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A Mi n i s t r y o f C a m p u s Cr u s a d e f o r C h r i s t In t e r n a t i o n a l
volume 28 issue 1 2012

Th e J E S U S F i l m P r o j e c t


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1,000 Hills for Christ A Church on Every Hill

In the Old Testament, Joshua led the Israelites to conquer their enemies in the hill country. Today The JESUS Film Project is helping defeat the enemy in the hills of Rwanda. People in this East African nation revere their local hilltops as home to the gods. Rwandans climb the high places to worship and practice witchcraft. But through a strategy called End to End, JESUS film teams, along with partnering churches and mission organizations, are helping fulfill the vision of 1,000 Hills for ChristA Church on Every Hill. In early 2010, four partnersCampus Crusade for Christ Rwanda, The JESUS Film Project, Faith Comes By Hearing, and The American Bible Societyinitiated the End to End partnership with 10 catalyst churches, two each in five provinces throughout Rwanda. Their united effort is simple yet life-changing: help local churches show the JESUS film, start small discipleship groups who listen to a New Testament audio translation, train these new believers to lead others to Christ and disciple them, and together plant multiplying churches. In 1994 ethnic tensions incited Rwandan Hutu extremists to kill an estimated 800,000 of their fellow citizens, forcing many of the mass-murder survivors into deeper hatred and mistrust. But today God is using the End to End partnership to help heal the horrific genocide scars. Denominations once deeply divided now are uniting to see their homeland transformed by Gods forgiveness and peace. Within its first year, the End to End Project reported 42,020 new believers, 61 new churches, and 1,127 people trained to do evangelism and discipleship. No nation has experienced such horror, and yet no nation has come so far from the depth of despair in such a short time in this 21st century, shares Campus Crusade National Director Emmanuel Rutunda. Last year alone through End to End, 43 percent of those watching the film indicated decisions for Christ. To date, more than 50 percent of Rwandans have viewed JESUS. One key to introducing Rwandans to a personal, growing faith, is biblically grounding them through hearing the audio translation of the New Testament in their heart language. Faith Comes By Hearing

In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.
(Psalm 95:4, NIV)

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1,000 Hills continued from page 1

(FCBH) developed the Proclaimer, a solar-powered, digital audio player that can broadcast the New Testament to small groups up to 20-30 people. FCBH produced the Matthew through Revelation audio in Kinyarwanda, the Rwandan mother tongue. Local, partnering churches extend the reach of the gospel and the Proclaimers to remote villageseven those on hard-to-reach summits. Several members of 26 listening groups owned old Bibles without covers and Genesis and Revelation. The American Bible Society donated new Bibles to those with old ones as well as to others who can read. Over the past 18 months, the project helped start 80 new churches, many of them on the Rwandan hilltops once dedicated to wickedness. All across Rwanda, occult followersincluding a 105-year-old witch doctor and a group of six witchesare repenting of their evil rituals and publicly burning their fetishes. Others are turning from stealing, drunkenness, adultery, and other sins in record numbers not seen since the East African Revival in 1935. I started the End to End Project with 30 church members; now I have 376, Pastor Jean dAmour Mbarimombazi of Christian Family Church explains. We have planted eight new churches through the JESUS film. The 10 original partnering pastors in Rwanda now meet monthly with 37 other pastors to pray together and support each other in their mission to help transform their countrymen and establish a church on every hill. People publicly repentingthis is something weve never seen before. In one area, they are using one Proclaimer on five hills and in another place a group leader walks two hours to borrow a Proclaimer for his group and then two hours again to return it, Emmanuel Rutunda adds. These villagers are becoming missionaries on their own hills. n

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Walking With JesusAfrican Style

Africa is replete with cultural and religious traditions from music and art to storytelling and interpersonal relationships. Passing on a vibrant heritage from generation to generation is the center of African life, yet sometimes societal customs limit believers understanding of how to live out their Christian faith in everyday life. Created to help new African believers mature in their relationship with Christ, Walking With Jesusa five-episode discipleship video seriesdepicts everyday life scenarios woven together with images and clips from the JESUS film. Contextualized for Africans in an oral culture, this teaching series incorporates narrated storytelling techniques to illustrate the dramatic difference between truly following Jesus and adhering to long-held, cultural customs and beliefs.

The ministry launched the distribution of the Walking With Jesus DVD in January 2011 to African ministry leaders, training those on the frontlines how to use it for effective follow-up. When this movie was put into my hand on a DVD, I sat and I looked at it and I wept because I knew that this was a God- and Holy Spirit-inspired instrument, shares Marie Erasmus, a JESUS film strategy coordinator. Approximately 16,000 people live in poverty without hope in one squatter camp in Mooiplaas, South Africa. In May 2011, a local church showed episodes one and five of Walking With Jesus to 75 of these displaced people. Through this showing, 10 viewers indicated they received Christ as Savior and 25 signed up to join a Bible study. Pastors and missionaries in Africa now are asking for copies of this discipleship series to harness the power of story to train new believers how to walk with Jesus daily. n

Scene from Walking With Jesus

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A Visit With Jim Green Executive Director

Q: What are highlights for The JESUS Film Project moving into 2012? A: Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright always said that the best is yet to come. The JESUS Film Project is living proof. We continue translating the classic JESUS film into new languages, as well as creating shorter, action-packed adaptations. Many in our speeded-up, YouTube generation prefer watching shorter filmsviewing an average of 186 short films a month on YouTube. Since 60 percent or more of the worlds 7 billion people are oral and/or visual learners, we must provide shorter presentations of Jesus and how to walk with Him. To do this, were dividing the JESUS film into shorter segments, editing them into action dramas with biblical storylines. Q: What effect is the ministry having through specialized films? A: Weve produced gripping dramas like Magdalena: Released From Shame, The Story of Jesus for Children, Rivka, the anim film My Last Day, and Walking With Jesus for Africa. Our ministry partners tell us the new shorter films are more appealing to an increasingly media-savvy generation. In a farming community, when I offered local people literature on Jesus, they showed little interest. When I offered them the JESUS film, they were eager to see it. Today people dont need to be literate to accept Christ and be discipled. Its an incredible breakthrough! Q: How is The JESUS Film Project staying in step with todays culture? A: Our volunteers continue to effectively show the classic JESUS film, Magdalena: Released From Shame and The Story of Jesus for Children, but were also moving toward digital delivery which is faster and more cost effective. Soon our newest adaptations will appear on iPads, iPhones, YouTube, laptops and everywhere the Internet takes us. It took us nearly 30 years to reach 6 billion viewings of JESUS and other products. We believe the next 6 billion can be reached even more quickly through electronic distributionsa quantum leap in effectiveness. God predicted such saturation of the world in Habakkuk 2:14 (NIV), For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea. Q: What is next for you personally with the ministry? A: Im not planning on retiring. Im planning on refiring! Im very excited about continuing to produce visual stories as a way to engage people with Jesus. Im planning to spend more time on the production and field strategy side of things. As I make this transition, Im very happy to introduce our new Executive Director designate, Erick Schenkel, and his wife, Elizabeth. You will hear more about them in the days ahead. They share Bill Brights vision for reaching the world. Through the years, theyve shown our films in their ministry, which primed them well for this exciting next step. They are passionate about helping to engage everyone with Jesus through film. I also continue to be very grateful for our ministry partners, and I am often moved by the faithful generosity of so many of Gods people who continue to partner with us to help build Gods kingdom. n

Im not planning on retiring. Im planning on refiring!

Jim Green

Behind the Scenes

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Prayer Impact
An Invitation to Pray


Thank the Lord for the years of faithful,

dedicated leadership Jim Green has provided for The JESUS Film Project. Praise the Lord for bringing Erick and Elizabeth Schenkel onboard, asking Him to direct as they all transition into new roles in the coming months.

Jim & Jill

Jim is a numbers guy, but its not math that fascinates him. After all, he earned a degree in soils and environmental sciences at Montana State, his dirt degree, he jokes. Instead, as the JESUS film production manager for 23 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, Jim is focused on the number 48the new film translations currently in progress under his direction. Jim joined The JESUS Film Project in 2001, but it wasnt until he visited a remote village in 2007 that he saw the power of one of his films at work. The film was shown by Campus Crusade Madagascar, partnering with a local church. Its pitch black. trucks arestopping in the town square, Jim recalls. People are banging on the trucks to [move] because they want to watch this film so badly. Three hundred villagers responded to Christ that night. Hes never forgotten it. Suddenly his job producing new film translations for millions of Africans in their heart language took on a deeper, personal meaning. Seeing nationals use the tool he helped produce to reach their unreached countrymen was powerful. Thats what gets me up every day, Jim explains. In 2006, Jim married Jill, who was in her 15th year with Campus Crusades U.S. Campus Ministry (USCM), having shown JESUS on mission trips. One memorable day in Europe, Jill helped lead to Christ a woman who saw JESUS. When Jill asked her name, she said, Arjeta. It means golden life. Today is the first day that I believe it is true. Now caring for their almost 2-year-old daughter, Jill also serves as a writer and editor for the executive director of the USCM. She communicates with USCM staff members about how students and faculty are being reachedand reaching othersfor Christ. This includes the use of JESUS film products. With Jims involvement in the production of more than 70 translations in the past decade, they both agree: Serving where God leads, adds up to a golden life. n

Pray for the ongoing healing and

restoration of Rwanda. Praise God for how the gospel is changing the nation one heart at a time.

Your prayers will encourage Jim and Jill

as they minister in Southern and Eastern Africa. Pray for the completion of the 48 new film translation projects underway for this area.

Give praise for the new African follow-

up series, Walking With Jesus. Ask God to use this tool to help believers understand how to live out their Christian faith in everyday life.

Ask the Lord to bring about lasting

spiritual results as we work to accomplish our three ministry goals: Mission 865, Global Access and New Products.

We thank you for your prayers. For more prayer information: Call (800) 988-7729

Jim and Jills ministry, like that of a number of JESUS Film Project staff members, is made possible by the prayer and financial support of individuals and churches. To learn how you can personalize your giving, please call (407) 826-2087.

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Whats Next?

The Updat e i s p ubli sh e d by The JESUS Fi lm Proje c t 100 L ake H a rt Dri ve Or land o, FL 3 2 8 3 2 Phone (407) 826 -23 0 0 Fax (407) 82 6 -2 3 7 5 Product Orders (800) 432- 1 9 9 7

As The JESUS Film Project moves into 2012 and beyond, our major goals include:

Web Addre s s

Emai l addre s s addr e info @ je

Mission 865 Facilitate the dubbing of a JESUS film product in every language of 50,000 or more speakers and in smaller languages as requested. Global Access Continue to make our tools available and accessible globally, collaborating with Campus Crusade and other agencies for their most effective use. Use three key components to accomplish thisfilm teams, partnerships and digital media distribution. New Products Continue to produce new, effective media tools in alignment with The JESUS Film Project mission and in response to Campus Crusade and partner needs. Help accelerate evangelism and discipleship worldwide using these tools.
Thank you for your prayers and support as we seek to accomplish these goals. n

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