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Phonetic characters keyboard

Valentine's day example package

Lifelong learning programme

Teacher's idea competition
Junior Summer Camps 2008

Send us a fun idea on how to teach vocabulary by e-mail to: by Training for teachers of Italian
March 15 and add the subject : Teacher's idea competition.
New clip-art pictures
We will award the 10 best ideas 5 packs of flashcards each (you may choose several of one set
or /all of the five packs we have available). The cards will be shipped to the address you indicate Get involved!
in your e-mail.

● Vocabulary cards. Mixed pictures

● Vocabulary cards. Animals (English)
● Grammar cards. Prepositions of place (in, on, at) (English)
● Grammar cards. Time prepositions (Swedish) - Svenska grammatikkort. Tidsuttryck
● Grammar cards. Irregular verbs in past tense (Swedish) - Svenska grammatikkort.
Oregelbundna verb i preteritum.

We will notify the winners by e-mail to confirm the address the prize will be shipped to. The
New clip-art
winner's name and country will be announced in our next newsletter and on our website.
Include your name, language you teach, name of institute, shipping address and choice of
cardpacks in your e-mail.
You can e-mail us in English, Swedish, Finnish, French or Romanian.

More information under News or click here to see the flash cards.
The Language Menu Teacher's Newsletter

Website updates Check out our Clip-Art

area for new pictures
and illustrations
Phonetic characters keyboard drawn by our artists.
In February we have
Now you can make phonetic worksheets with our phonetic keyboard displayed above the added over 50
button for games. Click phonetic keyboard and a small keyboard will appear. You can move pictures on facial
features. Download
the keyboard up or down as needed when you make your worksheets.
and create exercises
for class using this
Teach phonetic pronunciation with crosswords, label the picture, flashcards or some of the exciting new resource!
other 18 tools we have on our website. Use it together with pictures or just plain text.
You can download an example package on phonetic exercises which includes: Quick links...

Fruit and vegetable - fill in the blank Valentine's example package PDF
2. Animals - matching Phonetics example package PDF
3. Trees and flowers - crossword Students' tools in English
4. Trees and flowers - crossword answer sheet Danish material package PDF
5. 4xbingoboards and picture cards for the bingo game Norwegian material package PDF
Swedish material package PDF
6. Mixed pictures and phonetic writing - flashcards
Teacher's tools in Swedish PDF
7. True of false worksheet - questions written in phonetics
Telephoning in English PDF
Telephoning in Swedish PDF
Téléphoner en français PDF
Telefonar em Português PDF
Valentine's day example package Telephoning in Chinese PDF
Telephoning in Russian PDF
Now available under our Downloads area, the Valentine's day package includes: Telephoning in Japanese PDF
Telephoning in Norwegian PDF
Telephoning in Italian PDF
● heart idioms and explanations Web version
● nouns of love crossword: teacher's and student's
● Valentine card
● Valentine's day flashcard words
● Valentine's day missing words
● Valentine's day jokes flashcard match Get involved!
● words of love wordsearch: teacher's and student's
● and Valentine's day cartoons

Teacher training and students camps

The Language Menu Teacher's Newsletter

Lifelong learning programme · Learn foreign language

vocabulary in fun and rewarding
ways by using our interactive
There is still time to apply for Comenius funding to attend a professional development course for vocabulary and grammar games
teachers, trainers and other ELT professionals at one of our Partner Schools! · Make learning fun by creating
class material using our tools
· Check our downloads area for
If you are a teacher, teacher-trainer or other ELT professional in Europe, you can apply to the
new teaching materials
European Union for a grant of up to €1500 to attend a 2-week training course. The grant is
· Tell a friend about our
awarded under the Comenius initiative to cover tuition, accommodation and travel.
educational project
· Exchange links with us and add
The next deadline for application is 31 March 2008 (for activities starting between 1 July our banners to your website
2008 and 30 September 2008) · Contact other teachers and get
teaching ideas on our FORUM

See the full range of specialist courses eligible for Comenius funding in 2007, download the
necessary forms and find out how you can apply for a grant in 5 easy steps by visiting our
Website of the
month offers a
St Giles International Junior Summer Camps 2008 free, interactive vocabulary
development and enrichment
Following the tremendous success of the 2007 Junior Summer Camps in Nottingham, website featuring Latin and
Southampton and San Francisco, St Giles International is opening a further two camps in Greek root-based puzzle
Kingston-Upon-Thames (London) and Reading for 2008. In 2007 the Junior Summer Camps activities at various grade
welcomed students from over 30 countries, and of the total student numbers no more than 12% levels.
were of the same nationality.
This self-paced resource has
2008 Junior Summer Camp locations are: printable word puzzles
and many exercises. Website
● Kingston-Upon-Thames (UK) has multiple lesson plans,
● Nottingham (UK) over 65 calendar/thematic
● Reading (UK) content features, 216
● Southampton (UK) advanced words (SAT®/
● San Francisco (USA) ACT®-type vocabulary) in 12
puzzle sessions, 190 "A-Z"
word lists by subject, 130
Contact us if you would like to reserve an allocation at any of the St Giles International Junior assigned book/novel/play
Summer Camps or if you require further information - including Junior brochures, sample vocabulary lists, Root-A-
programmes and fact sheets - or if you would like to receive a personalised group quotation. Week feature and a daily
root puzzle on the home
page. All content is original
and a supplemental to school
curriculum. 250,000 monthly
unique visitors use these time-
saving activities as helpful
reinforcement for teachers,
students and parents. Users
include ESL, LEP, ELL and a
The Language Menu Teacher's Newsletter

spectrum of learners from

Training for teachers of Italian elementary to advanced
Socrates Comenius / Grundtvig III Funds ability.
Inserito fra i progetti Socrates Comenius / Grundtvig III
Download the complete
The course is organized by SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI. The main purpose of this course presentation and links from
is to support you as Italian-language-teacher by bringing your theoretical knowledge and here
teaching methods up to date. The emphasis is placed on revitalizing linguistic and didactic
abilities and refreshing your socio-economic and political-cultural knowledge of Italy.

The training course is held three times a year in school centres in Florence and Rome, with the
following program: Teaching Italian as a foreign language (theory and practice), lessons in Source of addresses:
diction, body laboratory, student-teaching. The training course for teachers of Italian as a The Language Menu
registered users www.
second language occurs under the auspices of SOCRATES Comenius / Grundtvig III for the
Scholastic and Adult Education of the European Community.

This course can be combined with the advanced seminar for Italian-language teachers who are
not native speakers of Italian.

Contact us for more information: or visit our website

Until next time - have a nice day. And keep the feedback coming...

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