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Delta Kappa Gamma promotes professional and personal growth of

women educators and excellence in education.

A publication of ALPHA DELTA STATE OHIO, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society Intemational

We will welcome Nita Scott, DKG

of teaching experience as a mathematics teacher and trainer for the Tennessee
Teacher Quality Institutes, working with

Newest lnternational team member will greet Ohio

from Arkansas to Tennessee as she chaired the state-mandated school improvement efforts in both states.

Membership Services Administrator, to our state convention. Nita has 23 years

degree. Scott has been a volunteer with

the Imagination Library, the American Council for Teachers of Mathematics,

the National Education Association and the Tennessee Education Association. With her husband, three dogs, three horses and a cat, Nita moved to the Austin area. Her husband James is a Texas Quarter Horse Association, the National

Nita holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in

Marketing and Management and a Master's of Science in Education with a focus in Educational Leadership. In her many roles, she has planned training, followed through with implementation of projects, worked collaboratively with

teachers from pre-kindergarten through middle school. She traveled across the state as a consultant for the Tennessee Department of Education and served as a presenter for the Summer Institute of the Tennessee Education Technology Association. Her teaching career spanned

native. Nita believes her experiences

and training can help guide members
further into the twenty-first century.

school faculties, completed required documentation, maintained appropriate communications, served as project manager for the Arkansas State Smart Step initiative and monitored implementation and application of all initiatives. Serving on chapter committees led Nita to the position of chapter president and then to state organization committees including membership and conven-


tion steering committee. She has attended international conventions and

regional conferences since 2006, served
as a presenter, and attended the Tennessee Leadership Management Seminars I

ministrator at Society Headquarters. She is the newest member of the InterDelta Kappa Gamma Member Services Administrator, Nita Scott. Photo couftesy of tnternational Headquarlers.

Elected to the state organization finance committee for 2011-2012, Scott resigned from that position to take on the role of Membership Services Adand


Message Financial Updates Pre-Convention Tour Convention at a Glance Agora lntent Form
State Chorus Registration Form State Convention

2 3

6 6 6

national leadership team.

Registration Workshop



In 2010, Scott received a state to pursue her Master's



POSTMASTER: Send address

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

January 2012

to International Headquarters, P.O. Box


Dr. Norma Kirby, State President


Happy 20121 The beginning of a new year is a time to reflect and honor our
past and make resolutions to build our future. The Alpha Delta State Convention, April 20-22,will be a time to honor those who served as chapter president during the 2010-2012 biennium and a time to build our future through Society workshops, the Info Fair and sharing with one another. Please review the convention information in this edition of The Voice and register to attend. You will be

Dr. Norma Kirby ----.-,,-----........ President

6310 Srate Route 4l N.W. Washington C.H., OH 43160-gM2 (740) 335-0945 Alpha Delta E-mail: n*



First Vice-President

3872 Cherrybridge Lane Dublin, OH 43016-4382 (61+) 766-7943 E-mail:


Patricia Cermak ..,...... Second Vice-President

9504 Greenhaven Parkway Cleveland, OH 44141-160'l (440) E-mail : patriciaj2@juno.corn

glad you did! You will become better informed about Society business, gain knowledge, participate in a variety of
workshops, experience a lovely hotel, enjoy delicious food and have many op-


Gamma Rho



......... Treasurer
45249-23 17

portunities to network with member friends, both old and new. Each year

8726 Redcloud Court


Home: (513)


Gamma Phi

Cell: (s13) 607-3212

Tammy Schroeder ,....... Recording Secretary P.O. Box 415 Kalida, OH 45853



Beta Eta

Jane Meese .-,-....,.. Corresponding Secretary I 1467 Highland Park Road Logan. OH 43138-9560 AlPha Xi E-mail:

'740-385-3499 Gebhart

Judith G.


Ann M. Todd

7595 Meeker Road Dayon, OH 45414-2043 Pi


I am driving home from the state convention, I reflect on how much richer my life has become as a result of my membership in Delta Kappa Gamma. I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Executive Board for their attention and thoughtful consideration of the many items of business addressed at the meeting in October. (In this issue you will find a summary of the motions considered.) Thanks also to the committee chairman and officers for their reports and support at that meeting. We have a dedicated leadership team who will continue to work together to build Alpha Delta State's future. The past bienniums have been fantastic, but we must continue to build strong chapters and a strong state organization. In 2013, we will be celebrating our 75'h birthday and we want to be prepared for the next 75 years. The most significant way to build a strong chapter is by initiating outstanding women educators. You became a member of your chapter, not by chance, but because another member nominated you. They respected your work as an educator and identified your potential for leadership. I challenge each one of you to identify an outstanding women educator to nominate for membership in your chapter. Imagine how powerful Alpha Delta State could become! Thanks for placing your tmst in me to serve as your president. I am learning so much and I am enjoying the opportunity to meet more wonderful Alpha Delta State members. Please call on me if I can help or support you and your chapter in any way.


3621 Butler Road Wakeman, OH 44889 (440) 839-2069 E-mail:


Revisions to bylaws underway

The Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee is in the process of revising the ADS Bylaws so they are aligned with the International Constitution 2010. The following timeline will be followed. o According to Article XI Amendments (page 16), Bylaws may be amended at an ADS convention in odd-numbered years, April 13' 2013. Proposed amendments must be published 60 days before the convention, February 12,2013. . Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Committee by June 1,2012. . Proposed amendments shall be thoroughly studied by the Bylaws Committee and referred to the Advisory Committee, August 4,2012, for review before being submitted to members at the general session, April 13' 2013. r Notification of action taken by the Bylaws Committee on each proposed amendment shall be sent to the originator of the proposal by September 1,2012.

Beth A, Archer ....... Immediate Past President 1140 Ellen Drive



OH 43701-6012

E-mail: archerl

The Voice of Alpha Delta State (ISSN 08915636) is published in the months of October, January, April and June by The Delta Kappa Gamma Society lnternational of Ohio at 3621 Butler Road, Wakeman, OH 44889.

www. deltokoppogomm a. o?g/ OH

Ianuary 2012

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

Page 3

Report from Executive Board Meeting

New business from October 22,2011
The following information is provided to members based on the motions moved and actions voted at the october 22,2011, Executive Board Meeting (new business). The Executive Board approved the following changes to the reimbursement poiicy, o Mileage: the driver shall be reimbursed at the IRS volunteer rate (currently $0.17 per mile).

o State convention reimbursement: Vz cost of official meals (Saturday Birthday

Luncheon, President's Banquet and Sunday Inspirational Breakfast) effective witl the 2012 state convention for state committee chairmen, elected state officers, editor, treasurer, parliamentarian, convention registrar, Advisory committee, coordinators, liaisons, music representative and other state personnel whose attendance is requested. State convention reimbursement: lodging up to $50.00 per night effective with the 2012 state convention for state committee chairmen, elected state officers, editor,

See the big picture

The state treasury has been deficit spending for many years. As a result, the Executive Board courageously approved


treasurer, parliamentarian, convention registrar, Advisory committee, coordinators, liaisons, music representative and other state personnel whose attendance is

spending reductions which affect committee chairmen, committee members, officers and executive board members. Specific reductions are listed in the motions passed by the executive board in October (see article on this page). Registration for the annual meeting at con-

Approved removal from the Manual of Policies and Procedures, Section V, State Con-


Convention, Ohio State Policies and Traditions so that registration, meals, and lodging (1/2 double room) for state president, convention coordinator and convention.egist af and a full room for the intemational representative are complimentary. Approved the motion to increase the registration fee to $20.00 for the state convention effective with the 2012 state convention. Tabled the motion to study Alpha Delta's state convention policy to determine the need for an annual convention as opposed to a conference in the firsi year ofthe biennium and a convention in the second year of the biennium. Tabled the motion (to establish a nonprofit corporation for Alpha Delta State scholarships and grants) to begin the application process for filing or ins Application for Recognition Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to allow time for further consideration and information gathering.

Approved to amend the Manual of policies and procedures, section




On January l, 2072, the available fund savings account balance is $64,500. What accounts for this situation? l. Membership is declining. In 2009 there were 5,900 members and todav
25 years. Ohio has the lowest dues for both active ($7.00) and reserve ($3.00)
members. there are 5,000 members. 2. Dues have not increased for over

vention was increased $5.00.


From fiscal year ending 2001 through fiscal year ending 20ll we have spent
$167,500 of savings to meet expenses. 4. Money donated to fund Esther

Spending has exceeded income.

Strickland Student Teaching Grants has



Pre-Convention Workshop Tour of Ohio State House Friday, April 20, 2OL2 1:00 p.m.

5. The motion to create the Leadership Memorial Scholarship Fund, designated savings for a scholarship. The fund principle of $35,000 must be maintained. Interest income is distributed as a scholarship.

been moved from the available fund to a designated fund as the donor intended.

Name Address Phone Send registration E-mail



Mrs. Joyce St.Clair 1283 Ashwood Ct. Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Available funds invested in cerof deposits earn little income and those invested in the stock market yield unpredictable income. The Finance Committee studied the financial health of our state organization. They sharply reduced spending in the



Or E-Mail:

cannot be balanced due to the limited income generated from dues and interest.
The proposed budget will be presented at the state convention in April.

2012-2013 budget. The proposed budget

lf you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Joyce by phone: 74o-g74-342r

Directions and Parking suggestions sent after registration form is received.

Diana Haskell, State Treasurer

Page 4

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

laruary 2012
Gammi Phi members fill Christmas stockings.
Photo couftesy of Sue Eades.

Reach out to children via literacy project

The 75th Anniversary Committee is thrilled to share wonderful news regarding the Literacy Project. To commemorate our 75th birthday, we are asking you, as individuals or whole chapters, to begin buying new children's books for all ages. The books will then be collected in 2013 at the 75th Alpha Delta State Convention. Our goal is to collect one thousand (1,000) or more new books. These will be given to the six major children's hospitals throughout Ohio: Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo. The Committee was thrilled to know each hospital was eager to leam about our Society and this outstanding project. Therefore, we, are hoping all members will want to be a part of this project. Begin looking for bargains now and help make a child's hospital stay a little brighter!

Stockings bring cheer

Gamma Phi Chapter embraced the Christmas Stocking Challenge made to chapter presidents at the 20ll State Convention, by making 40 stockings and filling them with a variety of items. They were deliv-

Ways to build membership

The November 15 deadline to submit your chapter members' dues to Diana Haskell, Alpha Delta State Treasurer, is now past. How do your chapters' membership numbers compare to the previous years? Is the number of members decreasing? What can you do to reverse this trend?

In addition to nurturing your current members and seeking new members from some different categories, consider re-connecting with former members who felt it necessary in the past to resign because of busy schedules. At the October Executive Board meeting, each chapter president received copies of possible letters to send to
former members. Feel free to utilize either of those or design an original one that reflects your individual chapter. Also, don't ignore personal contacts such as phone calls, e-mails or simply inviting them to reconnect with your chapter at a special meeting.



Lighthouse Youth Services,

home for homeless, mnaway youth. This was a fun project and provided a way for us to reach out to others.

Plan for DKG events

Make plans now to attend the 2012 Seminar in Purposeful Living in Washington D.C., July 19-22,2012. The theme of the seminar is A Capi-

Many times the lives of former members become less hectic as their children are grown, their health has improved or they have recently retired. By simply reaching out to a few of your former members, you may be pleasantly surprised by the positive results. Give it a try! The Alpha Delta State Expansion Committee has set a goal of "reclaiming" 60 members during this biennium - do your part and help us achieve this
Peggy Brooks, Chairman, Expansion Committee

tal Experience. You will tour the U.S.

Capitol, see the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery, view historic monuments illuminated at night and have time for activities of your choice. Options include: the Smithsonian, the

ADS World Fellowship sponsors Boyd recipient

Since the Ohio World Fellowship Committee was not assigned a fellowship recipient

National Cathedral, a trip to Mount Vemon, travel on the Metro, shopping

and dining.

at any of the Ohio universities for the 20ll-2012 school year, we are asking local
chapters to suppofi the A. Margaret Boyd recipient, Gesnita Nugraheni, who is attending the University of Toledo. Gesnita is pursuing a Master's Degree in the pharmacy practice field. She plans to improve pharmacy curricula as a university lecturer. Coming from Indonesia, Gesnita is probably not prepared for the cold winters in northem Ohio. Here is her contact information: Gesnita Nugraheni, 3017 Darlington Road,

Registration forms will be included in the January/February NEII/S and on the Intemational website in January. Participation is limited to the first 250 registrations. Plan to register early. A bus will be

Toledo, OH 43606; and phone number: 419-536-5579. Cards and notes are always welcome. To avoid duplication of care packages, it is recommended that members or chapters contact Susan Merkel (, President, Gamma Delta, in the Toledo area, prior to sending. If chapters find Gesnita's needs are being met, another option for supporting students in the United States as World Fellowship recipients would be to choose one featured on the World Fellowship link of the DKG website. Each recipient is listed with a picture and all their contact information. Choose one that is geographically close to Ohio or may have a special connection, such as the alma mater of a chapter member. If a chapter chooses this option, please e-mail the World Fellowship Chairman, Becky Leighty ( with the name, university and state of the student you are supporting. Let's help these students feel "at home" as they earn their degrees
on U.S. soil. Beclqt Leighty, World Fellowship Chairman

offered from D.C. to New York City for

the Intemational Convention.

Join other DKG members to take a bite of the Big Apple July 24-28,2012 at the International Convention in New York City. The 2012 International Convention offers sophisticated style, engaging workshops, business sessions and opportunities

only found in New York City. Start planning to be part of an exciting convention. Registration at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers is now open and convention registration is available on the
Interrrational website.



The Voice

of AlphaDelta


Paee 5

Make Alpha Delta State HistorY

lnitiate New Members at 75th Anniversary
Make initiation of your chapter members in 2013 extra ordinarily special. To honor a past tradition and celebrate the 75'h anniversary of Alpha Delta State, chapters will have the opportunity to initiate chapter members at the state convention in 2013. As you plan for your 2012-2013 DKG year, mark Saturday, April 13, as the date for initiation for your new chapter members. Please remember that members are only initiated one time. If your chapter members are initiated at the State Convention, you would not conduct another initiation for them at a chapter meeting. Initiation of new members at the 75th anniversary of Alpha Delta State will become a special part of our

Sigma celebrates ninth Albrecht Seminar

Mari Halkovich introduced the audience of seventy-five Delta Kappa Gamma ladies and their friends to "Glitz and Glamour in the White House." The October 26, 2011,
program highlighted the seven presidential first ladies from Ohio and their history and fashion. Those in attendance leamed about their style, both in their dress and in their actions. Mari brought samples in display cases of the baubles, jewelry and even collars and cuffs of similar outfits to those worn by these first ladies. These cases were circulated in the audience during the presentation. She also had a display ofbooks and other historical documents at one end of the room. Mari began a second career that combines her interest in history with her love of antique and vintage jewelry after retiring as a school superintendent. She is constantly updating and expanding her knowledge of vintage jewelry, specializing in the decades ofthe 1940s and 1950s. Elsa L. Albrecht was a founding member of Sigma Chapter when it was organized January 20, 1939. The endowment she left Sigma Chapter nearly twenty years ago has spurred us to honor her by providing part of the funding for a memorial seminar every two years. We had guests from each of the other six Cleveland area chapters as well as guests from the Geauga chapter. Dr. Norma Kirby brought greetings from Alpha Delta State. First Vice-president Emily Williams and Second Vice-president Patricia Cermak were also in attendance. Sally Gillmore, Seminar Chairman, Sigma Chapter

Contribution goal set for African schools


v$4& .,ji!ili /:l

,'i.:i;'.{:,,.1,' I ,l

The Educational Excellence Committee has set a goal of raising $5000 for



Sigma chapter members Nancy Tresky, Maryanne Nowak and newest member, Sue Lawther enjoy dessert prior to the Elsa Albrecht Seminar speaker. Photo courtesy of sally Gillmore.

Schools for Africa. Your contribution must be sent directly to Schools for Africa. So our committee can have an accurate total, please send the amount your chapter and/or your members have con-


to Patricia Cermak via


Page 6

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

January 2012

Convention Coordinator, Diana Kirkpatrick, invites Alpha Delta State members to the State Convention in April 2012. See her message in a song on page 10.

Emphasis on membership
Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. This is the theme of the two workshops being planned by the Membership Committee for the Alpha Delta State Convention. The first workshop titled, One is silver wlll emphasize gaining new members with a look at the new orientation guide. The Other Gold wlll be the title of the second workshop. Here we will discuss various way to
retain and reclaim members and we will share the new reorientation guide. Participants are welcome to attend one session or both sessions. We look forward to seeing you as we make new friends and keep the old. Membership Committee: Linda Diltz, Beta Rho, Karyn Kern- Lazear, Gamma Phi; Vicki Quinter, Beta Kappa; Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa; and Emily Williams, Gamma Nu, Chairman.

Bring artwork to be displayed

The Personal Growth and Services Committee members are organizing a display of original artwork created by members and/or their students. The works of art will be displayed in a secure location for all members to enjoy.
To register your intent to display the artwork, please contact committee chairman, Nancy Waters, at, no later than March 29,2012.

Convention Schedule at a Glance*

Friday, April20,2012
4:00 3:00 p.m. 6:00 8:00




Calling all who enjoy singing!


Name Address Phone

Hotel check-in begins


9:00 p.m.

p.m. p.m.

Convention Registration
Leadership Dinner


(by invitation) .......... Reception Immediately following reception

Chorus Rehearsal

Voice Part:

ryr ,rt





Send registration via e-mail to: or mail to; Millie Holzer, J 795 County Road 14, Napoleon, Ohio 43545 Phone: (419) 264-3865

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wellness sessions 6:00 7:00 a.m. ....... Convention Registration 7:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. ..... Breakfast Bar 8:15 a.m. .. Executive Board Meeting 9:15 - 10:30 a.m. ..... General Session
10:40 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


i I ;

lpha Delta State Convention AGORA 2OI2 Intent to Participate

...........Agora and Info Fair

l0:40 a.m.
11:35 a.m.


Birthday Luncheon 12:45 5:30 p.m. .... Chapter President Line-up .... Presidents and 6:00 Founders Banquet


a.m. .......... Workshop Session I 12:20 p.m. ......... Workshop Session II

Chapter name:
Contact: Address: E-mail address: Phone; Table space needed:


Please send your AGORA registration form to:

Sunday. April22,2012
Necrology Service 8:00 9:15 a.m. .......... Inspirational Breakfast


Diana Kirkpatrick, Convention Coordinator 554 Washington Avenue, Washington C. H., Ohio 43160-2048

e-mail information to: Deadline to register

* Times subject to change

March 29,2Ot2

Iantary 2012

The Voice of Alpha Delta State


Registration Form
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society lnternational Alpha Delta State Convention April 20,2I,22,20L2

Keep for your records

Alpha Delta State Convention April 20,2I,22,20L2

Registration Late Registration Friday Reception

s20 s40

Name for badge: Chapter: Address: E-mail: State Officer/Past State President Phone: State Committee Chairman

s1s s20 s38

Saturday Breakfast Luncheon

Current Chapter President

First Alpha Delta State Convention

State Committee Member



Registration, postmarked by March 29 Registration, postmarked March 30 - April 14

Reception, Friday, April 20 Breakfast, Saturday, April 21


Sunday Breakfast




Please remember to check your WORKSHOP CHOICES on

Birthday Luncheon, Saturday, April 21

Presidents & Founders Banquet, Saturday, April 21

your registration form

lnspirational Breakfast, Sunday, April 22

Sub Total


Hilton Columbus at Easton 3900 Chagrin Drive Columbus, Ohio 432L9

Corsage for Saturday's Banquet

Please check desired size:



rose $8.00


sweetheart roses

S 9.00

List any dietary restrictions:

Please send completed registration form and check payable


Alpha Delta State to:

Patty Ondrus, Convention Registrar 1421 Courtney Drive, Washington C.H., Ohio 43150-8918 Call: 740-335-3802 or email: for assistance.

SlZ. Registration must be postmarked by March 29,20t2. 512 /T\

No refunds after

CALL: 1-800-hiltons or direct to



the hotel at 614-414-5000.

The reservation code is DKG.


print letter of your workshop choice on the line.


All reservations must be confirmed by credit card.


Wellness Session (opt.)

Session ll

in: after4:00 PM. Check out: 12:00 PM.

The nightly rate is S139.00.



The Voice of Alpha Delta State

January 2012

Celebrating 50 years are Chapter President

Becky Sears; ADS President, Dr.

Gamrna Xi celebrates 50th anniversary

Gamma Xi Chapter, Butler County, recently celebrated its 50'h Anniversary as part of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society Intemational. Chapter members along with State President, Dr. Norma Kirby, and chapter members from Chi chapter, the chapter sponsor, gathered at First United Methodist Church in Middletown on Sunday afternoon, November 6,2077 for the celebration. The original founding took place at a dinner meeting at the Hamilton, Ohio, YWCA on November 4, 196l . Chi Chapter, founded in January 1939, sponsored Gamma Xi. There werc 26 charter rnembers, all of whom are now deceased. However, a member who was initiated in1963, Dixie Davis, is still quite active. She has been the main spokesperson for one ofthe chapter's service projects, Head Start. She served as Chapter President from 2006-2008, sewed as chairman of the Hostess Committee and was a member of the History Committee for the Anniversary Celebration. Records show the Methodist church where the Anniversary Celebration was held was used by the chapter quite often for initiations, starting in the early 60s. Chi members who attended were Chapter President Lynda Combs, Carolyn Dishun, Rita Francis, Bev Howard, Sandra Jewell, Marilyn McKnight and Deanie Raiche. These lwo chapters maintain contact occasionally with joint meetings. Chapter member Roberta Stagge provided the music for the occasion. The Chapter History Committee, chaired by Historian Becky Leighty, presented "The Best of Gamma Xi...1961-2011." Those who shared in this presentation were Dixie Davis,

Kirby; Chapter Senior Member, Dixie Davis;

Chapter Historian, Becky Leighty; History

Committee Members: Janet Benhase, Martha Henry, Bonnie Bollie and Kathie Baxter. pnoro
courlesy of Becky Leighty.

Support the A. Margaret Boyd recipient

Our curent A. Margaret Boyd recipient

from Indonesia, enjoys hearing from her Delta Kappa

Gensnita Nugraheni
Gamma friends


by regular mail by


She truly appreciates the gifts she

has received from members throughout

the state. Gesnita repofts her studies have gone well and at Thanksgiving, she liked her first turkey dinner. However, she is not too sure about Ohio's weather. Please continue to remember Gesnita with your notes, cards, and e-nails. Gesnita's contact information is: Gesnita Nugraheni; 3017 Darlington Road; Toledo, Ohio 43606. You can also e-mail her at:

Janet Benhase, Martha Henry, Bonnie Bollie, Kathie Baxter and Becky Leighry. Some of these presenters are still active educators while others are retired from teaching, but now pursuing other goals. All share our society's values: working together to improve education locally as well as throughout the world. After this presentation and remarks by Dr. Kirby, the group enjoyed refreshments served by the Hostess Committee. Chairman Dixie Davis was assisted by Gail Heitz, NellPetry, Dee Wells, Julia Miller and C.J. Mack. Chapter members each received a recently printed Gamma Xi Chapter History. The chapter has many pictorial albums. However, this is the first written history. compiled by Chapter Historian Becky Leighty. Beclry Leighty, Gamma Xi Historian

Charter members remembered

Pi Chapter is greatly saddened by the death of its last living charter member, Mary Catherine Stewart.Mary Catherine died on August 9, 2011, at the age of 103 at her home in Kettering, Ohio. Mary Catherine worked for Dayton Public Schools for 42 years until her retirement in 1969. She was an elementary teacher for 22 years and then sewed as principal of Comell Heights Elementary School during the last 20 years ofher career. She was a pioneer in education. She was an administrator when it was a novelty for women to
be in leadership positions.

Emily l(illiams, A. Margaret Boyd

Selections Chainnan

Mary Catherine


Linda Harrison. President, Pi

Amelia Harding was

a chatter member and Past President (1978-80) of Gamma Rho.


In 1963, Amelia was one of 17 Cleveland area ladies who transferred from their chapters to help create Gamma Rho. She passed away August 3,2011, at the age of 97.
Amelia was a life-long resident of Olmsted Falls, taught English at Olmsted Falls High Schooi from 1936-1974 where she had gradr.rated in 1932.ln 1936, Amelia graduated from Baldwin Wallace College and received a Master's degree from Westem-Resenre University in 1943. Baldwin Wallace awarded her an Honorary Doctorate in 1996. Gamma Rho has purchased a brick in her honor at the STRS office in Columbus. Amelia was a very special ladyl well respected in her carecr, commnnity, church and in Delta Kappa Gamma. Chervl Warner, Communications Chainnan, Gamnta Rho

Forward articles and pictures to: Ann Todd, Editor atodd @weste rn-reserve. org

Amelia Harding

Ianuary 2012 Alpha Delta State President joins Cincinnati

area chapter presidents at a joint fall meeting and initiation of members. Seated: Barb Morgan, Kathy DuPree, Mary Jane Kaufman and Sue Eades. Standing: Debbie Liberi, Peggy Gentile, Dr. Norma Kirby and Melody Newfi011. Pholo cowlesy
of Melody Newman.

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

Page 9

ls bigger better: The Great Barrier Reef

I started preparing for my trip to Australia. For many years I have wanted to visit Australia and see the Great Barrier.Reef. With the help of the A. Margaret Boyd Overseas Foundation, this trip became a reality. I had the reef built up in mind so grand I couldn't wait to get my scuba gear on and get in! So finally, I am there. We had storms come through the area in tropical Queensland (the northeast coast of Australia) and had to reroute our trip to a different part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Our new location had a silty bottom and with new divers, that means we can "stir" up the bottom! So silty bottoms * new divers + bad weather: low
In the spring of 2011, visibility. At one point in time I was feeling a little down about my GBR experience because in my mind I had this idea of seeing the most pristine and beautiful site in the world.
Then a friend on my trip said something that changed everything. "Nobody said this was the most beautiful reef, but it is the largest and you learned to scuba dive on the largest living coral reef in the world!" Wow, I did! The only living thing that can be seen from outer-space and I was there diving in and around it. There are many beautiful places out there to dive, some small, some big. Just take it all in and breathe! (literally, don't forget to breathel) So my final thoughts on the GBR? It was truly life changing, and everything is OK. To leam more about my trip, visit my workshop session at the state convention. Kim Lewis, A. Margaret Boyd recipient, Delta Epsilon

Members enjoy Autumn gathering

Each October for over two

members of six chapters of the Cincinnati area have enjoyed a special joint meeting of fellowship and fun with sister chapters



t.iir. *

of the area. On October 8, 2011, members welcomed Alpha Delta State President, Dr. Norma Kirby, as honored guest for the special occasion. Delta Chi Chapter of Clermont County, led by President Melody Newman and Vice-president Joan Ballbach, planned and hosted this
year's event.

!s t!tr



The aufumn day was perfect for a luncheon and program focused around traditional Appalachian arls and artists. Founder and master craftsman, Steve Herndon, shared the vision and history of the Arlisan Center at Maple Creek. The Center's mission of promotion, preservation and education ensures natural arts of the past will not be lost. Attendees were delighted

with the



pumpkins on their tables and the displayed works by varied artists from the
Artisan Center.

For the first time, a joint initiation ceremony welcomed new members to individual chapters. Members of the Cincinnati Area Joint Council include Xi,
Above is the State Convention Steering Committee: ln front: Rita Hamrick, Darlene Smith,

Beta Nu, Gamma Eta, Gamma Phi, Delta Chi and Delta Psi chapters. The Council is led by chapter presidents on a rotating

Peggy Brooks and Donna Crews. ln back: Pam Feick, Diana Kirkpatrick, Dr. Norma
Kirby, Nina Stoltz and Kathy McClendon.

Melody Newman, President, Delta


Left: Kim Lewis gives the "ok" sign while scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Photo courtesy of

Km Lewis

Page 10

The Voice of Alpha Delta State

Ianuary 2012

!orr fonvention
lnvitation,.. in $ong*
(*Sing to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from
Disney's Beauty and the Beost)

2012 Convention Workshop Descriptions

Review the workshop selections scheduled for the 2012 State Convention. Record your choice for each session in the designated area on the convention registration form.


Be our guest! Be our guest!

Here's your call to state convention We invite all sisters to join us At our Easton address. Workshops, yes Speakers, too

A. One is Silver - Membership Part I The Membership committee will present a lively workshop sharing ideas for gaining new members. Attendees will take a look at the new Orientation Guide available from Intemational.


Honoring Your Chapter's Past

We'll have something just for you

"Honoring our past and building our future" is our Norma's own request.

Beth Archer, ADS Historian, will lead a hands-on "make-it, take-it" session where attendees will have the opportunity to cut, paste, and learn tips on the proper maintenance of chapter scrapbooks. Limited to l5 participants.

We'll have fun

While learning too Education e'er we'll further It's just what all good DKG sisters do

C. Your Chapter's Standing Rules The Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee will present this workshop to assist chapters in updating their Standing Rules. Samples will be provided and attendees will have their questions answered.

So come next spring, April of twenty twelve; Hop in a car, bus or plane ... to Be our guest Be our guest Be our guest,

D. Embracing Our Vision - Designing Our Future The members of the Educational Excellence committee will provide ways to promote International projects, support early-career educators, and encourage programs and activities that further educational excellence worldwide.

E. Chorus
Sign up for the ADS chorus under the direction of Millie Holzer and cheryl euay. No previous experience necessary!

Shopping too There will be much for us to do You'll hear lots of special music Plus merriment galore.

F. Mountains and Mozart Alice craig will share a travelogue from


through the stunning Austrian Alps,

along with tips on how to organize your own group tour.

Oh! Columbus is the place OSU, German Village, Franklin Park Conservatory You should really try to see them COSI and theZoo Provides impressive leaming, too Does it get any more educqtional than
this? Come on and join our "band" To see what we have planned And be our guest!

G. Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty Marian Mazzarella, a charter life member of the Statue of Liberry and Ellis Island commission founded in 1982, will share the history and special artifacts of the Statue of Liberty. She will also share how she traced her family history through Ellis Island. PDrJ credit availctble. H. What's So Great About the Great Barrier Reef? Kim Lewis, Alpha Delta State scholarship recipient and A. Margaret Boyd fellow-

ship recipient, will share her experiences and ideas for learning local cultures while studying abroad. PDIJ credit availabte.

I. Make Your

Own Bracelet


are stressed

It's our convention we suggest)

Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!
Come on and join our "band" To see what we have planned And be our guest! Be our guest!

Julie Kellough will present a make-it, take-it workshop where attendees will make a beaded Salvation bracelet or design one of their own. Limited to the first ten who

Helen Henson will inform attendees about the requirements for body donation at the seven ohio universities that have body donation programs for the purpose of scien-

J. Body Donation Programs in Ohio






Looking forward to seeing all of you

Aprll20-22, 20121

Diana L. Kirkpatrick, Convention

Coordinator, Alpha Delta

K. The Other is Gold - Membership Part2 The Membership committee will present an even livelier workshop sharing ideas for retention of members. Attendees will take a look at the new Reorientation Guide
available from International.
Continued, Page t



The Voice of Alpha Delta State

Page I I

2012 Convention Workshop Descriptions


L. Chapter Finances: Recording and Reporting Diana Haskell, state treasurer, and the Finance Committee will share ideas for recording chapter income and expenses as well techniques for reporting at chapter meetings. There will be a question/answer time.
M. Cutting the Lard


Ann Todd and the Communication/Publicity Committee will offer hints for newsletter editors. Newsletter style guides and components of good design will be reviewed. You will have the opportunity to practice editing articles and write effective headlines. Attendees will be encouraged to share ideas of mailing electronic versions of chapter newsletters.

N. The Ins and Outs of World Fellowship The World Fellowship Committee will inform members in a creative and enterlaining way about the development of World Fellowship in DKG, the recipients, and creative ways to suppofi the World Fellowship initiative. O. STRS Update Mr. Nick Treneff, Director of Communication Services at STRS, will present an update from STRS. He will also be available to
answer your questions.

Jill Folden, from Bames and Noble, will discuss new books and demonstrate the Nook. Discounts will be available to ACTIVE teachers who have proper identification. Jitt will have forms for active teachers to complete by stopping at the store - just steps
from the Hilton. You will then be eligible for a25oh discount four times a year in addition to other discounts. PDIJ
credit availahle.

P. Calling All Readers!

Q. Laughter Yoga Becky and Gene Maggard will share Laughter Yoga, a profound, yet simple exercise involving unconditional laughter and breathing. It reduces mental stress and improves countless health conditions. Join the workshop and have fun, get exercise, and learn techniques you can use at home. The workshop is open to everyone of any age. The exercises can be done standing, sitting, or lying on the floor. The only requirements are comfortable clothing and a willingness to participate in childlike playfulness. R. Abraham Lincoln
Lauran Perrill, an expert on Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president, most beloved presidents. PDU credit available.


share facts and artifacts about one

of our country's

S. Women and Firearms Mitchell Kirby, firearms instructor, will explain the safe ownership, transportation, and usage of firearms for the modern-day
woman in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. Safe storage of hrearms in a family setting will also be discussed.

Joanne Snow, certified Digital Auditory Aerobics Practitioner, will share the benefits of Auditory Integration Training to address learning and language problems in children and adults identified as having ADD, ADHD, PDD, CAPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, dyslexia, delayed or minimal speech, and learning disabilities in general. PDU credit avaitable.

T. Music Therapy -

Sounds Good!

U. Digital Photography Leslie Shea will share how to use digital photography in the classroom and beyond. Bring your cameras and your questions!
credit available.



Agnes Campanale invites you to join in the exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party that's moving millions of people toward joy and health. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
Stephanie St. Clair Chatwood and Joyce St. Clair invite you to join them on Saturday and Sunday mornings (or just one day if you want) for a fun walking experience. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. This is an indoor activity. Brenda Warner will lead attendees in water aerobics at the hotel pool. The body is almost weightless in the water which makes ideal for increasing body strength, energy, and agility. Join this invigorating, stress-free workout.

W. Zumba

X. Walk Away the Pounds

Y. Water Aerobics


The Personal Growth and Services Committee members are planning a fun-filled scavenger hunt for attendees. Come join the funl

Z. Scavenger Hunt (Inside the Hilton or Outdoors at Easton, weather permitting)

Page 12

The Voice of Alpha Delta State


Ann M.
The Voice

OH 44889

3521 Wakeman,

Visit online ot:

www. deltokoppogomm o.

orgl OH

Red roses earned
Charlotte Leath, Past President of
Kappa chapter, has received the Upper
Sandusky Rotary Club 2011 Serve Above


Self award. As a tutor for the Wyandot County Juvenile Court, a one-room school house 'teacher' for the Wyandot County Historical Society, a part of the SARA project, along with numerous other organizations, Leeth was a perfect candidate for this award. She retired from the Upper Sandusky school system.


The Pro gressor-Times /Mohawk Leader.

Committee proposes international project

A major focus for chapter programs and projects this biennium has been Support for Early-Career Educators (SECE). From wide acceptance, this initiative will be prolNTrSNr{nNAr


Attend a chapter leadership workshop

Coming this summer to a location near you-Area Chapter Leadership Workshops. Plan to join the Alpha Delta State Leadership Team to leam how you can help lead your chapter to be the best it

posed as an international project at lhe 2012 convention in New York City. The challenge of supporting new educators lies with the entire educational community and extends beyond mentoring. Working together, DKG members can: r Help new teachers maintain enthusiasm and joy for teaching o Inspire nefworking among new teachers in different districts

r Offer mentoring r Lessen the feeling ofisolation

r Give a token of esteem and appreciation t Invite those with potential for distinctive service to membership in DKG r Become known throughout the educational community as the organizationthat
supports early-career educators

o Provide tactics to overcome frustration

Catholic Church, Kalida; and June 21 Grace United Methodist Church, Washington Court House. Watch for further details in the next issue of The Voice and at the state convention. Tammy Schroeder, Chairman, State L e aders hip D ev elopment Team

be. One-day workshops for chapter officers and members will be held at these locations: June 19 The Amish Door, Wilmot; June 20 - St. Michael's

Hopefully Ohio's chapters will embrace this initiative!

The Delta Kappa Gamma Educationa I Foundation announces its new website
Find the information you need about projects, Cornetet Awards, and

the Seminar in Purposeful Living at