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Submitting the Hands On Course Requirement Form

The Hands On Course Requirement Form is the final requirement in obtaining most OCP and
OCM certifications as well as some Expert Program certifications. Submitting the Hands On
Course Requirement Form will accomplish two tasks related to your certification:

• It will trigger a request for Oracle to verify your attendance in an approved hands-on
• After your attendance has been verified by Oracle, the form will generate a
permanent record in Oracle's and Prometric's certification databases, showing that
you have met the requirement. The record will become part of your personal
certification history, identifiable as "OCP Hands On Course Requirement".

Candidates should note that this “form” is actually set up as a “test.” Below we have outlined the
step-by-step process to submit these forms. Please contact if you
have any questions.

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose either "First-time Registration" if you
have not used this system before, or “Secure Sign-In” if you have used the system before
and have your User Name and Password.

If you chose Secure Sign-In, skip to number 6.

3. If you chose First-time Registraton, enter your Thompson Prometric testing ID, select
"Oracle" from the drop-down list. Click Continue to set up your profile.

Please note that you will need to submit the form under the same Prometric ID underwhich you
took your exams. The Prometric ID is a unique identifier. If you complete your OCP exams and
Hands-on Course Requirement with 2 different Prometric ID numbers, the database recognizes
you as two different candidates. This will delay your success kit processing.
4. Read the "Privacy Notice". Click the "I AGREE" link.
5. Complete the "First Time Registration" account profile page (fill-in all of the fields marked
with a triangle). Click Submit.
6. At the Welcome screen, click Continue.

7. At the Main Menu screen, click the "Take Test" link.

8. At the "Select a Test Sponsor" screen, enter this keycode in the "Private Tests" field:
(You can find the keycodes on the Oracle Certification Program Website at
Click Submit.

9. Click "Take This Test!"

10. Click "Begin Test"

Please note that you will need your course information prior to beginning the registration
process. You will need your course name, dates, location and enrollment number.