) Successfully configured and install qmail. FTP. NFS Excellent command on recovering a system from disaster Microsoft certified system Engineer:(local certifications) 2 . protecting computers from virus attacks.  Professional Projects   Website Development Of Peshawar Model School Made Directorate of IT Network over 120 nodes (implemented Mikrotik as a bandwidth controller and linux based proxy-caching server ) Acquired Skills IT skills: - Worked on different software such clarkconnect (clear OS) Mikrotik Trouble shooting and designing of any kind of network - Network/Desktop Troubleshoot: General troubleshooting. Supervise network technicians for correctly and properly implement the solutions to customers' networking requirements. creating point-to-point. providing end-user support.freeradius. Network. cache peer. Windows and drivers installation.configuration and maintenance of squid Established Transparent Proxy. user authentication and for Mac time authentication also can create starting script for squid.4. Help determine networking equipment for customers' networking needs.adhc networks I have successfully created RADIUS for wireless Network (operating system centos 5.

Nat. Management of PBX Exchange using Asterisk. OUs and Profiles management.Good working experience in installing. Web Server. Maintenance & Management of Web Server in respect to operating system. STP. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).ashz@gmail. Application Server.Urdu :Excellent in both writing and oral presentations Address Behind Technical College Near old FIA Building Kohat Road Peshawar GSM: (+9291) 3149058191 +923159394947 E-mail: linux. 2K3 Server. Configuration of Webserver using Apache. FreeBSD(IPFW). Dnat. FreeBSD. 4000 series. either RedHat. 7500. configuring and maintaining Active Directory. ishfaq_bit3@hotmail. 2600. Maintenance & Management of DNS in respect to operating system. VLAN. VTP. Maintenance & Management of FTP Server in respect to operating system. Mandrake). Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge. Management of Squid access logs.English: Excellent in both writing & oral presentations . Dhcp etc Technical Summary:     Maintenance & Management of Operating Systems (FreeBSD. Domain Name Server ( DNS).com References Zia Ullah Khan Manager Networks/system Directorate Of IT Peshawar 03339966455 3 . either RedHat. Point to Multi-point Wireless Devices. Configuration of DVB cards on LINUX. Management of OS based GUI's like GNOME. FreeBSD. Maintenance & Management of Cache Servers in respect to operating system. Black Box. Maintenance & Management of Firewalls in respect to operating system. Domain Controllers. ISA Server. either RedHat. Maintenance & Management of Windows 2K. Configuration of BIND. Maintenance & Management of Proxium Radio Systems. php with accessibility of VirtualHosts. Slackware. Maintenance & Management of Satellite Downlinks. Configuration of LANs based on Windows Servers with Active Directory. interVlan routing Access control list. RedHat. CISCO PIX 5XX Series. XFCE. Configuration of FTP Server using ProFTPD. Configuration of Email Server using Sendmail or Qmail with accessibility to both POP3 and IMAP. Cisco switch rang 2900 to 3500 Basic understand and implementation of static routing and dynamic routing. FreeBSD. Pat. Unattended Installation. FreeBSD. Domain controller. either RedHat. either RedHat(IPTABLES). FreeBSD. Configuration of SQUID and make them Transparent Proxy. Slackware. Virtual Private Network (VPN). Monitoring Intrusion Detection System (IDS) on Network using ACID. RedHat. Cisco certified Network Associate(local certification) Basic understanding of subnetting Working on different Network devices like Cisco routers 800 series. Maintenance & Management of Email Server in respect to operating system. KDE. Remote Installation Server ( RIS). Juniper SSG-5. Suse. Slackware.          Language skills: . Remote Access Server (RAS).

Naseer Ahmad Khan Manager Operation Gol Nexlinx Peshawar 03005700274 Naveed Babar Assistant Manager IT/Team Leader Express Media Group 03008580654 4 .

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