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2008 / 18:34:10

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Reploid: hey fagets
Campaign saved.
'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Ibram'
'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros'
Ibram: sup nerd
Rivahros: I'm just gonna use the same guy
Reploid: k
Ibram: Im starting from scratch
Reploid: drop him down to 1
Rivahros: if I were to make a new fighter it'd be a dwarf anyway
Ibram: This is gabe btw
Reploid: i saw
Rivahros: he already is 1
Reploid: oh awesome
Rivahros: the server character was 2
Reploid: k so
Reploid: uh
Reploid: do you see my rolls
Reploid: [3d8 = 9]
Ibram: no
Reploid: hm
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Rivahros: players can't see dm rolls
Reploid: I wonder if I can publicise them
Rivahros: I don't think so
Reploid: I like being like
Reploid: greetings ruoka
Reploid: so right now we'll help you roll a guy and maybe do a bit of playing
'Ruoka' identified as 'Durp'
Reploid: I need to make a map or something
Durp: Oh god I don't know how anything works
Durp: I'm scared
Reploid: or check google to see if FG comes with stuff
Reploid: ok
Reploid: so
Rivahros: relax
Rivahros: well
Reploid: step one

Reploid: dont panic
Rivahros: FG comes with a campaign
Reploid: oh does it?
Rivahros: Tales of Dinor or something like that
Reploid: not that I want to use it
Reploid: I'd just read it see what its abou
Reploid: t
Reploid: just so you know
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Reploid: I have actually DMed before
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Reploid: look up Gestalt character
Reploid: those are broken
Reploid: but yea
Reploid: I've DMed
Rivahros: very good
Reploid: but it was d20 modern
Reploid: same shit really
Rivahros: How much gold do we have to start with
Reploid: also I totally DGAF so you guys won't have to worry about food or how
many arrows you have
Reploid: I just assume you bring enough shit
Reploid: uhh
Reploid: 500
Reploid: cause I'm a nice guy
Rivahros: excellent
'Ruoka' identified as 'Rohkor'
Reploid: cool
Reploid: ok so
Campaign saved.
Rohkor: How does one talk out of character
Reploid: I'd like to clear stuff up for ruoka first before I tell you how I want you to roll
your shit
Reploid: ok so
Reploid: chat
Reploid (Reploid): hold ATL for OOC
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Reploid: after you type your message
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Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh I see
Reploid: excelent
'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag'

Cormag: Fuck it imma go rogue again
Reploid: CTRL is for actions such as I want to shoot X monster
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sure, fine
I get story mode thats cool
Reploid: CTRL SHIFT is for Emotes like if you're character is well emoting
Rivahros: ctrl-shift is emotes, like 'Rivahros [insert action]'
Reploid: yawning scoffing laughing etc
Rivahros shoves Cormag off of a hundred-foot-tall cliff.
Rivahros: like that
Reploid: I would consider that an action
Reploid: but yes
Ruoka (Rohkor): Alright
Ruoka (Rohkor): I think I'll try playing a simple fighter character first
Cormag: Are we just sticking with basic races from the ing ame handbook or can we
do any 3.5 race
Cormag: er in game
Rohkor: [1d6 = 4]
Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh, so this is how I roll dice
Reploid: yes
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): right-click dice in order to roll more than one
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and right-click the d10 die to roll %
Cormag: So can I b e any 3.5 race?
Reploid: uhh
Rohkor: [20d6 = 65]
Rivahros: [2d10 = 68]
Rohkor: Ho ho ho
Reploid: tell me what you want to be
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm sticking with dwarf, fuck you guys
Reploid: no
Cormag: :(
Ruoka (Rohkor): I wanna be a human fighter
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Ruoka (Rohkor): OH WAIT NO
Reploid: we have a fighter
Campaign saved.
Cormag: >Drow
Cormag: >good
Cormag: LOLWAT
Reploid: ahahah
'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil'

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): We could use a cleric
Reploid: hey phil
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we probably don't have a cleric
Phil: Have we started?
Reploid: you can use phil as long as he gets a personality change
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're explaining things to ruoka and making characters
Phil: WHAT
Reploid: :3
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Aww, come on reploid
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't make him do that
Reploid: I know I'm kidding
Reploid: phill is hillarious
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil is an asshole and a retard but he's awesome
Reploid: you're going to die so many times
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but you gotta scale him back to level 1
Phil: He's not retarded. he's just....
Reploid: OK SO
Phil: uh
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Reploid, I've forgotten
Phil: okay so slightly retarded
Cormag: Ok Reploid can I be a Tiefling?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what do I put in the 'attack' number next to my weapon
Ruoka (Rohkor): Guys
Ruoka (Rohkor): What character should I play
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we could use a cleric
Ruoka (Rohkor): A simple one, please
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then we'd have the ultimate team
Reploid: that is your base attack bonus
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): + str/dex?
Reploid: you get like 5 as a 20 fighter
Reploid: no
Reploid: its on your class sheet
Phil: Play a monk
Reploid: ruoka
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): But I thought you added your str or dex to your attack
roll depending on weapon
Ruoka (Rohkor): wat
Phil: Because monks are fucking awesome
Reploid: I'd like you to roll a cleric
Reploid: you don't have to
Reploid: but you guys have no healer
Phil: Clerics are awesome too

Ruoka (Rohkor): I can try if you really want
Reploid: they are
Reploid: I had a cleric last game
Reploid: I killed everything
Phil: Okay
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): clerics are a nice jack-of-all-trades class
Ruoka (Rohkor): So we are all good or neutral characters
Ruoka (Rohkor): or what?
Reploid: thats up to you
Cormag: I still haven't gotten a response to if I can be a Tiefling or not :<
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): they have decent armor, good weapons, some offensive
casting, and healing
Reploid: uh
Phil: Should I play my Mother 3 soundtrack, my Fallout 3 soundtrack, or my TWEWY
Reploid: let me get my MM one sec
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): mother 3
Reploid: mother 3
Reploid: shit son why even ask
Ruoka (Rohkor): Mother 3
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): seriously
Ruoka (Rohkor): I mean DUUUUH
Phil: also cormag SORRY I HAVEN'T DRAWN YOU YET D:
Cormag: It's fine
Cormag: I changed races anyways
Cormag: So I guess it's a good thing
Phil: Yeah
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're drawing people?
Ruoka (Rohkor): I'm just listening to my playlist of Brawl, Neverhood, God Hand and
Phoenix Wright
Phil: I've been studying anatomy for the past week or so
Phil: because my art sucks
Phil: also how do I figure out my spell save DC?
Ruoka (Rohkor): So uh
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no idea
Ruoka (Rohkor): How would I start creating a character
Cormag: Goddamn it fuck
Campaign saved.
Reploid: ok well
Phil: have you chosen a race and class Ruoka?
Reploid: teiflings have a level adjustment of +1
Ruoka (Rohkor): I guess I'll be Human Cleric

Reploid: so you'd still be level 1 at level 2
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): looooooool
Phil: okay
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): What the fuck is a teifling anyway
Phil: start by choosing your ability scores
Cormag: Do I get some sort of bonues or some shit that makes up for that
Reploid: demon blood
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh jesus christ that's not fair
Reploid: opposite to celestials
Reploid: which have like
Reploid: angel blood
Reploid: no
Reploid: I'm getting to stats in a sec I want to clear up anything minor first
Phil: Doing the 18/16/14/12/10/8 thing?
Reploid: no
Reploid: this is more fun
Phil: ...rolling for stats?
Reploid: yes
Reploid: :3
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't make me roll
Reploid: thats why you're all here
Reploid: ok so
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i can't stand the chance of failure
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fine, whatever
Phil: okay, how do you roll for stats again? it's 4d6, not counting lowest roll?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll 4d6 and add the three highest numbers, right?
Reploid: roll 4d6 take away the lowest and thats your score. Do that 7 times take
away the lowest those are yours stats
Reploid: deal w/ it
Rivahros: [4d6 = 12]
Phil: [4d6 = 9]
Reploid: one at a time plz
Phil: ;_;
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh ok
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who goes first
Reploid: you
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k
Phil: ME?
Reploid: phil i'll let you annex that shitty roll
Rivahros: [4d6 = 14]
Phil: thank you

Reploid: high rollaaaaa
Rivahros: [4d6 = 11]
Reploid: oh snap
Rivahros: [4d6 = 14]
Cormag: Hey what book is the Tiefling racial information in? d20srd sucks and has
like no info
Rivahros: [4d6 = 19]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YUS
Reploid: its in the DMG somewhere you ahve the PDF torrent right
Rivahros: [4d6 = 13]
Reploid: baliin
Rivahros: [4d6 = 11]
Phil: I call next
Reploid: you're not doing too bad man
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's 7
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): taking out my roll of 9 i have
Reploid: k
Ruoka (Rohkor): I'll just keep watching quietly until it's my turn
Phil: I really hope that I roll 18
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 11-13-12-17-12-10
Reploid: sounds good
Phil: because then I have to redo all my skills and spells/day
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i suppose i could have gotten worse
Reploid: phil go
Cormag: wait what book is it in I have the PDF folder up
Phil: [4d6 = 8]
Campaign saved.
Reploid: DMG
Reploid: ouch
Reploid: 7
Reploid: [8]
Phil: [4d6 = 16]
Reploid: oh cool
Phil: [4d6 = 9]
Cormag: Also I'll go last looking up info
Reploid: oh damn
Phil: [4d6 = 12]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cool pink dice, faggot
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil is rolling shit today
Phil: [4d6 = 17]
Ruoka (Rohkor): What a bout my purple dice, am I a faggot too
Phil: [4d6 = 8]

Phil: [4d6 = 13]
Ruoka (Rohkor): Imma go grab some coke
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I hate to say it but I agree with phil, he got a ton of bad
Reploid: yea
Phil: rage
Phil: ilu
Phil: <3
Rivahros: ilu 2
Reploid: keep your two highest
Reploid: and roll again
Cormag: Ok I changed my mind fuck being a gay goblim imm be a ballin WEREWOLF
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . . .
Phil: My two highest were 13 and 14
Reploid: k
Phil: [4d6 = 7]
Reploid: also no lycanthropy
Reploid: fuckin furfag
Cormag: D:>
Reploid: AHAHAHAH]
Ruoka (Rohkor): ahahaha
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Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh, I'm sorry, am I allowed to laugh
Reploid: yes
Reploid: always
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Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he ragequit
'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil'
Phil: I raged so hard
Reploid: ok guys
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you ragequit
Reploid: since phils roll have been shit
Phil: that my router temporarily broke
Reploid: anything you roll lower than 10 is auto 10
Phil: [4d6 = 15]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no effect on me
Reploid: cause ned modifiers suck
Reploid: neg*
Phil: [4d6 = 11]

I never should have said to let you reroll Reploid: gabe you're up Reploid: rage did you put in your new stats? Phil: How much gold? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ayuh Reploid: i just fixed an 8 for you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's -2 Cormag: What do I do again. oh wow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 2 17s and an 18 Phil: 13 14 14 10 17 17 18 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking nigger Reploid: you lose the 10 Reploid: nice rolls bro Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ. 4d6 and then what Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): racial modifier -2 on charisma Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it was right the first time Reploid: oh ok sorry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll 4d6 seven times Cormag: [4d6 = 15] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): take out the lowest number in each roll Cormag: [4d6 = 13] Reploid: take away the lowest per 4 Cormag: [4d6 = 14] Cormag: [4d6 = 13] Cormag: [4d6 = 16] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and then take out the lowest combined roll out of all seven Cormag: [4d6 = 14] Cormag: [4d6 = 14] . Ruoka (Rohkor): hahaha. your stats are incredible Reploid: they really are Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hope you fucking choke.Phil: [4d6 = 22] Reploid: nice Phil: FUCK YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nice 17 bro Phil: [4d6 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE YOU Phil: [4d6 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT THE FUCK? Phil: AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Ruoka (Rohkor): waaaat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT'S NOT FAIR Campaign saved.

Phil: I love how I'm a wizard and have a +2 STR score Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the six numbers remaining are your stats and you can distribute them accordingly Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): shut the fuck up Phil: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he got really good stats too Phil: ilu <3 Reploid: phil dont make me nerf you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): not as good as phil's but still better than mine Ruoka (Rohkor): Is it my turn yet Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no Reploid: once I get gabes totals Phil: I can drop a couple scores if you think they're too much Phil: Hell I think they're too much Reploid: yea I was just about to look at your sheet Reploid: I'll adjust Phil: Don't drop CHA plz Reploid: k that should be good Phil: NO NOT CHA D: Reploid: ahahha Reploid: deal w/ it Phil: WHY DEAR GOD NOT CHA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): gabe Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): your stats are Reploid: gabe your totals Phil: I'm not longer a prettyboy Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 14-12-12-14-13-13 Phil: I'm just a decent looking guy ._. you are average Reploid: in b4 25 year old elf shota with 18 cha Reploid: yea Cormag: whee Reploid: thats very average Reploid: turn one of those 14s into a 16 Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what? Cormag: <3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Reploid: I'm lookin at your guy rage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Cormag: wait wut Reploid: you can put 10 in cha Reploid: and uh Reploid: str 15 . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): congratulations.

..Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks bro Reploid: ok Campaign saved.and another Reploid: totals Phil: Holy shiiiit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he only rolled 6 Reploid: i'll nerf accordingly Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll another 4d6 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh wait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nevermind. of course Reploid: yea I gathered Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka's turn Phil: The idea that CHA is a dump stat is alien to me -3- Ruoka (Rohkor): alright Reploid: ruoka you're up Rohkor: [4d6 = 21] Phil: who wants to play an ugly unlikeable guy Phil: i mean come on Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DAMN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nice roll Phil: Goddamn nice Rohkor: [4d6 = 19] Rohkor: [4d6 = 16] Phil: holy shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ Rohkor: [4d6 = 13] Rohkor: [4d6 = 15] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): those first 3 were pretty awesome Rohkor: [4d6 = 22] Rohkor: [4d6 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and another great one Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . i'm blind Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let me count his totals Ruoka (Rohkor): You sure are. bro Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): totals are Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 16-16-13-16-16-16 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the fuck Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh man Reploid: shit son Ruoka (Rohkor): I call hax Phil: niga u h4x Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's even better than bloodvex's . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): con 19 is also counting my racial mod.

Cormag: :( Phil: Can I be a kobold Phil: named pun-pin Phil: pun Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god no Phil: <:3c Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in during game completely destroyed Reploid: no Reploid: you cant be a master of all forms either Phil: Can I be a dire rat Reploid: no Phil: . I think it is Phil: I had 2 17's and an 18 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what were your other three scores Phil: 13 14 14 Phil: total.. Phil: y u hate me rep Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid. Reploid: bruital Reploid: k so Reploid: let me take one last look at everyones stats Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag wants to be a doppelganger Reploid: i know Reploid: i said no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol Reploid: in during perfect disguise check Campaign saved. yeah Phil: but those three are all useless to me Rivahros: phil's total is 93 Reploid: 16-14-13-14-12-14 Ruoka (Rohkor): So I add these to my base stats now or what Reploid: yes Reploid: since you're a cleric you'll want wis as high as possible Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka's original total Phil: >half-dragon Phil: furfag Cormag: <:( . .Phil: Nope Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): total. let me give you my backstory Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's your e-mail Cormag: HALF-DRAGON DROW DEAL WITH IT Reploid: reploid_zero_x@hotmail.3. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 93 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .. .

com Phil: I thought you only got one feat at first level Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait. Reploid: ok so Reploid: next Reploid: you all get 2 feats to start Phil: I think that I've got everything else sorted out Reploid: thats 3 if you're human Phil: wait 2? Phil: uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): e-mail sent to reploid_zero_x@hotmail. ragners and shit have +1? Phil: rangers Reploid: no Ruoka (Rohkor): Okay are my stats fine now Phil: oh Reploid: its in their class thing Phil: Don't barbarians and fighters have +1 base melee? Reploid: oh yea rangers get 1 Reploid: pallies get 1 Phil: that's what I thought Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i have +1 base attack bonus Reploid: fighters get 1 Phil: If I was less interested in living I'd switch my CHA and DEX scores Phil: what's the point of living longer if you aren't a pretty boy? =3= Reploid: facepalm.Phil: dragons r gay Phil: deal w/ it NERD Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god where can I find my base stats Reploid: main tab Ruoka (Rohkor): I am not good with player's handbook Reploid: abilitieds Phil: You don't add those to stats Reploid: abilities* Phil: Those are your stats Rohkor: Oh Phil: dsitribute them accordingly Ruoka (Rohkor): Okay then Reploid: 16-14-13-14-12-14 Phil: wait why is my base ranged -4? Phil: must've scrollwheeled over it on accident Phil: my base should be 0 right? Reploid: yea Reploid: i'm pretty sure everyone has 0 to start Phil: shouldn't like. I thought you only got 1 to start.jpg Campaign saved. and only 2 if you .

that means i get 3 feats Reploid: yes it does Phil: I chose dodge as one of my feats. but that one really isn't worth it is it? Ruoka (Rohkor): So I get a bonus feat too since I'm human? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): humans and fighters and perhaps other classes get bonus feats Reploid: yes Ruoka (Rohkor): Does a human fighter get two extra feats ? Reploid: fighters don't Reploid: not at 1 Reploid: humans get a bonus to feat and skill points Reploid: speaking of skill points Reploid: max rank is 4 per level Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't have enough dex to get dodge.were a fighter or human Phil: 2 if you were uman Reploid: cool last name steve Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and 3 if you were a human fighter Phil: protip.o. Reploid: no Reploid: i'm giving everyone 2 Phil: fighters aren't the only classes with bonus feats Phil: oh cool thanks Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sweet. thanks Reploid: ok so Reploid: yea Reploid: skills Reploid: I don't care for cross class BS Reploid: so Reploid: you can have 4 in anything per level Reploid: in during I have like 50 awesome house rules Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): official rules state you need to put 2 skill points in non- class skills to get 1 rank Phil: how many bonus skill points do humans get? Reploid: uh Reploid: I think its 4 + int mod . Reploid: swap stats Reploid: wait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there's nothing to swap with Reploid: wait Reploid: there Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can i take 1 point from str and put it in dex? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. which is a required feat for dwarven dfedner Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .

Reploid: yes Phil: Diety don't affect shit Phil: what it does Reploid: hes a cleric Phil: oh Reploid: you deity has domains associated to them Reploid: you get to pick bonus spells from your domains Reploid: and you only get two Reploid: who is your deity Rohkor: I haven't decided yet Reploid: two domains I should say Reploid: well Reploid: first off Reploid: what is everyone's allignment Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): neutral good Cormag: Neutral Evil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're gonna have problems Ruoka (Rohkor): Lawful neutral Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): brb Reploid: yes we are Reploid: have fun RPing guys Reploid: :3 Cormag: Reploid Reploid: sup Cormag: I can't find shit on Drow.Reploid: its in the book Ruoka (Rohkor): So does my deity affect what spells I get and shit Campaign saved. do you know what specific book it is so im not rooting through all of mine Phil: NG Reploid: drow might be in PHB Reploid: cause they're pretty common Reploid: one sec Reploid: i've rolled a drow before Reploid: its in PHB or DMG Reploid: i know it Cormag: Only the super basic races are in the PHB Ruoka (Rohkor): Are you going to roll a Drow ranger who fights for justice? Reploid: k well its in dmg somewhere Cormag: Fuck dat Im a self serving rogue Ruoka (Rohkor): Fuck yes Reploid: NE rogue ftw Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): why can't you be a normal race that isn't evil Reploid: kills for what they want and DGAFs the rest .

that's what I meant but misworded it Reploid: not necisarily the same alignment Reploid: since you said you were neutral you can go either way Reploid: but they have to be lawful Reploid: you said LN right Ruoka (Rohkor): Yeah Reploid: put in on your char sheet plz Reploid: very top Reploid: thx Reploid: also age and shit Ruoka (Rohkor): Does size and weight matter . like at all Reploid: shoot Phil: If a feat requires a prerequisite Phil: can I choose both feats at level 1 Phil: like Dodge and mobility at level 1? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't see why not Reploid: such as point bank shot and precise shot? Reploid: yes Reploid: ruoka have you looked at the deity list? Cormag: Well I found a book called "Drow of the underdark" shit should help Ruoka (Rohkor): Yeah Reploid: thats forgotten realms Reploid: so Reploid: no Cormag: oh yeah Cormag: fuck Cormag: I SHOULDA KNOWN THAT Reploid: have you picked domains? Ruoka (Rohkor): So I choose two of a god that is the same alignment as me? Reploid: no you pick one god Reploid: and you get two domains Ruoka (Rohkor): Right. Rohkor: But that wouldn't work out.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): god damn Cormag: Because I need to add conflict Reploid: phil does that enough Cormag: Besides I'm NEUTRAL Cormag: EVIL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're gonna have conflict aplenty with our adventures Reploid: yep Cormag: As long as you fags benefit me I don't do shit Reploid: its true Rohkor: I was thinking of being Lawful Evil Phil: Question Campaign saved.

now it says who I follow and my two chosen domains Phil: uh Reploid: awesome Phil: I think? Reploid: wiz/sorc Reploid: arcane Reploid: zap mothafucka Phil: Yes Reploid: k .Reploid: you're M size Reploid: weight no Reploid: thats for RP stuff Ruoka (Rohkor): Right. Reploid: ok so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): inb4 dm fudges ruoka's rolls Reploid: we've got stats Ruoka (Rohkor): So do I write my deity down somewhere Reploid: feats Reploid: skills Reploid: uh Reploid: yea Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): equipment Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but i already have mine Reploid: huh its usally up top with age and shit Reploid: put it in Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there's no spot to write down diety Reploid: thats dumb Reploid: on normals sheets theres a box Reploid: put it on appearance Reploid: oh Phil Reploid: you're arcane casting again/still right Rohkor: Alright. I mean Reploid: no Reploid: RP fluff Ruoka (Rohkor): Okay Reploid: but unless you were like Reploid: 300 pounds Reploid: I'd be like Reploid: you dont get to run Reploid: fatty Ruoka (Rohkor): I'd roll around instead Reploid: dohoho Reploid: i like you Ruoka (Rohkor): That's good to know Campaign saved. height and weight.

Reploid: each Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): already got my equipment Reploid: masterwork weapons are +300gp Reploid: if you want one Reploid: same for armor Reploid: oh speaking of armor Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't have enough for that. sorcerer was here. i'm fine with my stuff now Phil: I am so gonna get a masterwork robe .Phil: Wizard Reploid: I don't care for spell components Reploid: so Phil: It says on my char sheet you know Reploid: dont worry about them Phil: okay thanks Reploid: but Ruoka you're still going to need a holy symbol Cormag: in during im blind for the entire campaign Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i say he should worry about spell components for xp costs and spell components that cost like 1000g Phil: Even if it's like a level 9 spell that costs like a 1000 GP diamond to cast? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): also. wizard is a loser Reploid: yes Reploid: XP costs is differnet Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the fuck? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that seems overpowered Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if he can cast spells with like 1000g costs for fucking free Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that IS overpowered Reploid: hes on your team Phil: Like I'm ever gonna get level 9 spells Reploid: leevel nine spells at at like Reploid: lvl 18 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): meehhh Reploid: in during you get 1k gold per like Reploid: monstetr Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we'll burn that bridge when we come to it i guess Phil: I don't mind paying 1000 GP for them Reploid: but like I said Phil: It's okay Reploid: hes on your team Reploid: dont worry about it Reploid: ok so Reploid: uh Reploid: equipment! Reploid: you get 500 golds Campaign saved.

AND HEAVY ARMOR PROFICIENCY Phil: INB4 CASTER IN PLATE MAIL Reploid: enjoy your arcane failure rate Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BATTLE MAGE Phil: awwww Reploid: thats would be going too far Reploid: even for me Phil: I wasn't really gonna do it Reploid: i know Reploid: i'm just sayin Reploid: this isn't D2 Reploid: ok so Reploid: uh Reploid: what did I miss Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i think that's it Phil: I need one more feat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): spells. perhaps? Reploid: ok well Reploid: spells are on your class sheet Reploid: so are the amount you can cast Phil: I don't even get what spellcrafting does Phil: it doesn't apply for when I cast spells does it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): skill focus: spellcraft is a prereq for archmage Reploid: spellcraft checks Reploid: are for figuring out what the enemy mage just cast Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that sounds. MEDIUM.. for those who cast them Phil: I have Combat Casting and Improved Intiative Ruoka (Rohkor): So do we need food and shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): skill focus: spellcrafting.Reploid: armor check penalties are dumb Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck dat shit Reploid: in during rage swims at full speel in fullplate Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YEAH Reploid: speed* Phil: HEY REP Reploid: sup Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well technically i'm wearing banded mail Reploid: technically Phil: MY FEATS WILL BE LIGHT.fucking useless Ruoka (Rohkor): So is there different types of holy symbol Reploid: or figuring out what that rune on the wall does Phil: Well I dumped 4 points into that one Ruoka (Rohkor): Other than "wooden" and "silver" Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that sounds useful ..

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course Reploid: a dc15 + spell level spellcraft check would be to figure out what spell was just cast at you Reploid: cause I wont say it Reploid: it'll just be like Phil: I also have 2 ranks in use rope because bondage is my fetish Reploid: he shot a green thing at you Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh man. where do I put the weight of my items Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): or does it not matter Reploid: i don't care Reploid: so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Reploid: like I said Reploid: 50 house rules of dfag Reploid: dgaf* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck yeah Reploid: also everyone who has the book torrent is free to look in the suplements for awesome prestiege classes . is that good Reploid: 50gp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): per? Reploid: yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Reploid: they Reploid: they're in the DMG Reploid: oh Reploid: ruoka Ruoka (Rohkor): what Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid.Phil: I also have 4 points in decipher script Reploid: like Reploid: ex Phil: isn't that for like reading scrolls and shit? Campaign saved. I'm getting kinda sleepy Reploid: also casting from a borrowed spell book Reploid: learning a spell from a scroll Reploid: etc Reploid: oh Reploid: potions too Reploid: sleep is for the weak Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much do potions of heal light wounds cost Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ^ Reploid: uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just in case rohkor is caught unaware and can't heal me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'll say 20g.

Campaign saved. reploid Reploid: oh I do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excellent Cormag: I have the perfect prestiege class in mind :3c IN THE GRIM DARK FUTURE THERE IS ONLY BABES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i lurrrrv story in mah rp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YES BEST STORY EVER Phil: So I guess you hate my RP huh rage Phil: LOOOOOOOL Cormag: We get 2 feats right? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what rp Phil: 3 YOU EXIT THE HAREM WITH THREE GIRLS EACH Cormag: 3? Phil: if human Cormag: oh Cormag: I aint human Phil: oh Phil: 2 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then 2 Reploid: 2 Reploid: also guys Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): is there going to be a definite. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hope you have a good plot cooked up. identifiable villain Reploid: don't forget Reploid: the books like complete adventurer and stuff ahve sweet items Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): like can we look at some steaming rubble of village and say 'Damn that [x]!' Reploid: just remind me what page they're on and I'll give a yay or nay Reploid: yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i love you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so much Cormag: And we have 500 to buy shit right? Reploid: yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and most importantly Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): will this shit be more than once a week Reploid: maybe Reploid: I'll try Reploid: finals are soon Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you are the best dm ever Reploid: we can do a game tomorrow Cormag: whats the deal with masterwork again? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh my god yes Reploid: I can BS a first encounter by then .

Phil: I am intrigued good sir Reploid: its in the torrent Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): why do you say that Cormag: Drow are grimdark elves Cormag: They don't go in the light Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Ruoka (Rohkor): Wear a hood you nigga Ruoka (Rohkor): Or some shades Ruoka (Rohkor): Or something Cormag: Fuck yes shades Cormag: BIG PIMPIN Reploid: I'll allow shades . Phil: Book of Erotic Fantasy? Cormag: Like I said earlier inb4 I'm blinded for 99% of the campaign .-.Cormag: how much more money does it cost Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): +300 to the item's cost Reploid: for masterwork? Cormag: Aight Reploid: +300 Ruoka (Rohkor): Let's see if I'll ever figure this our Reploid: also Reploid: if any of you get the chance Reploid: read the book of erotic fantasy Reploid: its hillarious Reploid: like Reploid: I'm chuckling thinking about it Reploid: blue mages are pimps Cormag: Also I forgot what do I put in the "attacks" panel under weapons Ruoka (Rohkor): We should run a campaign with stuff from that Reploid: base attack Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am not comfortable enough with my sexuality to read such a heathenous book Reploid: you can use stuff from there Reploid: just ask me first Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I could have sworn Reploid: and tell me the page Ruoka (Rohkor): Dohohoho Reploid: cause I have it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it was base attack + either str or dex mod Reploid: I'm serious Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): depending on melee or ranged Reploid: tell me what book and what page and I'll be like Reploid: yea sure Campaign saved.

jpg shades Reploid: free Cormag: WHEEEE Reploid: cause you're a drow Reploid: one condition Cormag: uh oh Reploid: you need to shop the shades onto a drow pic and use it as your charater Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do it. Reploid: like phil has Cormag: Done Reploid: good Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): w-what? Reploid: phil how did you get your custom pic Reploid: tell them Cormag: /r/ing datass templete Reploid: its on FA Reploid: just /r/ it Cormag: Where on FA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just google 'sunglasses' Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking moron Reploid: no Cormag: IT NEEDS TO BE THE DAT ASS ONES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHY Cormag: YOU FAGGOT Reploid: they must be the datass shades Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THEY'RE JUST REGULAR SUNGLASSES FUCK Reploid: NO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE THIS MEME Reploid: NO THEY'RE NOT Reploid: A DRAGON EATS YOU Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll to see how painfully i die? Reploid: [1d20 = 5] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Reploid: [7d20 = 84] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): aw shit Cormag: HEY LET ME JUST IMAGE SEARCH DROW THIS CAN'T BE BAD Cormag: OHGOD Reploid: [7d12 = 36] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm seeing a lot of rolls here Reploid: oh my Reploid: there must have been some confusion Phil: fuck Reploid: Tzneech has chosen you as his new champion .Cormag: How much would they cost? Reploid: datass.

Reploid: no Reploid: you will participate Phil: I'm ready Phil: also Reploid: its the best way to learn Phil: Masterwork crossbow Phil: ftw Ruoka (Rohkor): I don't have like anything written in my character sheet yet Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we'll fill you in as it becomes necessary Reploid: well then lets get you ready Phil: I AM RADY Phil: READY Reploid: you said you have the players hnadbook yes? Ruoka (Rohkor): So is shit like water and foor needed in our games? Ruoka (Rohkor): Yeah. would it be fine if I would just sit here and watch Campaign saved. I do Reploid: oh no Ruoka (Rohkor): *food Reploid: I assume you know how to eat Phil: I packed it Reploid: ok so Reploid: you need to go to the cleric page Reploid: and you can use the starter template Phil: but only because I'm the kind of roleplaying nerd that likes that kind of shit Ruoka (Rohkor): Alright.Reploid: grats Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? THAT'S NOT FAIR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I mean Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY SHIT AWESOME Reploid: dohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -changes classes to Eldritch Knight- Reploid: fuck no Reploid: blackguard Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i was kidding Ruoka (Rohkor): enjoy bursting into a twitching pile of tentacles for no apparent reason Reploid: ahahah Reploid: ok so Reploid: uh Reploid: I want to do a bit of game Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes so do i Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): are we all good and ready Ruoka (Rohkor): Uh. I'll just use that then Reploid: and you need to add your skills .

Reploid: (2 + int mod) x4 + 4 + in for being human Reploid: then put those into the rank section Reploid: max rank is 4 per level Cormag: Fuck I just noticed Cormag: I don't have photoshop on this computer Cormag: FFFFF Reploid: I'll do it Cormag: I have the pic and the templtwe Cormag: er templete Cormag: hatever Cormag: I CAN"T SPELL Reploid: send me the links Cormag: sent Phil: How much is a thieve's kit? Cormag: oh yeah fuck I need to buy some thieves tools Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR Phil: I think it's like 50 GP? Cormag: LATERSON GAVE THEM TO ME FOR FREE LAST TIME SHUTUP . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CAN WE PLEASE GET A GAME GOING Ruoka (Rohkor): AAAH THIS IS TOO CONFUSING FOR ME Phil: I'm ready Reploid: ruoka whats wrong Rohkor: I dont' get anything Reploid: such as? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i think he's confused by spells Ruoka (Rohkor): I think I'll just read shit and join the next session Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i know i was Reploid: no serously play Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that won't help you Reploid: you'll learn way better Reploid: everyone starts off like this Reploid: confused and afraid Reploid: its ok bro Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i know i did Cormag: Rage and I were total newbies Reploid: i'll be gentle Cormag: AND NOW WE ARE PROS Phil: Hey Ruoka Rivahros: now i know the game pretty well Ruoka (Rohkor): And it's 3 am and I'm really sleepy Phil: RUOKA Reploid: 3am Reploid: damn . Campaign saved.-.

I can't really think properly right now Campaign saved.Ruoka (Rohkor): WHAAAT Phil: This is rage and mine's second game Phil: ever Phil: So. Reploid: 7 hour difference between us though Reploid: damn Reploid: well I'm going to do this again tomorrow Phil: brb Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he must live in europe Reploid: yea Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what a fag Reploid: lol Ruoka (Rohkor): If the next game would be a few hours earlier it would be fine. we're nearly as newb as you are Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no. for real Reploid: yea this was a rush job for me too Cormag: fuck Cormag: where does Fantasy grounds defualt install to Cormag: I can't find the goddamn folder Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do you have vista Ruoka (Rohkor): Alright. bloodvex Reploid: well uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S GO Reploid: this will prolly go on for at least an hour Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course Phil: Those don't count Phil: lol Reploid: and I'd like you to at least stay so you do learn Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh god Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if he's too tired. I was playing in your games. I think Ruoka (Rohkor): Yeah. perhaps he should leave Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he won't learn much Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if anything Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if he's too tired Ruoka (Rohkor): Yeah. thanks . I'm outta here now Cormag: Yeah I do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it should be on your desktop Reploid: read the PHB when you get a chance 'KayRule' connected Ruoka (Rohkor): I will Reploid: alright Reploid: hey Kaybro Cormag: Oh yeah it is hurrdurr dur.

you need to scale your guy down to level 1 and reroll his stats KayRule: PURPLE DIE [1d12 = 9] KayRule: He's already at level 1 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll 4d6. take out the lowest number.'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): KAYRULE?! Cormag: KAYRULLE DA BARD KayRule: I can see Phils Icon KayRule: but no one elses Reploid: we're just about to start KayRule: not even mine Reploid: we need to reroll you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): they're all default icons Ruoka (Rohkor): And I was just about to leave Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): go ahead and leave Phil: BACK! KayRule: Phils doesnt look default Ruoka (Rohkor): Fine geeze Reploid: any other questions Reploid: bother me on steam Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i mean Reploid: ok? Phil: You like my portrait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil's isn't default Phil: Kayrule? KayRule: yes 'Ruoka' disconnected Phil: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule. add the results Phil: Kayrule are you a crtossdressing bard? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do this seven times and take out the lowest number of the 7 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the six numbers left are your stats Reploid: did you see my hillariously misnamed file in the tg thread KayRule: yes Reploid: good KayRule: with my FANART Reploid: YEA KayRule: emphisis on FAN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i see no thread Phil: Yea. 4d6. subtract lowest KayRule: emphasis* .

i. no file Phil: Then have Reploid randomly change some Reploid: latersons OLD thread Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Reploid: actually let me start a new thread Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule.e. Phil: nice rolls bro KayRule: now wat do I do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): shut up Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm calculating KayRule: how did I get here I am not good with pen and paper Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): due to reploid's little house rules Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): your stats are 10-10-15-12-13-14 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): put one of those numbers as each of your stats. strength con dex Phil: Now reploid will change some because Rage is a shitty roller Reploid: hahaha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well excuse the fuck outta me Phil: <:3c Reploid: oh you guys Reploid: also I demoted laterson from admin status Cormag: brb Reploid: cause hes a faget Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): good. he's a fag 'Gabe Newell' disconnected KayRule: k I did Reploid: k let me bugger with your shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then you should be good Phil: +7 intiative Phil: Fuck yeah Reploid: there Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil got fucking incredible stats .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): er. i'll roll your stats for you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): since you're being a fucking slowpoke KayRule: thanks Rivahros: [4d6 = 12] Rivahros: [4d6 = 10] Rivahros: [4d6 = 16] Rivahros: [4d6 = 13] Rivahros: [4d6 = 14] Rivahros: [4d6 = 15] Rivahros: [4d6 = 11] Campaign saved.

add 8 to your con mod Phil: What's Wiz hit die? D4? Reploid: I posted on how to put cusotm icons on the group page KayRule: my hit die is 6 KayRule: plus 1 KayRule: k brb Reploid: roll a d6 then Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no Phil: CORMAG YOUR IMAGE IS FAR TOO LARGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): for level 1s.Reploid: he did Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): two 17s and an 18 Reploid: i nerfed a 17 to 15 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and the others were all above average 'Gabe Newell' connected Phil: Then Rep went and took one of my 17's away Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Reploid: i nerfed phil a lot actually Cormag: Success Phil: h8 u rep >:| Reploid: he got godly tosses KayRule: what do I do to get my HP Cormag: wait Cormag: fuck Phil: 17 18 17 13 14 14 Phil: were mine Reploid: try again Cormag: I should re position that Reploid: i'll wait KayRule: WAT DO I DO TO GET MAH HP Reploid: gotta get kay up to speed KayRule: d.sjlgamf Reploid: hit die Reploid: + con mod KayRule: I want a custom icon Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): add your con modifier to the max level of your hit die KayRule: SEVEN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if your hit die is d8. any character automatically gets the max Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when he levels up. he rolls his hit die Reploid: oh right Reploid: der Reploid: oh Reploid: keybro Reploid: kaybro* .

Reploid: cause I rock Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes.uhh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i didn't need to know this Reploid: yes you did Reploid: now you cant unthink it Phil: Remember Maria? Phil: :3 Reploid: :3 Cormag: Man I wish my faceplate wasn't covering my nose Phil: CORMAG SHRINK YOUR IMAGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAKE THE IMAGE SMALLER Cormag: It's 63x63 Phil: WE ONLY SEE YOUR MASSIVE FUCKING FOREHEAD Cormag: goddamn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who cares... pick another feat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and then let's go. download irfanview Phil: shitrocks Cormag: I have it Cormag: also brb heating up some pizza Reploid: ffff KayRule: whats the best feat for a Theatrical dood? KayRule: or a Disguising dood Phil: Skill focus or uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't ask me Reploid: bards are useless pick a real class . he can fix it next time Cormag: Paint sucks at resizing Reploid: oh for fu Reploid: let me do it Cormag: :3 Phil: l2 ifranview Phil: irfanview Cormag: DnD: Where the Drow makes everyone else do shit Phil: No seriously.Reploid: you get a third feat Campaign saved. because i'd like to get this game started before CHRISTMAS Phil: You know what I love about DnD Reploid: me Reploid: house rules? Phil: It's juuuuust slow enough to where you can fap and play simultaneously Reploid: its true Reploid: book of erotic fantasy lets go Phil: Which I do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .

we start this shit Reploid: patience my son Reploid: this is good Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK PATIENCE Rivahros: [1d20 = 18] Reploid: I am formulating plans Campaign saved. what about em Phil: every time I made a roll (outside of combat). Reploid: [1d20 = 14] 'Gabe Newell' connected Reploid: oh Reploid: thats bad Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): for who 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Reploid: you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh hell. yeha. I'd ignore the results and do .Reploid: dohoho Rivahros: ^ Reploid: seriously Reploid: roll a monk Reploid: pucn everyone forever Cormag: brb 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Reploid: punch* Phil: FUCK YEAH MONK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GOD DAMMIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when cormag gets back. Cormag: I love the campaign namwe Reploid: you have been eaten by a grue Phil: Hey cool Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the icon is better Phil: Fagasy grounds saved my entire campaign so far Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but needs to be moved up a bit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but its size is fine Reploid: afk Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO Reploid: gotta write shit down Phil: I'd post it for you but then it would reveal my secret Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Phil: You know all those rolls I made rage? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what rolls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when Phil: During the campaign Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh.

. . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): brb Phil: ahahahahaha 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected Cormag: So do you guys like my kawaii glasses 'Rage Incarnate' connected Cormag: Wait why did he leave Phil: 'dat drow 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Phil: he couldn't handle the terrible secret Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to look at the shitty campaign name Cormag: Man Drow are so kawaii Phil: Man drow are so toasty Phil: dohohoho Phil: no seriously Phil: I hope you like sunburns Rivahros: [1d20 = 1] Cormag: Yeah I know Cormag: WAIT I HAVE MAGIC SBF 100000 Phil: Pack a parasol or somethin' Cormag: I WIN Cormag: ER SPF Rivahros: [1d20 = 14] Rivahros: [1d20 = 12] Cormag: >Rogue Cormag: >Parasol Phil: What are the racial advantages of being a Drow? Cormag: I can cast three spells Cormag: Once a day Cormag: I mean these specific spells Rivahros: >rogue Rivahros: >spells Rivahros: lol wut Cormag: It's racial shit Rivahros: it's shit Rivahros: more like Phil: What spells? Cormag: I can cast Darkness. and Dancing Lights Campaign saved. .whatever I wanted KayRule: k brb getting custom Icon Phil: Those were for show 'KayRule' disconnected Phil: dohohohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . Faerie Fire.

but if I do it'll be less than 10 minutes before I get back Campaign saved. . Phil: Remember that Rage? Phil: Lawl Cormag: Hey.Rivahros: SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT Phil: cool Phil: Also cormag don't make me angry Phil: or I'll cast light in your face Rivahros: phil will fuck us all up with his huge ego Rivahros: [1d20 = 13] Cormag: Kayrule is the only one not getting a knife in the back when we are done with this shit Reploid: hey sorry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do you think my character would not be suspicious of a fucking drow? Rivahros: i'm not completely oblivious Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule is on his way 'KayRule' connected 'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' Phil: Man Rep you should've played with us the other night Phil: The party visited a church KayRule: I went with the coolest Bard I know Phil: led by a gay priest KayRule: David Bowie Rivahros: . KayRule (KayRule): I can just be AFK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): maps would be nice . er per level. Reploid how many skill points can we invest in levels. . like if I have 4 in something can I bring that to 8? or does it only increase by 1 Rivahros: i certainly remember getting a critical 30 bluff roll on the desk attendant Phil: But not the anal trauma? Reploid: oh gawd KayRule: i also got an icon for when i disguise as a gurl Reploid: 4 every level Reploid: for skills Cormag: swish Reploid: ok so Reploid: let me prep some stuff KayRule: k Reploid: like Reploid: I need maps Reploid: you guys need maps Reploid: right KayRule (KayRule): I might have to go eat soon.

_. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): :( Phil: I DGAF Cormag: REAL LIFE PICTURES? Cormag: OHGOD Cormag: THIS IS GREAT .2 gigs Reploid: no Reploid: erotic fantasy is 72mb Phil: :< Reploid: thats like 100 hours on faggoty free upload sites Cormag: I want to be a pimp Cormag: brb sifting through EROTIC Reploid: oh guys Reploid: you currently have no healer Reploid: just a heads up Campaign saved.Phil: Eat now Phil: While the maps are bing made Phil: if at all possible Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i agree Reploid: go eat now Reploid: maps beong drawed Reploid: in Reploid: PAINT KayRule (KayRule): I kent . Cormag: Sends Kayrule a message in Drow Sign language KayRule: Doesnt know jackshit about what you are saying Cormag: EEEDDIOT Reploid: also hot damn fantasy grounds 2 looks pretty cool KayRule: hang on looking at What JACK OF ALL TRADES does Cormag: CASTS DARKNESS BAM BITCHES Reploid: oh Reploid: kaybro Reploid: did you get the book torrent KayRule: no Reploid: go get it Phil: Mininova is down Phil: :< Reploid: oh fuu Reploid: k well Reploid: if you find something you want Phil: UPLOAD THE EROTIC ONE Reploid: tell me what book and what page Phil: to like mediafire Reploid: 2.

Phil: Phil the Magnificent needs no hehaler KayRule: I need to know what Jack of All Trades does because the book here sucks Cormag: ohgod Reploid this is amazing Reploid: :3 Reploid: i told you bro KayRule: i didnt get my map Reploid: jack of all trades is a feat ja KayRule: I know Reploid: k let me look KayRule: the feat book in Fantasy Grounds skips J Cormag: This is awessome I get Bitches Pregnant and then just DGAF Cormag: FUck yes neutral evil Reploid: no jack of all trades isn't a core feat Reploid: its a bonus suplement one KayRule: DICKS Reploid: no thats cool Reploid: i'm fine with that Reploid: just KayRule: oh Reploid: you'll need them books Reploid: lol Reploid: let me see if I can find it KayRule: well just this once KayRule: yeah KayRule: TN is the only way to go bros KayRule: Ultimate DGAF Cormag: Disguise [1d20+7 = 14] Cormag: fff Phil: Disguise [1d20+6 = 22] Reploid: [1d20 = 13] Reploid: hmmm Reploid: [1d20 = 20] Reploid: ohohoho Rivahros: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 8] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): |:[ KayRule: Disguise [1d20+8 = 12] KayRule: Bluff [1d20+9 = 12] Campaign saved. Cormag: Forgery [1d20+6 = 13] Cormag: SEVEN HOOUSE Cormag: Bluff [1d20+7 = 21] KayRule: Hey guys whats ur feats KayRule: im gonna copy one of ur KayRule: s .

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Toughness Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Improved Initiative KayRule: fuck dat bards aren't tough Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Power Attack Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): initiative always comes in handy Phil: Can we go now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am also bored Cormag: Combat Reflexes and Dodge Phil: HEY REP do you DGAF about trained/untrained skills? KayRule: no he dont Reploid: yea i dgaf Reploid: yea thats right rage Reploid: you can tumble KayRule: Disguise [1d20+8 = 19] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i fucking love house rules Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what? Reploid: tumble Reploid: do it Reploid: you'll win forever Rivahros: Tumble [1d20+2 = 7] Reploid: YEA NIGGA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . Reploid: [1d20 = 8] Reploid: you killed sephiroth Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): not that big an accomplishment Reploid: dohohoho KayRule: sex [1d20 = 8] Phil: Tumble [1d20+3 = 10] Reploid: oh f Reploid: i should be making maps Reploid: not writingplot Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you aren't making them? Phil: SHAWM [1d20+16 = 27] Cormag: Phil Reploid: DICKS [1d20 = 2] Cormag: are you still a wizard Phil: Cormag Phil: Yes Reploid: sorc was here wizard is a loser Cormag: note KayRule: Bard was here Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i agree Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): with reploid KayRule: and he played a song ._.

suck it bitch Rivahros: so did everybody KayRule: those quests are fun Cormag: Yeah they are Rivahros: brb KayRule: like with the dragon KayRule: and you eat guys Cormag: That was great KayRule: I made a Dranei Female Cormag: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE Cormag: UNDEAD 4 LYFE KayRule: then I had to kill my brother KayRule: or atleast I think Cormag: oho KayRule: he called me sister Cormag: I had to kill one of my best bros Phil: HEY GUYS Phil: ILLIDAN AND GANDALF MEET AT A BRIDGE KayRule: that quest was cool too KayRule: Gandalf wins Phil: DOES ILLIDAN NOT PASS OR IS GANDALF NOT PREPARED? Rivahros: back KayRule: oh shi- Phil: DOHOHOHOHOHOHO KayRule: Prepared [1d20 = 13] KayRule: Pass [1d20 = 19] KayRule: Illidan passes Rivahros: wow Rivahros: too bad he's DEAD Reploid: workin on the world map and your two starting areas Reploid: give me a few Rivahros: hurry up Reploid: I will start soon I promis Cormag: So do I still get Dazzled in the light or are these super specs? Reploid: k fuck it I'll update the world map as I go .Cormag: Rogue was here. Phil: Enjoy your 2 spells Phil: I have an entire fucking repertoire Rivahros: too bad you can only use Rivahros: like 3 Rivahros: per day Rivahros: faggot KayRule: I made a DK in WotLk Cormag: I can use each of my powers per day. you all die Campaign saved.

Cormag: HURRRDURR Cormag: I vote on Brotonia KayRule: I second that Phil: I don't get pop culture either Phil: Third it KayRule: but Phil. ur cool so it doesnt matter Rivahros: slightly better. Reploid: k well Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during afk Kayrule Reploid: ZA WARUDO is a pretty cool place Reploid: name pending Reploid: I'll write this shit up once we're done and post in my thread Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let's get started Reploid: k well Reploid: world map dont matter for now anyway Reploid: let me get the battle map up Reploid: then we can start KayRule: I vote we call this place Cornwall Reploid: it'll be like a 2 second paint job Reploid: vote on it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cornwall is a shit name. fuck you KayRule (KayRule): Rage doesnt get pop culture Cormag: DGAFia KayRule (KayRule): It's from Bender's Game Cormag: Rage doesn't watch anything not from Nippon KayRule: i kno Rivahros: [name]topia could be from fucking anything Rivahros: you fucking nerds Cormag: He was talking about Cornwall Cormag: Faggot Rivahros: oh.Reploid: these are datass shades Rivahros: so tell us a bit about this world we're in Reploid: did you need to ask Campaign saved. but not a good in-character D&D name Cormag: vote Brotonia Cormag: (POLL) Brotonia KayRule: Rage quit being a nerd KayRule: how do I vote Cormag: Click the circle . no Reploid: i dgaf Cormag: WE SHOULD CALL IT CORMAGTOPIA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no.

. mine actually kind of looks like my character Phil: MINE LOOKS LIKE MY CHARACTER KayRule: and Bowie can easily look like a a woman if he needed to Phil: BECAUSE I DREW HIM Phil: HAR Rivahros: REPLOID Rivahros: HURRY UP Cormag: He's doing shit Cormag: Shut up Cormag: Goddamn Reploid: phil Cormag: Seriously Reploid: you ran a game Reploid: where do i put maps KayRule: in ur vagina KayRule: xD Reploid: they're done ffff Phil: Look in your fagasy folder Phil: >campaigns Reploid: sweet Reploid: world map Reploid: its not done Reploid: can you see it SLASH COMMANDS: /die [NdN+N] [message] /vote [message] /ooc [message] /emote [message] /mood [mood] [message] /mood ([multiword mood]) [message] . Cormag: I was lucky.Cormag: ner Cormag: d Rivahros: (POLL) Brotonia is a stupid name Cormag: in during only rage votes KayRule: inb4 only rage clicks Rivahros: . KayRule: 2>1 Cormag: Also. . nice icon FAG KayRule: thanks Cormag: oh u Rivahros: it comes close to the actual appearance of my character Cormag: I was talking about rage's KayRule: so does mine. I based my dood of David Bowie Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 22.2008 / 21:03:22 'Gabe Newell' connected 'BloodVex' connected 'Rage Incarnate' connected Reploid: HEY YOU NIGGERS 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Cormag: Sup 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Reploid: dat drow Cormag: :3 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Rivahros: whoah.Gamemaster only: /story [message] /identity [name] /whisper [character] [message] /export [module_filename] [description] /save /clear /night /day Rivahros: i see nothing Reploid: now? Cormag: LOADING Rivahros: LOADING Cormag: FOREVER LOADING Cormag: WE MUST USE Cormag: OUR IMAGINATIONS Cormag: Maybe you have to restart? Rivahros: that might be it Reploid: k Reploid: i will Reploid: brb Campaign saved. what the fuck Phil: Also Rivahros: oh god Reploid: what Rivahros: [1d6 = 1] Rivahros: [1d6 = 5] Reploid: [1d6 = 1] 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected Cormag: lolwat .11.

'Rage Incarnate' connected Reploid: what Reploid: waht 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Rivahros: test Rivahros: hf Reploid (Reploid): test Rivahros: hurp Reploid: why so typan 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected 'Rage Incarnate' connected Reploid: [1d10 = 6] Phil: My character's portrait is supposed to show the ferret curled around his shoulder 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Phil: but the name cuts it off Reploid: i can see your stuff Phil: :C Rivahros: is that so Reploid: you rolled a 1 Reploid: then a 5 Rivahros: oh there we go Cormag: [1d20 = 14] Cormag: [1d20 = 8] Reploid: [1d20 = 19] Rivahros: i can see it now Rivahros: guess i was lagging Reploid: are we god? Reploid: good* Cormag: GOD Rivahros: kayrule said to wait 10 minutes Rivahros: 8 minutes now Reploid: lol Reploid: k Reploid: want to wait Reploid: i dgaf Reploid: so Reploid: your call Phil: FFFFF Phil: brb Reploid: looks like we wait Reploid: can you see it Cormag: loaddddiinng Rivahros: LOOOOAAAAADIIIIING .

.. fag Cormag: I was makign sure it worked Rivahros: uhuh.uhh Cormag: [1d6 = 3] Cormag: :3 Cormag: [1d10 = 9] Reploid: goddammit Cormag: It's harder with the bigger dice Cormag: [1d6 = 4] Cormag: [1d6 = 2] Reploid: [1d20 = 17] Phil: OKAY SORRY Phil: BACK Rivahros: we can't see the maps Rivahros: help reploid . Reploid: i put them in the images thing Reploid: what else did I needs to do Cormag: I dunno Reploid: like theres here Reploid: i can see them Rivahros: I can't see them either Cormag: [1d6 = 5] Cormag: [1d6 = 3] Cormag: [1d6 = 4] Cormag: [1d6 = 4] Rivahros: have you right-clicked the map and hit share? Reploid: yes Cormag: [1d20 = 16] Cormag: I just figured out how to exploit rolls :awesome: Cormag: [1d20 = 3] Rivahros: nice roll. sure bro Cormag: [1d20 = 3] Cormag: see Rivahros: .Reploid: fffff Rivahros: remove it from the screen and try again Rivahros: nope Reploid: goddammit Rivahros: i dunno Reploid: can you seeee Reploid: dis one? Rivahros: no Reploid: oh ffffff Cormag: Did you implement them right? Campaign saved.

they're showing up as bmp in my campaign folder Rivahros: i figured . help reploid figure out how to make maps show up Reploid: right click share Reploid: right Phil: [1d4 = 4] Rivahros: laterson says he doesn't know what else to do Rivahros: if that works fine Phil: Uh Reploid: uhu Rivahros: [1d4 = 1] Reploid: k well Campaign saved. Cormag: omg stop rolling rage omg Rivahros: [1d4 = 3] Phil: I know the problem Reploid: did he make jpgs or bmps Reploid: oh Phil: You saved them as a BMP Phil: MAKE IT PNG Phil: jesus Reploid: png? Reploid: k Reploid: brb Rivahros: yeah.Phil: [1d4 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Cormag: [1d4 = 3] Cormag: [1d4 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 2] Cormag: [1d4 = 1] Cormag: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Cormag: [1d4 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 3] Reploid: stop Cormag: [20d4 = 44] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Cormag: ok Phil: [1d4 = 4] Rivahros: stop you fags Reploid: how i map Phil: [1d4 = 3] Rivahros: bloodvex.

11.11.jpg then Reploid: k Rivahros: and delete the .Chat log started at 22.bmp files Rivahros: just to be safe Reploid: i deleted them Reploid: already Phil: It should work as pngs Reploid: one sec Phil: I used pngs Rivahros: we should delete the .2008 / 21:18:10 'Gabe Newell' connected 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Reploid: fffff Cormag: hurdedur Cormag: inb4 LOADING Cormag: LOADING Reploid: fuuuuuuck Cormag: YEAY Cormag: YAY Cormag: YAYAYAA Cormag: IT WORKS Cormag: SUCESS 'Rage Incarnate' connected Reploid: YAY 'BloodVex' connected 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' .bmp files Rivahros: just to be safe Chat log started at 22.pngs Rivahros: and not the bmps Reploid: yes Rivahros: try .2008 / 21:14:59 'Rage Incarnate' connected 'BloodVex' connected 'Gabe Newell' connected 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Reploid: yes? Cormag: no Rivahros: are you uploading the .

GABE NEWELL IS A FAGGOT Rivahros: [1d20 = 13] Rivahros: AW DAMMIT .Cormag: TOO BRIGHT Cormag: MY EYES Rivahros: ok i'm here 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Reploid: can you see it Rivahros: what success? I can't see shit Rivahros: still LOADING Cormag: It takes a while Rivahros: oh Rivahros: OH GOD Cormag: Impatient fag Rivahros: I CAN SEEEEE Cormag: Also Cormag: JESUS CHRIST BRIGHT Reploid: shitty world map is shitty Rivahros: extremely shitty Phil: >jpg artifacts Reploid: I'll work on it Phil: MY EYES Reploid: I SAVED AS JPG Reploid: WHAT DO YOU WANT Rivahros: ok let's go Reploid: k so Cormag: Whut about Kayrule Rivahros: it's past 10 minutes Reploid: this is unimportant Reploid: kayFAG Reploid: ok Reploid: w/e Reploid: i'm starting Rivahros: yes Rivahros: LIGHTNING EFFECTS Reploid: MOOOOOD Reploid: YOU WAKE UP IN JAIL Reploid: YOU HAVE AMNESIA Reploid: GO Reploid: jk i'm not a faggot Rivahros: WE TOTALLY HAVEN'T DONE THIS PLOTLINE BEFORE Gabe Newell (Cormag): Good Rivahros: oh thank god Gabe Newell (Cormag): MAN WITHOUT KAYBRO MY CHARACTER ISN'T KAWAII Rivahros: IF I ROLL >15.

*snrk* uhhh whazzat? A barmaid walks by and informs you that its last call Gabe Newell (Cormag): Wait do we know eachother Phil wipes droool off mouth Reploid (Reploid): no you all dozed off in a tavern at the same table. amplified by his hangover Cormag: Slips on his shades Phil: Looks around Reploid (Reploid): datass. still single vision Phil: Barkeep! Another drink.. Looks pretty cool. waking the lot of you up from your slumber. rubbing his head. Phil: [1d20 = 2] The tavern door slams loudly... nearly stumbling over his own feet. YOU FAGS WERE BEING SOCIAL Cormag Winces at the bright light of the tavern. The wooden table was not a good choice of pillow.jpg Phil: Spot [1d20+2 = 12] Rivahros gets up and scratches his beard.Rivahros: ok let's go Campaign saved. Reploid: You notice a board used for posting wanted ads and the like. Gabe Newell (Cormag): It'S FUNNY BECAUSE IF WE WENT WITHOUT YOU RAGE YOU'D THROW A SHITSTORM Phil: IF I ROLL <1. Cormag: Ugh. Phil: [1d20 = 20] Rivahros groans loudly. Rivahros click the identity button below the modifier square . Phil waves hand in front of face Phil: Hmmm. Phil: zzzzz. RAGE IS A COOL GUY Phil: [1d20 = 7] Phil: [1d20 = 12] Phil: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d20 = 9] Phil: [1d20 = 15] Phil: [1d20 = 17] Rivahros: kayrule said specifically to go without him Phil: wait gimme a sec Gabe Newell (Cormag): That changes things Phil: those are practice rolls Phil: [1d20 = 2] Rivahros: . . . and reads it carefully for anything of interest. if you will Reploid (Reploid): how I do names fff Rivahros approaches the board slowly.. squinting..

Maria: Barkeep says its on the house. looks away. Reploid (Maria): fixed BloodVex (Phil): >Maria Cormag Grumbles to himself BloodVex (Phil): Dohohhohoho Campaign saved. Four beds are in there. Another ale. if you have some available. Cormag Chuckles softly Phil: Sorry about that. Rivahros: Whew. wait Rivahros: it's /identity [name] Rivahros then click the identity you want Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oops name Maria : Comin right up sweetie Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . . this is horrible. . Reploid (Reploid): . Rivahros: We will be needin' beds. and slams it on the table Cormag Stares intently at the barmaids rump. Nothing pops out as interesting. sits down in a chair. and looks at his 'companions'. I'm not complainin' Phil Snatches up house Phil: Er Phil snatches up drink Rivahros glances at the glass. You folks need a bed? Cormag Takes a small sip from the glass Phil: Depends Cormag: Ugh.(mumbling) Maria: Up the stairs. then groans and drinks it.Rivahros no... Cormag: Wench. Phil rubs forehead Phil: Brew really dulls the sense. Take it up with the barkeep in the mornin' Phil Downs his mug in one go.. dirt cheap. first door on your right's the common house.... Phil: Will you be in it with me? Maria scoffs Rivahros slaps his forehead. Maria: We'll be shuttin down soon. eh? Rivahros: I've got to stop this. returns to his table. Maria walks by with a round for everyone Phil: Gets up slowly. Reploid: The board is filled with missing persons posters. trying to remember the proper procedure for walking Rivahros frowns slightly. biting his lower lip Maria with that she leaves to the kitchen Maria: er .

enlightening Phil: However. Religion [1d20+4 = 7] Cormag: How much is your brother worth to you? Harken tries to catch his breath BloodVex (Phil): What do I know about occults? Reploid: absolutely nothing Harken: He is worth this Rivahros glares hatefully at Cormag. eyes wide with fear! Reploid (Reploid): in* Campaign saved. Rivahros 's eyes widen... you must find him! Rivahros: The imp kidnapped your brother? Phil: Knowledge. it has been. I must retire SUDDENLY! Rivahros: I will too.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't be a fag Reploid (Maria): story Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3c Phil: Well mates. BloodVex (Phil): er Cormag turns back to his drink Harken: PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! Rivahros: What's going on? Cormag: WILL YOU SHUT THE FETH UP YOU HUMAN? Harken: You! Phil: Me? Harken stumbles over to the group Harken: all of you! Harken: I'll pay you! Phil: Oh no Rivahros: What's wrong? Why do you need our help? Phil Lightens up at word "pay" Phil: What services do you require? Harken: I fear my brother has falled to the occult! I was att acked by an imp in my own home! Reploid (Harken): fallen? Reploid (Harken): w/e Harken: you. A man is ragged robes stumbles into the tavern. Harken drops a bag of gold on the table Phil: Ooooh . for lack of a better term. THE DOOR BURSTS OPEN! Phil: Duh duh duh! Rivahros whirls around.

and he finds himself unable to look away from the yellow metal. Gabe Newell (Cormag): >We Phil: In that case. this man's brother is in danger. Harken: 800 gold. Phil: [1d20+2 = 6] Reploid: uh BloodVex (Phil): Guess I didn't hear that comment then Phil: lol Reploid: lol Rivahros: Listen [1d20+1 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): Shazam . I call the dwarf's share of the gold Rivahros: >I will.) You're far more greedy than I. Cormag: Speak for yourself. we will SPLIT the Dwarf's share.. Rivahros: I am. sir Cormag: Smacks Phil Cormag: No. Cormag is heard mumbling to himself Rivahros: I saw the way your face lit up when he mentioned pay. BloodVex (Phil): Worry not sir. and you care only for his coin? Cormag: Snatches his share Campaign saved. of course! But I would have helped you in any case. (Rivahros fairly spits the word out. Harken: The last I heard he said he was heading into the caves east of here. anyway. Phil: Come now. Phil: Consider it done. Please go look for him! Phil: I'm shocked at you. Dwarf! Reploid (Harken): kill 8 bears Rivahros takes his share of the gold and grabs his equipment. just the same as you two. Rivahros: No. Dwarf. wizard. bites it Harken: I'll even pay you in advance Rivahros: I don't care about compensation. I'll be taking a share of it. Tell us where the imp went.Cormag: sifts his hands through the gold Rivahros 's eyes shine. Its all I have left! Please! Phil: picks up a coin. We'll help you. Phil the Magnificent will not allow your brother to come to harm Phil: Worry not sir.. anyway Phil picks up about 2/3rds of the gold Rivahros: Not that I don't want the money. Bring me back anything that can help me find him Cormag: I wonder if his brother has any gold on him. Rivahros: I will. Phil the Magnificent will not allow your brother to come to harm Harken: I shall wait here in the common room.

not Rage's BloodVex (Phil): I was talking about Cormag's comment..Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i didn't either :( Reploid: nope Rivahros: Alright. Rivahros makes to leave. let's get moving. It's good to be in the goold ol' dark. drow. its obviously used frequently."people" are willing to help this man Cormag: Without knowing if he is leading us to our doom Phil: I'll be requiring a room once I get back. Reploid (Reploid): fail Gabe Newell (Cormag): fffffffff BloodVex (Phil): Back Cormag: Ugh. Rivahros looks ahead to see anything of interest. Cormag: takes off his shades Cormag: Ah. not Rage's Reploid: He tells you how to get to the caves. infernal things. The cave is well lit with torches. I'm not from where you're from! Rivahros exits the tavern. gentlemen Rivahros: You've got to have some measure of trust in people. Cormag: Cormag grins devilishly Reploid: K you leave Reploid (Reploid): see that? Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): see what Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): hey Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i mean yeah Campaign saved. Phil: I was talking about Cormag's comment. Reploid: its closed Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): anything else? . But I doubt you'd even know of the word. if you don't mind Phil: <3 Phil: Let us go. Torches. Reploid: where the fuck is kaydrool Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i dunno Cormag: And that is why your people are so easily enslaved by mine. Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 19] Reploid: There is a door in front of you. Do you head out? BloodVex (Phil): Not yet Rivahros: OF COURSE WE DO Phil: Maria! Cormag: I do like how you. Cormag: Trust? HA trust will get you killed where I'm from BloodVex (Phil): BRB GRABBING A PLATE OF FOOD REAL FAST Rivahros: Well.

KayRule: I'll be heading and meet you doods Phil: CRITFAIL\ Reploid: you stab yourself in the eye with the lickpick Reploid: 1 damage BloodVex (Phil): LOCK EXPLODES Reploid: lockpick* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and he paid us 800g in advance. alright.dr we were in a tavern. a guy ran in yelling about how an imp kidnapped his brother Gabe Newell (Cormag): Move aside dwarf Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff Rivahros: Alright. that is Rivahros approaches the door and tries it.. 'KayRule' connected 'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' Reploid: Its locked. It jiggles like Maria's rack. KayRule (KayRule): shhh Cormag: Attempts to pick the lock Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): tl.. he means Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): click the button in the lower-right Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and move the mouse Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the map itself scrolls Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh hurr Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule will be back in a bit Reploid (Reploid): kayfag is back Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): here.Reploid (Reploid): BTW map scrolls to the right Reploid: not in this room Cormag: Picks up a map scroll Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no. so we get 200g each Phil: allow ME Cormag: I-It's this fething hangover Phil: [1d20+3 = 18] Reploid: the lock clicks open Gabe Newell (Cormag): cool lockpick bro KayRule: Hello? Reploid (Reploid): hey man Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): pretend kayrule's here all along Reploid (Reploid): yea i know Reploid (Reploid): did you read the tldr . Reploid: roll that shit Cormag: Open Lock [1d20+6 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so we went to rescue him Gabe Newell (Cormag): .

. Rivahros backs up. Phil: Allow me Rivahros: Another locked one. sucker.Phil: Ha KayRule: yeah Reploid (Reploid): good Reploid (Reploid): green text you faggot Rivahros approaches the door and opens it. Campaign saved. yet were defeated by a simple lock? Reploid: The room is empty. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): completely empty? Reploid (Reploid): yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): a huge rectangular room that's completely empty? Reploid (Reploid): its just stone Reploid: yes Rivahros: Hrrrm. Phil: Seems normal enough Reploid (Reploid): CHECK FOR TRAPS POOKY KayRule: Search [1d20+1 = 5] Phil: Hey drow.How strange. Phil: Stolls inside nonchalantly KayRule: creeps cautiosly KayRule: creeps cautiosly Rivahros: [1d20 = 8] . KayRule (KayRule): I find 5 of the traps eh? Reploid: Nothin of interest in the room. Creepy. Phil: Open Lock [1d20+3 = 20] Reploid: it clicks open efortlessly Phil: Simple Reploid (Reploid): i cant spell deal w/ it Rivahros looks down the corridor. Torches line the walls and the floor looks well traveled Rivahros: Let's try that door on the right. I'm sure it's safe Cormag: Ladies first.. stroll on in there. KayRule: I search for traps! Rivahros: Empty.. looking through to the next room.. Cormag: A.. Cormag: Cautiously steps in Reploid: locked. a thief. making it obvious enough for the others to see Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 19] KayRule: flips cormag off Phil: You are.meeting room of some sort? Rivahros tries the door. Cormag: Signs something to Kayrule. by profession. One of you fine gentlemen open it.

to wear the ring.. I rolled Jump Gabe Newell (Cormag): is will d20? Reploid (Reploid): you jumped into the water Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll your will save. yeah. This stupid Hangover I tell you Reploid (Reploid): in* Phil: Come on drow. Rivahros: See? You gotta be careful! Rivahros: Stupid drow. Will save. Drow? KayRule: grabs the ring Rivahros: Wait.Gabe Newell (Cormag): silently follows behind Reploid (Reploid): use action goddamn Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 4] KayRule (KayRule): shutup Reploid (Reploid): there you go Phil: Spot [1d20+2 = 11] Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 18] KayRule: Jump [1d20+2 = 20] Gabe Newell (Cormag): lolwat Reploid: you see a pedistal surrounded by water. Reploid (Reploid): it during detect magic Cormag: Yeah. you moron! Gabe Newell (Cormag): NONE OF YOU FAGS SAW IT KayRule (KayRule): fuck you gabe i was here first Rivahros: What if it's a trap? Reploid (Reploid): Cormag got to it first also too late they grabbed it KayRule: Too bad! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you retard kayrule KayRule (KayRule): my icon was there first :( Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): only cormag saw it Reploid: Cormag is suddenly overcome with a sensation. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh KayRule (KayRule): Oh yeah. almost compelling. yeah d20 Reploid (Reploid): yes Cormag: Will save [1d20+4 = 16] KayRule: Goes back to the square Reploid: You manage to drop the ring back on the pedistal Cormag: Sacred Feth! Campaign saved. wear it. Cormag spots a ring on a small raised part in the middle of the pedistal.. Phil: Water! Rivahros: What's this doing here? Cormag: walks over and grabs the ring Phil: Thirsty. I'm sure it's harmless .

BloodVex (Phil): Worhtless. KayRule: Why did my dice not show up KayRule (KayRule): Why did my dice not show up Reploid (Reploid): I saw it KayRule (KayRule): I just rolled an 18 BloodVex (Phil): Kayrule. it's cursed Reploid (Reploid): I'm telling you Phil snickers Cormag: Open Lock [1d20+6 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Phil might be able to use detect magic and de-curse it Gabe Newell (Cormag): ffffffffffffffffffff Reploid (Reploid): its true Phil: That spell is for fags Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but we don't know that BloodVex (Phil): That spell is for fags KayRule (KayRule): Gabe I hate you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're a fag BloodVex (Phil): Also I don't have it prepared KayRule (KayRule): I wanna do something Reploid: the lock jiggles.... KayRule: Let me show you how to do it Cormag: Fething lock..Rivahros returns to the square room. fething human engineering. mmutters under his breath Cormag: Listen [1d20+3 = 20] Cormag: I Heard that. but remains shut. feth. KayRule: inspects the door to the left Phil: Another locked door.. This lock is mine Reploid (Reploid): FYI that ring is worst 1000g if you manage to grab it :3 KayRule: Fuck you I was here first Reploid (Reploid): worth* Phil: Don't injure yourself again Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we don't know that Gabe Newell (Cormag): No point t hough.. mmutters under his breath Phil: Worhtless. feth feth. Human. Rivahros yawns. do you have a thieves set? Reploid (Reploid): wait no I didnt Reploid (Reploid): roll on the chat window Gabe Newell (Cormag): You have to roll it on the paper KayRule: I did Reploid (Reploid): or it doesnt count Reploid (Reploid): hmm KayRule (KayRule): It's right on it Phil: Open Lock [1d20+3 = 20] . I'm dure Cormag: Back off Wizard.

I'm sure Rivahros * Phil: Oh. it is Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): while it's on the chat screen Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): or else it doesn't count KayRule (KayRule): thats why i am outraged The door opens to a pitch black part of the cave.KayRule (KayRule): I can prnt screen it Reploid: You hear nothing of interest.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he means Reploid: The lock clicks open. I'm sure Gabe Newell (Cormag): DARKVISION KayRule: Don't worry brother. It's this fething hangover. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you have to actually let go of it KayRule (KayRule): I know. BloodVex (Phil): Oh. They are getting restless. Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops BloodVex (Phil): It jumps back to the left when I do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I can't scroll it either Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah. The torches illuminate a small area out of the door KayRule (KayRule): Rage. KayRule: Pats Cormags back Reploid (Reploid): you have darkvision right? Rivahros: walks through the door and looks around. Im not stupid okay? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k sorry BloodVex (Phil): Having an off day? Or have you ever picked a lock? Phil: Having an off day? Or have you ever picked a lock? Cormag Slips on his glasses Phil: sneers at the drow Reploid (Reploid): off Cormag: I tell you. I understand Rivahros: I use Darkvision and make a spot check Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 11] KayRule (KayRule): Brother is the correct term for Bro Cormag: Uses darkvision and spot checks as well BloodVex (Phil): why can I not scroll map Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you don't have darkvision Cormag: Spot [5] Reploid: You see stalagmites and some bats hangin out. same KayRule (KayRule): Guys KayRule (KayRule): I wanna cast a spell Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then do it .. Rivahros: Sure it is.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): :| Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I can't move my marker any further Gabe Newell (Cormag): Do you even have any spells PREPARED? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it'd go off the edge Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): bards don't prepare spells Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh Reploid: I can move you thats weird Gabe Newell (Cormag): FIX THE MAP GODDAMN BloodVex (Phil): WHY CAN.Campaign saved. BloodVex (Phil): cast magic missile Gabe Newell (Cormag): Damn it Kayrule BloodVex (Phil): at the darkness KayRule (KayRule): How doI cast spell? Rivahros approaches the far end of the cavern.T I SCROLL Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yay Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks Reploid: I dunno I can BloodVex (Phil): Anyone can move anyone KayRule (KayRule): Do I just drag the spell or someshit? BloodVex (Phil): No just announce your intent to cast it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no. just say 'I cast [x]' Reploid: SHIT YOU DISTURBED THE BATS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Uh oh Reploid: ROLL INITIATIVE KayRule (KayRule): Fuck you DM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): holy shit. we are retarded Phil: Initiative [1d20+7 = 24] Rivahros: Initiative [1d20+6 = 18] KayRule: Initiative [1d20+1 = 2] Phil: DOHOHOHOHO KayRule (KayRule): 2! BloodVex (Phil): DOHOHOHOHO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LOLOLOLOLOLOL Cormag: Initiative [1d20+2 = 16] BloodVex (Phil): how much hp do bats have Reploid: Initiative [16] BloodVex (Phil): like 3 or something Reploid (Reploid): fff BloodVex (Phil): I mean come on it's a fucking bat Phil: Initiative [24] Cormag: Hides from the bats Cormag: Hide [1d20+6 = 21] Reploid (Reploid): no thats was an accident dont do that .

.s 19 Reploid: you fail Gabe Newell (Cormag): <:( Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can we get some tokens in here Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to show the bats Reploid: yes Phil: WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT BATSES [1d20+4 = 19] KayRule (KayRule): I always knew DM was a bat lover Gabe Newell (Cormag): Jesus Reploid: bats KayRule: Bardic Knowledge on Bats KayRule: Int bonus [1d20+1 = 17] Reploid: bats are Reploid: bats BloodVex (Phil): awesome KayRule (KayRule): BARDIC KNOWLEDGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Jesus christ Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's a shitton of bats Gabe Newell (Cormag): Someone grab a torch KayRule (KayRule): TELL ME SOMETHING BARDISH BloodVex (Phil): Guys. you fail Reploid: all of you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fags KayRule (KayRule): Fuck you that. you go last Phil: ONLY I CAN CAST FLARE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): USE THE PROPER CHAT CHANNELS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP USING OOC IN NORMAL CHAT ..Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking coward KayRule: Hides with Cormag Gabe Newell (Cormag): >roll Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh i hate you both KayRule: Hide [1d20+2 = 19] Reploid: the bats have fucking blindsense. hell. KayRule: At the bats! Reploid: you blind the drow Phil: IT AIN'T YOUR TURN NUMBNUTS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah. I believe these are bats Reploid: they have blindsense and low light vison Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you do it KayRule: low light vision? Reploid: yes Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'M A FETHING DROW. LIGHT IS BAD Gabe Newell (Cormag): You fucking retard KayRule: I attempt to cast Flare! Rivahros: Oh.

cowards Phil: Phil's on pest control Reploid (Reploid): eff yea Phil: I SHOOT A BAT WITH MASTERWORK CROSSBOW EFF YEAH Reploid: roll Phil: Light Crossbowm. then rage. then Kay BloodVex (Phil): I ROLLED A 19 ON MY KNOWLEDGE NATURE CHECK DM DO SOUNDS AND LIGHTS HURT BATSES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ANSWER HIM BloodVex (Phil): yeah I got a 24 on my init roll I go first Reploid: Lights and sounds piss bats off Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it'd make them berserk Reploid: Phil go BloodVex (Phil): sooooo not the best course of action Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cast some sort of AoE Phil: Sure. Masterwork [1d20+4 = 23] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EFF YEAH Phil: CRIT Reploid: you hit a bat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll for damages Reploid (Reploid): crossbows don't have 19/20 Phil: [1d8 = 8] Reploid (Reploid): crits are 20 only Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAXIMUM DAMAGE Gabe Newell (Cormag): cool ranged attack bro Reploid: a bat dies .BloodVex (Phil): that was supposed to be in greentext sorry Campaign saved. BloodVex (Phil): actually I can't cast flare I don't have it prepared :3 Reploid (Reploid): shit is there a way I can put your inits on your tokens or something Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD DAMN IT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just write it down Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in a note BloodVex (Phil): CONSIDERING MY ROLL DO I KNOW IF A LOUD SOUND AND/OR BRIGHT LIGHT WOULD HARM A BAT Gabe Newell (Cormag): oshit guys I CAN BLIND THEM ON MY TURN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's phil's turn KayRule (KayRule): Bloodvex is copying me what a faget Gabe Newell (Cormag): I know that Gabe Newell (Cormag): fag Gabe Newell (Cormag): >ON MY TURN Reploid (Reploid): k who was first fff KayRule (KayRule): I am last Gabe Newell (Cormag): Phil. then me. hide in your little holes.

rage? Campaign saved. of course BloodVex (Phil): Rep can my familiar enter combat? Cormag: Casts.. hiding does nothing Reploid: yes Reploid: roll Rivahros approaches one of the bats and swings his waraxe wildly. He sleeks in my robes BloodVex (Phil): sleeps Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you don't roll Gabe Newell (Cormag): oic Reploid: bite attack +4 melee to hit 1d4 damage Reploid: fyi . Reploid: Gabe Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes..Reploid: rage BloodVex (Phil): oh be a bit more verbose than that :C Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): are the bats in melee range? Reploid: A BAT IS LAUNCHED INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE CAVE ON THE CROSSBOW BOLT Reploid: HOLY SHIT AWESOME Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm assumign yes Phil: Oh. Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+4 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh you've got to be fucking kidding me BloodVex (Phil): HEY REP doesn't my familiar get a move? If I want to bring him into combat? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): they don't have much AC Reploid: Whiff Gabe Newell (Cormag): CORMAG'S BAD LUCK HAS RUBBED OFF ON PORR RIVAHROS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): bats don't have 9 ac you fucking liar KayRule: Move Silently [1d12+2 = 9] Gabe Newell (Cormag): IT'S NOT YOUR TURN GODDAMN Reploid (Reploid): no they have more than that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ARGH Gabe Newell (Cormag): You end your turn. bats use sound to see.DANCING LIGHT Reploid: what familliar do you have BloodVex (Phil): and kill batses Cormag: You people better duck. and just so you know. BloodVex (Phil): He's actually a ferret Gabe Newell (Cormag): What do I roll for spells I am not good at spells ohgod BloodVex (Phil): His name is jasper. BloodVex (Phil): A weasle Reploid: fuck yes BloodVex (Phil): weasel Rivahros brings his head down and covers his eyes.

weasel SUCKS Reploid (Reploid): raven is so good Reploid (Reploid): speak language ftw 'KayRule' disconnected Phil: Jasper! Reploid (Reploid): KAYRULE NO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok. so do I roll initiative for him? BloodVex (Phil): my familiar Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid. what effect does dancing lights have on the bats Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he casted the spell Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): god damn BloodVex (Phil): \It would piss them the fuck off Reploid: uh Reploid: yea Reploid: sure Reploid: oh Reploid: you cast Lights right BloodVex (Phil): instead of mildly annoyed bats you'd have AAAAARGH EEEK EEK A BAT bats Gabe Newell (Cormag): DANCING light Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes Reploid: the bats are fucking freaking out now Rivahros: What the hell did you do?! KayRule (KayRule): ÐÓÄÇ ?Ó ÇÄ? BloodVex (Phil): REP DO I ROLL INITIATIVE FOR MY WEASLE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP THAT Reploid (Reploid): Kay stop that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THEN ROLL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU FUCKING RETARD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES Reploid: yes roll Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE SAID YES Phil: [1d20 = 12] Reploid (Reploid): he goes before kay Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he goes next then BloodVex (Phil): I don't know his dex score lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): raven was here. but not for hit KayRule (KayRule): ôàðôäàë KayRule (KayRule): ø? ûåãñë øò åðøû èãääûðøå ðôäëç Reploid: stop that KayRule (KayRule): ÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀ Gabe Newell (Cormag): int modifer? BloodVex (Phil): cool. move the weasel Phil: Battle Formation. go! .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you roll for damage.

Reploid: Kayrule is a dick. glaring at Phil angrily Phil: Pfft. Reploid: kayrule go KayRule (KayRule): ok BloodVex (Phil): he's a ferret btw KayRule (KayRule): I need a map Reploid: w/e i dgaf Cormag: You people do realize that this would be a good time to RETREAT? KayRule (KayRule): thanks Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you can right-click our portraits up at the top to give us a prompt Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when it's our turn Reploid (Reploid): oh sweet KayRule: I run back into the square room and shut the door Rivahros: Perhaps that'd be a good idea! Phil: Jasper rolls as he lands. but they're FREAKING THE FUCK OUT Reploid: he misses Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3c Campaign saved.'KayRule' connected Reploid: WEASEL IS W Gabe Newell (Cormag): His text was messed up he wasnt doing it to be xDrnadum Reploid: or really? Reploid: fff 'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' KayRule (KayRule): yes Reploid: sorry for gettin all up in yo bizniz KayRule (KayRule): How do I turn that text off? Phil swings his arm out. launching jasper at the nearest bat Reploid: i dunno Reploid: roll d20 Phil: Jasper jumps off arm at right moment and flies at bat Phil: [1d20 = 9] Reploid: The weasel flies towards a bat. The door closes Phil: Afraid of some flying rodents then? Phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the bats didn't move KayRule (KayRule): "Yes!" He shouts almost unhearable through the door Gabe Newell (Cormag): They are panicing KayRule: "Yes!" He shouts almost unhearable through the door Reploid: The bats are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT Reploid: everyone roll 3d6 BloodVex (Phil): I'm moving jasper because he was thrown Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh jesus christ . Coward.

it was a luck roll Reploid (Reploid): whats the cast time on dacning lights Gabe Newell (Cormag): uhhhhhhh ummm Phil: standard action BloodVex (Phil): standard action BloodVex (Phil): duration 1 minute Reploid (Reploid): k thx Phil: I move again? BloodVex (Phil): I move again? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): your turn Reploid: bats had to go I skipped them Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil. go BloodVex (Phil): Can I move and attack in one turn KayRule: You guys! Come in here faggots! Cormag! BloodVex (Phil): I'm still fuzzy on the battle rules Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes you can Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but if you don't attack. It's not that I'm afraid. It's just smart! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh.Phil: [3d6 = 14] Reploid: except kay Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's gonna kill some of us Cormag: [3d6 = 13] Rivahros: [3d6 = 14] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i wonder what the roll's for Phil: For how awesome we are Reploid: the bats are too busy FREAKIN OUT HOLY CRAP LIGHTS EVERYWHERE BloodVex (Phil): Rage and I tied Reploid: they don't attack anything Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phew BloodVex (Phil): Cormag is a fag lololol KayRule: Hey. you can move twice the normal distance Gabe Newell (Cormag): Do you guys want me to cast darkness and make the bats stop freaking out next turn? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're retreatingx Reploid: k Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't bother KayRule: We can kill them as the filter through the door! BloodVex (Phil): If they're freaking out they're not killing us bro Rivahros: Why don't we just CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND US? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST MOVE KayRule: Well that too Reploid: fucking take your turn .

BloodVex (Phil): Because he's my only friend in the world .. Damn you're awesome.. Phil: runs to jasper. attempting to fling jasper to the nearest bat Gabe Newell (Cormag): sekurt language is :awesome: Phil: Jasper doesn't jump . deciding that discretion is indeed the better part of valor. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's my turn Reploid: you make it in the room. good job._. screw you guys! Cormag: Signs something to kayrule Phil: Launches his arm out again. I thought he was a ferret? How can you pick him up? Gabe Newell (Cormag): oho Rivahros .Phil: Mutters a curse under his breath Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus fuck Campaign saved. Cormag Phil: Jasper now? Reploid: not yet BloodVex (Phil): oh okay KayRule: Glad to see I'm not the only with a riht head on his shoulders Cormag: Takes advantage of the situation and high tails it to the room Reploid: You also make it to the room. sprints to the door. slicing at a bat in his way Phil: Melee attack [1d20+1 = 15] Reploid (Reploid): move and attack is one turn you can move pprox 10 feets but I usually dgaf Reploid: THAT BAT JUST EXPLODED Reploid: YOU'RE COVERED IN BAT Phil: AWSM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD Rivahros: What the hell?! Cormag: Oh dear. Phil: Ugh. This is hardly ideal BloodVex (Phil): don't even roll for damage? Reploid (Reploid): nope BloodVex (Phil): kay KayRule (KayRule): what Phil: bends down to pick up Jasper Reploid: you grab him Phil: Jasper scurries into Phil's sleeve Rivahros KayRule (KayRule): wait. Reploid: animal thingy KayRule (KayRule): Cormag? more like cumrag Reploid: go Phil: Oh.

I didn't expect that. jasper skips his turn KayRule Shouts back to Phil BloodVex (Phil): Kayrule goes? KayRule KayRule opens the door.. They fall to the ground Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): INVINCIBLE! Reploid: you aren't dazzled at all Reploid: forever KayRule (KayRule): KayRule > Bat Swarm Reploid: the bats are now easy pickings . KayRule: Phil! Use this as a distraction! Reploid: the bats are all dazzled. Phil: I could have taken them all eventually Rivahros: Just get in here! Phil: Fort. save [1d20+1 = 21] Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITICAL SAVE BloodVex (Phil): AWSM KayRule: Well I wanted to go. Reploid: one damage Phil: :| Reploid: :3 Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHo's being a fag? Phil: okay. bro! Reploid: Phil fort save Phil: Erm Rivahros: . and I couldn't leave you behind.Huh. but remembers that it's Phil he's leaving behind and feels better. Phil: Thanks. Rivahros: They'll tear Phil apart! KayRule: [1d20 = 19] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil's fucked Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sorry bro Cormag: Now THAT'S thinking like a Drow..KayRule: signs back Phil: He bites at Phil beneath his robes Reploid (Reploid): stop bein fags Phil: Ow! Little bastard! Rivahros feels slightly guilty for leaving Phil in the room with the bats. KayRule: I cast Flare! KayRule: At the bats! KayRule (KayRule): General area! Rivahros: What do you think that's gonna do?! The FIRST lights made 'em mad! Reploid: d20 Campaign saved.

edging closer to door KayRule (KayRule): BATSTOMP Reploid: coup de grace Reploid: bat explodes Phil: Light Crossbow. but it's not something rivahros would do Reploid: curbstomp sum bats niggas Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO KayRule: signs something to Cormag Reploid: good call KayRule signs something to Cormag Reploid: RP ftw Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck yeah Rivahros: -internet high five- BloodVex (Phil): XP means nothing to our characters. We don't know that killing enemies will somehow make us suddenly recieve a level of power Cormag KayRule (KayRule): can anyone else not type? Cormag: chuckles and signs back to Kayrule Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what phil said Reploid (Reploid): I can see you type kay Cormag: Walks over to a bat and stomps on it repeatably Cormag Snickering as he does Reploid: you stomped it good Phil: What the hell is wrong with you? Reploid: your boots are bloody 'KayRule' disconnected Reploid: weasel 'KayRule' connected 'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' . Masterwork [1d20+4 = 15] KayRule backs away from the doorway Gabe Newell (Cormag): No need KayRule backs away from the doorway Reploid: you dont need to roll BloodVex (Phil): okay Reploid: they're lying on the ground Rivahros Phil: but I could have shaky aim and they're small targets BloodVex (Phil): but I could have shaky aim and they're small targets Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nothing to do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): skip turn Reploid: no free xp for you? Gabe Newell (Cormag): STOMP A BAT FAG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's free exp.Phil: Shoots a bat while he's down. edging closer to door Phil: Shoots a bat while he's down.

but only if it involves dwarfs Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oho Campaign saved. Rivahros: Get back in here before they wake up. They've gone mad Rivahros: Hurry up! Reploid: but none of them can fly yet Cormag: Feth. he's just learned to put up with cormag's bullshit Phil: They.. Rivahros: Those bats could wake up at any moment! Reploid: where are you jumping BloodVex (Phil): Not really a moralfag.. RAGE? Phil: Oh you little turncoat! KayRule enters the batcave Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): He's not a human Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he doesn't care Rivahros: What are you morons doing?! Gabe Newell (Cormag): I thought you were a moralfag Rivahros: Get in here! KayRule: BATSTOMP! BloodVex (Phil): Jasper's done bro KayRule: Jump [1d20+2 = 17] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he is. Jasper scrambles down the leg of Phil's robe and scurries into the room Gabe Newell (Cormag): NO MORALFAG COMMENT.Should we just move on? Phil: Dwarf.. I think that you and I are the only sane ones remaining Gabe Newell (Cormag): You can't do that kayrule Reploid: meld to stone Reploid: lol Phil .Cormag: Reminds me of the day I stomped a human slave to death for spilling my wine. just a dwarf supremecist? KayRule (KayRule): onto a bat BloodVex (Phil): On a bat I would assume Reploid: oh Reploid: it explodes real good KayRule let's out a giddy laugh Reploid: BATS START MOVIN AROUND Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no. you idiot! KayRule (KayRule): TEST Reploid (Reploid): sup KayRule (KayRule): The text stopped moving for me Reploid (Reploid): weird KayRule (KayRule): also can I has a map plz KayRule (KayRule): thanks bro Phil: Sensing his oppurtunity.

. Reploid: str check Phil: Dohohohohoho! See what I did there.. more to punish jasper than to get out of batcave KayRule (KayRule): how many bones? Reploid: LEAVE THE ROOM FUCK Phil: Slams the door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS Rivahros: Hey! Rivahros Gabe Newell (Cormag): It's hard to go when it's not our turn Phil: They. human. They've gone batshit insane Rivahros opens the door forcefully. dwarf? Huh? Huh? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what Reploid: do it KayRule: runs inside Rivahros: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 5] Reploid: the door stays on its hinges Gabe Newell (Cormag): xD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok good KayRule (KayRule): Goddamnit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): turn over Cormag Cormag: Runs back into the room Reploid: k Reploid: weasel Phil: There'll be hell to pay. Rivahros: Ha ha ha.. BloodVex (Phil): CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT. then scurries back to Phil KayRule Reploid: gtfo plz Reploid: srs Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): get out of there stalker KayRule (KayRule): RUNS INTO THE ROOM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HURRY UP KayRule: RUNS INTO THE ROOM Reploid: THE BATS ARE UN DAZZLED THEY CHASE YOU IN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CLOSE THE DOOR . KAYFOX Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST GET IN HERE YOU GOD DAMNED RETARDS Reploid: you got some tiny useless bones Reploid: you reak of bat KayRule (KayRule): Eff year Phil: Runs back to the room. Jasper! Phil: Jasper squeaks innocently. nearly ripping it off its hinges.KayRule: I loot the bat remains Rivahros: I'm going to have to agree.

. phil Gabe Newell (Cormag): But Killing something while it's down is Drow Nature KayRule (KayRule): I messaged u the log reploid BloodVex (Phil): Metagaming means sacrificing roleplaying for gameplay KayRule (KayRule): we were still roleplaying Gabe Newell (Cormag): I didn't even kill one for XP.. KayRule (KayRule): I can show you the chat logs Reploid: that would be nice Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's for going in there and killing bats while they were down just for the xp Reploid: lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i believe that's what reploid is saying Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): er.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR KAYRULE Reploid: CLOSE THAT SHIT BloodVex (Phil): /r/ Kay and Cormag receive XP penalties for metagaming KayRule: WAIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I agree Campaign saved. Gabe Newell (Cormag): huh KayRule: GOD DAMMNIT Rivahros: Close the door! Gabe Newell (Cormag): What happened KayRule: Move Silently [1d20+2 = 11] Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHAT DID I DO? Gabe Newell (Cormag): . I did it just to kill a creature jesus Rivahros: Now that that little escapade is finished with. Lets. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CLOSE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCKING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DOOR Reploid: you sign languaged KayRule (KayRule): For when I ran into the room fags Gabe Newell (Cormag): SO? IT'S DROW SIGNING KayRule: now I close the door Reploid: k Reploid: doors closed Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thank god Reploid: you hear several thuds KayRule (KayRule): We never talked about the game Rivahros wipes his brow and watched the door anxiously.. shall we? KayRule: Let's try this door! Cormag: Yes. let's move on.

KayRule: Should hav checked that first.. eh? Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 19] KayRule (KayRule): Whine!? KayRule: Whine!? KayRule: Whine!? Phil: Spot [1d20+2 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): What's that big gray thing Phil: HAH KayRule: Spot [1d20+2 = 19] Reploid: you spot a body leaning against a pile of rocky rubble Phil: Hm KayRule: I loot this body Reploid (Reploid): thats the grey stuff KayRule: I loot this body Rivahros: Whose body is this? KayRule: I don't care.... Rivahros: It..What? KayRule: bends down and rubs his boots with the cuff of his sleave Phil: Awwww. Phil: strolls inside boldly Phil: strolls inside boldly KayRule: What's this? Cormag: Gee slow learners.Rivahros: approaches the northern door and tries it. Phil: 5 gold says that's our client's brother BloodVex (Phil): Any takers? Phil: Any takers? KayRule: I read the small notebook .. Rivahros * Cormag: wipes the blood off his boots Reploid (Reploid): Metagaming is also being like ITS PROLLY THIS when your character wouldn't know that Phil: brushes the drow aside Phil: Allow me Gabe Newell (Cormag): when did that occur Phil: brandishes lockpick Reploid: the door opens Rivahros: ..wasn't locked? Reploid: its been used recently Rivahros: I'm surprised... Reploid: you see a trail of blood leading into the dark Rivahros goes through and looks around. I loot it Reploid: you find a small notebook Rivahros: If it belongs to Harken's brother. we could be in trouble..

KayRule: Yes. Just loot this man's corpse... KayRule: Hey... This is disgusting. have you no respect for the departed? Reploid: Upon closer inspection. The Gloomrule have spoken and I don't know how much time I have left. Phil: Of course. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): brb Campaign saved. of course now that I see these arrows.I agree. Human. not even respecting the dead Phil: What a world. Cormag: I was checking if he was truly dead. I've left everything in the usual spot. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll? Reploid: climb Reploid: its pretty high Rivahros: Climb [1d20+5 = 22] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): aw yeah Phil: Wait Phil: Here. how do you know that he's dead? KayRule: What if he's just knocked out? KayRule: Did you kill him? Reploid: It appears to be a journal. take this . I can hear them coming now. Phil: Maybe it's all the BLOOD? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): back Cormag: kicks the body Reploid: It ends there. I just pray they don't find this on me and make my death a swi-. KayRule: pockets the notebook Rivahros: We can't leave this poor man unavenged.. Phil: As if it wasn't obvious? Are all members of your species this thick? Rivahros: We have to find who did this. The last entry reads: Harken.. it must have been imps Rivahros: Let's continue on. I'm so sorry.....Cormag: Seems the human bit off more than he could chew. ommiting the Gloomrule part Cormag: He could have just been knocked out. KayRule: Maybe it's whine? Gabe Newell (Cormag): >whine Rivahros: What's it say? Phil: Drow.. I hope you can forgive me. our first responsibility would be to inform the next of kin. KayRule: KayRule reads it aloud to his partners. perhaps we'll find the perpetrators of this crime. Rivahros climbs over the rubble. Phil: Admirable job there. you see three arrows sticking out of the body.Human Rivahros: I'm forced to agree with our wizard. Bard. Phil: Imps would be my guess Cormag: You can never take something at face value.

"Moral" Phil: Though I don't suppose you know the meaning of the word.. Dwarf? Reploid: the rubble Reploid: its like a landslide Rivahros yells down to his companions.. a dwarf? weren't you born to break through rock? Reploid: Kay sneaks back to the main room. Reploid: roll a will save Kay Rivahros: Yes. where are you goi- .Reploid: you scale to the top only to see that the path is fully sealed Phil: nevermind then Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Sealed by what Phil: What do you see. Cormag: Haha. Drow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule.. KayRule: rips the page of the book mentioning the Gloomrule out of the book Phil: It would only be moral of us Rivahros: Precisely. Phil: I should hope the path is fully opened Rivahros: The path is blocked by all this junk! Phil: . Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHOHOH BloodVex (Phil): HE'S GETTING TO THAT CALM THE FUCK DOWN Rivahros: Kayrule.Damn Rivahros: Can't get through! KayRule: sneaks back into the room KayRule: Move Silently [1d20+2 = 13] Cormag: Why do we even care? We did what we were paid to do.. Rivahros: We'll have to inform Harken about this tragedy! Phil: Aren't you like. BloodVex (Phil): d20 BloodVex (Phil): plus will save mod Gabe Newell (Cormag): drag the will modifer Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): saves. Rivahros: It's a landslide! I can't break through this! Cormag: Lets go inform his brother. on the main page of your character sheet Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): willpower KayRule: Will save [1d20+2 = 6] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Gabe Newell (Cormag): durpdedup BloodVex (Phil): cool will save bro KayRule (KayRule): why did I have to roll a will save? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're about to find out Reploid: you are pulled by a mysterious force to the room with the ring. I agree. roll a will save KayRule (KayRule): How :( Campaign saved.

.Phil: .Oh. Rivahros follows Kayrule.. Rivahros: Oh. Reploid: Kay cannot remove the ring however Rivahros prepares his weapon. Hey! Rivahros slowly sheathes his axe.. BloodVex (Phil): hey screw you and your railroad plot DM . Phil: Hey.. hell Reploid: Nothing right now. Phil: snaps finger in front of kay Cormag: Phil. Cormag: Uh Oh. Phil: How do you know it's Magic? He's probably just being greedy KayRule (KayRule): drops the ripped sheet ijto the water KayRule: drops the ripped sheet ijto the water KayRule: Sleight of Hand [1d20+3 = 10] Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do I notice kayrule dropping the sheet in Cormag: The ring tried to compel me to put it on earlier KayRule (KayRule): but it's already in Reploid: Rage spots it before it falls ..Bard? Rivahros: What on earth? Phil: Follows Reploid: you pick up the ring Cormag: Kayrule? Come back here. hell. Reploid: he is compelled to keep it. Cormag: I don't like the look of this. but then realizes that nothing happens.. Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what happens to him Phil: That would not be a smart. a good idea from our resident drow.I know what's happening KayRule: Will save [1d20+2 = 16] Rivahros: Let go of the ring! Phil: Attempts to grab Kay BloodVex (Phil): What to I roll? Reploid: nothing Reploid: he slips the ring on. Can't you try to remove whatever magic is binding him? Cormag: You are the Wizard afterall KayRule: drops the ripped sheet ijto the water Rivahros: For once._.... BloodVex (Phil): SCROLL MAP PLEASE Reploid: another will save Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): scroll the map Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks Cormag: Uh oh..

Cormag: Knowledge. Reploid: I kno rite Cormag: I didn't think it was important. Religion [1d20 = 8] Reploid: phil knows nothing KayRule: I didn't think it was important. Decipher script Phil: Ugh KayRule (KayRule): fuck Rivahros: Decipher Script [1d20 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EFF YEAR Reploid: You can read it! Phil: It is no longer important Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during Kayrule thinks the bad guys are him Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reads the page. no. but you can barely make it out. Religion [1d20+2 = 18] Reploid: same for rage BloodVex (Phil): FUCK YEAH RELIGION ROLL BloodVex (Phil): good job bro Reploid: cormag speaks up . Rivahros * Phil: Unfortunately.. Phil: . Cormag: Knowledge. History [1d20+4 = 13] Reploid: religion Reploid: not history Gabe Newell (Cormag): oic Phil: Knowledge.Phil: And you didn't feel the need to tell us this? Rivahros: Hey! What are you doing? KayRule (KayRule): TOO BADWATER KILLS PAPER KayRule: Hm? Rivahros rushes over to the pool and grabs the sheet. I do not have the spells required for such a task Reploid: You noting the Gloomrule part Reploid: notice* Rivahros: Harken's brother had something to do with some group called Gloomrule. Rivahros: Why didn't you tell us this before.. Kayrule? Rivahros glares angrily at him. Religion [1d20+4 = 11] Rivahros: Knowledge. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Is it legible Phil: A ring that drew you to-?! Reploid: Its damp.Gloomrule? Reploid: Vree hee hee Campaign saved. History [1d20+2 = 6] Gabe Newell (Cormag): ffffff Rivahros: Any of you know who or what 'Gloomrule' is? Phil: Knowledge.

Rivahros: This is dangerous business.. Drow? KayRule cocks one eyebrow Rivahros dries the page off as best as he can and pockets it. Rivahros: I'd imagine not.. Phil: Snaps fingers in front of Kayrule's face Phil: Hello! Realm to Bard! Reploid: dohoho Cormag: Oh yes. Phil: I think... it is. to feed demons. What do you know of them? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): look at that fucking bluff skill Rivahros: Listen [1d20+1 = 10] Reploid: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Do I hear what Kayrule said BloodVex (Phil): It must be fake .I've heard of these people before Rivahros: You have? Phil: You know something of the gloomrule. Cormag: They're an occult KayRule (KayRule): HEY DM U SHUD GIVE ME THE RING KayRule (KayRule): IN MY ITEMS PAGE BloodVex (Phil): ADD IT YOURSELF Cormag: Steals souls. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): A cult? What did Harken's brother want with this cult? KayRule (KayRule): WHATS IT CALLED? Rivahros: * Phil: So. Rivahros frowns.Gabe Newell (Cormag): In during I am credit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what does he say Cormag: I. Phil: turns to KAyrule Rivahros returns to the square room. all together not a group of good samaritans then? Cormag: I think I sold a servent to one of them once..It was a DWARVEN servent Phil: Hm Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops KayRule: I use to be a part of the Gloomrule.. I just didn't want my past to be dug up! Phil: ! KayRule: Bluff [1d20+9 = 25] Reploid: They believe you Phil: I.. that type of thing. Phil: Yes! Precisely what I was going to say Phil: Now Cormag: Yes.. Reploid (Reploid): there Rivahros: We need to inform Harken.

the person I sold the dwarf to sucked the mans soul out right in front of me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I lol'd Cormag: You're losing your touch. Kayrule Phil: (We need to get that ring off of him. they're not that bad.Reploid: sense motive BloodVex (Phil): Hes bluffing his bluff skill Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): me? Phil: lololol Phil: [1d20+2 = 18] KayRule (KayRule): look at my skills faget Cormag: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 12] KayRule (KayRule): they all have like 1 or 0 points in them BloodVex (Phil): It was a joke Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID Reploid: oh lawd Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DO I HEAR WHAT KAYRULE SAID ABOUT BEING IN GLOOMRULE Reploid: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Reploid: you're too far Reploid: phil was that a motive check Rivahros waits for the others at the door. It's obviously affecting him (whisper) KayRule: HEY PHIL KayRule: YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME? Phil: ? Phil: A moment of PRIVACY. KayRule: [1d20 = 10] . NOT killing people? Phil: turns to Cormag Phil: Listen (whispers) KayRule: The sect I was in didnt! KayRule: Bluff [1d20+9 = 19] Reploid: fail KayRule (KayRule): gay Cormag: For Feth sakes. if you will KayRule: I cast Flare right at his face. from what I know. Phil: Yeah BloodVex (Phil): Sense motive Campaign saved. Reploid: you catch his bluff KayRule: My parents were in it. we never murdered anyone Cormag: laughs out loud Phil: Quite a different testimony that what we heard from Mister Drow over there Cormag: That's rich. I was sorta grown into it. Gloomrule.

Cormag: You fething idiot. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I did hear this right Reploid: yea Cormag: backhands Kayrule forcefully Rivahros: What are you people doing?! Phil: You. KayRule: Eyes widen Cormag: Humans should KNOW YOUR PLACE KayRule: WAIT! Rivahros: Who's following whom.. help me! . surprised by the sound of combat. thats all I knew Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oic Reploid: ok yea you can Reploid: roll d20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): me? KayRule: [1d20 = 16] BloodVex (Phil): Fort save? Reploid: it misfires Rivahros whirls around.Cormag: (whispers) It doesn't help that he's rather crazy normally Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Do I hear the spell being cast [1d20+1 = 13] Reploid: you prepared it more than once? KayRule (KayRule): You said Bards dont have to prepare spells KayRule (KayRule): one of you did Gabe Newell (Cormag): You didn't roll to see if you heard it eithetr Kayrule KayRule (KayRule): I didnt KayRule (KayRule): He was whispeing. Phil: DROW! HOLD HIM! KayRule: Friends. damnable bard! Cormag: FFF Rivahros: Stop it! Reploid: in during infighting Phil: Casts Ghosts Sounds KayRule (KayRule): whoah my char sheatopened up Reploid (Reploid): just checkin some stuff Cormag: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 23] Reploid: oh shit Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITICAL BITCH SLAP Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRIT BACKHAND Reploid: you get backhanded the fuck out Rivahros: Jesus Christ! Reploid: you come to your senses Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): * Cormag: You moron I don't know why I let you follow me.. eh? Campaign saved..

attempting to pin him down Reploid: graple Rivahros grabs Kayrule's wrist and attempts to pull the ring off. . Drow! Rivahros: Are you serious?! We could just cut off your one finger! Reploid (Reploid): or pull off the ring KayRule: I DONT CARE JUST MAKE IT STOP Cormag: Slices off the finger Reploid: roll Gabe Newell (Cormag): melee? Reploid: aye KayRule (KayRule): inb4 he misses and cuts off something else Cormag: Melee attack [1d20+3 = 11] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh fuck Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i sense disaster Reploid: you swing and miss.Rivahros: How?! KayRule: raises his ringed hand KayRule: cut it off! Rivahros: Your finger?! KayRule: CUT MY HAND OFF! Reploid: dohohoho Cormag: Pulls out his longsword KayRule: I CAN'T STAND IT Phil: Stop. BloodVex (Phil): Str bonus? Reploid: uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what do I roll Reploid: yea think so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): str? Reploid: wait for the graple Phil: [1d20+1 = 20] Reploid: hes grapled Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER GRAPPLE Phil: HOLY SHIT AWESOME Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok. Reploid: somehow Rivahros: Stop! Stop! Rivahros: Let's try to pull it off! Phil: Tackles drow. what do I roll Reploid: will save Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to get the ring off Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): me? Reploid: yes Reploid: kay too . Gabe Newell (Cormag): . .

..Perhaps I should just wear it for now... Phil: I can't in good conscious let that happen Cormag: Backhands rivahros Cormag: Melee attack [1d20+3 = 16] Rivahros: What the hell was that for?! Cormag: TOO SMACK SOME FETHING SENSE INTO YOU Reploid: You hit him Reploid: asshole Cormag: THAT RING IS OBVIOUSLY CURSED Phil: I'm obviously the most strong willed of you all Phil: I'll wear it Rivahros: I think Phil should just pull it off! Phil: Will save [1d20+2 = 17] Rivahros: Will save [1d20+1 = 19] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES! Reploid: you pull it off... or something! Rivahros: If at all possible.. Rivahros: It doesn't seem to be having any negative effects.I. you idiot! Cormag: And transfer the curse to him? Phil: So that I can slip it on?! Cormag: Are all dwarves so stupid? Phil: We need to THINK THINGS OUT Phil: gets up off the drow already Rivahros: Perhaps. . Phil: . no! Phil: I don't have the proper spells! Phil: Argh! Rivahros: Then just pull it off. Rivahros: Until we can get it off safely..KayRule: shouts in pain Rivahros: Will save [1d20+1 = 8] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AW GOD DAMN IT BloodVex (Phil): Should Cromag roll a reverse grapple? KayRule: Will save [1d20+2 = 22] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOW IT'S ON ME Reploid: kay is fine Reploid: Riva pulls the ring off Reploid: and then slips it on his own finger Phil: wait! KayRule collapses into the pool the moment the ring leaves Rivahros: Aaarrrgh! Rivahros: Phil! Help me! Phil: Damnit! Cormag: You sure you just don't want that finger cut off? Rivahros: De-curse it.

Human. it seems to have some sort of.. the second Phil starts going crazy. Phil: However. I hate this place.. magnetic properties Cormag: Mark my words. Rivahros makes to leave..and then I woke up in the water. Reploid: and now its in Phil's palm Reploid: WHAT DO YOU DO Rivahros: Throw it away! Cormag: runs over to kayrule and hoists him out of the water Reploid: str check Phil: No Rivahros: What?! Cormag: Oh feth I forgot he was drowning! Phil: This ring may hold the secrets to what happened to Harken's brother Rivahros: . then.. let's get the hell out of here..pretty smart. Threaten me again and you will have a knife in your back Rivahros: Stop muddling about and let's GO! Phil: WAIT! Rivahros: (yelling) Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 7] . Rivahros: Now. Reploid: you size them up Reploid: they quiet down Reploid (Reploid): wine* KayRule (KayRule): It's how he pronounces it Phil: Wait Reploid (Reploid): ah KayRule (KayRule): with a hard H Cormag: You don't scare me.what happened? KayRule stands up Rivahros: You put on the ring! Phil: Glares at the Drow Rivahros: Let's go.. Rivahros: Just make sure you don't put it on by accident. KayRule: coughs up water Rivahros: You know. . KayRule: Guys. KayRule rubs his face Cormag: What? You'd rather have your soul eaten by a demon? KayRule: what? Phil: I assure you. that hand is coming off.. touch one finger on my hand and you'll be swimming in a torrent of arcane magickal pain Rivahros: Are you people coming or not?! Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 18] KayRule: I remember seeing whine on the floor. . that's actually..Campaign saved.

terrified by the noise. Holy shit. With the way I've seen you handle locks.. Must be gloombros Skeletons: er . Cormag: moves silently into the room Phil: Skeletons! Cormag: Move Silently [1d20+6 = 23] Rivahros: What'd you do this time.. wizard?! Phil: Damnable accursed fiends! Skeletons: THE RING MUST NOT LEAVE Phil: [1d20+4 = 22] Campaign saved.. Religion [1d20+2 = 6] Skeletons: they're not normal skeletons.. Reploid (Reploid): how you run so fast Gabe Newell (Cormag): I FLEED Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who the fuck cares KayRule: stumbles out of the cave Gabe Newell (Cormag): I haet wizards Reploid: as phil enters the square room Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Reploid: you hear rumblings KayRule: What now? Cormag: Feth this shite Im out of here Phil: I look around desperately KayRule: And where is the whine? Phil: [1d20+2 = 20] Reploid: the walls are opening! Reploid: fuuuuuu Rivahros: whirls around.Cormag: D: Reploid: fail Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol Cormag: W-Whatever Cormag: Walks off Reploid (Reploid): ahahha Cormag: Fething human. Rivahros * Reploid: two skelletons emerge Rivahros enters the room. Phil: Hah. BloodVex (Phil): that was knowledge religion BloodVex (Phil): what do I know about skeletons Cormag: Knowledge. They just talked. I'll be surprised if the knife doesn't end up in your own eye! Phil: Now Rivahros exits the cave.

Keep it safe.. fellows! Normal skeletons are unable to speak! KayRule: Knowledge.. Dungeneering [1d20+1 = 10] BloodVex (Phil): YOU DON'T KNOW THAT RAGE SHUT UP Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sorry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i thought it was obvious Skeletons: the walls were triggered when the ring came in o this room Reploid (Skeletons): FFF Reploid: DM again KayRule: It's the ring! KayRule: Cast the ring into the fire! Phil: No! Rivahros: Maybe if we exit the room.they can talk?! Phil: Something is strange. KayRule (KayRule): lol Phil: (whispers to jasper) Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how does a ferret hold a ring Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so do we roll initiative or what KayRule (KayRule): in it's hands KayRule (KayRule): duh Reploid: yea Reploid: init BloodVex (Phil): HE'S A MAGIC FERRET SHUT UP Rivahros: Initiative [1d20+6 = 25] KayRule: Initiative [1d20+1 = 3] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER INITIATIVE Phil: Initiative [1d20+7 = 13] KayRule (KayRule): 31 KayRule (KayRule): 3! Cormag: Initiative [1d20+2 = 12] Reploid: [1d20 = 5] Reploid: [1d20 = 6] Phil: 13 for me BloodVex (Phil): 13 for me Rivahros BloodVex (Phil): RUSH THEM! DO IT! Reploid (Reploid): DO IIITTT Rivahros approaches the left skeleton and swings at its ribcage with his axe. Reploid: ROLL . the walls will close again! Rivahros If Phil exits* Phil: Hands the ring to Jasper within his robes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): * Phil: Keep it secret.Reploid (Skeletons): thats dm Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): take half damage from edged weapons Rivahros: They.

magic missile is autohit . Dwarf! Reploid (Reploid): you have 4 + cha mod Rivahros: What?! Phil KayRule (KayRule): so 6? Phil: Blunt weaponry hurts skeletons much more than sharp ones! Try to hit them with the broad side of your axe! Rivahros: Thanks! Reploid (Reploid): think so Campaign saved. then shoots a finger out at the skeleton Reploid (Reploid): PEW PEW Gabe Newell (Cormag): BANG Phil: Magic missile! KayRule (KayRule): FINGER LASER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAGIC Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MISSUUUUUULLLLLLL Reploid: ranged touch BloodVex (Phil): Dex mod? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): your ranged damage mod Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): actually Reploid (Reploid): yea Phil: Ranged attack [1d20+3 = 5] BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFF Reploid: pewww! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAGIC FAILURE BloodVex (Phil): wait. phil got higher Gabe Newell (Cormag): He got 13 I got 12 KayRule (KayRule): how many spells can I use per day? KayRule (KayRule): I used 2 already Reploid: oh dur I cant math Phil: Hey. I have +2 cha Phil: Stirkes a pose. Reploid (Reploid): check your sheet KayRule (KayRule): I did.Reploid: yea Reploid: YEAAA Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+4 = 12] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK! Reploid: whiff Cormag Gabe Newell (Cormag): huh Gabe Newell (Cormag): It's Phil's turn Gabe Newell (Cormag): Not mine Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah.

. BloodVex (Phil): . Gabe Newell (Cormag): xD Reploid: both skellies take hits but are mostly unphased BloodVex (Phil): both? FUCK YEAH! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what? magic missile can't hit two targets until level 3 BloodVex (Phil): SHHHHHH SHUT UP Reploid (Skeletons): W/E I DGAF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ]:| Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag Reploid (Skeletons): which way is that emote facing Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't fucking know Cormag Cormag: Whips off his sunglasses Phil: You all catch that? Hit them with the broad side of your weapon! Cormag: I don't have time for this.Reploid: the missles flie around and hit the walls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah.! Reploid: d20 Cormag: [1d20 = 2] Gabe Newell (Cormag): xD BloodVex (Phil): sure is shit rolls around here Reploid: the torches flicker for a second then are relit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT Reploid (Reploid): NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS Cormag: FETH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule's turn Reploid: NO KayRule: Alright . . he's right Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): magic missile always hits Reploid: yes he is Reploid: PEWW! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll 1d4 Phil: 1d4+1 you mean? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah Phil: [1d4 = 1] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .. .... Skeletons: torches blind you! Reploid: dm mode fuck Cormag: eyes glow bright red Cormag: DARKNESSSSS Cormag: casts darkness into the room Cormag: fff Phil: Damnable..

whose turn is it . Drow. Reploid: He misses horribly! Phil: Bluff [1d20+6 = 22] Rivahros: You can't hack through Dwarven armor. but I see you are far too warlike and stupid for that. They can see regardless of the dark. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how in the hell Reploid (Reploid): fuck yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i haven't laughed this hard in a long time Cormag: I was trying to make it easier for you people to escape. undead abomination! Reploid: sense motive to counter Cormag: Are you fething stupid? I come from the dark. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sense motive. Figures I try to help a HUMAN Reploid: roll an infighting check Reploid: oh wait you succeed BloodVex (Phil): HEY REP I ALREADY ROLLED KNOWLEDGE RELIGION Gabe Newell (Cormag): Fuck yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): arrrrggghhh BloodVex (Phil): DO I KNOW IF SKELETONS HAVE DARKVISION? Reploid: they dont BloodVex (Phil): oh :< Gabe Newell (Cormag): NO WITTY COMEBACK FOR YOU PHIL Reploid: Skelleton two rushes towards riva and swings! Reploid: [1d20 = 8] Phil: Hah.Cormag: T-There must be some sort of anti magic barrier here KayRule: oh KayRule (KayRule): oh Reploid: Skeleton one swings at Riva! Phil: Be lucky your magic failed. I would have made your own clothes glow like daylight! Reploid: [1d20 = 1] Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 23] Reploid: he hits himself in the face and crumbles! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he can't beat my fucking 22 ac Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wtf Reploid (Reploid): rolled a 1 Campaign saved. Skeletons cannot see in the dark. Figures that a Drow wouldn't even know that Skeletons have magic vision. cormag Cormag: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 2] BloodVex (Phil): I think that if he KNOWS it isn't true then bluff is autofail Gabe Newell (Cormag): FFFFFFFFFFFFf Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FAILURE Reploid: you area gullible idort Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok.

Brass would echo pretty loud down here Phil: Smirks smugly KayRule: roll d20? KayRule (KayRule): roll d20? Reploid: enjoy your weird key Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm gonna have to leave in like 15 minutes max Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hope we can finish it up by then Cormag: Ot Reploid: all he needs is a free hand Reploid: so Reploid: no Gabe Newell (Cormag): Faggot Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well excuse me KayRule (KayRule): what? KayRule (KayRule): I have free hands Reploid: you have your horn Reploid: also rage I'll try KayRule (KayRule): oh KayRule: I then play the horn Reploid: what are you playing BloodVex (Phil): roll perform check KayRule (KayRule): the Frenchorn Reploid: yea Reploid: no like Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what're you trying to do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what effect Reploid: bardic music right KayRule (KayRule): boost morale .Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yeah wait I should KNOW it though IM A DARK ELF FROM THE DARRRKk KayRule BloodVex (Phil): orrrrrrr not Reploid (Reploid): you rolled a 1 bro BloodVex (Phil): GRIMDARK ELF KayRule (KayRule): ok Gabe Newell (Cormag): :*( Reploid (Reploid): gotta play it like it is BloodVex (Phil): Yeah. rtract your statement :D KayRule: I cast Summon Instrument Reploid: what do you summon Cormag: W-Whatever. KayRule: And Summon a French Horn Gabe Newell (Cormag): HIGHSCHOOL BAND HOOOUUSE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag is so tsundere Reploid: Cool.

KayRule: poses with his wrist KayRule: Nothing at all my good friends Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+4 = 24] Gabe Newell (Cormag): OSHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRITICAL HIT Phil: FUCK Reploid: check for crit Phil: YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): d20? Gabe Newell (Cormag): Roll again KayRule (KayRule): +1 Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 no crit Rivahros: [1d20 = 15] Reploid: oh snap Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRIT RAWKET KayRule (KayRule): PLUS ONE Reploid: damage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 3x DAMAGE .. Rivahros Rivahros: Ha ha! Phil: Wipes a tear from his eye Rivahros turns his axe sideways and bashes the skeleton violently with its broad side. I play Ode to Joy Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHERE IS THE ROLL. KAYRULE KayRule (KayRule): there KayRule: [1d20+6 = 24] Reploid: you play the shit out of that song Reploid: it echos loudly Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MORALE BOOST Reploid: +1 to all Phil: beings to applaud Reploid: everything Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): all stats? Reploid: no Reploid: rolls BloodVex (Phil): all rolls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Phil: Bravo..Campaign saved. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then roll a perform check. goddamn Reploid: thats not a song Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ROLL BloodVex (Phil): PLAY BEETHOVEN'S FIFTH KayRule (KayRule): Yeah..

epic Rivahros: Nothin' to it..KayRule (KayRule): DUE TO HORN Rivahros: [1d10 = 5] Gabe Newell (Cormag): I thought you had to roll 20 again for crit Reploid: 6 x 3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 18 DAMAGE MOTHERFUCKER Reploid: he did Gabe Newell (Cormag): >15 Reploid: +1 Reploid: thats enough to hit Rivahros: Hyyaaahh! Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh I see what you mean Reploid: you dont need tow 20s Reploid: thats crazy Reploid: OH FUCK Reploid: I FORGOT ABOUT THAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what Reploid: I have this rule Reploid: if you get 2 crits Reploid: like 2 20s Reploid: you do x2 your crit Gabe Newell (Cormag): oshit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 6x damage.. x6 KayRule (KayRule): plus 1 BloodVex (Phil): goddamn Reploid: cause its hard to do Reploid: yet when it happens Reploid: holy shit BloodVex (Phil): does the +1 apply before or after multiplication? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I can imagine us at the end of the campaign fighting the villain and everyone's dead Reploid: THE SKELETON EXPLODES IN BONE AND ARMOR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): except one of us Reploid: HOLY CRAP Rivahros: Yeeaaahh! Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 splinters hurt someone Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and he rolls two 20s Reploid: it only affects the rolls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that would be .pardon the expression . Reploid: EPIC FOR THE WIN XDDDDDDDDD KayRule: Huzzah! Reploid: The skeletons fall. Reploid: so that would have been x6 BloodVex (Phil): so like. . I would suggest leaving.

Cormag: Lets get out of here KayRule: tutes a few more keys then heads out Cormag: Sprints off BloodVex (Phil): Let's get the fuck out of dodge Reploid: you all leave Gabe Newell (Cormag): END CHAPTER ONE Reploid: WILL SAVES FOR EVERYONE Reploid: GO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Campaign saved.Rivahros exits the cave quickly. Rivahros: Will save [1d20+1 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YUS! KayRule: Will save [1d20+2 = 3] Phil: Will save [1d20+2 = 18] KayRule (KayRule): oh fuck Reploid: ohohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule's fucked Cormag: Will save [1d20+4 = 17] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): again Reploid: kayrule roll a slieght of hand check Cormag: Is Cormag going to have to bitchslap a Bard? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Phil: WAIT Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): kayrule BloodVex (Phil): HE HAS TO SLIP HIS HANDS INTO MY FUCKING ROBE AND GRAB IT FROM A FERRET KayRule: Sleight of Hand [1d20+3 = 22] BloodVex (Phil): THAT'S LIKE DC100 Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoho Reploid: he succeeds Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GOD FUCKING DAMN IT BloodVex (Phil): WHAT BloodVex (Phil): BULLSHIT KayRule (KayRule): can I steal the ferret too? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I agree with bloodvex Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he has to get past the goddamn ferret Reploid: hm Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that would alert phil KayRule (KayRule): how about I steal just the ferret Reploid: it would Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): with the growling Reploid: he has the ring but phil knows .

GENDER SWAP Reploid: yep Cormag: HAHAHAHAHHA Cormag: MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA . You're a girl. KayRule (Kay Rule): Text was fucked BloodVex (Phil): Like. MUST GO TO BEST BUY Reploid: you wear the ring KayRule (KayRule): àãñë Reploid: and it activates Rivahros: oh hell Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i sense disaster Phil: Wait Reploid: [1d20 = 12] Phil: wait wait wait Reploid: [3d8 = 16] 'KayRule' disconnected Reploid: AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 'KayRule' connected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lightning strikes kayrule. if it helps BloodVex (Phil): Jasper is really lazy Reploid: awesome Reploid: ok so BloodVex (Phil): He's probably just sleeping on it Reploid: kay KayRule (KayRule): MONITOR IS BROKEN. roll to see if you have ashes left to bury 'KayRule' identified as 'KayRule' Phil: Shouldn't I be able to try to save if I notice he put his hands down my goddamn robe? Reploid: THIS IS THE BEST ROLL EVER KayRule (KayRule): :( Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what happens Reploid: Kayrule.BloodVex (Phil): He has to slip his hand down the back of my goddamn robe Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i suppose that works KayRule (KayRule): BLUE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DARKNESS KayRule (KayRule): MY SCREEN IS TURNING BLUE BloodVex (Phil): Also. grab him before he pits it on Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -head explodes- Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EFFECT .

..Reploid: ahahahhahaha KayRule (KayRule): I hate you guys Cormag: Laughs insanely at Kayrule Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lolOlOlOlololollolololololooolololololololol Reploid: END CHAPTER ONE EFF YEAR Cormag: Oh Sacred Feth. Phil: Use Rope [1d20+6 = 24] Reploid: oh shit . dear Lord.. KayRule (KayRule): RAPE! Reploid: "3 Reploid: :3 Phil: Use Rope [1d20+6 = 12] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE Reploid: ohohoh KayRule (KayRule): I am not having fun Reploid: you make a shitty knot Reploid: I could untie this with my dick Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who the fuck cares about you Cormag: Sits on a rock and watches in interest KayRule (KayRule): can I roll to escape? BloodVex (Phil): Can I retry? Reploid: yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god i am laughing so hard Reploid: to both of you KayRule (KayRule): yes to who? Campaign saved.This is the best thing I've ever seen Phil: WAIT Reploid: I RUN THE BEST GAMES EVER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MOST EXCELLENT Phil: WAIT WAIT WAIT Reploid: yes? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT KayRule (KayRule): Was this whole chapter a ploy to turn me into a woman? Reploid: no Reploid: I rolld a random curse Phil: Attempts to wrestle Kay to ground Phil: Attempts to wrestle Kay to ground Reploid: graple Phil: Str bonus [1d20+1 = 21] KayRule: Escape Artist [1d20+2 = 13] Reploid: crit KayRule (KayRule): damn Reploid: you fail kay Rivahros: Oh..

er. Rivahros: At least the ring's off. Cormag: It's pathetic really.I mean..Ring? Phil: Oh! Oh yes! KayRule: Help me! Please! Rivahros: Wasn't that your intention? Phil: blushes Phil: Of. Phil! Now let's get that ring off! KayRule (KayRule): My icon is much appropriate now Phil: . or glove of some sort? BloodVex (Phil): will save roll Reploid: no he crit KayRule: I still have my wang bretheren! Reploid: auto de-ring KayRule: Bluff [1d20+9 = 24] Reploid: they think you're a futa KayRule (KayRule): oh wait KayRule (KayRule): FA KayRule (KayRule): fuck BloodVex (Phil): Aw damn. Rivahros frowns at the supremacist way Cormag puts his comment.I mean. Reploid: oh god I cant stop Rivahros: I noticed. er. Rivahros.KayRule: Escape Artist [1d20+2 = 11] Reploid: you're bond Reploid: bound* KayRule (KayRule): GODDAMNIT Gabe Newell (Cormag): JAMES BOND Reploid: BAMES JOND Rivahros: Good idea. Reploid: crit Rivahros: Does anyone have some cloth. but inside sort of agrees.. but one of us will have to carry you back until we can rid us of this . Good to know.. Phil: GET THAT FUCKING RING [1d20+2 = 22] Cormag: It's clear both of our races are above such primal lust. shouldn't he be changed back Phil: Sorry. Phil: No. Phil: Aw damn. Good to know.of course Reploid: ahahahahahhah Rivahros: Do you have the appropriate spells? KayRule: speaks in a meek and girly tone Cormag: Humans are very lustful creatures.... you obviously can't be trusted with this ring KayRule: I am a woman only on the outside! KayRule: Now untie me this instant! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now that the ring's off.

I guess . hand slipped Reploid: SLAP Gabe Newell (Cormag): What's going on now? Reploid: oh Phil: Bluff [1d20+6 = 19] Reploid: the curse is permanent Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD KayRule (KayRule): FUCK YOU Phil: That was a "my hand slipped" roll BloodVex (Phil): That was a "my hand slipped" roll Reploid: uhhh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD Reploid: she sees through it BloodVex (Phil): We can get like a priest to remove curse right? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID Reploid: yes Reploid: yes you can Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOUR IMAGE IN LATERSON'S THREAD Phil: [1d20 = 5] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IS FAR TOO APPROPRIATE NOW Reploid: AHAHAHHA BloodVex (Phil): sorry accident roll Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AHA HA HA HA HA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well. alright Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're done. drow Cormag: Eye Eye De Ecks. using some of the ropes as shoulder straps.Cormag: What? it seems our Wizard wants to be a woman as well Rivahros: I'll do it. is what we call you sick folk Reploid: [3d20 = 30] Gabe Newell (Cormag): OH ME Reploid: AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA Reploid: I ROLLED A 20 Rivahros hoists KayRule onto his shoulders. Phil: Shut your mouth. Phil: Picks up Kay and hands her to Riva Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOT AGAIN Rivahros: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 13] BloodVex (Phil): Cops as feel as he does so Phil: Cops as feel as he does so KayRule: Hey! I felt that! Reploid: do you slap him y/n KayRule: y Phil: Sorry.

thank you! Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh hey Reploid Reploid: yo BloodVex (Phil): HEY. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much exp do we get Reploid: or you can just speak up and be like Cormag: Uses rope to gag Kayrule Reploid: i can walk BloodVex (Phil): You'll have to beat it Cormag: Use Rope [1d20+2 = 17] Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3c Reploid: oh gawd KayRule (KayRule): THIS IS NOT COOL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's our xp Reploid: 1000 for hillarity KayRule: Escape Artist [1d20+2 = 20] BloodVex (Phil): Oh.Reploid: but its up to kay if he wants it removed BloodVex (Phil): lol Reploid: and it'll cost more since its permanent' BloodVex (Phil): ahahah KayRule (KayRule): How bound am I? Reploid: oh god that was the best rolls ever Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this'll be an interesting campaign Reploid: uh Reploid: pretty bound KayRule (KayRule): like are my legs free? Reploid: wanna try and escape? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're being carried by me Reploid: go for it BloodVex (Phil): It was a 24 roll Campaign saved. actually it was a silk rope. so I get plus 2 Reploid: PASS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LEVEL UP Reploid: you're a free Reploid: man BloodVex (Phil): So you have to beat 26 to escape Reploid: woman Phil: HEY KayRule: I can walk. IT HAD TO HAVE BEEN AT LEAST A 26 DC Gabe Newell (Cormag): So can I like put 4 points insto something I already have 4 in? Reploid: yes Cormag: FUCK YES Cormag: PRESITEGE CLASS TIME . SHE CAN'T ESCAPE.

FUCK YEAH Reploid: but my Reploid: goodness Phil: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): alright. perky little breast into perfect li-.. I've seriously gotta go Reploid: kayrule you made my day BloodVex (Phil): See ya bro Gabe Newell (Cormag): Seeya Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks for the level reploid Reploid: np bros 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected Reploid: see you tomorrow Cormag: Also don't close the game yet Reploid BloodVex (Phil): Hey. Phil: nevermind Reploid: ahahah Phil: *ahem* Reploid: you guys Phil: If I was gonna rape something what roll wouyld I make Phil: str? Reploid: str Phil: awesome Phil: Str bonus [1d20+1 = 2] . it was my idea to bind her up tight KayRule (KayRule): Do I get new spells? Cormag: let me do my stats and shit Phil: Hey.. it was my idea to bind her up tight Reploid: uh Reploid: yea I think so Reploid: some level 1 stuff KayRule: how many? Reploid: check your sheet Reploid: its all there Phil: nice and tight. we level? Reploid: yes BloodVex (Phil): awesome Reploid: cause this game made me laugh so hard KayRule: Im putting my new skill points into Escape Artist Cormag: Light suddenly engulfs Cormag Reploid: I was gonna give you 500 for shitty bats and two skellies + you found his bro Phil: I'm putting more points into use rope then Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CLEAVE.Reploid: max skill rank is now 8 Gabe Newell (Cormag): FOURTUNE'S FRRIIEENNNDDDD BloodVex (Phil): Wait...

._. make an event Reploid: they are not KayRule: Animate Rope [1d20 = 1] Reploid: it rapes you Phil: I have animate rope as well KayRule: move at MY COMMAND Phil: I'll prepare it tomorrow Reploid: I need to go fix my jpg artifacts Reploid: and like Phil: Hey rep. KayRule: Noon mountain? Reploid: 3 hours Phil: I'll be sure to tell Rage if I see him between now and then Reploid: yea think so Reploid: yea hes offline KayRule: Ill try to be awake Reploid: i was gonna post an event Phil: no. Campaign saved. time zones are in 2 hour increments Phil: Yeah.Reploid: in b4 you read the book of erotic fantasy Reploid: also your dick falls off Phil: .. Phil: It wouldn' Reploid: no i'm kidding Phil: It would have been better Reploid: you rolled a 1 Reploid: so Reploid: kayrule rapes YOU Phil: I'm cool with that KayRule: I just got Animate Rope spell Phil: bring it on baby Reploid: animate rope Reploid: kinky Reploid: what are all yous doing tomorrow midday Phil: puts on robe and wizard's hat KayRule: nothing Phil: casts level 3 eroticism on Kayrule KayRule: im game for a game Phil: I'm game as well Reploid: I was thinking of starting up again at around 3pm est or so Reploid: I got nothing better to do KayRule: thats. do I keep my prepared spells or prepare new ones tomorrow? Reploid: write stuff KayRule: I do not want to have to base my stats around not getting raped .

_.Reploid: you sleep Reploid: you get everything backi Phil: With Kayrule bound? Cormag: Oh hey guys Cormag: should I get Lucky Start or lucky hands Cormag: For my feat Reploid: what do they do Phil: Hye kay whats your charisma score Reploid: what book KayRule: 15 Cormag: Complete Scoundrel Phil: oooh.... Cormag: sp do we just get one feat Cormag: or 2 per level KayRule: FEATs PER LEVEL? Phil: cast disguise self Phil: turns to Cormag Phil: Disable Device [1d20+4 = 11] KayRule: Disguise [1d20+8 = 12] Reploid: feats are every 3 KayRule: Disguises as man Reploid: stat points ever 4 Phil: Disguise [1d20+15 = 21] KayRule: +15? KayRule: BS Reploid: kayrule is a man with tits Cormag: oh Reploid: phil is KayRule: Damnit Phil: +10 because of disguise self Reploid: disabled Cormag: So I don't get a feat this level? :< Reploid: no Reploid: noone does Cormag: .. Reploid: you need to edit your appearance Phil: daddy like it like that KayRule: Cormag is the only man for me KayRule: sorry Phil: . Reploid: next level bro Phil: alright I'm going Cormag: HNNNG Reploid: k .

Lazar: [1d8 = 2] Reploid: wat Squid: [1d10 = 5] Squid: [1d12 = 6] Lazar: Not Rio. 'Lion >:3' connected 'Lion >:3' identified as 'NilesDante' 'Lion >:3' disconnected 'Lion >:3' connected 'Lion >:3' identified as 'Lazar' Reploid: oh yey rio Lazar: ffff No.11. Squid: BWAHAHHAA Squid: ROLLAN DICE Campaign saved. Campaign saved. .2008 / 01:12:23 Campaign saved. Chat log started at 23. 'Squid' connected 'Squid' identified as 'Squid' Reploid: hi Reploid: :D Squid: how i does custom pic rofl Squid: fggt Reploid: its on the group page goddamn Squid: TOO FAR Campaign saved.Phil: see you guys later KayRule: now me and Mollusca can be super bard gurls Cormag: Seeya Reploid: i love you all 'BloodVex' disconnected 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Reploid: :3 KayRule: REPLOID Reploid: god that was hillarious KayRule: I need to find a new female Icon Reploid: k KayRule: this one was for disguises KayRule: GET OUT OF HERE CREEP 'KayRule' disconnected Campaign saved.

I'd be the weeaboo. Reploid: we're doing 4d6 Reploid: x7 Reploid: and then I'll nerf/buff as needed Reploid: cause I had our wizard roll an 18 and two 17s last game Reploid: hahaha Reploid: [4d6 = 17] Lazar: ffffffff I was here before Rio but nobody knows me Lazar: Right.Reploid: you in chat? Squid: grabbing peewls Lazar: Theres two Lions. 32. where to Reploid: ok so Lazar: Ah! Extra feat Squid: I'm still writing shit fuuuuuuuuck Reploid: howd you roll your stats Squid: Rio what did you write for your appearance? XD Lazar: Point buy. One's furry. but eh [1d20 = 10] Reploid: 68 Squid: 68? XD Reploid: 6'8 Reploid: fff Lazar: [1d20 = 11] Lazar: [1d20 = 7] Reploid: [1d20 = 19] Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 9] Lazar: [1d20 = 14] Lazar: Right right. Reploid: ah Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: Spin baby Reploid: youre the one with moonspeak Reploid: evil cleric Reploid: gotcha Squid: Anyways how tall is too tall for an elf? Reploid: like Squid: [1d10 = 6] Lazar: Chinese. one's weeaboo. Squid: [4d6 = 10] Lazar: 4d6? Reploid: yea Reploid: 4d6 take off the lowest number Reploid: thats a stat Reploid: do it 7 times take away the lowest number .

unless you want to scroll up and grab them for me. ah Lazar: bad command Lazar: [0] Lazar: there a way to scroll up? Lazar: [1d6 = 4] Reploid: yea Reploid: scroll wheel Lazar: Laptop. oh well. I'm just dropping them Reploid: lol Lazar: [4d6 = 11] Campaign saved.Lazar: Whats the command to roll in groups? Reploid: those are your stats Reploid: right click Lazar: [4d6 = 15] Lazar: 13 Lazar: [4d6 = 19] Reploid: and like i said i'll nerf/buff as needed Squid: [4d6 = 12] Lazar: 16 Lazar: [4d6 = 11] Lazar: [4d6 = 17] Squid: [4d6 = 14] Lazar: [4d6 = 6] Squid: [4d6 = 16] Reploid: ouch Lazar: oh good lord Lazar: [4d6 = 14] Squid: [4d6 = 17] Lazar: [4d6 = 13] Lazar: [4d6 = 13] Reploid: so plug in your rolls and i'll edit your sheets Squid: [4d6 = 14] Squid: [4d6 = 14] Lazar: Oh herp. how many was that Reploid: too many i think Lazar: [13] Lazar: er. Lazar: [4d6 = 12] Lazar: [4d6 = 14] Lazar: Its tough getting a hang of the rolls here. Uh. Reploid: but it doesn't keep too much Lazar: Maybe I should just redo it since I wrote nothing down. Reploid: page up and down work .

8. 10 [1d6 = 3] Lazar: . Lazar: Alright. 14. 'Skylighter' connected .. full HP per level. Reploid: hmm Reploid: i'll let you keep the 18 wis Lazar: so.Lazar: oh hey Reploid: just reroll i dgaf Reploid: lol Lazar: [1d6 = 3] Lazar: [4d6 = 12] Lazar: [4d6 = 17] Lazar: [1d6 = 1] Lazar: [4d6 = 10] Lazar: [4d6 = 10] Lazar: [4d6 = 7] Reploid: you guys are starting at level 2 Reploid: btw Lazar: [4d6 = 13] Lazar: Alright Lazar: [12] Lazar: No. Reploid: derp Lazar: Eh? Lazar: Whos disconnecting Reploid: i dunno Reploid: noone? Campaign saved. 6. or roll it? Lazar: [1d8 = 4] Reploid: full hit die lvl1 Reploid: roll everything else Campaign saved. Reploid: hahahah Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Lazar: Ha.hrm Campaign saved.. 12 then. 10 14 9 8 18 10? Reploid: put the 8 and 9 to 10 Reploid: negative mods annoy me Lazar: 10 10 14 18 10 10 Reploid: sounds good Reploid: toss a 13 in there Lazar: alright Lazar: Oh. 9. 18 AC Campaign saved. 10.

lets see about creation.'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Calnik: Jesus. trying to wade through the details and pick one Reploid: hahah Calnik: DUDE Calnik: GNOMES Calnik: GNOME PALADIN Reploid: ahaah Squid: lol Reploid: oh god Lazar: Tiny ball of fury Calnik: Im totally into it Squid: dooooo iiiitttt Reploid: >fury . finally Lazar: Ni hao Calnik: Yo Lazar: Right. now to find the 3rd feat Reploid: sup Calnik: Alright. Reploid: ok so Reploid: stats Reploid: 4d6 minus the worst dice Reploid: do that 7 times minus the worst total Calnik: shit Calnik: tons of race info Reploid: lol Reploid: what are you Campaign saved. SLASH COMMANDS: /die [NdN+N] [message] /vote [message] /ooc [message] /emote [message] /mood [mood] [message] /mood ([multiword mood]) [message] Gamemaster only: /story [message] /identity [name] /whisper [character] [message] /export [module_filename] [description] /save /clear /night /day Calnik: Dunno.

'Squid' connected 'Squid' identified as 'Squid' SLASH COMMANDS: .Reploid: >paladin Reploid: more like Reploid: barb Reploid: which we have none of Lazar: Really? Reploid: yes Lazar: You'd think it'd be first to be filled Reploid: we have like 3 clerics Lazar: Cleric party Reploid: i lold Reploid: ok well Calnik: And none of them heal Calnik: They're like "lol im dps" Reploid: todays game had a fighter a rogue a bard a wizard and a cleric who didnt actually get to play cuase it was 3am there when we started Reploid: apparently we have a second bard coming too Reploid: squid's a ranger Reploid: you're a cleric Reploid: cal is a pally Squid (Squid): hurp Squid: hmm Lazar: Eh. how'd you manage that Reploid: type a message Reploid (Reploid): hold alt Lazar: type Reploid: ooc chat Calnik: shift Lion >:3 (Lazar): type Reploid: ctrl is actions Skylighter (Calnik): oh Lazar: I see Squid: i was checking to see if my character name was showing Reploid: ctrl shift is emotes Lazar: l Squid: which it isn't :C Lazar l Calnik yawn I GET STORY MODO Campaign saved. 'Squid' disconnected Campaign saved.

How do I do stats again? Reploid: grab the d6 at the bottom Reploid: right lick till you have 4 Reploid: roll Reploid: click* Calnik: [1d6 = 1] Reploid: you need 4 Calnik: [3d6 = 4] Calnik: ffffffffffffffff Calnik: mulligan Calnik: no one saw those. Reploid: [4d6 = 13] Calnik: the stat rules went away.> Reploid: you need 4 . >./die [NdN+N] [message] /vote [message] /ooc [message] /emote [message] /mood [mood] [message] /mood ([multiword mood]) [message] Gamemaster only: /story [message] /identity [name] /whisper [character] [message] /export [module_filename] [description] /save /clear /night /day Squid (Squid): kjaskj Squid: fuck a duck Calnik: Yeah. Lazar: So Lazar: 4 good 3 evil so far Reploid: uh Calnik: Is there a place I put this stuff down on? 'Squid' disconnected Reploid: click your face 'Squid' connected Calnik: Voila! Calnik: ty 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Squid (Ryleh): dickx Ryleh: there Campaign saved. I'm a Gnome Paladin.

Calnik: [4d6 = 12] Calnik: [4d6 = 15] Calnik: [4d6 = 14] Lazar: son of a bitch I do have +1 in int Lazar: fffffffffff Calnik: [4d6 = 16] Lazar: 12 + 4 + 3 Lazar: whatever. I have skills to do Reploid: you should have 6 numbers Reploid: those are your stats Reploid: I will buff/nerf after your done Lazar: 2x4+4+2 Lazar: 8 12 14 Calnik: [4d6 = 11] Lazar: Gee. where to spread it Lazar: all these points Calnik: [4d6 = 14] Lazar: Well. and repeat for each stat Reploid: then take away the worst total Calnik: got it Lazar: Hur. its your stat Reploid: thats your total Reploid: do that 7 times Lazar: Oh Calnik: Oh. All into healing and knowledge: Religion Reploid: max rank at level 2 is 8 Reploid: for skills Reploid: its 4 every level Campaign saved. awesome stats Calnik: What next? Reploid: put them in your character Calnik: I did. screw it. .Lazar: [1d6 = 4] Reploid: ahahah Lazar: Lets see if I can do this [1d10 = 6] Calnik: [4d6 = 16] Reploid: there yo go Reploid: take away the 2 Lazar: Hey theres a speech bubble when I type Reploid: yep Calnik: So what are the other three? Reploid: add them up Lazar: Add them. it goes to diplo] Calnik: whoo.

Calnik: how do I know how many points I have to spend? Reploid: its on your class list Reploid: thing Calnik: ah Calnik: thought it might be on my sheet Reploid: d20 book Reploid: paladin Calnik: i found it Reploid: awesome Calnik: I haven't DnD in forever and not with this program. Im gonna have to look up and see what these skills do Lazar: Also. If a black square is a class skill. Calnik: Hm. so nobody get hit Reploid: lol wut Lazar: Eh? Reploid: clw? Lazar: Cure Light Wounds. It had a class system like Tactics. Calnik: my first guy was a Black Mage. Campaign saved. Calnik: I used to play a Final Fantasy version. I've only got 2 CLW memorized.Lazar: 10 11 11 14 12 14 Reploid: there Calnik: Sweet Calnik: Next Reploid: skills Calnik: wtf? Calnik: ok Reploid: like I said Calnik: Wait. then this says I have no class skills. Lazar: I loved Tactics Calnik: It was a great system. Calnik: and our DM made up a unique storyline/world. then I made an Engineer. Reploid: 4 max rank per level so the max right now is 8 Reploid: oh Reploid: dont worry about that Reploid: house rule Calnik: ohhhh. I thought you meant don't get cross-class skills Lazar: SUDDENLY d10 Lazar: [1d10 = 7] Calnik: DENIED Campaign saved. Reploid: oh . Reploid: yea? Calnik: yeah. The Engineer system was so cash. sorry.

Lazar: Everyone can cure. Lazar: [1d8 = 1] Calnik: [1d20 = 17] Reploid: [1d20 = 3] . I'm droping every Cure Light wounds for Summon undead. so are we starting at lv 2? Reploid: and a pall Reploid: and a ranger Campaign saved. Reploid: and I keep hearing about a 3rd Reploid: but I dunno Lazar: ill wait then Reploid: we do have a pally Lazar: Which is going to be fun to have around. Next? Feats? Reploid: feats is a list Reploid: you need to read them Reploid: lol Reploid: you get to pick 2 Calnik: Where do they go on my sheet? Calnik: NVM Calnik: Im a retard Campaign saved.Reploid: lol Reploid: we have 3 clerics Calnik: so you said the max in skills right now is 8. got my skills. Reploid: hahah Lazar: + any you send my way to be rebuked Reploid: :3 Lazar: Know what Lazar: 3 Clerics? Honestly? Reploid: well one for sure Reploid: he left Reploid: during todays game Reploid: cause it was 3am for him when we started Reploid: and theres you Lazar: Because if we have 3. gdamn Reploid: so we're gonna have approx 10 people party Reploid: in duirng clusterfuck Lazar: More Lazar: Since I'll be summoning undead. Reploid: enjoy your RP Calnik: Eh? Calnik: Okay. considering Reploid: yea I know right Campaign saved.

Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Reploid: [1d20 = 11] Ryleh: [1d12 = 5] Lazar: [1d20 = 7] Ryleh: [1d8 = 2] Lazar: [1d20 = 11] Calnik: [1d20 = 13] Ryleh: [1d10 = 6] Reploid: you cant see my rolls :3 Lazar: [1d20 = 19] Calnik: [1d20 = 9] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Calnik: [1d20 = 3] Calnik: [1d20 = 7] Lazar: [1d20 = 19] Calnik: DICE BATTLE Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Lazar: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Calnik: [1d20 = 11] Calnik: [1d20 = 1] Calnik: [1d20 = 3] Calnik: FIRST TO 20 WINS Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Lazar: [1d20 = 19] Reploid: [1d20 = 19] Ryleh: [1d12 = 11] Calnik: [1d20 = 6] Calnik: [1d20 = 11] Reploid: [1d20 = 3] Ryleh: [1d12 = 3] Reploid: [1d20 = 15] Calnik: [1d20 = 13] Ryleh: [1d12 = 11] Reploid: [1d20 = 3] Calnik: [1d20 = 8] Reploid: [1d20 = 13] Calnik: [1d20 = 10] Ryleh: [1d20 = 15] Reploid: [1d20 = 6] Calnik: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 17] Reploid: [1d20 = 17] Reploid: [1d20 = 5] .

Reploid: alright . Calnik: What else will I need to do after picking my feats? Reploid: equipment Calnik: Whats my budget? Reploid: 500g Calnik: one armor and one weapon? Reploid: one armor Reploid: you can have more than one weapon Reploid: it just takes time to swap during battles Ryleh: [1d8 = 1] Reploid: ouch Ryleh: health fail Lazar: [1d12 = 12] Lazar: [1d4 = 3] Campaign saved.Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Ryleh: [1d20 = 11] Calnik: [1d20 = 19] Reploid: [1d20 = 20] Reploid: [1d20 = 15] Ryleh: [1d20 = 19] Reploid: yay 20 Calnik: [1d20 = 18] Ryleh: [1d20 = 10] Ryleh: [1d20 = 20] Calnik: boo Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Lazar: [1d20 = 5] Ryleh: f year Lazar: [1d20 = 17] Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Lazar: [1d20 = 19] Reploid: k well Calnik: red dice suck Reploid: I'm gettin tired Lazar: same Lazar: its 2:42 Reploid: mhm Calnik: same here Reploid: so Reploid: game starts at 3pm est Campaign saved. Campaign saved.

11.Reploid: I'm going to sleep Calnik: k Reploid: finish up whatever you're doing Reploid: I'll be on by like Reploid: noon Lazar: i might wake up by then Reploid: lol Lazar: anyway Lazar: goodnight Reploid: see you all tomorrow Campaign saved. Calnik: c-ya Chat log started at 23. Campaign saved.2008 / 10:07:04 Chat log started at 23. Campaign saved. plus one for human right? Campaign saved.2008 / 10:09:20 Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Reploid: think so Reploid: yes Reploid: also Phil: awesome it loads Reploid: yay Reploid: k Im gonna save a almost done world map Reploid: so you can see Phil: You said "no cross class bullshit" does that mean we still have to deposit 2 points to get one rank or no? Reploid: no Phil: cool map bro Reploid: man I have to scroll it for you .11. 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: S'up Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: FUCK YEAH MAX HIT DIE Phil: I get 2xint mod skill points. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved.

Phil: [1d4 = 3] Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Reploid: oh hey Reploid: sorry . Calnik: Yo 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: Hey bro Calnik: Yo Phil: [30d20 = 291] Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Phil: done 'BloodVex' disconnected Campaign saved. Reploid: ever 4 Reploid: every* Reploid: feats are 3 Phil: so at level 12 we get ability and a feat Phil: cool Phil: How many do we get? id4 points or something? Phil: 1d4 Reploid: just 1 Phil: oh Reploid: afk Campaign saved. 'Skylighter' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved.Reploid: thats kinda ghey Phil: I can scroll it Phil: It just jumps back when I let go of mouse Reploid: hm I should move the desert twon if its gonna be covered by that thing Reploid: it can be on the edge Phil: 5 ranks in use rope lol Reploid: dohoho Phil: Do we ever gain ability scores as we level up? Campaign saved. Campaign saved.

Reploid: afk Campaign saved.. Campaign saved.. Reploid: I rolled three extras up yesterday night after the game too Reploid: they don't know the main group yet Phil: So wer'e up to like Phil: 8 now Reploid: 10 or so I think Reploid: in total Phil: ffff Reploid: if everyone shows Reploid: yea Phil: that's. Phil: So you're pretty much familiar with everyone? Calnik: Not yet. Reploid: i'm trying to get shit done around the house so noone bugs me while I DM Calnik: np. Calnik: Cormag told me about the group. drop a few? Phil: 10 is gonna be way too unruly . Im just reading Reploid: wanna see the world map so far? Calnik: sure Calnik: lol Calnik: Cool. Phil: Hey uh Phil: Calnik Calnik: Yeah? Phil: Who're you Calnik: Some dude. Phil: Oh Phil: what's up Calnik: Not much.. a lot Reploid: if it becomes a cluterfuck I'm going to drop people Phil: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Phil: [1d20 = 7] Phil: [1d20 = 4] Reploid: gonna have to lay down some rules Phil: [1d20 = 13] Reploid: like Reploid: FG has those speech bubbles built in for a reason Reploid: I dont want all of you talking at once Reploid: etc Phil: Maybe you could just u.Campaign saved.

Reploid: k Phil: [1d8 = 3] Phil: [1d8 = 1] Phil: [6d4 = 16] Phil: [1d4 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 3] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected . if you can find another DM. Score. 5 is the the optimal number of players IMO Reploid: I'd say 6 Reploid: just cause two healers is awesome Calnik: yay. Reploid: put in your character fluff Reploid: top of your sheet Calnik: Im still picking my last feat. Reploid: you have to be lawful to be a pally btw Reploid: afk again Phil: [30d20 = 289] Phil: [30d20 = 348] Phil: [20d20 = 189] Phil: [1d20 = 9] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Phil: [1d6 = 6] Phil: [1d6 = 6] Phil: [1d6 = 1] Phil: [1d6 = 6] Campaign saved. Reploid: fuckin gnome Calnik: Dont be racist.G. Phil: That would be preferable.Reploid: we'll see who shows up Reploid: for sure its going to be the five of you from yesterday Calnik: You could always split the group. Reploid: thats doubtful Reploid: I think I might just keep it to the 8 actually Campaign saved. Phil: [1d6 = 2] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected Reploid: hey Cal whats your steam again Phil: [1d6 = 1] Calnik: C.T. I can heal.

.Ah hell. It didn't save the stats last night Phil: [1d4 = 3] Calnik: Mine did. Phil: [1d4 = 3] Calnik: [1d10 = 8] Reploid: get in chat you faggots Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d20 = 9] Phil: [1d20 = 17] .E: Cleric is d8..Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 4] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Lazar: [1d4 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 1] Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Lazar: [1d20 = 15] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Lazar: . Phil: [1d4 = 3] Lazar: fff I forget what I rolled for hp Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 3] Lazar: [1d8 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d4 = 3] Phil: [20d4 = 40] Phil: [20d4 = 46] Phil: [30d4 = 69] Calnik: Oh. how do I do that? Lazar: [20d20 = 245] Phil: [20d8 = 94] Phil: [30d8 = 137] Lazar: Well Lazar: Look at what your hitdie is Lazar: take full hp for first level. then roll for secon Lazar: I. then [1d10 = 8] Phil: Int bonus [1d20+248 = 261] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Campaign saved. I dont have HP. 8 For first.

what is my spending budget again? Reploid: 500g Lazar: Eh. put in fagasy grounds/portraits Reploid: instructions are on the group page . How do you get custom images for icon? Phil: Did we get any gold from last night? Reploid: if you want a masterwork something its item price + 300g btw Reploid: you got the 200 spil Reploid: split Calnik: Put a picture into the profile folder Reploid: er Reploid: each Reploid: 800 split Reploid: noone else did Phil: make a 63x63 image.Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d20 = 14] Phil: [1d20 = 7] Phil: [30d20 = 305] Reploid: get in chat you faggots Phil: [1d20+305 = 310] 'BloodVex' disconnected 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Campaign saved. 'Skylighter' disconnected 'Skylighter' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Reploid: k Reploid: I'm going to be usin those a lot Calnik: What are they? Reploid: Halt and Speak icons Reploid: basically if I halt Phil: bubbles means okay talk Reploid: you all STFU Calnik: lulz Phil: halt means shut up I'm narrating Calnik: Got it Calnik: Hey.

Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Lazar: [1d20 = 20] Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Calnik: Is there anything else Im missing besides fluff? Phil: HOLY SHIT AWESOME DIE Lazar: [1d20 = 11] Phil: AHHAHAHAHAAH Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 20] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 7] Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Phil: [1d20 = 18] Lazar: [1d20 = 6] Phil: how are you doing that? Lazar: [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: Ancient Chinese Secret Lazar: Hold CTRL. Reploid: lol fft Reploid: if shakespeare wrote a videogame Reploid: he'd have made FFT Calnik: wat Lazar: I usually don't like Final Fantasies.Reploid: nevermind Campaign saved. Calnik: Hmmm Calnik: 2H or sword and board? Lazar: Aha! Lazar: Now to get a real one Campaign saved. Reploid: 9 is my favorite Reploid: fuck yes you are the best FF ever Reploid: followed extremely closely by ff6 Calnik: Think Im gonna get my race's special weapon Campaign saved. Lazar: Alright. Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 18] Phil: [1d20 = 19] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 13] Phil: [1d20 = 20] . Campaign saved. outside 9 and 12 at least. but I loved T.

Calnik: [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 6] Calnik: SUSPENSE ROLLS Phil: [1d20 = 14] Phil: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d20 = 14] Phil: BATTLE DIE Calnik: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d6 = 4] Lazar: Only works with d20 [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d6 = 4] Phil: [1d6 = 3] Phil: [1d6 = 2] Phil: [1d8 = 2] Calnik: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d8 = 2] Phil: [1d8 = 2] Phil: [1d10 = 2] Phil: [1d10 = 4] Phil: [1d10 = 2] Phil: [1d12 = 11] Phil: guess it only works with d20 [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 14] Lazar: Like I said Lazar: Only works with d20 Phil: [1d20 = 12] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 18] Phil: cool bro Lazar: [1d12 = 5] Phil: [30d20 = 321] Lazar: Oh hey Phil: it doesn't work with more than one though Lazar: You can drag and drop Lazar: to get # Lazar: [20d12 = 138] Lazar: 138 Phil: [1d20-321 = -303] Phil: [-321] .

first one to stop loses Phil: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Lazar: Ah wasnt paying attention Lazar: Alright Phil: count of 3 Phil: 3 Phil: 2 Phil: 1 Phil: [1d20 = 5] Lazar: Ha! Lazar: [1d20 = 4] Phil: dang Phil: 3 Phil: 2 Phil: 1 Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: Bah. too bouncy Lazar: [1d20 = 15] Phil: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d20 = 13] Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Phil: [1d20 = 7] Lazar: [1d20 = 11] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Lazar: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 20] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Phil: [1d20 = 17] Lazar: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 16] . Phil: [1d20 = 16] Phil: Lazar Phil: let's have a contest Phil: we both spin the die.Phil: [-321] Phil: cool Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Campaign saved. bad roll.

Reploid: you get like Reploid: smite Calnik: No wait. Im lv 2? I have Lay on Hands Reploid: sweet Phil: For this campaign Calnik: Detect Evil. Smite Evil. lay on Hands. Reploid: no but you do Calnik: So? I can still gouge beasties. and feats from the Book of Erotic Fantasy sourcebook Reploid: :3c Reploid: I have to approve them first Calnik: =o Reploid: but yea Lazar: oh la la Phil: I cast Masturbate on Calnik Calnik: I cast Reach Around on Phil. Reploid: i suppose Reploid: do your spells Reploid: oh wait Reploid: hurrdurr level 4 Calnik: I dont have any yet Reploid: yea i'm dumb Reploid: dont worry about it Calnik: I have passive spells. Rep? Campaign saved. Reploid: :3c Campaign saved. Divine Grace. Phil: Reploid is going to allow classes.Reploid: keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' Calnik: Anything Im missing. spells. Reploid: I know right Reploid: cast it on the final boss Reploid: win forever . Reploid: yesss gnome hooked hammer Reploid: too bad you wont gouge out eyes Reploid: LG faggot Reploid: lololo Reploid: allignments are shortened Reploid: fixed Reploid: uhh Reploid: do you hace spells yet Calnik: What? The hammer doesn't have an alignment. I think. Phil: You have to drop what you're doing and masturbate for a round Calnik: That hardly seems fair.

'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: shit 'BloodVex' disconnected 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' 'Squid' connected Calnik: Is that all my spells? 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Ryleh: sup bros Calnik: Yo Campaign saved. Lazar: [1d10 = 7] Lazar: [1d10 = 5] Lazar: [1d10 = 9] Ryleh: reploid dissapear? Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Phil: [30d20 = 289] Lazar: DIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE Phil: [1d20 = 3] Ryleh: HOLY DICE PHIL Lazar: [1d12 = 8] Lazar: [1d12 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Lazar: [1d12 = 10] Ryleh: [30d20 = 326] Lazar: [1d12 = 3] Phil: [1d12 = 7] Lazar: [1d12 = 8] Calnik: [1d20 = 11] Phil: [1d8 = 4] Phil: [1d10 = 3] .Reploid: have him cumshot on kaygurl Reploid: eff yea 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected 'BloodVex' disconnected 'Skylighter' disconnected 'Skylighter' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Reploid: lolwut Calnik: wat Campaign saved.

keeping 2 3 2 3 Ryleh: [255] Lazar: FULL HOUSE LETS GO Lazar: [1d6 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Ryleh: ROFL Phil: lolrandum dice [-214] Lazar: Cocks Lazar: [1d6 = 3] Lazar: Woohoo! Lazar: 25pts Phil: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 11] Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Lazar: [1d20 = 17] . Im playing some fucking yahtzee Phil: [20d12 = 143] Ryleh: [20d20 = 255] Phil: lolrandum dice [20d20 = 214] Lazar: [5d6 = 15] Phil: [1d20 = 20] Lazar: Alright.Phil: [1d6 = 4] Lazar: [1d12 = 6] Phil: [1d4 = 4] Ryleh: [6d12 = 38] Phil: [20d4 = 44] Lazar: oh hur Phil: [1d20 = 8] Ryleh: [8d10 = 43] Phil: [20d6 = 68] Lazar: thats not a d20 Phil: [43] Phil: [20d8 = 69] Ryleh: [10d6 = 32] Lazar: [1d20 = 14] Phil: [20d10 = 121] Phil: [20d12 = 120] Ryleh: SO MUCH DICE Phil: [30d4 = 79] Lazar: [1d20 = 17] Calnik: [20d20 = 206] Phil: [30d6 = 119] Phil: [20d8 = 95] Phil: [20d10 = 94] Lazar: Fuck this.

Lazar: [3] Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Phil: [1d20 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d12 = 6] Lazar: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d10 = 8] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d8 = 5] Phil: [1d6 = 2] Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 1] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [3d20 = 33] Phil: [2d20 = 19] Phil: [33] Lazar: [1d20 = 18] Lazar: [0] Lazar: [0] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [0] Phil: [0] Phil: [0] Phil: [0] Campaign saved. Phil: [1d8 = 5] Phil: [1d6 = 5] Reploid: ahahah Phil: [1d10 = 8] Phil: [1d12 = 6] Phil: [1d20 = 9] NARRATION :O Phil: [24d4 = 47] Phil: [1d8 = 6] Lazar: Its like Redlight Greenlight! Phil: [1d10 = 5] Phil: [1d12 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 3] .

Campaign saved.Phil: blah blah Phil: blah blah blah Lazar: talkan gaems Lazar action gaems Lazar: out of character gaems Reploid: that was an emote Lazar: Right Lazar: Action Reploid: type then press Reploid: then enter Lazar: right Reploid: :3 Lazar: S Reploid (Reploid): green text Lazar j Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): i Reploid: not rio Reploid: eff year Reploid: [2d20 = 20] Reploid: [3d20 = 16] Lazar: Oh Lazar: I should probably count up how much my stuff costs Lazar: its like 300. Reploid: afk Reploid: one last thing Reploid: then I gotta finish my maps fffff Lazar: [1d8 = 8] Campaign saved. Phil: [30d4 = 82] Phil: [30d4 = 60] Phil: [30d4 = 74] Lazar: Alright Lazar: 315 total Lazar: leaves 185 Reploid: oh gawd Campaign saved. Reploid: whats going on Reploid: uh Reploid: Cal you look good to go Calnik: Sweet. but the exact I need to find out Calnik: I think my sheet is done. Phil: [30d20 = 343] 'BloodVex' disconnected . but Im not sure.

+343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376 +8259. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343.2008 / 13:57:47 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' 'Skylighter' connected 'BloodVex' connected . +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376 +8259. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376 +8259. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 [1d20+1372 = 1376] Lazar: +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343.11. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. Reploid: it autosaves Reploid: also Chat log started at 23. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343 [1d20+1029 = 1047] Lazar: +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343.Campaign saved. +343. +343. +343. Campaign saved. +343 +1376 +8259 [1d12+49554 = 49563] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Campaign saved. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343 +1376 [1d12+8256 = 8259] Lazar: +343. +343 +1376 +8259. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. Lazar: Compulsive saver? Calnik: SAVAN GAEMS Campaign saved. +343. +343. +343 +1376. +343. +343 +1376 +8259. +343. Lazar: [1d12 = 12] Lazar: [1d12 = 6] Lazar: [1d12 = 1] Lazar: [1d20 = 7] Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Lazar: +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343. +343 +1376.

.'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Reploid: :O Phil: I'm gonna fuck you up. Lazar Phil: Intimidate [1d20+1 = 21] Reploid: crit Reploid: you are pretty scared bro Lazar: oh shit Phil: casts magic missile on lazar Phil: [1d4+1 = 3] Reploid: it misfires Reploid: you die Lazar: [1d8 = 7] Lazar: its cool. Cure light wounds 'BloodVex' disconnected 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: Chose the wrong Phil lol [1d6 = 2] Phil: [1d8 = 7] Phil: [1d8 = 1] Lazar: [1d6 = 5] Campaign saved. shouldnt be too hard to fix it Lazar: How do you save to server though? Reploid: 31 con ecks dee Campaign saved. Phil: COME ON LAZAR Phil: LET'S FIGHT Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Phil: OH GODDAMNIT Phil: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Lazar: Eh? Phil: it saved the wrong phil! Phil: shit! 'BloodVex' disconnected Reploid: wat 'BloodVex' connected Reploid: use the server char 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: I did Phil: when I accidentally chose my local char it saved over server char Phil: ffff Reploid: gg Lazar: Eh.

3c Lazar: [1d8 = 7] 'BloodVex' disconnected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i better get a motherfucking fantastic roll next time 'BloodVex' connected Reploid (Reploid): you will 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how do you know? Reploid: I don't Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and who are calnik and lazar Reploid: new people Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): sup bro Reploid: read the thread . 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Rage Incarnate' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Reploid: stop pickin local char you chucklefucks Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): hello Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i didn't Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now to roll my hit die Rivahros: [1d10 = 1] Lazar: Ouch Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh you've gotta be fucking kidding me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can i reroll Reploid: dohoho Reploid: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate you Reploid: :3c Reploid: stop failing your rolls next time Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's luck Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i cannot 'fail' a roll Reploid: .Reploid: there Phil: I think those were my stats Phil: check and see Reploid: that looks right Phil: shiiiiit I have to redo all my skills Phil: FFFF Reploid: gogogo 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Campaign saved.

poor hp Reploid: >18 Phil: Damn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ioh wait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): forgot con mod Phil: Even I have 13 HP Phil: toughness plus 4 on hit die roll Phil: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it could have been 30 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): more than 30 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *sob* Phil: Uh. I believe Reploid: hit die + con Phil: damn Phil: I'm at 15 HP then Campaign saved. it's >:3 Calnik: kekekekke Lazar: Alright Lazar: Fixed Campaign saved.Reploid: in tg Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. Reploid: good Reploid: did gabe leave Reploid: fuuuuu Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): my poor hp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): my poor. Lazar: I have 12 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well. i suppose compared to you nerds 22 is not bad Phil: HEY RAGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): USE OOC CHAT Phil: er Phil: REP Phil: Is preparing spells one of the things you DGAF about Reploid: no Phil: wondering if I should take spell mastery or not Reploid: prep that shit Reploid: if you dont have it preped you cant cast Reploid: its too OP otherwise Lazar: Yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): another reason why sorcerer > wizard Phil: With spell mastery Phil: Do I still have to spend an hour studying the spells? Lazar: Sorcerors get the short stick with less slots though . do we add con mod to HP at each level? Or just at first? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): each.

Reploid: dohoho Lazar: wat Lazar: [1d20 = 20] Reploid: phil you get 4 spells to not have to read Reploid: if you take it Calnik: WAT Calnik: What happened to the text? Phil: I know Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Phil: But do I have to sit there thinking about them for an hour for them to be prepd? Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 15] Phil: Gotta go eat Reploid: fff Phil: No no Reploid: well uh Reploid: the game hasn't started Reploid: so Phil: I'm gonna drive up to subway real quick Reploid: not this time Phil: then come back and eat here Reploid: gogo Phil: so I'll brb Campaign saved. some Fallout! Phil: Back .Phil: I know that I don't need to refer to spell book Campaign saved. i guess Reploid: mhm Calnik: In the meantime. Lazar: Oh hey Lazar: macros Reploid: D: Reploid: yea Lazar: Cure Light Wounds Lazar: Cure Light Wounds Lazar: whoops Lazar: Bad macro Campaign saved. if 3:00 comes and someone's not here we'll just go without. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he went away Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh well. Reploid: 30 mins to go and gabe's gone and these no sign of kayrule Campaign saved.

Lazar: welcomeback 'Ruoka' identified as 'Rohkor' Ruoka (Rohkor): Dicks goddamn: oh look who it is Ruoka (Rohkor): Just some fag. Lazar: [1d12 = 6] Lazar: [1d12 = 8] Reploid: quit rollin Reploid: [1d6 = 2] Reploid: [1d6 = 4] Reploid: D: Ruoka (Rohkor): reploid. or will be when I get my shit together Reploid: lazar is a nerco cleric Reploid: :3 Reploid: necro* Lazar: [1d6 = 2] Campaign saved. Lazar: [1d12 = 4] Lazar: [1d12 = 2] Reploid: pew pew Reploid: so uh Reploid: squid's on her way Reploid: gabe left Reploid: and Reploid: no sign of kayrule Campaign saved.'Ruoka' connected Campaign saved. don't mind me Harken: :3 Maria: IDENTITY SPAM Reploid: did you read the thread and get caught up Lazar: Rohkor was what again? Ruoka (Rohkor): I read that you KayRule turned into a woman Reploid: cleric Reploid: yes Lazar: awesome Ruoka (Rohkor): I am a cleric. could you check if my character sheet is fune so far Ruoka (Rohkor): *fine Campaign saved. Skylighter (Calnik): Test Reploid: you're level 2 now Reploid: also you need to do your spells Ruoka (Rohkor): Right Phil: N-no kayrule? .

_.? Reploid: squid Reploid: squid says shes gonna be a bit late Lazar: so did gabe Reploid: gabe had to go help his faggot RL friend Reploid: he'll be back Reploid: and kay is missing Phil: While we're waiting. gabe. I'll be smited without him! Reploid: i know right Reploid: k well Reploid: theres a summary of the story in my TG thread Phil: Do we have ONE female player character Phil: besides Kayrule Reploid: kay is a girl Phil: :3 Reploid: Squid rolleda girl Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): brb guys Reploid: FFFFFF Campaign saved. wanna catch up the newbies? Lazar: He's my evilbro. not bad Reploid: on the guy's dead brother was a notebook Reploid: it was like . Reploid: so Reploid: some bro busted into the tavern you was all in and was like Reploid: go find my bro bros Reploid: heres some golds Reploid: they found him in a cave Reploid: he was dead Reploid: >: Skylighter (Calnik): wat 'Gabe Newell' connected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): back 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Reploid: whee Reploid: so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 6 people... Reploid: I dunno where the feck she is Lazar: Was here Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -sob- Reploid: EVEN STARTING Reploid: GET THE FUCK READY Reploid: EVENT* Reploid: is anyone RL bros with kay Phil: So we're missing Kayrule.Phil: . and.

Reploid: i joined the occult but I think they're gonna sacrifice me Gabe Newell (Cormag): wat I can't use Bloodvex's custom portrait . Reploid: I can see it Reploid: its pretty ballin 'Gabe Newell' disconnected 'Gabe Newell' connected 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected Gabe Newell (Cormag): There we go Reploid: also there was a ring in the cave Reploid: it was cursed Ruoka (Rohkor): It's a cool portrait.. Alright Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho Reploid: if kayrule doesnt show I'm going to rage all over him Phil: feels up kayrule Reploid: kayrule does nothing Reploid: in b4 rape Cormag: BACKHAND [1d20 = 17] Reploid: you bitchslap that ho Reploid: she takes it Campaign saved. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can we get a map...-. if you don't want me to feel you up don't say anything Phil: . or is it unnecessary Reploid: oh right Reploid: are we all good? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm fine Ruoka (Rohkor): I'm still figuring out my spells Phil: Hey bard if you don't want me to crowwbow you in the face don't say anything Phil: Light Crossbowm. bro Reploid: kayrule failed his save and got turned into a girl Reploid: we lold Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol'd massively Phil: Who has the ring right now? Me right? Reploid: yea Gabe Newell (Cormag): So what do we do for absent people? Gabe Newell (Cormag): Act like tey are here or what Reploid: pretend they're with you Gabe Newell (Cormag): Okie Reploid: I'll retcon them in when they show up Phil: Hey Bard. Masterwork [1d20+4 = 16] Gabe Newell (Cormag): Why do the Gods of FG not want us to look at other people's sheets? Reploid: you shoot your dick Phil: No I'm kidding ..

Reploid: :3 Reploid: cause thats cheating Reploid: sheets are personal infos bro Reploid: roll porpery you chucklefucks Phil: [1d20 = 16] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god look at that dice Skylighter (Calnik): We should at least be able to see how much HP our bros have. this is awesome Reploid: [1d20 = 2] Reploid: [1d20 = 20] Calnik: [1d20 = 13] . for the healing Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh wow Reploid: [1d20 = 11] Cormag: C-C-CRITICAL DARKNESS [1d20 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how do you do that Ruoka (Rohkor): That was incredible Phil: [1d20 = 8] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): bloodvex Reploid: [1d20 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how do you do that Gabe Newell (Cormag): HAX Phil: hold control [1d20 = 4] Calnik: [1d20 = 17] 'Squid' connected Rohkor: [1d20 = 10] Rohkor: [1d20 = 10] Skylighter (Calnik): BATTLE DICE Reploid: RIDIN SPINNAZ [1d20 = 16] Rivahros: [1d20 = 9] Phil: [1d20 = 16] Calnik: [1d20 = 11] Cormag: BEYBLADE Phil: [1d4 = 2] Reploid: [1d6 = 2] Phil: [1d20 = 18] 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Calnik: [1d20 = 18] Reploid: [1d8 = 1] Reploid: [1d10 = 5] Reploid: [1d8 = 3] Rivahros: [1d20 = 8] Reploid: [1d12 = 2] Reploid: [1d20 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): my god.

. I WONDER IF THAT'S WHERE THE FINAL BOSS IS Reploid: Grimmdarke is the Orc city Reploid: we don't go there Gabe Newell (Cormag): I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS WARHAMMER 40K Phil: >Creepwastes Phil: >Zorg BloodVex (Phil): Fohohohohoh BloodVex (Phil): doh Reploid: 8D Ruoka (Rohkor): Ahaha. those names are great Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i could have thought up better names in my sleep Rivahros: [1d20 = 14] Reploid: you DM then faggot Skylighter (Calnik): I could have Phil: [1d20 = 5] Cormag: [1d20 = 2] Rivahros: [1d20 = 16] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok sorry Skylighter (Calnik): STOP FAGGOTS Cormag: [1d20 = 13] Ryleh: [1d12 = 1] Campaign saved. rl'yeh Ruoka (Rohkor): suddenly my chat window is empty Phil: So are the new arrivals gonna be retconned in Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course they are BloodVex (Phil): Or are we gonna find them on the side of the road somewhere? Squid (Ryleh): that map is pig disgusting 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected Reploid: . yo Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nice name there._.Rohkor: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d20 = 3] SERIOUS BUSINESS Cormag: [1d20 = 4] Squid (Ryleh): the name of the game is rolling dice. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): where exactly are we Squid (Ryleh): <3 Reploid: you faggots got your job from Harken in Altonshire Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >Grimmdarke Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GEE.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): Let's do dis shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so many people. I think I get it now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'll do it Phil: Phil . and classes Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh. races.Wizard Reploid: if you need more clarification do it in the chat Gabe Newell (Cormag): wAIT i HAVE TO ROLL FOR MY NEW HP STILL Reploid: the stema one Gabe Newell (Cormag): OOPS CAPS Reploid: steam* Ryleh: lol Lazar: Roll it then fgt Gabe Newell (Cormag): What do I roll I forgot .human . new people "oh we were here all along lololol" or "hey guys wanna join us?" Reploid: theres a speech bubble on their portrait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the first Reploid: dont chat if you see like 2 people typing Reploid: wait it out BloodVex (Phil): I rpefer the second Reploid: I'll get to that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no one cares what you think Reploid: uh Ruoka (Rohkor): I don't get the spells per day system Reploid: means STFU i'm narrating Reploid: means you can talk Squid (Ryleh): I like the second idea Reploid: ready? Gabe Newell (Cormag): Okie Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you can only use a certain amount of x-level spells per day Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): talk Squid (Ryleh): Oh god scared to type now thanks reploid Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): like. god damn Gabe Newell (Cormag): in before 1 hour fights Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): god help us all Reploid: A few rules real quick. only 4 or so 0-level spells and only 3 or so 1-level spells Reploid: :3 Phil: Someone make a note Reploid: also you need to prep the ones you want to use BloodVex (Phil): of all the names. To prevent chatspam look to see who is trying to talk BloodVex (Phil): So yeah.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3 Lazar: uh. WE ARE ALMOST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Phil: Why i am so not loading Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): NE Human Cleric 'BloodVex' disconnected .2008 / 15:17:36 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'Gabe Newell' connected 'Skylighter' connected 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' 'Ruoka' connected 'Rage Incarnate' connected 'Squid' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Cormag: [1d20 = 1] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' 'BloodVex' connected Gabe Newell (Cormag): ef year first character 'Ruoka' identified as 'Rohkor' 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Gabe Newell (Cormag): You all suck 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Ruoka (Rohkor): Penis Reploid: wheres kayrule fff Gabe Newell (Cormag): I totally killed him Reploid: her Squid (Ryleh): so yeah. reporting in Gabe Newell (Cormag): GRIMDARK DROW ROGUE HERE Skylighter (Calnik): DUDE. rlyeh.Elf Ranger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): test Skylighter (Calnik): Gnome Paladin. Rogue is d6 I think? Lazar: or d4 Gabe Newell (Cormag): Any modifier? Lazar: CON Phil: Con mod Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh yeah durr Cormag: Con bonus [1d4+1 = 5] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik.11. tell me your classes Gabe Newell (Cormag): FUCK YES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and races Phil: EVERYONE POST YOUR CLASS RACE AND CHAR NAME Chat log started at 23. lazar. Ryleh .

PHIL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO. SHUT UP BloodVex (Phil): bro chill ffs As you approach the tavern you notice Harken is still wide away and sticking his head out of the upper window of the Inn He scurries inside as he sees you approach and runs outside to greet you Harken: Friends! What news do you bring? Cormag: Your brother is dead.Rohkor: [1d20 = 17] 'BloodVex' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Gabe Newell (Cormag): SO WHAT'S GOING ON HERE Reploid: phils having trouble Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oic 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected Phil: THERE we go 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): gnome paladin Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's a new one Squid (Ryleh): Spelt my name wrong :c Squid (Ryleh): lol 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no i didn't Reploid: I changed it lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Reploid: ok so Squid (Ryleh): hurp durp Gabe Newell (Cormag): LETS GET THIS SHIT STARTED ARUGH Reploid: is everyone good now Phil: [1d20 = 5] Reploid: i'm going to start Ryleh: [1d12 = 12] Lazar: Alright Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am good BloodVex (Phil): IS IT GONNA BE RETCON IN OR MEET THEM SOMEWHERE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHO CARES Reploid: LET ME NARRATE FUCK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE'LL DEAL W/IT Gabe Newell (Cormag): HE SAID HAND MEANT SHUT UP GODDAMN Squid (Ryleh): SHIT IS SO DARK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHUT THE FUCK UP Campaign saved. BloodVex (Phil): quit gettin' mad at video games Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHY ARE YOU TALKING. .

It turned our bard into a woman Phil: It exerts a powerful command over all that surround it. but not the whole notebook Phil: You could at least be a bit more sensitive to his brother's passing Harken: I feared for the worst once I was attacked. or you won't be able to take it off. he's an odd man. Your brother's been killed.. Rivahros: Says he was involved with some cult.. I knew he would hide something there though. Phil: Cormag.. Phil: galres at the drow sternly Phil: Be more respectful to the recently deceased Cormag: I'll never understand you humans. but no "Hiding spot" Rivahros: We also found a strange.. Rivahros shows Harken the wet page and reads it aloud to him. we found this on him.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I have the torn-out page. I forgot about that Reploid (Harken): :3 Cormag: We found a ring. didn't even go down with a fight.. Gabe Newell (Cormag): what hiding spot Phil: Sighs Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I don't remember any hiding spot Reploid (Harken): in the journal his brother said he hid something in "the usual spot" Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh yeah Phil: . Phil has it. Those with weaker wills are compelled to put it on ... Cormag: If it's your brothers. cursed ring in the cave. Rivahros hands Harken the notebook.Hiding spot? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh.. Cormag: He died a cowards death. I had no idea how deepy involved he was. Reploid (Harken): remember the hiding spot? refresher lol Phil: I suppose "respect" is a word lost upon you Drow... Phil: Looks away Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Who has the notebook again Phil: elbows Cormag in the rib Reploid (Harken): new people you're not here yet FYI Cormag: It seems these "Gloomrule" folk got to him. but don't touch it. Harken..guess so Campaign saved.. I'll retcon it so that I have the notebook instead Reploid (Harken): cool Rivahros: Well.. BloodVex (Phil): I took the ring back and jasper has it right? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I.Phil: Looks away Rivahros: I'm sorry. Harken sighs Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I think kayrule had it.... Harken: Goodness..

Harken: I have paid your Inn tab. Rivahros scoffs at Cormag. Gotta think of an argument Phil: "Oh. I would like to ask for your help again although I'm not sure what I can offer in return. though.Harken: Of course not. you have everything to argue about Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): er i mean a paladin Reploid (Reploid): evil cleric against a bunch of Lawful Goods. Cormag: enters the tavern Phil: Well. Rivahros: Thank you. He and I have a secret place we stash our things before we go on leave. I guess I'll come along/ Reploid: Enter dat tavern bros Reploid: hes coming back Rivahros enters the tavern. I shall investigate immediately and return with my findings. Its to protect them from bandits and the like. I hope it is compensation enough for now. Ruoka (Rohkor): Am I supposed to do something now Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yes. worry not. Rivahros: Your thanks are all the pay I require. thats us bro Cormag: eaves drops in on the argument Reploid (Reploid): oh wait you're there too ff Skylighter (Calnik): Grrr. your pay from before was more than enough to re-enlist my services Harken leaves is an almost paniced state Reploid: in** Cormag: I don't have anything better to do. I can't speak for the drow. Phil: Sir. Arguement should be easy BloodVex (Phil): Someone share the sheet with classes and races please Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I just did . Maria!" Phil calls out to the Barmaid Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're a moralfag. completely exhausted. I'm beat Phil: Enters Tavern Once inside you notice a rather lanky male in the corner arguing with an elf and a gnome Reploid (Reploid): that you new bros Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what about rlyeh? Reploid (Reploid): shes the elf Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh BloodVex (Phil): fff BloodVex (Phil): someone reshar the notes with all the classes and races Cormag: Listen [1d20+5 = 21] Phil: Ignores them for the time being Rivahros sits down at a table.

Cormag: Barwench. ever think about becoming a Drow's servant? . Phil: Of course there are some people around here I'm quite interested in becoming friends with. Rivahros: Despite his rude and egotistical outer shell.BloodVex (Phil): thanks Campaign saved.. Maria: Comin right up. too._. Maria: What'll it be boys? Calnik: wait. you are a real sick piece of work cleric. Phil: You could say that Cormag: More like someone expects something of us. which button is emotes? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ctrl-shift Ryleh: ctrl Reploid (Maria): shift and ctrl Skylighter (Calnik): crap. Must have some friends around here. I'm just saying its foolish to rely so heavily upon your gods! Phil Takes a seat at the bar Reploid (Reploid): awesome :3 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Best I could think Phil: Maria! Reploid (Reploid): good enough Reploid (Reploid): get to the RP bros Phil: Phil calls with a note of longing in his voice Ryleh: How dare you. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Lion are you a human? Rivahros: Phil! If you don't mind. Phil: And I simply require a room to rest for the nigh Lazar: Oh? How come? Maria: Your bill's been covered. I don't rely on them for anything. order a drink for me. please.. OOC Phil: My Dwarf here requires your strongest ale.. a glass of your finest ale. Calnik: Rely? That's rather harsh. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Hey Barwench. Rivahros recognizes that Phil is basically good. Phil Winks at Maria Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 7] Gabe Newell (Cormag): cool roll bro Maria scoffs BloodVex (Phil): No pussy for me tonight . Lazar: Look. Ryleh: eyes Lazar with disgust. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yeah Gabe Newell (Cormag): k Rivahros rests his head in his arms. but simply ask for guidance along my path..

Rivahros: Diplomacy [1d20 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol cha Phil: I've seen halflings who scare me more than you. but they made it for their own luxury. Reploid: also check fails Cormag: [1d20 = 4] Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Campaign saved. How do I do a skill roll? Phil: Hello. Phil: I will not stand for your blatant disrespect for the lovely maria! Rivahros gets up and grabs one of the mugs. Gabe Newell (Cormag): either way my intimidate check fails Rivahros: Gentlemen! People! It's too late to be arguing. It is not my place to disrupt that. Cormag: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 12] Gabe Newell (Cormag): D: Maria: And thats my shift. but the Gods have structured the universe is a very precise manner. Rivahros reminds himself to watch his back around him. Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 13] Reploid: The arguement is getting fairly heated. They care not about us. why should we care about them? And whats worse. Drow Reploid: they all glare at you Reploid: and continue Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ITG: We can't Diplo Rivahros wisely backs down. then returns to his table. cares little for anybody except himself. nor is it yours. revere them? Calnik: I agree.Maria pours 4 large mugs of ale. Some diplomacy is in order perhaps? Calnik: Thinking is one thing. [7] Reploid: fail Reploid: argue still goin Skylighter (Calnik): Crap. Calm down. Is there a problem? Reploid: goddamn Rivahros: Where ARE your slaves. Can't think for yourself? Phil Stnads up quickly Maria leaves Rivahros: The drow. Cormag: Stand down you human. Lazar: Hmph. guidance. Phil: notices the heated argument in the corner Cormag: Feh' I've had scarier slaves. gents. sure. on the other hand. Perhaps a tavern is not the best place for philosophical discussions. you don't show much substance. . drow? For all your big talk. not ours. Have a good night boys. unless you want your throat slit. Lazar: They made the universe.

but you're all being civil Phil: Whats a beautiful elf like you doing in a place like this? Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 23] Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoho Reploid: ohoho Squid (Ryleh): eyes Phil questionably. FOR WHATEVER REASON Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but calnik is ahead of cor Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): on my screen Reploid (Reploid): I see cor first Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): eh ok Cormag: Name's Cormag. Nothing too long. pray tell? Skylighter (Calnik): Oops.Cormag: You hear that cleric over here? See he's the only human out here that seems to actually have some sort of sense. Cormag: chugs his ale hastily Reploid: I believe introductions are in order. Ryleh: They have given us nothing but blessings! How cold your heart is! Reploid (Reploid): drag your total modifier from the skill to the modifier box below the chat window Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): take the total skill number in your skills tab and drag it to your mod box Phil: Perhaps there is a way to settle this without raising our voices? What is the problem? Calnik: Diplomacy [1d12+7 = 9] Reploid: sure is infighting :3 Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 20] Lazar: Blessings? Are you mad? Reploid: finally Reploid: Phil settles everyone down. its too trivial to waste breath. Gabe Newell (Cormag): So wait are we buddy buddy all of a sudden? Calnik folds his arms over his chest and turns his head away. Squid (Ryleh): having trouble being a lawful bitch XD Rivahros: (thinking) Finally. two sentances or so. Start in portrait order. Phil: Slides in next to Ryleh Reploid (Reploid): well no. thought Cormag had to go first. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what a charmer Lazar: Perhaps you're right. all rolls are d20 unless stated otherwise Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and introduce yourself Reploid (Reploid): Cor goes first I said portrait order Ryleh: What brings a handsome creature like yourself to these parts. especially with these. Drow.. Skylighter (Calnik): SCHWING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): skylighter. . That's all you need to know.. Rivahros rubs his forehead and downs his mug in one gulp. clearly offended but unwilling to push the matter further.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during Blood cuts off Rage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): faggot Rivahros: Pardon me. little mining town.Phil: Quite pleased to meet you... tonight I'd like to study something other than a spellbook. but it's prety boring Phil: Perhaps. Hail from Alderun. Cormag: groans BloodVex (Phil): Should I do another diplomacy roll? Reploid: yes Cormag: Is that all you humans have on your mind? Primal lust? Calnik glares at the two and their inappropriate display of public affection. Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 24] Reploid: crit Gabe Newell (Cormag): OSHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRITICAL HIT . Sorry. Gabe Newell (Cormag): er Rohkor Ruoka (Rohkor): I AM Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh yeah durp Rivahros: While we're on the matter of meetings. BloodVex (Phil): I was addressing Ryleh BloodVex (Phil): I assumed Rage was talking to everyone else Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am Ruoka (Rohkor): I can't think of anything to say Phil: Slides an arm around the elf's shoulder Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh god I'm bad at this Skylighter (Calnik): Could you put everyone's alignment in the class note. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Who's Rohkot? Calnik: Pleased to meet you. Cormag: Glares at the newcomers Reploid (Reploid): cormag. Lazar Campaign saved. signaling the end of his introduction.. Ryleh. Phil. Rohkor.. Calnik. advancing my arcane studies Rivahros belches. priest of [x] Reploid (Reploid): workin on it Ruoka (Rohkor): That's what I had written. Phil: I mostly wander from town to town. my name is Phil. Entertainer and Wizard by trade.. professional wanderer.. I'm just here to take a break from the road. I'm Rivahros Stoneweaver. Ra ge Incarnate (Rivahros): it doesn't have to be fancy Ryleh giggles and moves with a shy unease. Riva. pleaaaase? Phil: Slides an arm around the elf's shoulder Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm rohkor. helping out who I can. not much else to say. I'm Calnik.

Gnome. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i did not expect this Skylighter (Calnik): Someone is getting plowed tonight. Squid (Ryleh): in before ffffffff Calnik: I agree. perhaps after sealed with a holy vow. Such matter are best kept behind closed doors.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *phil Campaign saved. .. get the intros done plz Skylighter (Calnik): FUCK OOC Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): rlyeh is next Gabe Newell (Cormag): Whut kind of elf is she Reploid (Reploid): a straight up elf Phil: Stands up and extends a hand to Ryleh Gabe Newell (Cormag): GENERCCCC Skylighter (Calnik): You better not hit on me. awww yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Ruoka (Rohkor): There' that's all I could think of Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's fine BloodVex (Phil): NO I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BANG THE HOT ELF FFFFFFf Calnik: I WANTED TO RESPOND TO "inferior"! Reploid (Reploid): gettin a bit crowded.oh god.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh gawd Reploid: you're pretty smitten Squid (Ryleh): oh. Squid (Ryleh): crap i meant phil XD BloodVex (Phil): what're you doing tonight squid? Cormag: Haha you silly inferior races and your "Holy vows" BloodVex (Phil): :3 Rivahros finds himself taking a liking to the gnome.3 Lazar begins to say something. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ayuh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You can see priorites BloodVex (Phil): PICKUP CRIT FUCK YEAH Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): HEAVY ARGUEING. but opts to back down instead of argue with the foolish paladin. roll a 5 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): OH SNAP BITCHES.. 20 Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during only rage has alignment Ryleh: eyes Bloodvex dreamily. Squid (Ryleh): roll another crit. I am here to rest and help wounded travelers. Rage Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Elf fight Rivahros: I like the way you think.. and I am a Cleric of Pelor. Rohkor: My name is Rohkor... Squid (Ryleh): hay babeh .

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phill rolls well for the bitches Calnik: Fourty._.are very odd. . nods toward room upstairs Calnik sighs with melancholy. lets get some cyber in here Reploid (Reploid): ahahah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let's not Reploid (Reploid): book of erotic fantasy lets go BloodVex (Phil): damnit i was gonna put on my robe and wizard hat . But I suppose that's the price I pay for following a path of servitude. Ryleh winks at Phil. I suppose us shorties have got to stick together. Skylighter (Calnik): come on. very STUPID.) Skylighter (Calnik): DENIED Reploid (Reploid): your* Squid (Ryleh): i feel like a gaia fag. a mistress of the arrow. here. Calnik smiles back.Rivahros grins amiably. Reploid: diplo check Squid (Ryleh): i hope you can rp some condoms BloodVex (Phil): Another one? goddamnit Reploid: :3 Gabe Newell (Cormag): PULL OUT THE BOOK OF EROTIC FANTASIES Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 20] Reploid: oh snap Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoho Rivahros stares toward the tavern wall. Calnik: Thanks. Rivahros laughs out loud. Rivahros: Ain't that the truth! Calnik: After all. I am looking to assist in any way possible. Phil: Winks back. I am Ryleh Schiloe. Rivahros: Paladin. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm not gonna hit on you Ryleh: Greetings. Just letting you know. Ryleh whispers softly into Phil's ear that we should save this for later. eh? Reploid (Reploid): Phil you're intro? Cormag: The courting rituals of you humans. obviously looking into his memories.almost twenty years... we are a long way from home. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Phil's turn for his intro Reploid (Reploid): I know I told him Squid (Ryleh): Reploid said to leave the cybering for later so we could be adventurers . Reploid: dohoho Phil: Holds out hand Rivahros: Havne't seen my home in. Campaign saved. Not that I'm complaining. At least I am....

I have darkvision Skylighter (Calnik): Me too SUDDENLY! Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHGOD .BloodVex (Phil): I already introed Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then lazar Reploid (Reploid): do it again I didnt see it =\ Phil: Whispers back Calnik: Paladin.? Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 3] Reploid: its dark out bro Reploid: you cant see Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can't see shit cap'n Lazar: A detail I do not feel like going into at the moment. <3 Rivahros: How so? Rivahros looks genuinely surprised. Reploid (Reploid): phiiiil BloodVex (Phil): I already introduced myself jesus Reploid (Reploid): i didnt see it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he wants you to do it again Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nigger Cormag: chuckles in agreement at Lazar's comment BloodVex (Phil): I AM WIZZARD I HELP PEOPLE AND STUDY MAGICKS THERE Reploid: k cool Calnik: Well.area of expertise. Lazar: I am Lazar. Holy book. and I am merely someone who is looking to improve myself in my. indeed. m'lady Phil: bows Rivahros: Oh? Rivahros: It's not? Squid (Ryleh): I find myself wading through swamps and grimy taverns with seedy residents far too often. Reploid (Reploid): laz you're up Calnik: Present company excluded. Phil: As you wish. holy sword... Lazar mutters something about being a slave to the gods.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you could ask me for help. smiting evil and ne'er-do-wells as often as I'd like. Rivahros: Wow. Phil: Looks outside tavern for some sort of market or small store Cormag: Which is. all that fancy stuff. considering the present. It's. not as glamorous as the ancient texts would have you believe.. Rather. I don't nearly spend as much time riding around on a trusty steed. I guess I have to throw out my old stereotypes.. of course. Rivahros lightly taps himself on the forehead with his fist and chuckles. holy armor. he's a gentleman..

X Green Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I AM RED Skylighter (Calnik): What? Reploid (Reploid): the box below the book . Theres a trail of blood. DO YOU FOLLOW?!?! Rivahros: gets up and tries to run after Harken.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh lawd Skylighter (Calnik): GASSP! Phil: Dun dun dun! Squid (Ryleh): ffffff Phil: Sorry. Cormag: lazily gets up and follows Lazar looks to see what the fuss is about. force of habit Harken Busts through the door! Harken: OH GOD HELP M- Harken is quickly dragged away Phil: rushes to Harken Cormag: stays seated Phil: Looks for signs of what was dragging Rivahros: What the hell?! Phil: Looks for signs of what was dragging Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 8] Reploid: Hes gone. Rivahros * Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OF COURSE WE DO Phil: Fellows! Quickly! Rivahros: We have to save hiM! Cormag: *sigh* fine. Rohkor: makes haste and follows the rest Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during 2 names start with C Lazar: follows out of boredom and morbid curiosity. Ryleh me quickly follows. Phil: Floows trail ahead ov others Phil: follows Rivahros follows Phil. Reploid (Reploid): in during 3 rs BloodVex (Phil): I AM P Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just use colors+letters BloodVex (Phil): EVERYONE CHOOSE A LETTER OR COLOR Gabe Newell (Cormag): FUCK YES BLUE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'll be red Reploid (Reploid): pick your tokens and remember which ones you use Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Uh. Campaign saved. Reploid: The trail of blood leads to a house Calnik says nothing and eagerly follows the rest.

. Wizard? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): everyone make sure your token is correct Squid (Ryleh): mines correct Calnik: Listen [1d20+3 = 7] Ruoka (Rohkor): My guy is correct . Reploid: tokens are correct on the note double check plz Calnik stands outside the door and carefully listens for anything out of place. bangs on door Phil: Hello? Calnik: Uhh. who are you all Phil Rushes ahead of group too door Squid (Ryleh): whoopsie Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what colors Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I got L BloodVex (Phil): IS it open or closed? Reploid: closed Ruoka (Rohkor): I am H Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka. P? Skylighter (Calnik): P Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): P is Phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i thought BloodVex (Phil): I'M P Reploid: Nothing happens. I cant open the map anymore Reploid: wait for tokens plz Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): skylighter. what token Reploid (Reploid): don't close it Phil: Before attempting to barge in. You notice the blood trail leads inside Skylighter (Calnik): D Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): notes updated Skylighter (Calnik): WHATEVER GIVE ME WHAT ISNT TAKEN Phil: Tries the handle Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 16] Reploid (Reploid): is that all of you chucklefucks? mapped now Rivahros runs up to the door. what token Skylighter (Calnik): wtf.BloodVex (Phil): Update the note with colors Reploid (Reploid): grab a token Reploid (Reploid): yes please do update the note Reploid (Reploid): I'll take screens at the end Squid (Ryleh): i grabbed green nigga Ruoka (Rohkor): I am H Gabe Newell (Cormag): Lazar already picked green Reploid (Reploid): green was called Ryleh: ok i'll take g Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka. lion. skylighter.. Cormag: Is it locked.

Ryleh: Make it stop! Ryleh quivers. Reploid: Theres blood EVERYWHERE Rivahros can't help but shudder. Phil: Reaches for lockpicks Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 17] Reploid: it clicks open Campaign saved... Rivahros tries the door to the right. Reploid: You hear screaming from everywhere. Rivahros: Stick together.. Phil Opens cautiously. fellows. peers inside Cormag: listens for any noise from withen Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 18] Cormag: Listen [1d20+5 = 20] Rivahros looks around for the perpetrators. Rivahros: What on Earth happened? Cormag: Sacred Feth. that's rather disturbing. Calnik: Hm.BloodVex (Phil): I'M TRYING IT NOW FFS Lazar: Now what is all this fuss about? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IS THE DOOR LOCKED. Rivahros: We don't know what we're dealing with. Its rather disturbing. Lazar: How messy. Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER SPOT BloodVex (Phil): cool spot bro Reploid (Reploid): holy shit one at a time Gabe Newell (Cormag): SUPER LISTEN Lazar wanders closer.. DM Reploid: yes it is Phil: It is. Calnik follows closely behind Rivahros. Rivahros rushes in. open this door! Reploid (Reploid): SMASH IT Cormag: attempts to pick the lock Reploid (Reploid): STR CHECK Phil: Holds Ryleh Reploid (Reploid): WAAAGH .. Reploid (Reploid): d'aww Cormag: Probably those demon worshipping barbarians.. Clearly not done by someone intelligent. Reploid: its locked Rivahros: One of you.

Rivahros: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 21] Phil: The wizard says in a soothing voice to Ryleh Reploid: your door opens . Cormag: See anything. Phil: Perhaps we should step outside? I imagine this is quite disturbing for you. Reploid: doors locked Rivahros exits the room and tries the left door instead.. Reploid (Reploid): spoilers they're all locked Rivahros: Damn doors! Calnik: This one is locked. then? Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAXZAM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER SEARCH Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU SEARCH THE FUCK OUTTA THAT DESK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): is this black thing the desk Reploid (Reploid): yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok Squid (Ryleh): rip and tear SEARCH AND SEARCH Calnik Head's down to the next door and tries the door. . Dwarf? Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well poop Reploid: you see a desk Ruoka (Rohkor): OH SHIT Rivahros checks the desk for anything of interest. Rivahros takes a step back and rams into the door. I take it theres nobody left alive in here. Lazar: Hrm. . Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 20] Lazar: So.Cormag: Open Lock [1d20+10 = 25] Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAZAM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST Phil: I will not allow you to come to harm. Someone get over here and open it. Cormag: Alrighty... Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .. Rivahros: Empty. Reploid: the desk is rather desk-like. Ruoka (Rohkor): Ohoho Cormag: Bah. Reploid: str check Cormag: Open Lock [1d20+10 = 24] Lazar tries this door. Upon inspection the drawers have been emptied. m'lady Reploid: the door opens real good Rivahros looks around.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BAM MOTHAFUKKA
Reploid: the door explodes
Ryleh: Yes...y-yes...
Cormag: Anything inside there, Gnome?
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): wait, whos
Reploid: wood flies everywhere
Calnik: Well, that was unnecessary...
Reploid: roll a reflex save
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): aw hell
Rivahros: Ref. save [1d20+2 = 4]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK
Gabe Newell (Cormag): aha
Calnik peers into the room.
Campaign saved.
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): SPLINTERS
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SPLINTERS
Calnik: Spot [1d12+1 = 13]
Squid (Ryleh): in before my character is a giant pussy, etc
Rivahros: Damn it!
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): But yeah, locked?
Reploid: another desk. Empty
Rivahros runs his fingers through his beard for a second, annoyed, and then enters
the room.
Reploid: the drawers are opened
Squid (Ryleh): who is H? :0
Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 5]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's in here
Squid (Ryleh): oh nm
Cormag: walks over to Lazar
Lazar: If so, I bash it the handle with my Morningstar.
Cormag: Locked aswell I assume?
Calnik chuckles heartedly at Rivahros and moves on to another part of the house.
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): er,
Lazar: [1d20 = 17]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's in this room, reploid
Phil: Casts Silent Image and Ghosts Sounds, making the interior of the house appear
normal and canceling out the screaming
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 17 to bash it in
Phil: It should be fine now
Reploid: a desk with its drawers open
Reploid: its also empty
Phil: Leads Ryleh back in
Rivahros: Hrmph...

Ryleh is relieved.
Reploid: in during ransacked
Cormag: Now that was unnecessary, I have lockpicks for a reason, Lazar.
Reploid: also you succeed with the cast good job
Reploid: everyone is fine
Rivahros approaches the men at the door to the north.
Lazar: But equally as effective, and it saved time.
Phil: rejoins the group
Rohkor walks to the rest of the group
Cormag: I like the way you think, Human.
Calnik: Are you going to go in or just stand outside?
Ryleh follows suite.
Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 4]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCKING HELL
Phil: Rivahros! Anything of interest?
Reploid: theres an upturned table and chairs. thats about it
Calnik: Listen [1d20+3 = 19]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): I forgot what does Faerie fire do in DnD?
Reploid: what are you listening for
Ryleh: Spot [1d12+5 = 14]
Rivahros: No. Just a table and chairs that've been flipped over.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): use d20
Skylighter (Calnik): anything unusual
Ryleh: whoops
Ryleh: sorry
Rivahros: Someone open this door!
Reploid: nothing unusual
Reploid: too quiet maybe
BloodVex (Phil): Also with ghost sounds you guys can't hear anything. Lol
BloodVex (Phil): :3
Calnik: You open it. You got the last one open fine.
Lazar: Must everyone crowd around me? I understand I'm quite the specimen, but
Squid (Ryleh): oh snap
Reploid: lol
Rivahros: Eh, alright...
Rivahros: Give me some space!
Rivahros backs up and rams the door.
Calnik stands back.
Reploid: str
Rivahros: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 21]
Reploid: BLAM
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): KA-BEWM
BloodVex (Phil): BAM

Reploid: reflex save
Skylighter (Calnik): BOOM
Rivahros: Ref. save [1d20+2 = 22]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHOH
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER REFLEXES
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You just matrix'd some splinteres
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHOOOOOOOOOO
BloodVex (Phil): shields Ryleh from the splinters [1d20+5 = 15]
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): matrix mind
Phil: shields Ryleh from the splinters
Reploid: succeed
Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 2]
Cormag: sidesteps the splinters
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MOTHERFUCK
Lazar: steps out of the crowded room.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): someone do a spot check to see what's in here
Reploid: your vision blurs
Reploid: you cant see
Ryleh: Spot [1d20+5 = 10]
Lazar: looks around.
Calnik pulls out his hammer and uses it on the door.
Squid (Ryleh): fuck a duck
Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 17]
BloodVex (Phil): Phil is such a Chivalryfag :3
Calnik: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 15]
Lazar: [1d20+4 = 11]
Campaign saved.
Reploid: you see a desk that's been split in half and an open door to the north
Reploid: jesus shit I cant monitor 8 rolls
Rivahros: This whole place has been ransacked.
Squid (Ryleh): phils my babysitter cause he wants to get laid
Reploid: ITS OPEN
Cormag: It seems this Harken fellow had something they wanted..something he
omitted in telling us...
BloodVex (Phil): No he' just a gentleman
Rivahros looks up the stairs/ladder.
Calnik grins with confidence and steps through the doorway.
Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 7]
Reploid: its dark up there
Reploid: spooky

Squid (Ryleh): keeps close to the party.
BloodVex (Phil): And yeah he wants to get banged what of it
Lazar casts Light.
Rivahros: Anyone have a light?
Cormag: I use darkvision
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): on it bros.
Reploid: what have you Light'd
Rivahros , of course, can see fine with Darkvision.
BloodVex (Phil): I cast magic missile at the darkness
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wtf
Reploid: the darkness falls
Reploid: lolol
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Morningstar, mine. It now gives off 30ft of light
Squid (Ryleh): i'm attacking the darkness
Reploid: k
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): like a torch
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Ok now what's up there
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I used darkvision
Reploid: torchstar ftw
Reploid: you have lights
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and yeha that
Reploid: you see the exit
Cormag: Ugh, must you people use such bright lights?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): is it ladder or stairs
Calnik: After you.
Cormag: winces
Reploid: stairs
Rivahros: Alright...
Rivahros climbs the stairs.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): new map plz
Skylighter (Calnik): NEW MAP PLZ
Lazar: Must you have such an aversion to light?
Phil: Follows Rivahros
'Gabe Newell' disconnected
'Gabe Newell' connected
'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag'
Cormag: sure is crashing
Reploid: =\
'Rage Incarnate' disconnected
Skylighter (Calnik): wow, wtf
'Rage Incarnate' connected
Squid (Ryleh): uh oh
Reploid: ruh roh
'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros'

Reploid: lets try that again
Phil: Takes a deep breath
Phil: walks up to door, tries handle
Reploid: th screams are back
Reploid: oh shit
Reploid: it opens!
Phil: peers within
Phil: peers within
Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 2]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): durp
Ruoka (Rohkor): inb4 devils 'n shit
Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHA
Reploid: cant see shit
Skylighter (Calnik): wtf, my map went blank
BloodVex (Phil): oh god i'm blind
Ryleh: Spot [1d20+5 = 24]
Reploid: damn
Lazar does as well, as he holds the torch.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): test
Squid (Ryleh): i can see forever
Reploid: you see a pit at the back. Its giving off a pale blue light. It looks magical.
Lazar does as well, as he holds the torch.
Reploid: the room is otherwise empty
Cormag: What do you see, "Elf"
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Uh, I can't type?
Campaign saved.
Rivahros approaches the door cautiously.
Reploid (Reploid): you just did
Ryleh: I fear we have come across something mystical here...
Phil: stand back" he commands the rest of the group
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): bad lag, sorry
Phil: "stand back" he commands the rest of the group
Phil: Walks inside cautiously
Rivahros moves back a bit.
Squid (Ryleh): phil is new meat shield
Cormag: Mystical? I knew this Harken fellow couldn't be trusted.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): inb4 demons rip phil apart
Ryleh: Could this be a trap, fellows?
Calnik: No time to cower. We have to investigate.
Phil: Looks around once more, gestures for rest to follow
Cormag: pulls out his longsword, sensing there might be trouble
Lazar: He's going to get himself killed trying to impress some wench, isn't he.
Rivahros unsheathes his axe.

Cormag: Seems so.
Reploid: Nothing is here, just the pit.
Ryleh: You hasty fools....
Calnik holds his hammer readily.
Phil: Cautiously walks towards pit
Phil: Cautiously walks towards pit
Ryleh follows party uneasily.
Reploid: the screams see to be eminating from it
Rivahros follows Phil, looking around for threats.
Calnik heads over to the pit and peers inside.
Phil: peers within
Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 21]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITSPOT
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik sees into Hell itself
Reploid: looks like a 20 foot drop
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lose 1000 sanity points
Rohkor follows Phil and Rivahros to the pit
Skylighter (Calnik): I SEE... I SEE... EVERYTHING
Skylighter (Calnik): or just a 20 ft drop
Rivahros: Phil...what the hell is this thing?
Reploid: the light is making it hard to seeeeee
Reploid: :3c
Phil: About how far is the drop, Gnome?
Calnik: I'd say about 20 feet down.
Reploid: jump and/or rope checks
Reploid: go
Calnik: Anyone tall want to head in?
BloodVex (Phil): are those black things pillars?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're going into that shit?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god
Reploid: pillars
Reploid: yea
Gabe Newell (Cormag): So there is light coming from it?
Lazar: Allow me to go first?
Rivahros: Phil, can you tell if going in there will hurt us?
Phil: ties rope to pillar [1d20+8 = 26]
Reploid: success
Reploid: its holding real good
Reploid: you can all scale down
Phil: If no one else steps forward, I'll go first
Rivahros: No, no, I'll do it.
Lazar: Or, ropes. I had not anticipated any of you being intelligent enough to carry

Rivahros scales the rope into the pit.
Phil: Thank you, friend.
Phil: Bows to Dwarf
Reploid: everyone make use rope checks
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh god
Calnik: Climb 0, Climb +6 [1d20+6 = 13]
Reploid: use rope
Ryleh: Use Rope [1d12+6 = 7]
Rivahros: Use Rope [1d20+2 = 3]
Phil: [1d20+8 = 13]
Cormag: Use Rope [1d20+2 = 5]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK!
Reploid: oh god
Gabe Newell (Cormag): I SUCK AT ROPE
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CATASTROPHE
Squid (Ryleh): woooooow
Reploid: ryleh and riva fall
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE ALL FALL IN
Reploid: [1d6 = 2]
Reploid: 2 damage each
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ryleh rolled d12
Lazar: [1d12 = 2]
Lazar: fucking
Ryleh: hahaha
BloodVex (Phil): reaches out for ryleh to try and stop her fall
Phil: reaches out for ryleh to try and stop her fall
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): D20
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOT D12
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MORONS
Calnik: Use Rope [1d20+1 = 9]
Squid (Ryleh): sorry XD
Rivahros: Oof!
BloodVex (Phil): Can I do that? Would I roll reflex or something?
Reploid: no she crit failed
Rivahros hits the bottom and rubs his back with evident pain.
Ryleh: Use Rope [1d20+6 = 19]
Rohkor: Use Rope [1d12+2 = 9]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): Since I rolled a 5 can I do a reflex check to grab back on?
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ashes to ashes, people fall, everyone dies
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ROHKOR
Reploid: thats a d12
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): USE d20
Reploid: again

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOT D12
Campaign saved.
Reploid: the left most one after you arrange
Phil: scales down more quickly, helps Ryleh up
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THEN ROLL THE LEFTMOST DICE
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT'S D20
Reploid (Reploid): >rage raging
Reploid (Reploid): :3c
Phil: Are you hurt? My rope tying must not have been adequate...
Rohkor: Use Rope [1d20+2 = 16]
Ruoka (Rohkor): THERE
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THERE WE GO
Reploid: the rest of you are fine
Calnik dusts off his hands and looks around.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh ohhhhh
Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 16]
Squid (Ryleh): brb usng d6 instead
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i sense an upcoming boss fight
Ryleh: Listen [1d20+5 = 7]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): where do we come in
Reploid: the bottom
Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 9]
Reploid: yea theres good
Cormag: In the name of Lolth Where in the hells are we..?
Rivahros: Whoah...
Calnik: Uh oh... somehow, that doesn't look natural.
Reploid: the hear fire
Rivahros: I-I haven't the slightest...
Lazar briefly looks to Cormag after hearing the word Lolth.
Skylighter (Calnik): KKK
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're in trouble
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh shit cormag gettin lynched.
Reploid (Reploid): i cant have more than one g one sec
Phil: Stands in front of group
Skylighter (Calnik): TWO Gs ON THE FIELD
Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHFFFUUUCCCk
Squid (Ryleh): use something other than g maybe?
Squid (Ryleh): k thks reploid
Skylighter (Calnik): Where is my D?
Reploid (Reploid): np

comerades! They're feral! Calnik: Initiative [1d20+1 = 10] Rivahros: I could have told you that! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its not. LAZAR Phil: FFFF Reploid: they're feral and gross Ryleh: Initiative [1d20+4 = 11] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO DISTINGUISE A D12 AND A D20 Phil: Careful. if you can! Gabe Newell (Cormag): FFF WHAT DOES FAERIE FIRE DO I DON'T WANT TO WASTE A . I get a bonus against Kobolds Reploid: INITIATIVEEEE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what does the black singify Lazar: [1d12 = 9] Rivahros: Initiative [1d20+6 = 8] Cormag: Initiative [1d20+2 = 19] Phil: WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT KOBOLDS? [1d20+4 = 6] Gabe Newell (Cormag): FE YEAR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT'S NOT A D20. but I couldnt find the d20 [1d20 = 7] Phil: Initiative [1d20+7 = 24] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It was off to the side BloodVex (Phil): FUCK YEAH INITIATIVE Squid (Ryleh): lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid. what does the black show Gabe Newell (Cormag): Pit? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in the middle of the room Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Gabe Newell (Cormag): Also hey Reploid what does Faerie fire do I forgot Reploid (Reploid): still need rolls Squid (Ryleh): i wanna cast moonfire Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Who? Squid (Ryleh): i am a dwuwid Reploid: black is pit Rohkor: Initiative [1d20+2 = 17] Reploid (Reploid): laz Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I rolled Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): twice Rivahros: Try to knock the beasts into the pit.Squid (Ryleh): <3 Skylighter (Calnik): yay Reploid: drag yourself on Reploid: you see kobolds Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): INITIATIVE? Phil: Kobolds! Reploid: and a robed bro in the middle of a thingy Skylighter (Calnik): Sweet.

Reploid: 30 feet Phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAGIC MISSILE MAGIC MISSILE MAGIC MISSILE Gabe Newell (Cormag): So a day hasn't passed since the first session right? Reploid: no its like 1am Squid (Ryleh): MAGIC MISSLE Reploid: closetr to 2 Gabe Newell (Cormag): So can I use my once a day shit again? Reploid: what are you shootan Reploid: no you didnt sleep BloodVex (Phil): Oh! Forgot to roll initiative for Jasper! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ARRRGH Reploid: oh ffff Phil: [1d20 = 18] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Jaspa! Reploid: k Reploid: who are you shootan Phil: Drops to one knee. shoots kobold with Crossbow Phil Drops to one knee. Reploid. Manually. Reploid (Reploid): no init bonus? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): None Reploid: k Squid (Ryleh): k i wanna shoot shit BloodVex (Phil): me first? :D Reploid: [6d20 = 42] Skylighter (Calnik): BATTLE MUSIC Squid (Ryleh): *battle theme* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid has not linked us to any music Reploid (Reploid): shh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hey. takes careful aim. distance between us and Kobolds? Skylighter (Calnik): You are now hearing the Pokemon Gym Leader battle music. Masterwork [1d20+4 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fix that fucking typo BloodVex (Phil): Bonus should be +5 Reploid: ZAP MOTHAFUCKA Reploid: damage Phil: [1d8 = 3] Reploid: he's pretty wounded .TURN USING IT AND IT NOT DOING SHIT Reploid (Reploid): didnt see it Lazar: [1d20 = 6] Campaign saved. takes careful aim. shoots kobold with Crossbow Reploid: roll Phil: Light Crossbowm.

Cormag: We should just slice his throat and get this over with Gerkus: they are unphased. I think Ill alienate myself with every Good person here come my turn. Reploid: you don't know Reploid: :3c Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Also.. Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 18] Campaign saved. Kobolds! We will let you live if you lay down your arms! Rivahros: Someone disrupt that sorcerer! Lazar: He sounds busy. Calnik: Kobolds don't listen very well. then it went lolno BloodVex (Phil): I know .._. Gerkus turns around BloodVex (Phil): QUICK CAST DARKNESS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): for attack rolls. it's your base attack bonus + either str mod for melee or dex mod for ranged BloodVex (Phil): DO IT Gabe Newell (Cormag): I CAN'T Ruoka (Rohkor): inb4 he summons devils and we get raped Gerkus: FIE! He managed to alert some sellswords! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol devils.Reploid: he yells Skylighter (Calnik): what modifier do I drag for the roll? Gerkus: WHAT WAS THAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Squid (Ryleh): uh oh. Arcana [1d20+2 = 13] Ruoka (Rohkor): ahaha Reploid: nope . Calnik: Knowledge. Whatever you can do Gerkus can do a hundered fold.. Reploid: er DM Phil: WHAT SPELL IS HE CASTING [1d20+10 = 12] BloodVex (Phil): fff Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it ALLLLMOST stopped on 20 for a sec there Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yeah Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It was 20. Reploid: a kobold attacks! Squid (Ryleh): oh man the ff6 theme just started in my winamp XD Cormag: DO I KNOW WHAT SPELL HE IS CASTING [1d20+2 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): :( Reploid: you caught the dumb Calnik: attempts to determine what spell Gerkus is casting. I don't think we should prolong this fight then. let him try Gerkus: ATTACK THEM I CANNOT FAIL THIS Gerkus starts casting hasily Phil: Surrender now.

Lazar: Oh why not. he might secretly kick our dicks XD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHOSE TURN IS IT. one is spells BloodVex (Phil): You get like a huge penalty for that Ryleh: Spellcraft [1d20+2 = 19] Rohkor: Spellcraft [1d20+4 = 23] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DAMN Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi Reploid: nope Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Reploid: and nope Skylighter (Calnik): WHATEVER LETS FIGHT Squid (Ryleh): wtf lol BloodVex (Phil): JUST FORGET IT GUYS Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Who cares. Ill do it as well. take out that wizard! Squid (Ryleh): phil already attacked so Reploid: A KOBOLD ATTACKS Reploid: but you were like Reploid: SPELLCRAFT HURR BloodVex (Phil): Which one is Gerkus? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OK THEN HAVE A KOBOLD ATTACK . honestly Reploid (Reploid): DC1000 Ruoka (Rohkor): I DO Reploid: lolol Squid (Ryleh): no. Lazar: [1d20 = 4] BloodVex (Phil): Oh man Skymall just came on XD Rivahros: Spellcraft [1d20 = 15] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (+1) Reploid (Reploid): spellcraft you derps BloodVex (Phil): YOU ROLL SPELLCRAFT NOT KNOWLEDGE ARCANA YOU FAGGOTS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Does my roll succeed Reploid: you dont know either Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DAMN IT Skylighter (Calnik): Whats the difference? BloodVex (Phil): You're untrained. Rage Calnik: Spellcraft [1d20+2 = 5] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i know Reploid (Reploid): house rule I dgaf Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): One is monsters and lore. HOLY FUCK Reploid (Reploid): maybe :3c Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S FUCKING GO Calnik: No time for games! Let's mop up the kobolds and get the ringleader! Reploid: I SAID Phil: Someone.

Reploid: q Skylighter (Calnik): WHO IS HE ATTACKING? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): q Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Well. Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi Reploid: it leaps at the kobold! Squid (Ryleh): dohohoh Reploid: damage d4 Phil: Midair. which Jasper jumps off of at the precise moment Reploid: phil phil Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): phil phil BloodVex (Phil): What do I roll BloodVex (Phil): DEX? Reploid: handle animal Skylighter (Calnik): BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 crit fail Phil: Handle Animal [1d20+2 = 21] Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh snap Campaign saved. have it attack. Jasper bares it's claws and tears at the Kobold's eyes Phil: [1d4 = 4] Reploid: hes blind oh shiiiiit Ruoka (Rohkor): So what is Jasper anyway Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MY EYES. I'M BLIIIIIND BloodVex (Phil): Ferret :D Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): a ferret Squid (Ryleh): weasel? Ruoka (Rohkor): Okay Squid (Ryleh): ferret BloodVex (Phil): Can he jump off afterwards? Reploid: no Reploid: hes noming his eye Reploid: om nom Cormag Squid (Ryleh): om nom nom nom . BloodVex (Phil): Gurkus? Reploid: [1d20 = 6] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): gerkus malerkus Squid (Ryleh): melee niggers better be in front Reploid: he missed the gnome Squid (Ryleh): Gurk! Calnik nimbly dodges out of the kobold's reach. Reploid: jasper go Skylighter (Calnik): ranged niggers better aim for the caster Phil Phil shoots out an arm.

. I don't know. Gerkus Cormag: Wait. Squid (Ryleh): ffffffff Reploid: GERKUS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): erase your fucking arrows when you're done with your attack Gabe Newell (Cormag): RAILROAD PLOT HOOUSE Squid (Ryleh): fuck you gerkus! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so we don't have 50 arrows on the map everywhere Reploid: He's still casting. feel free to charge him._. Cormag: Yes because we should allow that man over there to finish casting that spell? Rivahros: Those of us who can attack from range should try and hit the wizard! Ryleh: Ranged attack [1d20+5 = 16] Reploid: it zooms by his head. Calnik: Or perhaps use your actions instead of your words! Reploid: roll ranged combat Lazar: I'd warn against anyone thats not disposable going on the pathway. You notice something behind him. I suggest you speak it now! Ryleh: takes aim at the caster Gerkus Squid (Ryleh): reploid keeps telling me i'm wrong in vent . He is unphased. Calnik make a spot check. Drow. Skylighter (Calnik): Can we just run up to Gerkus? Or is there a movement penalty? . will you? Cormag: runs over to the nearest kolbold and attempts to jam the sword in it's face Reploid: roll Cormag: Melee attack [1d20+3 = 6] Cormag: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Reploid: whiff Skylighter (Calnik): LULZ Ryleh Phil Jasper squeaks angrily at Cormag Skylighter (Calnik): Whats the purple token? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He summoned? Reploid: you don't know yet hes blocking it :3c Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HELLFIRE BloodVex (Phil): Harken I would assume Skylighter (Calnik): ah Ryleh: takes aim at the caster. try not to hurt my companion.Phil: Drow.. perhaps they're trying to kill us? Calnik: If you got a better idea.Why are we wasting our time with these wretches? Ryleh takes aim at the caster Gerkus Squid (Ryleh): ffff Rivahros: That's what I told you! Rivahros: Stop that wizard! Phil: Oh. On second thought.

gnome? Reploid: KOBOLD! Calnik: Gerkus has a fair maiden in his possession! Charge! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In before falling to death Cormag: Probably some street wench. Reploid: balance check Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You'll be running on a ledge. Calnik: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 14] 'Ruoka' disconnected Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Entering is nothing. Shouldn't I have gotten an attack of oppurunity? Rohkor: I Ruoka (Rohkor): I'm out of here Calnik raises his hooked hammer and brings it down upon the nearest kobold's head. its leaving that does Squid (Ryleh): yeah i kind of chose my position so i couldn't get attacked o_O Reploid: by by healer Phil: Ryleh! Damnable kobolds Reploid: hes got a spear Reploid: reach Skylighter (Calnik): DID I HIT IT? . Wizard. BloodVex (Phil): The kobold had to run right by me to attack her. Reploid: kobold rushes Ryleh! Rivahros: That bastard! Reploid: [1d20 = 18] Reploid: WHAM Squid (Ryleh): oh fffff Reploid: [1d6 = 2] Skylighter (Calnik): Im not doing it I have -5 in Balance Reploid: 3 damage! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lololololol Calnik Ruoka (Rohkor): aw shit. Falling would kill you. Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 12] Reploid: its a girl D: Gabe Newell (Cormag): KAYRULLLEE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik.Campaign saved. balance check Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Even sorcerors gettin their groove on Phil: Do you see anything. I need to go Squid (Ryleh): ow ow fuck ow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sucks for you Ruoka (Rohkor): It does Cormag: Nice job protecting your woman. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Not if it didn't leave your threatened area.

Reploid: no Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Shit's gonna be tight Reploid: you miss Skylighter (Calnik): I can heal Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we'll be fine Reploid: two more kobolds enter the fray Skylighter (Calnik): I can heal a whole 3 points. Squid (Ryleh): lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lolololololol Rivahros: Don't get too confident! Skylighter (Calnik): TK TK TK TK TK TK Lazar: They're doing their job. Reploid: he hits the kobold next to Ryleh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRIT FAIL Skylighter (Calnik): BONK! Reploid (Reploid): -4 melee combat lolol Reploid: [1d6 = 3] Reploid: AHAHAH Campaign saved. but I agree we need to stop that Human. stalling time. Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+5 = 22] .Reploid: etc Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): So we've got me and me alone to heal. take heed! Squid (Ryleh): i got health left. Reploid: roll Cormag: I care not of the wenches life. We need to get this over with. Fellows. Reploid: it dies Calnik: I dare say they're making it easy for us. I have 1(1) Cure Light wounds ready. fool. we should kill some kobolds first Reploid: kobold one melee's phil Reploid: [1d20 = 15] Reploid: he connects! Reploid: [1d6 = 1] Reploid: one damage Phil: A mere flesh wound Reploid: the other kobold fires a a rock from a sling Reploid: [1d20 = 18] Lazar: Flesh is fragile. Phil Is slightly dejected that he won't be able to slaughter Ryleh's assailant Rivahros swings at the left kobold's torso with his axe. Rivahros Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fucking finally Calnik: Agreed. =3 Squid (Ryleh): oh rly? :3 Calnik: I must be getting rusty.

Dwarves are good at mindless bashing Reploid: kobold fires at riva! Phil has a horrible case of hat hair Ryleh: We are not out of this mess yet my friends! Phil places hat back on head . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I don't think I do Rivahros: [1d10 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAXIMUM DAMAGE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): exploded Squid (Ryleh): ka-boom! BloodVex (Phil): He was talking about the female in the middle of the pit BloodVex (Phil): Next to Q Squid (Ryleh): whoops. i thought he was responding to you Reploid: THE KOBOLD ERUPTS IN BLOOD AND GUTS! RIP AND TEAR! you gain the Bloody Mess perk. Phil: Begins to applaud Rivahros Gabe Newell (Cormag): K-K-KILLTASTIC Rivahros: Aha ha ha! Nothin' to it! Phil: I tip my hat to you. RIGHT HERE Phil Tips hat Calnik: A fine display of skill! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YEAR Reploid (Reploid): YEA NIGGA Cormag: I will admit. Reploid: oh my Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I forgot. Lazar: er Lazar: He might have a scroll or two as well. I use Cleave Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll for hit? Reploid: mhm Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+5 = 15] Reploid: BLAM Rivahros: [1d10 = 8] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DOUBLE KILL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I ROCK Reploid: EXPLOSIONS OF BLOOD HOLY SHIT YOU'RE SOAKED BRO Lazar: At least we have one competent person here. do I add any mods to a damage roll Reploid: you hit Ryleh: I'll remember that. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): PLAYER OF THE WEEK. drow. Rivahros: If the kobold dies. Dwarf. I use Cleave to attack the other kobold Reploid: k Reploid: roll Rivahros: Yeah.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He might have a scroll or two as well.

Skylighter (Calnik): Do the balance beam! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH SHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): have the skeleton shove him into the pit Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 30ft + 30ft cast range Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He isnt up yet. Reploid: [1d6 = 6] Reploid: 3 damage BloodVex (Phil): What would Jasper's AC be? He has high dex and a small size category right? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Big Reploid: but he has no armor Reploid: so Lazar: Like.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): His init: Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): next turn or whatever Lazar: [1d12 = 3] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (+5) Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's no a d20 Cormag: Necromancy? Now THERE'S a respectable school of magic.Reploid: [1d20 = 11] Reploid: you watch it fire way off trget. small is +4 Skylighter (Calnik): Jasper dies Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): or +2 Phil: Jasper! You'll pay in spades. . Feel free to laugh Squid (Ryleh): should my character be disgusting at your lack of hair care? Reploid (Reploid): yes Gabe Newell (Cormag): SO MANY ARROWS Rivahros: Ha! Little beast couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! Reploid: ROH oh wait Reploid: FIRES AT JASPER BloodVex (Phil): Is gerkus a kobold? Reploid: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): human Reploid: [1d20 = 17] Reploid: he strikes the tiny beast with a rock! Campaign saved.. Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . kobold! Lazar BloodVex (Phil): How much HP do weasels have? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Distance between me and Q? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 50? Reploid: 50 feets Lazar: charges and summons a skeleton on the platform.

. Squid (Ryleh): BREAKTIME Squid (Ryleh): EVERYONE GO PEE Skylighter (Calnik): shit dm is shit Reploid (Reploid): bawww . let's make peace Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll 1d4+1 BloodVex (Phil): I'm trying to shield you Reploid: gonna have to stop here fore a sec Reploid: I need to go afk Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): okey dokey Reploid: I'll be back asap Reploid: sorry guiys . 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected Phil Fires Magic Missile at Kobold who hit Jasper Gabe Newell (Cormag): wut Squid (Ryleh): you're blocking my arrows XD Skylighter (Calnik): roll for bluff: "baby i dont wanna die a virgin" Squid (Ryleh): LOL BloodVex (Phil): You can fire around me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): magic missile is auto-hit Squid (Ryleh): all this fighting reminds me of your vagina._. hair man Campaign saved.Reploid: fail Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 8 init Reploid: k Reploid: skelly turn Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He attacks the gyt Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): guy Reploid: roll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ful attack Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Lazar: +1 Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Lazar: +1 Reploid: whiff and whiff Gabe Newell (Cormag): wat Skylighter (Calnik): use the modifier next to the dice. Reploid (Reploid): rape Squid (Ryleh): hardly the time. damn Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): orite Phil Calnik: I can see that Necromancy is equally as useless as it is evil. Phil: Edges closer to Ryleh Rivahros: Heh..

but is frightened by Phil's power.. Reploid: I gotta go afk take a break Squid (Ryleh): k i thought you were going afk? 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Phil: Don't Phil: Attack Phil: My Cormag: how long I could get some work done Phil: Ferret Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff Phil Says in a dark tone Squid (Ryleh): he's gone Squid (Ryleh): maybe we take 5 minutes? BloodVex (Phil): Is more of a warning Phil: HEY ELF CAN I STICK MY PENIS IN YOUR VAGINA Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+15 = 25] Ryleh: ROLL BABY Ryleh: EFF YEAR Phil: HOT WIZARD ON RANGER ACTION Gabe Newell (Cormag): sure is fixed modifer around here Squid (Ryleh): afk a sec Phil: I LAST FOR 1d4+2 ROUNDS ._. 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected Rivahros doesn't show it.Skylighter (Calnik): DAMN RIGHT I AM BAWWWING Phil: [1d4+1 = 5] Reploid: a dragon eats Calnik Reploid (Reploid): jerk BloodVex (Phil): FUCK YEAH Calnik: ow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAXIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE Reploid: kobol is vaporized by the missle Cormag: SUDDENLY TEN RUSTS BEASTS APPEAR Rivahros: Impressive! Phil: Hey rep Reploid: and AFK BloodVex (Phil): REP Reploid: yo Ryleh: My word! BloodVex (Phil): Jasper isn't dead is he? Reploid: uhh Reploid: no Ryleh: jasper .. Calnik: These Kobolds possess a weak constitution.

Melee attack +3 [1d20+9 = 29] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Cormag always gets 20s when he tries a bitchslap Campaign saved.. just got word ATT is bringing my internet down in 5 mins for like an hour or some shit fuck this Gabe Newell (Cormag): fuck ATT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sucks for you Skylighter (Calnik): FUCK ATT Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yeah Gabe Newell (Cormag): Have fun brahs Skylighter (Calnik): adios bro Squid (Ryleh): maan players are dropping like flies :c 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Skylighter (Calnik): ONLY ONE REMAINS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): only two people have left since the start Skylighter (Calnik): The other guy wasnt that great Lazar: Who was the other Squid (Ryleh): might be easier with less players too Phil: LOOK AT ME I'M MICHAEL PHELPS [1d20+1 = 19] Skylighter (Calnik): Rohkor? Lazar: Oh.Phil: [1d4+2 = 5] Lazar: 50 seconds Cormag: walks over and BACKHANDS Phil Lazar: Wizards were never known for their endurance. Melee attack +3. but text stays Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 5] . cleric guy Lazar: Righ Calnik: Climb [1d20+6 = 18] Lazar: Also Lazar: Reploid.. reup the map? I cant see it Calnik: [1d20 = 17] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's afk Lazar: I figured. Cormag: Melee attack +3. Calnik: Jump [1d20-4 = 3] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ahahahah Skylighter (Calnik): Oh yeah? Check this out Calnik: Swim [1d20-10 = 6] Rivahros: Swim [1d20+5 = 25] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NIGGERS Ryleh: wtf Skylighter (Calnik): WORLD RECORD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST SWIMMER Cormag: Shit I gotta head off.

reup the map Lazar: thx Skylighter (Calnik): reup the class note Phil cops a feel on ryleh Phil: Sleight of Hand [1d20+3 = 12] BloodVex (Phil): Damnit all the perverted stuff is giving me bad rolls Lazar: Slightly above average copping Ryleh: This is hardly the time or place! Campaign saved. Phil: [1d20 = 18] Phil: [1d20 = 7] Phil: [1d20 = 5] Ryleh: hmm Lazar: [1d4 = 3] Squid (Ryleh): I think reploids eating dinner Squid (Ryleh): i hope he's shoveling it in Lazar: he eats like a llama Lazar: Autosave? Phil: huh [1d20+3 = 8] Phil Serenades Ryleh with his Shawm [1d20+3 = 19] Squid (Ryleh): Can you see my titty monster? Skylighter (Calnik): Yes BloodVex (Phil): Yeah BloodVex (Phil): Ahah Squid (Ryleh): Awesome Phil Tries to look up Ryleh's dress Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 11] Squid (Ryleh): I wanna try knocking that kobold into the pit Reploid: PEW PEW Skylighter (Calnik): pew Phil: HEY REP Lazar: Reploid. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): zzzzz Ryleh: scoffs.Phil: [1d20 = 9] Phil: [1d20 = 14] Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Squid (Ryleh): oh god they roll forever Phil: [1d20 = 17] Phil: [1d20 = 12] Phil: [1d20 = 13] Campaign saved. .

Skylighter (Calnik): note plz BloodVex (Phil): just joking btw Phil's not like that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): look at fagasy ground chat. Phil Jasper bites it and scurries over to Ryleh Reploid: oh my Reploid: GABE GO Reploid: OH WAIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's gone Phil: Jasper looks up at Ryleh with sad eyes . Reploid: ahahaha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's familiar to me too Lazar: Its one of the castle fights in FF9 isnt it Reploid: no BloodVex (Phil): whatever let's just go Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S GET A MOVE ON Skylighter (Calnik): FF4 or5 Reploid: 4 Reploid: who just went Phil: [1d20 = 3] Phil: [1d20 = 13] Phil: I went Skylighter (Calnik): Phil did BloodVex (Phil): jasper's turn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil killed the shit out of a dude with magic missile Reploid: yep Reploid: hes pretty hurt Phil Jasper scurries back to Phil Squid (Ryleh): made up for his terrible hair Phil Kneels down and holds out a hand Campaign saved. faggots Phil: I can't Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if you want music BloodVex (Phil): dad knocked me off steam Ryleh: Daaaad Reploid: go to chat Reploid: everyone Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok let's get a move on Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who's up Squid (Ryleh): yeah i'd like to get some dinner soon Lazar: god damnit Reploid: D: Lazar: I know Lazar: This theme..

Calnik: Man's best friend. NO! Skylighter (Calnik): GET FUNKY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S MEDIC TRAIN TIME Squid (Ryleh): GURK Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): HE'S GONNA UBER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRACE YOURSELVES Skylighter (Calnik): I thought it was Gerkus Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it is Gerkus: puts his hand on the girl (its ayam) Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): UH OH Skylighter (Calnik): Who is Ayam? Squid (Ryleh): lololololol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TRANSFORMATION TRUMP CARD GO Squid (Ryleh): Maya?! Noooooo! Reploid (Gerkus): FUSIOOOOON HA! . Ryleh: takes aim and fires at the kobold closest to the pit. he seems happy? Phil: Jasper scurries up on her arm and rests on her shoulder Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what was the point of that Skylighter (Calnik): gooooooooo Phil: Come on Jasper. I thought we were buddies! Phil: Jasper growls at Phil Phil: :| Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S DO SOMETHING.Ryleh Phil: Fine! Be like that! Ryleh: Handle Animal [1d20+2 = 8] Reploid: you pet him. YOU NIGGER Calnik chuckles. Reploid: roll ranged attack BloodVex (Phil): right? that one? Ryleh: Ranged attack [1d20+5 = 18] Reploid: BAM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): maybe it'll knock him in Reploid: He falls into the pit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YUS Reploid: you hear him scream all the way down Reploid: no thud Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -maniacal laughter- Calnik: Nice shot! Squid (Ryleh): i was gonna aim for his dick but that worked out better Rivahros: Smart move! Phil: Jasper chitters happily and licks Ryleh's neck Gerkus: GURK TIME Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): NO GURK. Should've gotten a dog.

. Phil: Knowledge. Reploid: She erupts in blue flame! Rivahros: Holy. skylighter Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD Squid (Ryleh): YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD Skylighter (Calnik): GUESS THE SUMMARY DIDNT COVER EVERYTHING Campaign saved..! Calnik: No! Ryleh: No! Phil: Knowledge. sick man would defile a life in such a wreched way! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Wait. Skylighter (Calnik): SPELLCRAFT Reploid: She screams deafiningly and disintigrates Phil: Spellcraft [1d20+10 = 28] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE'S ACTIVATED HIS TRUMP CARD AND IS ABOUT TO BECOME A DEMON Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER SPELLCRAFT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if he fails that I am going to scream Reploid: SUMMON MOSTER IV Reploid: MONSTER* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH SHIT! Skylighter (Calnik): oshit Squid (Ryleh): FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE'RE ALL FUCKED Calnik: What spell is that?! Gerkus cackles madly Gerkus: EXCELENT! Rivahros: You madman! Lazar: I wonder what the point of using such elaborate means was..Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'll tell you about it later.. Phil: Hey! Kobolds-for-brains! How dare you kill that innocent girl?! Calnik: Only a desperate. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S HIS MONSTER Gerkus: summons a FEINDISH MONSTROUS SPIDER Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ah Rivahros: My Lord! Ryleh: It had to be a spider. Nature [1d20+4 = 20] Phil: WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT SPIDERS BloodVex (Phil): WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT SPIDERS . where di the S come from? Squid (Ryleh): MONSTER! Skylighter (Calnik): Guess. Arcana [1d20+4 = 10] Ryleh cries out for the girl BloodVex (Phil): DO I KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING Lazar is rather indifferent.

fellows. LOL . Calnik: Agreed. This will be no pushover! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whose turn is it Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I think its yours? Reploid: other kobold! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh Reploid: hes freakin the fuck out Campaign saved. we have more troubling things to deal with! Calnik: Curses! Vengence shall be ours! Ryleh motions to the spider. Reploid: giant spiders were not in his contract Skylighter (Calnik): rofl Squid (Ryleh): IT'S JUST A KOBOLD WHO CARES. Focus on the arachnid! Rivahros: It's gigantic! Lazar: Ugh. now this has become a burden. Reploid: [1d20 = 14] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh Im going to get hit hard Squid (Ryleh): we still have a kobold too Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): fuck the kobold Skylighter (Calnik): and your skeleton is pretty stranded Phil: That was quite a powerful spell.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 8 LEGS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THEY'RE BIG AND SCARY AND HAVE EIGHT LEGS BloodVex (Phil): weaknesses and such Gerkus: He then summons a dimention door Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ITS A FUCKING SPIDER Squid (Ryleh): LOLO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): A DIMENSION DOOR?! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH FUCK Skylighter (Calnik): I dare someone to use handle animal Reploid (Gerkus): goddamn sorry I need to hit emote moar Squid (Ryleh): I'LL DO IT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OUTSIDER DEMON-SPIDER Gerkus: THIS WONT BE THE LAST YOU SEE OF ME! AHAH! Gerkus he puts a cigar in his mouth Rivahros: You coward! Squid (Ryleh): fucking gurk Skylighter (Calnik): wat BloodVex (Phil): XD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'll tell you later Gerkus walks though the door Reploid: POOF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BOSS FIGHT Ryleh: Freinds.

and swings his hammer straight upward into its lower abdomen. gnome hooked Skylighter (Calnik): I'm a Gnome. Lazar: I wish he would have left a corpse. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT NOW Squid (Ryleh): reps talking about fallout in vent XD Skylighter (Calnik): If the spider is giant. weaves between its legs. small? Reploid: gnomes Reploid: are Reploid: med? Lazar: I think Reploid: i think they're still med . then I get an attack bonus! Calnik Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so can I Reploid: no its just Large Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): aww Squid (Ryleh): i wanna try handle animals on it :0 Squid (Ryleh): i have a death wish Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just smash the thing's face in Reploid: [4d8 = 17] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Calnik gooo Calnik charges boldly at the monstrosity.. fellows... though. Calnik: Melee attack [1d20+4 = 19] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): eff year Reploid: hit Reploid: roll for damage Skylighter (Calnik): what die for this weapon? 6 or 4? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): check the weapons list Reploid: uh didn't you put it in Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and it depends on your size Skylighter (Calnik): It has several Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what weapon Lazar: Depends on your size Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and what size are you Skylighter (Calnik): Exotic Hammer. Calnik: I hope we fare better than he. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -BOSS FIGHT- Lazar: Kobolds. so.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lololol Reploid: he jumps into the pit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wut Skylighter (Calnik): wat Squid (Ryleh): lol suicidal kobold Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm not complaining Ryleh: What a weak constitution..

squirting blood and puss all over his gleaming armor. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you hit twice. I'll take it Squid (Ryleh): lol Reploid: its a hooked hammer Reploid: eyeshot ftw Reploid: anyway Reploid: it writhes around but it otherwise fine Rivahros Calnik lets loose a feral yell as he brings the mace down upon one of its eyes and bashes it in. Reploid: you gouge one of its eyes out Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he attacked its abdomen Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he got beneath it Reploid: not anymore Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uhh ok Skylighter (Calnik): rofl. but this time steps to the side a few feet. small Reploid: k Lazar: Will save [1d20+7 = 26] . Skylighter (Calnik): fap fap fap Rivahros: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 16] Reploid: WHAM Rivahros: [1d10 = 5] Reploid: you bring your axe down on its face and cut a large gash into it Rivahros: Foul beast! Lazar Reploid (Reploid): I rolled a shitty init you're lucky laz Lazar: again casts summon undead. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): zombie. Rivahros yells fiercely at the spider to get its attention as he charges at the spider.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if med. i believe Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats for full attack Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just roll 1d8 Calnik: [1d8 = 8] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Nice Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAXIMUM DAMAGE Skylighter (Calnik): FFFF YEAH Campaign saved. 1d8/1d6 Skylighter (Calnik): So Dmg (M)? Lazar: Kobolds are small Lazar: Yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so roll them both Skylighter (Calnik): Both? Cool. swinging his axe in its face.

fires crossbow at Spider's eyes Reploid: roll Phil: Light Crossbow.Lazar: er Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 19 +0 init Lazar: fast for a zombie Reploid: damn Reploid: yea Skylighter (Calnik): NOT A CANON ZOMBIE Squid (Ryleh): !!!! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its a tiny kobold :3 Reploid (Reploid): SUMMON BOOMER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH FU- Campaign saved. lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and the dwarf that just bashed you in the fucking face Phil Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Eh.. Skeleton go now? Phil: Summon witch! Reploid: spider actually Reploid: [1d20 = 3] Squid (Ryleh): hand the spider a flashlight Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): uh h Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the fuck is that Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its a penis Reploid: drawing locked Reploid: faggots Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let's go with that spider.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): So. fires crossbow at Spider's eyes Phil Edges closer to get a good shot. goddamn Reploid: [1d20 = 2] Reploid: He goes to bite the zombie but misses horribly Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hooray! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): probably because he's half-blind Lazar: How do you miss a zombie.? Skylighter (Calnik): yeah. aims carefully. drops to one knee. Skeleton no? Skylighter (Calnik): >axe Skylighter (Calnik): >bash Phil: Edges closer to get a good shot. Masterwork [1d20+5 = 13] Squid (Ryleh): how many eyes does he have left? XD Reploid: whiff! Reploid: like . drops to one knee. ignore the gnome that took you eye Reploid: i duno man I dont run the dice here Squid (Ryleh): we fucked his face up. aims carefully.

Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 19] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it has no intelligence. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): erase the goddamn arrows Ryleh Ryleh: moves within good range of the creature and takes careful aim before unloading her bow. Calnik: Melee attack [1d20+4 = 18] Reploid: SPLERK! It makes a gross noise Calnik: [1d8 = 8] Skylighter (Calnik): I'm on fire! Reploid: you've removed 2 more eyes. Doesnt skeleton go after spider? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i fucking ripped a gash in his face. Reploid: [1d20 = 15] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Does skele fall to its death? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): undeath? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whatever Campaign saved. Lazar: Melee attack [1d20+1 = 10] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Balance Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): might wanna move the skele Skylighter (Calnik): spider raaaages Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ignore the attack part. Ryleh: Ranged attack [1d20+5 = 10] Reploid: whiff! Squid (Ryleh): fff Calnik Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Zombie next.. It rages at you.. no? With his 19. Ryleh: Best destroy the creature rather than reason with it. Calnik rears back his hammer and swings with all his might. Reploid: the skeleton trips halfway across Reploid: bye bye >: Squid (Ryleh): XD Lazar sighs. . Reploid: yep Phil: Spider! Could you try not killing my friends? Lazar: commands the skeleton to charge the spider. that had to take out some Squid (Ryleh): let's make him blind and fuck his shit up Reploid: oh ff forgot about him Reploid: skelly can go Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He gets to make a balance check now.Reploid: 6 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Reploid. it can't reason with you Reploid: It's not smart.

GONE Campaign saved. Rivahros rears his axe behind his head and swings at the spider's face again. +2 to damage if I hit Rivahros: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 25] Lazar: oh snap Reploid: oh damn Phil: FFFFFFFF YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRITICAL POWER ATTACK Reploid: crit go Skylighter (Calnik): shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Rivahros: [1d20 = 6] Rivahros: NOOOOOOOOOO Reploid: aww Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): no crit Rivahros: [1d10 = 1] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): haha BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFFFFFf Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 3 damage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOT FAIR Phil: Not 6? :< BloodVex (Phil): Not 6? :< Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MY CHANCE FOR GLORY... foul beast! Rivahros Phil: When does Jasper go : BloodVex (Phil): When does Jasper go : Reploid: hes hurtin Reploid: real bad Phil: :< Rivahros: With a ferocious yell. Of course he does Lazar: walks up to it and hits it with his Morningstar. Reploid: you bop dat grom Reploid: hes not amused Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this faggot has a shitton of hp Lazar BloodVex (Phil): He's a Summon monster IV monster. Lazar: Melee attack [1d20+1 = 18] .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ Reploid: can't see shit Reploid: phil stop that Calnik: Begone from this world. Reploid: so he can chill on Ry for now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I use Power Attack Reploid: oh snap Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -2 to attack roll.

Reploid: ahahaha Reploid: iceburn Calnik: If you haven't the fortitude to challenge the beast..Reploid: CRUNCH! Lazar: [1d8 = 2] Reploid: you cripple one of its legs Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Zombie time? Reploid: yep Reploid: then skelly Reploid: OH WAIT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Skele is dead.. Reploid: he tripped Reploid: ahahah Reploid: ZOMBIEHS Lazar commands the zombie to slam the spider. Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ((+1)) Reploid: whiff! Reploid: dumb zombie Squid (Ryleh): lol Phil Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No spider? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CAST MAGIC MISSILE. then we shall persist! Ryleh: Useful undead tripping into pits. VAPORIZE THAT FAG Reploid: its been dazed from crippled leg and eye loss Reploid: fyi Reploid: 1 round Phil: Gah! They're all too close to the spider for me to attack Phil: SOME OF YOU GUYS BACK OFF ALREAD Reploid: spoilers they cant BloodVex (Phil): I know Reploid: :3 Lazar: Why dont you manuver yourself? We're busy being useful. Reploid: bop it Reploid: yee Phil: Sticks his hands between them and casts Burning Hands Reploid: oh snap Squid (Ryleh): thank god my feats keep me from hitting you fags XD . Reploid: ICEBURN Phil: Maneuvers around between red guy and L Phil: Maneuvers around between red guy and L Reploid: mmkay Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): red guy is me Campaign saved.

but okay Phil: You needed a shave anyway! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): hair.. Reploid: d20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): d20 Squid (Ryleh): we can knock it into the pit. Gnome! Ryleh: We must be done with this mess. Phil: I'd suggest you guys back off slightly! Skylighter (Calnik): what die? Lazar: Way to suck. save [1d20+1 = 14] Reploid: your gnomey beard is set aflame! Skylighter (Calnik): I dont have a beard.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik Calnik: Holy mother! Could you possibly make it any hard for the rest of us to attack it? Reploid: cal reflex save Phil: It's cripped. blind. then Reploid: your portrait does Reploid: so Reploid: hair then Calnik tumbles to the ground and rolls around to put the flame out. Ryleh Rivahros: Damn it. Ryleh: Ranged attack [1d20+5 = 23] ... Calnik: Just be more careful in the future! Ryleh: takes aim and prays her arrows meet their mark. Phil. and burning to death! Skylighter (Calnik): goddammit Skylighter (Calnik): If you set me on fire. Phil! What'd you do?! Reploid: who's d Ryleh: Good gracious! Lazar: I think he made it harder for us. before letting them go.. Phil! Watch what you're doin'! Phil: Quite sorry.. or kill it :/ Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's always d20 unless otherwise specified Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's too big to push Calnik: Ref.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FOIYAH FOIYAH FOIYAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): stop using XD Skylighter (Calnik): XD Squid (Ryleh): FIYAAAAAH Phil: [2d4 = 4] Reploid: its on fire Reploid: holy shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HUGE FLAMING SPIDER Phil: BACKS THE FUCK OFF Rivahros: Holy hell.

Diplomacy +4 [1d20+24 = 25] Reploid: crit fail Reploid: you die BloodVex (Phil): sorry Reploid: the spider begins to stumble Reploid: but its still alive Calnik Rivahros: It's on its last legs! Calnik: Let's end this! Calnik: Melee attack [1d20+4 = 6] Reploid: whiff! Skylighter (Calnik): ffffffffffff Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LOL NO U DONT . Diplomacy +4.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BAM Reploid: THOK! Reploid: RIGHT IN THE EYE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AAaaAAaAArrgh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Always the eye Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Poor thing Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll damage Phil: Gives a thumbs up to Ryleh Campaign saved. Diplomacy +4. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hm Ryleh: Dex bonus [1d8+4 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): why the modifier? Reploid: damage Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ranged attacks don't work like that. Diplomacy +4. no dex to damage Reploid: der Reploid: oh f Ryleh: :/ Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I don't think you add modifiers to damag erolls Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You add Strength if its a bow. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): and melee Skylighter (Calnik): HURRY AND KILL IT THIS MUSIC IS ANNOYING BloodVex (Phil): Composite bow* Reploid: its composite Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait a minute. Diplomacy +4. could I have been adding my str mod to my damage this whole time? Reploid: her str is 0 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh my god. i'm a retard Skylighter (Calnik): ffff me too Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Indeed Phil: Diplomacy +4.

that took longer then necessary Rivahros merely stands still for a moment. panting.. Skylighter (Calnik): You still gotta walk back Rivahros inspects the pedestal. -2 +2 Rivahros: Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+5 = 25] Reploid: OH SNAP Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): HERES YOUR CHANCE Reploid: CRIT CHECK Calnik is too distracted by the smell of burnt hair to focus Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EAT THIS.Rivahros Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): We'll hit eventually Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FINAL BLOW Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): POWER STRIKE. Rivahros: Whew. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): POTW Lazar: looks at the platform for anything of interest. [1d20+4 = 13] Reploid: you notice a raised pedistal Rivahros carefully walks across the bridge to the platform. . MOTHERFUCKER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Rivahros: [1d20 = 4] Reploid: aw Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rivahros: [1d10 = 8] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): YYEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 10 DAMAGE BITCH Lazar: + Strength Skylighter (Calnik): Forgot to add your Str mod again Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): +3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 13 DAMAGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EAT IT BITCH Reploid: the spider is cleaved right down the middle! Rivahros: Hraaaah! Reploid: it spurts blood everywhere Lazar: Well.. Reploid: balance Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): balance? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Protip bros. say take 20 Reploid: dont fuck up Rivahros: Balance [1d20+2 = 20] Reploid: lucky bastard Campaign saved.

. How far is it Phil: Decipher Script [1d20+6 = 21] Rivahros opens the pink bag and looks inside. Reploid: you dont understand it Rivahros: Anyone wanna try and figure this out? Phil: What does it say. especially if he expected to never return and for us to die. Phil: Wait Reploid: 5 . Reploid: its written in some sort of code Calnik: Curious why Gerkus would leave such items behind. Phil: You little. gems.a book. Dwarf? Rivahros: I can't understand a bit of it.Phil: Glad that's all done with Reploid: theres a small pink veltet bag here Phil Reaches out to grab jasper Reploid: and a book Reploid: with an odd logo on it Phil: Jasper bites phil on the hand Lazar looks down the pit and points his morningstar torch to see down it... How nice... Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Repbro. Calnik: Notice anything interesting? Rivahros picks up both items and makes to return to the main part of the room. Reploid: [3d6 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh BloodVex (Phil): inb4 rage is turned into a girl Reploid: inside the bag are gems! Rivahros: Gems! Phil: Gems? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): How many Phil: Is momentarily distracted from reading book Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): turns around after hearing 'Gems'. HOW MANY Calnik: Hm. Rivahros: And this pink bag. Rivahros hands the book to Phil. So what does the book say? Reploid: oh fff Reploid: [3d6 = 13] Lazar: turns around after hearing 'Gems'.! Rivahros: Balance [1d20+2 = 20] Reploid: goddamn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AW YEAH Rivahros: I found. looking down. Rivahros opens the book and reads it.. Reploid: [3d6 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID..

. Skylighter (Calnik): brb while Rage looks up "opaque" Phil: Hm? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Is that good or bad? Reploid: the look like they'd go for abou 200g each Lazar: Is that good or bad? Rivahros: Well.don't know. we can sell it. Rivahros grabs one of the jewels and pockets it. Reploid: nothing strikes you as unusual Calnik: Allow me. the more it's worth.. Reploid: anyone gonna go for the appraise? Lazar takes his share.. do you? Lazar: Same reason he would kill someone on a platform and then teleport away. Phil: Stop Calnik: No need to be hasty. Rivahros: Appraise [1d20 = 19] Calnik: Appraise [1d20+2 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER APPRAISE BloodVex (Phil): UNTRAINED APPRAISE Ryleh: Appraise [1d20+2 = 16] BloodVex (Phil): BUT REP DGAFS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MY GUY WORKED IN FUCKING MINES FOR HIS WHOLE CHILDHOOD BloodVex (Phil): lololololol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I THINK HE'D KNOW SOME JEWELS WHEN HE SAW 'EM Squid (Ryleh): lolololol Reploid: Riva notices that while they look like normal gems. Phil: Snatches bag from Rivahros' hands Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): takes his share. Phil: Knowledge (Whatever this would apply too) [1d20+4 = 21] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Who cares. Phil: Looks at a gem Phil: Appraise [1d20+4 = 8] Rivahros takes his gem out of his pocket and tries to inspect it. We'll each take one.Rivahros: There's five here. Campaign saved. generally. Rivahros: Can you tell what they are? Phil: Don't any of you find this even a BIT suspiscious?! Calnik: Don't suppose they're cursed. they are slightly opaque in the middle. . There's plenty to go around.. Phil: Why would a wizard leave a bag of gems before teleporting away? Reploid: :3c Rivahros: I.They're more solid in the middle. Rivahros: Weird. No telling what purpose they could have. the more dense a gem is. Rivahros: But these are wizard's gems.

No telling what effects they might have on a hapless buyer. we can sell it. it's quite obvious these aren't simple treasures. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats why I have the zombie holding it. Lazar hands his gem to the Kobold Zombie to hold.. Calnik: I suggest we find a more talented gemcrafter in town before we pawn them... Rivahros: I've never seen a gem so solid. Rivahros: Alright. Ryleh: Considering a girl was burned in the process. Phil: Prtends to toss his gem into the pit Rivahros: They might be cursed. Lazar: Thats why I have the zombie holding it. Phil: I still don't like it. Phil: pockets gem secretly [1d20+3 = 19] Rivahros holds open the bag and puts his gem inside. and holds it out expectantly for the others to do the same. Reploid: slieght of hand plz BloodVex (Phil): sleight of hand check btw BloodVex (Phil): It was Reploid: ah Reploid: well you win Lazar stares at Rivahros. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): fffffffffffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Calnik stares at Rivahros . BloodVex (Phil): I know what the word means BloodVex (Phil): Jeez Reploid (Reploid): good Reploid: it measn they're not normal Reploid (Reploid): at all Reploid: :3c Rivahros: Perhaps. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ffffffff BloodVex (Phil): WHAT DOES APAQUENESS IN MIDDLE MEAN Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ITS THICK Reploid (Reploid): gems are normally see through Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT MEANS IT'S MORE SOLID AND THICK IN THE MIDDLE AND LESS SEE-THROUGH Reploid (Reploid): opaque means its solid Calnik takes his own gem and peers into its depths before pocketing it.perhaps we should be wary of these. Rivahros: What if it explodes or something and curses you? I'm not gonna sell 'em.Lazar: Who cares. Rivahros: I think we should leave them in this bag for now.. Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 14] Reploid: fail Calnik narrows his eyes at Phil.

. Ryleh: places them back in the bag. Ryleh: I worry too much about these.. its worth a try. Calnik hands his gem to Rivahros. so long as I have enough to maintain the cost of upkeep. Rivahros puts the back in his backpack. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): try again? Reploid: yep Rivahros: Climb [1d20+6 = 9] Reploid: ahaha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GOD DAMN IT BloodVex (Phil): lolololol Lazar commands the zombie to climb... Calnik: I suppose. no damage Lazar: Well. Campaign saved. you can trust him Phil: In any case Rivahros: Nobody's going to trust me? Fine.Rivahros: Well? Calnik: Sense Motive [1d20+5 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'm not trying for anything bad Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): or I would have rolled a bluff Skylighter (Calnik): kek Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): amazingly enough. Reploid: riva falls after climbing 5 feet. Reploid: same thing Calnik: Climb [1d20+6 = 11] Lazar: [1d20 = 14] Rivahros: Climb [1d20+6 = 16] Lazar: +1 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FINALLY Reploid: cal you fall Skylighter (Calnik): fff Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Does zombie make it? Phil: Having trouble there. Phil: walks back to rope. Lazar stares at the zombie. Dwarf? Reploid: the rest of you pass . begins to climb Reploid: climb checks all around Phil: Climb [1d20+1 = 18] Rivahros: Climb [1d20+6 = 8] Ryleh: Climb [1d20+4 = 16] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh you've got to be fucking kidding me Calnik: Profit is insignificant to me.. Phil: I'm not stayin down here any longer Rivahros: Grumbling.

.Wait a minute..Rivahros: I'm just tired out from the spider. Lazar: [1d20 = 14] Reploid: lock opens Reploid: you avoid the splinters Calnik: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 3] Phil: peers inside Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 4] . Rivahros 's face suddenly goes blank for a second. Phil. please? Lazar: but lets say its for bashing door down Reploid: k Reploid: dex save Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 16] Calnik uses his hammer on the door.. the bleeding fellow. Calnik: Ah yes. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): new map plz Ryleh: Slight of mind..... Phil: BROFISTS rivhros Rivahros: . Calnik: Climb [1d20+6 = 14] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): and for I Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Reploid: there you go Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hooray! Phil: Understandable Phil: You fought hard and well Reploid: BROFIST Rivahros: As did you.. Phil: tries the left door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): locked mirite? Reploid: what was that for Reploid: the 20 Reploid: yes locked Lazar: Oh uh Lazar: I didnt mean to roll Rivahros: Phil. can you open this. where is Harken? Reploid: yes Reploid: YES Rivahros: We haven't found him yet. I was just happy to be done with that spider. Phil: !1! Phil: That's right! Lazar: Probably at the bottom of the pit. Phil: LEt's go back up and check the rest of the rooms Lazar: [1d20 = 20] Rivahros checks the left door.

Squid (Ryleh): sure is desk around here Reploid: mhm Lazar: Nothing. Reploid: a desk Reploid: its been ransacked Rivahros: This entire house has been looted. Phil: Hey! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH OHHHH Phil: Hey guys! Lazar: Eh? Rivahros: What? Phil: Wait up! Rivahros: What is it? Phil: I found a switch in the desk Lazar: What is it.. maybe you shouldn't- Reploid: a painting on the wall moves out of the way Reploid: theres a safe Rivahros: A safe! . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh man i am loling Reploid: your vision blurs Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): What I see Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): What's in here Reploid: riva sees nothing of interest Calnik: I need to sit for a spell. fool? Reploid: [3d6 = 13] Reploid (Reploid): ffff Phil: Flips switch cautiously Ryleh: Oh? Rivahros: Wait. Phil: Searches desk regardless Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 17] Rivahros goes down the stairs. Ryleh: Hey! Wait up! Reploid: you notice a switch in the desk drawer Ryleh heads to the stairs. Someone else open it..Skylighter (Calnik): ffff Lazar: [1d20 = 16] Reploid: you hit your face with the hammer Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): spot Reploid: 2 damage Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 2] Calnik: Well. I feel foolish. Reploid: [3d6 = 14] Campaign saved.

.. Phil: Attempts to open safe Lazar: [1d20+1 = 8] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Search Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Desk Reploid: fail Reploid: oh wait Reploid: thats a search Reploid: uh Reploid: nothing of interest Phil: Can you lockpick safes Reploid: yes Phil: Fallout 3 says you can Reploid: it was already empty Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YUS Reploid: you struggle with the lock Reploid: it doesn't give way Phil: Damn.. Ryleh: Drat. place? Reploid: inside the safe is a notebook and a dagger Rivahros: Harken's brother left something here for him! ...Ryleh: Careful now..? Rivahros: The. take 20 Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 24] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): works too Reploid: HOLY SHIT YOU OPEN THAT BITCH UP Rivahros: What's inside? Reploid: [3d6 = 14] Phil: searches inside Phil: searches inside Phil: shields inside of safe from others Reploid: what looks like a note is tacked to the door of the safe Reploid: it reads "The usual Place" Phil: .. Phil: Aha! Lazar: Hrm.. Phil: Once more then? Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 17] Reploid: nope Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Protip..usual place! Rivahros: Where Harken and his brother put things! Squid (Ryleh): afk 3 minutes :X Calnik: The usual.. Calnik waits patiently outside the room....

Rivahros exits the room and goes down the stairs.. what does it say? Phil: Someone was translating the Gloomrule code Phil: . Phil: Scoffs at Lazar Rivahros: The code can wait. sorry Rivahros: Perhaps. Phil: The paper it's printed on might be worth a few copper Rivahros: Though I honestly doubt he's still alive..They were nearly finished Rivahros: The. Rivahros: Huh? Phil: Grabs the dagger and examines it Reploid: d20 Phil: Appraise [1d20+4 = 13] Reploid: [3d6 = 7] BloodVex (Phil): appraise or just general? Reploid: ooo Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so what happens Reploid: [3d6 = 11] . flips it open Phil: YEah Phil: This and a dagger Reploid: someone was translating the Gloomrule code using this book Reploid: they have it 80% completed Rivahros: Phil. Ryleh: How can you be so sure? He was very well alive when we last saw him.. But we need to find Harken first. Phil: Forgot something! Calnik: Unfortunately. FUCK YEAH Campaign saved.. But does it have anything of material value? Phil: Perhaps I can finish cracking the code? Phil: Well Squid (Ryleh): back. we're not any closer than when we stepped foot in this house.code? Rivahros: Oh! Rivahros: Perhaps you can use that to figure out what the book we found said! Phil: Yeah! Reploid: YEA! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LOGIC. for now. Phil: Strolls back into other room Reploid (Reploid): pst check the dagger Phil: Stops Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh right Calnik: He still need to find his body.Lazar: Yes.... Yes. Does it have things inside it? Phil: Grabs book. Lazar: How very interesting.

Reploid: the blade erupts in flame once more Ryleh: What relation could it have to this situation? Phil: Not sure Phil: But you know what I always say in these situations? Rivahros: What? Phil: Puts dagger in his bag Phil: Finders keepers Reploid: :3c Rivahros can't help but smile.or what's left of him. Reploid: :3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't bother Phil: okay then Campaign saved. Rivahros: Alright.. Lazar commands zombie to pick it up. Phil: strolls into opposite room Phil: strolls into opposite room Reploid: map switchan Rivahros goes down the stairs.Reploid: the dagger lights on fire once you weild it Rivahros: Whoah! Phil: Gah! Phil: Drops dagger quickly Phil: Wait! Rivahros: A fantastic weapon. I'm sure he'd love it. for sure. .. Phil: It's some sort of magical dagger Phil: picks it up. Phil: WAIT Rivahros: Gah! What now? Reploid: that room has now been searched 3 times Reploid: you're dumb Phil: oh Ryleh: I thought we checked that room Phil. Calnik sighs and watches. Phil: Picks up dagger to keep from burning house down Phil: Ouch! Phil: Drops dagger again Reploid: it doesnt hurt you Phil: Huh? Reploid: fyi Lazar commands zombie to pick it up. Squid (Ryleh): :3c Ryleh: .. slowly Rivahros: Perhaps we could give it to our resident drow. now let's find Harken.. but I prefer my axe.

Phil: Searches for secre door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'M SEARCHING THE DESK Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID Reploid: k Reploid: you find nothing of interest Rivahros: Hrm. should be a room here.... Open this up for us Phil: You're a dwarf. Reploid: you notice the outline of a door in the brick Phil: Hah! Reploid: its been recently put up Rivahros: A door? Ryleh: Clever Rivahros: In. dwarf thing! Reploid: its a craft ..Rivahros searches the desk.. Reploid: stonecraft check Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there is no stonecraft skill Phil: I don't know. Riva.. 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 7] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): reup map? Ryleh: It's a wonder considering the structure. one would think there is... do your. notices something 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 12] 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected Phil: shouldn't there be a room over there? Calnik examines the wall. Reploid: you spot nothing door like Rivahros: What are you people looking for? Phil: Not content with his searching. Phil: walks out into foyer... Phil: You're a dwarf... Open this up for us Rivahros: How? You want me to ram into a brick wall? Ryleh: steps back.. tries once more Phil: Search [4] Ryleh: Might we be able to use some brute force? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): is the wall made of stone Phil: [1d20 = 17] BloodVex (Phil): 4+17* Phil: There. Riva.this wall? Phil: Someone ready for demolition? Rivahros backs up..

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but I do get a bonus on searches Reploid: dwarves get it Phil: Dwarf! Reploid: oh Reploid: yea thats it Reploid: its a search Reploid: der Squid (Ryleh): dwarf it up Reploid: sorry Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 20] BloodVex (Phil): F YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER STONECRAFT SEARCH Reploid: you find a weak spot and smack it with your axe BloodVex (Phil): EPIC STONECRAFTING Rivahros: Ahh... thank you m'lady Reploid: it opens . Rivahros: Every single door here is locked. Phil: I am fine..I see. Ryleh: Can you see Phil? Phil: I won't be defeated by this detestable. Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 22] Campaign saved. comrade! Rivahros: An obvious point to my fine Dwarven eyes. Phil: Smacks Dwarf on back heartily Reploid: its locked :3c Rivahros: Locked! Lazar: Do it again then. Door! Calnik waits patiently. Phil: Brandishes lockpick Phil: Open Lock [1d20+4 = 5] Reploid: you stab your eye Reploid: 1 damage Phil: God- Phil: UGh Calnik: Shall I try? Phil: No Calnik: Alright. Phil: No problem Ryleh: Oh folly. Reploid: it crumbles Reploid: theres a door there now Phil: Well done.... Rivahros tries the door. Calnik: Well done.

do any of you recall this.Phil: peers within Rivahros walks through. Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 14] Reploid: harken is in the room Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 15] Rivahros: Dear Lord! It's Harken! Phil: Harken! Rivahros: Are you all right? Reploid: phil noticed hes dead Phil: He.. Reploid: laz heal check plz Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LAZAR. Reploid: cleric Ryleh covers her mouth and holds back tears.. bows his head and whispers a prayer. Lazar: Hrm. Phil: Steps back in horro Phil: He's dead. Rivahros face and expression become grim..Oh. MAKE A HEAL CHECK Skylighter (Calnik): Who is the cleric? Lazar: Oh Lazar: Sorry Lazar: Heal [1d20+12 = 30] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MEGA HEAL Reploid: hes only been dead for a few minutes.. he's dead Skylighter (Calnik): he got better Reploid: -9 hp ..... 20 at most BloodVex (Phil): >+12 BloodVex (Phil): huh Squid (Ryleh): MONSTER HEAL Skylighter (Calnik): U-U-ULTRA HEAL Reploid: you can stabelize him BloodVex (Phil): GOD-HEAL Reploid: stbilize Reploid: w/e Lazar: ((High WIS... All ranks in it)) Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but... Rivahros: . out of idle curiosity.'Harken'..being a good fighter? Rivahros can we make some sort of check to determine cause of death? Reploid: roll a heal check Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): * Phil: holds Ryleh and shields her eyes from corpse Calnik steps besides the body. Rivahros: Dear..

If you had not wasted such time on the spider he could be alive. cleric! Lazar: If you insist. 20 minutes.please..Phil: Searches through desk Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do you mean he can bring him to-oh Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 22] Lazar: Dead. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now heal him some more Lazar: I was doing far more then you. Campaign saved. Calnik: Now is not the time to cast blame. Reploid: I means nearly dead and unconscious for 20 mins sry for the confusion Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I just stabalized him with heal though. you healed him Phil: So you were simply content to sit back and let the spider eat us then? Brilliant plan.. BloodVex (Phil): Say there's nothing you can do and make a bluff check BloodVex (Phil): :3 Rivahros: NO. Reploid: or if you searched here first lol Rivahros growls in anger. Cleric. Rivahros: Heal him if you can. Ryleh: Can't you save him? Lazar: Heal [1d20+12 = 22] BloodVex (Phil): HEY REP DO I FIND ANYTHING IN THE DESK? Reploid (Reploid): one sec vex BloodVex (Phil): k Squid (Ryleh): phils busy looting rofl Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i think you need to cast a spell to heal him Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Both work Reploid: he's terminal but you can save him if you want Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DO IT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I can stabalize with heal or Cure Light Wounds. DON'T Calnik places a palm against Harkan's forehead and uses his Lay on Hands. Reploid: in b4 you raise him as a zombeh Ryleh: This is solving nothing. I don' Lazar: er Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who cares. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE MIGHT HAVE INFORMATION Squid (Ryleh): this is the second heal why won't this mofo get up Reploid: how much is your lay Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He's at -9. more at himself than Lazar. Skylighter (Calnik): 6 points Reploid: -3 Lazar: Why does it matter? Who is this anyway? . He's no longer dying. Fool. Lazar: See. but won't get up soon.

The man has almost died.... sure.What happened to you? Lazar: I just saved your life.. he's dying and needs assistance Calnik: There. Rivahros kneels next to Harken to better hear him should he speak. gnome. Give him some time. Rivahros: Harken! What. Phil: A man's life Lazar: [1d8 = 1] Rivahros: Well said. I have an idea.. Rivahros: .Huh. He needs rest..breathing. Reploid: hes barely awake Ryleh: Enough blood has been spilt today. Reploid: [3d6 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there you go Calnik: You don't need a reason to help people. I think he'll be fine. Phil: This one? Harken coughs Phil: Brandishes dagger . especially those on the brink of death. Lazar: He's dying and needs assistance..... Harken: I have a magic dagger. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): +2 Reploid: 0 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just enough Lazar: So he's at 0.. But other then a fuzzy feeling.... and his eyes go blank for a fraction of a second. Phil: This is the man who commissioned us. Cleric Lazar looks at Harken. I expect Reparation for this. Reploid: k desk time Reploid: what did you roll Rivahros is dimly reminded of the man in black. awake. whats it worth? Reploid (Reploid): lol richard Lazar: Actually. Besides that.. quit your discussion and help him. Calnik: Don't yell at him. in the safe upstairs.... Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): right you are BloodVex (Phil): I got an 18+4 roll BloodVex (Phil): on search desk Lazar casts cure light wounds on Harken.Reploid: hes breathing Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): would a potion help Skylighter (Calnik): charisma times my level = 6 Rivahros: He's. Harken groans Phil: I'm sorry you don't quite understand that.

Harken: +1 Campaign saved. Furthermore. Harken: have you been upstairs? Rivahros: Phil found the code.We have to take you with us. please. Rivahros: Your code. Reploid (Harken): yea they're all fagets Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 17] Phil: We've fought off the worst they have to offer. he could have easily killed us... Calnik: If they're coming back. Rivahros: No. I did not realize it was yours Harken: Take it. Lazar: Enchanted the house? Lazar: Howso? Rivahros: We found a book left behind by the sorcerer. Harken: my brother must have been forced to do it. Lazar: Yes yes.. we should get out of this house as soon as we can. Harken: hp Squid (Ryleh): i thought we had more badies. We might able to learn their plans.. We need to get out of here.Rivahros: We already found it. Come on. They'll only come back for me and I cannot fight them off. we will not leave you here... Phil: I'm sorry. but he escaped us.. Rivahros: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 14] Harken: The Gloomrule are after me and they even enchanted my house Ryleh: We must not sit here any longer. then we're wasting time sitting here... Rivahros: We defeated a sorcerer's minion downstairs. they opened a rift right into my own house! Phil: helps carry him ..... Harken: They know I'm cracking the code. Calnik: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 9] Lazar: And its a good thing he left. Phil: Harken. help me get him up. and leave me. lol Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): they disconnected Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): The worst? Ha. Lazar: The worst? Ha.leave you to die! Phil: We can take you to the nearest temple and get you healed Lazar: So you're saying you're going to die anyway? Phil: Letting you die here is out of the question.. Besides that. Calnik: Out of the question. We can't. they'll come for me. if you tell us who exactly is after you and why.. Ryleh: The code? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I'm surrounded by goooooooooooooodo Rivahros: We can protect you. Rivahros: Calnik has a point..

Reploid: where do you niggas want to go? Ryleh: Let us make haste. I totally forgot about my undead feats Harken: hes being carried Reploid: er DM Calnik: Come on. let's go.. gonna make me do some Metal Gear Zombie action aintcha Lazar: Its cool. Im up for it Reploid: ok so BloodVex (Phil): wait Reploid: I have another encounter ready BloodVex (Phil): What's the H in the top of the map Reploid: wanna keep playing y/y Lazar: y BloodVex (Phil): y Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sure Ryleh: y Skylighter (Calnik): n Reploid: FAGGOT Skylighter (Calnik): just kidding. Y 'Gabe Newell' connected Reploid: OH HAY 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Cormag: I RETURN Lazar: EVILBRO Skylighter (Calnik): ITS CORFAG BloodVex (Phil): :D Lazar: WE GOT A DAGGER FOR Y A Reploid: bro you have a sweet flaming dagger now Squid (Ryleh): finally some more evil Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh fuck yes Phil: FUCK OFF IT'S MY DAGGER . Rivahros carries Harken out. for now BloodVex (Phil): To the enarest temple Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): temple is a better idea Phil: I say we head for the nearest temple. fellows Skylighter (Calnik): Whatever serves as a hospital Rivahros: Good idea. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): back to the tavern. Im up for it Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its cool.. Calnik: You can give us the details once we've reached safety.Phil: Str bonus [1d20+1 = 6] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh fffffff.

straight to sleep? Gabe Newell (Cormag): So wait do I get the dagger or what Reploid: sounds good Squid (Ryleh): no chilling out before hand? Reploid: yea you went to the tavern BloodVex (Phil): NO FUCK OFF IT'S MY DAGGER Reploid: he still paid for your room remember Gabe Newell (Cormag): <:( . Skylighter (Calnik): LEEEEET THE SUN SHIIIIIINE. Can you backhand with a dagger? Lazar: Phil is a wizard BloodVex (Phil): Where were you when we left Cormag? Reploid: YOU SLEEP AND HAVE HARKEN WITH YOU Campaign saved.BloodVex (Phil): FUCK OFF IT'S MY DAGGER Lazar: And its tough being the only evil here Reploid: dohoho Skylighter (Calnik): If you can convince Phil to give it up Lazar: support me bro Lazar: they were all BloodVex (Phil): FINDERS KEEPERS Lazar: Save the guy because its right! Lazar: and I was all Lazar: fag Squid (Ryleh): we were picking on lazar with our christian brutality >XD Reploid (Reploid): I lvoe evil characters . Reploid: fail Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just give him the dagger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he can make the best use of it Reploid: ok so Skylighter (Calnik): Isnt Phil ranged? Lazar: I dont know rage. Skylighter (Calnik): Reploid._. please? Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Reploid: dont have it Reploid: fff Cormag: Backhands Phil for the dagger [1d20+3 = 6] Gabe Newell (Cormag): D: Squid (Ryleh): i thought everyone was going to be evil to i went good ._. give me the class/name note. LEEEEET THE SUN SHINE IN! Reploid: everyone is healed up and shit Gabe Newell (Cormag): We were fighting kolbods when I left Lazar: Oh bro protip BloodVex (Phil): YAY I PREPARE NEW SPELLSES Lazar: If we sleep Lazar: I keep zombie on lookout Squid (Ryleh): wait.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST GIVE HIM THE DAGGER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE'S A ROGUE Squid (Ryleh): KEEP THE DAGGER. Kill him or steal it Phil: Fine Cormag: Holds Phil at knifepoint BloodVex (Phil): HEY GABE Ryleh: roll Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 10] Gabe Newell (Cormag): dffasjkfhajgash Squid (Ryleh): roflmao BloodVex (Phil): Roll a d20. Wizard Cormag: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 19] Reploid: sense motive Skylighter (Calnik): OOOOOSHIIIIIIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GIVE HIM THE DAGGER YOU QUINTUPLE NIGGER Lazar: I swear.jpg Skylighter (Calnik): OR LET HIM KILL YOU FOR IT BECAUSE HE WILL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): That sounds pretty logical actually Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to have cormag pay for the dagger Reploid: don't make me spawn a dragon Gabe Newell (Cormag): How much I'll pay Squid (Ryleh): spawn a blue eyes white dragon Lazar: Go for it fgt Ill ride it Skylighter (Calnik): Don't pay. if you keep bitching about this dagger Ill knock you both out and take it myself. 12 and up means you steal it from me in the night. Lazar: And then I'll heal you Lazar: And knock you out again Phil: Why would I give you the dagger? So you can backstab innocents with it? . fag. LOL Squid (Ryleh): it's a flaming dagger :3 Lazar: INFIGHTING Lazar: BATTLE 1 Lazar: FIGHT Skylighter (Calnik): MAKE HIM PAY FOR IT Reploid: facepalm. You're evil. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GIVE HIM Gabe Newell (Cormag): HNNNGNGGG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THE DAGGER BloodVex (Phil): less and I KEEP IT FOREVER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GOD DAMN IT Reploid: counter with sense motive Squid (Ryleh): hahahaha BloodVex (Phil): NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ON NO NO Cormag: I think the dagger would be better with me.

He won't kill any innocents while we're around to watch him. Reploid: reroll phil STILL NEVER ROLL SENSE MOTIVE WHAT THE FUCK Phil: I will strike a deal with you. Phil. Rivahros: Just give him the dagger. PHIL Gabe Newell (Cormag): HA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag rolled higher Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he wins Phil: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 19] Reploid: goddamn roll what I tell you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): equal roll Lazar: tie Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): try again. . both of you Reploid: reroll your intimidate Reploid: phil reroll a sense motive Reploid: go Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 26] Lazar: Oh what Phil: oh Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 23] Lazar: OH WHAT Squid (Ryleh): ohhhhhhh Reploid: AHAHAHAHAH Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -head explodes- Reploid: OH FUUUUUUUUUU Skylighter (Calnik): I'm loling BloodVex (Phil): I win Reploid: you dupe the item Gabe Newell (Cormag): <:( Squid (Ryleh): hahaahahaha Reploid: somehow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what Reploid: jk Gabe Newell (Cormag): MAGIC BloodVex (Phil): No Squid (Ryleh): dude offer to buy the dagger XD Reploid: oh gawd Phil: Cormag. Drow Rivahros: It only makes sense. He'd do better with it.Reploid: AND DO IT AGAIN Reploid: FUCK YES Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 16] Skylighter (Calnik): YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ROLL SENSE MOTIVE.

Reploid: NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST MOVING ON Phil: WHAT THE FUCK . Reploid: I can deal with that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOW LET'S MOVE ON . and I hand it over to you Gabe Newell (Cormag): You do realize this would have been avoided if I wasn't aware that a dagger was dropped Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ACCEPT THE PROMISE Cormag: I accept.boom- BloodVex (Phil): wait no BloodVex (Phil): let me do this quick Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): holy shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you retard fggots Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST GIVE HIM THE DAGGER Reploid: a dragon eats you both and flies away Reploid: reroll your characters Phil: Drow. Promise me that you will not use this to kill innnocent lives. DO YOU ROLL IT? Reploid: roll Reploid: sense Reploid: motive Gabe Newell (Cormag): Who me? Squid (Ryleh): this dagger had a fail curse on it. imo Reploid: i will kill you Phil: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 11] Reploid: goddamn Reploid: gabe roll intim Campaign saved. NIGGER. Reploid: ffffff Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 6] Phil: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 4] Gabe Newell (Cormag): ahahahahahaahahahahfasdjgfsdhgfsdf Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I'm 3 secons away from summoning two more skeletons and taking by force.Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during no sense motive Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 5] Lazar: lol Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahahah BloodVex (Phil): fffff Squid (Ryleh): hahahha Reploid: oh Reploid: oh god Skylighter (Calnik): SENSE MOTIVE. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THANK YOU Phil: Alright.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE COULD JUST HOLD IT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE YOU. statzs on dagger? Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 22] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I TOLD YOU WHAT HAPPENED Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh wow. Phil: RIGHT IN HIS CHEST Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GOD DAMN IT Squid (Ryleh): LOL Reploid: CHAPTER 2 CLOSED DUE TO DRAMA Phil: Dagger [1d20+1 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE YOU Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO. Phil: HANDS HIM THE REAL FUCKING DAGGER Gabe Newell (Cormag): Stats on dagger? Skylighter (Calnik): This is awesome. You can't bluff that.Reploid: goddamn Reploid: ok Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 bluff check next fucking day! jesu christ Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): "I'll use this dagger!" Phil: Hands him my other dagger Gabe Newell (Cormag): I still don't know what happened Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): exksdee Gabe Newell (Cormag): also. C'MON Lazar: We got a fight Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DON'T MAKE US STOP . WHAT Lazar: Roll initiative everyone Ryleh: OK SERIOUSLY GUYS. Phil. Phil. did you just try to bluff an enchanted dagger Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): A dagger that turns to flame when weilded. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): god damn it Skylighter (Calnik): I dunno. enchanted daggers are pretty gullible Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats DC 60 range BloodVex (Phil): He doesn't know what it does Reploid: Phil tries really hard to make the dagger look like its on fire Cormag: I'm not stupid. BLOODVEX Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MAKING EVERYTHING SO GOD DAMN COMPLICATED BloodVex (Phil): FINE TAKE THE DAGGER FFFFFFFFFFFF BloodVex (Phil): mpcahordsfhgjofojhgv Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NOW LET'S MOVE ON Gabe Newell (Cormag): DAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD DRAMA Squid (Ryleh): hahahah Lazar: I stare at Phil. anyone can tell the shimmering of a magical dagger.

Ryleh: Diplomacy [1d20+2 = 20] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): The bitch taped you Skylighter (Calnik): UBER FAILURE BloodVex (Phil): GOD DAMNIT AURGH Reploid: she snuck into your room last night Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't like the sound of this Squid (Ryleh): wat BloodVex (Phil): :D Squid (Ryleh): i did not DX Reploid: yes you did Reploid: the dice said so . LET GO CLEAN SLATE GODDAMN Reploid: Everyone is healed Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Exp? Reploid: uh Reploid: sure Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): not done yet BloodVex (Phil): so did ryleh and I spend the night together or what Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we'll get exp at the end BloodVex (Phil): :3 Reploid: roll diplo Squid (Ryleh): srsly what happened dgaf Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 8] Reploid: both of you BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFF Reploid: cause she likes you :3 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You did not tap the bitch Phil: . lets get the fight going._.Reploid: its a +1 flaming dagger Reploid: look up flaming in DMG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): +1 to attack and damage rolls BloodVex (Phil): no seriously Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i believe Squid (Ryleh): fite fite fite BloodVex (Phil): he can take the dagger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): plus whatever flaming does BloodVex (Phil): I dgaf Rivahros: ok cormag you have the dagger Rivahros: drama done Phil: NEXT DAY Rivahros: let's move on Reploid: next fucking day Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Come on.

it's alright Gabe Newell (Cormag): I remember that BloodVex (Phil): I'm good Squid (Ryleh): you're a nigger reploid Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Lets move the fuck on holy shit Skylighter (Calnik): Killing giant spiders and having guts all over your shoes kinda takes you out of the mood. so let's MOVE ON Squid (Ryleh): he had hat hair.Campaign saved. MOVING ON Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES. i was done with this Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHO CARES Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): massive._. Squid (Ryleh): fffffffff Skylighter (Calnik): Wait. Gabe Reploid: oh right Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT HAPPENS NOW Lazar: -4 mainhand. OK BloodVex (Phil): . it's her terms Squid (Ryleh): the dice said i wanted a nights rest by myself fags Reploid: before we left she said Reploid: save it for later Reploid: :3 BloodVex (Phil): No. Gabe Newell (Cormag): What are the penalties for dual wielding again? Reploid: damn this is so good drama Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i agree. -6 offhand Reploid: after you snuck in you saw his hair Reploid: and left Skylighter (Calnik): EVEN SO THE ROLL CANCELS OUT PHILS PREVIOUS WIN Gabe Newell (Cormag): Fuck that I'm just going to brandish the dagger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S GO Reploid: ok so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MOTHERFUCK! Skylighter (Calnik): CAN WE GO NOW? Squid (Ryleh): phil lost his dagger and did not get laid. Gabe Newell (Cormag): ilu Bloodvex Skylighter (Calnik): AND CALVIN REMAINED ABSTINENT Squid (Ryleh): <3 Skylighter (Calnik): *CALNIK Reploid: all of you roll d20s Reploid: no checks . doesn't it depend on what Ryleh wanted? BloodVex (Phil): and we spent a night cuddling each other with nothing else happening? Reploid: yea but if you recall Skylighter (Calnik): She won the roll.

I thought my ten would suck Reploid: oh Reploid: phil too Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No rerolling Phil Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): he had 8 Reploid: wait he did Reploid: fuckl Skylighter (Calnik): kek BloodVex (Phil): Didn't mean it Reploid: ok so Phil: [1d20 = 17] BloodVex (Phil): FFF Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 DnD PBF comic edits Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP THAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): comic edits? where? Reploid: highest numbers wake up 1 hour before everyone else Reploid: then next Reploid: etc Reploid: what do you two do Reploid: anything? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cal and rlyeh. lazar and phil.BloodVex (Phil): foad gabe Reploid: ffffff Calnik: [1d20 = 10] Cormag: [1d20 = 4] Gabe Newell (Cormag): . patiently dresses himself and clasps his armor .-. Ryleh: [1d20 = 10] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during battle dice Reploid: goddamit Phil: [1d20 = 8] Rivahros: [1d20 = 4] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm fucked Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Nobody can roll Gabe Newell (Cormag): also shit rolls Reploid: cal and ryleh wake up firsy Phil: [1d20 = 12] Calnik: lulz. me and cormag Reploid: or do you want to wait Squid (Ryleh): wanna fuck? Squid (Ryleh): XD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP IT WITH THE XDs Reploid: once you go gnome you never go home Gabe Newell (Cormag): so randum Calnik rolls out of bed and carefully.

Lazar meditates and shit. then heads downstairs to the tavern proper. Maria! Reploid: nothing unusual Skylighter (Calnik): Maria scares me Reploid: sunny day clear sky Squid (Ryleh): should it have been knowledge nature? . Phil: I'll take it! Ryleh: Survival [1d20+3 = 15] Phil: And a glass of milk. Phil Wakes up early to study spellbook and prepare his spells for the day.over his clothing. Squid (Ryleh): XDXDXD Skylighter (Calnik): I CANT FUCK CUZ I AM HOYL PALADIN Reploid: its true Skylighter (Calnik): BUT FFFFFFFFFF DAT ASS IS TEMPTING Reploid: titty monster Skylighter (Calnik): seriously Gabe Newell (Cormag): Dat ass is my department Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate both the titty monster AND dat ass memes Skylighter (Calnik): Baby. Ryleh heads out the front door to check the weather.S THE FORECAST NIGGA Maria: Sunny with a chance of BLOOD Reploid: DM lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the shit? Squid (Ryleh): bwhahaha pro DM Reploid: Weather looks normal Phil: Make that two. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lazar wakes up now too Phil: Maria! What's on the menu for today? Calnik orders a cup of tea and sits outside to drink it among the waking birds. Maria: Steak and eggs. the downstairs to get a nice breakfast Campaign saved. Ryleh gathers her armor and weapons and dresses before heading outside. if you will Maria: scurries into to kitchen Gabe Newell (Cormag): survival for looking outside? lolwar Maria er emote Squid (Ryleh): WHAT. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Deal with it Weeaboo Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so shut the fuck up Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm a weeaboo. I'd go Neutral Good for you. you don't have an excuse Gabe Newell (Cormag): What don't I have an excuse for Gabe Newell (Cormag): also OOC INFIGHTING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't know Squid (Ryleh): Wake up losers.

Maria beams Phil: Drops a few gold coins into tip jar Squid (Ryleh): maria is a slut Rivahros: I agree. Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during rage and I are still asleep Reploid: so you faggots are all awake except for harken since he was practically dead Calnik: Morning..that wasn't really neccesary. I trust you slept well? Squid (Ryleh): learn to wake up rofl Reploid: get up you two Skylighter (Calnik): lazy drow is lazy Rivahros gets up and performs his daily exercises before coming downstairs and having the same breakfast as Phil. It's been awhile since I had the opportunity to stay in such fine lodgings. Campaign saved. makign a mental note on who in the party is the biggest threat to him Skylighter (Calnik): emo drow Ryleh: Fairly well. then walks outside Phil: two Phil: Order up! Phil: Slides a plate in front of Ryleh Squid (Ryleh): i'm outside Squid (Ryleh): whoops nm Reploid: cool teammanship bros Ryleh: Thank you Phil.. and plays with his new dagger. Rivahros also tips the barmaid. Reploid (Maria): ooc Maria: thanks! Calnik: Yes.. they were quite fine. Reploid (Reploid): om nom . gets dressed. Cormag: awakes. considering the night we had.did you find your accomadations pleasing as well? Maria brings in breakfast and shoots the breeze Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHOOTS DA BREEZE Maria: BLAM Phil: Delicious cooking. Reploid (Maria): she is Squid (Ryleh): i'm the only girl for you Reploid (Maria): hit that Cormag: I will admit for human cooking this isn't half bad. Very good. Maria..Reploid (Reploid): weather is survival Squid (Ryleh): gotcha Calnik notices Ryleh as she steps outside. Phil: Grabs the too plates. as always.

'Gabe Newell' connected 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Phil: I suppose it's my fault for dragging you into this.. do you not like Steak and eggs? Calnik: A fine display of chivalry. . =( Skylighter (Calnik): Maria Squid (Ryleh): MARIO BloodVex (Phil): I have-a lasagna! Squid (Ryleh): it's a stone luigi BloodVex (Phil): Topped-a with-a the mushrooms! Skylighter (Calnik): ohgod what have i started? BloodVex (Phil): wa-hooooo! Lazar finishes meditating and joins the rest downstairs.. it's just been a while since I could sit down and have a well cooked meal. You'd make a good Paladin yourself. all of this. Phil: Why thank you..Phil: I'm sorry. Phil: I am glad that you were not harmed however Campaign saved. I never thought stopping in this tavern would lead to.. enjoy Reploid (Reploid): afk keep RPing Phil: Smiles at Ryleh Cormag: mumbles a small prayer to Skiasca and digs in to his food Skylighter (Calnik): I was about to order from Mario. my gnommish friend Ryleh: I'm sorry.well. did you sleep well. 'Skylighter' disconnected 'Squid' disconnected 'BloodVex' disconnected 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected 'Gabe Newell' disconnected 'Skylighter' connected 'Squid' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Skylighter (Calnik): ffffffffffffffff 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Squid (Ryleh): fffffffffffff 'BloodVex' connected 'Rage Incarnate' connected 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' Phil: So. Phil. I don't mean to seem ungrateful. Ryleh: As well as one could hope after the evening we had. Calnik grins sarcastically. Ryleh: No. Miss Ryleh? Calnik steps back inside and orders some toast and a glass of water for breakfast. Phil: Well.

You should be able to escape if the need arises Rivahros: What on earth are you doing? .. May I have a word with you? Lazar: What is it? Rivahros takes his axe and plants it on the earth blade-down.. ETC BloodVex (Phil): Oh.. masturbating at the thought of Phil Skylighter (Calnik): schlick Reploid (Reploid): schlick Squid (Ryleh): WHAT A WHORE.. Reploid (Reploid): party outside? Phil: Smiles widely Cormag: beckons Lazar over to a corner away from the others Ryleh: Excuse me I need to. of course Calnik steps back outside and plants himself down on the soft.. Lazar obliges him and heads there. <3 Rivahros opens one eye..I am-er. eyes closed.that is to say I mean.. If things get rough I can easliy prepare a spell to leave them to die. looks at Calnik. Ryleh rushes back into the Inn... and says: Cormag: (whispering) It seems you are the only one in this group that has any sense.yes Phil: The feeling is mutual Phil: Oh. Reploid (Reploid): Im back btw Reploid (Reploid): you all DCed wtf Ryleh: Despite that. Reploid (Reploid): d'aww Squid (Ryleh): i am a faaaaget i am a faaaget 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' Squid (Ryleh): duh duh duh duh duh Cormag: Lazar..... and rests both hands on its handle.Rivahros walks outside and sits on the grass. Reploid (Reploid): rollan Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Uh Reploid (Reploid): katamari? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what Skylighter (Calnik): what? Squid (Ryleh): roll that katamari BloodVex (Phil): Ryleh rushes back into her room.. and takes in the atmosphere.. lucious grass and merrily begins to roll back and forth. Phil. fully armored. the perfect image of a dwarven knight. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Connection lost 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected Ryleh: I am glad I met you..go clean..

Calnik stops on his back and sits upright to face Rivahros. I suppose it is unusual for a Paladin such as myself to give into such base desires and pleasures... Cormag: It's a pity these fools don't see the beauty in the black arts Lazar: (Whispering) Indeed. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I sense that the good guys and bad guys of this campaign will eventually engage in a battle to the death Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 3] Harken: fail BloodVex (Phil): fff Reploid: er DM Campaign saved. Harken! It is good to see you up and about.. Rivahros blinks. good sir. leans back in his chair Rivahros: Ohh. It's a beautiful day Harken doesn't notice the two in the corner and heads outside. their deaths would be a boon. Gabe Newell (Cormag): in before Lazar and I destroy everyone BloodVex (Phil): can I rety :| Harken: Good morning everyone. Phil: Picks up his glass. Calnik: Strange? Lazar: (Whispering) You speak as if these people turning into corpses is a detriment to me. Reploid: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there's more good guys than bad Rivahros: No. Calnik: I apologize. I see.. but I see no harm. It's just. am I distracting you? Rivahros: Not really. Phil: Goddamn. Rivahros stands up with a smile.. I admit that I do miss the olden days. Calnik: Ah. Gabe Newell (Cormag): NECROMANCER Rivahros: Harken! Phil: Ah.. It's nice to unwind on occassion. well. injuries? Rivahros: Are you all right? .strange. Gabe Newell (Cormag): ALL DEAD CORPSES BECOME MINIONS Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I'm the only one with cures as well Phil: How are your. Calnik: Sorry.. Harken. especially with closeminded fools like these. erm. Us Gnomes are quite attuned to the earth and. In many cases.... no. Calnik: I thought a Dwarf such as yourself would understand. Lazar nods. no need to apologize. Cormag: (whispering) Oh yes I forgot you do follow the respectable path of Necromancy..

the thought that Harken is alive is good enough for him Cormag: Harken it's good to see that you are.. you seem like the man of your word. Now. Phil Sits up Rivahros grins widely. Harken: I'm sore but thanks to the magical heals I recieved I am mostly fine. Harken.. Cormag: You must be able to produce something... Rivahros: Oh! Rivahros: We also found some strange gems in a pink bag that belonged to him. showing Harken the one gem inside.. Harken. Phil: Says nothing. May I see it? Harken: Indeed. I'm not all that proficient with scripts and writings and all that..... Our pleasure. Phil: Decipher Script [1d20+6 = 11] Rivahros brings out the bag and opens it. that is reward enough for us. we can learn what that sorcerer wrote in that book of his.. you should be surprised. Rivahros: Perfect! Phil: May. . Cormag: It seems that Harken fellow has awaken Harken: No matter Calnik stands up and approaches Harken. Harken: I'd like to thank you all for what you've done Cormag: Well no use sitting here anymore no doubt the fools think I'm planning to stab them in the back or some nonesense (whispering) Rivahros: It was nothing. Rivahros: I'm.You said you were going to produce something to pay us for that "bonus" assignment Reploid (Harken): evil was here goodies are faggots Rivahros: Very good.well Rivahros: Oh? Harken produces the code book Phil: Sits up Harken: Forgive me but I took this back last night and completed the translation.not sure. Cormag: walks to the others Harken: I have something to show you.. you're back to full health now? Calnik: As long as you are well. Cormag: Harken. Harken hands it over Rivahros: Give it to Phil. Skylighter (Calnik): SUCK IT Ryleh rejoins the party and observes Harken.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): paladin can heal too Harken: Where are the rogue and cleric? I'd like to thank them as well. BloodVex (Phil): should I roll anything or not Phil: flips through book Lazar: So. then..

. You discover it is some sort of report on what Gerkus was working on. eh? BloodVex (Phil): arcade mode was here. Rivahros pockets the bag again. eh Wizard? Rivahros: Do they have any importance. Cormag: Mind if I see that? Reploid: PS you passed the check Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff BloodVex (Phil): SO WHAT DID I READ Rivahros: They look valuable. Phil? Rivahros: * BloodVex (Phil): I DON'R KNOW SHUT UP Ryleh: Gerkus wasn't just a one time actor then.. story mode Cormag: Ancient demon. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Kinky Squid (Ryleh): is anyone else turned on by this? BloodVex (Phil): I hope you have a saddle squid Squid (Ryleh): ex dee so randumb Skylighter (Calnik): I'm getting stiff. Cormag: Having trouble.. Squid (Ryleh): LOL Reploid (Reploid): she'd outrank you being a ranger and an elf. BloodVex (Phil): also I have +8 in use rope Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): What does the report say.Phil: [1d20 = 8] BloodVex (Phil): sorry Rivahros: I noticed they were more solid in the middle than normal gems. Enjoy being on the bottom. but I don't think we should sell them. Campaign saved. story mode is a faggot Reploid (Reploid): ahahh Gabe Newell (Cormag): Arcade mode DnD ohgod . there was something bigger taking place? Reploid: Apparently he has been kidnapping people from Newmark to raise some sort of ancient demon.. you think? Harken: I would not doubt it. BloodVex (Phil): if ryleh and I do do it BloodVex (Phil): would i roll a ride check You all gather around one of the tavern tables as Phil beings deciphering the book. Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm not because I am not a faggot BloodVex (Phil): +1 riding circumstance bonud BloodVex (Phil): :3 Squid (Ryleh): moving along.

. We must focus on the task at hand. Rivahros levels a hard atre at Cormag. There are innocent lives at stake. blah blah blah Rivahros: Whether or not they control it. for those of us who don't have minds like roaches. Calnik: I would not underestimate the resolve of those willing to attack and destroy defenseless people. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You have died. Cormag: I agree. Ryleh: how would a boat fair to our destination? Calnik: We have no time for bickering. Get slaughtered. Ryleh: Anyways. Rivahros: Yes. Rivahros *stare Cormag: Remind me again why I am doing this? there must be some sort of .Rivahros: Ugh! Demons! Reploid (Reploid): I love that game Rivahros: What a wicked group and a wicked man. Its so predictable. but they will never beat a full adult. It mentions he has a strong influence in Newmark as a head of the Sorcerers Guild and that he's been bribing nobles for their children BloodVex (Phil): Pah! Sorcerors. the demon itself will pose a grave threat. why would you sacrifice children? they do better as slaves. Lazar: They never do... they put up no resistance. BloodVex (Phil): You two disguist me Phil: You two disguist me Lazar: Perhaps its better to raise them to be loyal... Ryleh: You're pig disgusting. And that everything is going JUST AS PLANNED Phil: Phil spits the last word out Reploid: WHAT DO YOU DO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GO STOP THAT FAG Cormag: Geeze it sounds like a normal day in Grinda'la Rivahros: We have to report this to the Sorcerer's Guild in Newmark. Underestimate demon. Campaign saved. Insert another quarter? Cormag: I doubt these fools are strong willed enough to bend an ancient demon to their will.. Ryleh: How awful. comrades Calnik: Children? Truly despicable. Rivahros: We can't allow him to do this. Phil: Pah! Sorcerors. Phil: Well. Demon runs free. Cormag: No doubt. Cormag: Dwarf ones are the best.. Phil: Seems we require a ride to Newmark Lazar: Children are easiest.

Cormag: No. theres bound to be items along the way. a Knife in the back should remedy that Ryleh: They would definately be in our debt for saving them. we must go. Calnik: If you don't want to come along.. although last I heard there was much strife in Newmark over the Wizard's Guild and Sorceror's Guild. Cormag: And if they don't. Phil: I will be sure of it Cormag: If I EVER see you when this "adventure" is over. I'm not sure many people would -want. Reploid (Reploid): ah here it comes Lazar: Plus. for even a moment. Phil: Gestures for cormag to speak in public Phil: private Phil: private* Squid (Ryleh): he likes you Squid (Ryleh): ex dee Cormag: (whispers) What is it? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil got jungle fever? Rivahros: Harken.. then? Rivahros: I'm sure the Sorcerer's Guild would be glad to reward us. is there boat service from Altonshire to Newmark? Campaign saved. Phil: Drow Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its not like I like you or anything. Calnik: So be it. You better be fething armed because I swear I wil end your life (whispers) Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 16] Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 21] Harken: Yes indeed. (whispers) Lazar: Listen [1d20+4 = 18] Phil: If. . thats all! Phil: If you will? Rivahros: How would we go about getting there? I think a boat would cost less then horses for all of us. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Oh dear Reploid: Cormag wins Reploid: deal w/it Phil: Gulps Rivahros: Unfortunately.compensation Phil: Newmark is our destination. Phil: I don't trust you. I-Im just coming for the loot...I-I have to come. Drow (whispering) Cormag: The feelings mutual. there will be a price to travel there freely. I suspect you've allowed an innocent to come to harm. but no more whining about our methods if you chose to spend your time assisting us. you're more than welcome to part ways.

Rivahros: I'm sure you know of it. I hate boats. personal gain. Cormag: It's obviosu you are scared of me. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ANSWER LAZAR Cormag: Whips off his shades and stares coldly at phil. drow. Cormag: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 18] Rivahros: Harken... drow Rivahros: We're taking a boat to Newmark! Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 14] Reploid: sense motive Ryleh: Pack only what you need.Skylighter (Calnik): hahaha Rivahros: Fellows! (Yelling) Phil: You don't scare me.. Can we continue now? . Calnik: That was very subtle of you two. Phil: Newm. being a sorcerer. considering we saved your life and all. boys. Ryleh eyes the situation between Phil and Cormag. One moment. spineless coward. Cormag: slips his shades back on and joins the others Phil: Hm? Rivahros: See? Being good DOES have its rewards. Phil: debates with himself whether or not to cast Light in his face Phil: Decides against it Rivahros: Stop arguing..-Oh. I do believe that you would have no objection to paying for our trip. Squid (Ryleh): hahaha Phil: avoids his gaze Harken hobbles back inside Cormag: Hahah. We've just earned a free boat ride to Newmark. yes? Cormag: Now leave me alone and you won't have a knife in your back during our time together Phil: H-hah! M-me? afraid of a d-d-drow? Reploid (Reploid): its not like I like you or anything. yes! Harken returns Cormag: Good? Evil? It's all the same. you two. how much would this trip cost? BloodVex (Phil): GOD DAMNIT ARGH Reploid: cormag wins again Reploid: deal Reploid: w Reploid: it Skylighter (Calnik): DESTROYED Cormag: You are quivering in fear. Lazar: Boats? Ugh. red eyes gleaming Harken: That sounds fair. Lazar: Harken.

NEANDERTHALS! Lazar: Both are squishy wastes of flesh. drow? Cormag: Yes? Calnik: It's time to go.. Cormag: Forgery [6] Lazar: Casting scorching hands with no thought that it would burst aflame? Cormag: [1d20 = 8] Phil: Ahem Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Calnik: Will you all shut up!? Harken: Again I thank you. I wish you good fortune. Ryleh: Collect your belongings. BloodVex (Phil): if boat is attacked by pirates Rivahros: Let's get going! The more time we waste. Phil: FLINGING MAGIC ABOUT WILLY-NILLY Campaign saved. Phil: best game ever BloodVex (Phil): mirite Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I concur Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Zombie Pirates Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): a naval battle would be incredibly awesome Calnik heads upstairs to his room to pack his belongings. good sir.. we leave immeadiately.. Rivahros: No problem. You saved my life. THOSE. . Lazar: Same thing.Sorry. Rivahros does the same. Rivahros: .. Rivahros: Stop arguing! (To the group) Harken: A moment. Phil: DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO THOSE.. Rivahros takes the money for safekeeping. Ryleh: Pull yourselves together. Ryleh heads to her room to prepare her weapons. the more danger we could be in. Good luck! You're going to need it.. fellows. Some of us have a duty to follow. Phil: I do hope we meet again.Rivahros: (to Phil) Phil: I'M A WIZARD Harken: 120 should cover all of you. Phil: IT'S AN INSULT TO US ARCANE SPELLCASTERS Lazar: Like you were doing? Rivahros: I hope you're all packed. BloodVex (Phil): zombie ninja pirates lol ecksdee Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie Phil: Goes back upstairs to get his pack Phil: Farewell. we have bigger fish to fry. Rivahros: Let's head out. Maria! Harken: Anyways.

Reploid: What luck... Gabe Newell (Cormag): CAN I FORGE WRITS Gabe Newell (Cormag): TO GET ON FOR FREE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (PS. this will be good Reploid: he gave you 120 Reploid: you're paying 60 Cormag: Forgery [1d20+6 = 23] Gabe Newell (Cormag): OFFICAL WRITS GET Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (Oh. Reploid: The trip will take a day Cormag: Wait I have an idea. Harken payed for it) Phil: Oh. manually Squid (Ryleh): You are now listening to Age of Aquarius in your head. Reploid. A ship at the Altonshire port has agreed to take you all there for 10 gold peices each. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Nope. wasn't paying attention) Reploid: damn Reploid: you get to keep the gold Campaign saved. Skylighter (Calnik): You are now listening to Ride of the Valkyries._. Gerkus: ok so Lazar: GERKUS Gerkus: oh fuu Reploid: sorry Squid (Ryleh): HOW DID YOU GET HERE GERKUS Reploid: ok so Calnik: SO WE MEET AGAIN Reploid: ahahah BloodVex (Phil): GET OUT OF HERE GURKUS Reploid: k so Reploid: you fags are gonna boat it? BloodVex (Phil): yeah Squid (Ryleh): that's the plan Reploid: k one sec Reploid: [3d6 = 14] Skylighter (Calnik): Gonna have to.Maria: Bye :3c Cormag: walks back to the group BloodVex (Phil): what BloodVex (Phil): no tildes in fagasy grounds Phil: . Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3 . My swim is -10 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You're now listening to King K Rools theme..

I need to tell you something in private Reploid: oh right Squid (Ryleh): fag Reploid: moralfags have to pay Reploid: sry Squid (Ryleh): hahahah Reploid: forgot Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 11] Reploid: fail BloodVex (Phil): WHAT ARE THE EVILBROS._.Reploid: ridin dirty Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): FUCK YEAH EVILBRO Phil: I pay for my ticket Reploid: faggot Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): FUCK NO GOOD FAG Squid (Ryleh): das bad bro Phil: due to moralfaggotry Skylighter (Calnik): I refuse to use forged documents and pay 10g anyways Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I take them Ryleh let the men buy the ticket and didn't know how they came about.. Phil: Purchases a ticket for Ryleh :3 Cormag: Lazar. Reploid: BOAT RIDIN Cormag: rejoins the party Reploid: k you're in fagmark BloodVex (Phil): I ALRADY PAYED FOR RYLEH SHUT UP Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >no pirates Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): :( BloodVex (Phil): No epic pirateninjamonkeyghostrobotzommbie battle? :< Reploid: it was a day ride Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): meh ok Squid (Ryleh): maaaan pirates . Reploid: maybe if you went to GRIMMDARKE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we ain't going to grimmdarke Reploid: ever Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so can we have a map Reploid: no yet Phil: buys a ticket for GRIMMDARKE Reploid: ahahah Squid (Ryleh): LOL Phil: j/k lol Squid (Ryleh): moving along Phil: [1d20 = 3] BloodVex (Phil): sorry ..awww Rivahros pays the money for those of the group who didn't forge their way in.

we can suprise them? Rivahros: It's simple. Why not pretend to join and earn their trust. not Phil. Campaign saved. Rivahros: We're not slaughtering anybody! Lazar: The chain of command. to recap.. Cormag: We could find ourselves with knives in our back .we can't walk in and reach it. and then when the moment comes. Lazar: Phil. we're going to go to this.. and gather information on our own. Reploid: Newmark has a guild for every class. Lazar: We need proof Lazar: We need to do that from the inside Rivahros: Why would he lie? He couldn't have known that we would get him. I don't trust him. Phil: looks around for a shop that sells small lockboxes Reploid: the guilds monitor their own stuff and its all fine and good so long as nothing goes missing Lazar: I propose this to you. Calnik: Why would he leave a book in a bloody house? Cormag: Spy is our safest bet. perhaps to throw anyone off the trail. Cormag: You can never trust one party. Rivahros: I think that's a bit too complicated. don't let your bias influence you. Lazar: If we want to topple them. we spy.Newmark to take out thise guild? Ryleh: That's the plan. Phil: Slaughter those sorceror bastards you mean? Yes. if we go snooping around they will be suspicious Lazar: No.bias. lets.. Cormag: I doubt we can take what happened at face value we should get their side of the story.. Reploid: there are rumons of the Sorcerors stealing from the wizards guild and doing other ad stuff Calnik: It's possible that Gerkus could be lying in his journal. Phil: Can I visit the wizard's guild? BloodVex (Phil): Can I visit the wizard's guild? Reploid (Reploid): one sec everyone in chat Rivahros: Meehhh. Rivahros: Using our notebook... We'll send Phil as a spy. Lazar: I have an idea. Lazar.. there's a possibility innocents are being forced into this. sorcerers or not.Lazar: So.. as well as an inn and several shops. Ryleh: I'm reluctant to agree with Cormag. Lazar: Not with his.I suppose you people have a point. Cormag: Great idea. yes? But they'll never let newcomers see the head. we need to take out the head. We need to inform and convince the Sorcerer's Guild second- in-command or -commands that Gerkus is evil. Cormag: Yes.

. fuck you Phil: Disguise [1d20+9 = 24] Lazar: I'm sure they have use of others. Yeah. I call faggotry . Cormag: Disguise [1d20+11 = 28] Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yeah.Phil: If the mission depends on it..__. BloodVex (Phil): Yes Gabe Newell (Cormag): Cool exploited modifer bro Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No fucking way. Cormag: It's obvious that my disguise is superior. sorcerors get the most out of it BloodVex (Phil): Sit back and watch a master Phil: Sit back and watch a master Lazar: But they dont restrict. Gabe Newell (Cormag): You had a lower modifier earlier. Lazar: Do we have to be a sorceror to be in the guild? Cormag: I am renown at disguises BloodVex (Phil): someone invite me to steam chat Lazar: I think not Phil: Hah? You?! Reploid (Reploid): goddamn kayrule is here listen to his sad story .. Rivahros: You can't even do magic. Ryleh facepalms. He's the only one of us that can do magic. Rivahros: What? Phil: Disguise [1d20+19 = 36] Phil: BAM Phil: SORCEROR Rivahros: That's nothing compared to what sorcerers could cook up.. Phil: No Lazar: Sure. we just need to work for their trust. Rivahros: He's the only one here close enough to pose as a sorcerer! Rivahros: Who else would we send? Phil: I could set aside my bias Reploid (Reploid): STEAM CHAT Ryleh: The same could be said any other way. Rivahros: Obviously.. Calnik: Consider that it is the Sorcerer's Guild. Besides.. Phil: HAHAHA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY SHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): +19?! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): +19? No. Phil is the only one here equipped to pose as a sorcerer.. Cormag! Lazar: Ahem? Lazar: Hello? Rivahros: How could you become a sorcerer? Cormag: I have my natural drow abilities.

+2 for disguise kit. +10 because I cast Disguise Self Calnik: Can you two stop masterbating over yourselves for one minute? It doesn't matter who can do it better. stop! Cormag: follows behind Phil: Follows Lazar Calnik: Let them do this their own way. Rivahros: Because one of them . m'lady? . A Conjurer can cast Abjuration. Lazar heads off to the Sorcerors Guild.would fail.e. Cormag: I can conjure up darkness and light out of NOTHING. he just doesn't specialize in it.. Cormag: Besides. he could not do it. Rivahros: Your drow abilities are pathetic compared to what sorcerers can do! Lazar: I doubt its restricted to purely sorcerors. Ryleh: Go ahead. Lazar. and it'd make them or Gerkus suspicious. Cormag . I fall back on the earlier point. we just need someone to do it. +5 ranks. but they specialize with Sorcerors. Ill do that..... Rivahros: So? Lazar: I say we ask them Cormag: Drow are renown for thier s orcerery Rivahros: You're a rogue! Ryleh: We're getting no where with this Lazar: Why not go up and ask them if they accept other then sorcerors? Lazar: In fact. Ryleh: Lazar please.BloodVex (Phil): +2 charisma mod. are you seriously saying that I'm not good enough? Rivahros: Were Cormag to be called upon even once to prove his abilities.i. Rivahros: Good idea. Phil: Ryleh? Something wrong? Rivahros reluctantly follows Lazar and the others. BloodVex (Phil): I didn't cast disguise self earlier Lazar: Why just one? Lazar: Why not all 3? Campaign I'm a DROW.. BloodVex (Phil): I haven't been paying much attention Ryleh grumbles and follows. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): heads off to the Sorcerors Guild.. Phil: What's the matter. They surely have need for other casters. Rivahros: You don't have magic aside from your useless innate fancy lights! Rivahros: . They can't cast fireballs or make things float or resurrect people. Lazar: Besides. bloody headstrong.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): maybe that'd work Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 9] Reploid: fail Cormag: Hrmm remember our little TALK earlier PHIL? BloodVex (Phil): DAMNT Rivahros: Stop fighting until we get to the guild and learn who they accept! Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 23] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Reploid: CRIT Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITIMIDATE Rivahros: Diplomacy [1d20 = 20] Reploid: FUCK YOU'RE SCREWED BRO Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Rivahros: CALM DOWN! Calnik: All of you. he can pretend to be a sorc in training. an inferior elven race telling ME a DROW to learn his place? Cormag: Are all of your people this stupid? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Rage. stop bickering right now. I will not permit you to speak to miss Ryleh in this manner. Lazar: An apprentice. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's the only one who knows magic Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't see room for debate here Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): a drow's innate abilities are like comparing a pea-shooter to a tank Cormag: Hahah. know your place. Reploid: damn this is some good drama Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 9] Skylighter (Calnik): Where are we following to? Isn't there a flaw in the plan when you follow someone IN DISGUISE? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil is the only one who could effectively disguise as a sorcerer. Ryleh: Inferior? Hold your tongue fool before I cut it out! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . why don't you do something else. Someone who wants to learn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): That's actually pretty good Phil: Stand down. Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohhfuukcckckc Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 20] BloodVex (Phil): FUCK Reploid: RAGE SAVES THE FUCKING DAY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHUT THE FUCK UP Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Alright everyone calm Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NIGGERS . . Cormag.. it's obvious Ryleh: Don't suggest things to me Drow.. .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TO THE SORCERER'S GUILD Cormag: Elf.

we need to spy. I'm sure they could use a rogue. anyway. this time. Cormag: I don't think "evil" people will want a. Rivahros: Let's just go. this is why I recommend AGAINST Phil.. Lazar: But if they can't. Rivahros: Wish I had a group of associates like that. and let Phil go. we don't kill anybody! Cormag: No. Phil: Cormag. either Cormag or Phil disguises as a sorcerer.. Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 23] Cormag: He could easily be leading us to our doom. and kill all of the sorceror bastards? Ryleh: I'd rather take the safe route. . Phil: So the plan is that I go in. Cormag: How do we know that Phil isn't a double agent eh? Phil: I am joking. Lazar: He's too bloodthirsty Cormag: Get SOLID evidence Rivahros: Alright. let's get going. Rivahros: Except perhaps Gerkus. Cormag: If they accept non sorcerers I won't need to disguise. As much as it worries me.Reploid: STFU ALL OF YOU Rivahros: NOW then! Rivahros: We go to the sorcerer's guild. For real. I must consult with my order and see what they believe the wisest course of action is. Rivahros: Now then. my dear friend.."holy" warrior in thier ranks Calnik: Do what you all will. save us and start the sorc guild Phil: KILL THE BASTARDS Phil: MWAHAHAHAHAH Cormag: What about our pally? Rivahros heads for the sorcerer's guild with Calnik. Reploid (Reploid): POTY Rivahros: Depending on what they saw. Reploid (Reploid): JESU Rivahros: *Say Rivahros: Got it? Phil: We need a general consensus here Lazar: I was going to upfront ask if they could use people other then sorcerors. I would never harm a fellow spellcaster Lazar: Because he's an idiot. Campaign saved. Lazar: And a rogue is best for spying. that works. alright? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Reploid. Rivahros: No. Lazar: Again. Calnik sighs in frustration and turns to leave. Let's get going. Rivahros sighs.

Again. Cormag: Forgery [1d20+6 = 20] Phil: I wish to train with my fellow sorcerors. Rivahros: Much as I hate to say it. please. watching carefully. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ARE WE AT THE SORC GUILD? Phil: You couldn't just forge someting out of thin air.Rivahros heads for the Sorcerer's Guild. Phil. We'd need to get a hold of one first Reploid: Yes Rivahros: Ask for an application and forge one based on that. then it is my duty to inform my kinsmen of it. we're here now. you two can handle the discussion. Phil: Could you forge official guild papers? Ryleh: follows.. . GUARDS LAUGHS GUARDS: ON WHAT BUSINESS Campaign saved. BloodVex (Phil): is there a map? Rivahros: Alright. Cormag.. I'm not so good with people.. however. Phil: I think that. Phil: I. Phil: Walks into main building Reploid: but you cant get inside yet Reploid: so BloodVex (Phil): oh Reploid: You are stopped by guards Cormag: So.. Ryleh: Lets.. Reploid: oh ok Phil: follows to guild Lazar: Thats a good idea. you want to get in legitly or do you want me to forge up some documents? GUARDS: YES? Phil: I would like to gain entrance. Lazar goes to the guild.. Rivahros stands back.. Applications would be somewhat different than proof of belonging to the guild Reploid: not yet Rivahros: True. Lazar: We wouldn't need to bluff if we had papers. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SORC GUILD NOW Reploid: DRAMA Calnik: The Paladins are sworn to protect this world and its people.. If there is a threat. Rivahros: That IS a good idea.

Phil: Fine. Phil: Sir.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ((-8 if you've never seen one. Rivahros: (whispers to Calnik) This is headed straight for disaster.. BloodVex (Phil): REP GUARDS: YOU MAY PASS. Rivahros: Honestly. Lazar heads inside. after all. Cormag: heads on after Lazar Rivahros: .. BUT IF YOUR FRIEND COMES NEAR HERE AGAIN HE'S GOING STRAIGHT TO SEE MASTER GERKUS Calnik: We should inform the proper authorities instead of taking matters into our own hands. we'd have some backup. I haven't the time for this. Lose your job. Cor Phil: I am a member of the guild. I don't see much of any other choice. hoping they will soon learn their lesson. Calnik sighs and continues to watch the foolish display. Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 22] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whew GUARDS LAUGHS LOUDER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT GUARDS: YOU THINK YOU SCARE ME? Squid (Ryleh): uh oh Reploid (GUARDS): they're GUARDS Skylighter (Calnik): You think a guard is the INTIMIDATED type? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SIXTY NIGGERS Squid (Ryleh): gonna get ur ass whooped Reploid (GUARDS): for the whole GUILD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRIBE Lazar: 100 gold each if you let me pass. At the very least. . 100 from me as well. If you continue to impede my path I will be forced to report you to an administrator..master? Lazar: Fair enough. No skin off my back. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRIBE THEM GUARDS THINKS FOR A MOMENT Cormag: I'll double that... though. Ryleh: . GUARDS: ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING? GUARDS: GET OUT OF HERE STALKER Skylighter (Calnik): wat Lazar: Walks up to the guards. Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 12] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUK GUARDS LAUGHS Calnik: Do Sorcerers not recognize their own? I suppose that's a sign that their ranks are becoming bloated.

perfect. that settles that..Rivahros: . ... BloodVex (Phil): I may not intimidate him with brute strength. (Whispering) .. but if I threaten him with his job then he could be intimidated Phil: Hm.they fell for it? Squid (Ryleh): LOL Skylighter (Calnik): WHAT NO Gabe Newell (Cormag): BULLSHIIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the shit? Phil: Strolls in Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM CORMAG Reploid (Reploid): that was a huge roll man Reploid (Reploid): and yea you'd best do that Reploid (Reploid): also dont let anyone see you in two different rooms Rivahros: Calnik.(muttering) Rivahros: Phil! Come here! Phil: casts disguise self. changing into Cormag Campaign saved. Calnik: Well. Phil: Disguise [1d20+19 = 35] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HE JUST WENT IN GUARDS: You look just like him Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DO YOU THINK THEY'LL BE FOOLED? Gabe Newell (Cormag): you morain Skylighter (Calnik): 19? What? Reploid: DM MODE SORRY Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He's right there. You're about to be killed for being a doppleganger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCKING RETARD Phil: Walks back to door Squid (Ryleh): how dumb are these guards? XD Skylighter (Calnik): LET HIM DO IT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): The spell gives +15 to bonus I think Reploid (Reploid): totally not dumb Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): God damned retard Phil: Sorry. Fair enough. Rivahros: That's. It looks like Phil couldn't cut it after all.. lost my way a bit there Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 guards have special can see through disguise rings GUARDS: NO PROBLEM Skylighter (Calnik): KILL KILL KILL Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): .. . Reploid (GUARDS): you still failed the DC Phil: walks away Rivahros: Understanding dawns on Rivahros' face. coupled with a plan.

Tell me if you think it's good. Calnik: Go on. It's a spell SLASH COMMANDS: /die [NdN+N] [message] /vote [message] /ooc [message] /emote [message] /mood [mood] [message] /mood ([multiword mood]) [message] Gamemaster only: /story [message] /identity [name] /whisper [character] [message] /export [module_filename] [description] /save /clear /night . or agree to stop his sacrifices. Squid (Ryleh): are you whispering to us. BloodVex (Phil): it would be easier to stay away from him if I knew where he was BloodVex (Phil): ie I HAD A MAP Reploid: :3c Rivahros: Should Phil and Cormag both fail in their endeavours. I suppose the three of us will just wait outside? Reploid (Reploid): etc Rivahros: I have a plan. Rivah and Calnik) I need you to follow my instructions Rivahros: I honestly don't know. we'd send him to the guards . we could give Phil some sort of powerful secret weapon. Phil: (message to Ryleh. or so i can't hear? Rivahros: Step down. Then. Should he not step down.Calnik: Well. of course. Phil: Walk away from the building Skylighter (Calnik): Message? wtf? Rivahros becomes silent. Skylighter (Calnik): Is that legit? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Telepathyx Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's allowed Squid (Ryleh): message? how? XD BloodVex (Phil): Message. he could confront Gerkus with the notebook. and send him straight to Gerkus. or something of the sort. Phil could attempt to kill him.they'd arrest him. Phil: I cast Message to my comrades Reploid (Reploid): did it not load? Rivahros: (whispering) Lazar: No it didnt Calnik: What weapon? Rivahros: Then.

Anyone who walks up to the guards looks like Cormag Calnik: This is incredibly reckless and foolish. Phil: Wh-. Will do. Reploid: phil where are you on the map Phil: (message) Come on in. Phil: I guarantee this will work Reploid (Reploid): shitty map I know Reploid (Reploid): i dgaf Gabe Newell (Cormag): is this the guild? Reploid (Reploid): the first floor Reploid (Reploid): green dots are guards Phil: Do you understand? Campaign saved. Calnik: Because it is. you go first.but I don't see how this'll help us..Wha? Who are you?! . motioning. Rivahros: I'm sure he has a plan. Rivahros: Yes. (whisper) Ryleh: This just seems reckless. but this doesn't seem safe at all. It's because I'd stop them. (thinking) BloodVex (Phil): As in. Calnik: You know this? Phil: Looks in shock at Cormag Calnik: How can you be sure that the guards aren't under Gerkus' sway? Rivahros: No../day Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): message is basically telepathy Squid (Ryleh): o ok -> Ryleh: test -> Ryleh: I can whisper you Phil: Walk away from the building and come up to the door every 5 minutes Phil: then demand entrance Calnik calmly takes a few steps back from the guild's main building and waits.. walk up to the door one at a time Phil: I cast Silent Image. Rivahros: Alright. Rivahros: Ryleh. first person Phil: Standing just inside door I guess BloodVex (Phil): Standing just inside door I guess Ryleh: turns to Cal and Riv. BloodVex (Phil): Which part is the entrance? Reploid (Reploid): the bottom Calnik: A plan? You're going to trust the Wizard? Rivahros: What choice have we? Calnik: When just yesterday he was greedily ransacking every desk he could find? Ryleh: I trust him. Cormag: looks in shock at his doppleganger Rivahros: What's the worst that could happen? The guards aren't going to kill you if they discover you..

Lazar turns around. Phil: HOW COULD YOU LET THIS OBVIOUS IMPOSTER IN? Skylighter (Calnik): Bravo. Reploid: pHIL IS TAKEN IN TO CUSTODY Reploid: caps lol BloodVex (Phil): My spell doesn't last forever Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Why bother. Calnik: We have no idea who is or is not in on the plot. Ryleh: Something's wrong. his life is of little value. something's going on. they saw through it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it'd be too dangerous now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): they'll be suspicious of more doppelgangers GUARDS: WHO WOULD TRY TO DO THAT BloodVex (Phil): damnit all that for nothing GUARDS: ANSWER ME Campaign saved. GUARDS: GUARDS SIEZE HIM Phil: GUARDS! Reploid: Phil is captured.. BloodVex (Phil): Are you guys gonna come inside or not Rivahros rubs his face with his hands.. Lazar: Who has it? GUARDS: YOU'RE NOT REACTING TO THE LIGHT AT ALL GUARDS: YOU ARE NO DROW Phil: hss! GUARDS: TAKE HIM AWAY Phil: Shys away from light Skylighter (Calnik): A disguise can be ripped off Cormag: Hahahhaha. Rivahros: Wait a minute. Gabe.Rivahros says brashly.. Doppleganger I hope you burn. Gabe Newell (Cormag): :D Ryleh: Let the drow deal with it. I was gonna suggest you rat out Phil BloodVex (Phil): wait how do you know they capture me instead of him? GUARDS: I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU FOOL Lazar: The real Cormag has a flaming dagger... Phil: Bluff [1d20+7 = 10] Cormag: GUARDS! GUARDS: fail GUARDS: WHO IS THIS Cormag: WE HAVE A DOPPLEGANGER Skylighter (Calnik): KEK Ryleh: They called gerkus their master. there is nothing but trouble past those gates. Calnik: I knew this would end badly. .

(whisper) Skylighter (Calnik): Alright Calnik: I have a plan. concerning my plan. won't thaey? Reploid (GUARDS): they understand they need to be civil Reploid (GUARDS): but most of them hate the others Skylighter (Calnik): The guilds? Reploid (GUARDS): especially sorc/wiz Reploid (GUARDS): yes Rivahros: Anyway.. I hate to go against Phil's instructions. BloodVex (Phil): So the guards are dragging me away? Calnik: I may be able to gain entrance to the guild through diplomatic means... that might work. we need to see the administartor Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phils going to roll a new character isn't he Reploid (GUARDS): also you're bounds and asleep Cormag: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 13] Reploid (GUARDS): bound* Rivahros: Ah! Say you're on official business from the Paladin's Guild. Ryleh: Calnik. and sought permission to represent them. who should I talk to regarding the guild fued? Rivahros: Or we could have an alchemist brew him a potion that'd increase his magical abilities. Perhaps that will gain me entrance. People will try anything to get into places though. though. do the guilds respect each other? Reploid (GUARDS): no Rivahros: Some sort of commotion in there. Rivahros: *That'd . Skylighter (Calnik): Well damn Rivahros: Obviously we shouldn't try it right now.. We are here on offical business. Reploid (GUARDS): you're with gerkus Reploid (GUARDS): right now BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Cormag: Hold on what my companion was meaning to say is. Reploid (GUARDS): well Gabe Newell (Cormag): Sorry was getting my cake out of the oven.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Do we know who it was? Skylighter (Calnik): Rep.but are you confident in your abilities? Rivahros: That's also help. BloodVex (Phil): Our plans are in shambles Lazar: Diplomacy [1d20+5 = 10] Rivahros: Well. do I need to do anything? Lazar: I don't know. Calnik: But it may help if I went to my own guild. Perhaps we could lend Phil the drow's magical dagger. Ryleh: How would it benefit him?(whisper) Lazar: Guards. the Paladins. go ahead and tell me.

Reploid: whats the plan Ryleh: I'm sorry to admit it. WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO KILL YOU. Reploid (Reploid): dohohoho Skylighter (Calnik): I'm going to get ambassadorship from the Paladin master to meet the Sorcerer's Master. We need to be as cautious as possible. who'll take him to gerkus Reploid: nobody knows that BloodVex (Phil): I know Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and he'd confront gerkus personally with the notebook BloodVex (Phil): but Reploid: not even cor and laz BloodVex (Phil): how come I'm not dead already Reploid: you'll see BloodVex (Phil): . GUARDS: MASTER GERKUS DOES NOT LIKE UNEXPECTED VISITORS. I would normally not resort to such dirty trickery and assassination if at all possible. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if THAT fails. IF YOU TRY ANYTHING.3 . my guard friend. is a last resort. GUARDS: WAIT HERE Calnik: Alright. of course. let's go. HOWEVER. Ryleh: Keep in mind if Gerkus sees us he may recognize us as well. we'll send him up to the guards. Calnik: I must admit. then our last plan will be to have phil get something like a potion to increase his magic abilities Reploid: ok BloodVex (Phil): So I'm bound and asleep in Gerkus' office Cormag: (whispers) tells Lazar a long winded plan Cormag: fff Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then. calnik will appeal to his paladin bros and try to get into the sorc guild on official business Campaign saved. but all Paladins are tied by a sense of duty. Perhaps I can appeal to him in that respect. Reploid (GUARDS): AT* Cormag: Sounds good. Reploid: . ANYTHING AS ALL. Reploid: sorry dm mode Calnik runs off toward the Paladin's Guild. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if cormag and lazar fail. Rivahros: Sounds like a good idea to me..Rivahros: My plan.. but I miss the rest of our group. GUARDS: ok outside bros Rivahros: Oh! That is very true. I CAN GO SEE IF HE IS WILLING TO TALK TO YOU._. We must make haste before anything disastrous happens to Phil.I hope phil is alright. I don't know the headmaster in Newmark personally.

then rescuing me Paladin Guard: Goodness! Have you confirmed the rumors about the dastardly sorceror's guild? Phil dreams of them riding off into the sunset with on the back of a white steed Squid (Ryleh): >riding BloodVex (Phil): So what are cormag and Lazar doing? Reploid (Paladin Guard): waiting Reploid (Paladin Guard): red tape etc Reploid (Paladin Guard): i'm working with Cal right now BloodVex (Phil): GOOD PLAN FAGTS Calnik: Not yet. shooting him in the face with an arrow. magic missile. Greetings. but doing so has proven difficult.. friend. Good luck casting BloodVex (Phil): fff Calnik: My companions and I have gotten wind of a villaneous plot to take the lives of innocents and raise the minions of hell. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): although that is incredibly risky Calnik approaches the guards to the main entrance... . Lazar: . brothers. but who knows where we'd find one Phil dreams of Ryleh bursting down Gerkus' door.I see. I hope to gain entrance to their guild and investigate. Paladin Guard: What is it? Calnik holds up his cross signil that proves his position in the Paladin order. I seek help with your guild. what with the guards AND gerkus Reploid (Paladin Guard): since they're memorized yes.. I come with urgent matters to discuss with your master.____. We need assistence. but you are bound and gagged.BloodVex (Phil): I don't like that Skylighter (Calnik): Are we at the Paladin Guild yet? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if he refuses to step down or stop sacrificing peoples. Phil: dreams Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): unless we get some sort of charm that allows us all to teleport into gerkus' office once phil gets there. that's why it's a last resort Reploid (Paladin Guard): laz and cor you're stuck waiting BloodVex (Phil): I have burning hands. right? Paladin Guard: Ah. phil would try to kill him Reploid: yes Squid (Ryleh): . and disguise self mastered BloodVex (Phil): When I wake up I can prepare them in a moment's notice. Do you think the reward jusifies it? Cormag: Oh yes. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the last plan sucks. BloodVex (Phil): Lcukily Lazar: If you say so. Trust me. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it'd probably mean the death of phil. mage armor. Calnik: Hail.

Ryleh: A paladin needs bodyguards? Reploid (Reploid): WALUIGI Rivahros: An ambassador does. perhaps. Calnik: Let's hope so. no problem? Rivahros: Excellent! Skylighter (Calnik): FASTER FOWARD TO SORCS Ryleh: So can we gain entrance by accomanying you? Rivahros: It's worth a try. it should allow you entrance. BloodVex (Phil): fff Calnik walks back to Rivahros and Ryleh.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR FUCKING IT UP Campaign saved. no. L Rivahros: You are an important person. BloodVex (Phil): What's cormag's symbol? Reploid (Paladin Guard): blue Gabe Newell (Cormag): Blue dot Reploid: Ok so Reploid: you can get in now' Calnik: You have my thanks. Reploid (Reploid): for Mr. Ryleh: Hurry. Light be with you. Let's go! . Reploid (Reploid): do it Reploid (Reploid): it will work Rivahros: Or acolytes. Calnik: I'll think of something. Reploid (Reploid): :3 BloodVex (Phil): upside down L Rivahros: We don't have holy symbols. Reploid (Reploid): you can be bodyguards Rivahros: Wait. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AND ALLOWING CORMAG TO SEE YOU Paladin Guard: I will send you at once! I have been monitoring them for months but none of us can go without alerting a city wide guild war! Take this medalion. Paladin Guard hands you a Paladin Guild Medal Skylighter (Calnik): Entrance to what? The Paladins or the Sorcs? Reploid (Paladin Guard): you can go see the sorcs as a pally ambasador Skylighter (Calnik): Cool beans. or whatever paladins have. Phil and the others may already be goners! BloodVex (Phil): for loser Rivahros: Bodyguards. I will report my findings as soon as I can. brother. Calnik: See. holding up the medallion in triumph with a grin. Rivahros: Say that we're disciples.

. I come on official business from the Paladin's Guild. holding up his medallion. Ryleh: follows her company. I am C now Cormag: glances over at the other three Phil: [1d20 = 8] Squid (Ryleh): i guess i'm R? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yus Calnik: Alright. AN AMBASADOR FROM THE PALADIN'S GUILD! WE'VE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR YOUR REPLY.Ryleh: I suppose.! Skylighter (Calnik): shit Skylighter (Calnik): He'll recognize us! Squid (Ryleh): oh fuuuuuuck Reploid: he hasn't seen you yet . Squid (Ryleh): butthurt Skylighter (Calnik): fyi. Squid (Ryleh): does gerkus has a big dickus Skylighter (Calnik): NO LUBE IN THE 7TH CENTURY BloodVex (Phil): do I take 1d4 points of anal trauma GUARDS: GERKUS IS EXPECTING YOU Phil: [1d4 = 3] Phil: [1d4 = 2] Reploid: you're inside Calnik: Thank you. un-Paladin-like. BloodVex (Phil): Gerkus isn't going to rape me is he :| Rivahros follows behind and to the right of Calnik with axe and shield in hand. Reploid (GUARDS): no lube BloodVex (Phil): :< Campaign saved... Phil tuns over in his sleep BloodVex (Phil): snores loudly Phil snores loudly Calnik: runs back to the Sorcerer's Guild and heads straight up to the grumpy guards. GUARDS: AH. Please. we're in. Gerkus walks out Squid (Ryleh): .. Ryleh: Right! Rivahros follows Calnik to the Sorcerer's Guild.. Try not to act. allow me and my two apprentices to enter. Reploid: the door to the second floor opens BloodVex (Phil): Ask cormag if Phil came by BloodVex (Phil): :3 Rivahros: Of course. Calnik: Greetings. looking very serious.

. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid Reploid (Reploid): sup Calnik: Disguise [1d20+3 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's the stair-like shit on the left Reploid (Reploid): stairs to the second floor balcony Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Squid (Ryleh): should we hide or disguise? BloodVex (Phil): He better not be on his way out to get some dildos or something Reploid (Reploid): which wraps all the way around Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we can't really disguise Reploid (Reploid): see it? BloodVex (Phil): I just know I'm not getting out of this without a distended anus Skylighter (Calnik): Am I unrecognizeable? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I think we should try and hide Reploid (Reploid): spoilers the green dots are guards Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we are so screwed Reploid (Reploid): I said this already Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): guards will see us hiding Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): gerkus will recognize us Squid (Ryleh): GERKUS IS MOVING FFFFF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): prepare for combat Skylighter (Calnik): No. Rivahros: Alright! Rivahros swiftly but calmly walks outside. and the guards will see us hiding Phil: Say you have to suddenly use restroom Squid (Ryleh): i hate you guys i should have stayed outside XD BloodVex (Phil): and walk out Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . hell. . It's not suspicious to guards. Cormag: walks away from the group of three BloodVex (Phil): >four guards BloodVex (Phil): >gerkus Squid (Ryleh): we're taking on guards AND gerkus? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we might be Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I don't see any way to hide Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I can't disguise.(thinking) BloodVex (Phil): HIDE CHECKS Rivahros: Quickly.Rivahros: Oh. but Gerkus won't know who I am.. I put on my hood. Calnik: (whispers to Rivahros and Ryleh) Gerkus is coming. get outside to safety! I'll hold him here if necessary. GUARDS: WHERE ARE YOU GOING . Quick. . hide! (whisper) Calnik quickly puts on his Paladin hood.

Rivahros: My lord has allowed it. STFU BloodVex (Phil): rep might reveal good information Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK Gerkus: front* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE'RE SCREWED Skylighter (Calnik): GODDAMMIT PHIL Gerkus: GUARDS! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GET READY TO FIGHT Skylighter (Calnik): YOU BLEW IT Squid (Ryleh): CALM DOWN Skylighter (Calnik): YOU BLEWWWW IIIIIIT Rivahros unsheathes his axe.. I've been expecting a reply for weeks. GUARDS: THERE ARE SOME INSIDE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK Ryleh: I don't think leaving is an optionn here. hello Paladin. Something about an intruder? BloodVex (Phil): throw a knowledge (local) check Gerkus: yes indeed. keeping his head low in respect. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I CAN'T THINK OF AN EXCUSE Rivahros: Oh? There are? Rivahros: All right. Squid (Ryleh): come back! Calnik: Excuse me. but your guards kept me delayed. I come on business from the Paladin's Guild. What took you? Gerkus: [1d20 = 17] Skylighter (Calnik): PS. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck BloodVex (Phil): get ready for bluffan gaems Gerkus: [3d6 = 14] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course Calnik: I'm sorry. Gerkus: Ah. He's standing right in from of me Gerkus grins Skylighter (Calnik): You're not the DM.. Rivahros: Our cover's blown! Prepare yourselves! Gerkus: [1d20 = 1] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): initiative? Gerkus: [7d6 = 20] Reploid (Gerkus): ohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god no i do not like the sound of that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do we roll initiative or what . you two stay away from me.GUARDS: THE AMBASADOR IS STILL INSIDE Campaign saved. Master Gerkus. Ryleh stands stiffly. Rivahros: I need to use the services. Calnik quickly approaches Gerkus.

herp derp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): too late now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AT LEAST TRY Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Theres a few AoO to take. this was a horrible idea. Ryleh: Guys?! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): RUN YOU RETARD Ryleh: Stay away from me! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): RUN Gerkus: Ah.Gerkus mutters something quickly Skylighter (Calnik): This is bullshit. yeah i can pass them. in hindsight. Phil Phil calls out in his sleep Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): philphil . Campaign saved. I rolled a great disguise check! Reploid: all of you make will saves Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FINGER OF DEATH INC Rivahros: Will save [1d20+1 = 4] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHIT! Phil: Will save [1d20+4 = 15] Calnik: Will save [1d12+1 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wrong die Cormag: Will save [1d20+4 = 18] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): d20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DAMN YOU. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): My bad guys Squid (Ryleh): guards. DIE Calnik: Will save [1d20+1 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Lazar: +7 Skylighter (Calnik): dammit Phil: [1d20 = 2] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we are so fucked Cormag: GURKUS!! YOUR BLOOD SHALL QUENCH MY BLADE Reploid: You all fall asleep Reploid: except ry Skylighter (Calnik): fffffffffffffff Reploid: shes immune Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DAMN IT Skylighter (Calnik): rape time Ryleh watches her comrades fall. such a pretty thing Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GET THE FUCK OUT Skylighter (Calnik): Gerkus puts on his robe and wizard hat Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ok.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GERKUS IS THE -BIG. hes got a huge spot check Ryleh: approaches Gerkus and spits in his face. which Makes him at least level 8 Skylighter (Calnik): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): exp? loot? Gabe Newell (Cormag): This where we are stopping? Reploid: yes Reploid: unless Squid (Ryleh): CLIFFHANGAR Skylighter (Calnik): YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT Reploid: UNLESS Skylighter (Calnik): FUCK CLIFFHANGERS Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): KEEP GOING FAGGOT Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm good for another one BloodVex (Phil): I WANT TO KEEP GOING Reploid: lry me draw some maps Squid (Ryleh): i am so dead... rylwh._....Reploid (Reploid): phil phil Skylighter (Calnik): HOW WOULD GERKUS RECOGNIZE ME FROM A DARK.VILLAIN? BloodVex (Phil): D: D: D: Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YEAH Gerkus BITCHSLAP Skylighter (Calnik): bye bye boobies Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE HIM ALREADY Phil: .sell the child into slavery. which Makes him at least level 8 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Seeing as Summon Nature's Ally IV is level 4 Spell.yes. Reploid: END CHAPTER 2 Squid (Ryleh): x_x Lazar: Seeing as Summon Nature's Ally IV is level 4 Spell. Skylighter (Calnik): OSNAP Gerkus: That is the last mistake you will ever make... this is disastrous Cormag: laughs evily in his sleep Reploid (Reploid): He's the big villan. Cormag: Yes. POORLY LIT PIT UNDER A HOUSE? Phil: run. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh man. I'm kind of tired of playing for today Lazar: Ill take a shoewr Reploid: go pee .. either way lol Lazar: If we have downtime Reploid: break time BloodVex (Phil): I can draw some maps Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): honestly..

gents? Cormag: aw Reploid: I have class Reploid: and finals Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate cliffhangers but I wanna stop Reploid: and Reploid: yea Reploid: uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much exp and loot Ryleh: maybe later in the evening Phil: So. when's your net free time Rep? Cormag: When's the next game Reploid: 1000 exp Cormag: How much do we need for level 3? Phil: halfway to 3 :D Reploid: 3000 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 3000 Phil: 3000 Ryleh: 3000? Cormag: Con bonus [1d4+1 = 4] Phil: 3000! Phil: [1d4 = 3] Lazar: You didnt level.Phil: I'll draw lots of maps Ryleh: yeah we've played all day Phil: if you want Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we've been playing for hours Phil: Yeah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm not really in the mood for it anymore today Phil: I guess Phil: Same time tomorrow. fools Reploid: lol what Cormag: oh yeah Cormag: durrrp Reploid: uh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks for the awesome game bro Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Reploid: you get 150 gold each Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): neato Ryleh: i got to have a dramatic show down Lazar: Ranged attack [1d20+1 = 16] Ryleh: yeah yeah! Reploid: spit take Cormag: SO WHEN IS THE NEXT GAME Reploid: I dunno .

save [1d4+3000 = 3002] Phil: Fort.2008 / 19:29:29 'Squid' connected 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' 'Squid' disconnected 'Skylighter' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' 'Skylighter' disconnected Campaign saved.11. Cormag: seeya 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Ryleh: adios 'Squid' disconnected Phil: Fort. save [3002] Calnik: [1d20 = 10] Calnik: [1d20 = 7] Calnik: [1d20 = 10] 'BloodVex' disconnected Chat log started at 24.2008 / 18:56:19 Campaign saved. Campaign saved.11.Reploid: if I finish all my homework tomorrow Cormag: We need a set time Reploid: we can do one tomorrow Cormag: SWEEET Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): okey dokey Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): seeya all 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected Campaign saved. 'BloodVex' connected Campaign saved. . Campaign saved. 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' Phil: you there bro DM: dammit DM: I can only see you DM: well DM: I'll just make everyone retcon to what you draw DM: or you could just ask them on steam DM: :3 Chat log started at 24.

gnome hooked [8] Calnik: Hammer. Campaign saved. gnome hooked [1d8 = 7] Calnik: [1d8 = 3] Calnik: [1d20 = 17] Campaign saved. gnome hooked [0] Calnik: Hammer. Calnik: Hammer. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Calnik: Hammer. 'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected 'BloodVex' connected 'Rage Incarnate' connected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar' 'Skylighter' connected 'Gabe Newell' connected 'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros' 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' 'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil' 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' 'Brosaw' connected Calnik: I CHALLENGE YOU FAGGOTS TO A GAME OF Calnik: BATTLE DICE Gabe Newell (Cormag): AW YEAH I'M MR GRABS Calnik: [1d20 = 16] Rivahros: [1d20 = 11] Rivahros: [1d20 = 13] Cormag: [1d20 = 9] 'Brosaw' identified as 'Ghazghkull' Cormag: [1d20 = 20] Cormag: 20! . Campaign saved. 'Skylighter' disconnected Campaign saved. 'Skylighter' connected 'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik' Campaign saved. gnome hooked [8] Calnik: Hammer. Campaign saved. gnome hooked [0] Campaign saved. gnome hooked [0] Calnik: Hammer.Campaign saved. Campaign saved. gnome hooked [0] Calnik: Hammer.

Skylighter (Calnik): NO ONE MAKES PORTRAITS FOR ME BAAAWWWWW Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): hold ctrl while letting go of die.Cormag: I WIN Cormag: YOU ALL LOSE Calnik: [1d20 = 13] Rivahros: [1d20 = 16] Lazar: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Calnik: THATS NOT HOW YOU PLAY BATTLE DICE Rivahros: [1d20 = 11] Ghazghkull: how are you making your dice spin Ghazghkull: cheaters Phil: My die and rages die were having hot die sex Cormag: BWYBLADE LET IT RIP [1d20 = 10] Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 16] Calnik: [1d20 = 8] Rivahros: [1d20 = 8] Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 4] DM: [1d20 = 16] 'Ruoka' connected Calnik: [1d20 = 8] Cormag: [1d20 = 8] Rivahros: [1d20 = 5] Ghazghkull: HOW DO I SPIN DICE Calnik: [1d20 = 13] Cormag: [1d20 = 16] DM: WAAAGH Calnik: [1d20 = 8] 'Ruoka' identified as 'Rohkor' Phil: RAGE WHY ARE YOU NOT USING MY CUSTOM PORTRAIT I MADE YOU Rivahros: [1d20 = 17] Calnik: [1d20 = 18] Rohkor: [1d20 = 9] Phil: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT WASN'T EVEN IN COLOR Ruoka (Rohkor): Like this Calnik: [1d20 = 3] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AND IT SUCKED Rohkor: [1d20 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU SAID SO YOURSELF Brosaw (Ghazghkull): colors Phil: . ghazg Cormag: [1d20 = 11] Rohkor: [1d20 = 3] ._.

Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 16] DM: Squid is grabbin peels Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 clean slate Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 8] Lazar: PEEEEEEEEEEEEELS Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 3] Ruoka (Rohkor): BEEEYBLAAADE Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Rohkor: [1d20 = 13] Gabe Newell (Cormag): GRABBIN PEEELS Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 6] Rohkor: [1d20 = 20] Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 14] Phil: [1d20 = 3] Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 17] Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 3] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STFU DM: [3] Rohkor: [1d20 = 13] STORY TIME PHIL ROLLS A ONE BloodVex (Phil): Speaking of rolling ones Brosaw (Ghazghkull): someone make me a portrait BloodVex (Phil): where's squid DM: SHES GRABBIN PEELS Phil: even roll Cormag: SUDDENLY A BOOMER APPEARS [1d20 = 5] Skylighter (Calnik): What are peels? Cormag: FIVE Phil: says that I bang her tonight Cormag: FIVE BOOMERS DM: oh man Phil: [1d20 = 17] Phil: Damn DM: sky you need to lurk moar Skylighter (Calnik): hahahahahahahahaha no Campaign saved. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Sky doesn't really go on FA DM: did someone explain the gurk thing to him yet Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's from left 4 dead Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i did DM: k .

once. I was working on making a Resident Evil DnD game. =3 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil is pinku.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): GURKUS THE MOITY Skylighter (Calnik): L4D? Moar like mod4HL2 DM: GERKUS THE SORC Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i am gurks apprentice Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): louis the black guy in l4d says 'grabbin' pills' when he takes pain pills Brosaw (Ghazghkull): PLOT REVELATION DM: oh man Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FA found it and turned it into 'GRABBIN' PEELS' Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh snap Brosaw is in now? DM: this is going to get awesome Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dude i have 22 str lion DM: yea hes replacing Kay for now as a down syndrom Orc 'Squid' connected Gabe Newell (Cormag): WE SHOULD DO A L4D EDITION OF DND IT WOULD BE AWESOME PROVE ME WRONG Skylighter (Calnik): I see. not including Kayrule Gabe Newell (Cormag): WAT Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WHITE DICE Gabe Newell (Cormag): NUMBERLESS DIE Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god white text on white dice Phil: s0? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): so uh. me or cormag? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's l4d Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and i get no skills Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): proven wrong Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ever DM: in during d20 modern Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i like your portrait better Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Skylighter (Calnik): Actually. Squid (Ryleh): omfg zombiez BloodVex (Phil): because I didn't bother to put in as much effort with cormag's portrait Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 7] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): good lord we have 8 bros. so FA is beating the dead horse again Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Dude what are you BloodVex (Phil): Who has best portrait. should we start Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lets go Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course we should Phil: [1d20 = 14] .

Phil Skylighter (Calnik): Everyone knows you fail at Diplomacy Ghazghkull: [3d6 = 12] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): And you wasted it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): 12 DAMAGE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Way to go Phil: [30d6 = 122] Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god Rivahros: [20d20 = 251] Cormag: BACKHAND [1d20 = 20] Rivahros: [251] Calnik: [20d20 = 237] Phil: I USE Phil: CALTROPS Phil: [30d4 = 72] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP GOING THAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU GET 20s EVERY TIME YOU TRY FOR A BACKHAND Phil: [1d20 = 9] Ghazghkull: [30d20 = 305] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP YOUR SORCERY Phil: [1d20 = 20] Calnik: [1d4 = 4] Phil: FFFFFFFF Rohkor: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d20 = 3] Phil: [1d20 = 8] Calnik: [1d20 = 5] Phil: [1d20 = 17] Rohkor: [1d20 = 4] Phil: [1d20 = 9] Cormag: in during dice spam Lazar: I dance. [1d20 = 1] Rivahros: [1d20 = 2] Calnik: [1d20 = 10] Phil: [1d20 = 5] Cormag: THE PARTYCAN OF DND Rivahros: [1d20 = 15] Ghazghkull: CRIT FAIL DANCE .DM: fixin the map one sec Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho Phil: [1d20 = 20] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CRIT ROLL BloodVex (Phil): that was diplomacy check btw Ruoka (Rohkor): More like a disguise check Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats your only 20 foir the night.

. nobody mourns OK SO! BloodVex (Phil): let's go GERKUS JUST FUCKED YOUR SHIT UP Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE'VE BEEN K.O.'D BY GERKUS THE JERKUS Skylighter (Calnik): inafter gerkus rape Squid (Ryleh): OH NOEJ Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ooh can my character be introduced Ruoka (Rohkor): have my character die in a humorous manner ..Phil: [1d20 = 18] Ruoka (Rohkor): CRITICAL FAILURE Rohkor: [1d20 = 10] Rivahros: [1d20 = 14] Phil: [1d20 = 15] Ghazghkull: YOU FALL AND BREAK YOUR NECK Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Rivahros: [1d20 = 4] Calnik: [1d20 = 4] Lazar: [1d20 = 1] Rivahros: [1d20 = 14] Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Lazar: [1d20 = 15] Rohkor: [1d20 = 18] Lazar: [1d20 = 7] Phil: [1d20 = 10] Calnik: [1d20 = 3] Rivahros: [1d20 = 17] Lazar: [1d20 = 8] Calnik: [1d20 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STFU Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: [1d4 = 2] DM: . Gabe Newell (Cormag): PHIL IS EATEN BY A DRAGON Lazar: Phil dies. Phil: [1d4 = 3] Skylighter (Calnik): Phil is gonna get god-banned Phil: [1d4 = 1] Ruoka (Rohkor): oh u Brosaw (Ghazghkull): trees lounge is such a good song Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHUT THE FUCK UP Campaign saved.

Squid (Ryleh): i think reploids hot chocolate is ready and he abandoned us Squid (Ryleh): THE TRUTH Cormag: (POLL) Is that the truth Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahahaha Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what BloodVex (Phil): how does i make vote VOTE COMPLETE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i voted CHANGING MAP TO 2FORT Squid (Ryleh): HOW I DOES VOTE LOL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I LOVE 2FORT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I LOVE 2FORT Skylighter (Calnik): FFFFFF NO DO HYDRO Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i be a sniper Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho Squid (Ryleh): SHIT MAP IS SHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HYDRO SUX Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHGOD TF2 DND GURK DA BOY HAS KILLED YOU AGAIN Skylighter (Calnik): HYDRO HYDRO HYDRO Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): dude after we kill gurkus. lets go to 2fort DOMINATING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MOTHERFUCKER! Squid (Ryleh): SPY SAPPAN MAH SENTRY Cormag: BONK Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU HAVE A PRETTY NAME DM: K SERIOUSLY Brosaw (Ghazghkull): PRETTY LIKE YOUR NAME Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHIT UP LETS DO THIS Brosaw (Ghazghkull): LETS PLAY A DRINKIN GAME Phil: (POLL) Change map to cp_gurkbowl? OK SO! Squid (Ryleh): HOW DO I VOTE? gerkus wrecked your shit and bitchslapped Ryleh >: Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CLICK THE FUCKING VOTE BOX Squid (Ryleh): roflampskjdsl Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHUT UP YOU FAGGOTS Skylighter (Calnik): inafter vote Squid (Ryleh): bitch srapped you awaken one by one in seperate rooms Brosaw (Ghazghkull): to find an ork standing over you .

BloodVex (Phil): with a stretched anus Ruoka (Rohkor): lol xd DM: everyone pick a cell Skylighter (Calnik): Rep. race. Campaign saved. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): bottom righ Squid (Ryleh): I'm still G DM: use ur tokens Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am red Skylighter (Calnik): I AM C Cormag: I'm blue Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i am g Phil: BLOODVEX . and alignment note. DM: DRAGONS DM: IN YOUR PANTS DM: FFFF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what token. why is ruoka on there twice Skylighter (Calnik): Why is Rohkor on the note twice? Skylighter (Calnik): THERE YA GO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh.HUMAN . what alignment DM: g has been picked Bro DM: pick a new letter Ghazghkull: whatever Phil: NG Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i am purple Ruoka (Rohkor): I'm Lawful neutral Squid (Ryleh): gay purple amirite Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no im green Phil: (POLL) is this a shitty map or what DM: . lazar Rivahros: lazar.__. I request a full name.PHIL . alignment? BloodVex (Phil): uhhhh DM . class.P Brosaw (Ghazghkull): my name is g Ruoka (Rohkor): I AM H Brosaw (Ghazghkull): storp it other g Squid (Ryleh): i was G last game nigga Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka.WIZARD . rohkor Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): er ruoka Ruoka (Rohkor): HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ruoka (Rohkor): Still Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IS MY NOTE ACCURATE? Ruoka (Rohkor): Now my name is there twice Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait wtf.

Phil. Cal. Riva. Roh and Ry Brosaw (Ghazghkull): shut up ghaz Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): okey dokey DM: therefore Squid (Ryleh): last place. Cor. ghazg Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can someone make me a portrait BloodVex (Phil): no Brosaw (Ghazghkull): please BloodVex (Phil): no one likes you brosaw Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THERE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): bloodvex more like bloodvagina Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT IS ACCURATE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I THINK Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also my alignment is chaotic DM: uh Ruoka (Rohkor): hahahaha nice one brosaw Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i put it down DM: jasper is DM: not with you DM: >: BloodVex (Phil): Still with Ryleh? DM: yes DM: actually DM: how did you know DM: fff BloodVex (Phil): I am amazing DM: ok so BloodVex (Phil): also I have a telepathic link with him DM: order is in portraits I see DM: I will list them now Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i am green Gabe Newell (Cormag): shut up gurk DM: Laz.Lazar: NE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait no Phil: Where's Jasper? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who am i missing Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. Ghaz. woo! Taking a nap XD DM: laz is getting the story DM: the same applies in each room you are in DM: so I aint repeating it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Squid (Ryleh): C IS RUNNING IS CIRCLES DM: stop moving faggots .

BloodVex (Phil): oh good job BloodVex (Phil): you pisses the kid off Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): in during exploding runes BloodVex (Phil): roll initiative The note reads: Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you take 8d20 damage . and a single child.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i yell out of my cell Skylighter (Calnik): ITS A GHOST DM: you can try DM: on your turn Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also story i was too awesome so gurk threw me in jail DM: sounds good Brosaw (Ghazghkull): for being too awesome DM: ok DM: Laz! DM: by the way if this turn system works out I'm going to use it more DM: it make it less clusterfuck BloodVex (Phil): I agree Ruoka (Rohkor): Sure Squid (Ryleh): definately BloodVex (Phil): use dat shit nyukka Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 8 PEOPLE AT ONCE GO GO GO Skylighter (Calnik): NO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): w/e bro Skylighter (Calnik): nigga i aint doin dat gay shit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): np: beck . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): good song Campaign saved. BloodVex (Phil): inb4 i'm in a stone dungeon infested with rats There is a bundle of what appears to be food next to a large red door. DM: WHAT DO YOU DO Ruoka (Rohkor): >open door BloodVex (Phil): >open dohr Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh theres the map Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): read the note fag Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thanks Skylighter (Calnik): Wait. a four post bed. Lazar gets a kid? wtf? Lazar: walks over to the note and reads it.sissyneck Lazar wakes up. There is a note on the bundle. although there are magic torches illuminating the entire room. It's rather elegant. Carpeting. he is inside what appears to be a normal room. No windows.

Do I have my weapons? DM: Best of luck Skylighter (Calnik): inb4Cormag kills his kid DM: Gerkus Campaign saved.. what do i roll to be good at them? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >put kid in kidshaped hole DM: I have given the key to the child. don't worry it is neither poisoned nor will it go rotten by that time.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reroll? Squid (Ryleh): shhh Skylighter (Calnik): You suddenly realize you are a round token on a shitty map Ruoka (Rohkor): hurp Squid (Ryleh): >XD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD Brosaw (Ghazghkull): THE CHILD BITES YOU Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU TAKE 4d6 DAMAGE Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU ARE NOW A ZOMBIE BloodVex (Phil): the note reads Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ROLL TO SEE IF YOU CONTRACT RABIES BloodVex (Phil): the child raped you Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): FUCK NO ONLY ONE ACTION PER TURN BloodVex (Phil): all night long Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TYPE FASTER YOU FAGGOT Ryleh: stfu guise DM: Greetings! I have decided you fools are not worth my time here and I have important business to attend to. DM: no you don't Brosaw (Ghazghkull): idort DM: you are wearing what appear to be spare clothes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so this is the same with all of us? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the same note/situation? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): fuckno AC 10 DM: they are not your own . Phil: sorry Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): . If you desire to escape alive and find me then by all means try. I have given you a weeks worth of food. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh hell no. i hate riddles Ruoka (Rohkor): sux 4 u Phil: [1d4 = 3] Squid (Ryleh): i'm bad at puzzles. There is a trick to this room..

.Lazar turns to stare at the kid. :c BloodVex (Phil): The key is behind his eye BloodVex (Phil): just like in SAW Skylighter (Calnik): RAPE HIM. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >eat child Squid (Ryleh): bang on the door until something happens? Child: I don't know where it is.. Skylighter (Calnik): You. derp Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): TWEST THE BAHS WITH YOUR BAZERKAH STRENGTH Child: I can't. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CAVITY SEARCH Rohkor: INB4 IT'S IN HIS EYE OR SOMETHING Squid (Ryleh): EAT HIM Lazar: Are you lying? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ROLL d20 BloodVex (Phil): I don't suppose I have my spellbook with me? Child: He said I had it.. You.. DM: no you dont BloodVex (Phil): then f yeah spell mastery Lazar casts summon undead to summon a Medium Skeleton. Give it. Skylighter (Calnik): ITS UP HIS BUTT Lazar stares at the kid.. but I don't. Child squeeks with fear Squid (Ryleh): awww baby.. Are. Lying. DM: by the way yes same situation for everyone Squid (Ryleh): what do i roll to assure i look hot in my clothes? Lazar: Key. Period. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thank god i never watched saw Child is crying Squid (Ryleh): how can you put a key back there without fucking up someones eye? . Kids love that. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): another reason why sorcs > wizards Lazar: Are. DM: he gave you a dancer's outfit DM: its the only girl stuff he has Ryleh: f year Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm how do i read the note Brosaw (Ghazghkull): I AM ILLITERATE DM: you don't cause you're dumb Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh right Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): barbarians are illiterate Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ghazg is screwed Squid (Ryleh): figure it out. Child: no! I swear! I don't have it! He says I do but I don't its not in my pockets or anything.

. Lazar: commands the skeleton to attack the kid. Squid (Ryleh): whoops. derp Lazar: Try again. The chils runs to the bed and hides under the blankets Child: AAAAHHHHHH Squid (Ryleh): hahahaha BloodVex (Phil): oh yeah blankets BloodVex (Phil): nice hiding spot retard Skylighter (Calnik): SEXY TIME Lazar stares at the skeleton.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you made him cry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking faggot DM: >evil Lazar: Go for the throat. dgaf Squid (Ryleh): lololol Campaign saved. can't kill a kid right in front of hm. Squid (Ryleh): You asshole Ruoka (Rohkor): You can't DM: >dgaf Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god Lazar commands the skeleton to attack the kid. HIT this time. Squid (Ryleh): why are your minions always so fail? XD Lazar: [1d20 = 18] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): mustadio isnt evil Ruoka (Rohkor): oh wow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): congrats Lazar: [1d4 = 3] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dont use mustadios portrait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you just killed a child Lazar: [1d20 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking criminal Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): NE Necro. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's gonna kill him Gabe Newell (Cormag): EF YEAR EVILBRO Lazar: [1d20 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): haha Skylighter (Calnik): KEK Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Ruoka (Rohkor): oh man Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lololololololololol BloodVex (Phil): Dohohohohoho Brosaw (Ghazghkull): kid beats skeleton Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lazar loses DM: it missed.

. Squid (Ryleh): IT'S IN HIS HEART Ruoka (Rohkor): doh ho ho ho DM: appraise Squid (Ryleh): lololol Lazar: [1d20 = 19] Phil: [1d20 = 9] Lazar: +1 Ruoka (Rohkor): wat DM: uhh phil BloodVex (Phil): whoops again BloodVex (Phil): didn't mean it Squid (Ryleh): phil stop touching yer dice lol DM: you notice the gem is slightly opaque in the middle .INSIDE? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if we have to kill the kid to get out. A gem falls to the floor..BloodVex (Phil): STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! DM: The Skeleton tears the child's heart out. This is the easy way Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): they BETTER Squid (Ryleh): cause the bad guys really love us goodies Brosaw (Ghazghkull): FEED THE KID FOOD UNTIL HE SHITS THE GEM OUT Squid (Ryleh): enough to free us Ruoka (Rohkor): out of his heart Lazar picks up the gem. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i assume those who escape will free the others DM: you will. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WHAT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): where the shit did the gem come from Gabe Newell (Cormag): HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Skylighter (Calnik): DUDE WAIT? We get pinata kids? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Probably a construct DM: yes you do Squid (Ryleh): it's. my guy is gonna have problems Squid (Ryleh): o____o Reploid (DM): its inside Gabe Newell (Cormag): In during moralfags are fucked Phil: Oh fuck you DM Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In during moralfags gotta get clever Reploid (DM): thats why there are 7 days of food Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this is not fair reploid BloodVex (Phil): Oh fuck you DM Reploid (DM): FOR ONE PERSON Reploid (DM): AHAHAH Squid (Ryleh): we got 7 days worth of food Squid (Ryleh): we might figure it out? ^^.

chaotic retarded Lazar Was he expecting me not to do the.. Lazar: Was he expecting me not to do the... Lazar: Wait. .there were only 5 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and there's 8 of us Lazar walks over to the door with the gem.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i think the kids are the keys DM: spot Ruoka (Rohkor): and the others have gems Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >jam kid hand into keyhole Lazar: Spot [1d12+4 = 13] Lazar: [1d20 = 12] Reploid (DM): in b4 the orc used the kid to bam open the door BloodVex (Phil): cool d20 bro Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (+4) Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh man that'd be awesome Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna use the kid like a battering ram Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i edited the note DM: you notice that instead if a keyhole there is a small insert Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's far more accurate now Lazar inserts the gem..... Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi- Reploid (DM): he has more he makes the damn things Skylighter (Calnik): They mated and had baby gems Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok fine jeez Ruoka (Rohkor): I think SOME of the kids have keys in them Lazar stares at the door.same gems as before? BloodVex (Phil): DUDE I KNOW WHERE THIS IS FROM Squid (Ryleh): ...But he said key.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oho.same gems as before? Reploid (DM): yes Reploid (DM): :3c Squid (Ryleh): herp derp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait a minute Lazar: Theres that gem. just like the ones we found Ryleh: . DM: the door opens DM: you're done for now Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho. so he stole the gems back from us Squid (Ryleh): examine ze door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): did he confiscate them? Reploid (DM): yes Reploid (DM): just as planned Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh... .

Lazar gets the food. are we going to be ok? Mr. Gerkus is a bad man. then goes over to the child. Rivahros gets up. my mommy doesn't like him.. no peep holes Ruoka (Rohkor): He's a fighter Squid (Ryleh): SPLIT HIS LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CUT HIM OPEN FIGHTER Phil: he has no weapons BloodVex (Phil): he has no weapons Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also the gem is in his butt Rivahros: Depends on how much you cooperate with me.. and reads the note.. Reploid (Child): no just the insert. and uh.. meanwhile.. you're pretty small. DM: Riva you're up. so Im outsideit? Rivahros glares at him suspiciously. Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 14] .. Reploid (DM): ohoho BloodVex (Phil): DOOR SLAMS SHUT BEHIND HIM Lazar eats a bit. kid. Maybe the key's in there.. as it you were smart enough to let it swing past you Rivahros: Really? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): RIV BELIEVES HIM Brosaw (Ghazghkull): TOO BAD Brosaw (Ghazghkull): TURN OVER Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): PS. Child complies Rivahros .. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh. Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohohohohhoo Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Can I get the Gem back from the door Reploid (DM): yes Lazar does so.Campaign saved. Search the feed sack for me. but I don't Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Behind me. rubbing his head. is there any opening in the door? to see people? Child: I don't have it anywhere on me! I checked my pockets and everything. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): to access the gem you have to stick a finger up his but Child: [1d20 = 2] Skylighter (Calnik): What kind of food is in the sack? Child: Theres nothing in here sir. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CUT HIM OPEN PALADIN Skylighter (Calnik): He's a Fighter. DM: the door shuts DM: fyi Rivahros: Do you have the key? Child: He said I did. Reploid (Child): yes. goes to check the bed covers and under the bed.

DM: DM mode sorry Rivahros: Hrrm. Skylighter (Calnik): Riva loves his knobs Gabe Newell (Cormag): Who's after Rage? Reploid (DM): Cal Rivahros sits down and thinks for a bit. Child: Find anything? Squid (Ryleh): the child knows about beds. the child is a prostitute Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 2] Gabe Newell (Cormag): haahh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . ITS A SPACE STATION DM: you notice a small insert where a keyhole and knob should be. Phil: hey guys I'll brb BloodVex (Phil): hey guys I'll brb Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do i find anything Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): by the bed Skylighter (Calnik): IS THERE CHEESE? CAUSE I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT Brosaw (Ghazghkull): NO YOU DONT THE GEM IS IN THE KIDS HEART Squid (Ryleh): a diiiiicccckkkkk Child: The bed is a bed.Reploid (Child): food I dgaf. eating some of the food from the sack while he does. . Nothing interesting. turns out it's nota a red block at all but a green triangle Brosaw (Ghazghkull): pink triangle Skylighter (Calnik): THATS NO RED BLOCK. Rivahros examines the door. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHA Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITFAIL DM: its a big red block. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): good song man Rivahros: The knob's gone. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): wait what did phil do Reploid (DM): hes not next on my list BloodVex (Phil): You skipped Cal Gabe Newell (Cormag): people's lists are different .. enough for a week ofr one person. too. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU GOUGE YOUR EYE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can i try again DM: yes Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): in during 1 Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 14] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there we go Ruoka (Rohkor): You do a double take. . The sheets are pretty nice.. Campaign saved.

_... MY EQUIPMENT'S GONE Squid (Ryleh): RROOOOAAARRRR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh fine DM: DM sorry Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 8] Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahah Ruoka (Rohkor): oh man Brosaw (Ghazghkull): now you will nver get the gem Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Dice hate you Brosaw (Ghazghkull): sorry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): o-oh god .Gabe Newell (Cormag): We are going by the DM's BloodVex (Phil): oh Rivahros then gets up and begins examining the stonework on the walls for anything suspicious. my chest! It feels like its on fire! Squid (Ryleh): Save him. . holy crap! Squid (Ryleh): HEAL HEAL Gabe Newell (Cormag): GIVE HIM A POTION Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i cast magic missile Reploid (Child): TITTY MONSTER SPAWNS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I CAN'T Child: Heal Check Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HAVE NO POTIONS. Rivahros: Are you all right?! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): GUT THE FUCKER Brosaw (Ghazghkull): HES A FAGGOT TEACH HIM SOME MANNERS Child: My. DM: [1d20 = 15] DM: [3d6 = 17] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): +2 to search check for dwarf racial DM: lucky bastard Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 2] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahaha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): aw god damn it Ruoka (Rohkor): ohohoho BloodVex (Phil): send me a message over Steam when it's my turn Rivahros: [1d20 = 14] DM: the stonework is completely normal Skylighter (Calnik): You got all those 20s yesterday. Child grips his chest Child: Augh! Child falls to his knees Rivahros turns around from the wall. Squid (Ryleh): ...

He's burning up Campaign saved. Gabe Newell (Cormag): NESSNESSNESSNESSNESS Ruoka (Rohkor): Time for a prostate exam Child: [3d6 = 14] Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahhaaha Rivahros then sits down on the stone floor and begins thinking. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHILD GETS DYSENTRY Child: PLEASE MISTER HELP ME Ruoka (Rohkor): once more Child panting Child: I MISS MY MOMMY Skylighter (Calnik): HAWT Gabe Newell (Cormag): Oh man Dwarf on Shota action . Rivahros picks up the child and lays him down on the bed.. Child: roll a second heal check Gabe Newell (Cormag): DWARF ON SHOTA ACTION DM: fuck DM DM: sorry Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 2] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck. Skylighter (Calnik): YOU MAKE YOURSELF A MUMMY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i have no idea whether i should be happy or sad DM: [3d6 = 12] DM: Heal check Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 1 Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 4] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ahah Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahahaha Ruoka (Rohkor): hohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH YOU'VE GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME Squid (Ryleh): LOL DM: you don't help anything. Child: it hurts..DM: You manage to calm the child down. but you dont notice anything out of the ordinary that's wrong with him. Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHAHA Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITFAIL Skylighter (Calnik): EODL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU STAB YOURSELF WITH THE SCALPEL Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You killed him! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): LOSE THIRTY LIFE POINTS DM: The child is now running an intense fever.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFP Child: [3d6 = 10] Rivahros: I can't do anything. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i bet its his budding tits Child: AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi Child CRINGE Rivahros: I-I'm sorry! Rivahros backs away quickly. Gabe Newell (Cormag): You'd desecrate his corpse? DM: its sticking out about a half inch Skylighter (Calnik): Boy has no shirt? LULZ Rivahros: What the hell's this...I'm sorry. Child: GET IT OUT Rivahros: I can't! I have no tools to work with! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >punch lump Ruoka (Rohkor): >use axe on lump Reploid (Child): ahahah Squid (Ryleh): RIP AND TEAR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HAVE NO AXe Ruoka (Rohkor): oh wait no weapons Reploid (Child): USE YOUR BARE HANDS LIKE A MAN .. shout for help Squid (Ryleh): OH GOD THIS IS HOT Brosaw (Ghazghkull): try one more time you quitter fag Child: Heal check Squid (Ryleh): GET IT? CAUSE HE HAS A FEVER Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 11] Skylighter (Calnik): WAIT CHILD IS ANDROGENOUS IS THIS A BOY OR GIRL? DM: FUCK Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You have a cleric outside DM: FINALLY Gabe Newell (Cormag): He doesn't know this though Squid (Ryleh): this kid is definately bridget Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I WANTED TO GET LOW SO HE'D DIE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AND I'D GET OUTTA HERE DM: You notice a rather large lump where his heart is... Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): protip fgt.? DM: poke it i rare you Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >rape child DM: dare* Rivahros pokes the lump experimentally. but he has none of his potions and no healing abilities..Child: BAWWWWWWWWW Rivahros feels incredibly guilty.

hel... me.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): BSH AND SMAAAAAAAAASH Squid (Ryleh): RIP AND TEAR RIP AND TEAR! Rivahros: * Child: [3d6 = 9] DM: ffff Rivahros: If I try to get it out with my bare hands.... DM: heal check DM: goddamn stupid kis wont die Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 6] Ruoka (Rohkor): ohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MOTHERFUCK! DM: nvm Cormag: ded Brosaw (Ghazghkull): KID DIES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nvm? NVM? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN Squid (Ryleh): way to kill the kid rage Child: aughhh AAUUUGGGGGHHHHHH Brosaw (Ghazghkull): rage is a shitty doctor Child: BAWWWWW Child coughs up blood Skylighter (Calnik): ORGASM Rivahros covers his eyes... unable to look at the suffering child..Gerkus is truly a hateful person to do this to the poor child.p. it'll probably kill him. Child 's chest sinks Squid (Ryleh): are you seriously a fighter? can't even watch a kid die? DM: Hes dead jim Ruoka (Rohkor): It is a CHILD Squid (Ryleh): now you gotta open up a dead kid rofl Ruoka (Rohkor): DYING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): brb Gabe Newell (Cormag): In during alignment change :3c Brosaw (Ghazghkull): in during empire strikes back Campaign saved. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): sleep inside of the childs corpse Reploid (DM): spoilers rage just watched his own child die Ruoka (Rohkor): wat Reploid (DM): gerkus is that big of a jerk Gabe Newell (Cormag): AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH . Gabe Newell (Cormag): ITG: Rage's character gets traumatized Child: please...Reploid (Child): RIP AND TEAR Ruoka (Rohkor): RIP AND TEAR YOUR LUMPS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): (thinking) Maybe the key's inside of him....

Rivahros: I couldn't help him.. Reploid (DM): :3c Squid (Ryleh): HOW NOW BROWN COW Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate you.. DM: had* DM: dohoho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . Gabe Newell (Cormag): That would have been GREAT Rivahros: He's. Gabe Newell (Cormag): PUSSY Brosaw (Ghazghkull): fag Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 2] Gabe Newell (Cormag): ahahahah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHH Ruoka (Rohkor): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ruoka (Rohkor): WHAT Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHA DM: your vision blurs from your MANLY TEARS . . reploid Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so much . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU GOUGE YOUR EYE ON THE GEM DM: try again Rivahros After a few moments.he's dead..Dear Lord... Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 20] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Finally Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FINALLY Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): * Rivahros: * DM: you notice the child has a small dagger in hi s pocket.... Rivahros recovers his composure and inspects the child's body.__. ..Gabe Newell (Cormag): AHHAHAHDJASHDASJDHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH A Gabe Newell (Cormag): OH MAN Reploid (DM): lolol jk Gabe Newell (Cormag): :( Rivahros: .. DM: [1d20 = 6] Ruoka (Rohkor): It really would have been awesome DM: spot check Rivahros covers his eyes for a minute and sobs quietly.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): >dont have to cut Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): TIME TO BE A SURGEON Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he wouldn't risk alerting guards with shouting Brosaw (Ghazghkull): slit more like clit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): fuck his chest Ruoka (Rohkor): ahahaha Ruoka (Rohkor): oh wait it's not funny DM: search check and then a heal check Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 16] Squid (Ryleh): whats your alignment rage? cause it looks like it's changing rofl Rivahros: Heal [1d20+1 = 14] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): neutral good Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the kid's dead. carefully cuts a small slit in the child's chest.Reploid (DM): you do have the option Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Protip: Shout for help Brosaw (Ghazghkull): good alignments are for pussies Reploid (DM): of waiting to be rescued Gabe Newell (Cormag): You can wait it out and wait for someone to get rescued maget Brosaw (Ghazghkull): chaotic is the best alignment Reploid (DM): shouting works too Reploid (DM): be creative man Reploid (DM): you dont ahve to gut him Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YES YOU DO Reploid (DM): thats just one option Rivahros takes the dagger from the child's pocket and. with evident disgust. I'm not commiting any crime Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): it would have been amusing should you have not found the gem Gabe Newell (Cormag): RAGE IS NOW LAWFUL EVIL Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho DM: roll 3d6 Gabe Newell (Cormag): >desecrating a child's corpse Squid (Ryleh): lol Gabe Newell (Cormag): >not a crim Rivahros: [3d6 = 13] Squid (Ryleh): i hope i get better rolls XD Ruoka (Rohkor): ecks dee DM: you become true neutral Brosaw (Ghazghkull): crat fiil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT THE FUCK? 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Ruoka (Rohkor): uh what .

lol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I didn't 'carve him up' Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you are in shock so you are apatetic to everything Calnik: It's not like you actually lose anything by going neutral. and the kid did everything wrong Gabe Newell (Cormag): Or he could have waited for someone to rescue him? he had SEVEN DAYS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i refuse to accept my alignment change. It'd be evil to do NOTHING and let his good influence stay trapped forever. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BAD ENOUGH TO WARRANT SUCH A DRASTIC CHANGE 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Gabe Newell (Cormag): Ffff Squid (Ryleh): lulz Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >good to neutral Reploid (DM): k I'll give you that Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I DIDN'T EVEN KILL HIM Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >drastic Reploid (DM): but its not liek you're evil Campaign saved. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lose fifty sanity points Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik has a point Squid (Ryleh): this is like in school. and you can also become good later.Squid (Ryleh): uh oh 'Gabe Newell' connected Reploid (DM): luck rollan Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU CAN'T CHANGE MY ALIGNMENT ON A WHIM LIKE THAT. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): deal w/ it nerd Reploid (DM): you've been traumatized Squid (Ryleh): maaaaan Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'll accept traumitization Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but can i keep my alignment? Skylighter (Calnik): What else is he supossed to do? He's stuck in a room with the only way out in a kid's chest. when the teacher chose someone to go first. chill Skylighter (Calnik): OOC Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i delicately cut a SMALL SLIT in his chest to get the thing out Reploid (DM): but you DIDNT HAVE TO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): don't you fags care about your characters? . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): therefore true neutral Squid (Ryleh): you can earn it back. it's not evil enough to change me to neutral Ruoka (Rohkor): DAWN OF FIRST DAY -fuckton of hours remain- Brosaw (Ghazghkull): why is this so important Squid (Ryleh): you carved up a kid for freedome.

. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i didn't know you even could Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yeah.. You couldn't even believe you slit a child open. Are you cool with this y/n Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Now then Brosaw (Ghazghkull): y Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that is a good way of wording it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thank you. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so I get the same result as lazar. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Could always just atone.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its how Fallan Paladins/Clerics/Druids become clerics/druids/paladins again . DM: the trauma causes you to lose faith in yourself. and generally don't affect how you play the character Rivahros: Appraise [1d20 = 20] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER APPRAISE Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi- Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes it does Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): because i need lawful good for dwarven defender Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ah. Skylighter (Calnik): If your character was truly good.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how would I have known that others had freed themselves Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and he didn't want to wait Reploid (DM): you can try wailing on the door Gabe Newell (Cormag): You had SEVEN DAYS WORTH OF FOOOOOOD Reploid (DM): i would ahve let Laz knock back Squid (Ryleh): or yelling for us? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): tn move on Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i want to go Skylighter (Calnik): He fact that your character was willing to go to such lengths hints to his neutralness.. Tru neutral. rep? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You can DM: you know this gem Campaign saved. alignments have no real matter. you'd RP him as such. DM: you've picked it up before Rivahros: Wait a minute.This is. i accept Reploid (DM): I rolled a 20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whatev Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRIT NEUTRAL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SO what did I get from the kid's corpse DM: the gem DM: appraise Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In all honesty.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): ROLL AN INT CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH TO USE IT ON THE DOOR Rivahros: .the same gem I had before! Rivahros inserts it into the slot on the door. BRO. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): so can i unatone if i become lawful Brosaw (Ghazghkull): for berserker Reploid (DM): yes Brosaw (Ghazghkull): rad Reploid (DM): by murdering someone Reploid (DM): :3c Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna kill the kid anyways Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I TRY THE DOOR Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DOES IT OPEN Cormag: inb4 no Gabe Newell (Cormag): ff Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): NO IT EXPLODE Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU TAKE FIFTEEN DAMAGE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): FOUTRY LIFE POINTS DM: the door opens DM: you see Laz Skylighter (Calnik): SPLINTERS Gabe Newell (Cormag): MINGLE Lazar has the skeleton wave. Rivahros walks out slowly. seemingly depressed. . Why are you depressed? Ruoka (Rohkor): THAT'S BADASS Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahah Reploid (DM): ohoho Skylighter (Calnik): THE ONLY THING YOU COULD DO.. Skylighter (Calnik): I just remembered that Laz told his skeleton to go for the kid's throat.. he missed. and instead it ripped out his heart.. Rivahros backs away in shock... Reploid (DM): shh I can change these things Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I said the throat first time. but looks up upon noticing Lazar. I didn't specify on the second time Rivahros: What've I done? Gabe Newell (Cormag): HE STUCK HIS HAND DOWN THE KIDS THROAT Ruoka (Rohkor): AND PULLED OUT HIS HEART Lazar: You killed a kid.I had to cut open a kid's corpse. THE ONLY THING YOU COULD DO.. Rivahros: I. So did I. his head down. Reploid (DM): basically.

He'll learn to live with it and move on. Perhaps they'll do better then you did. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate you Brosaw (Ghazghkull): NEUTRAL EVIL Squid (Ryleh): maaaaan Gabe Newell (Cormag): ALIGNMENT CHANNNNNGE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S NOT EVIL IF I'M FIGHTING EVIL Rivahros: Damn you.! Reploid (DM): its true he's fine. Rivahros: I'd appreciate it if you didn't speak of this to any of them. Ruoka (Rohkor): IIIINFIIIIGT Squid (Ryleh): dohohoho Rivahros: You. . Rivahros looks guiltily at the ground. Lazar: Make it worth my while? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): :3 Rivahros: ..Rivahros: I didn't kill him! Rivahros: Are you saying you DID? Lazar: Me? I would never bloody my hands.. DM: cal.I panicked.... Lazar: Why didn't you? Rivahros quickly takes control of himself and backs! Rivahros barely restrains himself from attacking Lazar.. Rivahros: We should. Rivahros: I had no idea any of you were even here! Rivahros: I thought I was all alone. you're up Lazar: Fair enough... Lazar: If you had asked. I would have let you out. . he dodges. ... Reploid (DM): jeez hes true now he DGAFS once the shock wears off. Skylighter (Calnik): OSNAP FIGHT Lazar looks towards his the others. I suppose. Campaign saved. Rivahros: I. Lazar: Isn't your kid dead as well? Lazar: You did differently? DM: roll a d20 DM: rage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck you Rivahros: [1d20 = 5] Squid (Ryleh): haha Ruoka (Rohkor): WHAAAT DM: you swing at Laz. Lazar: But you made no attempt to find out.

DM: search check Cal DM: er spot DM: my bad Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 18] Ruoka (Rohkor): niice Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): also. Skeleton does not like you. fyi Rivahros: I'll give you fifty gold pieces once we're out of this mess. The bad man said I have your key Squid (Ryleh): it's holy. Reploid (DM): at that Skylighter (Calnik): THIS IS ALL ME Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Reploid (DM): k cal's up Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Also. he can't have any other expression Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): But the meaning is the same Calnik lowers the note and looks at the nearby child. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Lazar's an utter prick. He reaches into the nearby food sack and pulls out an apple. Mr. are you doing here? Squid (Ryleh): fapfapfapfap Ruoka (Rohkor): Child molesting paladins. imo . which he didn't know if there were DM: behind the kid you see a red block with a small hole near it. pray tell. Reploid (DM): guys stop you're convo's done Lazar: Deal. He heads over to read the note. fuck year Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JUST LIKE REAL LIFE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >touch child inappropriately Child: I don't know. then kneels in front of the kid. What's your name? Child: Bridget! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): dsadsagdsa Gabe Newell (Cormag): AW YEAH Skylighter (Calnik): god damn you Squid (Ryleh): lololol Gabe Newell (Cormag): FUCK YES THE SEXINGS Squid (Ryleh): HIT IT LIKE A TRAIN Reploid (Child): :3c Ruoka (Rohkor): oh dear Calnik: That's a lovely name. And what. but you can't really make it out DM: get closer y/n Calnik: Hey there. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well no shit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i attacked you Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He :| at you. Quickly stands up and scans the room.Calnik wakes up in the cell and groggily rubs his head. Sure. my guy didn't wanna alert guards :( Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if there were any.

Child: but I don't
Calnik: Is that so?
Gabe Newell (Cormag): You're a holy man you are ALLOWED to touch children
Calnik: Sense Motive [1d20+5 = 10]
Child: I looked everywhere!
Child tellin da truth
Calnik: I believe you.
Calnik holds out the apple to the kid.
Child beams
Calnik: You hungry?
Child: yes sir!
Squid (Ryleh): d'awww <3
Child: [3d6 = 8]
Calnik: Good kid. Looks like we're going to be here awhile.
Squid (Ryleh): i hope bridget survives and joins our party
Child: owwie...
Calnik: Hm? What's the matter?
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): TOO BAD
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHILD DIES
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now i'm gonna get the short end of the morality stick as
everyone else with a good alignment yells for help
Child: I think I took too big a bite!
Child smiles
Calnik: Just slow down. There's no hurry.
Child: Are we stuck in here mister?
Child om nom
Campaign saved.
Calnik: Hm, I'm not sure.
Ruoka (Rohkor): I'm not going to scream for help
Calnik steps around the kid and searches the red block behind him.
Ruoka (Rohkor): ...But I am neutral, though
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): SQUEL LIKE A PIGGY
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna kill the kid, drop the gem, and break down the door
with my BEAR HANDS
Reploid (Child): FUCK YES
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i can't wait to see that
Reploid (Child): WAAAGH
Ruoka (Rohkor): that wan un-bearable
Child: spot
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): more like PUN-bearable
DM: er dm
Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 19]
DM: you see a small hole where a keyhole and knob should be

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): itg character development
Calnik: Bridget, do you know anything that might help us escape?
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i have 3 int
Child: just that I have the key!
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dont know what development means
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): or character
Reploid (Child): you're dumb dont worry
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 3 int? Can you even speak?
Reploid (Child): no
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no
Reploid (Child): he grunts
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ahah
Calnik: Are you sure that's all you have?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he can 'WAAAGH'
Child nods
Child: [3d6 = 8]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): actually he speaks like an ork
Ruoka (Rohkor): He "DURRR"s
Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 30]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): in a bad cockney accent
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi-
Skylighter (Calnik): GIMME THE KNIFE
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHOAHDAYUMN
Child: well... I have this
Child shows the dagger
Lazar: In during he sees the skeleton and engages
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >open lock with dagger
Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahahaah
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In during he sees the skeleton and engages
Calnik smiles and holds his palm out.
Calnik: May I have it?
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Brosaw that is
Reploid (Child): >metagaming
Child: [1d20 = 14]
Child: ok!
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): When he opens the door, dummkopf
Child hands the knife over
Calnik: Thank you. Such dangerous toys are unfit for the young, but don't worry. I'll
protect us both with it.
Child: yay!
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also dm i made up a special ork trait
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh joy

Child: [3d6 = 9]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i can use my str mod for intimidate rolls
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate to say it
Child drops to her knees
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but that makes sense
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): since i cant actually get traits
Child: I think that was a bad apple....
Child: heal check
DM: dm sorry
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i use that dm
Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 2]
Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHAHAHA
Reploid (DM): uh
Calnik: The note said the food was untainted, but I wouldn't put it past Gerkus to lie!
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You all suck at healing
DM: you are bewildered! you watch dumbfounded and the child struggles
Calnik: What's the matter?
Child: My chest hurts!
Child: make it stop!
Campaign saved.
Calnik places a hand on the child's chest to inspect.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ok dm i now have MENACING SCOWL
DM: heal check again
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): str mod for intimidate rolls
Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 15]
DM: you notice a small bump near her heart.
Reploid (DM): CP
Reploid (DM): CP
Ruoka (Rohkor): >her
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CIVIL PROTECTION
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): PICK UP THAT CAN
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): start feeling the loli
Ruoka (Rohkor): You're telling that BRIDGET IS A GIRL
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S A TRAP
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): roll a detect traps
Calnik: There's something here. It feels close to the skin. Lie back, maybe I can
extract it.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): inb4the kid dies
DM: [1d20 = 14]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 pally magic saves the kid
DM: she tries to walk but collapses
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): please die so i don't end up the guiltiest
Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 no one elses kid dies

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Paladin could fall if he fuck it up
Reploid (DM): two kids are eat you derp
Reploid (DM): dead*
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): doubt he'll fuck it though
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i can't wait for ghazghkull's turn
Reploid (DM): i know right
Calnik kneels down besides the child and rolls him/her onto its back, then draws his
knife and carefully slices into the bump.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU KILL THE KID
DM: roll 3d6
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh
Calnik: [3d6 = 13]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fail fail fail fail fail
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO!
Gabe Newell (Cormag): oshit
Ruoka (Rohkor): He's trying to help the kid you stupid person
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait, same roll as mine
Calnik: Hold still! The pain is only temporary.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): but no crit fail
DM: [1d12 = 6]

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 6 6 1 = 13, 5 6 2 = 13
Reploid (DM): wrong thing
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you rolled a CRIT ONE
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): The damage roll.
DM: the child winces
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Problem is though, he's still alive, yours was dead.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EAT DICKS IN HELL
DM: roll a heal check
Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 4]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh snap
DM: you stab him goooood
Ruoka (Rohkor): He is still doing it to help the kid
Squid (Ryleh): :c
DM: her
DM: it
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh dear
Calnik: I apologize.
Child passes out from the pain
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god this is hilarious
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ONE STEP CLOSER TO DEEEAAAATH
Calnik closes his eyes and places a palm on the child's forehead as he whispers a
Lay on Hands prayer.
DM: [3d6 = 13]
Lazar: Passes out isnt death though
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT ISN'T FAIR
DM: he is healed! your cut forms back up.
Skylighter (Calnik): HEALING, BITCHES
Calnik: Alright, let's try again.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): inb4 rage ragequits
Child still knockd out
Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 2]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YUS
Gabe Newell (Cormag): HAHAGHAHA
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh
Skylighter (Calnik): Goddammit.
Child: you kill the kid.
Campaign saved.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITFAIL
Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHAHAHA
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ALL THE CHILDREN DIE
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YES
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'M NOT THE GUILTIEST
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WOOOOOOOOOOOO
DM: what now
Lazar: He won't fall
DM: i know
Calnik bows his head and speaks a quick prayer for the child.
DM: i'm asking him
Calnik: You're in a better place now, child.
DM: roll a d20
DM: er
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much alignment does he lose
DM: 3d6
Calnik: [3d6 = 16]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO!
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahahah

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NIGGERS
Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi-
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OTHER WAY AROUND
Gabe Newell (Cormag): He won't lose any alignment
Gabe Newell (Cormag): He didn't do anything in malice
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NEITHER DID I
DM: you feel extremely guitly about your actions, you know you must atone for this
immediatly. The gods should smile upon you however since this was not done in
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER
Gabe Newell (Cormag): He will get a huge guilty concious
Gabe Newell (Cormag): He HEALED the kid bro
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I CAN'T HEAL
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU FUCKING RETARD
Gabe Newell (Cormag): Exactly
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): 3bad
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S NOT MY FAULT
Gabe Newell (Cormag): That doesn't fucking change anything
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You're also not a paladin so you don't take a big of a hit
Calnik pulls some sheets off the bed and carefully spends the next few hours
wrapping the body properly and reciting chants and prayers for the soul.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHhhh
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >hours
Reploid (DM): >true neutral
Reploid (DM): dgaf bro
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I DON'T WANT TO BE TRUE NEUTRAL
Reploid (DM): then do some good shit
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I ALWAYS DO
Reploid (DM): after you leave
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): gimme a dollar
Reploid (DM): I know
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You'll get it back, don't worry
Reploid (DM): it accumulates
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -sob-
DM: search check
DM: and heal
Calnik: Search [1d20+2 = 6]
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Christ, I don't hang around rage enough. I don't know when
he's raging or just being rage.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): guys with color markers
Calnik: Heal [1d20+1 = 20]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you should change to letters
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): so its easier to tell

Rivahros: I TAKE RP
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): VERY SERIOUSLY
DM: you manage to exctract the gem from the child's heart. You whisper another
prayer as you do so.
Skylighter (Calnik): Sweet.
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I use colored for summons. Easier to tell
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *FILTHY
Calnik: Appraise [1d20+2 = 21]
DM: you've seen this gem
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): colored are npcs
Ruoka (Rohkor): Wrap in bedsheets, whoops forgot gem lol, unwrap, get gem, WRAP
Calnik: I've seen this gem.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): either enemies or summons
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'm R now
DM: looks big enough to fit the hole in the door
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): who is the other colored
Campaign saved.
Ruoka (Rohkor): It's a skeliton
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no there is another colored marker
Skylighter (Calnik): I don't think it's right for me to use a gem from a dead kid's
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): in the top left room
Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh right
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): blue is cormag
Reploid (DM): then be creative
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CORMAG
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): change to a letter
Gabe Newell (Cormag): wat ok
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): c is taken
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and so is r
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): be n for newell
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OOOH MYSTERIOUS
Gabe Newell (Cormag): X FOR XTREME
Ruoka (Rohkor): YEEEAH
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): W FOR WAAAAAAAAAAAGH
DM: cal what are you doing
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FUCK YEAH
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's typing
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): give him a moment, jeez
Calnik stands up and places the gem within the door's keyhole.
DM: it opens
Calnik heads back over to the body.

Calnik: Thank you, child. Your sacrifice will not be in vain.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP BEING SO PIOUS
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I HATE YOU
Calnik carefully slips the gem back within the sheet, well hidden, and steps out the
cell's door.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): PRAY MORE
DM: the door closes
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also i am next so that one side of the building is free
DM: you're still inside
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): itll look better
Skylighter (Calnik): wat
Reploid (DM): gem needs to stay inside
Reploid (DM): Laz took his while he was outside
Reploid (DM): you went back in
Skylighter (Calnik): I see.
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Also, did Riva ever get his back out?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I didn't try to get it
Calnik carefully retrieves the gem, places it in the slot, steps through, and tosses
the gem back into the cell through the small door slits.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): also, about your comment about not being able to tell
when i'm raging
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I DON'T KNOW EITHER
DM: you're outside

DM: mingle
Lazar stares at Calnik.
Rivahros: Calnik!
Lazar: Did you just throw it away?
Rivahros: Are you all right? What happened?
Calnik: Greetings, fellows. Nice to see you well.
Reploid (DM): MORE GUILT
Campaign saved.
Calnik: Unfortunately, I could not pretend the death of a child. My skill with a small
blade are mediocre, at best. But his soul is at peace now.
Calnik: *prevent
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DID YOU IMAGINE IT
Ruoka (Rohkor): ahahah pretend
Rivahros grimaces in sorrow.
Rivahros: I'm sorry to hear that.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no yu arent you are neutral

. however.Gerkus.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dohohoho Lazar: I do wonder why yours keep dying. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): 3d6 Reploid (DM): I did Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you'll rape the shit out of us Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if we ever fight each other Cormag: looks around the room Reploid (DM): child food bag etc Reploid (DM): note Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): If we ever fight each other.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hurry guys this is taking forever Reploid (DM): FYI next is phil. I must atone for my reckless behavior.. I'll have my skeletons. Ruoka (Rohkor): niiice Calnik: As am I. these children do not seem to have any real lifespans.. and begins meditating. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): But they will not fight with violence.. Nay Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): They will give hugs. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dude lion i have an idea Skylighter (Calnik): Your shitty skeletens that can't hit shit? Cormag: walks over to the note and reads it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna be all rude and shit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and you sick your skeleton on me Cormag: Hrmmm.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k DM: Cormag go Gabe Newell (Cormag): hurrah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): gee i wonder what he'll do Skylighter (Calnik): It would've been sweet to have Bridget as a sidekick/mascot. all with be forgiven.. Ry.What have you planned for me today.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and i SMASH HIS SHIT Reploid (DM): WAAAGH Cormag: Gerkus. for that is the way it has been.where the feth am I. crosses his legs. In time.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): shut the fuck up Lazar: Yes. Ghaz and Roh Ruoka (Rohkor): RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE DM: [3d6 = 12] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i would like to have our DAILY BATTLE soon Cormag: Awakens groggily in the cell Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i wanna show you nerds my awesome greataxe Cormag: Ugh. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lemm go Reploid (DM): sorry I gotta speed shit up Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lemme Calnik sits down on the floor.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I need 2 to be the same as one. Cormag: You.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I get 2/day bro Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and then everyone stops fucking with me Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU ONLY NEED ONE MORE DM: you read the note DM: you can read! DM: gold star! DM: oh shit DM: thatsa button?!? DM: cool Ruoka (Rohkor): hoho DM: CARRY ON Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): itg reploid is sarcastic Brosaw (Ghazghkull): cermeg hurry somewhat please Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff don't rush me Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Brosaw bro. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): w/e Cormag: Could you please come over here? Cormag: says with mock sweetness Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Rape It! Ruoka (Rohkor): RAAAAAPE Child: sure thing mister! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i want to smash some shit before the day ends Skylighter (Calnik): Time to play Fallout 3 til you fags are done. Child skips over Campaign saved. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i need to evacuate my intestines Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shit it's 5 am Cormag: Now now. Child. These things are kinda useless though. I hear you have something I need.. can you please give it to me? Reploid (Child): D: Skylighter (Calnik): Why are these kids so damn happy by being locked in a dungeon? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): maybe lazar was right Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): maybe they're constructs Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he said that early in the game Reploid (Child): metagaman Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't see how else they could get a fucking gem planted in their chest and live Child: I don't know where it is .. Squid (Ryleh): so trusting.

Child: but the bad man said I have it! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): magic Ruoka (Rohkor): A WIZARD DID IT Cormag: Are you LYING to me child? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its a guild. sorry for wasting my daily heal on a kid I killed. Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHUT UP GOD Ruoka (Rohkor): MORE RAPE. you arent fucking evil at all.. Cormag: walks over to the food bag Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hey. DM: intimidate Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Cormag: Spoilers: I am the bad man Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): RAPE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): especially ones set to die quickly Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 10] Gabe Newell (Cormag): :( Child: EEP! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's a fucking little kid. LESS BRIBING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lawful evil do Skylighter (Calnik): Maybe lawful evil Gabe Newell (Cormag): IM PLANNING Skylighter (Calnik): BUT NOT NEUTRAL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): drown him in the food Reploid (Child): ahahah Reploid (Child): chock that bitch Reploid (Child): EAT IS FATTY Reploid (Child): IT* Skylighter (Calnik): >chock Reploid (Child): CHOKE Reploid (Child): FUCK Cormag: Now do you have anything or well. I don't know where it is! I swear! Skylighter (Calnik): Cormag. you scared him DM: dm modo Gabe Newell (Cormag): SO?! DM: good point . he probably has a dc of 5 Skylighter (Calnik): Also. seen anything useful in your time here? Child: diplo. Probably would have fallen if you didn't Cormag: You give me the key. Gabe Newell (Cormag): <:3 Skylighter (Calnik): Evil people don't do DEALS. and you will have all this yummy food Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i sense disaster on the horizon Child: but.. and golems aren't hard to make. XD Child: I swear! Child quivers with fear Cormag: How bout this.

Reploid (Child): hands over the dagger Child er emote Cormag: A evil grin spreads across cormag's face Reploid (Child): maybe he knew he would murder the kid derrr Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's just sealed his fate Cormag: grabs the child by the throat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god Child: ahh! what are you doi- Campaign saved. give it to me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): because it's the magic dagger he got yesterday Cormag: You musn't get hurt Reploid (Child): cause cor had a flaming dagger Child: o-okay Brosaw (Ghazghkull): STAB IN FACE Skylighter (Calnik): Man.Skylighter (Calnik): SO HE WET HIMSELF Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god Child: ahh! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i lol'd Child: i have this! Cormag: I promise not to hurt you. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi- Child: also he said Cormag: Whoa! a child should NOT be holding something that dangerous! Child: that you'll need this Skylighter (Calnik): WHY DIDNT MY DAGGER GLOW? Cormag: Please. it lights on fire when he grabs the hilt. Cormag: Now listen here you little runt Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i can't watch Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): raperaperape Child: [3d6 = 10] Cormag: smashes the kid against the back of the wall Gabe Newell (Cormag): not like hard(but liek to slam Child: AAAHHHHH Child: [1d20 = 5] DM: the child wets himself Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wat a fag Cormag: nose wrinkles in disguist Reploid (DM): JUST LIKE MY JAPANESE ANIMES Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what is fist damage Reploid (DM): D4? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): heh heh heh . Child holds out a dagger. Gerkus is dumb as shit.

lol Ruoka (Rohkor): (laughs) DM: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH Cormag: KEY Child: AAAHHHH AAHHHHHHHHH Child too busy FREAKIN OUT MAAANNN Ruoka (Rohkor): Oh shit you scared the DM Gabe Newell (Cormag): does my flaming knife cautrize the wound? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): kid is a polymorph Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST Reploid (Child): yes theres no blood Gabe Newell (Cormag): sweet Brosaw (Ghazghkull): turns into a dragon and eats Cormag . Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Wouldn't the dagger cauterize the wound too? Cormag: GIVE Cormag: ME Cormag: THE Squid (Ryleh): This kids stronger than the rest. GIVE ME THE KEY Cormag: Cuts off the childs left hand Child: I DON'T HAVE IT! I SWEAR TO YOU AAHHHHH Child: AUAGHFKGSFGA Child: [1d20 = 10] DM: He remains conscious Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): -maniacal laughter- Cormag: Now listen to me. PAINFUL death. ONE MORE TIME. DM: you hear nothing of interest Child: PLEASE NO! Child bawls Cormag: Terrible luck. Lazar: Listen [1d20+4 = 16] Cormag: But for the trouble youv'e caused me.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ok Cormag: You are one very unlucky child. I happen to have worked at my Uncle's slave house for twenty years Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): SQUEAAAAAAAAAL Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): SQUEAAAAAAAAAAL LIKE A PIGGY Cormag: I know how to extract info from people. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): how much hp do the kids have Skylighter (Calnik): Always make sure your opponent relieves himself before you intimidate him Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): d4 without feat Cormag: You know I was considering letting you live if you jsut handed over the key. You are going to die a slow. Child whimpers Cormag: Now I ask you.

. how you doin Child: AAHHHHH AH BAAAWWWWWWWWWW Child FLAILS Cormag: eyes gleam evily Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just kill him and get it over with Cormag: My. aren't I Child emote Cormag: You have no hands now child..Reploid (Child): lol Squid (Ryleh): lol Cormag: GIVE ME THE KEY YOU LITTLE FETHING RUNT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): woulda been better if Cormag stepped out.I forgot how much fun this was Reploid (Child): SRS Gabe Newell (Cormag): FUck you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you hateful bastard Reploid (Child): no really I'd love you to tourture the shit out of him Cormag: cuts off the childs right hand Child: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Brosaw (Ghazghkull): name him stumpy Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i laughed Squid (Ryleh): oh jeez Child: still conscious Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm going to hell. and unless you want to lose your feat I suggest giving me that key.My.. Reploid (Child): but we need to get like 3 or 4 more poeple still fff Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >feat Brosaw (Ghazghkull): his feat is unanny dodge Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff Reploid (Child): ahahh Squid (Ryleh): feat Brosaw (Ghazghkull): YOU MISS HIM COMPLETELY Child: I DONT HAVE IT! Child: STOP! Cormag: holds up the flaming weapon to the childs face Child: I WANT MY MOMMY! Child: BAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST STOP Cormag: FEEL THAT BURN? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >flaming Brosaw (Ghazghkull): how Child: AAAAUUUGGGHHHHH . doused in blood Cormag: slams the kid against the wall again Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Sup bros. Campaign saved.

have it your way Child: [3d6 = 12] Cormag: CASTRATES THE CHILD Ruoka (Rohkor): SHIIIIIIT Child: you're now chaotic evil Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahaha what DM: dm modo Gabe Newell (Cormag): w/e I DGAF Reploid (DM): real evil bros dgaf Child: [1d20 = 4] Child passes out Child finally Cormag: Fething children. Everyone Gabe Newell (Cormag): 5+2 Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dude i am chaotic DM: you see a barely noticable bump on his chest near the heart. Reploid (Child): HES NOT REACTING TO THE BURN BUT HES FREAKIN OUT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Nobody Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): away for a few minutes Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna fuck with cormag Cormag: Well. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): myalignment can never change because it isnt on the alignment map Cormag: Heal [1d20+1 = 10] DM: you think you can exctract it Skylighter (Calnik): Mine didn't change. Cormag: Search [2] Cormag: [1d20 = 5] Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ITG: Everyone alignment drops.Cormag: THAT BURN IS A FRACTION OF THE PAIN I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL Gabe Newell (Cormag): It's a flaming dagger Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU'RE SUPER EVIL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TORTURING CHILDREN HOLY FUCK Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ITG: Nobody fucks with Cormag. You nearly miss it. DM: search and heal Cormag: I forgot how much I hated them. eh? . Reploid (DM): GUILT GUIILT Gabe Newell (Cormag): makes a messy incision and cuts the thing out DM: YOU HAS A GEM Gabe Newell (Cormag): COVERED IN BLOOD Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you guys take so long Reploid (DM): yep Cormag: Gem.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): so did mine. DM: door opens DM: mingle Cormag: Walks out of the room. Rivahros Cormag: Did you know they have CHILDREN in this place? Cormag: smiles evily Reploid (DM): dohoho Rivahros: . Rivahros: What he's done is obvious. Brosaw Cormag: searches the room for anything to use the gem on Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Us straight to the point bros get shafted DM: spot Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 7] Gabe Newell (Cormag): :( DM: nothing in the room Cormag: Feth. .. I know this. it . right? Lazar: Funny thing is. Cormag: Oh hello. Cormag: I know. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): GO OUT OF THE ROOM Brosaw (Ghazghkull): INTO THE HALL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WHERE THE DOOR IS Cormag: walks over to the door DM: spot Cormag: Spot [5] Cormag: [1d20 = 17] Gabe Newell (Cormag): 17+5 DM: you see an insert Cormag: shoves the gem into the insert DM: its pretty cool Campaign saved. . Calnik is too deeply intune with his meditation to notice Cormag. filled with righteous hatred. Ruoka (Rohkor): more like a GAY tune lolololo Reploid (DM): GUILLLTTT Cormag: tossing the bloodstained dagger up into the air and catchign it etc Rivahros is unable to look at Cormag. whistling a jolly tune Lazar: At least someone isn't full of melancholy like the others.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): my turn is gonna take a minute DM: appraise Cormag: Appraise [1d20+2 = 19] Reploid (DM): you know this gem etc DM: dm Cormag: Ah yes.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): steps back. it Reploid (DM): ITG picking on rage Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): would probably be a good act to beat up Cormag Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate everybody Cormag: What? did YOU have one in your cell as well>? Reploid (DM): you can hit him Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It'd be working up to G Reploid (DM): if you want Cormag: Ah. Rivahros: Bluff [1d20 = 7] Reploid (DM): oh taking the high rode. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Reploid (DM): FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Rivahros: Lazar let me out. Cormag: Lazar? Helping people? I don't think so. he died of some illness Phil: My turn? DM: yes Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hey cormag rage's door is still open DM: oh .. Cormag: The dwarf I know would NEVER hurt a child Rivahros: Not all of us are as bloodthirsty as you. how noble Reploid (DM): road* Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Strategic skeleton positioning. Lazar steps back. Cormag: Oh? How did you get out then Cormag: I doubt the gem was in only MY child. Gabe Newell (Cormag): That was sense motive btw Rivahros: Why would I lie? DM: lazar colaberates! you fail Lazar: Bluff [1d20+2 = 12] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DOHOHOHO Cormag: Hrmm no matter.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Funny thing is. no matter I bet you let the little thing live. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): beaten by one Cormag: What happened to your child? Gabe Newell (Cormag): poo DM: phil go Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i told you. Cormag: is clearly goading Rivahros Rivahros: The poor child died of some sort of pain in his chest.Lazar: er Rivahros 's face tightens. [1d20+1 = 11] Lazar: He's telling the truth.

DM: its closed DM: fyi Brosaw (Ghazghkull): HE NEVER TOOK THE GEM DM: oh DM: then DM: yes its open Campaign saved. Gabe Newell (Cormag): wait a second Brosaw (Ghazghkull): check his room Gabe Newell (Cormag): Since when did Lazar let him out BloodVex (Phil): Rep Brosaw (Ghazghkull): he didnt Reploid (DM): he was lying Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I didn't.Where am I? The last thing I remember was Gerkus' guards hauling me of. and you figure out what really happened. why can't we just go around and let the others out Phil: . if they try to contact you then you get to free them spoilers Ruoka (Rohkor): That would be too easy Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): make things a lot faster Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 8] Reploid (DM): cause they need to have their room stuff done... fool Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lazar was covering Gabe Newell (Cormag): Then it's not open Ruoka (Rohkor): They made a DEAL Gabe Newell (Cormag): You just said it was Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if you do check.... its a lie. rivahros is gonna beat the shit out of you BloodVex (Phil): You need to renarrate everything for me Reploid (DM): the gem was never removed Brosaw (Ghazghkull): but rage never took the gem out of the door Gabe Newell (Cormag): oic Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just a word of warning Reploid (DM): food bag and kid in your room Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHECK IT Reploid (DM): obvious exits are tunnel Reploid (DM): note with bag Reploid (DM): says kid has the key and gerkus has shit to do BloodVex (Phil): I rmember the Gerkus note Reploid (DM): k BloodVex (Phil): okay Brosaw (Ghazghkull): brb guys get out im piss Phil: Phil wakes with a start and looks arounds DM: search Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): rep.

.. Campaign saved. You shouldn't trust him Gabe Newell (Cormag): Brosaw you do know this is ho DnD works right Child: Okay! Phil gets up and reads note Gabe Newell (Cormag): Fights take equally as long if not longer Reploid (Child): that spidar took forever Phil: Did Gerkus ever hand you the key? Child: no Child: but he said I have it for sure! Child: [3d6 = 7] Phil: .. Phil: I don't want to have to resort to that...DM: you see a kid and a bag Phil examines the kid Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 15] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what DM: nothing out of the ordinary. Phil: Well. BloodVex (Phil): how old. shitty clothes. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): is phil evil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cg Child: Hi mister! Phil: .I don't suppose you know what we're doing here? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): er. just the right age Phil: Hello there. Gerkus said I have your key and you'll let me out! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): anyone good is so goddamn slow Child: but I think I lost it... ng Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WELL THIS WILL TAKE FOREVER Child: Mr.. It's unthinkable Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MORALFAGS UNITE Phil: walks to the door Child: spot DM: dm Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 21] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): GOD SPOT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Now we see something everyone else missed Ruoka (Rohkor): oh shi Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): like Brosaw (Ghazghkull): fights do not take two hours Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): The door was open all along! . DM: looks like about 10 DM: male Ruoka (Rohkor): aww yeah.. Phil: Gerkus is a very bad person. what gender.

alright? If you get hungry.. Phil: If only I had my spellbook.. Phil: Wards. Looks like there are some dampening wards on it. Arcana [1d20+4 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its why we can't hear the kids screams while Cormag castrates him Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can't phil see us DM: hence why nobody hear the kid get castrated outside Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): from the door BloodVex (Phil): Anything I can discern about the door or the wards? DM: they dampen sound Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god. alright? If you get hungry. help yourself to what's in the bag Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): induring everyone is afk Campaign saved. i missed cormag castrating him DM: also how can he see you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thank god DM: guy DM: s Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): because Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there are slits in the door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you said DM: its like DM: not all the way through Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whatever BloodVex (Phil): I'm going to sit here for a little bit. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol wizards Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sorc 4 lyfe Phil: walks back to the bed Ruoka (Rohkor): I was about to type that. help yourself to what's in the bag Phil: I'm going to sit here for a little bit. I never caught your name.Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yes they do Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Just push it and it opens DM: its a magical door. lol Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what are dampening wards Reploid (DM): noise dampening Reploid (DM): to be specific Phil: Knowledge. Theres a small hole where the keyhole and knob should be. I'm Phil Child: okee dokee Ruoka (Rohkor): I AM HEEEERE . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no Phil: Oh.

its on fire! Child cringes Ruoka (Rohkor): Here we go again Phil picks up child and carries him to bed Phil: Damn.. and Message Child: takes some food Child emote Phil: Better than nothing I suppose Child but drops it! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): USE MESSAGE Ruoka (Rohkor): Child but drops it! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CONTACT HELP Child: NGGHHHHHHHHH Gabe Newell (Cormag): The red means he's thinking faggot Brosaw (Ghazghkull): child's butt drops the food? Phil: !!! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): thats dirty Phil: Rushes to kid Squid (Ryleh): THE FOOD IS BAD Phil: Whats wrong. Ruoka (Rohkor): hohohoho BloodVex (Phil): FFF Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): way to suck DM: you're taken aback by the child suffering so and are frozen in awe Child: HELP ME MISTER! Child worsens Ruoka (Rohkor): incredibly many low rolls this game Squid (Ryleh): i call hax . preparing his mastered spells Diguise Self. Silent Image.Phil: Who are you? Child: I'm Bobby! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): gatdamnit bobby Phil nods Ghazghkull: quit playin hthe vidya Child: [3d6 = 14] Phil sits in the bed.. Magic Missile.. what are you planning? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in during carbon copy of my own turn Child: search DM: whoops Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 5] Squid (Ryleh): it gets better each time a kid dies. Bobby? Squid (Ryleh): GERKUS PUT LAXATIVES IN IT Child: my chest! Child: its.. Phil: Gerkus...

Phil: Frantically searches the room for any kind of medicine or first aid supplies Phil Frantically searches the room for any kind of medicine or first aid supplies Child: search Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 10] DM: fuck DM: nope Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 18] DM: still nope Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 10] DM: no Phil: Search [1d20+4 = 13] DM: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): there's nothing here. Did he get you all as well? . HOMOSEXUAL Phil casts message.. DM: you calm him down DM: his chest turns red near his heart DM: you notice a bump Phil: What's this? Reploid (DM): POKE IT Reploid (DM): LOLOL Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): cast magic missle on the kid Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): do it Phil: doesn't want to touch it Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): PERFORM THE SPECIFIED ACTION. A note from Gerkus. mother of fuck Rohkor: there's nothing there geeze Ruoka (Rohkor): whoops lol Skylighter (Calnik): SHOULDVE DONE DIPLOMACY WHEN HE WAS STILL CALM Phil: Tries to stabilize the child's condition DM: heal Phil: Heal [1d20+1 = 9] Campaign saved. I'm trapped in a room. attempting to contact Rivahros DM: d20 DM: + int Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): + caster level Phil: Int bonus [1d20+4 = 15] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 16 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): That should beat it DM: it does DM: success! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): and its 17 Phil: Rivahros! Where are you?! Rivahros: Huh? Rivahros: Phil? Is that you? Phil: I'm..

2 is P.. I can't help him. Rivahros: We'll get you out! Rivahros: Phil has contacted me! He needs our help getting out. 4 is me Brosaw (Ghazghkull): roll a d4. huh? Phil: In a small room. one is H....Rivahros: Yes! Rivahros: Where are you? Rivahros: . Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In during we stop everyone else's turn by opening all doors. Phil: No use Reploid (DM): let phil make noise first damn Phil: There's a dampening ward on the door Rivahros: At least try! Phil: No sound would get through! Gerkus made sure of it! Reploid (DM): he can beat it you know.I guess you can't really tell. 3 is G. 2 is P. 3 is G. Reploid (DM): no Ruoka (Rohkor): NOT MINE Reploid (DM): stop right there Reploid (DM): criminal scum Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i have my turn planned out Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dont Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so how do we determine what door to go to Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i want to punch the kid out Reploid (DM): phil will hit his door or yell Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Pause Phils. 4 is me Campaign saved.making some noise. There's a dying child with me! I can't. one is H. Phil! Ghazghkull: roll a d4. go to others? Rivahros: Try.. his spell did DM: riva diplo Rivahros: Diplomacy [1d20 = 14] DM: you convince phil to make noise Skylighter (Calnik): do it faggot Rivahros: Just do it! Reploid (DM): faggot Phil: BANGS ON THE DOOR OR SOMETHING I DUNNO Rivahros: Listen [1d20+1 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do I hear DM: roll a d20 phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): str mod? Phil: [1d20 = 3] DM: are you banging it? DM: str mod Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you weak fucker Ruoka (Rohkor): ohohoho Phil: +1 .....

i'll be back then Reploid (Child): oh fff Lazar: Step outside from the door.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): try again DM: reroll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Just take 20. Child: it does so Child: door closes DM: dm mode etc Lazar: You honestly want him to live? . take out the skeleton. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DOOR WAS BOOBYTRAPPED DM: small slot etc Rivahros: Search [1d20 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): any different on this side than the other? DM: nope Phil Goes back to bed and picks up child Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also cormag kills the kid when you open the door Rivahros: You people said you had gems.. Phil: Str bonus [1d20+1 = 21] DM: CRIT DM: THEY HEAR YOU Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOW THE FUCK Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): DOOR EXPLODES Ruoka (Rohkor): SHIIIIIT Rivahros: Aha! Rivahros examines the door. Rivahros: If any of you have them.put it in here! Rivahros points to the slot in the door. sorry guys.. yes? Lazar takes the opportunity to command his skeleton to quickly go to Riva's door. Phil walks out into room carrying child Lazar commands the skeleton to take the gem back. Second one should be gem* Phil: Rivahros! Child crying Child: it hurts!! Cormag: Someone shut that damn kid up. Second one should be gem* Gabe Newell (Cormag): wait the child survived spaced out for a second Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I said skeleton twice. Lazar has the skeleton put his in the door. DM: the door opens Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh derp Lazar: I said skeleton twice. and come back. Phil: Please! We have to help him! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I gotta go for about a half hour.

Cormag: I'll do it for 50.. Lazar: Yes. Cormag: Why don't you use. Phil: I'd no sooner trust you with my own life than with his Phil shields the child from the others Cormag: Pff. Calnik opens an eye and walks over to the commotion. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): We're with the kid now Phil: 100 gold Cormag: snickers Phil: But if you harm this child. Cormag: Try anything Wizard. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Doors open bro Phil: Fine. That's smart. waiting for a knife or something. Lazar: Thank you. Cleric.Campaign saved. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): and gold Phil: Hide [1d20+3 = 8] DM: fail Phil: wrong roll DM: hide in plain sight nice Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 25] Ruoka (Rohkor): hohoho DM: oh DM: nice DM: you beef up Cormag: Hey. and you will die. or else. Cormag: snickers Ruoka (Rohkor): daaaymn Lazar: You have no training in this.. I will destroy you. Open the door immediately. Cormag. especially in a matter of healing. lets ignore the cleric's offer to help. you people and your morals Lazar: 100 gold and I save him. Reploid (DM): doors closed kids outside Lazar holds out his hand. Phil: I won't allow this child to die Phil: I won't allow this child to die Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CORMAG WILL Cormag: Ugh. Calnik: I'm sure you will be more adapt than I.this one. Calnik hands his knife to Lazar. Cormag: I know my way around a blade. Calnik: A child's life is not for trade. Calnik: *adept Cormag: holds out the flaming dagger . Don't come crying to me when the child dies.

. Ryleh: . bro. Cormag: Whatever.. Ryleh: awakes in her room feeling useless. Phil: hands Lazar his payment Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I heal massive Reploid (DM): YOU SAVED BOBBY Lazar Hands Phil the gem Phil: Thank you. Lazar: Damn right he doe. Phil: What? May I see that gem? Lazar stops bleeding. Reploid (DM): remove* Cormag: golf clap Cormag: Brraaavvoooo Cleric.where is everyone? BloodVex (Phil): I would like to point out that Phil would feel obligated to open the door for the others at this point BloodVex (Phil): Especially Ryleh.Cormag: snickers Reploid (DM): CE FTW BABY Lazar: If I take that. [1d20+12 = 20] Phil: What are you-?! DM: you cut into the child and remive the gem.. Phil: Appraise [1d20+4 = 13] DM: you know this gem etc Skylighter (Calnik): SEXY TIME Squid (Ryleh): awakes in her room feeling useless. Lazar takes the knife to the kid's bump... Its best you keep that for now. as the thought of letting her go through this is unbearable to him DM: search Reploid (DM): yes I know but everyone needs to do a room scene goddamn . He is otherwise unharmed. DM: he stops bleeding DM: well done Lazar: May I see my gold? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): is that your fucking heal roll Brosaw (Ghazghkull): shit DM: you saved a the kid Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Cleric... I have had quite enough of your callous disregard for this boy's life Lazar: Anyway. you won't get it back. [1d20+12 = 26] Child: uhh. alrthough bleeding. This boy owes you his life DM: Ryleh turn Campaign saved. ngghh. Phil: Drow.

Reploid (DM): you had a really good plan man Reploid (DM): gerkus rolled an awesome sense check Ryleh: What the devil is this? Ryleh eyes the child.. Reploid (Child): i'm sorry oh god you're next Ryleh: Intimidate [1d12+2 = 8] Gabe Newell (Cormag): cool d20 Reploid (Child): d12 you gotta stop doing that Ryleh: Intimidate [1d20+2 = 13] Squid (Ryleh): shadap XD Ruoka (Rohkor): ecks dee Child: o-okay Campaign saved. and convincing herself that everyone is probably dead from a plan she should have prevented.. Ryleh: drops down to her knees facing the child eye to eye and holding his shoulders firmly. trying to not notice the kid.Reploid (DM): also I now it takes forever but PLOTA DN SHIT FFF Ryleh: Search [1d20+6 = 14] DM: kid and food bag.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): What was the plan anyway Child: ow. but tugging at the ends.. Reploid (DM): well said DM: You find a weeks worth of food for yourself Skylighter (Calnik): I DIDNT SEE YOU COMING UP WITH ANY BRIGHT IDEAS Ryleh: tosses food aside and reads the note. Ruoka (Rohkor): shiiiiiit it's 6 am now Ryleh: .come here. Child steps closer Skylighter (Calnik): It was a bitchin plan Reploid (Child): it was! I was surprised Child: [3d6 = 13] Ryleh: pats the child's head softly.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I went to get chinesefood and found everyoine KO'd Ryleh: You have something for me? Child: The man said I have your key. Child stares back Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): staring contest go. Skylighter (Calnik): Everyone is doing this at the same time. Ryleh: You LOST it? Ryleh: My friends are probably dead or dying and you LOST my way out? .. so technically Phil is still in his cell. no Ryleh: checks the food bag. Stroking his hair almost lovingly.. Ruoka (Rohkor): what. but I think I lost it.

I'm sorry! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what is ryleh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ah. Ryleh: What's wrong?! Campaign saved. and you have a knife? What mockery is this? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): thats not lg Child: s-stop! you're hurting me! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): stop not being lg Reploid (Child): shes going craaazy Child: [3d6 = 10] Skylighter (Calnik): protip: I think she wants alignment change Reploid (Child): :3c Ryleh: Why are you even here? How did you get in? Why would they give you a goddamn key and HOW COULD YOU LOSE IT?! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHAOTIC EVIL Child: I woke up in here! don't hurt me! i dont know where your key is I swear! Ryleh: knocks the child down and brandishes the knife threateningly. Child: aaahhhhhH! Child: [3d6 = 7] Child seizes up Brosaw (Ghazghkull): crazy bitch goddamn Child: my. Child: my chest hurts! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oh now you care Reploid (Child): he has her key Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DRERP Reploid (Child): she needs infos . Reploid (Child): ranger Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ne? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no idort Child: I have this! Child hold out dagger Child: but its a knife. Child: i. my chest! Ryleh panics... still holding his shoulder with her free hand and sinking her nails into him. Ghazghkull: >yelling at a kid Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oh you Child: OW! Ryleh: You lost my key.Skylighter (Calnik): I got permission from the Paladin's Guild to enter the Sorc Guild as an ambassador..... lol Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >lg Ryleh: tears the dagger from the childs hand. not a key. Ruoka (Rohkor): LG...

. I see we're trying to save phil's child . you're so mean Child: [3d6 = 4] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its just her time of the month DM: oh fuck Child coughs up blood Brosaw (Ghazghkull): at least lazar made it quick goddamn Ruoka (Rohkor): CHILD DIES Ryleh: You're. Ryleh sighs.ryleh is bipolar Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): We're about to engage in a rousing bout of pedophelia...dying? Ryleh: Why do you bleed so? Child gurgles Ryleh: Search [1d20+6 = 9] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): because you stabbed the kid with your fucking nails Brosaw (Ghazghkull): duh Gabe Newell (Cormag): also in during Brosaw's turn will only take a second DM: you see a small bump near his heart barely noticable Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >punch kid Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >ram door Ryleh: Is this what hurts you child? Ryleh: runs a finger over it. *couch* Child: cough**** Child: fffffff Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >COUCH Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): OH SHIT HE COUGHED A COUCH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. Ruoka (Rohkor): sex Brosaw (Ghazghkull): . sorry Ryleh: runs the knife along the bump and pulls the skin aside..Ryleh: Don't play games with me! Child: i'm serious! it really hurts! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): guys. Child: NYYAAGGGGG Child coughs up more blood Ryleh: Seems so.. Child gurgles Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Would you care to join us? Child: s-stop. Ryleh: Let me relieve you.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): if you know what she means Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (she means sex) Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >STAB GIRL IN CHEST Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho ho Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): back Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what happened...

Gabe Newell (Cormag): Man this is kinky Skylighter (Calnik): Phil actually didn't save it. . Reploid (DM): NOT IN ROOM BloodVex (Phil): Is my kid the only one that's alive and outside the room at this point? Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU DIDNT SEE THIS MORAIN Reploid (DM): ETC Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU FUCKING IDIOT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): get a brain moran Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'M RIGHT FUCKING THERE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ACCORDING TO THE MAP Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHE'S IN HER ROOM Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU RETARD Reploid (DM): shes in her room still Ryleh: Oh goddess.. we saved him. Reploid (DM): YOU'RE NOT SEEING THIS BRO Campaign saved.. Phil upstaged you. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): then what're we doin Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): This is Ryleh's Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): SO RIVA Ruoka (Rohkor): bitch is FREAKING OUT MAN Ryleh: wants to stick her fingers inside and find the item. I thought someone else was there Gabe Newell (Cormag): Goddamn it Rage Rivahros: pardon me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): as if you've never made a mistake before Reploid (DM): its ok bros chill Ryleh: drops the child and looks over him before kneeling down and quickly slitting his throat.Ruoka (Rohkor): ho ho ho ho Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No. Rivahros turns away. you killed yours. HOW YOU FEEL Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoho kinky DM: heal check Ryleh: Heal [1d20+4 = 11] DM: you manage to shove it in deeper Child: AJGHFKADJHFBALDG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHUT UP Rivahros: Oh... dear. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil saved his kid. Reploid (DM): der Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Oh.. disgusted and horrified.

you change more Reploid (DM): also it was 666 Ryleh: Heal [1d20+4 = 10] DM: you manage to dig the gem out Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Roll High. shes just NE now. Roll High.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No I'm perfect Gabe Newell (Cormag): It's funny because I'm just acting like you act Gabe Newell (Cormag): xDDDD DM: roll 3d6 BloodVex (Phil): >ascend to godhead phil the magnificent Ryleh: [3d6 = 18] BloodVex (Phil): >fondly regard creation Lazar: OH GOD Squid (Ryleh): LOL Ruoka (Rohkor): OH SHIT DM: HOLY SHIIIIIIITTTT Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ghazghkull is too stupid to understand what a mistake is BloodVex (Phil): HOLY FUCK Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): THE DEVIL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): therefore he is perfect Squid (Ryleh): oh fuck what have i become?! Ruoka (Rohkor): YOU ASCEND TO DAEMONHOOD BloodVex (Phil): luck roll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ryleh is possed by a demon DM: you're noW neutral evil since you swiftly ended his suffering Squid (Ryleh): oh fffuuuuucckkkk Reploid (DM): she is now a titty monster Reploid (DM): roll for initiative BloodVex (Phil): Wait so LOW rolls is what you want? Ryleh: Search [1d20+6 = 16] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It was 666 Skylighter (Calnik): No. you stay Squid (Ryleh): my dice are poseesed. In during trauma BloodVex (Phil): it's not like she would have been able to save him Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it was a mercy kill . though. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST! Reploid (DM): if she wanted to stay good and roll 666 she would have BloodVex (Phil): So Rivah and Ryleh have to repent? Reploid (DM): but she slit his throat BloodVex (Phil): To end his suffering Gabe Newell (Cormag): still Reploid (DM): ryleh is still good so go. DM: and a heal Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its with what you want. want to change. I got high and I didnt change. don't want to.

Ruoka (Rohkor): whoops lol Gabe Newell (Cormag): AND THE EVILBROS RECRUIT ANOTHER Gabe Newell (Cormag): ONE BY ONE YOU SHALL ALL FALL Reploid (DM): highfive Ryleh covers the childs body with the blankets from the bed and wipes herself clean. most likely. Lawful Good people aren't that weak. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't think she deserves an alignment hit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): shut up rage Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Technically. Reploid (DM): she raged all over him Brosaw (Ghazghkull): goddamn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU SHUT UP BloodVex (Phil): Was she good neutral or true neutral before? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ALIGNMENT ALIGNMENT ALIGNMENT Gabe Newell (Cormag): Just deal with it you fags Ruoka (Rohkor): SHE WAS LAWFUL GOOD Squid (Ryleh): ffffffff Gabe Newell (Cormag): I don't see her complaining Skylighter (Calnik): She does need a bit of a hit. Euthenasia isn't lawful. Reploid (DM): we cool? Squid (Ryleh): I was gonna say. Ruoka (Rohkor): but still BloodVex (Phil): slits hihs childs throat becoming evil DM: spot Ryleh: Spot [1d20+5 = 16] . then you have to make up some bullshit to get around it. nor good. so long as ryleh's not complaining. not campaign Ryleh: checks the door. Rohkor: Yeah. thats why she did it. everyones crazy about my alignment ^^. Reploid (DM): she was LG Reploid (DM): she would ahve tried to save him Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and she yelled at and killed a kid Reploid (DM): but slit his throat Reploid (DM): therefore Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well.Skylighter (Calnik): So? If the dice rolls demand it. Ruoka (Rohkor): inb4 by the end of the campaign everyone is evil Ruoka (Rohkor): well. let's continue Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Protip: Ryleh wanted to change. I guess we can move on Reploid (DM): NE Campaign saved.

I. Cormag: Kill Cormag: The Cormag: Child.I thought you. you kill the kid? Squid (Ryleh): who are you again? XD Phil: What? Ruoka (Rohkor): ecks dee Ryleh: stares in're all here?! Rivahros: We all are. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let's move on plz Cormag: Did it feel good? Ryleh: He bled. so. Phil: Ryleh!? Ryleh: Phil! You're alive! Gabe Newell (Cormag): Just become a Gray guard Reploid (DM): d'aww Ryleh: I.. if you didn't SAY SOMETHING.DM: gem hole etc Reploid (DM): trying to speed things up Ryleh steps outside and closes door behind her. Its quite simple... Skylighter (Calnik): Fuck you. Im not abandoning my Paladin levels.... Phil: Ryleh would never harm a child?! Rivahros: Stop it! Cormag: CHILD KILLERS CHILD KILLERS Lazar commands the skeleton to do a mocking strangling motion.... Phil: rushes to hug her Ruoka (Rohkor): except for me. as you can see.. Cormag: Hahaha oh this is rich.. Phil: I won't allow you to continue to disrespect Ryleh like this.. Phil: Drow Calnik: You cannot clean blood well enough. lol Reploid (DM): its not like I like you or anything Squid (Ryleh): dohohho Skylighter (Calnik): We dont care about you Ruoka (Rohkor): for a good reason Brosaw (Ghazghkull): tsuntsun Cormag: So. I thought. Phil: I. . as we can plainly see on her clothing.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ok guys you just do your thing Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna chill out in my cell Cormag: Oh man. Rivahros: You disrespectful bastard! Lazar: Like that. Thats hard work.. Cormag: Did you.

y'grot! Wuzzat say? Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU CAN'T TALK Child: get away from me! . You vs a zombie. Ghazghkull: 'Ey. well done bro Reploid (DM): is8 Brosaw (Ghazghkull): whos turn Reploid (DM): IS*** DM: ork Gabe Newell (Cormag): The Tank's theme from L4D just started playing as well DM: go Gabe Newell (Cormag): How fitting Ruoka (Rohkor): GO GHAZ Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WAAAGH INC Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRACE YOURSELVES Reploid (DM): OOOHHH SHIIIIII Ghazghkull: gets up and sees a note. Ruoka (Rohkor): fuck dat man Reploid (DM): k Reploid (DM): ORK TIME Ruoka (Rohkor): It's only 6:20 am Reploid (DM): FUCK YES Reploid (DM): sleep for the weak.Reploid (DM): infighting stops here Cormag: WAAAAH Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Gabe Newell (Cormag): meant to be OOC Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S WAAAGH TIME Ruoka (Rohkor): so who is it now Brosaw (Ghazghkull): at least wait until i get out Reploid (DM): Roh you can finally go oh god I'm so sorry Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S GO Brosaw (Ghazghkull): so you nerds can fight me 7 on 1 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GHAZG'S TURN. LET'S GO Reploid (DM): ROHS TURN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i think Squid (Ryleh): DO IT Ruoka (Rohkor): No. lets go. but. unfortunately. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): let him go first i wanna see da waaagh Reploid (DM): I was gonna let you go next cause its late for you Campaign saved. he can go first Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? YOU SAID GHAZG WAS NEXT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Fine Brosaw. cannot read it.

Dolphin Reploid (Child): OI BIG LAD! 'IT 'IM AGAIN BloodVex (Phil): I know that...BloodVex (Phil): Nazo no Murasamejou just started playing for me Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this will end in disaster Child INSTA INTIMIDATE Ruoka (Rohkor): >int 3 Ruoka (Rohkor): >talking Reploid (Child): he can talk orkie Reploid (Child): i'll allow it Ruoka (Rohkor): fine geeze Ghazghkull: Yer a li'l.. MOTHERFUCKING 8 MODIFIER DM: in the throat Ruoka (Rohkor): oh god oh god Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i am lolin Child choking Skylighter (Calnik): i want my mommy BloodVex (Phil): Can non-barbarians with INT of 3 read? Reploid (Child): barbs are illiterat Reploid (Child): e Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Probably not Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Int 3 is like.. which is why i said non barb Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Highly intelligent animals Brosaw (Ghazghkull): is the kid dead Child: no Child: er DM: no Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d20+8 = 20] DM: choking implies breathing Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST DM: oh damn Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d4+8 = 9] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK DM: you RIP AND TEAR the kid open Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): NOT ANY MORE HE'S NOT LOL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST DM: search check . Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d20+8 = 12] Child whimper Ruoka (Rohkor): ohoho Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d4+8 = 10] DM: you punch dat kid DM: [1d20 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY SHIT.

It's boring otherwise. but gives up momentarily. how'm'ah gunna git oudda'heer? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he has skills Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): some are modified by ability modifiers Ghazghkull: stops to think.DM: roll a d20 DM: you have no skills DM: so DM: d20 only Ghazghkull: Nah. Reploid (DM): 1 Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ok no Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): what are we doing. . Ghazghkull notices the door. negs or not? Phil: None Phil: (POLL) NEGS? Campaign saved. Are we voting for yes or no Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yes notice or no Reploid (DM): yes for negs BloodVex (Phil): vote to allow neds Ryleh: lol sorry i cliecked without reading Reploid (DM): 3 yes negs Gabe Newell (Cormag): NEGGGSS Reploid (DM): 4 Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during tie Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm breaks Reploid (DM): fuck Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAZAM Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh snap Reploid (DM): oh damn Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): OH SNAP Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 super crit fail BloodVex (Phil): I RETRACT MY VOTE NO NEGS Reploid (DM): ok negs it is Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you fags Cormag: It makes it more hilarious Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It'll be amusing Ghazghkull: Search [1d20-4 = 8] Ruoka (Rohkor): oh wow Skylighter (Calnik): Skills give each character their own flavor. Reploid (DM): search bro Ruoka (Rohkor): He has NEGATIVE modifiers in most things BloodVex (Phil): wouldn't he have negative skill mods? or is that one of your house rules? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): just let me notice it Reploid (DM): I'll go for a vote.

Everyone SCATTERS DM: door! its red! IT GOES FAST! Cormag: OH FETH Ghazghkull: Wut kinna git puts a door heer in'muh way? Ghazghkull RAMS THE DOOR Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 8] DM: str check Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol Gabe Newell (Cormag): hah DM: you hit it and stumble back Ruoka (Rohkor): cool check bro Brosaw (Ghazghkull): wait for it Ghazghkull: Y'stewpid door! Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 crit and the entire building crumbles Squid (Ryleh): DO IT! Phil: inb4 1 BloodVex (Phil): inb4 1 Ghazghkull rages. Ghazghkull: Wuzzat girly prettyrock? Reploid (DM): CRUSH IT Reploid (DM): WAAAGH Ghazghkull: Ah. niggers. DM: RAGE MODE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh god Squid (Ryleh): crit crit crit Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): INT 1? Rivahros: FUUUUUUCK . Gurk ain't no sissy girlrock luvvuh. HOW'M'AH GUNNA GIT OUDDA'HEER?! DM: search Ghazghkull: Search [1d20-4 = 7] DM: you se a tunnel Ghazghkull walks in said tunnel.DM: you see a shiney Skylighter (Calnik): Learn to specialize. Ghazghkull: Search [1d20-4 = 14] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): All of a sudden. Ruoka (Rohkor): PUCNHH IT Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d20+8 = 21] Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHAHA Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d4+8 = 10] Cormag: PUNCH DA ROCK Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops DM: rock is dusted Ruoka (Rohkor): oh wow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ Ghazghkull: NAH. door bursts open.

... Ghazghkull RAMS DOOR AGAIN Campaign saved. Ryleh steps back. Ghazghkull AGAIN Lazar moves. Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d12+7 = 15] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wrong die DM: d20 reroll Ghazghkull AGAIN Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 23] Ruoka (Rohkor): ooooh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH SHIT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): OH GOD .. Lazar: Oh good lord. Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 17] Squid (Ryleh): JEEEEZ DM: it creaks and splinters a bit DM: but does not open DM: PEOPLE OUTSIDE NOTICE Squid (Ryleh): fite fite fite DM: OH SHIT Phil: notices a door beginning to creak Cormag: W-What's that.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRACE FOR IMPACT Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): INT 1 24 Strength Orc Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 8] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): AHAH Gabe Newell (Cormag): yahahah Brosaw (Ghazghkull): FUCK Ruoka (Rohkor): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITFAIL BloodVex (Phil): AHAHAHAHAHAHHA Ruoka (Rohkor): WHAT HAPPENS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LOLOLOLOOOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL Ruoka (Rohkor): WHAT DM: you hit the door and fall over.. Cormag: Something inhuman is in that room. Rivahros: What the hell? Rivahros backs up from the door.. ay'atta. hitting your head Ruoka (Rohkor): HAPPENS Skylighter (Calnik): This is awesome BloodVex (Phil): COOL CRIT BRO Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 the head injury makes him smart Ghazghkull: Why.

Brosaw (Ghazghkull): seriously Reploid (DM): :3c Gabe Newell (Cormag): If all else fails I can use darkness Ruoka (Rohkor): yeah good luck with that Calnik: calmly approaches the Orc. . Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh this is going to be hard. gerkus is a dick like that DM: cal you're up DM: calm him down FYI Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i will destroy you guys Ruoka (Rohkor): >calm down a raging orc Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Calm down an INT 1 Orc.Ghazghkull AGAIN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): INCOMIIIING DM: KABLAM HOLY SHIT THE DOOR EXPLODES Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 22] DM: WAAAAAAGH Cormag: SACRED FETH!!!!!!!!! Ghazghkull: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Rivahros: What in the nine hells?! Cormag: jumps back in sight of the smashed door Lazar commands the skeleton to charge it and runs! DM: ROLL INITIATIVE Ghazghkull: Who're yew grots?! Phil: Initiative [1d20+7 = 14] Rivahros: Initiative [1d20+6 = 12] Cormag: Initiative [1d20+2 = 10] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE HAVE NO WEAPONS Ghazghkull: Initiative [1d12+2 = 9] Lazar: [1d20 = 2] Calnik: Holy hell! DM: d20 reroll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): fuck Gabe Newell (Cormag): Speak for yourself Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you fags are fucked Gabe Newell (Cormag): FLAMING DAGGER Ghazghkull: Initiative [1d20+2 = 16] DM: ohohoho Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohgod BloodVex (Phil): how do you have your dagger? BloodVex (Phil): and cool spin bro Calnik: Initiative [1d20+1 = 19] Gabe Newell (Cormag): The child had it Ryleh: Initiative [1d20+4 = 5] Reploid (DM): it was in the food pack.

Brosaw (Ghazghkull): was that your turn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? IT SUCCEEDED? Reploid (DM): yes Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 21. I don't think he caOH MY LORD! Squid (Ryleh): hulk angry. but holds his position. Calnik takes a step back. friend. We bring you no harm. hulk smash! Rivahros cringes at the orc's fierce cry. WAIT. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO.Gabe Newell (Cormag): and get us the fuck outta here Brosaw (Ghazghkull): critfail your diplomacy Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOW DO WE FUCKING CALM DOWN A RAGING INT 1 ORC BloodVex (Phil): inb4 cal gets bitchslapped Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In during Cal rolls a 1 and gets the fuck knocked out of him Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ARE YOU CRAZY Calnik: Hail. Reploid (DM): I rolled a luck roll Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT A LOAD OF FUCKING BULLSHIT BloodVex (Phil): oh we coulda taken him Reploid (DM): k ork you can kill rage's unramored character BloodVex (Phil): I have spellses Calnik: Please. We. Cormag: There is no use reasoning with a beast like that! Cormag: You're going to get yourself killed! Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 21] DM: [3d6 = 13] BloodVex (Phil): >+11 DM: ohoho Skylighter (Calnik): No. STOP Ghazghkull: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Ghazghkull sees a skeleton. like us? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): so i have permarage Ghazghkull: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH Rivahros: U-uh. Calnik. we can be reasonable about this. that's my real modifier Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm cheat Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dont let him diplomacy me Reploid (DM): too late Gabe Newell (Cormag): IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY PLAYING L4D! Campaign saved. END OF FUN Squid (Ryleh): bah Skylighter (Calnik): I AM THE MASTER NEGOTIATOR! Reploid (DM): you can kill them all I have to intervien Skylighter (Calnik): That Orc would've fucked you guys up and you know it. too. Are you also a prisoner. . are prisoners of circumstance. Ruoka (Rohkor): YOU CALM DOWN.

missed.. BloodVex (Phil): dohoho . stop throwing dice wildly.. Squid (Ryleh): SMAAASSH Ghazghkull approaches skeleton.. Ghazghkull: ¸²ºË² Ghazghkull: ˲ÅÐË Ruoka (Rohkor): USE A BONE AS A CLUB Reploid (DM): D: Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohgodwat Ryleh: I think he likes your sleleton.. tards XD Brosaw (Ghazghkull): GIVE me my map Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ok so where was i Reploid (DM): W for WAAGH Ghazghkull sees the skeleton. Rivahros: Calnik! Calm him down! Cormag: Pity.. Skylighter (Calnik): skeleton Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Skeleton is about to explode into dust.. Ghazghkull approaches the skeleton. Gabe Newell (Cormag): CAVEMAN Calnik: Sense Motive [1d20+5 = 12] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ¸²Ø¾ Reploid (DM): reconnect bro Brosaw (Ghazghkull): øÁ¶ ÆÄ ¶¸ÆÄ Phil: Smash the damnable abomination! 'Brosaw' disconnected Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 13] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): his chat fucked up 'Brosaw' connected Gabe Newell (Cormag): Aren't we in combat everyone stop doing shit goddamn it's calnik's turn Reploid (DM): ^ 'Brosaw' identified as 'Ghazghkull' Skylighter (Calnik): I thought skill rolls didn't count as turns.Lazar: Oh god. Rivahros: Gods in heaven! Reploid (DM): oh dear Cormag: Oh dear it seems your pet is going to get smashed. Squid (Ryleh): we're doing turn base now. Lazar: Oh.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 12 hp Ghazghkull ??? Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 8] Ruoka (Rohkor): oh dear Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It..

that wasnt a d20. DM: yea Campaign saved. DM: but he did a str not hit Ghazghkull PROFIT. i'm afraid . you're a train wreck Brosaw (Ghazghkull): phil more like ruins the fun BloodVex (Phil): ? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lololololol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm gonna have to leave in about 20 minutes. of course! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): do i get knockback Calnik: I think I like this Orc already! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I would assume the skeleton is about to be sent a few feet.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): wait oops DM: uh Brosaw (Ghazghkull): wrong roll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Wait. Calnik? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): someone approach me Brosaw (Ghazghkull): do it i dare you BloodVex (Phil): my turn? DM: uh DM: yea Brosaw (Ghazghkull): MAGIC MISSILE Calnik: I calmed him down. Fuck Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d20+9 = 16] DM: yea it was Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats a hit. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus motherfuck Ghazghkull: Melee attack [1d4+9 = 11] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Its still up! DM: 1hp oh gpod Rivahros: How in the world is that creature still standing? Rivahros: I mean the skeleton. Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+4 = 19] DM: [3d6 = 9] DM: nice Skylighter (Calnik): Phil. with a soothing river nearby Ghazghkull: I HATE GIRLY FLOWERS! Ghazghkull: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Phil: Calm down. Don't get him riled up again. Orc. Ghazghkull: WUDDREYEWGITSDEWININGURKSTOWER Phil I cast Silent image. transforming the room into a peaceful meadow. DM: [1d8 = 5] DM: 5 feet Cormag: Why don't you give him a big hug then.

Because she's a girl. are you a prisoner as we are? Reploid (DM): leys have you calm down so we can get roh out Ruoka (Rohkor): No hurry Ghazghkull: I ain't'nah prisnnuh. Ghazghkull goes to stand over Cormag.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh Lazar: Oh god why is it closer to me. Reploid (DM): DAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD INFIGHTING Ryleh: Really gents. Campaign saved. but don't we have a world to save? Not that I mind wasting time with Orc in dark dungeons while thousands are slaughtered for personal gain. try to reason with "it". and Ryleh.What? Ghazghkull glares at Riv. Cormag: eyes gleam hatefully Cormag: Watch your say Skylighter (Calnik): Most of the time he tries to do something. Gabe Newell (Cormag): I CAST DARKNESS OHGOD . Reploid (DM): STUNTIESX Rivahros is completely taken aback by Ghazgh. it ends up screwing him over Reploid (DM): same Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lets tango for twenty then Reploid (DM): no by then Reploid (DM): so Phil: Now.. Wizard. . Calnik: I'm sorry for interrupting. Rivahros: W-what do you mean? Ghazghkull: I ASKED YEW A QUESSHUN! Gabe Newell (Cormag): NIGGAH GUN GET RAPED Ghazghkull: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 15] Calnik: Does anyone here speak Orc? Rivahros: I'm not a girly woman! Squid (Ryleh): I'm a girly woman? Phil: The only girly one around here is Cormag Phil: Oh. then.How did you get here? Ghazghkull: Wutt're'yew ya girly woman? Rivahros: . so mature. Ghazghkull: 'EY SISSYMAN! BloodVex (Phil): rep hurry up I need to get the chance to plow Ryleh sometime tonight Ghazghkull: Wuzzat 'bout ork? Cormag: By all means. and is unsure how to respond. .. Ryleh: I speak orc. Rivahros: ..

Ghazghkull: 'Ey. Ruoka (Rohkor): NO Reploid (DM): one door left not hard to figure out but he has to have his room scene before you save him Phil: examines door Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HAVE THE SCENE THEN Cormag: DEAR GODS. Ryleh? Squid (Ryleh): haha Roh Rivahros turns around. it's been a while. Ghazghkull flexes his arm. Rivahros points to Rohkor's door. BloodVex (Phil): where's roh? Cormag: tries his best to hold his ground infront of the gigantic beast Rivahros: I don't think we tried this one yet.Ghazghkull: Wuzzat? [1d20+6 = 19] Phil: Calnik has a point Ryleh: I speak Orcish!!! Gabe Newell (Cormag): LIGHTINGBOLT LIGHTINGBOLT DM: its a drow DM: hes pretty cool Phil: We are free of this place Phil: Let us take our leave Reploid (DM): >leaving roh Rivahros: Wait. Phil: So it is. one door still isn't open. Calnik: Can you communicate with him. ORC TURN AROUND WHAT IS THAT? Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 6] DM: gen slot DM: gem* Ghazghkull: Sissymage? Wutt're'yew doin'? Cormag: IT'S STEALING YOUR TREASURE Phil: Places his gem in the slot DM: roh do your thing oh god why wont this end Ghazghkull goes and slaps the gem out of phil's hand Skylighter (Calnik): STOP FAGGOTS . wutt're'yew sissies doin' in a MANLY place li'dis? Ryleh: I'll try.

.had to still be in his cage.. but I don't have a key! Ghazghkull starts backing up for a running start..Gabe Newell (Cormag): lol no u dont Ghazghkull: Dat ain't nah'way t'open a door! Rohkor wakes up in his room DM: search Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's like i'm in hell Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and everyone's there with me Reploid (DM): oh god what have I done Rohkor: By the gods. what are you doing in here? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SO THE ORC CAN BREAK DOWN THE DOOR Gabe Newell (Cormag): WE CAN'T HEAR HIM YOU IDIOT Gabe Newell (Cormag): IT'S SOUNDPROOF YOU FUCKING RETARD Brosaw (Ghazghkull): we heard phil Child: They said I have your key. Rohkor: [1d20+1 = 10] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): let me brake stupid door DM: kid and food bag Squid (Ryleh): ZOMBIE FUCK. Ghazghkull: Y'gotta hit da door reeeeeal hardlike.. Reploid (DM): bro shh Rohkor: Where are my friends? Rohkor: Why am I alone? BloodVex (Phil): god phil is never gonna sex ryleh is he :| DM: search check Gabe Newell (Cormag): NOPE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): let me bust down the door nerd Squid (Ryleh): .D Reploid (DM): he need to kill his kid Reploid (DM): or not Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): In during Ryleh falls in love with one of my zombies. Reploid (DM): MORAL DILLEMA ETC Squid (Ryleh): I wanted to try speaking orc but damn Roh. ZOMBIE FUCK Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): GAWD DAMN IT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HURRY UP AND YELL FOR HELPx Rohkor: Child.... BloodVex (Phil): oh god wut . where am I. BloodVex (Phil): CAN YOU JUST SAY " ACCIDENTALLY KILL THE KID TRYING TO SAVE HIM AND I GET THE GEM THEN OPAN DOHRR"??? Squid (Ryleh): THESE KIDS ARE THE WORST NPCS EVER Reploid (DM): brosaw stop Gabe Newell (Cormag): induring we fuck out Rohkor out of his turn Rohkor: I PUNCH THE KID Campaign saved.

starts cutting scars on his own body Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what the shit Reploid (DM): oh my Squid (Ryleh): lol wat Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i punch something Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRAAAAAAAWLING IIIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIN DM: [3d6 = 12] Reploid (DM): CE LETS GO Squid (Ryleh): HE'S BEEN AFFLICTED WITH EMO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THESE WOOOOOUUUUNDS THEY WIIIIIIILLLL NOT HEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HURRY THE FUCK UP BloodVex (Phil): FEEEEEARR IS HOOOOOWWW I FAAALLLLLLL Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHY WON'T THIS GAME EVER END Gabe Newell (Cormag): Shut up Rage. FA Squid (Ryleh): ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): FAG Gabe Newell (Cormag): HURR DURR IT'S ALL ABOUT ME Brosaw (Ghazghkull): rage you took Brosaw (Ghazghkull): by far Brosaw (Ghazghkull): the longest Rohkor cuts own throat. dies Brosaw (Ghazghkull): shut the fuck up about the game dragging Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh dear Ruoka (Rohkor): good night.Gabe Newell (Cormag): wat I thought you were good Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ghaz is too stupid to reason Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Child knocked out Gabe Newell (Cormag): ALIGNMENT SHIFTSSS Squid (Ryleh): i don't think they were being serious Rohkor searches child's pockets Child: dagger DM: dm modo Rohkor Takes dagger. no one fucking rushed you you cunt BloodVex (Phil): CONFUUUUUUSING WHAAAAAT IS REEEEAAAALLLLLL OHHHH OHHHH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EAT A DICK. gentlemen Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well Gabe Newell (Cormag): Haha night Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that was uh 'Ruoka' disconnected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): interesting DM: oh cool .

Ghazghkull: YOUZAGIT! Rivahros: Holy lord... . Cormag: nice job moving out of the way. HUMMIES! Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 8] DM: hit head Rivahros backs out of the way. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): did i break it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): with my head DM: your head? DM: no Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SAY YES Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d12+7 = 12] DM: PS you hit phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wrong die DM: he never moved Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+7 = 24] Squid (Ryleh): oh god you killed phil XD Phil Jumps out of the way Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHROIST DM: door explodes Brosaw (Ghazghkull): haha oh wow DM: phil dex save Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 1 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): reflex Phil: Ref.You moron! DM: door explodes Phil: You could have killed me! Cormag: HAHAHAHAH Oh gods. save [1d20+5 = 9] Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahah Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh god BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFff DM: barely Gabe Newell (Cormag): lame BloodVex (Phil): oh come on DM: srs DM: he clips you DM: you hit the floor Phil: You... Human.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i break the door now DM: hes dead bros Gabe Newell (Cormag): I CAST DARKNESS FUCK YOU ASSHOLES DM: yes you can Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): go ahead and break it Ghazghkull: MOVE OUDDADAWAY.

DM: dead bro inside Ryleh: Oh my.. Lazar: . he might try to attack you! Calnik pushes past the Orc and offers his hand to the kid. he's done nothing wrong Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god. this was.. Lazar: ... you're safe now. this is too good Brosaw (Ghazghkull): he got punched out Lazar: Well.. KID! Cormag: You should kill the kid orc. Away from the Orc...What an interesting day.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i assume session's over? Phil goes to pick up his child Ghazghkull: EY! WERREYAH GOIN! DM: END THIS SHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OK Phil heads down stairs DM: I'M SO SORRY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EXP/LOOT? Cormag: in during it took 4 hours to do one room Ghazghkull: a million DM: I FEEL SO BAD DM: YOU'RE ALL LEVEL 4 DM: SERIOUSLY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT? Cormag: YAY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TWO LEVELS? .. Im not paying attention DM: K YOUR ALL FREE HOLY SHIT AUGH Cormag: Well Lazar. DM: kid is unconscious Phil: Reckless he may be. eh? Lazar heads to the stairs. Rivahros: What the hell happened? Skylighter (Calnik): Bah.. Calnik: Come on. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh man this is so fucking hilarious Ghazghkull: SPODDON. Ghazghkull doubles over laughing. DM: scared kid Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *unconscious kid Gabe Newell (Cormag): KID IS TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE DM: right DM: he pucnhed it Phil: tries to resist attacking him with magic Ghazghkull: HAW! DAT BIG OL' HIMMIE GOT KILLED BY DAH KID! Campaign saved.

Ghazghkull: hahaha awesome Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY SHIT AWESOME Cormag: FUCK YEAH DOG DM: I'M SERIOUS DM: FORGIVE ME BloodVex (Phil): CAN I PLOW RYLEH PLEASE Ghazghkull: i get my first skills DM: I'M NEVER DOING SEPERATE ENCOUNTER AGAIN BloodVex (Phil): GAAAAAWD Ghazghkull: because i get + int for once DM: AAUHGHGGH Squid (Ryleh): 4 LEVELS AND IT STILL HASN'T HAPPENED COWBOY BloodVex (Phil): GOD DAMNIT AURGH DM: RYLEH ROLL A RIDE CHECK Ghazghkull: >chaotic retarded BloodVex (Phil): I GOT TWO CRITFLIRTS Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cool slowpoke Ryleh: Ride [1d20+6 = 7] Ghazghkull: [2d12 = 15] DM: NOTHING HAPPENS DM: GG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i wrote that like an hour ago Lazar: oh bro Lazar: bros Ghazghkull: aychpee Cormag: Con bonus [1d4+1 = 2] Ryleh: rofl Lazar: You get a Attribute point Lazar: at level 4 Gabe Newell (Cormag): . Calnik: How do you roll to add HP? Lazar: Assign that Cormag: [1d4 = 3] Rivahros: Con bonus [1d10+4 = 6] DM: STAT POINTS EVERY 4 Rivahros: [1d10 = 2] DM: FEATS EVERY 3 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO Lazar: [2d10 = 12] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO Ghazghkull: how do i assign points Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT'S NOT FAIR .-.

or just one DM: uh Phil: 34 aytchpee F YEAH DM: just 1 Ghazghkull: fifteen plus eight Ghazghkull: is Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Ghazghkull: uhh Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's good Ghazghkull: 23 DM: cant be too generous Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 40 hp Ghazghkull: +27 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): mother fuckers .Ghazghkull: for stats Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CAN I REROLL DM: what Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET ME REOLL DM: where Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I GOT 2 TWICE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ON MY HIT DIE ROLL DM: oh damn DM: reroll Ghazghkull: HOW DO I ASSIGN ABILITIES Calnik: How many stat points do we get? Phil: [1d4 = 4] Rivahros: Con bonus [1d10+4 = 12] DM: 1 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): THAT'S FUCKIN' BETTER Cormag: hey fuck you i got a 1 so im rerolling DM: you get 4 every 4 level Phil: [1d4 = 4] Phil: FUCK YES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): do I reroll the second roll. too Lazar: 4? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): or just the one Lazar: You get 1 Calnik: 4 stat points? Cormag: Con bonus [1d4+1 = 4] DM: so 1 stat 1 feat unless your a fighah Ghazghkull: distribute how i want? Lazar: Every 4 levels Lazar: Unless you're houseruling ti Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): reploid. do I reroll both hit die rolls.

. DM: fuck oh god i'm so sorry guys Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate you Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now to pick feats BloodVex (Phil): It's okay rep we still love you BloodVex (Phil): I want to upgrade to something with a little more kick Cormag: fuck yes I am now a prestiege class DM: i should have put two of you per cell for hillarious infighting Ghazghkull: so i get 4 ability points Campaign saved..Ghazghkull: 50 HP YEAH Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): . what prestige class goddamn Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much exp does one need for level 4 . Ghazghkull: wherever i want? DM: no DM: just 1 Ghazghkull: just 1 total? DM: yea Ghazghkull: thats Phil: take a weapon proficiency Ghazghkull: not a lot DM: 1 point every 4 levels Phil: HEY REP DM: yo Calnik: Gnome Hooked Hammer [1d8+4 = 6] Phil: I WANT TO TAKE A WEAPON PROFICIENCY AS A FEAT AND GET A BADASS WEAPON Phil: WHAT SHOULD I GET DM: uh DM: >wizard DM: >weapon Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i can jump and climb like the motherfucking fist of the north star BloodVex (Phil): fine I'll take a metamagic feat Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and i have endurance AND dodge Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wait a minute BloodVex (Phil): MAXMIZED MAGIC MISSILE FUCK YES Cormag: I am now awesome Cormag: I can cast spells and shit fuck yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 3 more levels and lawful good alignment to dwarven defender Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what prestige class are you cormag Brosaw (Ghazghkull): FUCK PRESTIGE Calnik: I AM NOW IMMUNE TO ALL DISEASES Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag.

org Cormag: Seeya 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected 'Gabe Newell' disconnected Ghazghkull: 23/14/18/3/4/ Ghazghkull: 3 Ghazghkull: is this awesome Ghazghkull: also two rages a day Ghazghkull: and when i rage i have +0 on my will rolls .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and what do you need for level 5 DM: 6k exp DM: 10k next Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): thanks Cormag: holy shit this is awesome Cormag: oh sorry was alt tabbed Cormag: Fortune's Friend Ghazghkull: i get +10 melee rolls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuuuuccckk yooouuu Campaign saved. Rage Cormag: wait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sorry about bawwwwing about taking a long time Cormag: Pick up good Karma as a feat some time Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what's that do Cormag: Lets it so you can redirect a attack to you DM: brb killing ymself Cormag: since you are a tank Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't see it in the list Ghazghkull: is cleave good Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's fucking fantastic DM: cleave uis amazing Cormag: It's not in that one Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yesterday i killed 2 kobolds in a row with it Ghazghkull: ok i get cleave Cormag: it's in the comolete scoundrel Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in one turn Rivahros: oh. Ghazghkull: is this awesome y/n Cormag: I can now make an enemy reroll his attack Cormag: if he crits.4chan. or if I think the damage is too high Rivahros: well i'm done here Cormag: Also. ok DM: soundrels not in the torrent Cormag: Nope Rivahros: well i'm off DM: go to rs.

Campaign saved. Campaign saved. DM: oh god DM: dont hate me Phil: ? Phil: whaaat? Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. . Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved.Ghazghkull: FUCK MAGES DM: so uh DM: i'll let you know if we're missing someone DM: bro Ghazghkull: alright Ghazghkull: i mke dnd fun Ghazghkull: these nerds dont know how to infight 'Squid' disconnected Calnik: I'll think about my feat. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Phil: [1d4 = 2] Phil: [1d4 = 3] 'BloodVex' disconnected Campaign saved. Campaign saved. Calnik: C-Ya dudes 'Brosaw' disconnected 'Skylighter' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected DM: phiiill Phil: what Campaign saved. Campaign saved.

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Campaign saved.
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Rage Incarnate' connected
'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros'
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 20 CONSTITUTION MOTHERFUCKER
DM: [1d20 = 4]
Campaign saved.
DM: [2d10 = 17]
DM: ok so
DM: 0-49 finance
DM: 50-99 the other course
DM: dice never lie
DM: [2d10 = 15]
DM: 87!
DM: huzzah
Campaign saved.
'Squid' connected
'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh'
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Rivahros: oh i'm still here

Rivahros: fuck
'Rage Incarnate' disconnected
DM: lol
DM: hey bro
DM: aw
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected
'Gabe Newell' connected
'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag'
Cormag: I am now awesome
DM: what are you doing
DM: your a level 4 rogue
Cormag: ;-;
DM: cant let you do that starfox
DM: take lvl1 asassin at 5 like everyone else
Cormag: :3c
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar'
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Gabe Newell' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Brosaw' connected
'Brosaw' identified as 'Ghazghkull'
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lazar more like
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): phazar
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 6]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 15]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 20]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 1]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 1]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 18]
Ghazghkull: [6]
Campaign saved.
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 13]
Ghazghkull: Rage Attack +2, Greataxe +10 [1d20+12 = 16]
Ghazghkull: Melee attack +10, Rage Attack +2 [1d20+12 = 18]
Ghazghkull: Melee attack +10, Rage Attack +2 [3d6+12 = 20]
Campaign saved.
Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+11817 = 11824]
Ghazghkull: YEAH

'Brosaw' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.
'Squid' disconnected
'BloodVex' connected
DM: you good yet
Lazar: Almost
Lazar: Copying spells down now
'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil'
Campaign saved.
Lazar: Go ahead.
DM: k
DM: be right back
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 25.11.2008 / 19:43:06

'Squid' connected
'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh'
'BloodVex' connected
'Rage Incarnate' connected
Campaign saved.
'BloodVex' identified as 'Phil'
'Rage Incarnate' identified as 'Rivahros'
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what
Reploid (DM): oh hey
'Lion ( Not Rio )' connected
'Lion ( Not Rio )' identified as 'Lazar'
Lazar: IT SAVE
'Skylighter' connected
Campaign saved.
'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik'
Phil: fuck yes chaste life you are the best feat ever
DM: whos wes missin
Calnik: oshit, I never picked a feat.
DM: enjoy losing your +2 after ryleh seduces you
Phil: Cormag
Phil: and ruoka
Campaign saved.
Phil: [1d4 = 1]
'Brosaw' connected
'Brosaw' identified as 'Ghazghkull'
Ghazghkull: ok guys
Ghazghkull: im gonna spec into

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh
Ghazghkull: can i do that dm
Calnik: How do I determine my new HP each level?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): say no
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SAY NO
Ghazghkull: hit die + con
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dont
'Gabe Newell' connected
Phil: [1d20 = 18]
Phil: [1d20 = 2]
'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag'
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): roll d10, add con mod, calnik
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm can i be a frenzied berserker?
Phil: [1d20 = 18]
Cormag: [1d20 = 13]
Lazar: [1d20 = 3]
Phil: [1d20 = 17]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 8]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 12]
Lazar: [1d20 = 13]
Rivahros: [1d20 = 11]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 9]
Calnik: Con bonus [1d10+1 = 2]
Lazar: [1d20 = 18]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 2]
Cormag: [1d20 = 13]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 3]
Phil: [1d20 = 4]
Calnik: [1d10 = 6]
Lazar: lol 1
Cormag: [20d20 = 181]
Ghazghkull: MINE WONT WORK
Rivahros: [1d20 = 13]
Rivahros: [1d20 = 17]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 9]
Cormag: [20d20 = 188]
Phil: [30d20 = 279]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 9]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 2]
Cormag: you can't super combat dice
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 8]
Calnik: [1d10 = 10]

Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 16]
Cormag: [1d20 = 1]
Rivahros: [1d20 = 16]
Phil: [2d4 = 6]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 8]
Phil: [1d20 = 4]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 15]
Lazar: hold ctrl fool
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 16]
Cormag: [1d20 = 4]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 17]
Cormag: [1d4 = 2]
Lazar: [1d20 = 3]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 16]
Cormag: [1d4 = 2]
Cormag: [1d4 = 2]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 1]
Cormag: [1d4 = 4]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 15]
Cormag: [1d10 = 2]
Cormag: [1d10 = 3]
Cormag: [1d10 = 4]
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Hold control Brosaw
'Squid' disconnected
Cormag: [1d12 = 1]
Phil: [1d20 = 17]
DM: aw feck
Phil: [1d20 = 10]
Cormag: [1d20 = 5]
Calnik: Con bonus [1d10+1 = 11]
Ghazghkull: [1d20 = 10]
Phil: [10]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm
Phil: [1d20 = 17]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): wow
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excellent roll, calnik
Cormag: [1d20 = 3]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i be a frenzied berserker
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you lucky shitfucker
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you gain 11 hp
Gabe Newell (Cormag): What are the requirements to become one
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): some feats
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): now roll again

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): since we gained 2 levels
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and nonlawful
Cormag: then take those feats goddamn
Cormag: [1d20 = 8]
Cormag: [1d4 = 4]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna goddamn
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): two of the feats are power attack and cleave
Cormag: [1d6 = 1]
Cormag: [1d20 = 5]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): someone in /tg/ brings up a good point
Cormag: Can you only combat game cubes with the d20?
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also hahahahah
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): water has a density of 1g/cm2
Cormag: [1d20 = 10]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): at 4th level, while frenzied
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): humans have a density of 0.8g/cm2
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): IS THIS AWESOME Y/Y
Cormag: y
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): dwarves weigh a lot more than humans at around half
the height
Cormag: [1d20 = 16]
Campaign saved.
Cormag: Dwarves= denser than water?
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dude rage isnt that rad
BloodVex (Phil): So dwarves sink like a stone?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): does that means dwarves could conceivably have a
density of greater than 1 g/cm2
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im invincible when i frenzy
Cormag: [1d20 = 17]
Phil: spoilers
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and could therefore walk on the bottom of a body of
Phil: no one cares
Phil: nerd
Cormag: [1d20 = 17]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it could be useful, if we gotta go underwater to get
Cormag: You'd drown
'Skylighter' disconnected
Cormag: [1d20 = 8]
Cormag: [1d20 = 2]
'Skylighter' connected
Lazar: Rage

Cormag: [1d20 = 5]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): someone could cast a spell to give me underwater
Cormag: [1d20 = 17]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): if there is such a spell
'Skylighter' identified as 'Calnik'
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and send me down
Lazar: There is
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh fuck yeah bitch
Phil: Where'd squid go?
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): But you could achieve the same effect, with armor.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ...
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Because it weighs you down
Reploid (DM): she lagged out
Phil: [1d20 = 20]
Phil: [1d20 = 3]
Phil: [1d20 = 17]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): calnik, roll 1d10 again
Reploid (DM): cause of all the rollan
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): since we gained two levels
Cormag: CRITBACKHAND [1d20 = 20]
Skylighter (Calnik): Why?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP DOING THAT
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Because we gained 2 levels, you roll hit die for each new
Phil: [1d20 = 16]
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oh shit awesome
Skylighter (Calnik): I already did all my HP
Reploid (DM): ok so
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but you only rolled once
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): guys at 6th level frenzied berserker
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): didn't you?
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i can make you guys frenzy too
Skylighter (Calnik): I rolled twice. You weren't paying attention.
DM hurrdurr
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): isnt that rad
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Twice, 1 and 10
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm a retard
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excuse me

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): stfu
Reploid (DM): we're missing squid and
Reploid (DM): uh

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ok so we're all free Squid (Ryleh): free to kick ass.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ruoka's not playing.not natural Cormag: When I do the chat thing I'm just rolling until I get 20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh. Story fixed Gabe Newell (Cormag): hurraah . we do.. we have to babysat some fags Gabe Newell (Cormag): Actually. technically a third survived Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna kill one Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Kill yoursx Gabe Newell (Cormag): Rouka's kid Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You never finished it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): who never finished theirs Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i RIPPED AND TORE mine rouka's kid died of a heart attack after seeing what he did. Cormag: my actual backhands in game were legit DM: stop that DM: ok so Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I thought you had incredible luck Phil: GUYS I NEED FAGASY GROUNDS PIRACY LESSONS PLEASE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OK HOLD ON Gabe Newell (Cormag): did the map only half load for anyone else? Gabe Newell (Cormag): nevermind Campaign saved.. probaby Reploid (DM): right Cormag: [1d20 = 6] Cormag: [1d20 = 1] Cormag: oops 'Squid' connected Phil: hey guys 'Squid' identified as 'Ryleh' Cormag: NATURAL 20 BACKHAND BITCHES [1d20 = 20] Phil: someone copypaste into steam chat the site that tells you how to easily pirate fagasy grounfs Phil: please Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'm beginning to suspect foul play Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's. dohohoh Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dont we have a kid with us Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Yeah... Gabe Newell (Cormag): Two kids survived Reploid (DM): two of them Reploid (DM): one is unconscious Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): two? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh mother of fuck.

everyone else had a child in their rooms? Reploid (DM): thats not going to stop her from raping you BloodVex (Phil): :D Campaign saved. and eats the booger..How unfortunate. . Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I have to go for 5-10 DM: k DM: I can wait Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >:(((((( BloodVex (Phil): we'll wait Cormag: CAn we MINGLE while we wait? Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops DM: yes BloodVex (Phil): be back quick DM: go charcter talk DM: develop! Gabe Newell (Cormag): CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Ghazghkull grunts.. Ghazghkull takes a second look.. save [1d20+5 = 12] Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff spelling DM: you dodge the booger Phil: ..unforntunte ends Phil: Ref. 51 of erotic fantasy Ghazghkull forgot that he actually had a booger on his finger.. Squid (Ryleh): D: BloodVex (Phil): Chaste Life Ghazghkull pantomims flicking abooger at Phil. Skylighter (Calnik): DEVELOPMENT FOR ORC Phil: So. and flicks it at Phil. Ghazghkull: Dun yuze'dem big werds.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excellent BloodVex (Phil): I carried my kid downstairs btw Brosaw (Ghazghkull): his kid was unconscious Gabe Newell (Cormag): PLOTHOLE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): uh bros. BloodVex (Phil): pg. what feat? I could use that. Cormag: Yes. BloodVex (Phil): Ryleh I regret to inform you that we can no longer have sexual intercourse as I have taken a feat which would penalize me for doing so Ghazghkull picks his nose when he thinks that nobody is looking. DM: roll Squid (Ryleh): No worries I got a +6 to ropes Cormag: It seems the majority of the children met with. BloodVex (Phil): rape doesn't count :D Skylighter (Calnik): Wait.

right Cormag: continues to throw his dagger up in the air to amuse himself Rivahros: Phil! (whisper) I want to talk to you about somethin'. Phil studies Cormag Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh whoops Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sorry Cormag: So. Cormag: That brute could rip any one of us in two at any second. I see. Ghazghkull: YOOZEUHIT! Phil glares at Cormag Ghazghkull: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 23] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): where's phil's token Cormag: winces in fear at the orc Phil: Scared. Ryleh: Cormag.might we converse a moment alone? Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 10] Skylighter (Calnik): Oh. BloodVex (Phil): My child is awake. drow? Rivahros: . ... In private. No one wants to hang with the Gnome. Cormag: And you know it. Rivahros: Good idea.Ghazghkull: Youza awflee jumpin'hummie. and approaches him. orc.exiling . uh.. Phil.. Ghazghkull amuses himself. Ghazghkull: Ooze'uh "it"? Cormag: I was talking about the uh skeleton. then at Phil. Ryleh: in before he's ignoring me :'C Rivahros: I'm considering the idea of.. . Drow? Cormag: grins Cormag: I doubt you want to know. sometime in the near future. Rivahros glances at Cormag and Lazar. Reploid (DM): no Reploid (DM): its sleeping Cormag: Listen [1d20+5 = 22] Phil casts message at Rivahros Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3c DM: you overhear! BloodVex (Phil): No listening! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol no u dont idort Gabe Newell (Cormag): I overheard that you were going to talk in private that's it though Phil: What is it? Squid (Ryleh): rofl BloodVex (Phil): good for you Campaign saved. Are we bringing "it" with us? Phil: What happened to your child.

. Cormag: Hrmm? What is it elf.. hur dur Rivahros: Probably. Who knows what goes through their heads.. Squid (Ryleh): G Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): faggots Phil: I don't see why they even came along with us in the first place. Gabe Newell (Cormag): which token is squid again Ghazghkull: Yeh keep't'yerselvez.. and perhaps Ryleh. you fools? Cormag: I thought you surface elves were all goody moral followers. now is not a good time to bring this up. Rivahros: You're one of the only people in this here group that I trust. nunnya'hummes wanna'tawk t'li'l ol' me? Rivahros: But once we make our way out of this situation..that you did aswell. Squid (Ryleh): i think everyones on top of me for some reason... Ryleh smile creeps up on her face. and would sell us out to Gerkus if they got the chance. and I don't think we have the time or willpower to do so with Gerkus around. Ghazghkull: Wuzzat y'hummies iz tawkin'bat? Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm the X Gabe Newell (Cormag): C is the orc Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 rape Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im w Squid (Ryleh): fuckan names Brosaw (Ghazghkull): for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH Cormag: Yes? Skylighter (Calnik): No. I bet. sih. Rivahros: If I could get a group-wide census. I think we need to seriously discuss this with Calnik..from our little party. DM: ohoho Lazar: What is the fuss about. Ryleh: You destroyed the child in your room?(whispers) Cormag: Why yes. You're a good . Cormag: grins Ghazghkull: Wot. Phil: I agree Cormag: And I see from the look on your face when you left your room. Rivahros: They're obviously dangerous to us.. For the money? Gabe Newell (Cormag): I don't see the G D: Rivahros: We need to keep our eyes behind our shoulders at all times when they're around. I did.Cormag . Ghazghkull attempts to pronounce "secretive". Ghazghkull: Yew hummies'z so see.and perhaps Lazar . Im the C Squid (Ryleh): BUT I POOP FROM THERE Cormag: glances suspiciously at the elf Rivahros: Obviously.

Ghazghkull: WOT Ghazghkull: NEEDUH SPEEK UP! Rivahros looks over to Cormag and Rlyeh. Ghazghkull listens in on Cormag and Ryleh.. Cormag is quite the girly man. and takes a few steps away from Phil. Reploid (DM): you're a god among bros bro Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 14] Rivahros * BloodVex (Phil): to ryleh DM: ghaz fails DM: so does phil Ryleh: I have seen little outside my village but. Ghazghkull goes and sits back down at the splintered door. calm yerself doan! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): :( Ghazghkull: Wot wuzzat? DM: she can speak orc btw Phil Walks up to Ryleh Squid (Ryleh): poorly Ghazghkull: Y'speek da nawble tung d'Ork? Squid (Ryleh): XD DM: lol noble Ryleh: Yarr. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): can we move on now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): are we all gathered BloodVex (Phil): waiting for uh . Ghazghkull makes no attempt to conceal his eavesdropping. [1d20-3 = 8] Rivahros: grins at him. Ryleh: Oi beasty. Cormag: Orc. Ghazghkull: Yer uh girly man. Phil. Rivahros: Listen [1d20+1 = 21] Cormag: Not manly enough for one such as yourself.. it's boring girly man talk it wouldn't interest you Lazar: Yes. HUMMIE? Squid (Ryleh): faaaaail Phil: Thank you. DM: too bad they're like DM: done the convo Campaign saved. DM: crit listen! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER EAVESDROP Ghazghkull: YERUHGIRLYMAN.I felt a rush. Ghazghkull: goes and sits back down at the splintered door. Gabe Newell (Cormag): :3c Rivahros: That's all I have to say.

It seems that the orc is making a move on your "woman" Ghazghkull: Well. DM: AUGHHH Phil strolls down the stairs confidently Cormag: (whispers) Dwarf. (whisper) DM: in b4 you laugh at my shitty 3 second map Cormag: (Whispers) suit yourself Brosaw (Ghazghkull): HAHAHA BAD MAP Rivahros: He needs to get out too. Rivahros: Move Silently [1d20+2 = 8] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): :( Ghazghkull: Move Silently [1d20+3 = 4] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahaha Lazar makes noa ttempt to be silent.. OH GOD DM: orc is SO LOUD HOLY SHIT DM: THE TOWER IS SHAKING Ghazghkull attempts to tiptoe. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): seems so. Cormag: For once. I'm not stopping her DM: you're creepin Ryleh: smiles sweetly at Ghaz. Gabe Newell (Cormag): in before the orc gives us away Squid (Ryleh): OH. . Wizard. Gabe Newell (Cormag): lol Reploid (DM): ODOHOHO Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I cant see it.. Lazar: Or at least this room. and be quiet if you can. Rivahros approaches the stairwell.BloodVex (Phil): someone Ghazghkull licks his hand and smooths his hair back.and he'll be great for a fight. Cormag: Move Silently [1d20+10 = 13] Phil: If Miss Ryleh wants to speak with the orc. Ghazghkull: But theres ah firs'fer'everahthin'. Rivahros: What choice do we have? I'm not gonna try and control 'im. Rivahros: Stick together. Lazar heads to the stairs. ah'ain't nevuh been rong 'bout hummies a'fore. Rivahros: Alright. it bores me. I agree with the dwarf. fellows! We need to get out of this place. but stumbles down the stairs.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Squid is here.Are we really bringing that thing with us? Rivahros slaps his forehead in frustration. BloodVex (Phil): oh Squid (Ryleh): in before orc x elf sex Rivahros says loudly: Cormag: Hey. Calnik follows after the party.

looking anxious... DM: gj bros Ghazghkull lies momentarily splayed against a wall. Rivahros: Drow. Ryleh: follows behind the orc. Lazar: And this place is full of Girlymen with Girlymagic to Girlykickyourass with. Reploid (DM): CHECK FOR TRAPS POOKY Cormag: Alright. Phil: What happend in that room? Ghazghkull: Wuzzat. Rivahros: I don't think we'll be napping anytime soon.. Ghazghkull: YOUZAGIRLYMAN! Campaign saved. Ghazghkull makes no attempt to be quiet. check to see if they're booby-trapped. I recomment you be silent before you become no different then the pile of bones in front of me. different since your trial in that room. Its not showing.There're some chests in here.. Is something troubling you? Cormag: That orc is going to give us away. Rivahros: If you can. Cormag: I could easily dispose of him when he naps (whispers) Ryleh: (whispers in return)No.... hummie? .(whispers) Ghazghkull: GIVE WOT AWAY?! Ghazghkull: I LIV'ERE! Rivahros: I know. DM: three boxes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what are the boxes Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): thanks Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): mother fucker Ghazghkull: AY! WICH WUNNA'YA DUN TRIP ME?! DM: they look like chests! Phil: (whispers to Ryleh) You seem. Phil is troubled by this comment. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): recommend. Rivahros: Now then. reup it.DM: wow you picket the correct entry Rivahros looks around carefully. Lazar: Ork. Rivahros stands a few feet behind Cormag. but what do you expect me to do about it? (whisper) Rivahros: Tell him to be more quiet? I don't even know what he's saying.. Ghazghkull lumbers over to Lazar. Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 16] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Bro. but doesn't show it Ryleh chuckes. Gabe Newell (Cormag): shit what is that under Ghazghkull: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 17] Phil: (whispers) Ryleh. I finally feel alive.

I'm pretty hardy. It was not your fault.Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 14] DM: you size up Lazar Gabe Newell (Cormag): What roll do you want me to do Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i thought there was a detect traps roll Lazar stares at the Ork. Gabe Newell (Cormag): I don't see it unless I'm blind Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i have trap sense DM: you fail diplo btw Lazar: I'm saying you can't singlehandedly defeat everyone here. and gets behind the skeleton. a disable device roll Cormag: Search [1d20+2 = 7] Gabe Newell (Cormag): bah Ghazghkull: Ay. DM: srt check Cormag: FETH! Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 20] Rivahros: What're ya gonna do. so I'll open it. BloodVex (Phil): Jasper was with Ryleh DM: yes he was BloodVex (Phil): And we have an emapthic link DM: yes you do BloodVex (Phil): ohshi- Ghazghkull: Yew'ummies'iz so dainty 'n' prissy. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): try a search Ryleh: (whispers)Nothing. fools.. Lazar: Why are you doing this in such a roundabout fashion? BloodVex (Phil): Wait Lazar: Step back. Orc.. Ghazghkull: Search [1d20-4 = 10] DM: still chests. Its best to be silent. DM: yep. 'ummies! Dere mite be'sum traps arruhn'ere. just in ca- Ghazghkull walks up to the first chest.. we're looking for 'em. ayup Rivahros: We know. Gabe Newell (Cormag): ok Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and if you find anything. Rivahros: Hrrm.. none of us blame you. they're still chests Phil: I'm certain that you tried your hardest to save the child. La- Rivahros: What the?! . Cormag: walks over and stand by Ryleh Ghazghkull SMASHES CHEST. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): how do i trap sense DM: search Cormag: I-I don't see any sort of trap on it.

.If you indeed take that one. DM: did you take 20? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): #2 Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I sent a skeleton to do it Ryleh: takes it without a word.. unsure of what to say. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Reploid bro. I opened a chest too. why? Why? DM: its some of your stuff! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whose Ghazghkull puts his hands on his hips in a proud motion. DM: its cormag's stuff DM: and Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHOOO! DM: [1d8 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): enjoy your broken shit DM: ryleh's Ghazghkull: Wot'kinna'gear gunna get recked in a'li'l foitan? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): faggot Campaign saved.. . Phil: . Lazar sends his skeleton to the second chest to open it. tha's'wut. DM: [1d8 = 5] Ryleh turns from Phil and pays attention the the chests... Ghazghkull: Dat'aw'yuh oppun'uh'chest. We don't have time for more puzzles. Rivahros: It IS some of our equipment! You could have broken something important! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHOSE STUFF IS IT DM: uhh Ghazghkull laughs heartily.. Ghazghkull: Girly gear.. Cormag: claps Calnik: Well..perhaps our equipment! Please don't do that again! Phil Stares at Ryleh in disbelief DM: shit goes eveywhere! Phil: what. whatever gets the job done.. Cormag: hands Ryleh her gear Cormag: There you go.Lazar: ... DM: oh Rivahros backs down. Cormag: Nice going Orc.What? DM: the chest explodes! Rivahros: There could be something valuable in there . Phil: Jasper jumps off of Ryleh's shoulder and onto Phils Cormag: So much for subtley. I suppose.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag can open the other chests now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he has his thieves' tools Reploid (DM): he has his gear Squid (Ryleh): i'm lagging tits Ghazghkull: Y'ain't'nevuh gunna oppen'uh'box like'at! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): go do it. Cormag: Search [1d20+2 = 14] Lazar: [1d20 = 13] Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 18] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thats his spot DM: oh god so many rolls what the fuck Cormag: I was searching the chest for traps Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lazar is having his skele look down the stairs Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag searched the chest Phil slumps against the wall and slides down it. Calnik: Pick the locks.BloodVex (Phil): What's it mean to take 20? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He's just straight up opening it. Cormag: walks up to the third chest Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): skeleton pokes head to next floor. kinda sucks.(mutters) Ghazghkull SMASHES THE PUNY BOX. please? Lazar: Well. fucking drow Rivahros: Oh. DM: the chest cracks! Ghazghkull AGAIN. horrified DM: k skelly sees nothing of intrest Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ghaz is trying to break the chest BloodVex (Phil): lolololol i'm going emo Lazar: Its clear. Gabe Newell (Cormag): WELL DO I FIND ANY TRAPS GODDAMN Squid (Ryleh): bawwwwww :c Brosaw (Ghazghkull): did i break it Phil puts his head in his hands Reploid (DM): oh god I'm trying to read and catch up stop rollan Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): REPLOID. YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH LEVELS OF .. Ghazghkull laughs even louder. I think I'll scout ahead to see if anyone is waiting for us. Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 17] Rivahros: Good idea. Lazar. DM: open lock? Cormag: Gathers his gear DM: its locked Squid (Ryleh): fuuuuuuuck why isn't my action going Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh. not again. Be right back..

BloodVex (Phil): Cormag what's your token? DM: he didnt find traps Cormag: What's wrong.gear. Rivahros sighs in satisfaction. ITG: Evilbros berate Phil Phil casts bull's strength on himself .. Reploid (DM): What else did I miss Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Cormag. Ghazghkull: Lookit'all'dese boxes t'smash! Lazar .CONSCIOUSNESS TO SUCCESSFULLY DM Ghazghkull: Wt'y'so'sad'bout. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Also. Lazar commands his skeleton to go over to Phil.and slap him DM: ok so Lazar: Quit moping.... Squid (Ryleh): METAL.I never feel comfortable without good. hummie? Squid (Ryleh): someone should console phil before he starts playing linkin park Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Will do.. Reploid (DM): METAL GEAR Ghazghkull grabs the two halves of the box.GEAR? Calnik kneels besides Phil. yes? Cormag: walks over to Phil Campaign saved. DM: you see no traps Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hey dm did i break the box DM: the chest splits open DM: theres DM: [1d8 = 4] DM: riva DM: [1d8 = 1] Cormag: cautiously opens the chest DM: and phil's shit in this one Rivahros: Ah! My gear! Rivahros: My. Ghazghkull: EY'HUMMIES! Rivahros runs over and takes the equipment hastefully out of the box. Dwarf-forged steel in one hand and a hunk o'metal in the other.... Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ah Gabe Newell (Cormag): I opened the chest Rivahros: Finally.... grabs his gear Rivahros: He seems almost in ecstasy.. Phil stands up Calnik: What troubles you. each in one hand.. friend? Phil without a word.Wizard.

Phil grabs Cormag by the collar and lifts him in the air. skelly fails Ghazghkull: approaches and cheers for the fighting.. are you- DM: str check Rivahros: Oh. Phil. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): why are you so mad Lazar: [1d20 = 9] Ryleh: What is this nonesense?! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dontget it Ryleh: rushes to the group. dear! Cormag: In the name of Lolth what are you doing! Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 1 Lazar commands the skeleton to hit Phil. IT TAINTED HER Cormag: She avoided me liek the fething plague! Phil throws cormag to the ground Cormag: Don't blame her follies on me Rivahros inwardly feels kind of glad that Phil seems about ready to rip Cormag into pieces.. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ((+1)) Phil: str [1d20+3 = 15] DM: str check succeeds. in a rage Skylighter (Calnik): Whos stuff is in the last chest? Rivahros: What's wrong.Reploid (DM): oh noes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NERD RAGE Reploid (DM): NERD RAAAGE Reploid (DM): FFFFFFFFF Squid (Ryleh): UH OH Rivahros walks over to Phil. noticing the commotion surrounding him. Ryleh: Diplomacy [1d20+2 = 6] Rivahros: Stop! STOP! Squid (Ryleh): fuck Gabe Newell (Cormag): reflex check? Rivahros: Diplomacy [1d20 = 14] . Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It was literally attacking him Phil: IT WAS YOU Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): His AC? Ghazghkull: FOIT! FOIT! FOIT! DM: oh well it missed then Cormag: W-What are you talking about? Phil: YOU DID THIS TO RYLEH Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Boo. but realizes now is not the time nor place. Ryleh: Phil have you gone mad? Cormag: WHAT? Phil: YOUR INFLUENCE IT.

'UMMIE! Rivahros: Stop it! Right now! DM: reflex wins intim fails Ryleh: steps between them. Rivahros: Stop fighting! DM: both diplos fail DM: and uh Gabe Newell (Cormag): DO I DO A REFLEX HECK? DM: reflex check sure Calnik: Settle down immediately! Lazar: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 12] Cormag: Ref. Ryleh Ryleh: [1d20 = 12] Rivahros: You.Lazar: Phil. save [1d20+4 = 15] Rivahros: You idiots! Gerkus doesn't need to fight us if we're killing each other in his dungeons! Phil Tries to contain himself from attacking Cormag Ghazghkull: KILL'IM.. Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 14] Ghazghkull: GO FER DA THROAT! Rivahros * BloodVex (Phil): do I roll a d20 or something? Ryleh: Can you stop this?! Cormag: It seems our Wizard has gone mad! BloodVex (Phil): to keep myself from attacking Cormag: Obviously the taint of Gerkus! Ryleh: Diplomacy [1d12+2 = 14] Rivahros: You're the one who's mad. drow! Phil: He's done something to you. Simply put. we need to get out of here. Cormag: You're all fething mad! . Rivahros: goes over and grabs Phil's wrist. Calnik: I agree. make another rash action and you die. so proud of yourself and your evil deeds! Rivahros: I wouldn't be surprised if your influence HAD corrupted her! Cormag: So it's my fault that she's so easily influenced!? Ryleh: This is useless. Reploid (DM): DAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD DRAMA Rivahros: It's your fault for doing it! Lazar: Ryleh.. DM: ryleh's diplo succeeds Cormag: Why are you blaming me for something the elven wench did? Rivahros: Always going about. lets just leave them.foul creature! Reploid (DM): you gotta stop rollin d12 Phil looks at her with pleading eyes Squid (Ryleh): shut up ^^.

lives are at stake. Ghazghkull: Wot? Whu'wuzzat?! Reploid (DM): in b4 the gurads hear you Phil: I'm going to kill you Reploid (DM): guards* DM: [3d6 = 13] Skylighter (Calnik): is the last chest open? Ghazghkull: Y'din'even 'it'im! Rivahros: Wait. 'ummie?! DM: everyone Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 20] BloodVex (Phil): Why are you casting darkness? DM: win . Cormag: Feth all of you! DM: the room got pretty dark Rivahros: Stop! Look. Reploid (DM): i think you can just cast it Calnik waves at Ghaz. gods! I can't see! DM: spot checks to see people Ghazghkull: Woy'ain'tcha foit'n back. Right now. Above Phil. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't think you roll anything Campaign saved.Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WELCOME TO FA Ryleh: Have you all gone mad as well? Reploid (DM): YEEE Phil Stares at Cormag Cormag: NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY Calnik: You all can fight on your own time. Rivahros calms himself down somewhat. Cormag: Cormag's eyes glow red as darkness seeps from his very being Calnik: May I ask that you open the last chest for us? I believe my gear lies within. what are you doing?! Phil: Intimidate [1d20+10 = 25] Reploid (DM): no its still locked due to infighting Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Whoah DM: and phil wins Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): phil's got RIGHTEOUS FURY Gabe Newell (Cormag): What do I roll for darkness BloodVex (Phil): DAMN THIS IS GOOD DRAMA Gabe Newell (Cormag): d20? Lazar casts Create Water. Ryleh: We're still in here you fools! Gabe Newell (Cormag): I CAST DARKNESS Phil: When this is all over. I'm sorry about what I said (Rivahros really wasn't sorry). but right now we need to- Rivahros: Oh.

Rivahros: Enough! Gabe Newell (Cormag): shit brb a sec Skylighter (Calnik): I can see in lowlight anyways. . we're likely to be killed by Gerkus' henchmen! Ryleh: i wanna ride on Ghazghkull: Foitan iz'good fun! Ghazghkull: Oy'd'foit dem all! Lazar: If you want to fight. Squid (Ryleh): YOU CAN SEE FOREVER Phil Casts light in the middle of the room BloodVex (Phil): OHOHOHOH DM: there goes the dark BloodVex (Phil): DENIED Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Actually. fight the chest that is still locked. Rivahros: Let's MOVE ON! Ghazghkull: Woy? Rivahros: We can fight AFTER we escape! DM: in b4 I plot device you downstairs Ghazghkull: Dey'z'foitan! Rivahros: Because if we fight any longer. its magical darkness. I wont bother rolling. Orc.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER SPAWT Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 18] Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 11] DM: win Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to escape DM: phil los Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): probably DM: lose* Ryleh: Spot [1d20+6 = 19] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i have darksight Calnik: Spot [1d20+1 = 21] DM: ry win Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no need for me Skylighter (Calnik): BAM! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I have darksight too DM: cal CRIIIIT BloodVex (Phil): Are there guards or something? Gabe Newell (Cormag): Mostly to stop try to calm all you fags down Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it doesn't affect me Skylighter (Calnik): I SEE EVERYTHING Gabe Newell (Cormag): So you can't attack me DM: YOU CAN SEE FOREVER DM: AAUUGHAHAGHAHGH Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Skeleton has darkvision.

Ghazghkull: HAWHAWHAW! Cormag: This is exactly what Gerkus wants! Ghazghkull cracks up. we'll all be dead or unconscious by our own hands! Lazar: And I do not react kindly to being attacked.Elf could do such a horrible deed Ghazghkull: Orrite.. Phil walks to the other side of the room. please. maybe what he thought he saw Rylh do never happened! Lazar: Any action against that structure of bones will be considered an action against me... Rivahros: By the time Gerkus's minions get up here. ah'm'gunna gah crack dat'ere'box. Phil Is shaking with rage Phil: [1d20 = 3] Cormag: Maybe Phil say something Gerkus conjured up. Orc Ghazghkull: I woz Gurk's best hancher! Squid (Ryleh): i wanna ride on Ghaz's back XD Calnik: Yes. alone Cormag: Do we REALLY need to be fighting? Rivahros: Yes! Please do go and. Rivahros: Stop arguing! We need to get out of here! DM: nice cover bro DM: phil roll 3d6 Ghazghkull: Yew'ummiez'iz too fun.. DM: gabe with some INSIGHT DM: HOLY SHIT Ghazghkull: Dat'woz da'werst Ork I'evuh'dun'erd! Rivahros ignores Ghaz.. Cormag: I doubt a. Reploid (DM): HOW COULD THSI HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEE Reploid (DM): I MADE MY MISTAAAAAKE Lazar motions to his skeleton to stick close to Phil. BloodVex (Phil): roll a bluff check cormag Ryleh: Break it Ghaz! Phil: [3d6 = 12] Cormag: Bluff [1d20+7 = 8] Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 12] Gabe Newell (Cormag): fffff DM: hmm you're still raging Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): CRITFAIL DM: critfail Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 21] DM: you piss phil off .Surface.'break da ting' (says Rivahros in a terrible orkish accent).Phil: Be quiet..

.. DM: it helps on all skills Rivahros whispers as quietly as he can: Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 30] DM: she can have a long heart to heart with him Rivahros: You can get revenge on him LATER! Rivahros: Right now... Ryleh: take 20 on diplomacy Cormag: I agree with the dwarf Calnik: You should calm down. DM: nope Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ugh Phil Looks rivahros in the eyes Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Be a dick. Rivahros: Phil! You've got to calm down! Rivahros: Diplomacy [1d20 = 4] Ryleh: Phil. my friend. THERE'S NO WAY YOU DID SOMETHIGN THAT HORRIBLE Rivahros runs over to Phil and grips him by both arms..Don't be a dick. we need to escape! DM: ry's taking 20 on diplo Skylighter (Calnik): JEDI MIND TRICK DM: phil you are calm BloodVex (Phil): Whats it mean to take 20 Squid (Ryleh): ooowwweeeooooo .Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 19] DM: chest explodes! DM: everyone has their shit back Ryleh: Nice! Phil: DON'T LIE TO ME. Rivahros: This is not the time or place! DM: action? Phil: I don't..... Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Can't on Diplo.. Cormag: RYLEH. Phil Pushes skeleton away Calnik equips his gear.don't be a dick.. DROW! Campaign saved. this isn' t helping anything. Ghazghkull: Oy! M'axe! BloodVex (Phil): str check? Lazar: That. BACK ME UP HERE. Rivahros notices Phil getting very angry. Is an attack.. I don't know what to do. I don't think.. Squid (Ryleh): i take 20 on diplomacy Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Be a dick.

sullen. Cormag: glares hatefully at Phil as he walks past Phil is silent Rivahros: Let's keep going. DM: its true Lazar Wispers to Rivahros. Rivahros: (whisper) .. DM: heart to heart bro DM: manly tears DM: etc Phil Stares cormag down Rivahros approaches the stairwell. Squid (Ryleh): cheat codes Skylighter (Calnik): What? Rivahros: Alright.. I will kill you.DM: you spent the time to auto crit Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Spend 20 times as long. I suggest you try to prevent that before it happens again. take a 20.We all have our stuff. I will kill him. Squid (Ryleh): rofl Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+7 = 23] Gabe Newell (Cormag): TIE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): EQUAL BloodVex (Phil): dohohoho tie Ghazghkull: Yew'ummies never finnish'nufin! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MEXICAN STANDOFF DM: phil DM: stop DM: she took 20 on you BloodVex (Phil): I'm calm DM: mackin dat ass BloodVex (Phil): that doesn't mean I can't regard him with utter hatred Rivahros: Let's get going. yes? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Get a 20 by spending 20x as long on the action." Cormag: Catches up and follows Rivahros DM: but seriously Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 2] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): OK NEXT ROOM BloodVex (Phil): FFFF Gabe Newell (Cormag): cool listen bro Rivahros: If you try to kill him. Phil: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 23] Lazar does as well. BloodVex (Phil): EVIL EYE Ghazghkull stomps his way down the stairs.. Rivahros lets Phil go. slowly.Now then. "If he acts out one more time..

Gabe Newell (Cormag): DUNGEONS AND DRAMA Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): bros.z Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NEW MAP PLZ BloodVex (Phil): I'm going to draw a portrait 'Gabe Newell' disconnected BloodVex (Phil): of emo phil 'Gabe Newell' connected BloodVex (Phil): lololol Squid (Ryleh): lol 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' DM: :3 BloodVex (Phil): GEE THIS LOOKS FAMILIAR Gabe Newell (Cormag): ffd Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): STAIRS WOOO Campaign saved. Gabe Newell (Cormag): In during we spend four hours in this place DM: phil's rage has made his ears ring Rivahros: Do I? DM: cant hear shit Rivahros walks down the stairs. good drama etc. everyone got their stuff Gabe Newell (Cormag): I opened it Lazar: Oh DM: all three chests were opened Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): LET'S GO DM: everyone has their shit Lazar grabs his stuff and follows. Squid (Ryleh): CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIINNN Rivahros looks around.DM: stop bickering theres nothing on this floor and I gave you your stuff and you're STILL HERE Ryleh follows everyone. did we ever open the other chest Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): BRILLIANT! Squid (Ryleh): We're like one big dramatic family. BloodVex (Phil): damn. Skylighter (Calnik): EAR EXPLODES Lazar: You overestimate yourself. Skylighter (Calnik): yes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yes. cutting off the conversation. Gabe Newell (Cormag): make switched so hard i crashed Squid (Ryleh): etc Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): can you reload the map? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuk DM: cant see shit .

. saying nothing Rivahros: Let's move on..more stairs. I guess.. Ryleh: Moving right along.There's.. Lazar heads down again..Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 15] Gabe Newell (Cormag): Please Ryleh: Spot [1d20+6 = 24] DM: still nothin DM: this is a whole lot of empty Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 25] Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAZAM Ryleh: Well...We might have to take him out(whispers) Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Ryleh: A door? Gabe Newell (Cormag): ffff Rivahros: Which way do we go? BloodVex (Phil): OR BOWSERS INFINITE STAIRS Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 21] . Gabe Newell (Cormag): FFFF RELOAD THE MAP I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING DM: YOU SEE THE CRAFTSMANSHIP PUT IN TO THIS TOWER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's a big empty room DM: LOOK AT THOSE STONES BloodVex (Phil): heads down DM: YEEEAAA Rivahros heads down the next set of stairs. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Lazar.. Rivahros: . not much here. then why waste time? BloodVex (Phil): walks ahead of the group...nothing here? DM: pretty weird Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRITSPOT DM: :3c Lazar: Well.Phil's Resolve is breaking he is becoming extremely wreckless. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i wonder if there's something here or if rep is trying to psyche us out BloodVex (Phil): oh shit Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): STAIRS YEAH Squid (Ryleh): YEAH MORE STAIRS Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 12] BloodVex (Phil): it's loke those forests DM: you see a door BloodVex (Phil): in zelda games BloodVex (Phil): where it's infinite Rivahros: It's a door! Rivahros: And.....

Ghazghkull approaches door. Skylighter (Calnik): alcohol! Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 15] DM: door creaks Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 19] Ryleh: You're an entertaining Orc! Cormag: walks over to Lazar DM: theres a big crack in the door DM: its not open Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 11] Skylighter (Calnik): Should Ghaz be taking damage? DM: still nothin DM: yea Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 13] DM: he is . Ghazghkull SMASH Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 8] Squid (Ryleh): LOL DM: you hit the door and stumble back Ghazghkull SMASH AGAIN Phil says nothing else. Ghazghkull takes a few steps back.Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH GOD NO Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohgod BloodVex (Phil): POW Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST! DM: phil can hear forever Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 drama Ghazghkull: Trew'duh'doar. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oops Lazar: Cormag. Come. Phil: (with utter contempt) Drow. y'dum'dorf! Lazar: I've prepared the proper spells for it. walks away Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 11] Rivahros: Maybe we should just try the d-Oh gods! Lazar: Spot [1d20+4 = 18] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Looking down stairs DM: you see a basement Ghazghkull SMASH AGAIN AND AGAIN [1d12+6 = 14] DM: looks like a wine cellar Ryleh laughs at Rivahros. don't worry. Lazar goes to look down the stairs. Phil: I can hear you Rivahros follows Ghaz reluctantly.

Rivahros: Spot [1d20+1 = 2] BloodVex (Phil): lolol Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): MY EYES BloodVex (Phil): blind Brosaw (Ghazghkull): stab your eye DM: cant see shit Skylighter (Calnik): THE SUN IS SO BRIGHT DM: too bright outside DM: HINT . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dont want damage Rivahros: I'm not surprised. You are truly a good friend BloodVex (Phil): d'awwww Rivahros approaches the door. Campaign saved. DM: 16 damage! Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during ultimate showoff of good vs evil Rivahros: We'll have to act before they do.. Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Ghazghkull: WE GOTSUHGOOD DOAR HEEYUH! Phil: Thank you..Lazar: Wine cellar. Squid (Ryleh): showdown Brosaw (Ghazghkull): wound or nonlethal DM: non Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Reploid (DM): HERE COMES THE ULTIMATE INFIGHT DM: OOHHH SHIIIT Rivahros: I'm hoping we don't have to kill them. are plotting my demise Ghazghkull: Str bonus [1d20+6 = 22] DM: every roll Cormag: Sounds like a plan. Shall we treat ourselves as they waste time? DM: dont worry Phil: (message to Rivahros) The cleric and the drow. Ghazghkull: Woyz'yuh'goin' dattaway?! Skylighter (Calnik): I like how no one thinks to consult the PALADIN. Rivahros 's face turns grim.. but if it comes to that. Rivahros looks through. DM: :3c Cormag: No one likes Gnomes. I will defend you to my last breath. DM: BLAM DM: THE DOOR IS OPEN Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no storp Lazar heads down cellar.

Rivahros: Wait a minute...
BloodVex (Phil): darkness already got used
Rivahros: Outside...?
Cormag: The Dwarf...and the Wizard..they seem to be close, if we make a move on
Phil, he will surely help.(whispers)
Calnik: Daylight. Looks like the way out.
Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 9]
Gabe Newell (Cormag): fuck i worded that wrong
Rivahros: Ah! Thank the gods!
Rivahros: Fellows! There's the outdoors out there! We've found a way out!
Rivahros: (yelling to the group)
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): GAY newell
Lazar: I anticipate that. However, I both can create minions and heal
Lazar If you can suprise them, it won't be an issue. (Whispering)
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): lets fight shit
Cormag: True true, but I trust you have my back when the time arises? I'll make it
worth your while. (whisper)
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): wrong thing
Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 14]
DM: phil overhears
BloodVex (Phil): come on do i hear or not
BloodVex (Phil): yay
Squid (Ryleh): Browsaw can i ride on your back? lol ;_;
Rivahros goes through the door.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): You are so fucking far away I call bullshit
Ghazghkull: OY! HEALUHMAN!
Phil approaches cormag and Lazar
DM: its bright out bro
Lazar: What.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): so what
Cormag: What do you want...Wizard.
Phil: If you are going to plot my demise, I suggest you do it in private.
Phil walks away
Ryleh: You should heal Ghaz...
DM: :3c
Gabe Newell (Cormag): protip: we were in the wine celler
Ghazghkull: 'ELP ME AWT!
Lazar: You assume we care about secrecy, idiot.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): I don't understand how that jut happened
Lazar: Come here then, Ork.
Lazar: How badly are you hurt?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU CHEATERS

Skylighter (Calnik): No, you're on the stairs
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I.E: Hp?
Ghazghkull: AIN'T NAT MUCH!
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HEY
Lazar: Alright then.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR
DM: oh god whats going on
Phil: Secrecy should be your top concern
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NEW MAP PLZ?
DM: the door is open
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im getting healed
DM: theres no guards
Lazar casts Cure Light Wounds on Ghazghkull.
Cormag: Phil, before you leave
Cormag: I have one thing to say to you.
Phil: Because I may feel inclined to make a preemptive stirke.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh
Lazar: [1d8 = 2]
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): (+4)
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): 6 HP
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i sense disaster of apocalyptic proportions
Ghazghkull: THANKS 'UMMIE!
Phil: Waht is it.
Cormag: I don't like you, in fact I wish death upon you, a horrible painfully slow
death.. But..
Phil: Drow.
Ghazghkull: YER'ARRITE!
Lazar: No problem.
Cormag: We need to cooperate if we want to get this mission done
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i expected a facestab
Cormag: If we fight. one of us will go down.
DM: my god this is amazing
DM: ;__;
Phil: roll diplo check
DM: yes please do
BloodVex (Phil): ples
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHERE THE FUCK IS MY NEW MAP
Cormag: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 23]
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH
Cormag: We should stop our bickering until AFTER
DM: diplo wins

Rivahros walks back in, annoyed that the others haven't followed him.
Phil: Agreed. We should set aside our conflict for now.
Cormag: holds out his hand for a handshake
Rivahros: Let's get goin'!
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): IT'S A TRAP
Cormag: smiles with mock sweetness
Lazar: We have no completely finished the area.
Squid (Ryleh): DO IT LOL
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SOME SORT OF ROGUE WIZARDRY
Calnik: There will be no murdering so long as I'm around.
Phil shakes hand. squeezing perhaps a bit too hard.
Ghazghkull: LEZ'GAH!
Lazar: Calm yourself, Dwarf.
Lazar: Since when does a Dwarf forgo a drink?
DM: spoilers: theres a WINE CELLAR below you
Campaign saved.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): ROLL SENSE MOTIVE
DM: go booze it off
Ryleh heads to the stairs.
DM: roll sense motice phil
DM: motive*
BloodVex (Phil): lemme roll str check I still have bulls' strength :3
Rivahros: I do love my drinks, but freedom is right out the door!
Phil: Diplomacy +7, Sense Motive +1 [1d20+8 = 14]
DM: hes telling the truth
Gabe Newell (Cormag): wat..
BloodVex (Phil): woops
Ghazghkull: Woyz'y'ummies still 'ere?
Ghazghkull: Sumfin'dahn'dere?
Ghazghkull points down the stairwell.
Rivahros crosses his arms, obviously annoyed.
DM: wat
Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh me
Gabe Newell (Cormag): Nothing
Rivahros: Let's get a move on, you sloths! Come on!
Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm not pulling anything honest ;-;
Calnik: No time for vice.
DM: hes telling the truth
DM: goddamn
Gabe Newell (Cormag): YOU HAVE TO DO IT GODDAMN

Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAKE MY HADN JESUS
Ghazghkull: Wuzzah'"vice"?
Phil: I DID
BloodVex (Phil): I DID
Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh
Phil: shakes hand. squeezing perhaps a bit too hard.
Cormag: Alright, now shall we go?
Rivahros: Yes.
BloodVex (Phil): is what I said
Cormag: But I will say
Rivahros exits throgh the door.
Rivahros through
Cormag: I had nothign to do with your woman's decision
Cormag: walks off
Rivahros: LET'S GO
Lazar: ...Fine, nobody ventures for the delicious...
Calnik: A vice is selfish pleasure, my orcish friend.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): YOU FUCKING FAGS
Phil: Liar.
Lazar sends his Skeleton to get a few bottles of Wine and come back.
Ghazghkull: Wuzah' "pleasure"?
Lazar then leaves.
Phil: I will see to it that you suffer for corrupting her
Calnik: Hm. In your case, I believe "pleasure" would be smashing.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you guys are so serious
DM: oi stop movin other peoples shit
Squid (Ryleh): stop moving other peoples pieces butt
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NEW MAP PLZ?
Gabe Newell (Cormag): Damn this is some good drama seriously
DM: fine leave all the expensive wine
Calnik: Nothing. Many times, it is useful, but sometimes too much can be excessive.
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK
BloodVex (Phil): protip: he can't handle the thought that ryleh chose for herself
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): skeleton took some
Cormag: In a few games we have had enough drama to fill a season of a soap opera
BloodVex (Phil): so he's casting blame on you
Squid (Ryleh): fffffffffI WANYTED TO GET DRUNKS
Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops
Squid (Ryleh): LOL
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): skeleton has wine
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I got like, 2-3 Bottles of wine.

Squid (Ryleh): skeleton better keep it cold
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >cold
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >fine wine
Ryleh: Ahh, fresh air.
Rivahros steps out into the sun.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): PENIS
Ghazghkull: Wuzzat'stink?
Rivahros: There we go...
Ghazghkull: Eww, iz'flauers!
DM: you chucklefucks
Ghazghkull holds his nose.
Cormag: Don't you people find it at all odd..that we met with no resistance?
DM: :3c
Ghazghkull: Nah.
BloodVex (Phil): you didn't like my penis? ;_;
Ryleh: I'd like to head back to Newmark, and have a word with the one who sent us
Ghazghkull: I nocked all'dem gards awt a'fore Gurk done toss'me'in.
Ryleh: Not sure about the rest of you...
Lazar: We were met with resistance.
Campaign saved.
Phil: You don't find it odd that Gerkus chose to give us an easy way out rather than
killing us?
Lazar: The Children.
Calnik: I suppose you call a heavy, enchanted prison cell door the opposite of
Rivahros: Sounds like a good plan, Rlyeh.
Cormag: Hahaha. Nice one Lazar.
Cormag: Well I mean, no guards?
Phil agrees with ryleh, but says nothing
Cormag: Why would GFerkus give us a chance to escape
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): when do we fight
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i want to ACKS something
Cormag: It seems just a bit too odd.
Rivahros: Can one of you figure out where we are?
DM: if hollywood accepted medieval fantasy you guys would be the best soap opera
Lazar: Perhaps he expected some of us to be just and moral.
Lazar: Instead of killing their kids quickly.
Phil: He's toying with us
Ryleh: Who cares, I want to head back to Newmark as soon as possible.
Rivahros rubs his forehead.
Lazar: Which reminds me.
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also am i going to be fucking comedic relief the entire story

Brosaw (Ghazghkull): where is my drama
Lazar walks over to Rivahros.
DM: >head back to gurks main force
DM: dohoho
Lazar holds out his hand.
Rivahros , expressionless, gives him the promised 50 gold pieces.
Reploid (DM): you're too dumb for drama bro
Lazar: Thank you.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHOHOHO
Calnik: Obviously, approaching Gerkus directly is no longer an option.
Phil: Spot [1d20+1 = 3]
DM: fail
BloodVex (Phil): damn
Rivahros growls something like 'yerwelcome'.
Cormag: Spot [1d20+5 = 21]
Ghazghkull: Gurkz'uh'chump!
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): cormag
Calnik: I suspect that even stepping foot in Newmark could be dangerous for us.
There's no telling how many eyes the sorcerer has in the town.
Ghazghkull: Wunn'ime, I beat'im'awn'restlin'!
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i do not suggest heading the way i think you're heading
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): unless you want a fight
Ghazghkull: N'e'z'da'Warboss!
DM: you took the kid?
Squid (Ryleh): o_O
Ghazghkull: No jus.. jess...
Rivahros: ...The paladin has a point.
Ghazghkull tries to pronounce justice.
BloodVex (Phil): was I supposed to leave him in the dungeon?
Lazar: Actually, I kinda feel like we should go back to the guild.
Ghazghkull: Iz'nawt'fair!
DM: you could have
Lazar: It will be amusing.
BloodVex (Phil): No
Cormag: makes a mental note on how to piss off or extort money from the dwarf.
Lazar: Lets do it.
DM: k so
BloodVex (Phil): I'm carrying him
DM: you has a kid
DM: hes still alseep
BloodVex (Phil): Yes
Rivahros: What should we do now?
Calnik: I do not find death amusing, Cleric.

DM: [1d20 = 6]
BloodVex (Phil): can I wake him up
DM: oh fff
Rivahros: Clearly we need to figure out where we are.
Squid (Ryleh): you should give the child to me
DM: [1d20 = 14]
DM: ...
Squid (Ryleh): X3
Ghazghkull: Wuz'"amusing"?
BloodVex (Phil): okay
Calnik: Something that entertains.
Lazar: I do. You can simply not listen.
DM: yea you can try to wake him up
Ghazghkull: Wuz'"entertains"?
BloodVex (Phil): okay
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE
Ryleh: Funny stuff, Ghaz.
Calnik: Um, something that makes you laugh.
Rivahros: Survival [1d20+1 = 8]
Phil tries to shake child awake
DM: you dont know
Ryleh: Like when someone falls on their bum.
DM: the child shakes back and forth effortlessly
Ghazghkull: Loik jumpy'ummies!
Calnik: I suppose, if you find that funny.
Cormag: Knowledge, Geography [1d20+2 = 4]
Ghazghkull sniggers abruptly.
Gabe Newell (Cormag): ;-;
DM: fail
Lazar: I fail to see how you don't?
Phil: Hello? Hello?
Lazar: .*
Cormag: I have no idea where we are... Cormag grumbles
Phil: Bobby?
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): RLYEH, DO IT
Ryleh: Survival [1d20+4 = 9]
BloodVex (Phil): gotdamnit bobby
DM: hmm
Calnik: No, suffering is not funny.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ryleh suz
Squid (Ryleh): :c
Squid (Ryleh): worst ranger evar
Rivahros: Knowledge, Geography [1d20 = 2]
DM: fail
Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): way to suck
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it almost landed on 20
Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i saw that
Phil: Knowledge, Geography [1d20+5 = 21]
Calnik: Survival [1d20+1 = 5]
Ghazghkull: Search [1d20-4 = 10]
Ryleh: Survival [1d20+4 = 19]
Cormag: walks over to the feuding pally and cleric
DM: oh god
Campaign saved.
DM: one sec let me sort this out
Cormag: There a problem here?
Ghazghkull: Dere's sum'watta dattaway!
DM: phil you smell the sea you know your close to water
Lazar: Different sense of humor, perhaps? I just see the writhing and crying to be
Ghazghkull points northwest.
Calnik: No problem. Why?
DM: ry you know you're south of Newmark
Phil: We're close to the sea...
DM: gahz why are you searching
Brosaw (Ghazghkull): looking around
Ryleh: We're south of Newmark.
DM: you see trees
DM: and a path
Rivahros: Now then, for the hard part...
Rivahros: What do we do now?
Phil: We head North then?
Phil Phil asks Ryleh, looking away from her
DM: phil phil
Rivahros: Gerkus is likely to have guards set up in Newmark to capture us again...
Gabe Newell (Cormag): PHIL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY
Ryleh: If we want to get to Newmark, I can find a proper path.
Rivahros: Though he did say in his note that we were free to 'seek him out'.
Ryleh: If everyone is agreed to go there?
Cormag: Whatever.
Phil: Wait
Calnik: Well, we didn't sail all the way to Newmark to accomplish nothing. Perhaps
more clues still lie within the town.

Phil: What? How do you know that? Calnik: Then we shall find him a home and a family. we should go back to Newmark. Rivahros: I think. so he can spy even easier! Cormag: Great idea.magic energy? Ghazghkull: Wasted? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): is Phil's telepathic connection still in contact with me Ryleh: Newmarks the nearest town. Have you never visited a town hall and seen the postings? Phil: shoots an anrgy look at Cormag Cormag: The kid doesn't exist. Rivahros sighs. DM: spoilers dont barge in to his guild next time Lazar: He is simply a construct of Gerkus'. Phil hands the child to Calnik Calnik: Perhaps the lad may even be accepted into the order as an initiate. Phil: It's not as though there aren't spells to do such a thing. Lazar: He is magical and material. There will be lodgings at the Paladin's Guild. frustrated. wheres the fun in that? Lazar: furthermore Ghazghkull: E'z'dead'. Drow Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): blood. Ryleh: Awww Ghaz. but it is difficult to get GEMS inside of the BODY without killing them. Ghazghkull: Wuz'"bickerin'"? Calnik: Let the child come with me. so I wasted all the time butchering a pile of. no family. Lazar: You may not know basic anatomy as I doubt any of you are educated. Ghazghkull: Aw'can'yuh waste killin'? DM: no Calnik: Children go missing all the time in this world. BloodVex (Phil): No Ryleh: Instead of bickering like kids about what to do! Ryleh: Make your choice and I can guide you. Lazar: Because people would notice if kids went missing.. gnome . Lazar: He has no home. Cormag: Yes. take a construct of GERKUS to the PALIDAN'S guild. it's when hummies act stoopid. I think it wouldn't be in Gerkus' best interests to collect children from far away places.Lazar: Lets take him up on his offer. Phil: We should find out where this kid lives. inn'e? Phil: You sicken me.. because any other town would be too far away. Cormag: Aw. unfortunately. Phil: And take him back to his home. should we do it now? Ryleh: Wake the damn kid up! Lazar: Theres the case of the children having GEMS inside of their BODIES.

DM: its a kid. 'ummies? Reploid (DM): they can be automated though Lazar: Phil has proven himself to be a fool. .. I know how much punishment a body can have. too! He's a gods-damned wizard! He knows constructs better than anybody. Cormag: No human child can survive that. rather then practice. and if it was a construct. Calnik: What torture? Ghazghkull: Wom'me t'figger if iz'real? Campaign saved. Cleric. Calnik: I get the feeling you've not done much healing in your self-centered lifetime. we will make his remaining days comfortable. the boy is still alive. BloodVex (Phil): about constructs IN GENERAL DM: oh Rivahros: All you're basing your information on is an assumption by the cleric! Cormag: The child survived too much torture to be real. Arcana [1d20+5 = 11] Cormag: gold clap Cormag: er golf Ghazghkull: Woy dun'yew 'ummies settl'dis wif a foit? BloodVex (Phil): WHAT DO I KNOW ABOTU CONSTRUCTS? Rivahros: How do you even know if he's a construct? Rivahros: (to Cormag) Calnik: Spy or not. There's no denying that. Lazar: I have an educated opinion. although he seems to be magically asleep Calnik: It is not our place to judge him. though not out of enjoyment. he is alive and he deserves peace.Phil: Knowledge. Lazar: A lovestruck fool Phil: Hold your tongue. Phil: Lest I cut it out.. Cleric. Lazar: Who has extensive training and healing and the body. Rivahros: Phil has a good opinion on it. Even if he was built with a finite lifespan. Phil: Why? Have you experimented before? DM: contructs can be very convincing if prepared correctly Rivahros: Whose place is it to decide the limits of human endurance? Lazar: A cleric. Calnik: Construct or not. BloodVex (Phil): do the creators retain control over the construct? Cormag: Well I was a slaver for a good twenty years. I'm sure he'd be able to tell! Reploid (DM): usually Ghazghkull: Woy ain'tcha foitan. Cormag: er take Ghazghkull: Dis'iz rubbishtawk! Lazar: I have.

I'm afraid. Ghazghkull: We'avin' uh meanin'contest? Cormag: Intimidate [1d20+7 = 10] Gabe Newell (Cormag): D: DM: fail DM: phil wins Lazar: I have minions I can create that will put you in your place faster then Ryleh did. BloodVex (Phil): did my intimidate work? DM: yea DM: it did Ghazghkull lumbers over to Phil and Cormag. Rivahros: Try to attack Phil and you will receive a war-axe across the torso. Gabe Newell (Cormag): HOMOSEXUAL . Lazar: Your words fall on deaf ears. Calnik: Your minions. then. getting her bearings. you seem to think I would allow you close to me. and bursts out laughing.. I'd be backing away. if I recall Cleric. try to attack the cleric and you will get a swift knife in the back.. and If we had a map.Ryleh walks away from thr group. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Make no mistake. Plus. I'm an arrogant bastard Ryleh: Survival [1d20+4 = 21] Ghazghkull: YEW 'UMMIES CANNA STARE A'AH BRICK WALL WIFOUT GETTIN' SCURRED! Rivahros: Shows how smart you are. However. Ghazghkull cannot maintain his composure. to not fear a raging- Rivahros suddenly grimaces. [1d20+6 = 25] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): it's a neat little circle of hostages and threats we've got going on BloodVex (Phil): lazar shut up you're scared of me Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHGOD Gabe Newell (Cormag): This is fucking GOLD Rivahros: Intimidate [1d20+2 = 7] DM: oh noes Phil Looks away DM: the ork glares you down Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh. have a poor track record. I don't need to approach you to fight you. Reploid (DM): DAMN THIS IS SOME TOP DOLLER DRAMA Brosaw (Ghazghkull): LAZAR IS PHILS EVIL TWIN Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DUN DUN Phil: Intimidate [1d20+10 = 15] Cormag: Phil. we should go. I won't stand near you. Dwarf. drow. angry at himself more than anything. I'm not saying I am.. Phil blinking away tears Cormag: You don't scare me. and glares at both of them. Phil: we should.

Lazar follows Ryleh Rivahros follows Ryleh as well. Calnik: Survival [1d20+1 = 2] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Are me and Phil lost together . DM: survival check DM: both of you Cormag: follows after Lazar Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fuck you Ghazghkull: OY! ORKIEGIRL! WAIT UP! DM: all three of you Lazar: Survival [1d20+4 = 7] Cormag: Survival [1d20+1 = 18] Gabe Newell (Cormag): EF YEAR Rivahros: Survival [1d20+1 = 21] DM: you lose her Campaign saved. Ryleh: follows the wolf tracks.. carrying the passed out child.Ryleh: begins searching for animal tracks. Gabe Newell (Cormag): CRIT Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SUPER SURVIVAL DM: rage and cor succeed Phil Follows ryleh Squid (Ryleh): haha lazar got lost Gabe Newell (Cormag): in during Rage and I travel together BOY THIS WILL TURN OUT GOOD Calnik follows after Ryleh. Phil: Survival [1d20+1 = 8] DM: lost Lazar: Oh god Ryleh: There's a wolf around here somewhere.. Ghazghkull tags alongside Ryleh. DM: you spot wolf tracks nearby Rivahros: Aaarrrggghhh! Why are we still HERE! Let's get to Newmark! Cormag: Oh no! (with mock suprise) Am I going to be blamed for your anger aswell? Calnik: Alright. DM: ok so ryleh's off on her own Squid (Ryleh): ignoring you duudes Ghazghkull: Maybeh we'z can finna foit in da tawn. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I seek out the wolf to yiff it. are you all happy with yourself? Got it out of your system? Can we stop Gerkus now? BloodVex (Phil): protip: ryleh is a weak chord for Phil Rivahros: No! Reploid (DM): this is gold Ghazghkull: Dorf gotta'point.

DM: way to go DM: [3d6 = 5] DM: AHAHAAH Rivahros attempts to describe where he is. Rivahros: Survival [1d20+1 = 10] Cormag: notices that Rivahros seems distracted Cormag: Are you coming or not? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): not sure what to roll here DM: looks like forest DM: nothing landmark-y Skylighter (Calnik): YOU ARE ALONE... DM: survival Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): BROSAW DM: wait Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You have to be chaste! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You can't tap dat! DM: yea ok your following her Calnik attempts to determine where the others went. . Skylighter (Calnik): Seriously? DM: no Ghazghkull: Da Ork'tounge! Phil Casts MESSAGE ON RIVAHROS DM: you're really lost though Phil: WHERE ARE YOU BRO Skylighter (Calnik): Alone? DM: yes DM: everyone who is lost is alone Rivahros: I can't. CORMAG Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to describe where I am to phil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): what would I roll DM: survival DM: you failed it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): UH OH PHIL Rivahros: I'm trying to help Phil get back on track! Squid (Ryleh): haha trees and trees Brosaw (Ghazghkull): IM GONNA STEAL YOUR GIRLFRIEND Rivahros continues following Rlyeh....really describe it! We're. but I always liked orcish best. lung. ah'd'a'ummie git so smart'az'ta learn'da'Ork lang. Ryleh: My master knew many languages..Skylighter (Calnik): wow DM: CRIT LOST Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Me Phil and Calnik Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): OH BOY DM: YOU'RE AT LIKE PALNISDALE Ghazghkull: Saw.

. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): induring everybody gets lost Calnik: Survival [1d20+1 = 14] DM: [3d6 = 9] BloodVex (Phil): can I roll again to uh find them? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no nail me first DM: cal also finds the tower Brosaw (Ghazghkull): nobody gets anything Lazar: Survival [1d20+4 = 24] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): WOOO Squid (Ryleh): stay at the tower.I don't really know myself. so only Phil can't tap dat.... Lazar: Maybe this way.Rivahros: Sorry. Squid (Ryleh): basically i'm gonna nail everyone except phil. Lazar: Survival [1d20+4 = 14] BloodVex (Phil): doesn't mean I can't do other things DM: you manage to return to the tower Laz Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you can get raped Calnik sighs and studies the trees... we'll come back for you Phil: Survival [1d20+1 = 12] DM: who is still lost Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I rolled a 20 BloodVex (Phil): Me am DM: you're at the tower though BloodVex (Phil): if i lost the roll Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I went out again DM: that one didnt count I'm cutting you short Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Fuck DM: everuyone who is lost Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): It was a 20. DM: survival Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm not alone DM: go Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i never took chaste life Gabe Newell (Cormag): I passed Calnik: Survival [1d20+1 = 4] DM: you're still lost Squid (Ryleh): she's a bad bad girl Phil: . and i'll nail Ghaz last so he ruins my vagina for sure Lazar: Its a start.Damn Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh.... DM: is attacked by animals Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh gawd .

DM: phil is alone Squid (Ryleh): :3 DM: against a dire wolf DM: oh dear Phil: yay . Ryleh and I succeeded our throws DM: you three then Phil: i h8 u squid . too DM: gahz and ry Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ryleh where are you DM: cal and laz are not attacked Squid (Ryleh): me and the orc are gettin' it on DM: wheres rage Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): following rlyeh DM: k DM: so Gabe Newell (Cormag): Rage._. DM: :3c Brosaw (Ghazghkull): roll for initiative? Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Starting with who. DM: who's still lost? BloodVex (Phil): even if you didn't want it Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Im at tower BloodVex (Phil): I am DM: laz you're at the tower you're ok Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh cool DM: phil Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im with ryleh Skylighter (Calnik): Im at the tower.Squid (Ryleh): LOL Skylighter (Calnik): Does being at the tower count as lost? Squid (Ryleh): SURE WAS A GOOD IDEA TO FOLLOW RYLEH Squid (Ryleh): 8D Skylighter (Calnik): SURE WAS A GOOD IDEA TO LEAVE YOUR PARTY BEHIND DM: [3d6 = 12] Skylighter (Calnik): whore DM: SHES A RANGER DM: LOOKING FOR HER ANIMAL COMPANION Squid (Ryleh): you were all busy being fags Squid (Ryleh): i did something productive XD DM: also DM: dire wolf each Calnik sits down and mediates at the tower's front entrance. BloodVex (Phil): I was fighting for your honor Campaign saved.

Brosaw (Ghazghkull): no you dont idort i go first BloodVex (Phil): doing the fights individually wil be no slower than doing the fights intertwined with each other DM: whoever is lost was attacked by a dire wolf Squid (Ryleh): ffffff Gabe Newell (Cormag): Rlyeh is not lost DM: well no BloodVex (Phil): but it woiuld be far less of a clusterfuck DM: but whoever lost their way while following her DM: she was tracking the animal the whole tim DM: e Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im still with her DM: i know Gabe Newell (Cormag): So am I Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and am about to RIP AND TEAR the wolf DM: its you ry and rage DM: and phil is alone Gabe Newell (Cormag): WAHT .Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Brosaw (Ghazghkull): roll for initiative DM: roll for init Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Magic Missle DM: you four Squid (Ryleh): magic missle Brosaw (Ghazghkull): including me Phil: Initiative [1d20+7 = 12] DM: oh no DM: [1d20 = 10] DM: ohoho BloodVex (Phil): it's easier if we do the fights one at a time Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in during phil is utterly raped Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 Phil dies Ryleh: Initiative [1d20+4 = 21] DM: nice Brosaw (Ghazghkull): REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT BloodVex (Phil): instead of everyone going ay once Ghazghkull: Initiative [1d20+3 = 22] Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 a repeat of last night BloodVex (Phil): IT'S JUST A FIGHT SHUT UP DM: orkie! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): SHAZAM! Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHY ARE WE ALL ROLLING Ryleh: casts speaks with animals on the creature.

Brosaw (Ghazghkull): find another i have to kill some shit Gabe Newell (Cormag): I fucked up a geography roll before we set out BloodVex (Phil): can I fight already Gabe Newell (Cormag): like when we first left BloodVex (Phil): jeez DM: ok so DM: ork goes first Ghazghkull RAGE Squid (Ryleh): ffffffffffffff k DM: oh no Ghazghkull: Greataxe [1d20+10 = 25] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST DM: roll to hit fool Brosaw (Ghazghkull): that was hit BloodVex (Phil): that was roll to hit Ghazghkull: Melee attack [3d6+11 = 20] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): oh good lord Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohgod Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK DM: [1d20 = 2] DM: you bath in its blood DM: bathe* Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST Brosaw (Ghazghkull): ahahah im crackin up Campaign saved. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NERF NERF NERF Squid (Ryleh): >:C BloodVex (Phil): me now? DM: yea their wolf is gone DM: its all phil all the time Squid (Ryleh): THANKS BRO.Gabe Newell (Cormag): I WAS WITH THEM Gabe Newell (Cormag): fff DM: you lost one of your rolls Squid (Ryleh): don't rip and tear my pet :c Ghazghkull: OY WOLFIE! Gabe Newell (Cormag): No I didn't. BloodVex (Phil): I cast Brosaw (Ghazghkull): NP BRO Phil: I cast Phil: SILENT IMAGE! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): SHOULD HAVE TRIED TO NEGOTIATE WITH ME Brosaw (Ghazghkull): or diplomacy me DM: but you rolled first ...

It has 50ft to your 30ft DM: OOOHHHH BloodVex (Phil): GOD DMANIASSNFDUopiphfg Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He can't outrun it DM: you run DM: just run DM: you dont care where DM: you're just running BloodVex (Phil): HE'S TRAPPE IN A MAZE THAT DOESN'T EXIST BloodVex (Phil): HE CAN'T FIND ME BloodVex (Phil): Luck roll? Squid (Ryleh): in before party is lost like in the world of ruin rofl . he will not know that it's just an illusion Skylighter (Calnik): If the Orc goes crazy.Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): >Not Magic Missle Squid (Ryleh): :/ Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil dies. this is why we use Magic Missle. DM: its true DM: [1d20 = 12] Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Wolves have huge WIS Phil: he's in the middle of the maze DM: oh my Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 20 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I'll diplo for it too DM: the wolf is confused and howls for help! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): OH FUCK NO Gabe Newell (Cormag): hHAhahahha DM: [3d6 = 9] DM: he fails! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): whew Skylighter (Calnik): RUN AWAY! HOLD L AND R! Gabe Newell (Cormag): awww BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf thankg god Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil.x Phil: A large.___. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He gets a will save. Im diplomacying him to be on my side Squid (Ryleh): i hate you orcy . Phil RUNS LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR DM: survival BloodVex (Phil): survival? Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 1 BloodVex (Phil): ok Phil: Survival [1d20+1 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahahah Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil. being a stupid animal. stone maze appears between the two of us.

..* huff huff* Ryleh: You wanna smash some more wolves? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): yes Campaign saved.... Phil: How long... been here? Lazar: A while. Reploid (DM): in during brosaw is confusing OOC and RLchat Squid (Ryleh): lulz Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oh god help i only have 3 int Lazar: Don't you have spells? Can't you kill it yourself? Lazar: Or are you that incompetent. BOY DM: you get to make two more checks before it has your scent Squid (Ryleh): it's a wolf.. not an orc XD Phil: come ooooooooon survival! Ghazghkull: inb4 phil dies BloodVex (Phil): daddy needs a new pair of +1 shoes Phil: [1d20+1 = 3] Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahaahhahaha BloodVex (Phil): SJFIdgjaipfj Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol DM: wow DM: 3d6 Gabe Newell (Cormag): BAWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): jesus christ Squid (Ryleh): man phil do you have reverse hacks? Phil: [3d6 = 11] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uh oh DM: you find the tower BloodVex (Phil): thank god DM: barely Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): and me? BloodVex (Phil): isn't laz here? DM: you see him booking it Ghazghkull: ryleh track another wolf or five Lazar: Whats all this? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dont want to waste this RAGE DM: cal too Phil: (panting) attacked by. have you. wolf.. Calnik cracks open a single eye and notices Phil running by. DM: ohoho . Ghazghkull nods vigorously...DM: the maze will slow it down DM: [1d20 = 13] DM: for a while Gabe Newell (Cormag): IT'S GOT YO SCENT..

he's a wimp to us Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He did. Why waste my spells when something more powerful could be around the corner? Gabe Newell (Cormag): We should just cut the middle man and change the setting to a high school DM: bluff BloodVex (Phil): for what? that's not a lie Gabe Newell (Cormag): BLUFF NIGGER DM: it was a FUCKING HUGE DIRE WOLF Gabe Newell (Cormag): You were running like fuck BloodVex (Phil): w/e Brosaw (Ghazghkull): when do i get to kill more shit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): aaaa Phil: Bluff [1d20+11 = 30] . Reploid (DM): ICEBURN Skylighter (Calnik): Therefore. I don't have skeletal abominations to do my bidding. Phil: It was a simple wolf. DM: he said it was a wolf Skylighter (Calnik): PHIL DID NOT SAY ITS DIRE Gabe Newell (Cormag): oh wait i see Skylighter (Calnik): morons Lazar: You do have. if I recall correctly. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Yeah he did DM: no Brosaw (Ghazghkull): its dire Phil: Unfortunately. A wolf is such a simple beast for one schooled in the arcane arts.DM: damn you guys are good Squid (Ryleh): FITE FITE FITE FITE DM: delicious drama Brosaw (Ghazghkull): fucking rumble you nerds DM: bop dat grom Calnik: I must agree. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this will end badly Reploid (DM): its dire btw Gabe Newell (Cormag): EVEN THE PALLY AGREES OHGOD Squid (Ryleh): HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Skylighter (Calnik): He didnt say it was dire. several spells still at your disposal Squid (Ryleh): PHIL FAILS AT DESCRIPTIONS Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 he metagames Lazar: that you used in your pathetic attempt to be useful during the kobold engagement Reploid (DM): ahahaha DM: you guys Calnik: Wolves hardly compare to kobolds in terms of difficulty.

DM: cal also left BloodVex (Phil): calnik it was your responsibility DM: you all left Skylighter (Calnik): What? I still have him Gabe Newell (Cormag): inb4 pally falls Phil: . BloodVex (Phil): "Phil Phil carries child down stairs" Calnik: Because he's still asleep? DM: well then you still has a kid Squid (Ryleh): Rachel Ray and the food network can suck my left tit . DM: its true Skylighter (Calnik): Phil didnt type he was carrying the child up and down the stairs. My illusions will keep it trapped for at least a few hours Reploid (DM): yea they did BloodVex (Phil): WHAT Squid (Ryleh): roflmao BloodVex (Phil): fffffffffffffffffffff i forgot Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): lol BloodVex (Phil): wait no. So what? DM: actually he did Campaign saved. anyways. I assume you lost it then? Calnik: I suppose you have a point.. Where is the child? Squid (Ryleh): ahahahahaha DM: you never said you took him Squid (Ryleh): holy shit >XD Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Either way. Reploid (DM): +1 cred Squid (Ryleh): unrelated but did you all abadon the kid? Phil: of course.Gnome. even if we left him. Pay attention. Skylighter (Calnik): I said I was carrying the child when I did my survival roll.. I handed him to calnik Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Oh. we would have left him at the tower. Lazar: Why don't we send the kid to scout? DM: did you? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): god i hate rachel ray so much but shes pretty damn hot Skylighter (Calnik): Yes.Gabe Newell (Cormag): oshit DM: you succeed! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DOHOHOHO DM: the believe you DM: they* Lazar: Fair enough. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Where we're at..

I would just rather get rid of the kid Phil shakes head Reploid (DM): they have gemsin them and doesnt afraid of anything Calnik: Well. Lazar heads off again. so don't worry about it. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): alton brown is the godking of cooking Ryleh: Survival [1d20+4 = 15] Lazar Follows the path. then we'll contact her. Skylighter (Calnik): Alton Brown is mai waifu Lazar: Survival [1d20+4 = 18] Ryleh: Yes! DM: te path looks like it heard right to newmark Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >alton Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >waifu Phil stomach churns at the thought of having to talk to Ryleh Lazar follows it. How are we going to get back to Newmark now? DM: you dont notice anything Lazar: We walk. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): alton is gar you fag Skylighter (Calnik): dont be jealous Brosaw (Ghazghkull): you would be his waifu Skylighter (Calnik): My gar-ness exceeds his. Ryleh: approaches the wolves slowly. DM: less drama more moving on DM: ry you can keep tracking Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hey i like the food network you hussie Ryleh: Survival [1d20+4 = 8] Calnik: At any rate. he's not your responsibility. dats about it Phil: I'll rest. we lost our Ranger.Phil: You'd trust your life to a child? Reploid (DM): kids these days Phil: Amazing you're still alive today. Lazar: No. Calnik: And just leave our companions to the forest? Lazar: You do that. I can cast Message again. Night or day? Skylighter (Calnik): NEITHER DOES WAIFU-NESS . DM: you find more wolf tracks Phil: In the morning. DM: theres a path DM: i said this Squid (Ryleh): i like Aldon Brown and Iron chef. DM: move silent Brosaw (Ghazghkull): GAR DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY BloodVex (Phil): what time of day is it.

me + ghaz + rlyeh + cormag Phil: one of you. . orc. we're all together Rivahros: I don't suggest killing it.5 Skylighter (Calnik): inb4 Ghaz eats the wolf Campaign saved. Ryleh: Handle Animal [1d20+2 = 9] Gabe Newell (Cormag): I'm with Rivahros so does that mean I'm with Rleh and the orc? BloodVex (Phil): lololol Squid (Ryleh): ffffffff wolf snarls Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Rlyeh is with ghaz so yes. wake me up in 8 hours. BloodVex (Phil): alton brown is GAR Gabe Newell (Cormag): goddamn it weeaboos shut up BloodVex (Phil): >alton brown BloodVex (Phil): >weeaboo BloodVex (Phil): wut wolf: Yes. Ghazghkull yawns slightly..DM: day Ryleh: Move Silently [1d20+5 = 6] Skylighter (Calnik): SO STFU DM: i would have switched the light DM: they hear you DM: and turn around Squid (Ryleh): oh shit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hey can be your husbando Skylighter (Calnik): nigga you gay Ryleh: uses Speaks with Animals again. might one of your pack assist me? wolf: You're coming very close. I'd rather not hurt you DM: animal empathy Ghazghkull: Cannah kill'ih yet? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): Ghaz is with us. elf? Skylighter (Calnik): I bet he is Phil: Move Silently [6] Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im gonna bop you one girl BloodVex (Phil): woops sorry Ryleh: I'm looking for a companion on my travels. correct Phil unpacks his bedroll DM: oh right they took that out of 3. DM: hanfdle animal i guess Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I mean.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we're all together yes Phil falls asleep Phil in middle of day.

Gabe Newell (Cormag): oho Calnik: Why do we need a map? There is a pathway straight to the town. BloodVex (Phil): there's a path to newmark? Rivahros: He'll fight with us.. if we want to GET to Newmark DM: success Ghazghkull sniffs his finger. Lazar is already on it BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFF Ghazghkull: Wuzzuh'"friend"? . and help you smash things. Gabe Newell (Cormag): That orc is going to force that entire pack onto us Rivahros: Rlyeh! Ask how close we are to Newmark! Phil: I have to. DM: I said that when you walked out of the tower Skylighter (Calnik): Yes. BloodVex (Phil): INTIMIDATE WOLF Ghazghkull: Y'gottah SMASH! Ghazghkull: 'n'BASH! Rivahros: No! Rivahros: Don't! Ryleh: No! wolf: a simple trick will not sway one of my pack Calnik: You're going to sleep here? Shouldn't that be better done b ack in Newmark? Ryleh: Handle Animal [1d20+2 = 15] Ghazghkull: EH..this wolf will be our friend. we will make haste.. Calnik: Too tired for the trek? Ryleh: How might we get to Newmark? Phil: Unless one of you has a map.wolf: you are ver inexperianced Gabe Newell (Cormag): Ok just checking for claritys sake Ghazghkull: Tha'ain'tnah way t'kill'uh'wolf! wolf: very* BloodVex (Phil): GHAZ Rivahros: Rlyeh is trying to talk to it. all y'ummies'iz borin'. Gabe Newell (Cormag): in before alignment shift Gabe Newell (Cormag): D-D-D-DEMONTION! wolf: I shall lend you one of my fastest. He should be a good companion for you. this is the only way. Gabe Newell (Cormag): >roll of 15 BloodVex (Phil): what Gabe Newell (Cormag): >getting the best one Ghazghkull: Cannah kill'ih yet?! wolf: but I want you to leave immediatly Rivahros: No! Ryleh: I am very grateful. the ranger. Rivahros: I think.. I need to contact Ry.

Calnik carefully lifts up the child and heads down the trail after Lazar. BloodVex (Phil): why DM: cause she gets one this level BloodVex (Phil): oh Squid (Ryleh): because you were all being dumb Calnik: Our best bet is to head to Newmark. Rivahros: Alright. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Think Dogmeat. Cormag: Someone who kills things with you.. Phil follows Lazar appraises the wine while he walks. Then let's be on our way. Rivahros follows Rlyeh.BloodVex (Phil): then why'd ryleh go off? Squid (Ryleh): WOLF HAS JOINED THE PARTY Rivahros: Someone you. then we can send scouting parties in the wilderness to find them. Phil: I suppose you're right. but everyone was busy being fags . 300 proof. DM: appraise check Lazar: Appraise [1d20+1 = 12] Ryleh: Let's go. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ranger ability DM: like a beefed up jasper Squid (Ryleh): beef DM: beefs Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): A beefed up jasper that doesn't give skill bonus' but doesn't suck in combat. BloodVex (Phil): >300 proof BloodVex (Phil): what DM: group 2 is behind group 1 on the road DM: to newmark BloodVex (Phil): that's like 150% alcohol DM: look it up DM: yes Squid (Ryleh): inb4 i establist i knew my way to newmark before. DM: to track an animal companion Ghazghkull: Arrih. would fetch a pretty penny DM: ok so BloodVex (Phil): inb4 we all meet eachother halfway to newmark Campaign saved.. If our companions are not there.bash things with. Calnik: Good. Ryleh: The wolf will lead us to the main path. BloodVex (Phil): cool appraise bro DM: looks mighty fine.

now can we get to newmark now? DM: so yea Phil: What kind of drink do you have there. ghaz DM: since they're ahead Skylighter (Calnik): I was rubbing my eye when the color changed. Lazar: Look with your eyes. cormag. me. Cleric? DM: everyone is on the road DM: just DM: behind eachother Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): A valuable one. not your hands. Phil: Appraise [1d20+5 = 11] Lazar holds out a bottle to present. Skylighter (Calnik): OSHIT BloodVex (Phil): who gets to newmark first? DM: uh Phil: May I see it? DM: group 1 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): rlyeh. Lazar: A valuable one. I thought I had fucked up my color vision.DM: yes it is Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): its magic bro Skylighter (Calnik): Isn't 200 the highest proof? BloodVex (Phil): ahahha Squid (Ryleh): oh shisht DM: its true she did Brosaw (Ghazghkull): 200 proof is pure ethanol DM: yes but DM: this is D&D Brosaw (Ghazghkull): stop breaking shit dm DM: I RULE THIS WORLD Skylighter (Calnik): ITS MAGIC WINE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Brosaw its MAGIC Squid (Ryleh): mmm ethanol Skylighter (Calnik): IT HAS MOE ALCOHOL THAN ALCOHOL CAN HAVE DM: DAMN RIGHT IT DOES Squid (Ryleh): ORCS?! IN MY DND?! BloodVex (Phil): IT'S LIKE ALCOHOL DM: HOW ELSE DO YOU GET SMASHED Squid (Ryleh): thats not real at all! DM: YEEAHHH BloodVex (Phil): BUT BETTER Cormag: Yes yes whoopee you have a animal companion. DM: its wine bro .

DM: looks damn nice Skylighter (Calnik): Who is group 1? Phil: Not bad. Lazar: As is intruding in others' busiiness. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): PHIL THE KID WAS IN A MAGIC SLEEP Lazar goes over to the child. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): am i with the alkies DM: no Phil tries to wake child again Brosaw (Ghazghkull): we gonna fight more shit soon DM: its still magcially sleepan Lazar: That is no way to wake a child. Campaign saved. Lazar: Bluff [1d20+3 = 9] DM: fail Phil: Sense Motive [1d20+1 = 16] Gabe Newell (Cormag): ohoho Reploid (DM): I have class early tomorrow I'm gonna wrap it up once yu hit newmark Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): okey dokey Phil: Spot check to see if I can discern any sort of extra bulk from bottles in his bag [1d20+1 = 20] Squid (Ryleh): Zzzzzzz DM: you do Phil: Then I suppose those bottle-shaped lumps in your pack are logs then? Lazar: No. Phil: Well. You only grabbed one? DM: laz Squid (Ryleh): everyone who wasn't with me DM: since ry went in the opposite direction Brosaw (Ghazghkull): brb i am hongry Lazar: Yes. they are other bottles. Phil: Of? Reploid (DM): potions Reploid (DM): cleric shit Reploid (DM): etc Phil: Ah. and pours some alcohol into his mouth. Calnik: Agreed. enjoy your wine. Lazar: This bottle here is the only one I have personally touched. holds his nose. there's nothing wrong with a bit of hooch every now and then. I wouldn't let you do that. Calnik: Although I do not agree with the consumption of alcohol as a form of recreation. Reploid (DM): snappy comeback Phil: Come on. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no fightin' today probably . I suppose. lying is an even worse hobby. Skylighter (Calnik): Uh.

spells that would break his magical slumber? Skylighter (Calnik): FITE TIEM Phil: Being a cleric and all. I retcon it Brosaw (Ghazghkull): PREPORE FER FOTT Phil: Don't you have any. i get scared Reploid (DM): DVDA Reploid (DM): ORC DICK Phil: >DVDA Squid (Ryleh): :c Cormag: I'll make the same deal I made Phil. Rivahros: Eh? DM: dohoho Squid (Ryleh): I think we're the sane ones so.... Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Dispel Magic is arcane. if I may have a word? Squid (Ryleh): Uhhh. don't try anything on me and I won't .. DM: is group 2 going to talk? DM: at all? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): nothing to do Cormag: SO HOW BOUT DEM METS? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): except follow ryleh to newmark Squid (Ryleh): yeah DM: my god DM: no drama DM: are you guys ok Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i'm fine Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): CORMAG PUNCH SOMEONE Calnik: Perhaps I should head to the Wizard's Guild when we reach Newmark and see if they can help the child. GROUP TWO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when cormag tries to talk personally to me.. Skylighter (Calnik): So either do something else or prepare for fight Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Fine. you guys wanan fuck or something? BloodVex (Phil): seduce ryleh into the dakr side some more Gabe Newell (Cormag): No im not going to start shit Lazar: I'll take another try at the Sorceror's.DM: hes right Phil: I don't suppose you have any more sophisticated methods of awakening him? DM: pally would have stopped you Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Pah Phil: It's obviously some kind of magical sleep. Lazar: Dispelling Magic is not my area of sorcery. Skylighter (Calnik): GET SOME DOUBLE PEN.. bro Calnik: I don't think I'd trust any of his spells. BloodVex (Phil): cormag Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): QUICK Cormag: Dwarf.

by the way. Rivahros: And. I won't hurt you unless you try to hurt Phil. Ryleh: I think I'll call you Sasha. what is it? Rivahros: That much is true. Rivahros: And myself. of course. Lazar: Correct. Cormag: And the palidan? well I don't agree with his. Skylighter (Calnik): =3 Ghazghkull: OY.but he has given me no reason to harm him Rivahros: Fine. Rivahros: You've made your reputation quite known as a lying cheat and a backstabbing traitor. and he won't come to any harm Rivahros: I don't want to be near you.. Calnik: Somehow. Rivahros: I will agree to that. or Ryleh. not worry about some golem. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what about ork dick Ryleh: pets her new wolf. ELFIEGIRL! IZ WE FOITIN? . Ghazghkull: Iz'we foitin'? Ryleh: Chivalry. if I may have a word? In private? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): WHEEEERES NATASCHA?! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): DOHOHOHO Cormag: Either way we can come to the agreement that this Gerkus fellow is the greater evil. then.try anything on you Phil: >3 guys BloodVex (Phil): what Reploid (DM): orc counts as t Reploid (DM): two* Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what did i do Rivahros: Why would I trust you? Cormag: You wouldn't. so cute. Lazar: Oh. Rivahros: Exactly. if that's alright.. so that sounds reasonable. Cormag: You seem to be good friends with Phil. Cormag: And I have no reason to trust you. Phil: Cleric. Reploid (Sasha): WHO TOUCHED MY GUN Campaign saved. Lazar: Ah. Phil: You and the Drow have formed some sort of plot to kill me once this is all over.code. Calnik. keep him away from me. I thought we were announcing what we were going to do once we hit town. Drow. if at all possible. I don't think the Sorcerer's Guild would be too keen on helping a child they helped to curse.

Rivahros: If he makes any funny moves. DM: oh fuck Rivahros: But. DM: you ahve an orc . you are hurting all others here. Lazar: I am the only one who can cure and revive people here. Ghazghkull: Woy'ain't we foitin? DM: fail Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): God damn it Phil: That that would be a very bad idea. we'is walkan Cormag: The man out right attacked me. for this mission. as per the agreement. allow me to remind youi. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): everyone DM: ok so DM: group 2 DM: you're all like Phil: I have no intention of killing either of you. Gabe Newell (Cormag): SHAZAM Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST DM: CRIIIIIIIT Ryleh: Iz we?! Lazar: If I should die. I won't hurt you until you try anything funny. and foit tommorraw Rivahros: Intimidate [1d20+2 = 7] Phil: I would just like to say. I'm telling you this for your own safety DM: riva Cormag: holds out his hand Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): WHAT Cormag: Deal.Skylighter (Calnik): dawwww Rivahros: I know what you and our necromancer are planning in regards to Phil. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CRITTIMIDATE DM: who are you scaring Calnik: There will be no killing while I'm around. Ryleh: 'Cos it's layet Ghazghkull: IZ WE GLARIN' A'EACHUVVER?! Cormag: Phil is worth more to me alive than dead. Ryleh: No. Squid (Ryleh): ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME OH FFFF Rivahros: You evil people are really loud with your plans. Cormag: Do you expect me to forget that? Ryleh: So we can sleepan. Lazar: If that is a threat. I'm cutting you both down. Phil: However. you know. You two will need to solve your differences amicably. Ghazghkull: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 26] Rivahros: That's not what Phil overheard.

Rivahros: Holy gods! Phil: Bluff [1d20+11 = 15] DM: sense Rivahros turns back to Cormag. Gabe Newell (Cormag): I DGAF Phil: In fact. only create wider rifts among us. Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 16] Squid (Ryleh): FFFFF DM: that works DM: group 1 is at newmark now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): why did group 1 get there first Lazar: Fair enough.surface. DM: ok Cormag: Oh and one more thing. letting go after only one shake. for this. due to HUEG SCARY ORC Cormag: Phil's feelings for the . surprised and shocked by Ghaz's sudden appearance. and shakes his hand. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): yeah. the sounds that come out of his gaping hole have begun to bore .. for this. Lazar: Then you would be worth ransoming. DM: :3 Squid (Ryleh): cormag you should be shitting your pants Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Thank you. DM: ORK IN YO FACE DM: HE WAAGHS Phil: I am quite important to a lot of people.. Campaign saved. If they notice that I am gone. DM: CORMAG Phil: Do you honestly believe that you would be able to hold me at ransom. they will find the source. DM: all of you should be Lazar: Thank you. Calnik: Will you two stop bickering? Please? This does nothing to help. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Ill believe it. without killing me? DM: FUCKING ORK Rivahros: I'll do my best (grumbling).. slightly shaken. Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): No. you are welcome to try.DM: who crit intim you Squid (Ryleh): did you guys not notice the angry orc? Cormag: WE ARE TOO INGROSSED IN TALK Gabe Newell (Cormag): oops Rivahros whirls around.elf are getting in the way of his judgment Brosaw (Ghazghkull): come on nerds Cormag: You should watch him.

Y/N Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHASTE LIFE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): y BloodVex (Phil): Y Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): y? DM: n Phil: (POLL) be a dick y/y DM: veto'd DM: i'm wrappin up Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): DOING IT ANYWAY REPLOID BloodVex (Phil): DO IT Gabe Newell (Cormag): DM AM I GOING TO MSIS ANYTHING IM GOING TO BE GONE FOR A HALF HOUR Lazar mumbles something about the looks of a certain ranger. Reploid (DM): read moar Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): when group 2 is being led by a wolf and an expert tracker Squid (Ryleh): they were in front of us XD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i do not understand DM: ry when in the opposite direction to track the wolves Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh DM: group 1 left from the tower Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking moron DM: they left first Gabe Newell (Cormag): ok am i going to miss anything i gotta go let some dogs out Skylighter (Calnik): boy wolf tracking sure does help ON A ROAD Phil begins to notice his thoughts drifting to Ryleh Reploid (DM): d'aww Phil tries to shut them out Squid (Ryleh): faaaaag Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): anyhow. BloodVex (Phil): lololol Reploid (DM): the wolf took them back from the forest to the path you derp Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): DO I BE A DICK. DM: the game is ending Gabe Newell (Cormag): ok DM: [3d6 = 9] Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 18] Ghazghkull: lets have a fight real quick Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no BloodVex (Phil): what'd you say exactly? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): like some goblins pop out or some shit DM: >quick DM: >fight .

Ghazghkull: Intimidate [1d20+6 = 7] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): dakhdfasdhfsa DM: critfail Ryleh: Intimidating. Calnik: No problem at all. BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I ROLLED A 19 BEFORE THAT BUT IT DIDN'T REGISTER BloodVex (Phil): FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK Lazar: Hrm. is the word. Phil: Intimidate [1d20+10 = 11] Rivahros: I'll never get used to forest travel. just glad you all are fine! Rivahros: Ah. DM: critfail Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god.. right? Calnik: Ah. it almost stopped on 16 Lazar laughs at Phil. Ghazghkull: IZ WE INTIMI.. I'll make you regret it..... Phil: (whisper) if you do anythign to her.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ORC SEES HIS REFLECTION IN A PUDDLE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): SHITS HIS PANTS .. there's our companions.DM: ahahha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you fucking one-shotted a wolf Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >ork Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): isn't that enough Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >rage Gabe Newell (Cormag): ok im outta here bye Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >battles take more than five seconds 'Gabe Newell' disconnected DM: group 2 reaches newmark Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Just generic statements about her looks and various ways to get her drunk Squid (Ryleh): we could have gotten to a better fight if you didn't kill the first damn wolf XD DM: group 1 didnt enter. Skylighter (Calnik): ORC SCARES HIMSELF Reploid (DM): ahahah Lazar looks to Phil. DM: aweesome Phil: I would suggest steering clear from that topic.Finally. Lazar: Ill do what I want. Ghazghkull cannot pronounce "Intimidate". cleric Ryleh: Sorry we took so long! Lazar: I would suggest not eavesdropping. Campaign saved.. ITAM.. coming down the road.

and assumes there is a staredown going on. Phil: No Rivahros: backs away from Ghaz immediately and quickly... DM: POOP JOKE! Phil: I prohibit it. Skylighter (Calnik): What about me? . RETARD Squid (Ryleh): SHIT THOSE PANTS Skylighter (Calnik): SEXY Squid (Ryleh): FAP FAP FAP FAP Ghazghkull poops himself.. terrified by his glare.. BloodVex (Phil): xD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): TYPE IT OUT.far away? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): sniffs his finger again. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): *in fear DM: augh BloodVex (Phil): WHAT'RE YOU THINKING ABOUT LAZAR HUH HUH DM: thats going to smell Ryleh: Oh. might I have a word. Ryleh.. Ryleh: And Lazar needs me.. Oops. DM: THIS GAME HAS IT ALL Lazar walks off about 50ft and beckons her to follow. Ghazghkull sniffs his finger again.wh-hat is that smell?! Rivahros: Uuugggghhhh! Lazar: Hrm. Ghazghkull sees Phil looking at something. Phil pleads with Ryleh with his eyes Phil: Diplomacy [1d20+7 = 23] DM: oh nice BloodVex (Phil): dohohoh Squid (Ryleh): uhhhh Calnik looks at Lazar and tries to see his intentions.Reploid (DM): gross Squid (Ryleh): hahaha Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahaha Brosaw (Ghazghkull): do that Lazar thinks. Rivahros * Ryleh watches Sasha cover her nose as well... [1d20+6 = 26] Calnik: Sense Motive [1d20+9 = 12] Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): JESUS CHRIST! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): STOP THAT DM: ork has crithax Ryleh: What is it Phil? It smells rather foul here? Rivahros backs away from Ghaz even further.

. and walks over to them Skylighter (Calnik): yeah.DM: you fail Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): no one cares about you Lazar: I'll make it worth your while! Phil: Please. Ryleh: I'm sure it won't hurt.. (whisper) Phil: Listen [1d20+1 = 12] Rivahros: We're not safe with them here. m'lady. I'll be right back! Rivahros: I hate to say it. Lazar stares at Phil and make sure he isn't trying to overhear. genius. you'll see. Night is falling and we must be well-rested for a busy day tomorrow. (whispering) BloodVex (Phil): Actually it's better if he doesn't hear any of this DM: the ork smells Ghazghkull approaches Ryleh and Lazar. slides to the ground Calnik: Diplomacy [1d20+11 = 21] Ryleh: gives Phil a faint hug and runs off. ELFIE 'N' UMMIE?! Lazar: Answer it. Neutrality. don't go. BloodVex (Phil): pretend all my rolls are botched Rivahros: Phil overheard Lazar and Cormag personally discussing how to kill him! BloodVex (Phil): Ghaz you are seriously killing the mood Rivahros: If that's not 'harmful'.. Lazar might- Phil: No.. and goes to follow her.. 'ummie? Phil slumps against a nearby wall. Ryleh: What do you need Lazar? Phil stands up. And Cormag and Lazar are plotting Phil's death. the same plan he told Phil. DM: nope Ryleh: (whispers back)Why do you ask? Calnik: (whispers) Nonsense. somewhat) Rivahros: Phil thinks it's a good idea.but I fear for Ryleh's safety. I don't know what is! . Calnik.. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): genious Phil stares back at Lazar with hateful eyes Lazar: What are your feelings towards him? Admiration. Lazar: (whispering.. Ghazghkull: Woy'yuh so croian. but he has a point. Rivahros: Good idea. that's why Im ushering us in Rivahros whispers to Calnik his plan for expeling Lazar and Cormag from the party. or Disgust? Ghazghkull sees that Ryleh is off. I've not seen them do anything harmful yet. Ghazghkull: WUZ GOIN'AWN. DM: secret meetin time Campaign saved..! Calnik: Let's hurry inside. Lazar shouts.

I will step in then. I understand that. grimacing in anger. you're foul Ghaz! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dont know what serious means Brosaw (Ghazghkull): or mood Calnik: So? Discussion does not mean action. Ghazghkull: Oy. Rivahros then sighs and says: BloodVex (Phil): you're a shitty paladin Rivahros: All right. Skylighter (Calnik): Besides.. though. I will not discriminate against anyone.. wud'ah'dew? Ryleh: covers her face as her wolf keeps distance from the orc. I thought he would be the cause of it. Without action.I suppose that's better than nothing. YOU SHIT YER PANTS Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): ANSWER THE QUESTION BITCH Rivahros: Are you just going to stand by and let those two traitorous bastards kill our wizard?! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i dont know i did Brosaw (Ghazghkull): buy me diapers im stupid Rivahros: Because 'discussion doesn't mean action'?! Calnik: If anyone makes a mov e against another. Reploid (DM): >paladin Skylighter (Calnik): I don't know they're evil. Rivahros clenches his fists and rubs his forehead. You seem troubled. Until such time. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I agree Squid (Ryleh): in before everyones a shitty everything Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he's a faggot BloodVex (Phil): more like lawful neutral m i rite Brosaw (Ghazghkull): except me Reploid (DM): paladins have faggoty code Reploid (DM): like that Brosaw (Ghazghkull): im the best ever Lazar: It isn't. BloodVex (Phil): I thought it was your duty to discriminate in my favor because I'm good and they're evil Ryleh: I don't believe that's any of your business. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): SHENANIGANS! SHENANIGANS! Squid (Ryleh): DUDE. Lazar: Drink? Skylighter (Calnik): And being lawful means I must abide by the law.. Lazar hands Ryleh a drink and looks at Phil as he does so. being good means a lot of things. that means NO .Ryleh: Oh.. there is no evil. DM: i'm annnexing ork shenanigans in favor of plot development BloodVex (Phil): YEAH STOP 'DAT SHIT Rivahros seems furious.

so ha ha Ryleh: Relationships like that only get in the way of real goals. He seems unstable. Ryleh: Cheers. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): who said that Phil Phil casts magic missile. Phil watches. Campaign saved. Take it by the roots. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): being a paladin fucking sucks Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): I have nothing to spike it with Skylighter (Calnik): I enjoy it. Lazar: Cheers. If you were to get close. Skylighter (Calnik): Your character doesn't know that yet.. you know? . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): plotting's not against the law Ryleh: takes the wine. Lazar: Indeed. stop the problem. you might get hurt. Plotting is against their law. I'd love some. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): remind me not to tell you any secrets Ryleh: I have no time to get close to anyone.. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): uggh Reploid (DM): ICEBURN Lazar: I suggest you implant that in his brain. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): fucking code and bullshit fuckery god damn it shit fuck Brosaw (Ghazghkull): STOP! YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW! Brosaw (Ghazghkull): NOW PAY THE FINE OR IT'S OFF TO JAIL! Skylighter (Calnik): Plotting basically means secrecy. destroying the bottle BloodVex (Phil): can i do that DM: pew pew! Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Dont think magic missle can go 50 ft BloodVex (Phil): actually nevermind Squid (Ryleh): do we get shattered glass in our shit? BloodVex (Phil): I don't do that Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Kawaii Skylighter (Calnik): Paladins have their own code. was because I was worried about Phil. Secrecy is deceit. but I thank you for your concern. Ryleh: lifts it to her mouth.PLOTTING Ryleh: Oh. helpless Ryleh: takes a swift drink. Phil: No. DM: GETTING CRUNK CHAHAHAHAHAH BloodVex (Phil): you know that if you spiked it with something you'd have to make a sleight of hand check right? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): keeping any secret=deceit? Lazar: The reason I asked. Lazar drinks his own.. however..

Lazar: Enjoy your drink. Reploid (DM): itg phil wants poon Lazar: I doubt a troublemaker like him is someone you need right now. are awesome for thinking of him Lazar: Maybe. He outright attacked someone._. Rage.. DM: hmm Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i do anything DM: i'll allow that Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Your call reploid BloodVex (Phil): oh great now she's being manipulative Brosaw (Ghazghkull): how do i develop plot Squid (Ryleh): you can poop some more BloodVex (Phil): god where did i go wrong Skylighter (Calnik): Her alignment changed.BloodVex (Phil): diplo check diplo check pleeeeaseeeee Ryleh: Problem? I feel like I could benefit from his lack of insight. Reploid (DM): you didn't Reploid (DM): she did BloodVex (Phil): . mayve there's someone else that I need. Squid (Ryleh): I'M SORRY PHIL. is it not? Calnik tries to sense what is bothering Phil. lion. he seems to be keen on causing problems. IT'S NOT YOU :C Lazar: His lack of insight will only harm your overall goals. you should go for that BloodVex (Phil): HOW CAN I JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH THE ONLY PERSON I'VE EVER HAD FEELINGS FOR FALL DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO THE DAK SIDE Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >dak side Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He is. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): CHASTE 4 LYFE Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lazar is full of bullshit Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hate his guts Reploid (DM): angry sex is awesome phil. Plus. She's allowed. . But.. BloodVex (Phil): CRAWWWWWLING IIIIIN MY SKIIIIN Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): this is coming from a guy who's plotting to KILL A DUDE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): He is. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): whats wrong with dak gormenghast Ryleh: Quite. Reploid (DM): ITS NOT YOU ITS ME Squid (Ryleh): ICE BURN Skylighter (Calnik): ITG: people think they control other people's characters. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I hate his fucking guts Skylighter (Calnik): >angry sex Skylighter (Calnik): >rape Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and he's a magnificent charater Squid (Ryleh): mayve derp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you. thats a discussion for another day.

Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): she's. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): versus laz/cor/ry Brosaw (Ghazghkull): versus ME Squid (Ryleh): roflmao Lazar: Might you act like you enjoyed this conversation very much? Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i like them odds Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): ryleh is not evil DM: by the way I'm trying to think of a new campaing since I'm pretty sure everyone is going to do Gerkus' job for him. leading her towards the group. she is evil Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): holy jesus christ Ryleh: By all means. Gabe Newell (Cormag): Niggers Squid (Ryleh): needs more infighting Skylighter (Calnik): What job? Gabe Newell (Cormag): WHATD I MISS Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Cormag. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): in other words. I just did awesome shit Brosaw (Ghazghkull): EVERYTHING Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): more infighting DM: aweosme charater development Gabe Newell (Cormag): ffffffffff Ryleh: giggles softly and places a hand on Sasha. DM: fail Lazar: Oh. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): basically what happened was .. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): so phil/riv/cal Lazar: Above all else. 'Gabe Newell' connected Lazar: Thank you. goodfags 0 Calnik: Sense Motive [1d20+9 = 11] Ryleh: Of course. I'm a bit of a dick.wait.. thank you again.Reploid (DM): evil bros 1. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what team am i on Campaign saved. Lazar: Might I ask a favor? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): just wait til the evil bros get fucking expelled from the party BloodVex (Phil): ask me DM: you're on CHAOS TIER Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): for being backstabbing FAGGOTS BloodVex (Phil): I might tell you Ryleh: Depending on what it is. and I have a bit of a rivalry with Phil. stop infighting you niggers 'Gabe Newell' identified as 'Cormag' Lazar heads off to the rest of the group.

Ryleh: giggles softly and places a hand on Sasha. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): fuck you Lazar: Drink? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): but this will inevitably end up with a battle between the six of us Gabe Newell (Cormag): are we all in the same place? Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): near the same place Phil not thinking. and you gabe Gabe Newell (Cormag): ok Brosaw (Ghazghkull): and i am team HURRDURR BloodVex (Phil): who's sasha again? DM: I've been meaning to for a while Gabe Newell (Cormag): Where am I? er where are we Skylighter (Calnik): I think Squid went evil just to balance the teams. snatches it from his hand and downs it in one gulp Squid (Ryleh): THE SIX OF US + RETARD Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lazar and ryleh and phil just got back from a meeting Lazar: I hope you enjoy it as much as she did. DM: also you guys are going to do gerkus' job for him Ghazghkull: team moralfags is now phil. his head in his hand Brosaw (Ghazghkull): oops Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): the dividing line between the good and evil bros grew larger Phil is slumped against the slide of a building. ryleh. riv and lazar DM: seriously DM: >lazar DM: wat Gabe Newell (Cormag): What about Calnik BloodVex (Phil): is slumped against the slide of a building. his head in his hand Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i meant cal Squid (Ryleh): team moralfags and team assholes Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): that's what happened Gabe Newell (Cormag): So wait what happenee Squid (Ryleh): and mr. Brosaw (Ghazghkull): i didnt choose the poop scenario Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i hope that's not the case Lazar walks over to Phil and holds out his bottle. leading her towards the group. Lazar walks away Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): out in the woods Gabe Newell (Cormag): phohohohhohohoho . chaotic DM: I'll post the chatlog Brosaw (Ghazghkull): team EVIL is lazar. Squid (Ryleh): HURRDURR HULK SMASH POO Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sasha is ryleh's wolf Lazar: walks over to Phil and holds out his bottle.

.. for lack of a better idea. Phil.politics. Reploid (DM): in b4 phil is almost neutral due to emo.. Just.really changed her? DM: wrappin up Skylighter (Calnik): He's been calling us all hummies for awhile . Brosaw (Ghazghkull): IM TOO DUMB TO KNOW DM: you escaped Brosaw (Ghazghkull): THE DIFFERENCE DM: yay Cormag: (To Lazar) Oh. follows Phil. Ghazghkull: Wuz "preoccupied?" Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): seriously bloodvex Skylighter (Calnik): You need to keep your shit together or they'll pick us off Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): stop being emo Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we need even teams here Cormag: It means I was smashin groms and gits in a different place BloodVex (Phil): I'm not gonna go evil or neutral Ghazghkull: WUZ RONG WIF SMASHIN GROMS?! Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): of course. in the inevitable battle he'll probably be bashing moralfags and assholes alike Lazar: Just sharing a drink with Ryleh. nothing.preoccupied. BloodVex (Phil): I think a good character deserves to drink himself into a stupor when the women he loves becomes evil Cormag: There is nothing wrong with smashin groms! Campaign saved.. Rivahros . Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): I suppose that's true DM: it is Ghazghkull: Oy'loik yah. ghaz is a wild card..... Calnik: I think you've had enough. soone hes gonna just DGAF Squid (Ryleh): with your rl Skylighter (Calnik): Asshole. Now is not the time for alcohol..experience.Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHSNAP Phil stands up and walks to the nearest bar DM: damn you are smooth man Phil: I need sum'mor drink... if only to moderate his drinking. BloodVex (Phil): DOHOHO DRINK HIMSELF TO DEAH Cormag: Lazar.. 'ummie! DM: >hummie DM: >drow Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i go get in a bar fight DM: yes DM: but Phil: (mutters) git away from me. Rivahros: Calnik's right. so has the. Lazar: Ah.. what happened? I was. You're threatening the structure of our moralfag team..

. to be sure. DM: [3d10 = 16] BloodVex (Phil): I SHOULD TOTALLY GET IN A DRUNKEN BARFIGHT DM: 500 Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Gabe Newell (Cormag): how much do we need for level 5 DM: which is way too much Lazar: A project for me. SESSION OVER DM: ok fine DM: roll d20 Lazar: I don't know. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): to him. she could be a valuable ally Gabe Newell (Cormag): END GAME Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >miss Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): how much exp DM: uhh Lazar: Valuable... Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): 10k Ghazghkull: 10000 BloodVex (Phil): 10000 Gabe Newell (Cormag): aight Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): we should all have 6. yes. all non-orcs look alike Brosaw (Ghazghkull): can i go knock some chump out in a bar Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): except for me Brosaw (Ghazghkull): y/n Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): he calls me a dorf DM: n Brosaw (Ghazghkull): please DM: n Brosaw (Ghazghkull): just one DM: sleep now Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): NO. BloodVex (Phil): HEY Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): oh god damn it BloodVex (Phil): DM Ghazghkull: Initiative [1d20+3 = 6] DM: you miss DM: goodnight BloodVex (Phil): AT THE START OF NEXT GAME Brosaw (Ghazghkull): >initiative Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): lol Cormag: Hrmm either way.DM: yea I spose Skylighter (Calnik): And we only have like. I did not know her before the experiance.5k right now Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Phil pussed out by not listening. two humans.

Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): What a whimp Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): well alright Gabe Newell (Cormag): Also post dem logs BloodVex (Phil): I figured it was better for char development Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excellent character development game Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): sometimes those are necessary Squid (Ryleh): broo ha ha Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): rlyeh. none Brosaw (Ghazghkull): my alignment isnt on the alignment map Gabe Newell (Cormag): cept the faggots who live on the surface . let me clarify Gabe Newell (Cormag): In during I have a small shred of civility in my drow body Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you turned evil from slitting the kid's throat right? BloodVex (Phil): HEY RYLEH Ryleh: That was the event Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): k Squid (Ryleh): HEY PHIL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): what is a drow BloodVex (Phil): I'M GONNE GET SUPER DRUNK BloodVex (Phil): THEN COME RAPE YOU BloodVex (Phil): OKAY Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Nigger elf Gabe Newell (Cormag): Dark elf Squid (Ryleh): ROFL K Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): drow=dark elves Skylighter (Calnik): WE SHALL TURN CORMEG GOOD AND PHIL WILL GO EVIL Brosaw (Ghazghkull): nigger Brosaw (Ghazghkull): hahaha Gabe Newell (Cormag): OHGOD SUPER PLOT TWIST Skylighter (Calnik): *Cormag Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >Cormag Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): >Good Brosaw (Ghazghkull): dm do i heal nonlethal by sleeping Squid (Ryleh): hahah in before no one has their original aliggment Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): DOES NOT COMPUTE Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): You do Cormag: It would take a lot to go from CE---> good Gabe Newell (Cormag): ff Skylighter (Calnik): Watch it happen. Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): i don't even think cormag knows how to be good Lazar: Helm of opposite alignment Brosaw (Ghazghkull): also i cannot change alignment Squid (Ryleh): it's easier to drop than to gain Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): you're chaotic stupid Gabe Newell (Cormag): Drow like aren't good. at all.

Skylighter (Calnik): And Gnomes arent Paladins. Point? Lazar: Drizzt Lion ( Not Rio ) (Lazar): Drizzt Phil: excerpt from next game. moving back and forth as ryleh screams through her gag. ghaz is motherfucking unstoppable 'BloodVex' disconnected 'Gabe Newell' disconnected 'Rage Incarnate' disconnected 'Brosaw' disconnected 'Skylighter' disconnected 'Lion ( Not Rio )' disconnected . see y'all next time 'Squid' disconnected Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): seriously. phil cries "I LOVED YOU RYLEH! WHY WOULD YOU BREAK MY HEART?!" Gabe Newell (Cormag): fffffff Squid (Ryleh): roflmao Gabe Newell (Cormag): hahah Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): excerpt from the next game: me slicing and dicing all the evilfags up with my axe Reploid (DM): lol Phil: good game guys Rage Incarnate (Rivahros): and/or forcing them to become gerkus' allies Lazar: >Axe Campaign saved. Squid (Ryleh): damn thats good drama Ghazghkull: more like me killing everyone because i rage Lazar: >Slashing Squid (Ryleh): k.