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Chapter 33 Questions Answer on a separate sheet of paper 1.

What chance do you think Herbert Hoover had in the election of 36? What is your reasoning? 2. In what ways were FDR and Teddy Roosevelt alike? Different? 3. How did polio and paralysis shape FDR? 4. How was Eleanor Roosevelt like Hilary Clinton? How does Eleanor assist FDR? 5. What did FDR pledge at the Democratic Natl Convention? 6. What were the contrasting political and personal styles in the election of 32? 7. Why is the election of 32 important regarding the vote of African Americans? 8. What was the national unemployment rate on inauguration day 1932? What do you think of that number? 9. What were the Hundred Days and why are they significant? 10. What were the 3 Rs and how did they relate to progressive ideals? 11. How did FDR end the banking crisis and what was the FDIC? Why is ending bank failures critical to ending the depression? 12. What was the CCC? FERA? AAA? CWA? Taken in total what was the goal of these alphabet agencies? 13. Why would the Hooverites not like FERA and the CWA? 14. What did Huey Long advocate for every American family? Where would the money come from? Do you think this was a good idea? 15. What was the WPA and how did it do good? 16. What was the NRA and why would modern day Republicans not like the NRA? 17. What was Roosevelts strategy/ideology for trying to tackle the Great Depression? 18. What did the PWA seek to do? What was it biggest project? 19. How did the AAA and Soil and Domestic Allotment serve farmers and their interests? 20. What were the causes of the dust bowl and what events in the previous 75 years exacerbated the dust bowl? 21. What did the truth in securities act and the SEC seek to accomplish? 22. What did the TVA do and why was it revolutionary? 23. What was the Social Security Act and how has this transformed America? 24. How did the NLRB help unions? 25. What gains did unions make in the early 30's? 26. What did the Fair Labor Standards Act provide for? 27. What was the platform of ideas the Republicans ran under in 36? 28. What types of people voted for FDR in the election of 36 and how does this mirror the modern Democratic party? 29. In FDRs eyes what was the problem with the Supreme Court and how could it be cured? 30. What does switch in time save nine mean? Why was FDRs court packing strategy a failure? 31. What had FDRs policies done to unemployment rates by 36? 32. What did John Maynard Keynes advocate and how did it run counter to budget orthodoxy? 33. Carefully read the section entitle New Deal or Raw Deal. Do you think America got a New Deal or Raw Deal. Explain your answer and be prepared to discuss in class. 34. What is the authors conclusion on FDRs depression policies in the section entitled FDRs Balance Sheet