Guess How Much I Love You (Autumn)


Nutbrown Hare

and Big Nutbrown Hare went out in the autumn wind.

I .On a windy day the leaves are blowing. {{ have to have a rest!" he said. They chased after falling leaves until Big Nutbrown Hare could chase no more.

Then a big brown box came rolling by.. and jumping in.What a fine big box! It was great for jumping over . JumpIng on . . blown by the autumn wind.. . . -.. Little Nutbrown Hare caught up with the box when it got stuck in a bush..

\~ .under a tree when a box appeared in front of him. A big brown box. 1 " Big Nutbrown Hare blinked his eyes and wondered if he was dreaming. {{I'm a b ox monster. It gave one hop and then stood absolutely still. shouted the box. for he had never heard of a box monster before.

"Here I come!" roared the box. or the monster or maybe the box monster took two hops forward. Jt2 ~ The box. and Big Nutbrown Hare jumped behind the tree. . III wonder should I run V away!" said Big Nutbrown Hare. hopping its biggest hop yet.\.

" "What? " who could hardly stop laughing. " said Big N utbrown Hare. "But guess not a monster. {{y ou . which suddenly " flew into the air. {{It'sonly me!" And there was Little Nutbrown Hare.{{No! shouted the box. ~ ~~k~~/~~ifk:::: 1 .

{{I'm big nutbrown monstera and I'm coming to get you!" .

.And SO he did.

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