From the Principal OFSTED Inspection OFSTED arrived at HCC on Wednesday of this week to conduct their triennial inspection

. In line with the new OFSTED framework, staff and students had less than two days’ notice of this inspection but I am pleased to report that we were more than ready! Our students acquitted themselves extremely well, in focus groups, in lessons and around the corridors, and the Lead Inspector praised them for their positive attitudes to learning and to their college. I would like to pay formal tribute to all my staff for their outstanding contribution to the success of the inspection which involved a great deal of hard work and overtime. I would also like to thank publicly my Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, Diane Chidzey and Bob Edmonds, for their support both in the lead-up and during the inspection. Thank you also to all parents who returned the OFSTED questionnaire at such short notice. The OFSTED inspection report will be published on our website as soon as it is finalised, and schools are not permitted to release details ahead of this. However I can assure parents that the outcome will be positive and will include significant improvements since the previous inspection in January 2005. Staffing News We welcome our three new teaching colleagues, Ms Alexy in Languages; Ms. Stanbridge in English, and Mr. Geach in Humanities, who are covering the maternity leaves of Ms. Watts, Ms. Glendenning and Ms. Eggett respectively. We also welcome Mrs. Titchener who joins Mrs. Duane the library. Unfortunately, Ms. Sartor (Languages) remains unable to return to work due to ill health, but we are pleased to have German specialist Mr. Ovendon contintuing to teach her classes. We are also pleased to announce that Ms. Forrester has begun her new role as an Advanced Skills Teacher in English, working with Ms. O’Brien on whole college teaching and learning as well as continuing to teach her English classes. Ms. May will be Acting head of English for the next half term and a new colleague, Mr. Scruby, will take over as Head of English from January. Year 11 Football Team I have, somewhat belatedly, received a full apology and detailed expression of regret from the Headteacher of Magna Carta School following the appalling injury inflicted on one of our year 11 students in a Surrey Cup Game before half term. I am advised that the boy who inflicted the injury through a deliberate foul has been banned from all school and Surrey games for the remainder of his school career. In the meantime it is good to report that our HCC Year 11 Team have bounced back from this incident to win stunning victories two days in succession, firstly the Richmond Borough Under 16s’ Football Tournament and the next day against Whitton School. Well done to Chaz Goodchild, Billy Witham, Jack Taylor, Ross Tomassi, Jamie Warburton, Luke Chidzey, Jordan Baylie and Alex Deevey. Your sportsmanship and team spirit continue to be a credit to your coaches, your college and yourselves. Dr. Demont

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