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April issue

New PowerPoint presentations

What's the difference?...

Website and material updates

Teacher's idea competition: the winners and the
Apply for a Comenius grant until 30
winning ideas

We thank all the teachers who took part in our "Teacher's idea competition" and submitted fun Classroom tip of the month
ideas on how to teach vocabulary.
Clip-art and dictionary updates
The 12 winners from 8 different countries were awarded with 'Learnwell' flash card packs of their
choice. Get involved!

The activities proposed, amongst which "I Know That Word", "The Sofa", "Go Fish" or Coming soon...our downloadable e-
"Vocabulary lotto" are excellent ways of stimulating the students' interest in learning, in
participating and getting involved in the lessons.

Click here to read the 12 best ideas on how to teach vocabulary in a fun and interesting way to
students of all levels.

More competitions will be announced in our newsletters in the future.

Happy teaching!

Material updates
Tips for teachers from

Classroom tip of
New PowerPoint presentations
the month
New PowerPoint downloadable presentation on a specific sound or pronunciation topic will
For personal white boards
be soon available.
for every student in the
class: use glossy photo
This month we will add three new PowerPoint audio presentations to our Material bank:
printing paper.
● "Pronunciation. Words starting with TH" in English Wipes clean, easy to store
● "Uttal. Ord som börjar på G" in Swedish and cheap to replace!
● "Prononciation. Les voyelles nasales" in French

As a registered user of The Language Menu, you have free access to these files from 15th
April to 22nd April 2008.
Clip-art updates

After this period the materials will be available in our online shop.
Check out our Clip-Art
area for new pictures
and illustrations
What's the difference? drawn by our artists.

Our online dictionary

Now available under our Downloads area, this new free material package contains pairs of has been updated with
pictures which are very similar but contain several differences. vocabulary lists in
Russian, Spanish,
French, Swedish and
All the worksheets are photocopiable to use in class. Print the pictures and give a copy of Romanian. Arabic
Picture A to one student and a copy of Picture B to the other student. The aim of the exercise is updates will
to compare and find the differences between the two pictures. be added week 16.

Download and create

We hope you will find the material useful; comments and feedback is always appreciated! exercises for class
using our exciting
More A4 pictures in our "Vocabulary and picture prompts for language teaching - book1". Book 2 resources!
coming soon...You can download a sample of the book in PDF format from here. The book will
soon be available in our online shop. Quick links...
What's the difference?
Contact us for more information: Vocabulary and picture prompts for
language teaching
Easter example package
Phonetics example package
Students' tools in English
Danish material package
Norwegian material package
Swedish material package
Teacher's tools in Swedish
Telephoning in English
Telephoning in Swedish
Telefonar em Português
Tips for teachers from

Telephoning in Chinese
Telephoning in Russian
Telephoning in Japanese
Website and material updates Telephoning in Norwegian
Telephoning in Italian
4 English language workbooks have, with English Bananas permission, been uploaded in our Web version
material bank for the users of The Language Menu to download.

All original material on the site is covered by a unique Copying License which allows the end Website of the
user to freely print, copy and distribute the materials - and even to sell them to make a profit month
for an educational or charitable purpose.
Better English volume 1 grammar (e-book with worksheets) 64 pages
Better English volume 1 reading (e-book with worksheets) 45 pages Established in 2002, this
Better English volume 1 research (e-book with worksheets) 23 pages website offers more than
Better English volume 1 speaking and listening (e-book with worksheets) 87 pages 1,000+ free printable
worksheets, 80+ quizzes, 200
Better English volume 1 spelling (e-book with worksheets) 38 pages
+ interactive games, drama
Better English volume 1 vocabulary (e-book with worksheets) 74 pages scripts, picture dictionary,
Talk a lot (e-book with worksheets) 168 pages tools and more available for
The complete big activity book (e-book with worksheets) 132 pages teachers and students of
The complete big grammar book (e-book with worksheets) 124 pages English.
The complete big resource book (e-book with worksheets) 128 pages
The complete big check-it-again book (e-book with worksheets) 98 pages Worksheets are available to
download free of charge.
The first book (e-book with worksheets) 80 pages
The second book (e-book with worksheets) 88 pages
An elephants memory of cakes once thrown (e-book - a play) 50 pages
Waterfall (e-book - a play) 17 pages
Get involved!
Extras: Yes, there's more! We have added a new area to our website called Tips for
Learn foreign
language vocabulary
Teacher training and students camps in fun and rewarding
ways by using our
interactive vocabulary
and grammar games

Make learning fun by

creating class
material using our

Check our downloads

area for new teaching

Tell a friend about our

educational project
Tips for teachers from

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Exchange links with
us and add our
There is still time to apply for Comenius funding to attend a professional development course for banners to your
teachers, trainers and other ELT professionals at one of our Partner Schools! website

If you are an English, French, Italian or German teacher / teacher-trainer in Europe, you can Contact other
apply to the European Union for a grant of up to €1500 to attend a 2-week training course. The teachers and get
grant is awarded under the Comenius initiative to cover tuition, accommodation and travel. teaching ideas on our

Please note that the next deadline for application is 30 June 2008 (for activities starting
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...our downloadable e-
book "Fun with flash
cards; 150+ ideas on
how to use flash cards
in class" (275 pages,

The Swedish version

will be available at the
end of April 2008 and
the English version at
the end of May 2008.

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registered users www.
Tips for teachers from

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