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Ms. Carol K.O. Lee Special Agent in Charge Federal Bureau of Investigation 4200 Lueking Park Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 By Fax: (505) 889-1770 RE: Dear Ms. Lee: We have developed some additional information beyond which was previously forwarded to your office that raises further questions about the propriety of the awarding of the billion-dollar plus Racino contract. Andrea Goff, Susana PAC’s (Governor Martinez’s political committee run by Jay McCleskey) main fundraiser, turns out to be the daughter-in-law and business partner of State Fair Commissioner Kenneth “Buster” Goff. Andrea Goff was raising money for Susana PAC months before Martinez appointed Buster Goff to the State Fair Commission. It appears this relationship between fundraiser Andrea Goff and Governor Martinez factored into Buster Goff’s appointment to the commission. As you may recall, Buster Goff was provided the unique ability to alter the terms of the lease allowing him to support the contract after having publicly opposed the contract. It was Buster Goff who cast the tie-breaking vote that awarded the contract to the Downs at Albuquerque. According to Susana PAC’s Report of Expenditures and Contributions through September 2011 Martinez’s PAC paid Andrea Goff $29,132.47 from April 2011 to September 2011. 5/5/11 6/2/11 7/7/11 8/2/11 9/6/11 $ 6,033.96 $ 7,002.47 $ 5,410.52 $ 7,304.50 $ 3,381.02 Additional Information on the Manipulation of the Billion-Dollar Racino Contract

As near as can be seen, it does not appear that a formal public disclosure of this familial relationship was made. It is not known if this familial relationship was disclosed to Laguna Development Corp. As a fundraiser, Andrea Goff most likely was paid a percentage based upon the amount of money she raised. Her family income could drop substantively if she lost her work for Susana PAC. As Tom Tinnin and Charlotte Rode can attest, when it came to pushing through the Down’s contract, Governor Martinez did not hesitate to punish those who wouldn’t do her bidding. Then there are the contributions to Susana PAC by the Downs at Albuquerque majority owners William Windham and John Turner. The timing of these contributions raises is suspect.


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According to the Downs at Albuquerque’s written response to the RFP, “William Windham and John Turner are currently members and the co-Managers of SunRay Gaming of New Mexico, LLC which owns and operates SunRay Park and Casino located in Farmington, New Mexico.” On 7/7/11, SunRay Gaming of New Mexico gave Susana PAC $5,000. Interesting timing considering that the RFP was issued on 7/24/11- about two weeks later. (Note that documents received by ISPAC as part of an IPRA request did not contain any campaign contribution disclosure information pertaining to this contribution. Such an omission would violate state law and be grounds for terminating the contract). On 5/6/11, Windham and Turner, through Brazos Land & Cattle gave another $5,000 to Susana PAC. That contribution had interesting timing too. Just a few weeks after receiving that contribution, Martinez announced that she put giving the Downs a one-year extension on its lease with the State Fair onto the call for the special legislative session. Then there is Jay McCleskey’s relationship with Charles “Chuck” Gara. As ISPAC previously reported, Gara, the evaluator appointed by Martinez who managed to give the Downs at Albuquerque a perfect score in managerial expertise despite the well- documented history of problems, had hired McCleskey to run his probusiness political action committee. At around the time that McCleskey worked with Gara, Gara was accused by members of the Albuquerque City Council of joining the Planned Growth Strategy Task Force for the purpose of rigging its outcome. The Martinez Administration claims to have no documents or written communications relating to how Martinez selected Gara. One possible explanation for the absence of any such paperwork is that the communication that took place occurred between Gara and Susana PAC. Then there is Agnes Maldonado, who was paid $3000 by Susana PAC on 5/26/11 for “professional services” who testified to the State Fair Commissioners on July 29, 2011 that she had “been reviewing the financials” of the State Fair since May 2011. Did Maldonado get paid by Susana PAC for that work? Did the information she developed find its way over to the Downs’ thanks to Susana PAC? Maldonado was then appointed to the position of Director of Administration for ExpoNM. All of this points to a role by Susana PAC in this government contracting process. Sincerely,

Michael Corwin Executive Director Cc: New Mexico Attorney General Gary King


Independent Source PAC - Phone (505) 250-0244 - 11024 Montgomery Blvd. NE # 128 - Albuquerque, NM 87111